We do not issue a list of current members but the following lists of those who have held office and the founder members are of interest.


ALLEN, Mr N.V.of Alcombe – Chairman (Awarded MBE for services to conservation on Exmoor, 1981) 
Noel sadly died on 19th March 2009.
FRISBY, Mr F. A.of Wootton Knowle – Vice-Chairman, later became Treasurer
BARBEE, Mr H.H.W.(Mike) of Porlock – Secretary
COCHRANE, Miss J.F.of Wootton Courtenay – Recorder of Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians
ROSENAU, Miss K.of Wootton Courtenay – Recorder of Birds
FRISBY, Mrs E.of Wootton Knowle – Committee Member
HOVER, Mrs B.E.(Sue) of Wootton Courtenay – Committee Member

These seven people above were responsible for getting things going in the beginning.

Founder Members

Actual dates of joining were unfortunately not recorded in our early days but the following all became members during our first season in 1974.

Allen, Mrs M., Minehead
Allen, N.V. Minehead
Austin, Miss A.W., Minehead
Austin, Miss F.B., Minehead
Ball, Mrs D., Wootton Courtenay
Ballenger, J.C., Dulverton
Barbee, H.H.W., Porlock
Bell, Mrs. Bury
Bennett, Miss H.P., Dulverton
Bird, Miss H. Dulverton
Bonham-Carter, Mrs A. East Anstey
Brown, Miss K., Wootton Courtenay
Butcher, R.J., Exton
Cochrane, Miss J., Wootton Courtenay
Davies, Miss D., Minehead
Davis, P.R.K., Exford
Dunn, Mrs G.C., Wootton Courtenay
Everett, Mrs A.N., Minehead
Fisher, Mrs D., Minehead
Frisby, F.A., Tivington
Frisby, Mrs E., Tivington
Galliford, H.A., Minehead
Giddens, Miss C.J., Minehead
Giddens, Mrs B., Minehead
Gillett, B.E., Minehead
Gillett, Mrs. Minehead
Glennie, Mrs U., Minehead
Harman, Miss K., Minehead
Held, E.C., Minehead
Held, Mrs E.J., Minehead
Hill, J.H., Minehead
Hill, Mrs. Minehead
Hinton Mrs E.G., Alcombe
Hinton, C.P., Alcombe
Hopkins, Mrs S.L., Exford
Hopkins, P., Exford
Hover, Mrs S., Wootton Courtenay
How, Miss B.M., Porlock
Husebo, Mrs J., Minehead
Ladds, Mrs M.D., Exton
Lavender, Mrs N., Wootton Courtenay
MacEwen, M., Wootton Courtenay
MacEwen, Mrs A., Wootton Courtenay
Porter Mrs J., Minehead
Porter, H.E., Minehead
Robinson, Miss D., Minehead
Rosenau, Miss K., Wootton Courtenay
Russell, Miss O., Minehead
Scott, L. H., Timberscombe
Scott, Mrs P., Timberscombe
Staddon, Miss B., Woodcombe
Staddon, Miss K., Woodcombe
Stanbury, Mrs. Alcombe
Stanbury, S., Alcombe
Swann, Mrs C., Minehead
Thorn, Miss A., Dulverton
Trebble, Miss D., Woodcombe
Webb, Mrs E.J., Minehead
Welburn, Mrs H.M., Minehead
Welburn, R., Minehead
Wright, M.E., Allerford

List Of People Who Have Held Office For Exmoor Natural History Society

The Society records grateful thanks to all members who help in many ways. This list is a tribute to past and present members who have held office.
N.B. Current officers shown in red.

Amphibian & Reptile RecorderCochrane, Miss J.F., Wootton Courtenay1974 – 1984
Amphibian & Reptile RecorderRance, Miss J., Timberscombe1984 – 1991
Amphibian & Reptile RecorderDonnelly, Mrs T., Dulverton1991 – 1995
Amphibian & Reptile RecorderLappage, Mrs B., Minehead1995 – 2006
Amphibian & Reptile RecorderCooper, Mr A.E., Churchinford2000 – 2009
Amphibian RecorderThomas, Dr. L., Castle Cary2009 –
Arachnida (Spider) RecorderCooper, Mr A.E. Shillingford2000 –
AuditorHendy, Mr C.L., Minehead1975 – 1988
AuditorBennett, Mr T., Minehead1989 – 1994
AuditorGristy, Mr C., Minehead1995-2005
AuditorAmherst & Shapland, Minehead2006 –
Bird RecorderRosenau, Miss K., Wootton Courtenay1974 – 1978
Bird RecorderButcher, Mr R.J., East Antsey1978 –
Botanical RecorderGiddens, Miss C.J., Minehead1974 –
Bring & Buy Stall Organiser (Joint)Giddens, Mrs B., Minehead (with Miss K. Staddon)1979 – 1991
Bring & Buy Stall Organiser (Joint)Staddon, Miss K., Woodcombe (with Mrs B. Giddens)1979 – 1991
Bring & Buy Stall Organiser (Joint)Hawkes, Mr D., Minehead1992 – 2008
Bring & Buy Stall Organiser (Joint)Hawkes, Mrs V., Minehead1992 – 2008
Bring & Buy Stall Organiser (Joint)Geoff & Ruth Hanger, Woodcombe, Minehead2009 –
Cetacean RecorderMusgrove, Mr. R., Bridgwater2009 –
Bryophyte RecorderPerry, Mrs I., Minehead1993 –
Coleoptera (Beetle) RecorderBristow, Mrs H., Wootton Courtenay1988 – 1995
Coleoptera (Beetle) RecorderBoyce, Mr D., Dulverton1995 –
Conservation Group LeaderScott, Mr M., Minehead1990 – 2002
Conservation Group LeaderPerry, Mr. G., Minehead1988 – 2003
Conservation Group LeadersDixon Mr & Mrs J., Minehead2003 – 2010
Conservation Group LeaderBrady, Mr T., Minehead2010 –
Deer Recording GroupAllen, Mr N.V. Minehead1985 – end
Deer Recording GroupButcher, Mr R.J., Brompton Regis1985 – end
Deer Recording GroupDonovan, Mr T., Carhampton1986 – 1991
Deer Recording GroupFloyd, Mr G., Porlock1985 – 1991
Deer Recording GroupGiddens, Miss C.J., Minehead1985 – end
Deer Recording GroupRichards, Mr T.J., (Bill) Porlock1985 – 1991
Deer Recording GroupSouthall, Mr J., Minehead1990 – 1991
Deer Recording GroupSouthall, Mrs D., Minehead1990 – 1991
Deer Recording GroupWebley, Mr P., Minehead1985 – 2003
Deer Recording GroupWebley, Mrs F., Minehead1985 – 2003
Dormouse Handler (Licensed)Donnelly, Mrs T., Dulverton1997 –
Dormouse Handlers (Licensed)Coulson, Mr & Mrs B., Bourne, Lincs.2003 –
EcologistButcher, Mr R.J., Brompton Regis2000 –
Executive Committee, ChairmanAllen, Mr N.V. Minehead1974 – 2000
Executive Committee, ChairmanHankin, Mr M. St. J., Minehead2000 –
Executive Committee, Vice ChairmanPorter, Mr H.E. (Fred), Minehead1974 – 1977
Executive Committee, Vice ChairmanSouth, Mrs Janet. West Quantoxhead1977 – 1984
Executive Committee, Vice ChairmanStimson, Mr J., Minehead1985 – 1989
Executive Committee, Vice ChairmanFrampton, Mr T., Minehead1990 – 1991
Executive Committee, Vice ChairmanJones, Mr F., Alcombe2000 – 2005
Executive Committee, Vice ChairmanWhite, Mr M., Minehead2006 – 2013
Executive Committee, Vice ChairmanCoulson, Mr.B., Bourne2013 –
Executive Committee, Hon. SecretaryBarbee, Mr H.H.W. (Mike), Porlock1974 – 1980
Executive Committee, Hon. SecretaryGiddens, Miss C.J., Minehead1980 –
Executive Committee, TreasurerFrisby, Mr F.A., Tivington1974 – 1977
Executive Committee, TreasurerHughes, Mr H., Minehead1977 – 1983
Executive Committee, TreasurerHankin, Mr M. St J., Minehead1983 – 2000
Executive Committee, TreasurerBond, Mr D., Minehead2000 – 2002
Executive Committee, TreasurerHawkes, Mr D., Minehead2002 – 2004
Executive Committee, TreasurerWebb, Mrs J., Old Cleeve2004 – 2009
Executive Committee, TreasurerStanyon, Mrs D., West Luccombe2010 – 2013
Executive Committee, TreasurerRycroft, Mr. R., Minehead2013 –
Executive CommitteeCochrane, Miss J.F. Wootton Courtenay1974 – 1977
Executive CommitteeRosenau, Miss K., Wootton Courtenay1974 – 1978
Executive CommitteeFrisby, Mrs E, Tivington.1974 – 1985
Executive CommitteeButcher, Mr R.J., East Antsey1978 –
Executive CommitteeRance, Miss J., Timberscombe1984 – 1991
Executive CommitteeButcher, Mrs A., East Antsey1985 – 2006
Executive CommitteeFrampton, Mr T., Minehead1987 – 1991
Executive CommitteeWaite, Mr J., Minehead1987 – 1999
Executive CommitteeRobbins, Mr J., West Luccombe1987 – 2002
Executive CommitteeHawkes, Mr D., Minehead1989 – 2005
Executive CommitteeScott, Mr M., Minehead1990 – 2002
Executive CommitteeDonnelly, Mrs T., Dulverton1991 – 1999
Executive CommitteeRodber, Mrs M., Minehead1999 – 2004
Executive CommitteeCornish , Mr M., Watchet2000 – 2009
Executive CommitteeBuick, Mr I., Minehead2002 –
Executive CommitteeDixon, Mrs J., Minehead2003 –
Executive CommitteePym, Mr A., Bristol2006 –
Executive CommitteeNewman, Mrs J., Exford2007 –
Executive CommitteeAllen, Mr. E., Bicknoller2009 –
Executive CommitteeBrady, Mr. T., Minehead2010 –
Executive CommitteeHyett, Mrs R., Porlock2010 –
FounderAllen, Mr N.V., M BE, Minehead1974 – 2009
Freshwater Algae RecorderGardner, Mr K.W., Exford2001 – 2003
Freshwater Algae RecorderThomas, Dr L.C., Bruton2007 –
Freshwater RecorderRussell, Miss O., Minehead1988 – 2000
Freshwater RecorderThomas, Dr L.C., Bruton2007 –
Fungi RecorderEdwards, Mr J., Minehead1988-2005
Fungi RecorderParry, Ms. S., Minehead2012 –
Geological RecorderPrudden, Mr H., Montacute1993 – 2005
Geological RecorderPearce, Mr F.B., Martinhoe2007 – 2010
Geological RecorderMr. C., Minehead2012 –
Hemiptera (Bug) RecorderHollier, Mr J., Switzerland1988 –
Hymenoptera Recorder (Bees & Wasps)Kneen, Mrs. S. Challacombe2008 – 2011
Hymenoptera Recorder (Bees & Wasps)SITUATION VACANT2013
Insect RecorderBeer, Mr Trevor, Barnstaple.1978 – 1986
Land Mollusc RecorderHoughton, Mr E. H. (Ted) Minehead1981 – 1995
Land Mollusc RecorderFryer, Mrs S., Minehead1996 – 2006
Land Mollusc RecorderSITUATION VACANT
Lepidoptera RecorderRobbins, Mr J., West Luccombe1987 – 2004
Lepidoptera RecorderPym, Mr A., Bristol2004 –
Lichen RecorderBoswell, Mr G., Minehead2008 –
Malmsmead Management CommitteeAllen, Mr N.V. Minehead1978 – 2000
Malmsmead Management CommitteeAllen, Mrs Marjorie, Minehead1978 – 1979
Malmsmead Management CommitteeBivand, Mr P., Minehead (Chairman MMC 1978 – 1987)1978 – 1989
Malmsmead Management CommitteeBivand, Mrs K., Minehead1978 – 1989
Malmsmead Management CommitteeColes, Mr. A., Minehead1978 – 1985
Malmsmead Management CommitteeColes, Mrs. W., Minehead1978 – 1985
Malmsmead Management CommitteeFrisby, Mr F.A., Tivington1978 – 1993
Malmsmead Management CommitteeGillett, Mr. B., Minehead1978 – 1985
Malmsmead Management CommitteeGillett, Mrs., Minehead1978 – 1985
Malmsmead Management CommitteeFrisby, Mrs E., Tivington.1978 – 1991
Malmsmead Management CommitteeMacklin, Mr. F., Minehead1979 – 1993
Malmsmead Management CommitteeSturgess, Mr W., Alcombe1981 – 1988
Malmsmead Management CommitteeSturgess, Mrs J., Alcombe1981 – 1983
Malmsmead Management CommitteeLister, Mr C., Minehead1984 – 1987
Malmsmead Management CommitteeStimson, Mr J., Minehead1984 – 2008
Malmsmead Management CommitteeStimson, Mrs M., Minehead1985 – 1987
Malmsmead Management CommitteeFrampton, Mr T., Minehead(Chairman, MMC 1987 – 1990)
Malmsmead Management CommitteeDonovan, Mr T., Carhampton1987 – 1990
Malmsmead Management CommitteeWaite, Mr J., Minehead(Chairman, MMM 1990 – 1999)
Malmsmead Management CommitteeWaite, Mrs J., Minehead1987 – 1999
Malmsmead Management CommitteeFrampton, Mrs S., Minehead1988 – 1990
Malmsmead Management CommitteeGiddens, Miss C.J., Minehead1991 – 2008
Malmsmead Management CommitteeDykes, Mrs P., Porlock1991 – 2006
Malmsmead Management CommitteeDykes, Mr M., Porlock1992 – 2006
Malmsmead Management CommitteeEllison, Mrs T., Minehead1992 – 2007
Malmsmead Management CommitteeBuick, Mr I., Minehead1993 – 2008
Malmsmead Management CommitteeChatwin Mrs L., Minehead2006 – 2008
Malmsmead Management CommitteeCornish, Mr M., Watchet1994 – 2008
Malmsmead Management CommitteeCornish, Mrs H., Watchet1994 – 2008
Malmsmead Management CommitteeSherman, Mr P., Nettlecombe1995 – 2001
Malmsmead Management CommitteeMason, Mrs V., Carhampton2002 – 2008
Malmsmead Management CommitteeMayfield, Mr R., Minehead2000 – 2008
Malmsmead Management CommitteeWebb, Mrs J., Old Cleeve2000 – 2008
Malmsmead Management CommitteeWebb, Mrs J., Old Cleeve2000 – 2008
Malmsmead Management CommitteeLee, Mr D., Oare2006 – 2008
Malmsmead Management CommitteeLee, Mrs A., Oare2006 – 2008
Mammal Recorder (inc. Reptiles & Amphibians)Cochrane, Miss J.F. Wootton Courtenay1974 – 1984
Mammal Recorder (inc. Reptiles & Amphibians)Rance, Miss J., Timberscombe1984 – 1991
Mammal RecorderDonnelly, Mrs T., Dulverton1991 – 1999
Mammal RecorderRodber, Mrs M., Minehead1999 – 2005
Mammal RecorderMason, Mrs V., Carhampton2006 –
Maritime Recorder (Joint)Hill, Mr J., Minehead1974 – 1985
Maritime Recorder (Joint)Porter, Mr H.E. (Fred), Minehead1974 – 1998
Maritime RecorderHawkes, Mr D., Minehead1988 – 1998
Maritime RecorderMyrick, Miss S., Minehead1996 – 2007
Maritime RecorderPhillips, Mr N., Nether Stowey2012 –
Nature Table organiserPorter, Mr H.E. (Fred) Minehead1979 – 1998
Nature Table organiserHollier, Mrs J., Minehead1998 – 2009
Nest Box SponsorshipBartlett, Ms P. , Minehead2008 –
Nest Box SupervisorOwen, Mr C., Wootton Courtenay1990 – 1999
Nest Boxes (made first batch)Welburn, Mr R., Minehead1974 – 1982
Nest BoxesAllen, Mr E., Bicknoller2009 –
Odonata (Dragonfly etc) RecorderWhite, Mr C., Minehead1995 – 2000
Odonata (Dragonfly etc) RecorderStevenson, Mr A., Alcombe2001 –
Orthoptera Recorder (Grasshoppers, etc.)Lang, Mrs A., Minehead1999 – 2008
Orthoptera Recorder (Grasshoppers, etc.)Wood, Mr C., Minehead2008 –
Orthoptera Recorder (Grasshoppers, etc.)Wright, Miss T., Withiel Florey2013 –
PresidentAllen, Mr N.V. Minehead2000 – 2009
Press ReleasesAllen, Mr N.V., Minehead1974 – 1978
Press ReleasesSouth, Mrs J., West Quantoxhead1978 – 1984
Press ReleasesGiddens, Miss C.J., Minehead1984 – 2008
Press ReleasesHankin, Mr M., Minehead2008 –
Reptile & Amphibian RecorderCochrane, Miss J.F., Wootton Courtenay1974 – 1984
Reptile & Amphibian RecorderRance, Miss J., Timberscombe1984 – 1991
Reptile & Amphibian RecorderDonnelly, Mrs T., Dulverton1991 – 1995
Reptile & Amphibian RecorderLappage, Mrs B., Minehead1995 – 2009
Reptile RecorderMoody, Mr A., Castle Cary2009 –
Small Mammal AdvisorDonnelly, Mrs T., Dulverton1999 –
Treborough Woods Management CommitteeHoughton, Mr E.H. (Ted), Minehead (Chairman TWMC)1981 – 1995
Treborough Woods Management CommitteeButcher, Mr R.J., Brompton Regis1981 – 1998
Treborough Woods Management CommitteeGiddens, Miss C.J., Minehead1981 – 1998
Treborough Woods Management CommitteeGiddens, Mrs B., Minehead1981 – 1990
Treborough Woods Management CommitteeHoughton, Mrs M., Minehead1981 – 1986
Treborough Woods Management CommitteeScott, Mr M., Minehead1988 – 1997
Weather RecorderWebley, Mr P., Minehead1979 – 2003
Weather RecorderCole, Mr A., Huntscott2003 – 2008
Weather RecorderMorcom, Mr D., Selworthy2009
Weather RecorderBoulton, Mr K., Minehead2009 –
Weather RecorderNicholson, Miss M., Dulverton2012 –
WebsiteGladman, Mr C., Chapel Cleeve2007 –

Back row: Paddy Hopkins
L-r: Miss M. Thorne, Caroline Giddens, Miss D. Trebble,
Mrs Hopkins, Kath Staddon, Mrs M. Allen, Mrs Betty Giddens, Roger Butcher.