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Checklists of Exmoor's Wildlife
In 1996 ENHS produced The Flora and Fauna of Exmoor National Park listing 8243 species which had been recorded. (Now out of print). Since then there have been a number of additions published annually in Exmoor Naturalist magazine. The following lists show what we have recorded so far and it is hoped there will be future updates.

(Liverworts, Hornworts and Mosses)

Further information is contained in the Bryophyte Atlas of Exmoor National Park
(see publications list)
HAIRY THREADWORT Blepharostoma trichophyllum This was included in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but we are unable to trace source of record so it must be considered unconfirmed.
HANDSOME WOOLLYWORT Trichocolea tomentella In damp deciduous woodland and shady banks by streams. Capsules very rare.
BRISTLY FINGERWORT Kurzia pauciflora Wet moorland peat. Capsules occasional
HEATH FINGERWORT Kurzia trichoclados Only record from peaty bank on moorland (Badgworthy) 1975
CREEPING FINGERWORT Lepidozia reptans On soil, peat, rotting wood and woodland banks. Capsules occasional.
ROCK FINGERWORT Lepidozia cupressina Rare in S.W. England. Exmoor is probably the main stronghold where it is abundant on a scree slope. Probably best site in SW.
GREATER WHIPWORT Bazzania trilobata On rocks and boulders on open moorland also on soil in woods. Capsules rare.
COMMON POUCHWORT Calypogeia fissa On damp banks by streams on heaths and moors. Capsules occasional.
MUELLER'S POUCHWORT Calypogeia muelleriana On peaty banks and boggy wet areas.
BOG POUCHWORT Calypogeia sphagnicola Only records from Barle Valley c1980 among Sphagnum.
NOTCHED POUCHWORT Calypogeia arguta In sheltered combes and ditches, woods and loamy banks in Western side of Exmoor. Capsules rare.
TWO-HORNED PINCERWORT Cephalozia bicuspidata In a wide range of habitats. Capsules common.
MOON-LEAVED PINCERWORT Cephalozia lunulifolia Woods & moorland. Capsules occasional.
FORCIPATED PINCERWORT Cephalozia connivens Wet heathland and woodland. Capsules frequent.
WOOD-RUST Nowellia curvifolia Locally abundant on decayed logs in damp woodland. Capsules occasional.
BOG-MOSS FLAPWORT Odontoschisma sphagni Amongst Sphagnum in moorland bogs. Capsules rare.
MATCHSTICK FLAPWORT Odontoschisma denudatum One report from nr Simonsbath (SERC)
BROWN FLAPWORT Odontoschisma elongatum Only one report from nr Simonsbath (SERC). Boggy moorland.Possibly overlooked.
RED THREADWORT Cephaloziella rubella Included in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source of record not known.
HAMPE'S THREADWORT Cephaloziella hampeana Recorded in Flora & Fauna of Exmoor N.P. 1996 but source of record not known.
COMMON THREADWORT Cephaloziella divaricata On heaths, moorland combes and bogs. Capsules occasional.
LESSER COPPERWORT Cephaloziella massalongi Included in Flora & Fauna of Exmoor N.P. (1996) but source of record not known.
COMMON PAWWORT Barbilophozia floerkei On damp soil & rocks. Mainly moorland situations.
TRUNK PAWWORT Barbilophozia attenuata On shaded rocks in woods. Culbone Woods & Barle Valley.
TUMID NOTCHWORT Lophozia ventricosa On banks, heaths, peaty & boggy areas and soil in walls in N.W. Exmoor. Capsules rare.
CAPITATE NOTCHWORT Lophozia excisa No current records. Open upland acidic situations. Recorded by Watson 1915 from Brendon Hills.
JAGGED NOTCHWORT Lophozia incisa Moist places on soil or peat on heaths & moors. Also rock crevices and rotten logs. Recorded by Watson Treborough 1915 and Horner 1920.
LESSER NOTCHWORT Lophozia bicrenata On acidic soil on heaths and amongst stones or quarries. Recorded by Watson at Dunkery 1915 & Gupworthy 1920.
TOP NOTCHWORT Leiocolea turbinata On wall of old lime kiln.
INFLATED NOTCHWORT Gymnocolea inflata On wet heaths and bogs. An 1850 record from Lynmouth area. Capsules rare.
LARGER CUT NOTCHWORT Tritomaria exsectiformis 1920s records from N. Hill & Croydon Hill. Only one current from peaty banks in damp woodland nr Cloutsham.
LYON'S NOTCHWORT Tritomaria quinquedentata In turf. Only current record Bossington Hill 1997. Treborough 1915.
AUTUMN FLAPWORT Jamesoniella autumnalis On tree boles or rock in Barle Valley Woodland. Only one record, 1990. There is one site in Devon, Som. & Cornwall. Capsules rare.
ANOMALOUS FLAPWORT Mylia anomala Only current record from damp peaty moorland near Brendon Two Gates.
DARK-GREEN FLAPWORT Jungermannia atrovirens On soil covered rocks by streams. Capsules ocasional.
DWARF FLAPWORT Jungermannia pumila On woodland soil. Fruits.
CRENULATED FLAPWORT Jungermannia gracillima On heaths, woodland paths and stream banks. Capsules occasional.
TRANSPARENT FLAPWORT Jungermannia hyalina Damp soil by streams or in woods. Only record found by Watson, Withypool 1917.
TWO-LIPPED FLAPWORT Jungermannia subelliptica Only record from clay cliff near Porlock, 1971.
EGG FLAPWORT Jungermannia obovata Only record from clay cliffs near Porlock 1971.
COMPRESSED FLAPWORT Nardia compressa Only one record from submerged rocks at a farm in Devon.
LADDER FLAPWORT Nardia scalaris On damp soil and rocks in woodland and moorland. Capsules occasional.
EARTH-CUP FLAPWORT Nardia geoscyphus Sandy soil on stream banks, paths, scree or woodland. Only record Exe Valley, 1918, Watson.
NOTCHED RUSTWORT Marsupella emarginata var. emarginata By moorland streams on rocks and soil on wet moors. Capsules occasional. A small form noted by Watson 'in quantity' at Treborough etc.
WHITE EARWORT Diplophyllum albicans Abundant on soil on woodland banks. Capsules occasional. InŻ1920 Watson considered it the most abundant hepatic in Somerset, extremely common in oak woods.
BLUNT-LEAVED EARWORT Diplophyllum obtusifolium Occurs on Exmoor but no details available.
THICK-SET EARWORT Scapania compacta On rocks and soil on heaths, banks and cliffs. Mainly coastal. Capsules occur.
LEAST EARWORT Scapania curta Soil in woodlands or turf at low altitudes. Only record was in Watson's herbarium at Taunton Castle from Haddeo Bridge, 1915. Probably present and under recorded.
NORWEGIAN EARWORT Scapania scandica Only one record from gritty ground near Simonsbath. (1974) Capsules unknown.
HEATH EARWORT Scapania irrigua Damp moorland by streams. Capsules rare.
WATER EARWORT Scapania undulata On rocks in and by streams, sometimes submerged. Capsules occasional in winter & spring.
NORTHERN EARWORT Scapania subalpina Only one record from rocks by East Lyn, 1971.
GROVE EARWORT Scapania nemorea On tree stumps and rotting logs. Capsules occasional.
SHADY EARWORT Scapania umbrosa On rotting timber in shaded woods. Barle Valley; Horner. Capsules rare.
WESTERN EARWORT Scapania gracilis On tree trunks, logs and rocks in woods and shaded walls. Capsules occasional.
BIFID CRESTWORT Lophocolea bidentata On woodland banks, rocks and exposed soil. Capsules common.
ROSETTE CRESTWORT Lophocolea bidentata var. bidentata Included with L. bidentata
a liverwort Lophocolea bidentata var. rivularis Included with Lophocolea bidentata
VARIABLE-LEAVED CRESTWORT Lophocolea heterophylla On rotting wood or rocks in woods and moorland combes. Capsules common.
FRAGRANT CRESTWORT Lophocolea fragrans On rocks and trees near the coast. Capsules occasional.
ST. WINIFRID'S MOSS Chiloscyphus polyanthos var. polyanthos On stones in streams and wet soil in woods. Capsules uncommon.
ST. WINIFRID'S OTHER MOSS Chiloscyphus polyanthus var.pallescens On rotting logs and damp woodland banks.
STRAGGLING POUCHWORT Saccogyna viticulosa On soil in woodlands and rocks in combes. Capsules rare.
KILLARNEY FEATHERWORT Plagiochila killarniensis On boulders and fallen trees in woods. Capsules not known in Britain.
GREATER FEATHERWORT Plagiochila asplenioides On rocks or soil in shady woods or banks. Capsules rare.
LESSER FEATHERWORT Plagiochila porelloides By streams and on banks on soil or rock. Capsules rare.
PRICKLY FEATHERWORT Plagiochila spinulosa On rocks and banks in woods and on tree trunks.
SPOTTY FEATHERWORT Plagiochila punctata On rocks and tree trunks in woods. Capsules not known in Britain.
EVEN SCALEWORT Radula complanata On deciduous trees. Capsules common.
CARRINGTON'S SCALEWORT Radula carringtonii Moist shaded vertical rocks. Recorded by Watson in Exe Valley and Culbone Wood 1923 but unlikely and needs checking.
CILIATED FRINGEWORT Ptilidium ciliare Amongst heather and grass on heaths and moors. Records dated 1850 Taunton Castle Herbarium. A large colony on North Hill.
TREE FRINGEWORT Ptilidium pulcherrimum Deciduous trees or shrubs, rotten logs or possibly rocks. Recorded by Watson at Selworthy (1912) and in Barle Valley 1971. Increasing in UK generally.
PINNATE SCALEWORT Porella pinnata On rocks and tree roots by rivers, sometimes submerged. (Barle Valley).
BITTER SCALEWORT Porella arboris-vitae On rocks and tree boles and roots subject to flooding. Capsules unknown in UK.
BROAD SCALEWORT Porella obtusata On coastal rocks and sheldered river valleys. A 1914 record from Horner Wood. Capsules unknown in UK.
CLIFF SCALEWORT Porella cordaeana Only recorded from Barle Valley woodlands 1990. Capsules unknown.
WALL SCALEWORT Porella platyphylla On walls, rocks and tree boles. Capsules rare.
SEA SCALEWORT Frullania teneriffae On tree bark and rocks East Lyn Valley. Capsules occasional.
TAMARISK SCALEWORT Frullania tamarisci On tree bark and rocks. Less frequent than F. dilatata. Capsules occasional.
LESSER SCALEWORT Frullania microphylla Shaded rocks on coast.
SPOTTY SCALEWORT Frullania fragilifolia On tree trunks and rocks. Capsules rare. East Lyn.
DILATED SCALEWORT Frullania dilatata Very common except on the high moorland. On bark of ash, hazel, elder and some rocks. Capsules frequent. Watson noted that specimens on coastal rocks were blackish (1915)
HUTCHINS' HOLLYWORT Jubula hutchinsiae On wet shaded rocks in and by streams. Capsules occasional.
MICHELI'S LEAST POUNCEWORT Lejeunea cavifolia On wet shaded rocks also tree trunks. Often with Metzgeria conjugata. Capsules occasional.
WESTERN POUNCEWORT Lejeunea lamacerina On damp shaded rocks, stream banks, tree trunks and roots. Capsules occasional.
PEARL POUNCEWORT Lejeunea patens One record only on moist shaded rocks by Horner Water 1998. Capsules rare.
FAIRY BEADS Lejeunea ulicina On bark of deciduous trees often with Metzgeria temperata. Also on gorse. Capsules unknown. Rarely on sheltered rock or beat at lower altitudes.
ROSSETTI'S POUNCEWORT Cololejeunea rossettiana A doubtful record from Leigh Wood (Watson 1923). Limestone rock faces, epiphytic on other bryophytes (site seems possible).
MACKAY'S POUNCEWORT Marchesinia mackaii On vertical rock in woods and sea cliffs. Capsules rare.
COMMON FRILLWORT Fossombronia pusilla By woodland paths, ditches and streams. Horner Woods.
ACID FRILLWORT Fossombronia wondraczekii One record from Devon 1996. Ditches and fallow fields.
OVERLEAF PELLIA Pellia epiphylla Wet peaty moorland, ditches and stream banks. Capsules common.
NEES' PELLIA Pellia neesiana On wet banks of streams, peat or wet grassy areas. Capsules occasional.
ENDIVE PELLIA Pellia endiviifolia In more calcareous areas, ditches, wet rocks or damp soil. Capsules rare.
COMMON KETTLEWORT Blasia pusilla There are early records from Pond Wood and Ley Hill c1915. Prefers moist clayey soil.
GREASEWORT Aneura pinguis On stream banks, ditches and wet heathland. Capsules frequent.
DELICATE GERMANDERWORT Riccardia multifida On damp soil or peat.
JAGGED GERMANDERWORT Riccardia chamedryfolia On rotting logs and wet rocks. Capsules occasional.
BOG GERMANDERWORT Riccardia latifrons Only record from the Punchbowl, 1971.
FORKED VEILWORT Metzgeria furcata On trees, rocks & walls. Capsules occasional.
BLUEISH VEILWORT Metzgeria fruticulosa On bark often with Frullania dilatata, Amblystegium serpensŻand Ulota spp. Capsules v. rare.
WHISKERED VEILWORT Metzgeria temperata On acid bark, often with Microlejeunea ulicina. Capsules very rare.
ROCK VEILWORT Metzgeria conjugata On rocks in sheltered combes and on tree trunks. Capsules rare.
CRESCENT-CUP LIVERWORT Lunularia cruciata Stream banks, gardens, tracks and damp soil. Not on highest ground.
DUMORTIER'S LIVERWORT Dumortiera hirsuta Only one record. By streams.
GREAT SCENTED LIVERWORT Conocephalum conicum On shady rocks and banks by streams and marshy ground. Capsules occasional.
HEMISPHAERIC LIVERWORT Reboulia hemisphaerica Recorded in The Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source unknown.
a liverwort Marchantia polymorpha sens. lat. River banks, churchyards, between stones in urban and rural situations.
COMMON LIVERWORT Marchantia polymorpha ssp. ruderalis One confirmed record of subsp. Farmyard nr Challacombe.
COMMON CRYSTALWORT Riccia sorocarpa Fields, banks, paths, quarries, etc. Only record 1916 Pond Wood.
GLAUCOUS CRYSTALWORT Riccia glauca Roadsides or woodland paths. Capsules common.
LEAST CRYSTALWORT Riccia subbifurca Only record from Monksilver 1916 Watson.
DOTTED HORNWORT Anthoceros punctatus Only current record Withycombe 1998. Recorded by Watson Dunster, Luccombe, Porlock areas 1913-20.
SMOOTH HORNWORT Phaeoceros laevis Recorded by Watson from various localities mainly in Eastern Exmoor.
PAPILLOSE BOG-MOSS Sphagnum papillosum Hummock forming on wet moorland. Fruit occasional.
BLUNT-LEAVED BOG-MOSS Sphagnum palustre Wet moorlands, streamsides and wet sloping ground. Fruit occasional.
SPIKY BOG-MOSS Sphagnum squarrosum Only current record from stream bank on moorland. Exehead. Probably under recorded.
RIGID BOG-MOSS Sphagnum teres Among rushes and sedges. Only a 1915 record by Watson from Pennycombe Water.
FRINGED BOG-MOSS Sphagnum fimbriatum Only record from nr Simonsbath (SERC). Moorland or beneath birch.
RUSSOW'S BOG-MOSS Sphagnum russowii Only record from marshy ground at head of Hoaroak Water 1978.
FIVE-RANKED BOG-MOSS Sphagnum quinquefarium ON steep shaded banks in woodlands avoiding very wet areas.
ACUTE-LEAVED BOG-MOSS Sphagnum capillifolium By moorland streams and boggy areas. Fruit occasional.
RED BOG-MOSS Sphagnum rubellum Acid woodland banks and moorland. Fruit occasional.
LUSTROUS BOG-MOSS Sphagnum subnitens On sloping flushed ground avoiding the more acid areas. Often with Aulacomnium palustre. Fruit common.
BLUSHING BOG-MOSS Sphagnum molle On wet moorland by streams. Fruits.
COMPACT BOG-MOSS Sphagnum compactum Recorded by Watson at Pinkery Pond. 1915.
COW-HORN BOG-MOSS Sphagnum auriculatum On moorland, woodland and in combes. Fruit occasional.
SLENDER COW-HORN BOG-MOSS Sphagnum subsecundum Recorded by Watson on Winsford Hill 1915.
FEATHERY BOG-MOSS Sphagnum cuspidatum Submerged in boggy pools on moorland.
SOFT BOG-MOSS Sphagnum tenellum Recorded Nr Simonsbath (SERC) Wet heaths and boggy areas.
FLEXUOUS BOG-MOSS Sphagnum recurvum var. amblyphyllum Now S. flexuosum. By upland streams and damp woodlands.
FLAT-TOPPED BOG-MOSS Sphagnum recurvum var. mucronatum Now S. fallax. On wet moorland.
FINE BOG-MOSS Sphagnum recurvum var. tenue Damp moorland areas. Now S. angustifolium.
a rock moss Andreaea rupestris var. rupestris Colonizes hard rock surfaces. Only one record from Long Holcombe 1996.
DUSKY ROCK-MOSS Andreaea rothii Recorded in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source unknown.
PELLUCID FOUR-TOOTH MOSS Tetraphis pellucida On rotting wood, peat and humus. Often with Lepidozia reptans. Fruit uncommon.
ALPINE HAIR-CAP Polytrichum alpinum An undated specimen from Luxborough in Taunton Castle Herbarium. A rather unlikely Exmoor species although known from Dartmoor.
SLENDER HAIRCAP Polytrichum longisetum Only record from Treborough Wood 1981.
BANK HAIRCAP Polytrichum formosum In woodlands, heaths and moorland. Fruits frequent.
Common Hairmoss Polytrichum commune On wet moorland and in woods. Fruits common. Watson states once used for stuffing mattresses and making little brooms.
BRISTLY HAIRCAP Polytrichum piliferum On bare patches on heaths and moors. Often with P.formosum. Fruits common.
JUNIPER HAIRCAP Polytrichum juniperinum On walls, heaths and dry moorland. Fruits frequent. Often with P. urnigerum.
STRICT HAIRCAP Polytrichum alpestre Now P. strictum. In bogs often amongst Sphagnum. Fruit occasional.
DWARF HAIRCAP Pogonatum nanum On soil on banks.
ALOE HAIRCAP Pogonatum aloides On bare soil on banks often with Diplophyllum albicans. Fruit common.
URN HAIRCAP Pogonatum urnigerum On soil capped walls on the higher moors also quarries. Fruits common.
HERCYNIAN HAIRCAP Oligotrichum hercynicum Recorded in Flora & Fauna of ENP but source not known.
FOUNTAIN SMOOTHCAP Atrichum crispum Only one record from E. Lyn Valley 1971. River bank. Avoids the peaty soil of Exmoor. Female plants unknown in Britain.
COMMON SMOOTHCAP Atrichum undulatum Woodlands, hedgebanks, heathland, waste ground. Fruits frequent.
NUT-MOSS Diphyscium foliosum On peaty banks in shady woods, also on rocks. Fruits frequent. Unknown in SW England apart from Exmoor.
CLAY EARTH-MOSS Archidium alternifolium Scarce on muddy banks.
TAPER-LEAVED EARTH-MOSS Pleuridium acuminatum On banks in woods and moorland. Fruit common.
AWL-LEAVED EARTH-MOSS Pleuridium subulatum Only current record East Lyn area. Recorded from Porlock inŻ1846.
DELICATE EARTH-MOSS Pseudephemerum nitidum On damp farmland also on Molland Common. Fruit common.
CYLINDRIC DITRICHUM Ditrichum cylindricum On roadsides, woodland clearings, fields etc. Fruits rare.
BENDY DITRICHUM Ditrichum flexicaule Habitat basic soil in grassland or on cliffs or sanddunes. An 1846 record from Porlock area.
CURVE-LEAVED DITRICHUM Ditrichum heteromallum On stony paths and in woods. Often with Diplophyllum albicans on roadsides. Fruit common.
SHARP-LEAVED BLINDIA Blindia acuta Only one record from damp rocks at Sandyway 2000. GP.
REDSHANK Ceratodon purpureus  
DWARF STREAK-MOSS Rhabdoweisia fugax Only recorded from E. Lyn and Barle Valleys. Rock crevices and woods.
BRUNTON'S DOG-TOOTH Cynodontium bruntonii In crevices of sheltered non-basic rocks. Current records only from Barle Valley.
YELLOWISH FORK-MOSS Dichodontium flavescens On wet soil and rocks by streams. Fruit occasional.
TRANSPARENT FORK-MOSS Dichodontium pellucidum On damp soil and rocks by moorland streams. Fruit occasional.
MARSH FORKLET-MOSS Dicranella palustris Boggy moorland areas, springs and streams. Fruit rare.
SCHREBER'S FORKLET-MOSS Dicranella schreberana On basic clay soil, fields or ditch banks. Fruits.
RUFOUS FORKLET-MOSS Dicranella rufescens By streams and wet flushes. Fruit occasional.
VARIABLE FORKLET-MOSS Dicranella varia On damp heavy basic soil, roadside banks and ditches. Fruit common.
FIELD FORKLET-MOSS Dicranella staphylina By paths and roadsides on disturbed soil.
SILKY FORKLET-MOSS Dicranella heteromalla On acid moorland soil and woodland banks. Fruits common.
COMMON PINCUSHION Dicranoweisia cirrata On rotting wood or open soil on hedgebanks. Fruits common.
CRISPED FORK-MOSS Dicranum bonjeanii Recorded in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source unknown.
BROOM FORK-MOSS Dicranum scoparium In a wide range of habitats, woods, moorland, river valleys, coastal cliffs, etc. Fruits frequent.
GREATER FORK-MOSS Dicranum majus On woodland banks and fallen trees. Fruits occasional. Not on the high moors.
DUSKY FORK-MOSS Dicranum fuscescens Only record Culbone Woods 1992. Fruits occasional?
SCOTT'S FORK-MOSS Dicranum scottianum One record East Lyn 1995 and one from Barle Valley (SERC)
BEAKED BOW-MOSS Dicranodontium denudatum In woodlands on ground or rotten wood. First Somerset recordŻ1986.
AWL-LEAVED SWAN-NECK MOSS Campylopus subulatus Only one record from Watersmeet area.
BRITTLE SWAN-NECK MOSS Campylopus fragilis On peaty cliff ledges, heaths and moors. Fruit occasional.
DWARF SWAN-NECK MOSS Campylopus pyriformis On open patches of peaty soil. Reproduces vegetatively. Fruit occasional.
RUSTY SWAN-NECK MOSS Campylopus paradoxus Now C. flexuosus. Moorland, shaded boulders, wall tops, hill farms. Fruit occasional.
BRISTLY SWAN-NECK MOSS Campylopus atrovirens var. atrovirens. Only record from Farley Water 1995. Wet moorland. Fruit not found in Britain.
HEATH STAR MOSS Campylopus introflexus On bare peat, burnt moorland, in extensive patches. Prolific in garden pots.
COMPACT SWAN-NECK MOSS Campylopus brevipilus Heaths & moors. Fruit rare.
LARGE WHITE-MOSS Leucobryum glaucum On soil in old oak woods, occasionally on heaths and bogs. Stony slope at Foreland Point. Fruit rare.
SMALLER WHITE-MOSS Leucobryum juniperoideum On base poor soil in woodland and open heathland at a variety of altitudes. Probably under recorded.
GREEN POCKET-MOSS Fissidens viridulus Only one record from Snowdrop Valley, Timberscombe 1995. Shady banks on base rich soil.
NARROW-LEAVED POCKET-MOSS Fissidens pusillus var. tenuifolius On shady banks or basic rocks.
SHORT-LEAVED POCKET-MOSS Fissidens incurvus Only one record near Carhampton. Soil beneath conifers.
LESSER POCKET-MOSS Fissidens bryoides On bare soil of roadside banks, woodland banks and around farm buildings. Fruit common.
CURNOW'S POCKET-MOSS Fissidens curnovii By streams on soil and rocks on high ground
RIVER POCKET-MOSS Fissidens rivularis On wet shaded rocks, sometimes submerged. Fruit occasional.
FATFOOT POCKET-MOSS Fissidens crassipes Only one record on rock in river.
WELSH POCKET-MOSS Fissidens celticus On shady banks by streams and in woods. Horner Woods and Barle Valley.
PURPLE-STALKED POCKET-MOSS Fissidens osmundoides Only record 1974 from a dripping rock cleft near Simonsbath SANHS.
FERN MOSS Fissidens taxifolius On woodland soil, roadside banks and ditches. Fruit frequent.
ROCK POCKET-MOSS Fissidens cristatus On shaded rocks and soil by streams. Fruit occasional.
MAIDENHAIR POCKET-MOSS Fissidens adianthoides Wet rock ledges and stream banks. Dense tufts on incline on the Brendon Hills.
SPIRAL EXTINGUISHER-MOSS Encalypta streptocarpa On mortar on old walls, limestone rock or basic soil. On old Mineral Line incline.
GREAT HAIRY SCREW-MOSS Tortula ruralis Now Syntrichia r. On wall tops, old roofs and in limestone areas. Fruit occasional.
a moss Tortula ruralis ssp. ruraliformis Now Syntrichia r. SAND-HILL SCREW-MOSS. On the coast at Dunster Beach, Minehead Golf Links and Combe Martin. Fruit uncommon.
INTERMEDIATE SCREW-MOSS Tortula intermedia On walls and rocks. Fruit occasional.
WALL SCREW-MOSS Tortula muralis var. muralis On stone walls and concrete. A good amount on Wimbleball dam. Often with Barbula rigidula.
SUMMER SCREW-MOSS Tortula muralis var. aestiva Only one record from a wall on a derelict building on Brendon Hill (SANHS) 1971.
AWL-LEAVED SCREW-MOSS Tortula subulata Only one record from a hedgebank at Winsford 1998.
WATER SCREW-MOSS Tortula latifolia Now Syntrichia latifolia. Only one record from Exton areaŻc1980 (SERC)
WEDGE-LEAVED SCREW-MOSS Tortula cuneifolia Mentioned by Watson in his List 1912 as recorded by E.M. Holmes from banks near the sea but this was unconfirmed and should be deleted (Was included in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996)
TALL ALOE-MOSS Aloina aloides var. ambigua Recorded from 'Exmoor' by Miss E. Armitage in 1912 but no current records. On soil over calcareous matter eg mortar.
a moss Pottia intermedia Included in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source unknown.
COMMON POTTIA Pottia truncata In fields and waste ground on acid soil. Sometimes with Amblystegium serpens. Fruit common all year.
a moss Pottia heimii Now Hennediella heimii. Only one record from Heddons Mouth 2000. Earth covered rocks near the sea.
a moss Phascum cuspidatum Included in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source unknown.
LESSER BIRD'S-CLAW BEARD-MOSS Barbula convoluta On wall tops and on bare soil on waste ground. Sometimes with Didymodon vinealis. Fruit occasional. Inc. var commutata.
BIRD'S-CLAW BEARD-MOSS Barbula unguiculata On walls, soil, garden paths. Fruits frequent.
HORNCHURCH'S BEARD-MOSS Barbula hornschuchiana Only one record from Rockford 1995. Fruit rare.
REVOLUTE BEARD-MOSS Barbula revoluta Now Pseudocrossidium r. Only one current record from WoodyŻBay. On mortar or rocks. Fruit occasional. Recorded by Watson at Horner (no date)
FALSE BEARD-MOSS Barbula fallax Now Didymodon fallax. On moist basic soil in fields, waste ground and on walls and old buildings. Fruit occasional.
BROWN BEARD-MOSS Barbula spadicea Now Didymodon spadiceus. Only one record from rocks by E. Lyn. Fruit occasional (?)
RIGID BEARD-MOSS Barbula rigidula Now Didymodon r. On walls, sheltered mortar on old buildings, on rocks and concrete. Fruit occasional.
NICHOLSON'S BEARD-MOSS Barbula nicholsonii Now Didymodon n. On rocks liable to flooding. Has been found between paving stones and tarmac. Fruit unknown.
DUSKY BEARD-MOSS Barbula trifaria Now Didymodon luridus. On rocks, walls and old buildings, tarmac and concrete also on sand at Dunster Beach. Fruit occasional.
OLIVE BEARD-MOSS Barbula tophacea Now Didymodon t. In wet calcareous areas e.g. base of cliffs. Fruits.
SOFT-TUFTED BEARD-MOSS Barbula vinealis Now Didymodon v. On stone, old buildings, walls. Fruit occasional.
CYLINDRIC BEARD-MOSS Barbula cylindrica Now Didymodon insulanus. On soil, walls, waste ground, fields and tree boles in moist places, mainly in western Exmoor. Capsules rare.
RED BEARD-MOSS Barbula recurvirostra On soil capped rocks, walls and old buildings also tree bases. Fruit common. Now Bryoerythrophyllum r.
HOOK-BEAK TUFA-MOSS Gymnostomum recurvirostrum Only one record from basic rocks E. Lyn Valley 1996.
WHORLED TUFA-MOSS Eucladium verticillatum Damp mortar of walls and old buildings. Fruit rare.
GREEN-TUFTED STUBBLE-MOSS Weissia controversa On soil on roadside banks and on walls. Fruit common.
SMALL-MOUTHED BEARDLESS-MOSS Weissia microstoma var. brachycarpa Recorded by Watson from damp arable field near Hurlstone Point. 1936.
WAVY BEARD-MOSS Oxystegus sinuosus Now Didymodon s. On shaded damp rocks.
NARROW-FRUITED CRISP-MOSS Oxystegus tenuirostris Now Trichostomum tenuirostre. On wet rocks by streams and soil in rock crevices. Fruit rare.
IRISH CRISP-MOSS Oxystegus hibernicus On damp rocks East Lyn valley. Fruit rare.
CURLY CRISP-MOSS Trichostomum crispulum On mortar on old walls, coastal areas, also on soil. Fruit rare.
VARIABLE CRISP-MOSS Trichostomum brachydontium On wall tops and crevices between rocks. Frequent on coast. Fruits rare.
FRIZZLED CRISP-MOSS Tortella tortuosa On slate spoil heap 1993 and Wingate Combe 1995.
YELLOW CRISP-MOSS Tortella flavovirens Coastal. Fruits rare.
NEAT CRISP-MOSS Tortella nitida On rocks and walls. Current records from Devon Exmoor only but recorded from Minehead in 1929.
BENT-LEAVED BEARD-MOSS Leptodontium flexifolium On burnt heathland and woodland rides on peat. Fruit occasional.
Thatch Moss Leptodontium gemmascens Found by N.T. on old thatched cottages on Holnicote Estate, 1999. These were the first finds in S.W. Britain since 1950 other than one record in 1994 from Hardy's cottage in Dorset.
SMALLER LATTICE-MOSS Cinclidotus fontinaloides On rocks and tree bases in and by streams and rivers. Recorded from Porlock Parish 1846.
POINTED LATTICE-MOSS Cinclidotus mucronatus Now Dialytrichia m. Shady damp woodland. Fruit occasional. First Somerset record 1998 IGP W. Porlock.
SEASIDE GRIMMIA Schistidium maritimum Rocky crevices on the coast. Recorded Porlock Parish 1846.
RIVER GRIMMIA Schistidium alpicola var. rivulare On rocks at and below flood level on the larger streams and rivers.
SESSILE GRIMMIA Schistidium apocarpum sens. lat. On walls, bridges, rocks and concrete. Fruit common. True apocarpum has so far only been confirmed in one instance and is likely to prove local. Past records may be S.crassipilum.
THICKPOINT GRIMMIA Schistidium apocarpum sens. strict. Now S. crassipilum. On rocks, walls and bridges. Probably under recorded due to past confusion with S. apocarpum. It is likely to prove to be the commoner species.
HOARY GRIMMIA Grimmia laevigata Only one record from E. Lyn Valley on exposed acidic rock. EN
DONN'S GRIMMIA Grimmia donniana Only one record from hard acidic rock on Five Barrows HillŻ1996. IGP.
a moss Grimmia affinis Now G. longirostris. Rediscovered 1994 nr Watersmeet after an absence of over 50 years MP. On rock.
GREY-CUSHIONED GRIMMIA Grimmia pulvinata On wall tops, bridges and mortar. Fruit common.
HAIR-POINTED GRIMMIA Grimmia trichophylla On rocks and walls, Fruit rare. Incl. var trichophylla and var subsquarrosa.
YELLOW FRINGE-MOSS Racomitrium aciculare In or near water growing on acidic rocks, often submerged. Fruit frequent.
NARROW-LEAVED FRINGE-MOSS Racomitrium aquaticum On wet rocks on high ground. Fruit occasional.
GREEN MOUNTAIN FRINGE-MOSS Racomitrium fasciculare On acidic rocks in upland areas. Fruit frequent.
SLENDER FRINGE-MOSS Racomitrium sudeticum Dunkery Hill 1895 and Haddeo Bridge 1918. (Unlikely.)
BRISTLY FRINGE-MOSS Racomitrium heterostichum On boulders, often with R. fasciculare. Fruit occasional.
WOOLLY FRINGE-MOSS Racomitrium lanuginosum On rocks and peat. Fruit occasional.
HOARY FRINGE-MOSS Racomitrium canescens sens. strict. Horner and Dunkery c1912 Watson.
DENSE FRINGE-MOSS Racomitrium ericoides Silty, sandy, gravelly soil on tracks and roadsides. Cutcombe 1912 and Brendon Hill 1916.
LONG FRINGE-MOSS Racomitrium elongatum Only one record from Winsford Hill 1997 NVA.
LONG-SHANKED PINCUSHION Ptychomitrium polyphyllum On acidic rock and wall tops. Fruit common.
COMMON CORD-MOSS Funaria hygrometrica On recently burnt ground, bare soil, moorland, in flower pots and disturbed garden soil. Fruit common throughout year.
THIN CORD-MOSS Funaria attenuata Only record is dated 1850 from Lynmouth Parish.
BLUNT CORD-MOSS Funaria obtusa Now Entosthodon obt. Only record from a farm near Challacombe on damp peaty soil in a ditch. 1999. IGP
COMMON BLADDER-MOSS Physcomitrium pyriforme Only record from a damp meadow near a stream at Dunster Marsh 1999 CJG. Pear-shaped fruits.
SPREADING EARTH-MOSS Physcomitrella patens Our first Exmoor record: shoreline Wimbleball Lake 2001.
LUMINOUS MOSS Schistostega pennata In rabbit burrows, caves and old mining adits. Fruit occasional.
CAPE THREAD-MOSS Orthodontium lineare On peaty banks or rotting tree stumps and acidic rocks. Fruit common.
GOLDEN THREAD-MOSS Leptobryum pyriforme Only one record from a peaty bank at Woodcock Gardens 1995 KM.
a moss Pohlia elongata See ssp elongata var elongata.
LONG-FRUITED THREAD-MOSS Pohlia elongata ssp. elongata var. elongata Only record on soil, East Lyn Valley 1996. Record is under P.elongata
NODDING THREAD-MOSS Pohlia nutans On heaths, woods and banks. An unusual form found on a bank at Upton Cleeve 1999. IGP
DRUMMOND'S THREAD-MOSS Pohlia drummondii Only record from a wet, muddy track at Shoulsbarrow 1996 IGP.
BENT-BUD THREAD-MOSS Pohlia annotina On damp stony surfaces by streams and woodland paths.
CROOKNECK NODDING-MOSS Pohlia camptotrachela Recorded in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source lost.
YELLOW THREAD-MOSS Pohlia lutescens On damp soil on walls, paths, ditches, by streams and banks. Often with Dicranella heteromalla.
PINK-FRUITED THREAD-MOSS Pohlia carnea On damp clayey soil on banks and in ditches. Fruit occasional.
PALE GLAUCOUS THREAD-MOSS Pohlia wahlenbergii On waste ground by streams and ditches. Fruit rare.
TOZER'S THREAD-MOSS Epipterygium tozeri Only record was from Lynmouth Parish 1850.
PALE THREAD-MOSS Bryum pallens On damp turf, roadsides, old quarries and by streams. Fruit rare.
DON'S THREAD-MOSS Bryum donianum Recorded in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source unknown.
CAPILLARY THREAD-MOSS Bryum capillare In a wide variety of habitats, walls, tree trunks, soil, etc. Fruit frequent.
FLABBY THREAD-MOSS Bryum flaccidum Now B. subelegans. On tree trunks and rotten logs. Fruit not known in Britain.
TWISTING THREAD-MOSS Bryum torquescens Recorded by Watson at Leighland 1919.
TALL-CLUSTERED THREAD-MOSS Bryum pallescens Only record from Barle Valley EN survey 1990.
BIMOUS MARSH BRYUM Bryum pseudotriquetrum var. bimum Only record from marshy ground at Maddacombe 1969. Possibly under recorded.
MARSH BRYUM Bryum pseudotriquetrum var. pseudotriquetrum In boggy places on moorland and marshes. Fruit occasional.
TUFTED THREAD-MOSS Bryum caespiticium Only record from near Selworthy Watson 1912.
ALPINE THREAD-MOSS Bryum alpinum On wet rocks and quarries. Fruit rare.
WELSH THREAD-MOSS Bryum gemmiparum Rock crevices, East Lyn Valley.
BICOLOURED BRYUM Bryum bicolor sens. lat. By roads, quarries, on banks etc. Often with B. argenteum on tarmac. Fruit occasional.
DUNE THREAD-MOSS Bryum dunense Only recorded from sandy soil near sea at Dunster Beach 1995. Fruit occasional.
SILVER-MOSS Bryum argenteum On tarmac and between paving stones, etc. Listed as common by Watson 1912 on cinder paths and walls.
WALL THREAD-MOSS Bryum radiculosum Only record is from Lynmouth 1995. Mortar or limestone rocks.
PEA BRYUM Bryum ruderale On earth banks, roadsides, gardens and gateways. Fruit unknown in Britain.
PILL BRYUM Bryum violaceum Recorded in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source not known. Arable fields.
SAUTER'S THREAD-MOSS Bryum sauteri Recorded in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source not known.
LESSER POTATO BRYUM Bryum microerythrocarpum On peaty or disturbed soil. Fruit occasional.
POTATO BRYUM Bryum bornholmense Dryer heathland. Fruit occasional.
CRIMSON-TUBER THREAD-MOSS Bryum rubens On disturbed soil. Fruit frequent.
ROSE-MOSS Rhodobryum roseum Roadside bank Brendon 1995. Also recorded by Watson 1913ŻB.Regis. Fruit rare.
SWAN'S-NECK THYME-MOSS Mnium hornum Woods, hedgebanks, rotten wood etc. Fruit common.
STARRY THYME-MOSS Mnium stellare Basic habitats. Fruit rare.
DOTTED THYME-MOSS Rhizomnium punctatum On Soil by streams, marshy areas, wet woodland, wet rocks bogs. Fruit frequent.
WOODSY THYME-MOSS Plagiomnium cuspidatum Recorded by Watson c1912 from Minehead.
MANY-FRUITED THYME-MOSS Plagiomnium affine On damp soil in woods. Fruit rare (despite name).
HART'S-TONGUE THYME-MOSS Plagiomnium undulatum In damp woodland and on banks. Fruit rare.
LONG-BEAKED THYME-MOSS Plagiomnium rostratum On stream banks, rocks and in woodlands. Fruit frequent.
BOG GROOVE-MOSS Aulacomnium palustre In bogs and wet heathland often with Sphagnum. Fruit occasional.
BUD-HEADED GROOVE-MOSS Aulacomnium androgynum On banks on humus rich soil, peat and decaying wood. Capsule rare.
COMMON APPLE-MOSS Bartramia pomiformis Hedgebanks, woodland banks and on soil between rocks. Fruit frequent.
TUFTED APPLE-MOSS Philonotis caespitosa Recorded by Watson at Selworthy 1912 and Simonsbath 1916.
FOUNTAIN APPLE-MOSS Philonotis fontana In wet areas near springs and streams. Fruit occasional.
WOOLY APPLE-MOSS Philonotis tomentella Included in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but sources lost.
THICK-NERVED APPLE-MOSS Philonotis calcarea An undated record in Taunton Castle Herbarium from 'Exmoor'
GOLDEN-HEAD MOSS Breutelia chrysocoma On damp heaths and boggy areas.
LAPLAND YOKE-MOSS Amphidium lapponicum Only recorded by Watson 1918 at Exton.
MOUGEOT'S YOKE-MOSS Amphidium mougeotii Recorded by Watson 1911 Brendon Hills; Barle Valley and Cutcombe c1980 SERC.
STIRTON'S YOKE-MOSS Zygodon viridissimus var. stirtonii On walls and rocks.
GREEN YOKE-MOSS Zygodon viridissimus var. viridissimus On trees, rocks and walls. Fruit rare.
PARK YOKE-MOSS Zygodon baumgartneri On tree bark. Mostly near water.
LESSER YOKE-MOSS Zygodon conoideus On tree bark.
SHAW'S BRISTLE-MOSS Orthotrichum striatum On tree bark. Porlock Parish 1846.
LYELL'S BRISTLE-MOSS Orthotrichum lyellii On woodland trees and wooden fences. Fruit common.
WOOD BRISTLE-MOSS Orthotrichum affine On tree bark and occasionally on concrete posts. Fruit common.
RIVER BRISTLE-MOSS Orthotrichum rivulare Only one record from Barle Valley Survey 1990 EN.
ANOMALOUS BRISTLE-MOSS Orthotrichum anomalum On masonry or basic rocks. Fruit common.
HOODED BRISTLE-MOSS Orthotrichum cupulatum Only one current record at Glenthorne 1994. Recorded by Watson at Selworthy 1936.
SLENDER BRISTLE-MOSS Orthotrichum tenellum On tree bark.
WHITE-TIPPED BRISTLE-MOSS Orthotrichum diaphanum On trees and fences, also rocks and stones. Fruit common.
ELEGANT BRISTLE-MOSS Orthotrichum pulchellum On tree bark, also rocks and walls. Fruit common.
CRISPED PINCUSHION Ulota crispa var. crispa On trees in open woodland, often with U. bruchii. Fruit common.
BRUCH'S PINCUSHION Ulota crispa var. norvegica On tree branches and shrubs in woodland. Fruits common.
FRIZZLED PINCUSHION Ulota phyllantha On trees especially ash and elder, also on rocks particularly near the coast.
FRINGED HOAR-MOSS Hedwigia ciliata On siliceous rocks and walls. Frequent in Valley of Rocks.
GREATER WATER-MOSS Fontinalis antipyretica var. antipyretica Attached to rocks submerged in streams which are mainly slow flowing and shallow. Fruit rare.
LESSER WATER-MOSS Fontinalis antipyretica var. gracilis Only recorded from Exe Plain 1978 SANHS.
ALPINE WATER-MOSS Fontinalis squamosa On stones and rocks in streams and rivers which are fast flowing. Recorded from R.Barle in 1881. Fruit rare.
TREE-MOSS Climacium dendroides On damp grassland. By rivers and edge of reservoirs. Fruit rare.
LATERAL CRYPHAEA Cryphaea heteromalla On old tree bark, particularly elders. Often with Zygodon conoideus. Fruit common.
SQUIRREL-TAIL MOSS Leucodon sciuroides Found in Badgworthy Valley 1932. Probably present on trees and overlooked.
BIRD'S-FOOT WING-MOSS Pterogonium gracile Acid rocks on N.Devon coast. Fruit rare.
PRINCE-OF-WALES FEATHER-MOSS Leptodon smithii Only one current record from Selworthy 1995. Recorded by Watson 1912 at Watersmeet. Fruit occasional. Also found inŻ2001 Bratton.
CRISPED NECKERA Neckera crispa Uncommon and local on basic rocks. Fruit rare.
DWARF NECKERA Neckera pumila On tree bark, mainly beech and ash. Fruit occasional.
FLAT NECKERA Neckera complanata On tree trunks, also walls, bridges, shady hedgerows and woodlands, etc. Fruit occasional.
BLUNT FEATHER-MOSS Homalia trichomanoides On tree trunks, also on damp rocks in woodland and hedgerows and on stones below flood level of streams. Fruit occasional.
FOX-TAIL FEATHER-MOSS Thamnobryum alopecurum On rocks in and by rivers and waterfalls. Also on tree roots in woodland. Fruit occasional.
SHINING HOOKERIA Hookeria lucens On river banks, ditches and damp shady banks. Fruit occasional.
WRY-LEAVED TAMARISK-MOSS Heterocladium heteropterum var. heteropterum On rocks by streams and rivers. Fruit rare.
SLENDER TAMARISK-MOSS Heterocladium heteropterum var. flaccidum On rocks in shady areas, by streams, in woods. Fruit unknown.
RAMBLING TAIL-MOSS Anomodon viticulosus In the few limestone areas of Exmoor e.g. Timberscombe, Selworthy, Monksilver and on shady walls and bridges. Fruit rare.
COMMON TAMARISK-MOSS Thuidium tamariscinum Woodland and hedge banks and rotting logs. Fruit occasional.
DELICATE TAMARISK-MOSS Thuidium delicatulum Recorded in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source lost.
FERN-LEAVED HOOK-MOSS Cratoneuron filicinum Surprisingly frequent as it normally favours basic wet areas. Fruit rare.
CURLED HOOK-MOSS Cratoneuron commutatum Only record from Glenthorne Beach 1993 by waterfall on sandstone rock. Fruit rare.
CLAW-LEAVED HOOK-MOSS Cratoneuron commutatum var. falcatum Recorded by Watson 1936 Aldermans Barrow.
YELLOW STARRY FEATHER-MOSS Campylium stellatum Record may refer to var protensum?
DULL STARRY FEATHER-MOSS Campylium stellatum var. protensum(Brid.) Bryhn Recorded from Alcombe and Exmoor 1912.
CHALK FEATHER-MOSS Campylium calcareum Only recorded from an old limekiln nr Timberscombe 1970
CREEPING FEATHER-MOSS Amblystegium serpens On soil, rocks and tree boles, in shady damp woods or hedgebanks. Also at the base of walls. Often with Barbula spp. when on masonry.
BROOK-SIDE FEATHER-MOSS Amblystegium fluviatile On rocks and tree roots which are often submerged. Fruit rare.
FOUNTAIN FEATHER-MOSS Amblystegium tenax On rocks and tree bases by streams, often submerged. Fruit rare.
KNEIFF'S FEATHER-MOSS Amblystegium riparium On fallen logs in damp woodlands, by streams. In a clear farm pond on Brendons.
FLOATING HOOK-MOSS Drepanocladus fluitans(Hedw.) Warnst. Now Warnstorfia f. In wet acid moorland bogs with Sphagnum.
RINGLESS HOOK-MOSS Drepanocladus exannulatus Now Warnstorfia e. In upland bogs and streams. Fruit rare.
RUSTY HOOK-MOSS Drepanocladus revolvens In marshes, wet flushes and peat bogs. Fruits rare.
VARNISHED HOOK-MOSS Drepanocladus vernicosus Now Hamatocaulis v. Record from acid soil by Hoaroak Water 1995. Fruit rare.
SICKLE-LEAVED HOOK-MOSS Drepanocladus uncinatus On wet ground by moorland streams. Fruits.
CLAW BROOK-MOSS Hygrohypnum ochraceum On rocks in moorland streams. Fruit rare.
DRAB BROOK-MOSS Hygrohypnum luridum Only record from rocks in East Lyn River 1995
STRAW SPEAR-MOSS Calliergon stramineum In moorland bogs and flushes amongst Sphagnum. Fruit rare.
HEART-LEAVED SPEAR-MOSS Calliergon cordifolium In marshes, boggy areas and by streams. Fruit rare
POINTED SPEAR-MOSS Calliergon cuspidatum In a wide range of damp habitats, by woodland paths, streams, boggy areas and shaded garden lawns. Fruit occasional.
LARGER MOUSE-TAIL MOSS Isothecium myurum On logs, tree boles, rocks in woods and by rivers. Fruit occasional.
SLENDER MOUSE-TAIL MOSS Isothecium myosuroides Extensive patches on tree bark, walls and shaded rocks. Fruit frequent.
HOLT'S MOUSE-TAIL MOSS Isothecium holtii On shaded rocks by R. Barle. Fruit rare.
LESSER STRIATED FEATHER-MOSS Isothecium striatulum Only one record from Barle Valley Woodlands survey 1990 EN. On shaded rocks.
SILKY WALL FEATHER-MOSS Homalothecium sericeum On walls, bridges, tree trunks. Fruit occasional.
YELLOW FEATHER-MOSS Homalothecium lutescens Recorded in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source lost.
WHITISH FEATHER-MOSS Brachythecium albicans On sandy coastal soil, sandy heaths, old quarries, turf. Fruit rare.
ROUGH-STALKED FEATHER-MOSS Brachythecium rutabulum On soil, rocks, garden lawns, tree boles and decaying wood. Not on the highest moorland. Fruit common.
RIVER FEATHER-MOSS Brachythecium rivulare By waterfalls and streams on wet rocks. On the ground in wet woodland and marshy places. Fruit occasional.
VELVET FEATHER-MOSS Brachythecium velutinum On tree stumps, rocks, garden paths and hedgebanks. Often on hazel. Fruit frequent.
MATTED FEATHER-MOSS Brachythecium populeum On shaded rocks, tree boles, wall tops. Fruit frequent.
RUSTY FEATHER-MOSS Brachythecium plumosum On rocks and tree roots, submerged by fast flowing streams and wet moorland. Fruit frequent.
NEAT FEATHER-MOSS Pseudoscleropodium purum Now Scleropodium p. In acid grassland, often with Pleurozium schreberi. Also on roadside banks. Fruit rare.
TUFTED FEATHER-MOSS Scleropodium cespitans One current record 2000 and a 1965 record from Watersmeet. Tree bases and stones by water in woods. Fruit rare.
HAIR-POINTED FEATHER-MOSS Cirriphyllum piliferum On soil and amongst wet turf in woodlands and grassy places. Fruit rare.
BEECH FEATHER-MOSS Cirriphyllum crassinervium Now Eurhynchium cras. On shaded rocks and tree boles. Mainly in combes leading to the sea. Fruit occasional.
LONG-BEAKED WATER FEATHER-MOSS Rhynchostegium riparioides On rocks or tree roots in or submerged by water. Fruit frequent.
PORTUGUESE FEATHER-MOSS Rhynchostegium lusitanicum Now R. alopecuroides. On submerged rocks in fast flowing streams and rivers.
WALL FEATHER-MOSS Rhynchostegium murale On found in Brendon Common area. On rocks, stony ground or walls.
CLUSTERED FEATHER-MOSS Rhynchostegium confertum On walls, rocks, stones, woodland combes, etc. and onŻhedgerow elders. etc. Fruit common.
COMMON STRIATED FEATHER-MOSS Eurhynchium striatum In woodland, hedgebanks, on rocks, by streams and in damp grassland. Fruit occasional.
DWARF FEATHER-MOSS Eurhynchium pumilum On soil in shady woods and on hedgebanks. Fruit rare. Mainly near the coast.
COMMON FEATHER-MOSS Eurhynchium praelongum Tree bases, logs, shady woodland banks and ditches. Often with Isothecium myosuroides. Fruits frequent. Much used by blue tits for nesting material.
SWARTZ'S FEATHER-MOSS Eurhynchium swartzii Now E. hians. Hedgerows, river banks, woodland, roadsides. In open damp places. Also Dunster Beach. Fruit rare.
SHOWY FEATHER-MOSS Eurhynchium speciosum In wet grassy places, tree bases by water, wet muddy rocks.
TENDER FEATHER-MOSS Rhynchostegiella tenella On basic rocks and walls. Fruit common.
a moss Rhynchostegiella teesdalei Recorded in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source unknown.
DENTED SILK-MOSS Plagiothecium denticulatum var. denticulatum On banks in woods, on rotten logs and rocks in shade. Fruit common.
CURVED SILK-MOSS Plagiothecium curvifolium Only record 1971 Hartford Bottom on a rotten stump.
JUICY SILK-MOSS Plagiothecium succulentum On shady woodland banks, hedgerows, by streams and tree bases. Fruit occasional.
WOODSY SILK-MOSS Plagiothecium nemorale Hedgebanks, woods and stream banks. Fruit occasional. Not on higher moorland.
WAVED SILK-MOSS Plagiothecium undulatum On shaded hedgebanks, amongst moorland heather and on rock and soil in woodlands. Fruit uncommon on Exmoor.
ELEGANT SILK-MOSS Isopterygium elegans On woodland banks, tree boles and rocks. Often with Dicranella heteromalla. Fruit rare.
DEPRESSED FEATHER-MOSS Taxiphyllum wissgrillii Only record from E. Lyn 1996. Tree-roots, stones or shaded rocks.
CYPRESS-LEAVED PLAIT-MOSS Hypnum cupressiforme var. cupressiforme Extensive patches on logs, trees, rocks, walls and soil. Fruit frequent.
GREAT PLAIT-MOSS Hypnum cupressiforme var. lacunosum On wall tops, roofs and rocks. Fruit rare. All records from west Exmoor.
SUPINE PLAIT-MOSS Hypnum cupressiforme var. resupinatum On rocks walls, trees and logs; not on central moorland. Fruit frequent.
COMBED PLAIT-MOSS Hypnum mammillatum On bark, fallen wood, rocks and wall tops. Fruit occasional.
HEATH PLAIT-MOSS Hypnum jutlandicum On moors and heaths, often amongst heather. Fruit rare.
LINDBERG'S PLAIT-MOSS Hypnum lindbergii Only one record from East Lyn area 1995 MP. Fruit not known in Britain.
CHALK COMB-MOSS Ctenidium molluscum On basic grassland and banks. Fruit rare.
FLAGELLATE FEATHER-MOSS Hyocomium armoricum On wet rocky banks of streams and fast flowing rivers.
BIG SHAGGY-MOSS Rhytidiadelphus triquetrus On grassy banks, woodland clearings. Fruit rare.
SPRINGY TURF-MOSS Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus In farm pastures, lawns, roadside banks. Fruit rare.
LITTLE SHAGGY-MOSS Rhytidiadelphus loreus On woodland banks, soil or boulders also on marshy ground.
RED-STEMMED FEATHER-MOSS Pleurozium schreberi On heaths and moors on drier slopes, calcifuge. Often with Scleropodium purum. Fruit occasional.
SHORT-BEAKED WOOD-MOSS Hylocomium brevirostre On shaded walls, rocks or soil. Current records from Horner Woods and Watersmeet. Also Barle Valley.
GLITTERING WOOD-MOSS Hylocomium splendens On moorland, heaths and woodland banks.

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