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Checklists of Exmoor's Wildlife
In 1996 ENHS produced The Flora and Fauna of Exmoor National Park listing 8243 species which had been recorded. (Now out of print). Since then there have been a number of additions published annually in Exmoor Naturalist magazine. The following lists show what we have recorded so far and it is hoped there will be future updates.

Diptera (Flies)
a gall fly Acidia cognata  
a fungus gnat Acnemia nitidicollis  
a mosquito Aedes rusticus In woodland
a leaf-mining fly Agromyza abiens On Comfrey
a leaf-mining fly Agromyza albipennis On Reed
a leaf-mining fly Agromyza alnibetulae On Birch spp.
a leaf-mining fly Agromyza alnivora on Alder
a leaf-mining fly Agromyza anthracina On Nettle
a leaf-mining fly Agromyza bicophaga On Bush Vetch
a leaf-mining fly Agromyza demeijerei On Laburnum
a leaf-mining fly Agromyza felleri On Bush Vetch
a leaf-mining fly Agromyza filipendulae On Meadowsweet
a leaf-mining fly Agromyza flaviceps On Hop
a leaf-mining fly Agromyza frontella On Medick
a leaf-mining fly Agromyza hendeli  
a leaf-mining fly Agromyza igniceps On Hop
a leaf-mining fly Agromyza lathyri On Lathyrus latifolius
a leaf-mining fly Agromyza nana On Trifolium spp.
a leaf-mining fly Agromyza potentillae On Cinquefoil
a leaf-mining fly Agromyza pseudoreptans On Nettle
a leaf-mining fly Agromyza reptans On Nettle
a leaf-mining fly Agromyza rufipes On Mugwort
a leaf-mining fly Agromyza sulfuriceps On Raspberry
a leaf-mining fly Agromyza varicornis On Lathyrus latifolius
a leaf-mining fly Agromyza vicifoliae On Tufted Vetch
a fungus gnat Allodia lugens  
a fungus gnat Allodia lundstroemi  
a fungus gnat Allodia ornaticollis  
a fungus gnat Allodia pyxidiformis  
a fungus gnat Allodia truncata  
a fungus gnat Allodiopsis rustica  
a leaf-mining fly Amauromyza flavifrons On Saponaria or Silene sp
a leaf-mining fly Amauromyza labiatorum On Ajuga or Stachys betonica
a leaf-mining fly Amauromyza morionella On Hedge Woundwort
a leaf-mining fly Amauromyza verbasci On Scrophularia and Vebascum
a fungus gnat Anatella ciliata  
a fungus gnat Anatella longisetosa  
a dolichopodid fly Anepsiomyia flaviventris In seepages
a gall midge Anisostephus betulinum Galls on birch.
a mosquito Anopheles sp.  
a fly Anthomyia pluvialis  
a fly Anthomyza gracilis  
a fungus gnat Antlemon servulum  
a fungus gnat Apolephthisa subincana  
a non-biting midge Apsectrotanypus trifascipennis Flowing water.
a hoverfly Arctophila fulva Syn. A.superabiens.
a dolichopodid fly Argyra leucocephala In marshy areas.
a dolichopodid fly Argyra perplexa  
a robber fly Asilus crabroniformis On heaths and unimproved grassland.
a snipe fly Atherix ibis On river banks and damp vegetation.
a snipe fly Atherix marginata  
a cranefly Austrolimnophila ochracea Common.
a muscid fly Azelia cilipes  
a hoverfly Baccha elongata In ivy flowers. Now includes B. obscuripennis which should be deleted.
a hoverfly Baccha obscuripennis Now included with B. elongata.
a soldier fly Beris chalybata  
a soldier fly Beris fuscipes Larvae in decaying vegetable matter.
a soldier fly Beris geniculata  
a soldier fly Beris morrisii  
a soldier fly Beris vallata  
a st mark's fly Bibio clavipes In some years, such as 2001, swarms of millions over heather seen in the Dunkery/Porlock Hill areas in late summer.
a st mark's fly Bibio ferruginatus  
A St. Mark's fly Bibio lanigerus Occasional.
St Marks Fly Bibio marci Common.
a st mark's fly Bibio pomonae Heather areas
a st mark's fly Bibio venosus Occasional.
a dance fly Bicellaria nigra Damp sites
a fungus gnat Boletina basalis  
a fungus gnat Boletina dispecta  
a fungus gnat Boletina dubia  
a fungus gnat Boletina flaviventris  
a fungus gnat Boletina gripha  
a fungus gnat Boletina plana  
a fungus gnat Boletina trivittata  
a fungus gnat Bolitophila cinerea  
a fungus gnat Bolitophila hybrida Common.
a fungus gnat Bolitophila occlusa  
a fungus gnat Bolitophila saundersi Common.
Bee Fly Bombylius major Parasitises solitary bees.
a hoverfly Brachypalpoides lenta On rotting wood.
a hoverfly Brachypalpus laphriformis Dead wood.
a fungus gnat Brachypeza armata  
Bee Louse Braula coeca In bee hives
a fungus gnat Brevicornu auriculatum  
a fungus gnat Brevicornu crassicorne  
a fungus gnat Brevicornu foliatum  
a fungus gnat Brevicornu griseicolle  
a fungus gnat Brevicornu serenum  
a fungus gnat Brevicornu sericoma  
a non-biting midge Brillia longifurca By flowing water.
a non-biting midge Brillia modesta By flowing water.
a hoverfly Callicera aurata Syn. C. aenea (Fabricius)
a fly Calliopum elisae  
a fly Calliopum geniculatum  
Bluebottle Calliphora vomitoria  
a big-footed fly Callomyia amoena  
a stilt fly Calobata cibaria  
a stilt fly Calobata petronella  
a leaf-mining fly Calycomyza artemisiae On Artemisia & Eupatorium
a dolichopodid fly Campsicnemus curvipes Nr water
a dolichopodid fly Campsicnemus loripes  
a dolichopodid fly Campsicnemus scambus Nr water
a parasitic fly Carcelia puberula Record in Belshaw (R.) 1993 Handbook for Iden. Br. Insectsūl. 10 Pt. 4a (i). Royal Ent. Soc. Spec in BM.
a non-biting midge Cardiocladius sp. By flowing water.
a biting midge Ceratopogonidae sp.  
a leaf-mining fly Cerodontha bimaculata  
a leaf-mining fly Cerodontha flavocingulata On Cocksfoot grass
a leaf-mining fly Cerodontha incisa  
a leaf-mining fly Cerodontha ireos On Yellow Iris.
A leaf-mining fly Cerodontha iridis On Stinking Iris.
A leaf-mining fly Cerodontha phalaridis Rare.
a leaf-mining fly Cerodontha pygmaea  
a fungus gnat Cerotelion lineatus  
a fly Cetema similis  
a phantom midge Chaoborus crystallinus Larvae in ponds.
a hoverfly Cheilosia albipila  
a hoverfly Cheilosia albitarsis  
a hoverfly Cheilosia antiqua  
a hoverfly Cheilosia bergenstammi  
a hoverfly Cheilosia fraterna Damp meadows.
a hoverfly Cheilosia grossa  
a hoverfly Cheilosia illustrata  
a hoverfly Cheilosia impressa  
a hoverfly Cheilosia longula  
a hoverfly Cheilosia pagana  
a hoverfly Cheilosia proxima  
a hoverfly Cheilosia scutellata Woodland
a hoverfly Cheilosia soror  
a hoverfly Cheilosia variabilis  
a hoverfly Cheilosia vernalis  
a hoverfly Cheilosia vulpina  
a dance fly Chelifera precabunda  
a dance fly Chelifera precatoria Near water.
a dance fly Chelifera trapezina  
a non-biting midge Chironomidae sp.  
a non-biting midge Chironomus aprilinus  
a non-biting midge Chironomus plumosus Larvae aquatic; adults crepuscular.
a fly Chirosia betuleti Galls on Lady fern.
a fly Chirosia cinerosa  
a fly Chirosia histricina Mines on Bracken
a fly Chirosia parvicornis Syn. C. grossicauda (Strobl) Galls on bracken
a soldier fly Chloromyia formosa  
a soldier fly Chorisops nagatomii  
a soldier fly Chorisops tibialis  
a hoverfly Chrysogaster chalybeata Syn. C. cemiteriorum Lush meadows
a hoverfly Chrysogaster hirtella Syn. Melanogaster hirtella Marshes
a hoverfly Chrysogaster solstitialis Damp sites
a hoverfly Chrysogaster virescens  
a snipe fly Chrysopilus asiliformis  
a snipe fly Chrysopilus cristatus By streams.
a snipe fly Chrysopilus erythrophthalmus Aquatic larvae
a horse fly Chrysops caecutiens  
a hoverfly Chrysotoxum bicinctum  
a hoverfly Chrysotoxum cautum  
a dolichopodid fly Chrysotus blepharosceles  
a dolichopodid fly Chrysotus gramineus  
a dolichopodid fly Chrysotus neglectus  
a dolichopodid fly Chrysotus varians Recorded as occasional in 1996 but now included with C. gramineus.
a dance fly Clinocera (Hydrodromia) fontinalis seepages
a dance fly Clinocera (Hydrodromia) stagnalis  
a dance fly Clinocera (Kowarzia) bipunctata Bare sediment
a dance fly Clinocera nigra  
a fly Clusia flava On dead wood
a fly Clusiodes albimana  
a wrack fly Coelopa frigida Breeds on rotting seaweed.
a fungus gnat Coelosia flava  
a muscid fly Coenosia tigrina  
a fly Conops flavipes  
a fly Conops quadrifasciata  
a fly Conops vesicularis  
a gall midge Contarinia geicola  
a gall midge Contarinia jacobaeae Galls on Senecio flowers.
a gall midge Contarinia steini Galls on Red Campion flower buds.
a gall midge Contarinia tiliarum Galls on Tilia. (Lime).
a lesser dung fly Copromyza similis  
a fungus gnat Cordyla brevicornis  
a fungus gnat Cordyla fissa  
a fungus gnat Cordyla murina  
a non-biting midge Corynoneura sp. By flowing water.
a gall midge Craneiobia corni Galls on dogwood.
a flat fly Crataerina pallida Ectoparasite of swifts
a hoverfly Criorhina berberina  
a cranefly Crypteria limnophiloides  
a cranefly Ctenophora atrata Rare.
a cranefly Ctenophora flaveolata Very rare. RDB2.
a cranefly Ctenophora pectinicornis Rare.
a mosquito Culex pipiens agg. Standing water.
a biting midge Culicoides obsoletus  
a mosquito Culiseta annulata Standing water.
a gall midge Cystiphora sonchi Galls on Corn Sowthistle.
a parasitic fly Cyzenis albicans  
a gall midge Dasineura acrophila Galls on Ash.
a gall midge Dasineura capitigena  
a gall midge Dasineura crataegi Galls on Hawthorn
a gall midge Dasineura filicina Galls on Bracken.
a gall midge Dasineura fraxinea Galls on Ash.
a gall midge Dasineura fraxini  
a gall midge Dasineura galiicola Galls on Marsh Bedstraw
a gall midge Dasineura glechomae Galls on ground-ivy.
a gall midge Dasineura kiefferiana Galls on willowherb.
a gall midge Dasineura plicatrix  
a gall midge Dasineura pustulans Galls on Meadowsweet.
a gall midge Dasineura rosarum Galls on rose sp.
a gall midge Dasineura tympani Galls on sycamore.
a gall midge Dasineura ulmaria Galls on Meadowsweet.
a gall midge Dasineura urticae Galls on nettle.
a gall midge Dasineura viciae Galls on Bush Vetch.
a hoverfly Dasysyrphus albostriatus  
a hoverfly Dasysyrphus lunulatus Woodland margins
a hoverfly Dasysyrphus tricinctus  
a hoverfly Dasysyrphus venustus  
Cabbage Root-fly Delia brassicae  
a non-biting midge Demicryptochironomus vulneratus By flowing water.
a parasitic fly Dexia rustica  
a fungus gnat Diadocidia ferruginosa  
a non-biting midge Diamesa sp.  
a fly Diastata fuscula  
a cranefly Dicranota (Paradicranota) pavida Damp sites
a cranefly Dicranota bimaculata Damp sites
a hoverfly Didea fasciata  
Fever Fly Dilophus febrilis Common.
a st mark's fly Dilophus femoratus Common.
a robber fly Dioctria atricapilla Grassland
a robber fly Dioctria baumhaueri  
a robber fly Dioctria linearis  
a robber fly Dioctria oelandica In tree foliage.
a robber fly Dioctria rufipes  
a meniscus midge Dixa puberula Near water. Common.
a meniscus midge Dixa submaculata Seepages. Locally common.
a fungus gnat Docosia moravica  
a dance fly Dolichocephala irrorata  
White-footed Ghost Dolichopeza albipes Wet rock seepages
a dolichopodid fly Dolichopus atratus  
a dolichopodid fly Dolichopus brevipennis  
a dolichopodid fly Dolichopus discifer Upland areas
a dolichopodid fly Dolichopus festivus  
a dolichopodid fly Dolichopus griseipennis  
a dolichopodid fly Dolichopus pennatus  
a dolichopodid fly Dolichopus plumipes  
a dolichopodid fly Dolichopus popularis  
a dolichopodid fly Dolichopus trivialis  
a dolichopodid fly Dolichopus ungulatus  
a dolichopodid fly Dolichopus urbanus  
a dolichopodid fly Dolichopus vitripennis Upland areas.
a fruit fly Drosophila confusa  
a fruit fly Drosophila funebris In decaying vegetable refuse.
a fly Dryomyza flaveola  
a fungus gnat Dynatosoma fuscicornis  
a snail-killing fly Elgiva cucularia  
a dance fly Empis (Kritempis) livida  
a dance fly Empis (Leptempois) grisea  
a dance fly Empis (Pachymeria) tessellata  
a dance fly Empis (Xanthempis) aemula  
a dance fly Empis (Xanthempis) lutea  
a dance fly Empis (Xanthempis) scutellata  
a dance fly Empis (Xanthempis) stercorea  
a dance fly Empis aestiva  
a dance fly Empis nuntia  
a dance fly Empis pennipes  
a cranefly Epiphragma ocellaris In dead wood.
a hoverfly Epistrophe eligans  
a hoverfly Epistrophe grossulariae  
a hoverfly Epistrophe nitidicollis  
a hoverfly Episyrphus balteatus  
a robber fly Epitriptus cingulatus  
a non-biting midge Epoicocladius flavens By flowing water.
a cranefly Erioptera (Ilisia) maculata Common.
a cranefly Erioptera (Ilisia) occoecata Common.
a cranefly Erioptera divisa Grassy seepages.
a cranefly Erioptera fuscipennis Common.
a cranefly Erioptera lutea f. taenionota Common.
a cranefly Erioptera trivialis Common.
a parasitic fly Eriothrix rufomaculata  
a hoverfly Eristalis abusivus Usually coastal.
a hoverfly Eristalis arbustorum  
a hoverfly Eristalis horticola  
a hoverfly Eristalis nemorum Syn. E. interrupta
a hoverfly Eristalis pertinax  
a hoverfly Eristalis tenax  
a parasitic fly Ernestia laevigata  
a muscid fly Eudasyphora cyanella  
a big-headed fly Eudorylas zonellus In woodland glades
a non-biting midge Eukiefferiella sp. By flowing water.
A gall fly Euleia cognata On Petasites fragrans.
CELERY FLY Euleia heraclei Mines on leaves of Alexanders, etc.
Lesser bulb-fly Eumerus strigatus  
a hoverfly Eupeodes corollae  
a hoverfly Eupeodes luniger  
a non-biting midge Eurycnemus crassipes By flowing water.
a dance fly Euthyneura gyllenhali  
a dance fly Euthyneura myrtilli  
a fungus gnat Exechia contaminata  
a fungus gnat Exechia dorsalis  
a fungus gnat Exechia fusca  
a fungus gnat Exechia parvula  
a fungus gnat Exechiopsis subulata  
a fungus gnat Exechiopsis unguiculata  
a lesser house fly Fannia canicularis  
a lesser house fly Fannia scalaris  
a hoverfly Ferdinandea cuprea Sap-runs
a biting midge Forcipomyia bipunctata  
Horse Bot Fly Gasterophilus intestinalis  
a fly Geomyza tripunctata  
a cranefly Gonomyia abscondita Common.
a parasitic fly Gymnocheta viridis  
a horse fly Haematopota pluvialis  
a gall midge Hartigiola annulipes Galls on Beech.
a muscid fly Helina impuncta  
a hoverfly Helophilus pendulus  
a hoverfly Helophilus trivittatus  
a dance fly Hemerodromia adulatoria Near water.
a dolichopodid fly Hercostomus aerosus Seepages
a dolichopodid fly Hercostomus brevicornis Seepages.
a dolichopodid fly Hercostomus cupreus In seepages
a dolichopodid fly Hercostomus metallicus  
a dolichopodid fly Hercostomus nanus Seepages
a dolichopodid fly Hercostomus nigripennis  
a fly Heteromyza oculata  
a non-biting midge Heterotrissocladius sp By flowing water.
a dance fly Hilara anglodanica  
a dance fly Hilara beckeri  
a dance fly Hilara brevistyla  
a dance fly Hilara chorica  
a dance fly Hilara cornicula By streams.
a dance fly Hilara litorea  
a dance fly Hilara lurida By streams.
a dance fly Hilara maura  
a dance fly Hilara morata  
a dance fly Hilara nigrina  
a dance fly Hilara quadrivittata  
a dance fly Hilara rejecta By streams
a dance fly Hilara thoracica By streams
a fly Homoneura thalhammeri  
a horse fly Hybomitra distinguenda  
a dance fly Hybos culiciformis  
a dolichopodid fly Hydrophorus viridis  
a muscid fly Hydrotaea cyrtoneurina  
Headfly Hydrotaea irritans Sips human persperation
a muscid fly Hydrotaea militaris  
a fly Hylemya vagans  
a fly Hylemya variata  
Warble Fly Hypoderma bovis May now be eradicated on Exmoor.
a dolichopodid fly Hypophyllus obscurellus  
a gall midge Iteomyia capreae Galls on Willows.
a gall midge Jaapiella veronicae Galls on Germander Speedwell.
a gall midge Janetiella lemei Galls on elm.
a fungus gnat Leia crucigera  
a hoverfly Lejogaster metallina Wet meadows
a robber fly Leptarthrus brevirostris In grassland.
a lesser dung fly Leptocera fontinalis  
a robber fly Leptogaster cylindrica Grassland.
a robber fly Leptogaster guttiventris Grassland.
a dung fly Leptopa filiformis  
a hoverfly Leucozona glaucia Woodland margins.
a hoverfly Leucozona laternaria Lush vegetation
a hoverfly Leucozona lucorum  
a dolichopodid fly Liancalus virens  
a cranefly Limnophila (Eloeophila) maculata Common.
a cranefly Limnophila (Eloeophila) mundata Aquatic larvae.
a cranefly Limnophila (Eloeophila) submarmorata Aquatic larvae in mud.
a cranefly Limnophila (Euphylidorea) aperta Local.
a cranefly Limnophila (Euphylidorea) fulvonervosa Common.
a cranefly Limnophila (Phylidorea) ferruginea Damp sites.
a cranefly Limnophila nemoralis agg.  
a cranefly Limnophila punctata Damp sites.
a cranefly Limnophila separata Common.
a muscid fly Limnophora riparia By streams
a muscid fly Limnophora sp.  
a cranefly Limonia (Dicranomyia) aquosa Shaded wet rocks
a cranefly Limonia (Dicranomyia) autumnalis Common.
a cranefly Limonia (Dicranomyia) chorea  
a cranefly Limonia (Dicranomyia) didyma By streams
a cranefly Limonia (Dicranomyia) fusca By streams
a cranefly Limonia (Neolimonia) dumetorum Common.
a cranefly Limonia (Rhipidia) duplicata Common
a cranefly Limonia affinis By streams
a cranefly Limonia dilutior  
a cranefly Limonia macrostigma Common.
a cranefly Limonia nubeculosa Common.
a cranefly Limonia tripunctata Syn. L.phragmitidis. Common.
a fly Lipara lucens Gall on Phragmites. (Reed)
Deer Ked Lipoptena cervi Newly emerged adults on tree foliage.
a cranefly Lipsothrix nervosa Seepages in woods.
a cranefly Lipsothrix remota Common.
a leaf-mining fly Liriomyza amoena On Elder
a leaf-mining fly Liriomyza artemisicola On Mugwort
a leaf-mining fly Liriomyza centaureae On Knapweed
a leaf-mining fly Liriomyza cicerina On Rest-harrow
a leaf-mining fly Liriomyza congesta On Galega officinalis
a leaf-mining fly Liriomyza demeijerei On Mugwort
a leaf-mining fly Liriomyza erucifolii  
A leaf-mining fly Liriomyza eupatoriana On Hemp Agrimony.
a leaf-mining fly Liriomyza eupatorii on Hemp Agrimony.
a leaf-mining fly Liriomyza flaveola On Creeping Soft-grass
a leaf-mining fly Liriomyza hieracii On Hawkweed.
a leaf-mining fly Liriomyza morio  
a leaf-mining fly Liriomyza ptarmicae On Yarrow
a leaf-mining fly Liriomyza pusilla On Daisy
a leaf-mining fly Liriomyza sonchi On Sowthistle spp.
a leaf-mining fly Liriomyza strigata On Hemp Agrimony
a fly Lonchaea chorea  
a fly Lonchaea laticornis  
a pointed-wing fly Lonchoptera lutea In damp woodland.
a pointed-wing fly Lonchoptera tristis In woodland litter
a blue bottle or green bottle Lucilia ampullacea Woodland
Greenbottle Lucilia caesar  
a blue bottle or green bottle Lucilia illustris  
a fly Lyciella decempunctatus  
a fly Lyciella pallidiventris  
a fly Lyciella platycephala  
a fly Lyciella rorida  
a fly Lyciella stylata  
a robber fly Machimus atricapillus  
a fungus gnat Macrocera anglica  
a fungus gnat Macrocera angulata Common.
a fungus gnat Macrocera centralis  
a fungus gnat Macrocera fasciata Common.
a fungus gnat Macrocera lutea  
a fungus gnat Macrocera parva  
a fungus gnat Macrocera phalerata  
a fungus gnat Macrocera stigma Common.
a fungus gnat Macrocera stigmoides Common.
a fungus gnat Macrocera tusca Rare.
a fungus gnat Macrocera vittata Common.
a gall midge Macrodiplosis dryobia Galls on oak.
a gall midge Macrodiplosis volvens Galls on oak.
a non-biting midge Macropelopia sp. By flowing water.
a fungus gnat Macrorrhyncha flava  
a parasitic fly Masicera pavoniae Should be deleted from Exmoor list.
a hoverfly Melangyna arctica  
a hoverfly Melangyna compositarum  
a hoverfly Melangyna labiatarum  
a hoverfly Melangyna umbellatarum  
a hoverfly Melanostoma mellinum Woodland margins.
a hoverfly Melanostoma scalare Grassland.
a fly Melieria omissa On vegetation by ponds & streams.
a hoverfly Meliscaeva auricollis  
a hoverfly Meliscaeva cinctella  
Sheep Ked Melophagus ovinus  
NARCISSUS FLY Merodon equestris  
a muscid fly Mesembrina meridiana Woods and hedgerows
a hoverfly Metasyrphus latifasciatus Open or wet areas
a flesh fly Metopia grandii A Record from Dunster 1953 Very rare
a leaf-mining fly Metopomyza violiphaga On Violet
a non-biting midge Metriocnemus sp. By flowing water.
a soldier fly Microchrysa cyaneiventris  
a soldier fly Microchrysa flavicornis  
a soldier fly Microchrysa polita  
a hoverfly Microdon mutabilis Marshy glades.
a non-biting midge Micropsectra sp. By flowing water.
a non-biting midge Microtendipes sp. By flowing water.
a flesh fly Miltogramma punctatum  
a fly Minettia inusta  
a cranefly Molophilus appendiculatus Common.
a cranefly Molophilus bifidus Common.
a cranefly Molophilus czizeki Rare. RDB3.
a cranefly Molophilus medius Common.
a cranefly Molophilus occultus Wet ground. Local.
a cranefly Molophilus ochraceus Common.
a cranefly Molophilus pusillus  
a cranefly Molophilus serpentiger Common.
a muscid fly Morellia hortorum In woodland
a moth fly/owl midge Mormia caliginosa Varied damp sites
Face Fly Musca autumnalis Syn. Eumusca autumnalis DeGeer. Hibernates in large swarms in attics.
House Fly Musca domestica In houses
a hoverfly Myathropa florea  
a fungus gnat Mycetophila adumbrata  
a fungus gnat Mycetophila alea  
a fungus gnat Mycetophila britannica  
a fungus gnat Mycetophila cingulum  
a fungus gnat Mycetophila curviseta  
a fungus gnat Mycetophila edwardsi  
a fungus gnat Mycetophila finlandica  
a fungus gnat Mycetophila forcipata  
a fungus gnat Mycetophila formosa  
a fungus gnat Mycetophila fraterna  
a fungus gnat Mycetophila fungorum  
a fungus gnat Mycetophila ichneumonea  
a fungus gnat Mycetophila lastovkia  
a fungus gnat Mycetophila marginata  
a fungus gnat Mycetophila ocellus  
a fungus gnat Mycetophila ornata  
a fungus gnat Mycetophila pumila  
a fungus gnat Mycetophila signatoides  
a fungus gnat Mycetophila unipunctata  
a fungus gnat Mycetophila vittipes  
a fungus gnat Mycomya annulata  
a fungus gnat Mycomya cinerascens  
a fungus gnat Mycomya circumdata  
a fungus gnat Mycomya fimbriata  
a fungus gnat Mycomya marginata  
a fungus gnat Mycomya pectinifera  
a fungus gnat Mycomya trilineata  
a fungus gnat Mycomya winnertzi  
a fly Myopa strandi  
a leaf-mining fly Nemorimyza posticata On Wild Golden rod
a soldier fly Nemotelus nigrinus  
a soldier fly Nemotelus uliginosus In marshes.
a hoverfly Neoascia geniculata  
a hoverfly Neoascia podagrica Lush herbage
a fly Neoleria ruficeps Moorland fringes.
a soldier fly Neopachygaster meromelaena  
a fungus gnat Neoplatyura biumbrata  
a fungus gnat Neoplatyura nigricauda  
a cranefly Nephrotoma quadrifaria  
a fungus gnat Neuratelia nemoralis  
a fungus gnat Neuratelia nigricornis  
a dolichopodid fly Neurigona pallida  
a fungus gnat Notolopha cristata Syn. Allodiopsis cristata.
a fly Nupedia infirma Syn. Pegoplata infirma
a flesh fly Nyctia halterata  
a dance fly Ocydromia glabricula  
a fly Odinia boletina  
a dance fly Oedalea holmgreni  
a dance fly Oedalea stigmatella  
Sheep Nostril Fly Oestrus ovis  
a gall midge Oligotrophus betulae Galls on birch
a gall midge Oligotrophus fagineus Galls on beech.
a leaf-mining fly Ophiomyia cunctata On Sowthistle spp.
a leaf-mining fly Ophiomyia pulicaria On Sowthistle spp.
a soldier fly Oplodontha viridula In marshes.
a fly Opomyza germinationis  
a fungus gnat Orfelia fasciata  
a fungus gnat Orfelia nemoralis Common.
a fungus gnat Orfelia nigricornis  
a fungus gnat Orfelia unicolor  
a cranefly Ormosia bicornis  
a cranefly Ormosia nodulosa On dead wood by streams
a flat fly Ornithomya avicularia Most frequent on owls and pigeons
a dance fly Oropezella sphenoptera Among Vaccinium.
a non-biting midge Orthocladius sp.  
a hoverfly Orthonevra nobilis  
a hoverfly Orthonevra splendens Wet sites.
a soldier fly Oxycera rara  
a soldier fly Pachygaster atra In dead wood.
a fungus gnat Palaeodocosia janickii  
a fly Palloptera umbellatarum Grazed river meadows.
a robber fly Pamponerus germanicus Mainly coastal.
a fly Paraclusia tigrina Old or diseased trees
a cranefly Paradelphomyia senilis Common
a hoverfly Paragus haemorrhous Dry heath grassland
a non-biting midge Parametriocnemus stylatus By flowing water.
a leaf-mining fly Paraphytomyza fulvicornis On Goat Willow.
a leaf-mining fly Paraphytomyza hendeliana On Honeysuckle & Snowberry
a leaf-mining fly Paraphytomyza hendeliana/lonicerae  
a leaf-mining fly Paraphytomyza heringi On ash
a leaf-mining fly Paraphytomyza populi On Black Poplar
a leaf-mining fly Paraphytomyza populicola On Black Poplar
a leaf-mining fly Paraphytomyza tridentata On Crack Willow
a hoverfly Parasyrphus annulatus  
a hoverfly Parasyrphus mallinellus  
a hoverfly Parasyrphus punctulatus  
a non-biting midge Paratanytarsus sp. By flowing water.
a hoverfly Parhelophilus versicolor  
a cranefly Pedicia (Amalopis) occulata Open seepages.
a cranefly Pedicia (Crunobia) littoralis By streams
a cranefly Pedicia (Crunobia) straminea Seepages
a cranefly Pedicia (Ludicia) claripennis Open seepages.
a cranefly Pedicia (Tricyphona) immaculata Common.
a cranefly Pedicia rivosa In damp sites.
a fly Pegomya albimargo Syn. P. flavifrons (Walker) Mines on Silene dioica
a fly Pegomya hyoscyami Mines on Common Orache.
a fly Pegomya nigrisquama  
a fly Pegomyia pulchripes  
a snail-killing fly Pelidnoptera fuscipennis  
a non-biting midge Pentapedilum sp. By flowing water.
a fly Peplomyza litura  
a moth fly/owl midge Pericoma canescens Varied damp sites
a moth fly/owl midge Pericoma fallax Varied damp sites
a moth fly/owl midge Pericoma fuliginosa Came to light trap
a moth fly/owl midge Pericoma neglecta Varied damp sites
a moth fly/owl midge Pericoma nubila Varied damp sites
a muscid fly Phaonia angelicae  
a muscid fly Phaonia incana  
a muscid fly Phaonia mystica  
a muscid fly Phaonia pallida  
a muscid fly Phaonia subventa  
a parasitic fly Phasia hemiptera Parasite of Hemiptera (bugs) Specimen in Reading Museum from Doone Valley 1988.
a snail-killing fly Pherbellia albocostata  
a snail-killing fly Pherbellia dubia Damp woodland
a snail-killing fly Pherbellia nana  
a snail-killing fly Pherbellia scutellaris  
a blue bottle or green bottle Phormia terraenovae  
a fungus gnat Phronia basalis  
a fungus gnat Phronia biarcuata  
a fungus gnat Phronia cinerascens  
a fungus gnat Phronia conformis  
a fungus gnat Phronia contanica  
a fungus gnat Phronia exigua  
a fungus gnat Phronia flavipes  
a fungus gnat Phronia forcipata  
a fungus gnat Phronia humeralis  
a fungus gnat Phronia nigricornis  
a fungus gnat Phronia nitidiventris  
a fungus gnat Phronia notata  
a fungus gnat Phronia signata (Phronia stinata)?
a fungus gnat Phronia strenua  
a fungus gnat Phronia tarsata  
a fungus gnat Phthinia winnertzi  
a dance fly Phyllodromia melanocephala  
a fly Physiphora alceae Most numerous in hot summers.
a leaf-mining fly Phytoliriomyza hilarella On bracken
a leaf-mining fly Phytoliriomyza melampyga On Indian balsom.
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza agromyzina On Dogwood
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza angelicae  
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza angelicastri On Wild Angelica
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza aprilina On Honeysuckle & Snowberry
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza aquilegiae On Columbine.
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza artemisivora On Mugwort
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza bipunctata On Echinops sp.
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza calthivora on Caltha palustris
A leaf-mining fly Phytomyza calthophila On Caltha palustris
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza chaerophylli On Umbellifers
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza cirsii On thistles.
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza conyzae On Fleabane
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza crassiseta On Germander Speedwell
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza cytisi On Laburnum
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza fallaciosa On Ranunculus spp.
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza glecomae On Ground ivy
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza horticola On many herbaceous plants
Holly Leaf Gall Fly Phytomyza ilicis On Holly.
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza lappae On Burdock.
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza leucanthemi On Ox-eye Daisy
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza lonicerae On Lonicera and Leycesteria
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza marginella On Dandelions and Hawkweeds.
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza milii On Wood Millet grass.
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza minuscula On Columbine
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza nigra On Holcus and Brachypodium grasses.
A leaf-mining fly Phytomyza obscura On Calamint
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza obscurella On Ground Elder. Rare.
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza periclymeni ON LONICERA & LEYCESTERIA
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza petoei On Mint sp.
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza plantaginis On Plantain spp.
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza primulae On Primrose
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza pullula On Chamomile
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza ranunculi On Lesser Celandine & Creeping buttercup.
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza ranunculicola On Meadow Buttercup
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza ranunculivora On Creeping Buttercup
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza scolopendri On Hartstongue fern
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza solidaginis On wild Golden rod
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza spinaciae On Creeping thistle.
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza spondylii On Hogweed
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza syngenesiae On Sowthistle spp.
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza tanaceti On Tansy
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza tetrasticha On Mint (Mentha x villosa)
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza tussilaginis On Coltsfoot and Winter Heliotrope.
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza virgaureae On wild Golden rod
a leaf-mining fly Phytomyza vitalbae On wild Clematis
a fly Phytosciara flavipes In deciduous woodlands.
a cranefly Pilaria batava Seepages, usually rather basic.
a cranefly Pilaria discicollis Common.
a cranefly Pilaria filata Syn. Neolimnomyia filata
a cranefly Pilaria fuscipennis Seepages.
a hoverfly Pipiza austriaca Damp sites
a hoverfly Pipiza bimaculata  
a hoverfly Pipiza noctiluca  
a fly Platycephala planifrons Waterside vegetation & reed-beds.
a hoverfly Platycheirus albimanus Syn. P. cyaneus (Muller)
a hoverfly Platycheirus angustatus Damp grassland
a hoverfly Platycheirus clypeatus agg.  
a hoverfly Platycheirus clypeatus sens. str.  
a hoverfly Platycheirus manicatus  
a hoverfly Platycheirus peltatus  
a hoverfly Platycheirus scutatus  
a dance fly Platypalpus ciliaris  
a dance fly Platypalpus luteus  
a dance fly Platypalpus notatus  
a dance fly Platypalpus parvicauda  
a dance fly Platypalpus pectoralis  
a fly Platystoma seminationis Rank vegetation; varied habitats.
a fungus gnat Platyura marginata  
a dolichopodid fly Poecilobothrus nobilitatus  
a muscid fly Polietes lardaria In light woodland
a blue bottle or green bottle Pollenia rudis  
a fungus gnat Polylepta guttiventris  
a hoverfly Portevinia maculata  
a non-biting midge Potthastia gaedii By flowing water.
a non-biting midge Potthastia longimana By flowing water.
a soldier fly Praomyia leachii From beetle burrows especially in oak.
a non-biting midge Prodiamesa olivacea By flowing water.
a non-biting midge Psectrocladius sp. By flowing water.
a fungus gnat Pseudexechia trisignata  
a fungus gnat Pseudobrachypeza helvetica  
a cranefly Pseudolimnophila lucorum Common.
a cranefly Pseudolimnophila sepium Common.
a fly Pseudonupedia intersecta Syn. Paradelia intersecta
a fly Psila rosae  
a moth fly/owl midge Psychoda alternata Varied damp sites
a snipe fly Ptiolina obscura  
a fly Ptychoptera albimana Common
a fly Ptychoptera lacustris By streams
a hoverfly Pyrophaena granditarsa Meadows
a hoverfly Pyrophaena rosarum Meadows
a snail-killing fly Renocera pallida Seepages in alder carr
a gall midge Rhabdophaga marginemtorquens Galls on willow.
a gall midge Rhabdophaga salicis Stem gall on willow.
a snipe fly Rhagio lineola  
a snipe fly Rhagio scolopacea  
a snipe fly Rhagio tringarius  
a dance fly Rhamphomyia (Aclonempis) albohirta  
a dance fly Rhamphomyia (Aclonempis) longipes  
a dance fly Rhamphomyia (Holoclera) flava  
a dance fly Rhamphomyia (Holoclera) umbripennis  
a dance fly Rhamphomyia (Lundstroemiella) hybotina  
a dance fly Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) anomalipennis  
a dance fly Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) crassirostris  
a dance fly Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) dentipes  
a dance fly Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) tarsata  
a dance fly Rhamphomyia nitidula  
a dolichopodid fly Rhaphium appendiculatum  
a dolichopodid fly Rhaphium caliginosum Near water
a dolichopodid fly Rhaphium monotrichum  
a non-biting midge Rheocricotopus chalybeatus By flowing water.
a non-biting midge Rheotanytarsus sp. By flowing water.
a hoverfly Rhingia campestris  
a fly Rhinophora lepida  
a gall midge Rhopalomyia millefolii  
a gall midge Rondaniola bursaria Galls on Ground-ivy.
a fungus gnat Rymosia bifida  
a fungus gnat Rymosia fasciata  
a fungus gnat Rymosia placida  
a fungus gnat Rymosia virens  
a fly Sapromyza sexpunctata  
a fly Sapromyza sordida  
a flesh fly Sarcophaga sp.  
a flesh fly Sarcophaga sp.  
a soldier fly Sargus bipunctatus  
a soldier fly Sargus iridatus  
a hoverfly Scaeva pyrastri  
a fruit fly Scaptomyza flava Mines on Tropaeolum majus
a fruit fly Scaptomyza graminum Mines on Chenopodium album
a dung fly Scathophaga furcata  
a dung fly Scathophaga stercoraria  
a dung fly Scathophaga suilla  
a fungus gnat Sceptonia membranacea  
a dolichopodid fly Sciapus longulus  
a dolichopodid fly Sciapus platypterus  
a fly Sciara thomae Common on Hogweed umbels.
a cranefly Scleroprocta pentagonalis On dead wood by streams
a cranefly Scleroprocta sororcula On dead wood by streams
a parasitic fly Senometopia excisa A record dated 1895 in Belshaw (R.) 1993 Handbook for the Iden. of Br. Insects Vol. 10 Pt. 4a (i) Royal En. Soc. Specimen in BM.
a lesser dung fly Sepsis cynipsea  
a hoverfly Sericomyia lappona Seepages
a hoverfly Sericomyia silentis  
a fly Sicus ferrugineus  
a black fly Simulium angustitarse By flowing water.
a black fly Simulium argyreatum By flowing water.
a black fly Simulium aureum By flowing water.
a black fly Simulium brevicaule By flowing water.
a black fly Simulium equinum By flowing water.
a black fly Simulium ornatum By flowing water.
a black fly Simulium reptans By flowing water.
a black fly Simulium rheophilum Records of this from R. Exe 1978 by S.W. Water but now synonymous with S. argyreatum.
a black fly Simulium vernum By flowing water.
a gall midge Sitodiplosis phalaridis  
a lesser dung fly Spelobia palmata  
a fungus gnat Speolepta leptogaster  
a hoverfly Sphaerophoria philantha Woodland margins.
a hoverfly Sphaerophoria scripta  
a hoverfly Sphegina clunipes Wet dead wood
a hoverfly Sphegina kimakowiczi Now included with S. elygans
a hoverfly Sphegina verecunda On wet dead wood.
a non-biting midge Stempellinella sp. By flowing water.
Stable Fly Stomoxys calcitrans Bites animals and humans
a fly Suillia atricornis Syn. Allophyla atricornis
a fly Suillia bicolor  
a fly Suillia dumicola on fungi
a fly Suillia fuscicornis  
a fly Suillia variegata  
a window gnat Sylvicola fenestralis Frequent.
a window gnat Sylvicola punctatus Syn. Anisopus punctatus. Recorded from damp sites.
a fungus gnat Symmerus annulatus  
a fungus gnat Synapha fasciata  
a fungus gnat Synapha vitripennis  
a non-biting midge Synorthocladius semivirens By flowing water.
a fungus gnat Synplasta excogitata  
a dolichopodid fly Syntormon monilis Near water
a dolichopodid fly Syntormon pallipes Near water
a hoverfly Syritta pipiens  
a hoverfly Syrphidae sp.  
a hoverfly Syrphus ribesii  
a hoverfly Syrphus torvus  
a hoverfly Syrphus vitripennis  
a horse fly Tabanus autumnalis  
a horse fly Tabanus bromius  
a parasitic fly Tachina fera  
a parasitic fly Tachina grossa  
a dance fly Tachypeza nubila  
a non-biting midge Tanypus sp. In damp sites.
a non-biting midge Tanytarsus sp. By flowing water.
a fungus gnat Tarnania fenestralis  
a fungus gnat Tarnania nemoralis  
a cranefly Tasiocera fuscescens Common.
a cranefly Tasiocera murina Common.
a gall midge Taxomyia taxi Galls on yew
a snail-killing fly Tetanocera ferruginea  
a snail-killing fly Tetanocera fuscinervis  
a snail-killing fly Tetanocera hyalipennis Seepages in alder carr.
a snail-killing fly Tetanocera phyllophora Damp sites
a snail-killing fly Tetanura pallidiventris Damp woodland
a fungus gnat Tetragoneura sylvatica  
a trickle midge Thaumalea testacea Shaded wet rocks.
a fly Thaumatomyia notata Marshland
a fly Thecophora atra Grassland.
a lesser dung fly Themira putris  
a stiletto fly Thereva nobilitata  
a non-biting midge Thienemanniella sp. By flowing water.
a non-biting midge Thienemannimyia sp. By flowing water.
a muscid fly Thricops semicinerea  
a cranefly Tipula (Acutipula) fulvipennis Moorland fringes.
a cranefly Tipula (Acutipula) maxima Damp sites in woodland.
a cranefly Tipula (Beringotipula) unca Common.
a cranefly Tipula (Dendrotipula) flavolineata  
a cranefly Tipula (Lunatipula) cava  
a cranefly Tipula (Lunatipula) fascipennis Common.
a cranefly Tipula (Lunatipula) selene Rare. Breeds in dead wood on wet soil.
a cranefly Tipula (Vestiplex) hortorum Fields, meadows, gardens. Common.
a cranefly Tipula (Vestiplex) scripta Common.
a cranefly Tipula (Yamatipula) montium River banks, ponds, water meadows.
a cranefly Tipula (Yamatipula) pruinosa In muddy marshes.
a cranefly Tipula oleracea Common.
a cranefly Tipula paludosa Damp sites.
a dance fly Trichina elongata  
a dance fly Trichina pallipes  
a winter gnat Trichocera hiemalis Common in woodland
a winter gnat Trichocera regelationis Frequent.
a fly Tricholauxania praeusta  
a fungus gnat Trichonta melanura  
a fungus gnat Trichonta vitta  
a dance fly Trichopeza longicornis  
a fly Trichosia splendens  
a scuttle fly Triphleba gracilis In woodland
a gall fly Trypeta artemisiae Mines on Artemisia vulgaris.
a snail-killing fly Trypetoptera punctulata  
a cranefly Ula mollissima  
a gall fly Urophora solstitialis 1918 record from Minehead.
a gall fly Urophora stylata Gall on Cirsium
a hoverfly Volucella bombylans  
a hoverfly Volucella inanis  
a hoverfly Volucella pellucens Woods & copses
a dance fly Wiedemannia sp. Near water.
a hoverfly Xanthandrus comtus In meadows and scrub.
a dolichopodid fly Xanthochlorus ornatus  
a hoverfly Xanthogramma citrofasciatum  
a fungus gnat Xenexechia leptura  
a gall midge Xylodiplosis nigritarsis  
a fly Xylophagus ater  
a hoverfly Xylota florum Recorded 1915
a hoverfly Xylota segnis  
a hoverfly Xylota sylvarum  
a hoverfly Xylota xanthocnema  
a gall fly Xyphosia miliaria By streams
a non-biting midge Zavrelimyia sp. By flowing water.
a fly Zodion notatum  
a fungus gnat Zygomyia pictipennis  
a fungus gnat Zygomyia vara  

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