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Checklists of Exmoor's Wildlife
In 1996 ENHS produced The Flora and Fauna of Exmoor National Park listing 8243 species which had been recorded. (Now out of print). Since then there have been a number of additions published annually in Exmoor Naturalist magazine. The following lists show what we have recorded so far and it is hoped there will be future updates.

Exmoor rivers and Bristol Channel off Exmoor Coast
Allis Shad Alosa alosa A legally protected species with is rare in Bristol Channel off Exmoor.
Angler Fish (Frogfish) Lophius piscatorius Rare.
Bass Dicentrarchus labrax Scarce off Exmoor Coast. Fishermen off Lynmouth had unusually large catches in 2001.
Blenny, Montagu's Coryphoblennius galerita Scarce.
Blenny, Tompot Blennius gattorugine Scarce.
Blenny, Yarrell's Chirolophis ascanii Scarce.
Brill Scophthalmus rhombus Scarce.
Bullhead Cottus gobio Frequent under stones in medium sized streams and rivers on Exmoor.
Coalfish or Coley Pollachius virens Scarce.
Cod Gadus morhua Common.
Cod, Poor Trisopterus minutes Frequent.
Dab Limanda limanda Common.
Dogfish, Gtr. Spotted or Bull Huss Scyliorhinus stellaris Common.
Dogfish, Lsr. Spotted Scyliorhinus canicula Very Common.
Dover Sole Solea solea Scarce.
Eel Anguilla anguilla Widespread records from North to South Exmoor and Porlock/Minehead Marsh areas. Elvers seen in streams.
Eel, Conger Conger conger Common.
Five-bearded Rockling Ciliata mustela Scarce.
Flounder Platichthys flesus Fairly common.
Garfish Belone belone Scarce.
Goby, Common or Sand Pomatoschistus microps Fairly common in rock pools.
Goby, Two-spot Chapparudo flavescens Rare, rockpools.
Golden Orfe Leuciscus idus Released domestic fish in Dunster Hawn Pool c1990s.
Grayling Thymallus thymallus Records from the Barle and Exe rivers.
Great Pipefish Syngnathus acus Scarce.
Gurnard, Grey Eutrigla gurnardus Rare.
Gurnard, Red Aspitrigla cuculus Rare.
Gurnard, Tub Trigla lucerna Scarce.
Haddock Melanogrammus aeglefinus Scarce.
Hake Merluccius merluccius Scarce.
Halibut Hippoglossus hippoglossus Scarce.
Herring Clupea harengus Less common than formerly.
John Dory Zeus faber Rare.
Koi Carp Cyprinus sp. Some Koi Carp were released into Dunster Hawn pond (1990s?) in an ill-advised bid to clear the algae. They increased with detrimental ecological effects and have presented the management with problems.
Lamprey, Brook Lampetra planeri Only recorded from Aller Water. No records since 1995.
Lamprey, River Lampetra fluviatilis No records since 1980.
Ling Molva molva Fairly common in season.
Lumpsucker Cyclopterus lumpus Uncommon.
Mackerel Scomber scombrus Common in season.
Minnow Phoxinus phoxinus In slow moving water. Shoals frequently seen at edges of some of the larger rivers e.g. Barle.
Monkfish Squatina squatina Rare.
Mullet, Red Mullus surmuletus Scarce.
Mullet, Thick-lipped Grey Chelon labrosus Rare.
Mullet, Thin-lipped Grey Liza ramada Scarce.
Plaice Pleuronectes platessa Common.
Pogge or Armed Bullhead Agonus cataphractus Rare.
Pollack Pollachius pollachius Common.
Porbeagle Lamna nasus Rare.
Pouting Trisopterus luscus Fairly common.
Ray, Blonde Raja brachyura Fairly common.
Ray, Small-eyed/Painted Raja microcellata Fairly common. Record 17 lbs. 2003.
Ray, Spotted Raja montagui Fairly common.
Ray, Sting Dasyatis pastinaca Rare.
Ray, Thornback Raja clavata Common.
Ray, Undulate Raja undulata Scarce.
Rudd Scardinius erythropthalmus In slow-moving water. Minehead, Alcombe and Dunster Marsh.
Salmon Salmo salar Regular runs up the larger rivers.
Sand Eel, Lesser Ammodytes tobianus Common.
Scad or Horse Mackerel Trachurus trachurus Common in season.
Sea or Fifteen-spined Stickleback Spinachia spinachia Rare.
Sea-bream, Black Spondyliosoma cantharus Rare.
Sea-bream, Red Pagellus bogaraveo Scarce.
Shore Clingfish or Cornish Sucker Lepadogaster lepadogaster Scarce.
Skate, Common Raja batis Occurs in Bristol Channel.
Smooth-hound Mustelus mustelus Scarce.
Smooth-hound, Starry Mustelus asterius Frequent.
Sprat Clupea sprattus Occasional shoals but not common.
Spur Dogfish Squalus acanthias Common in season.
Stone Loach Noemacheilus barbatulus Believed to be in Exmoor Waters but no current reports. Rare.
Sun Fish Mola mola Scarce, several seen 1994 & 1995.
Tench Tinca tinca Scarce.
Ten-spined Stickleback Pungitius pungitius Recorded from Minehead and Dunster Marshes but no doubt have decreased in numbers.
Three-bearded Rockling Gaidropsarus vulgaris Common.
Three-spined Stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus Formerly at Porlock and Minehead Marsh but no doubt much decreased.
Tope Galeorhinus galeus Common in summer.
Trigger-fish, Grey Balistes carolinensis Rare in British waters but in some years several may turn up as in 1995.
Trout, Brown Salmo trutta fario Abundant in most Exmoor waters.
Trout, Rainbow Salmo gairdneri Occasionally escapes from fish farms and reservoir stock.
Trout, Sea Salmo trutta Regular runs up the larger rivers.
Turbot Scophthalmus maximus Common in season.
Twaite Shad Alosa fallax Rare.
Weever, Lesser Trachinus vipera Scarce.
Whiting Merlangius merlangus Common in season.
Wrasse, Ballan Labrus bergylta Scarce.
Wrasse, Cuckoo Labrus mixtus Scarce.

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