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Checklists of Exmoor's Wildlife
In 1996 ENHS produced The Flora and Fauna of Exmoor National Park listing 8243 species which had been recorded. (Now out of print). Since then there have been a number of additions published annually in Exmoor Naturalist magazine. The following lists show what we have recorded so far and it is hoped there will be future updates.

mammal flea Palaeopsylla soricis soricis Very common on pygmy and common shrews.
badger flea Paraceras melis melis Common on badgers, also foxes. Occasionally stray on dogs.
grey squirrel flea Orchopeas howardi howardi Its main host is the grey squirrel with which it wasūintroduced.
Moorhen flea Dasypsyllus gallinulae gallinulae A common nest parasite of passerines that build their nests in low positions.
bird flea Ceratophyllus garei In nests in damp places or a little above the ground.
hen flea Ceratophyllus gallinae gallinae The commonest nest parasite throughout the country. Prefers relatively dry nests.
human flea Pulex irritans Much less common than formerly.
hedgehog flea Archaeopsylla erinacei erinacei Common on hedgehogs.
dog flea Ctenocephalides canis Common.
cat flea Ctenocephalides felis felis Common.
rabbit flea Spilopsyllus cuniculi The vector of myxomatosis. Strays found on other mammals.

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