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Checklists of Exmoor's Wildlife
In 1996 ENHS produced The Flora and Fauna of Exmoor National Park listing 8243 species which had been recorded. (Now out of print). Since then there have been a number of additions published annually in Exmoor Naturalist magazine. The following lists show what we have recorded so far and it is hoped there will be future updates.

Sawflies, Ants, Bees and Wasps
The Hymenoptera are very under recorded, we would appreciate confirmed records of any additional species.
a club-horned sawfly Abia candens  
a sawfly Allantus cinctus Visits various flowers.
a sawfly Arge clavicornis  
a sawfly Arge ochropus  
a sawfly Arge pagana  
A sawfly Arge ustulata  
A sawfly Athali lugens  
Leaf-rolling Sawfly Blennocampa pusilla On roses
a sawfly Caliroa cerasi Larvae on Blackthorn.
a sawfly Cephus cultratus Bores into grass stems.
A sawfly Cimbex conatus  
Birch Sawfly Cimbex femoratus Larvae feed on birch.
A sawfly Croesus latipes Larvae on birch.
Birch Sawfly Croesus septentrionalis On birch.
a sawfly Dolerus liogaster  
a sawfly Dolerus madidus  
a sawfly Euura venusta Galls on leaf stalks of willow.
a sawfly Fenella nigrita Mines on Agrimony.
a sawfly Fenusa dohrnii Mines on alder
A sawfly Fenusa pusilla  
a sawfly Fenusa ulmi Mines on elm
Jerking Disc Sawfly Heterarthrus aceris Mines on sycamore.
A sawfly Heterarthrus healyi Mines on field maple.
a sawfly Heterarthrus microcephalus Mines on willow.
a sawfly Heterarthrus nemoratus Mines on birch.
a sawfly Heterarthrus vagans Mines on alder.
a sawfly Messa nana Mines on birch.
a sawfly Metallus gei Mines on Wood Avens.
a sawfly Metallus pumilus Mines on Raspberry
Alder Sawfly Monosoma pulverata Larvae on alder.
a sawfly Monostegia abdominalis Larvae on Pimpernel and loose-strife.
Gooseberry Sawfly Nematus ribesii On gooseberry.
a sawfly Pachyprotasis rapae  
Solomon's Seal Sawfly Phytomatocera aterrima Larvae on Solomon's Seal.
a sawfly Pontania pedunculi Galls on Grey willow.
a sawfly Pontania proxima Galls on willow
a sawfly Pontania vesicator Galls on willow
Goat Willow Sawfly Pontania viminalis Galls on Goat willow.
a sawfly Pristiphora mollis Larvae on Whortleberry.
a sawfly Profenusa pygmaea Mines on oak.
a sawfly Profenusa thomsoni Mines on birch.
a sawfly Rhogogaster viridis  
a sawfly Scolioneura betuleti Mines on birch
a sawfly Strombocerus delicatulus Common on bracken.
a sawfly Strongylogaster lineata  
a sawfly Tenthredo balteata Larvae on Hypericum.
a sawfly Tenthredo celtica  
a sawfly Tenthredo mesomelas Common.
a sawfly Tenthredopsis nassata  
Poplar Sawfly Trichiocampus viminalis  
Hawthorn Sawfly Trichiosoma tibiale Larvae feed on hawthorn.
Greater Horntail Wasp Urocerus gigas Local.
an ichneumon wasp Amblyteles armatorius In grazed water meadows
Oyster Gall Andricus anthracina on oak
a gall wasp Andricus curvator Galls on oak
Artichoke Gall Andricus fecundator on oak
a gall wasp Andricus glandulae  
Marble Gall Andricus kollari on oak
Cola-nut Gall Andricus lignicola on oak
a gall wasp Andricus quadrilineatus galls on oak
Knopper Gall Andricus quercuscalicis Abundant on oak in some years. Whole acorn crops failūcausing food shortage for jays, etc.
a gall wasp Andricus quercusradicis Galls on oak
Cottonwool Gall Andricus quercusramuli Galls on oak catkins. Rare.
a gall wasp Andricus solitarius Galls on oak
A parasitic wasp Apanteles glomeratus Parasite of White butterflies
Oak Apple Biorhiza pallida Gall on oak
A parasitic wasp Chrysocharis polyzo Parasite of Cerodontha ireos
a small parasitic wasp Codrus niger Parasite of Carabid beetles
Red Currant Gall Cynips divisa Galls on oak
a gall wasp Cynips longiventris  
Cherry Gall Cynips quercusfolii Galls on oak
Bramble Stem Gall Diastrophus rubi Galls on brambles.
an ichneumon wasp Diplazon laetatorius  
a gall wasp Diplolepis eglanteriae Galls on wild roses.
a gall wasp Diplolepis nervosa Galls on wild rose
Robin's Pin-cushion Gall Diplolepis rosae Bedeguar Gall. Galls on wild rose.
an ichneumon wasp Enicospilus ramidulus Parasite of Hawkmoths and Noctuid moths.
Hunger Wasp Gasteruption assectator Parasite of various bees.
an ichneumon wasp Ichneumon stramentarius  
an ichneumon wasp Ichneumon suspiciosus On Hemlock water-dropwort.
a gall wasp Liposthenus latreillei Galls on Ground-ivy (Glechoma)
An ichneumon wasp Lissonota setosa Parasite on Goat Moth
a chalcid wasp Megastigmus dorsalis Parasite in oak marble galls
a chalcid wasp Meraporus graminicola  
An ichneumon wasp Mesochorus politus  
Fairy flies Mymaridae spp. Parasites in eggs of bugs and dragonflies.
an ichneumon wasp Netelia opaculus Occasional in light traps.
Smooth Spangle Gall Neuroterus albipes On oak
Silk-button Spangle Gall Neuroterus numismalis on oak
Common Spangle Gall Neuroterus quercusbaccarum on oak
a gall wasp Neuroterus tricolor  
an ichneumon wasp Ophion costatus Parasite of Noctuid moths
an ichneumon wasp Ophion longigena  
an ichneumon wasp Ophion luteus Common.
an ichneumon wasp Ophion obscuratus  
An ichneumon wasp Perispuda bignellii  
An ichneumon wasp Perispuda facialis  
an ichneumon wasp Perithous divinator Parasite on larvae in stems.
a gall wasp Phanacis hypochoeridis Galls on cats-ear (Hypochoeris)
an ichneumon wasp Pimpla hypochondriaca On ivy flowers.
A parasitic wasp Platygastridae spp. Parasites of gall midges.
an aphid parasitic wasp Praon spp. Parasite of aphids.
A parasitic wasp Prestwichia aquatica Parasite in eggs of aquatic bugs and beetles.
a chalcid wasp Pteromalus puparum Parasite of Lepidoptera
Sabre Wasp Rhyssa persuasoria Parasite on wood wasps, in conifers.
a gall wasp Synergus apicalis Inquiline in oak galls
a gall wasp Synergus rotundiventris Inquiline in oak galls
an ichneumon wasp Syspasis lineator Parasite of Heterarthrus vagans
a chalcid wasp Torymus nitens Parasitoid in oak marble galls
an ichneumon wasp Tromatobia variabilis  
Red Banded Sand Wasp Ammophila sabulosa Nests in sandy soil; parasite of Lepidoptera.
a potter wasp or mason wasp Ancistrocerus gazella  
a potter wasp or mason wasp Ancistrocerus nigricornis Nests in cavities. Parasite of Tortricid larvae.
a potter wasp or mason wasp Ancistrocerus oviventris  
a potter wasp or mason wasp Ancistrocerus parietinus Parasite of Lepidopterous larvae.
Wall Mason Wasp Ancistrocerus parietum Parasite of Lepidopterous larvae
a spider-hunting wasp Anoplius concinnus Parasite of Lycosid spiders
a spider-hunting wasp Anoplius nigerrimus Parasite of Lycosid spiders
Black Banded Spider Wasp Anoplius viaticus Parasite of various spiders
Field Digger Wasp Argogorytes mystaceus Nests in light soil; parasite of Homoptera.
a solitary wasp Cerceris ruficornis Common.
a rubytail wasp Chrysis angustula  
a rubytail wasp Chrysis ignita Parasite of other Hymenoptera
a rubytail wasp Chrysis rutiliventris Mainly coastal.
a rubytail wasp Chrysis schenkei Notable.
Slender Bodied Digger Wasp Crabro cribrarius On sandy heathland; parasite of Diptera.
a solitary wasp Crossocerus capitosus Parasite of Diptera and Hymenoptera
a solitary wasp Crossocerus cetratus Nests in hollow stems and dead wood; parasite of Diptera and Hymenoptera.
Blunt Tailed Digger Wasp Crossocerus dimidiatus Nests in rotten wood; parasite of Diptera.
Slender Digger Wasp Crossocerus elongatulus Common.
a solitary wasp Crossocerus megacephalus Nests in rotten wood; parasite of Diptera
a solitary wasp Crossocerus pusillus Nests in soil; parasite of small Diptera
4-spotted Digger Wasp Crossocerus quadrimaculatus Nests in soil; parasite of Diptera
Melancholy Black Wasp Diodontus tristis Nests in sand or mortar; parasite of aphids.
a social wasp Dolichovespula media Nests in bushes; very rare. A recent arrival in Britain, first Exmoor record early 1990s.
Norwegian Wasp Dolichovespula norwegica  
Tree Wasp Dolichovespula sylvestris Nests in trees.
a dryinid wasp Dryinidae sp. Parasites of leaf-hopper bugs.
a solitary wasp Ectemnius cephalotes Nests in dead wood; parasite of Muscids and Syrphids.
a solitary wasp Ectemnius continuus Nests in dead wood; parasite of Muscids and Syrphids.
a solitary wasp Ectemnius lituratus Nests in dead wood, parasite of Muscids.
a bethylid wasp Epyris niger  
an ant Formica cunicularia Nests under stones and in dry turf banks.
Negro Ant Formica fusca Nests under stones and tree stumps
an ant Formica lemani In upland areas.
Red Wood Ant Formica rufa Frequent in suitable woodlands.
a solitary wasp Gorytes bicinctus Nests in light soils; parasite of Diptera
an ant Lasius alienus On heather moorland
Yellow Meadow Ant Lasius flavus Common in fields and gardens.
Jet Ant Lasius fuliginosus Nests in varying sites.
Small Black Ant Lasius niger Abundant in gardens.
an ant Lasius umbratus Nests at base of old trees.
Slender Ant Leptothorax acervorum Nests in tree stumps under bark
Field Digger Wasp Mellinus arvensis Nests in light soils; parasite of Diptera
a solitary wasp Miscophus concolor Nests on heaths; parasite of small spiders.
Large Velvet Ant Mutilla europaea Parasite of Bumble bees.
an ant Myrmica lobicornis Nests in open woodland or moorland
Red Ant Myrmica ruginodis Nests under stones in woods & moorland
an ant Myrmica scabrinodis Nests in varying sites.
an ant Myrmica sulcinodis Nests under flat stones on heather moorland
Large Spurred Digger Wasp Nysson spinosus Kleptoparasite of Argogorytes spp.
Spiny Mason Wasp Odynerus spinipes Parasite on Coleoptera larvae
Common Spiny Digger Wasp Oxybelus uniglumis Nests in sandy soils; parasite of Diptera
a solitary wasp Passaloecus gracilis Nests in beetle burrows; parasite of same.
a spider-hunting wasp Priocnemis parvula Common.
Two Coloured Mimic Wasp Psen bicolor Nests in sandy soils; parasite of Homoptera
a solitary wasp Rhopalum coarctatum  
An ant Stenamma sp. Species uncertain, possibly debile.
a potter wasp or mason wasp Symmorphus connexus Nests in plant stems
a potter wasp or mason wasp Symmorphus gracilis Visits flowers of Scrophularia
Erratic Ant Tapinoma erraticum Nests on heathland
Turf Ant Tetramorium caespitum Nests under stones on heaths and cliffs
a solitary wasp Tiphia femorata Parasite of dung beetles
a rubytail wasp Trichrysis cyanea A kleptoparasite of wood boring aculeates
Slender Wood Borer Wasp Trypoxylon attenuatum Parasite of various spiders
The Hornet Vespa crabro Nests in tree holes; locally common. Nests sometimes found in ENHS bird nest boxes in woodlands.
Red Wasp Vespula rufa Usually nests in the ground.
Common Wasp Vespula vulgaris Nests in various sites.
Gwynne's Mining Bee Andrena bicolor  
a solitary bee Andrena coitana Visits bramble and apple flowers.
a solitary bee Andrena fucata Visits various flowers.
a solitary bee Andrena fuscipes Local.
Early Mining Bee Andrena haemorrhoa Nests in ground; visits flowers of Crataegus and Salix.
a solitary bee Andrena lapponica Visits Vaccinium flowers.
a solitary bee Andrena nigroaenea Visits various flowers.
a solitary bee Andrena nitidiusculus Very rare. RDB3.
a solitary bee Andrena ovatula Visits various flowers.
a solitary bee Andrena saundersella Visits Umbelliferous flowers.
a solitary bee Andrena scotica  
a solitary bee Andrena subopaca Visits various flowers.
Trimmer's Mining Bee Andrena trimmerana Visits flowers of various shrubs.
Wool-carder Bee Anthidium manicatum Nests in woodland; visits flowers of Labiates
Hairy Footed Flower Bee Anthophora plumipes Nests in walls and in ground; visits Labiates.
Honey Bee Apis mellifera Commercially maintained; wild colonies sometimes found; very common on flowers.
Small Garden Bumble Bee Bombus hortorum Nests among tree roots and in banks.
Heath Bumble Bee Bombus jonellus Nests subterranean; heathland.
Large Red Tailed Bumble Bee Bombus lapidarius Nests subterranean; visits flowers.
White-tailed Bumble Bee Bombus lucorum Nests subterranean; visits various flowers
Mountain Bumble Bee Bombus monticola Scarce.
Common Carder Bee Bombus pascuorum Nests on surface; widespread.
Early Bumble Bee Bombus pratorum Nests early in season in various sites; visits blossoms of fruit trees.
Buff-tailed Bumble Bee Bombus terrestris Nests subterranean; visits various flowers.
The Margined Colletes Colletes marginatus Nests in loose sand; a coastal species.
a solitary bee Colletes succinctus Nests in ground; visits flowers of Calluna and Erica
Hairy Legged Mining Bee Dasypoda altercator In sandy localities.
a nomad or mason bee Eucera longicornis Nests in ground, sometimes in large colonies.
a solitary bee Halictus eurygnathus  
a solitary bee Halictus rubicundus Nests in ground; often in large colonies.
a solitary bee Halictus tumulorum Often stylopised.
a solitary bee Hylaeus confusus Uncommon.
a solitary bee Hylaeus hyalinatus  
a solitary bee Lasioglossum albipes Visits Senecio etc.
Slender Mining Bee Lasioglossum calceatum Visits Senecio and Umbelliferous flowers.
a solitary bee Lasioglossum cupromicans Visits flowers of yellow Composites
a solitary bee Lasioglossum fratellum A moorland species. Visits flowers of Senecio.
a solitary bee Lasioglossum laevigatum Visits flowers of Scrophularia
a solitary bee Lasioglossum leucopum Nests in sandy ground. Visits flowers.
a solitary bee Lasioglossum malachurus Visits Trifolium flowers.
Brassy Mining Bee Lasioglossum morio Nests in wall mortar; common in gardens.
a solitary bee Lasioglossum punctatissimum Visits gorse flowers on heath and near coast.
a solitary bee Lasioglossum smeathmanellum Common.
Shaggy Mining Bee Lasioglossum villosulum Visits flowers of yellow Composites
Yellow Footed Mining Bee Lasioglossum xanthopum Visits various flowrs.
Patchwork Leaf-cutter Bee Megachile centuncularis Nests in wood or soil; visits flowers of Rubus.
Willughby's Leaf-cutter Bee Megachile willughbiella Nests in pre-existing holes in wood, walls or soil.
Fabricius' Nomad Bee Nomada fabriciana Kleptoparasite of Andrena spp. Visits flowers.
a nomad or mason bee Nomada flava Kleptoparasite of Andrena spp. Visits flowers.
a nomad or mason bee Nomada flavoguttata Kleptoparasite of Andrena spp. Visits flowers.
a nomad or mason bee Nomada fucata Very local.
Gooden's Nomad Bee Nomada goodeniana Kleptoparasite of Andrena spp. Visits flowers.
Marsham's Nomad Bee Nomada marshamella Kleptoparasite of Andrena spp. Visits flowers.
Golden-rod Nomad Bee Nomada rufipes Kleptoparasite of Andrena spp. Visits flowers.
a solitary bee Osmia fulviventris Probably incorrect record. Recorded by visiting naturalists.
a solitary bee Panurgus banksianus Nests in sandy ground. Visits dandelion flowers.
Four Coloured Cuckoo Bee Psithyrus sylvestris Parasite of Bombus pratorumCommon.
Vestal Cuckoo Bee Psithyrus vestalis Social parasite of B.lucorum and B.terrestris
a solitary bee Sphecodes crassus Visits various flowers.

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