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Checklists of Exmoor's Wildlife
In 1996 ENHS produced The Flora and Fauna of Exmoor National Park listing 8243 species which had been recorded. (Now out of print). Since then there have been a number of additions published annually in Exmoor Naturalist magazine. The following lists show what we have recorded so far and it is hoped there will be future updates.

Freshwater Algae
Red alga Rhodophyceae 69 sp of Red Algae recorded in Flora & Fauna plus Batrachospermum moniliforme Roth. Most extracted from Watson. Maritime species seen under Marine Algae.
Diatoms Bacillariophyta Little work done but about seven species have been recorded.
Blue-green alga Cyanobacteria No work done on Blue-Green alga by ENHS. 23 species included in Flora & Fauna extracted from Watson. Euglena sp. recorded in most water, particularly ponds.
Green Algae and Desmids Chlorophyta Only a small amount of work has been done on green fresh-water algae. Drawing on various sources however, 45 species have been recorded to year 2004. Maritime species see under Marine Algae.

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