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Autumn and Winter Programme 2018 - 2019

Note: Grid Ref. for meetings at Luckbarrow: SS893461. Indoor meetings for talks are held at the Minehead Methodist Church Hall, The Avenue, just below the old hospital and opposite the Co-Op.

Tue. 11 Sept. 10am - noon LUCKBARROW STUDY GROUP. Subject to be advised.
Thurs. 20 Sept. 2pm Last of nature walks from our Porlock Weir Centre for members and public.  Leader: Michael Hankin
September: During September we will be checking bird nest boxes at various sights including Horner Woods, Hawk Combe, Woodcock Gardens.  We need help with this please! Phone the Secretary if you can give a hand.  Carol Giddens. 01643 707624
Oct. 3rd
Illustrated talk by Professor Ian Hart: Raptors of Exmoor. Using the speakers own photographs, the talk will consider the biology, characteristics, behaviour and history of the 7-8 (out of 15 breeding species in the UK) birds of prey most likely to be seen on Exmoor and its local enviorns.  These iconic hooked-beak birds are no longer considered "evil" as they were in Victorian times but are now held in high affection by most of the general public.  However, persecution is still rife and yet could result in the loss of species as befell 5, now re-introduced, of the 15 which inhabit these isles.
Tues. 9th Oct. 10am LUCKBARROW STUDY GROUP: A representation from Plantilife will come to tell us about the Nationial Plant Monitoring Scheme which we hope to take part in during 2019
Sat. 20th Oct. 2pm Note change of date: Fungus Forary led by Sian Parry.  Meet at Selworthy upper car park (parking donation NT) SS921467.
Wed. 24 Oct 6.30pm In connection with the ENPA DARK SKIES FESTIVAL, Ruth Hyett will be giving a short talk on Exmoor's Wild Life at Night at the Pony Centre, Ashwich, Dulverton.  Adult £3, child £2. Please call 01398 323093 to book and for directions.
Wed. 31st Oct. 10am-4pm ENPA Big Adventure Day at Webbers Post. Please visit our stall and bring your young freinds and relaitons.
Weds. 7th Nov. 7.30pm
Illustrated talk "Exmoors Special Butterflies". Come and learn about Exmoor's special butterflies and the work being doen to conserve them.  Simon Phelps, Conservation Officer for Butterfly Conservation wil tell us baout the Heath Fritillary and the High Brown Fritillary, two of our rarest butterflies that have national strongholds on Exmoor.
Tues 13 Nov. 10am LUCKBARROW STUDY GROUPA look at birds feathers with Caroline Giddens.  Please look out for and bring along some feathers to study.
Weds. 5 Dec. 7.30pm Social evening at the Methodist Church Hall. Please bring refreshments to share andwe hope to have some members slides to show.
Weds. 2 Jan. 2.30pm Please note different time Illustrated talk "The Secret World of the Undergrowth" - this talk by John Wlaters will explore the inhabitants of a hidden world at our feet.  Creatures that evolved millions of years ago from the first animals to live on the land and have some amazing behaviours and interactions.  From the potter wasp which constructs beautiful clay pots for its nests, the green hairstreak butterfly which tricks ants into looking after its young and the bizarre mating habits of the leopard slug.
Tues. 8 Jan. 2019 10am. LUCKBARROW STUDY GROUP: Water Voles with Richard Snelling (NT).
Wed. 6th Feb 2.30pm Please note different time
An introduction to the new Chief Executive Officer Exmoor National Park, Sarah Bryan and a wildlife update from Ali Hawkins of Wildlife Conservation Officer.
Tues. 12 Feb 10am LUCKBARROW STUDY GROUP: River Flies with Ryth Hyett.
Weds. 6 Mar 7.30pm Note return to evening talk Illustrated talk: Climate Change and Trees - the Exmoor Phenology  Survey" a talk by Robin Offer, ENP Conservation Advisor, about an ongoing survey of tree bud burst and how climate chage might impact Exmoor's trees.
Tues. 12 Mar 10am LUCKBARROW STUDY GROUP: Subject to be advised.
Sat. 27 Apr 2.30pm Annual General Meeting at Bossington Methodist Church SS898477.  Followed by tea, cake and biscuits.  Nominations for the Committee to be with the Secretary at least 28 days before the AGM.  Please park with consideratio to the residents.
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