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Exmoor Naturalist No.1Exmoor Naturalist No.20 Every Spring, commencing with No. 1 in 1975, the Society’s magazine Exmoor Naturalist has been issued free to members with a small number left over for sale to others. It has increased in content over the years. Number one was duplicated and consisted of 16 pages. Number thirty, issued in 2004 ran to 108 pages plus a full colour insert. It is written and illustrated by members of the Society. It has been edited by Noel Allen since its inception with Caroline Giddens as co-editor since issue no. 12 in 1986. The original size was a folded foolscap sheet but a change to the slightly smaller A5 size was made with number 26 issued in Spring 2000. A full set is hard to come by; some, but not all, back numbers are available from the Secretary at £2 per copy, plus postage 50p for one copy, and an extra 25p for each additional copy.

Exmoor Naturalist No.26Exmoor Naturalist No.30In keeping with the fundamental Aim of the Society to ‘Further the study and recording of the botanical and wildlife of Exmoor’ many other publications have been produced by members over the years. Many ENHS publications on Exmoor wildlife were the first of their kind: because Exmoor falls within two counties, Devon and Somerset, older publications dealt with say, flowers or birds in either one or the other county, but lists for Exmoor as a whole were unknown.

Unfortunately, MANY ITEMS ARE NOW OUT OF PRINT. Priced items in the following list may still be available postage extra but please check with the Secretary, 12 King George Road, Minehead, TA24 5JD. Tel. 01643 707624. email before sending any money. Out of print items may be sought at second-hand bookshops.

Year Author Title Publisher
1977 Giddens, C.J. A Preliminary Check-List to the Flowers of Exmoor 48pp. 700 species listed. ENHS
1978 Oxenham, J. & helpers. The Parks Walk Nature Trail - 1st edition ENHS & John Grooms Assoc.
1978 Allen, N.V. The Birds of Exmoor - Revised edition [A Microstudy] Exmoor Press
1978 Allen, N.V. The Waters of Exmoor [A Microstudy] Exmoor Press
1979 Giddens, C.J. Flowers of Exmoor. A check-list of over 800 plants. Drawings by Olive Russell. Alcombe Books 75p.
1979 Allen, N.V. The Exmoor Handbook 4th edition [A Microstudy] Exmoor Press
1982 Allen, N.V. & Giddens, C.J. Treborough Woods Nature Trail Booklet. ENHS
1982 Allen, N.V. Exmoor Locations. An index of Exmoor Places. Alcombe Books
1984 Allen, N.V. & Butcher, R.J. Birds in Exmoor National Park. An annotated check-list. Photos by George Young. Alcombe Books
1984 Giddens, C.J. Atlas to the Flowers of Exmoor. Hand-drawn (pre-computer) distribution maps. ENHS
1987 Giddens, C.J. The Warren Wild Flower Area Minehead. 1st edition. Leaflet/Check List. ENHS
1988 Allen, N.V., Bristow, H. & Giddens, C.J. (Eds.) Flora & Fauna of Exmoor, A Provisional Check-list. Foreword by Dr. L. Curtis, National Park Officer. Our first mile-stone was reached with this publication listing. 5064 species recorded from Exmoor area. Entered for the European Year of the Environment project and awarded a certificate and £100 prize money ENHS
1989 Allen, N.V. & Giddens, C.J. Exmoor Wildlife [A Microstudy] Exmoor Press
1990 Robbins, John The Moths and Butterflies of Exmoor. A check-list of over 1000 spp. 66 pages. ENHS £1.50
1990 Allen, N.V. Exmoor's Wild Red Deer. [A Microstudy] Exmoor Press
1991 Scott, Malcolm Woodcock Gardens Nature Reserve. 1st edition ENHS
1992 Giddens, C.J. The Story of Malmsmead Field Centre. Our centre in the former Oare Village Hall ENHS
1994 Giddens, C.J. The Warren Wild Flower Area, Minehead. 2nd edition with coloured photographs. Sponsored by Butlins Camp  
1994 White, Jonathan Exmoor Birds. Illustrated with line drawings by the author. Exmoor Books
1996 Giddens, C.J., Robbins, J. & Allen, N.V. (Eds.) The Flora and Fauna of Exmoor National Park. A natural history check-list. Foreword by Keith Bungay, National Park Officer. Issued to mark our 20th Anniversary and listing. 8312 species recorded in Exmoor area. Line drawings by Jonathan White. Exmoor Books
1996 Davis, Peter R.K. The Cuckoo on Exmoor and its Meadow Pipit Host. An in depth study. ENHS
1997 Green, P.R., Green, I.P, & Crouch, G.A. The Atlas Flora of Somerset. Contributions from many of our members This will remain the standard work for many years to come. Hardback.. Privately published. £25.
1999 Scott, Malcolm The Parks Walk, Minehead. A Nature Walk and Arboretum. Up-dated, revised edn. ENHS £1.
2000 Scott, Malcolm Woodcock Gardens Nature Reserve. Revised, enlarged edition. ENHS 50p
2001 Perry, Irene G. Bryophyte Atlas of Exmoor National Park. Nearly 400 distributioin maps. ENHS £8.50
2003 Ballance, D.K. & Gibbs, B.D. The Birds of Exmoor and the Quantocks. Currently the standard work. Isabelline Books £14.95
2003 Webb, Jeanne Old Cleeve Parish Walks. 24 walks from the Brendons to the beach. Privately Published £3.50

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