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Submit your Wildlife Records


We are always pleased to receive accurate reports of wild creatures and plants seen within the area of study (see AREA STUDIED section).

There are two ways of doing this, either by (A) species, that is one sighting of one thing, or (B) by sending a list of things seen at one place.

For instance, If you have visited an area such as a particular wood, field, hedgerow, hill etc. and have a list of species seen there. But please keep the area small so that it can be identified. A list from say ‘Brendon Hills’ is too vague to be useful. We need to know where on the Brendon Hills.

Click on link below to help you find a location on map.

You will be able to submit your records online soon, but for now please email your records and provide details as shown below if possible:

  1. Location where seen
  2. Species (latin name if known. Always best to avoid confusion)
  3. English name
  4. Your name
  5. Contact address (email, phone or postal)
  6. Date seen
  7. O/S Map Ref
  8. Any Comments

Or you can print out a form(s) to send in your records:

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