About Us

We are a friendly Society who share a passion for the wildlife and fauna of Exmoor.

Current Committee and Recorders.

Details of Exmoor Natural History Society's Current Committee members and Recorders
Amphibian & Reptile RecorderSlater, Mrs. M., Minehead2021 -
Arachnida (Spider) RecorderSITUATION VACANT
AuditorAmherst & Shapland, Minehead & Wiveliscombe2006 –
Bat Recorder Windle, J., Minehead2021 -
Bird RecorderStevenson, Mr A., Alcombe2020 -
Botanical RecorderGiddens, Miss C.J., Minehead1974 –
Cetacean RecorderMusgrove, Mr. R., Bridgwater2009 –
Bryophyte RecorderSITUATION VACANT
Coleoptera (Beetle) RecorderBoyce, Mr D., Dulverton1995 –
Executive CommitteeJennings, Mrs. M., Porlock2019 -
Executive CommitteeWindle, Mr. J., Minehead2020 -
Facebook PagesParry, Ms. S., Minehead2016 -
Fungi RecorderParry, Ms. S., Minehead2012 –
Geological RecorderSITUATION VACANT
Hemiptera (Bug) RecorderHollier, Mr J., Switzerland1988 –
Hymenoptera Recorder (Bees)Perry, Mrs. L., North Molton2019 -
Land Mollusc RecorderSITUATION VACANT
Lepidoptera Recorder (Moths)Pym, Mr A., Bristol2004 –
Lepidoptera Recorder (Butterflies)Hyett, Ms R., Porlock2019 -
Lichen RecorderBoswell, Mr G., Minehead2008 –
Luckbarrow TrusteeGiddens, C.J. Miss, Minehead2005 -
Luckbarrow TrusteePym, Mr A., Bristol2005 -
Luckbarrow TrusteeHankin, Mr M., Minehead2005 -
Luckbarrow TrusteeBrady, Mr. T., Minehead2010 -
Luckbarrow TrusteeHyett, Ms R., Porlock2019 -
Mammal RecorderMason, Mrs V., Carhampton2006 –
Membership SecretaryTickner, Ms. C., Wootton Courtenay2017 -
Nest Box SponsorshipBartlett, Ms P. , Minehead2008 –
Nest BoxesAllen, Mr E., Bicknoller2009 –
Odonata (Dragonfly etc) RecorderButcher, Mr. R., East Anstey2020 -
Orthoptera Recorder (Grasshoppers, etc.)SITUATION VACANT
PresidentHankin, Mr. M., Minehead.2018 -
Press ReleasesTickner, Ms. C., Wootton Courtenay2017 -
Reptile & Amphibian Recorder Slater, Mrs M., Minehead2021 -
Weather RecorderStevenson, Mr A., Alcombe2016 -
WebsiteTickner, Ms. C., Wootton Courtenay2017 -