In 1996 ENHS produced The Flora and Fauna of Exmoor National Park listing 8243 species which had been recorded. (Now out of print). Since then there have been a number of additions published annually in Exmoor Naturalist magazine. The following lists show what we have recorded as of June 2020 , now 10,261 species from the Exmoor National Park Area, plus Minehead and Dunster Beach. It is hoped there will also be future additions and updates.

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Amphibians: Updated to September 2020 to include all reports to Exmoor Naturalist No. 46 Pt 2.

Common NameScientific NameNotes
Warty NewtTriturus cristatusKnown at Selworthy c1950 but no recent records.
Smooth NewtTriturus vulgarisMore terrestrial than other species; easily confused with Palmate Newt which is the common Exmoor newt. No recent records.
Palmate NewtTriturus helveticusBreeds in shallow water, puddles, ponds and garden pools, also in brackish water. Occurs on the moor and on coastal marsh. Adults found in various habitats near breeding sites.
New Toad
Common ToadBufo bufoWidespread and common in various fairly dry places except in breeding season when it seeks ponds and pools on moorland and gardens.
Common FrogRana temporariaVery common in damp places.

Bees, Wasps, Sawflies, Ants Updated to March 2022 to include all reports to Exmoor Naturalist No. 48 Pt 1.

Introduction to Hymenoptera.
The Hymenoptera are here divided into five sections each listed alphabetically A-Z by Scientific name. The sections are: 1. Sawflies, 2. Parasitic Wasps, 3. Wasps and The Hornet, 4. Ants and 5. Bees.
Scientific nameCommon nameNotes
Abia candensa club-horned sawfly
Aglaostigma aucupariaea sawfly
Allantus cinctusa sawflyVisits various flowers.
Arge clavicornisa sawfly
Arge ochropusa sawfly
Arge cyanocroceaBramble SawflyStatus not known
Arge paganaa sawfly
Arge ustulataA sawfly
Athalia lugensA sawfly
Blennocampa pusillaLeaf-rolling SawflyOn roses
Caliroa cerasia sawflyLarvae on Prunus species.
Cephus cultratusa sawfly
Cimbex conatusA sawfly
Cimbex femoratusBirch SawflyLarvae feed on birch.
Croesus latipesA sawflyLarvae on birch.
Croesus septentrionalisBirch SawflyOn birch.
Dolerus liogastera sawfly
Dolerus madidusa sawfly
Euura venustaa sawflyGalls on leaf stalks of willow.
Fenella nigritaa sawflyMines on Agrimony.
Fenusa dohrniia sawflyMines on alder
Fenusa pusillaA sawfly
Fenusa ulmia sawflyMines on elm
Heterarthrus acerisJerking Disc SawflyMines on sycamore.
Heterarthrus healyiA sawflyMines on field maple.
Heterarthrus microcephalusa sawflyMines on willow.
Heterarthrus nemoratusa sawflyMines on birch.
Heterarthrus vagansa sawflyMines on alder.
Messa nanaa sawflyMines on birch.
Metallus geia sawflyMines on Wood Avens.
Metallus pumilusa sawflyMines on Raspberry
Monosoma pulverataAlder SawflyLarvae on alder.
Monostegia abdominalisa sawflyLarvae on Pimpernel and loose-strife.
Nematus ribesiiGooseberry SawflyOn gooseberry.
Pachyprotasis rapaea sawfly
Phytomatocera aterrimaSolomon's Seal SawflyLarvae on Solomon's Seal.
Pontania pedunculia sawflyGalls on Grey willow.
Pontania proximaa sawflyGalls on willow
Pontania vesicatora sawflyGalls on willow
Pontania viminalisGoat Willow SawflyGalls on Goat willow.
Pristiphora mollisa sawflyLarvae on Whortleberry.
Profenusa pygmaeaa sawflyMines on oak.
Profenusa thomsonia sawflyMines on birch.
Rhogogaster viridisa sawfly
Scolioneura betuletia sawflyMines on birch
Strombocerus delicatulusa sawflyCommon on bracken.
Strongylogaster lineataa sawfly
Tenthreda atraa sawfly
Tenthredo balteataa sawflyLarvae on Hypericum.
Tenthredo celticaa sawfly
Tenthredo mesomelasa sawflyCommon.
Tenthredo scrophulariae figwort sawflyLarvae on Scrophularia spp.
Tenthredopsis nassataa sawfly
Trichiocampus viminalisPoplar Sawfly
Trichiosoma tibialeHawthorn SawflyLarvae feed on hawthorn.
Urocerus gigasGreater Horntail WaspLocal.
Amblyteles armatoriusan ichneumon waspIn grazed water meadows
Andricus anthracinaOyster Gallon oak
Andricus curvatora gall waspGalls on oak
Andricus fecundatorArtichoke Gallon oak
Andricus glandulaea gall wasp
Andricus kollariMarble Gallon oak
Andricus lignicolaCola-nut Gallon oak
Andricus quadrilineatusa gall waspgalls on oak
Andricus quercuscalicisKnopper GallAbundant on oak in some years. Whole acorn crops failûcausing food shortage for jays, etc.
Andricus quercusradicisa gall waspGalls on oak
Andricus quercusramuliCottonwool GallGalls on oak catkins. Rare.
Andricus solitariusa gall waspGalls on oak
Apanteles glomeratusA parasitic waspParasite of White butterflies
Biorhiza pallidaOak AppleGall on oak
Chrysocharis polyzoA parasitic waspParasite of Cerodontha ireos
Codrus nigera small parasitic waspParasite of Carabid beetles
Cynips divisaRed Currant GallGalls on oak
Cynips longiventrisa gall wasp
Cynips quercusfoliiCherry GallGalls on oak
Diastrophus rubiBramble Stem GallGalls on brambles.
Diplazon laetatoriusan ichneumon wasp
Diplolepis eglanteriaea gall waspGalls on wild roses.
Diplolepis nervosaa gall waspGalls on wild rose
Diplolepis rosaeRobin's Pin-cushion GallBedeguar Gall. Galls on wild rose.
Elampus panzerA parasitic waspParasite on Mimesa wasps.
Enicospilus ramidulusan ichneumon waspParasite of Hawkmoths and Noctuid moths.
Gasteruption assectatorHunger WaspParasite of various bees.
Heteropelma amictumA parasitic WaspStatus not known
Ichneumon deliratorius (Coelichneumon d.)an ichneumon wasp
Ichneumon stramentariusan ichneumon wasp
Ichneumon suspiciosusan ichneumon waspOn Hemlock water-dropwort.
Liposthenus latreilleia gall waspGalls on Ground-ivy (Glechoma)
Lissonota lincolarisan ichneumon wasp
Lissonota setosaAn ichneumon waspParasite on Goat Moth
Megastigmus dorsalisa chalcid waspParasite in oak marble galls
Meraporus graminicolaa chalcid wasp
Mesochorus politusAn ichneumon wasp
Metopius citratus (Ichneumon c.)an ichneumon waspParasite on Geometrid moth.
Mymaridae spp.Fairy fliesParasites in eggs of bugs and dragonflies.
Netelia opaculusan ichneumon waspOccasional in light traps.
Neuroterus albipesSmooth Spangle GallOn oak
Neuroterus numismalisSilk-button Spangle Gallon oak
Neuroterus quercusbaccarumCommon Spangle Gallon oak
Neuroterus tricolora gall wasp
Opheltes glaucopterisan ichneumon waspParasite on Cimbex connatus. VC4.
Ophion costatusan ichneumon waspParasite of Noctuid moths
Ophion longigenaan ichneumon wasp
Ophion luteusan ichneumon waspCommon.
Ophion obscuratusan ichneumon wasp
Opilion scutellaris an Ichneumon waspUncommon
Perispuda bignelliiAn ichneumon wasp
Perispuda facialisAn ichneumon wasp
Perithous divinatoran ichneumon waspParasite on larvae in stems.
Phanacis hypochoeridisa gall waspGalls on cats-ear (Hypochoeris)
Pimpla hypochondriacaan ichneumon waspOn ivy flowers.
Platygastridae spp.A parasitic waspParasites of gall midges.
Praon aphid parasitic waspParasite of aphids.
Prestwichia aquaticaA parasitic waspParasite in eggs of aquatic bugs and beetles.
Pteromalus puparuma chalcid waspParasite of Lepidoptera
Rhyssa persuasoriaSabre WaspParasite on wood wasps, in conifers.
Synergus apicalisa gall waspInquiline in oak galls
Synergus rotundiventrisa gall waspInquiline in oak galls
Syspasis lineatoran ichneumon waspParasite of Heterarthrus vagans
Therion circumflexuman ichneumon wasp
Torymus nitensa chalcid waspParasitoid in oak marble galls
Tromatobia variabilisan ichneumon wasp
Ammophila sabulosaRed Banded Sand WaspNests in sandy soil; parasite of Lepidoptera.
Ancistrocerus gazellaa potter wasp or mason wasp
Ancistrocerus nigricornisa potter wasp or mason waspNests in cavities. Parasite of Tortricid larvae.
Ancistrocerus oviventrisa potter wasp or mason wasp
Ancistrocerus parietinusa potter wasp or mason waspParasite of Lepidopterous larvae.
Ancistrocerus parietumWall Mason WaspParasite of Lepidopterous larvae
Anoplius concinnusa spider-hunting waspParasite of Lycosid spiders
Anoplius nigerrimusa spider-hunting waspParasite of Lycosid spiders
Anoplius viaticusBlack Banded Spider WaspParasite of various spiders
Arachnospila ancepsa Spider Hunting Wasp. Uncommon
Argogorytes mystaceusField Digger WaspNests in light soil; parasite of Homoptera.
Cerceris ruficornisa solitary waspCommon.
Chrysis angustulaa rubytail wasp
Chrysis ignitaa rubytail waspParasite of other Hymenoptera
Chrysis rutiliventrisa rubytail waspMainly coastal.
Chrysis schenkeia rubytail waspNotable.
Crabro cribrariusSlender Bodied Digger WaspOn sandy heathland; parasite of Diptera.
Crossocerus capitosusa solitary waspParasite of Diptera and Hymenoptera
Crossocerus cetratusa solitary waspNests in hollow stems and dead wood; parasite of Diptera and Hymenoptera.
Crossocerus dimidiatusBlunt Tailed Digger WaspNests in rotten wood; parasite of Diptera.
Crossocerus distinguendusa solitary waspScarce.
Crossocerus elongatulusSlender Digger WaspCommon.
Crossocerus megacephalusa solitary waspNests in rotten wood; parasite of Diptera
Crossocerus pusillusa solitary waspNests in soil; parasite of small Diptera
Crossocerus quadrimaculatus4-spotted Digger WaspNests in soil; parasite of Diptera
Diodontus tristisMelancholy Black WaspNests in sand or mortar; parasite of aphids.
Dolichovespula mediaa social waspNests in bushes; very rare. A recent arrival in Britain, first Exmoor record early 1990s.
Dolichovespula norwegicaNorwegian Wasp
Dolichovespula sylvestrisTree WaspNests in trees.
Dryinidae sp.a dryinid waspParasites of leaf-hopper bugs.
Ectemnius cephalotesa solitary waspNests in dead wood; parasite of Muscids and Syrphids.
Ectemnius continuusa solitary waspNests in dead wood; parasite of Muscids and Syrphids.
Ectemnius lituratusa solitary waspNests in dead wood, parasite of Muscids.
Epyris nigera bethylid wasp
Evaetes dubiusa spider-hunting waspRare. Na
Gorytes bicinctusa solitary waspNests in light soils; parasite of Diptera
Gymnomerus laevipesa mason waspScarce.
Mellinus arvensisField Digger WaspNests in light soils; parasite of Diptera
Miscophus concolora solitary waspNests on heaths; parasite of small spiders.
Nysson spinosusLarge Spurred Digger WaspKleptoparasite of Argogorytes spp.
Odynerus spinipesSpiny Mason WaspParasite on Coleoptera larvae
Oxybelus uniglumisCommon Spiny Digger WaspNests in sandy soils; parasite of Diptera
Passaloecus gracilisa solitary waspNests in beetle burrows; parasite of same.
Pemphredon lugubrisMOURNFUL WASPNests in plant stems and wood.
Pompilus spissaa spider-hunting waspScarce.
Priocnemis parvulaa spider-hunting waspCommon.
Psen bicolorTwo Coloured Mimic WaspNests in sandy soils; parasite of Homoptera
Rhopalum coarctatuma solitary wasp
Symmorphus connexusa potter wasp or mason waspNests in plant stems
Symmorphus gracilisa potter wasp or mason waspVisits flowers of Scrophularia
Tiphia femorataa solitary waspParasite of dung beetles
Trichrysis cyaneaa rubytail waspA kleptoparasite of wood boring aculeates
Trypoxylon attenuatumSlender Wood Borer WaspParasite of various spiders
Vespa crabroThe HornetNests in tree holes; locally common. Nests sometimes found in ENHS bird nest boxes in woodlands.
Vespula rufaRed WaspUsually nests in the ground.
Vespula vulgarisCommon WaspNests in various sites.
Formica cuniculariaan antNests under stones and in dry turf banks.
Formica fuscaNegro AntNests under stones and tree stumps
Formica lemanian antIn upland areas.
Formica rufaRed Wood AntFrequent in suitable woodlands.
Lasius alienusan antOn heather moorland
Lasius flavusYellow Meadow AntCommon in fields and gardens.
Lasius fuliginosusJet AntNests in varying sites.
Lasius nigerSmall Black AntAbundant in gardens.
Lasius umbratusan antNests at base of old trees.
Leptothorax acervorumSlender AntNests in tree stumps under bark
Mutilla europaeaLarge Velvet AntParasite of Bumble bees.
Myrmica lobicornisan antNests in open woodland or moorland
Myrmica ruginodisRed AntNests under stones in woods & moorland
Myrmica scabrinodisan antNests in varying sites.
Myrmica sulcinodisan antNests under flat stones on heather moorland
Stenamma sp.An antSpecies uncertain, possibly debile.
Tapinoma erraticumErratic AntNests on heathland
Tetramorium caespitumTurf AntNests under stones on heaths and cliffs
Andrena bicolorGwynne's Mining Bee
Andrena cinerariaGrey mining beeLocal.
Andrena clarkellaa solitary beeFrequent.
Andrena coitanaa solitary beeVisits bramble and apple flowers.
Andrena denticulataa mining beeLocal in meadows and moorland edge.
Andrena dorsataa solitary beeLocal.
Andrena flavipesYellow-legged Mining BeeIn various habitats.
Andrena fucataa solitary beeVisits various flowers.
Andrena fulvaTawny Mining Bee
Andrena fuscipesa solitary beeLocal.
Andrena haemorrhoaEarly Mining BeeNests in ground; visits flowers of Crataegus and Salix.
Andrena helvolaWoodland edges and meadows.
Andrena lapponicaa solitary beeVisits Vaccinium flowers.
Andrena marginataOn scabious flowers only. Na.
Andrena minitulaIn various habitats.
Andrena nigroaeneaa solitary beeVisits various flowers.
Andrena nitidiusculusa solitary beeVery rare. RDB3.
Andrena ovatulaa solitary beeVisits various flowers.
Andrena pubescensa solitary beeLocal.
Andrena rosaea solitary beeGrasslands. Rare. RDB
Andrena saundersellaa solitary beeVisits Umbelliferous flowers.
Andrena scoticaa solitary bee
Andrena strangulaa solitary beeVery rare.
Andrena subopacaa solitary beeVisits various flowers.
Andrena tarsataa solitary beeLocal
Andrena thraciciaa solitary beeLocal.
Andrena trimmeranaTrimmer's Mining BeeVisits flowers of various shrubs.
Andrena wilkellaIn grasslands.
Anthidium manicatumWool-carder BeeNests in woodland; visits flowers of Labiates
Anthophora plumipesHairy Footed Flower BeeNests in walls and in ground; visits Labiates.
Apis melliferaHoney BeeCommercially maintained; wild colonies sometimes found; very common on flowers.
Bombus barbutellusBarbut's Cuckoo bee
Bombus bohemicusa Bumble-bee
Bombus campestrisa Bumble-bee
Bombus hortorumSmall Garden Bumble BeeNests among tree roots and in banks.
Bombus hypnorumTree Bumble Bee.Numbers increased.
Bombus jonellusHeath Bumble BeeNests subterranean; heathland.
Bombus lapidariusLarge Red Tailed Bumble BeeNests subterranean; visits flowers.
Bombus lucorumWhite-tailed Bumble BeeNests subterranean; visits various flowers
Bombus monticolaMountain Bumble BeeScarce.
Bombus pascuorumCommon Carder BeeNests on surface; widespread.
Bombus pratorumEarly Bumble BeeNests early in season in various sites; visits blossoms of fruit trees.
Bombus sylvestrisa Cuckoo bumble-bee
Bombus terrestrisBuff-tailed Bumble BeeNests subterranean; visits various flowers.
Coelioxya conoideaLarge Sharp-tail Bee
Coelioxya elongataA Cuckoo BeeParasitic on Megachile willughbiella bee.
Colletes fodiensa beeLocal
Colletes hederaeIvy Bee
Colletes marginatusThe Margined ColletesNests in loose sand; a coastal species.
Colletes succinctusa solitary beeNests in ground; visits flowers of Calluna and Erica
Dasypoda altercatorHairy Legged Mining BeeIn sandy localities.
Epeolus crucigerA Cuckoo BeeOn Collettes bees. Local
Epeolus variegatesA Cuckoo BeeOn Collettes bees. Local
Eucera longicornisa nomad or mason beeNests in ground, sometimes in large colonies.
Halictus eurygnathusa solitary bee
Halictus rubicundusa solitary beeNests in ground; often in large colonies.
Halictus tumuloruma solitary beeOften stylopised.
Hoplitis claviventrisa solitary beeLocal.
Hylaeus communisCommon Yellow-face beeLocal
Hylaeus confususa solitary beeUncommon.
Hylaeus cornutusa solitary beeScarce. Na.
Hylaeus hyalinatusa solitary bee
Hylaeus pictipesa solitary beeRDB
Lasioglossum albipesa solitary beeVisits Senecio etc.
Lasioglossum calceatumSlender Mining BeeVisits Senecio and Umbelliferous flowers.
Lasioglossum cupromicansa solitary beeVisits flowers of yellow Composites
Lasioglossum fratelluma solitary beeA moorland species. Visits flowers of Senecio.
Lasioglossum laevigatuma solitary beeVisits flowers of Scrophularia
Lasioglossum leucopuma solitary beeNests in sandy ground. Visits flowers.
Lasioglossum malachurusa solitary beeVisits Trifolium flowers.
Lasioglossum minutissimumLeast Mining-beeUncommon.
Lasioglossum morioBrassy Mining BeeNests in wall mortar; common in gardens.
Lasioglossum punctatissimuma solitary beeVisits gorse flowers on heath and near coast.
Lasioglossum smeathmanelluma solitary beeCommon.
Lasioglossum villosulumShaggy Mining BeeVisits flowers of yellow Composites
Lasioglossum xanthopumYellow Footed Mining BeeVisits various flowrs.
Megachile centuncularisPatchwork Leaf-cutter BeeNests in wood or soil; visits flowers of Rubus.
Megachile lignisecaA leaf-cutter bee
Megachile versicolorA leaf-cutter beeLocal.
Megachile willughbiellaWillughby's Leaf-cutter BeeNests in pre-existing holes in wood, walls or soil.
Nomada argentataA Cuckoo BeeScarce. RDB3.
Nomada fabricianaFabricius' Nomad BeeKleptoparasite of Andrena spp. Visits flowers.
Nomada flavaa nomad or mason beeKleptoparasite of Andrena spp. Visits flowers.
Nomada flavoguttataa nomad or mason beeKleptoparasite of Andrena spp. Visits flowers.
Nomada flavopictaBlunt-horn Nomad Bee At Dunster 2020
Nomada fucataa nomad or mason beeVery local.
Nomada goodenianaGooden's Nomad BeeKleptoparasite of Andrena spp. Visits flowers.
Nomada lathburianaA Cuckoo BeeScarce. RDB3.
Nomada marshamellaMarsham's Nomad BeeKleptoparasite of Andrena spp. Visits flowers.
Nomada obtusifronsLocal
Nomada ruficornisRed-horned Nomad Bee.
Nomada rufipesGolden-rod Nomad BeeKleptoparasite of Andrena spp. Visits flowers.
Osmia aurulentaGold-ringed Mason BeeLocal
Osmia fulviventrisa solitary beeProbably incorrect record. Recorded by visiting naturalists.
Osmia rufaRed Mason Bee
Panurgus banksianusa solitary beeNests in sandy ground. Visits dandelion flowers.
Panurgus calcaratusa solitary beeLocal
Psithyrus sylvestrisFour Coloured Cuckoo BeeParasite of Bombus pratorum Common.
Psithyrus vestalisVestal Cuckoo BeeSocial parasite of B.lucorum and B.terrestris
Sphecodes crassusa solitary beeVisits various flowers.
Stelis ornatulaA Cuckoo Beeon Hoplitis claviventris. RDB3. Scarce

Beetles and Weevils A-G

Beetles and Weevils A-G. Updated to December 2022 to include all reports to Exmoor Naturalist No 48 Pt 2. Listed alphabetically by scientific name.
Scientific NameCommon NameNotes
Abax parallelepipedusa ground beetleIn woodland.
Abdera biflexuosaa false darkling beetle[NS] 2019 Nettlecombe Park
Abdera flexuosaa false darkling beetle[NS] 1999 Horner Wood
Abraeus globosusa carrion beetleIn decaying wood.
Acalles ptinoidesa weevilIn dead wood.
Acanthephodus onopordia seed weevilOn thistles.
Acidota crenataa rove beetleIn moss and leaf litter.
Acidota cruentataa rove beetleCultivated ground or in moss.
Acilius sulcatusa water beetleIn shallow, muddy pools.
Acrolocha sulculusa rove beetleIn dung
Acrotona aterrimaIn dung
Acrotona muscorumIn fungus.
Acrotrichis atomariaa featherwing beetleIn vegetable detritus
Acrotrichis montandoniia beetle2019 Nettlecombe Park
Acrotrichis rosskothenia featherwing beetleIn ancient valley woodland.
Acrotrichis sitkaensisa featherwing beetleIn damp leaf litter.
Acrulia inflataa rove beetlein old parkland
Actenicerus sjaelandicusMarsh Click BeetleOn wet moorland.
Actidium aterrimuma featherwing beetleShingle by rivers and streams.
Actocharis readingiiUnder stones on coast. RDBK. VC4
Acupalpus dubiusa ground beetleIn coastal marshes
Acupalpus exiguusa ground beetleIn coastal marshes.
Acupalpus meridianusa ground beetleIn a range of habitats.
Adalia bipunctataTwo-spot LadybirdUsually very common in a range of habitats.
Adalia decempunctataTen-spot LadybirdA range of habitats.
Adrastus pallensa click beetleMinehead 1935. In woodland.
Aegialia arenariaa dung beetle or chaferOn sandy soils at the coast
Aeletes atomarius Aub? [RDB3]
Aepus marinusa ground beetleRare under stones on sand at around high water mark.
Aepus robinii [NS] - VC4
Agabus affinisa water beetleIn spring-head mires.
Agabus biguttatusa water beetleSmall streams and springs. Last Exmoor record Porlock 1896.
Agabus bipustulatusa water beetleIn standing and flowing freshwater.
Agabus conspersusa water beetleIn brackish coastal ditches.
Agabus guttatusa water beetlein streams and springs.
Agabus melanariusa water beetleIn puddles and pools.
Agabus montanusa water beetleIn Sphagnum bogs.
Agabus nebulosusa water beetleIn shallow, muddy pools.
Agabus paludosusa water beetleLocal in still water.
Agabus paludosus
Agabus sturmii
Agathidium convexum
Agathidium nigrinum Sturm A fungus beetleRecorded 2021
Agathidium rotundatuma round fungus beetleIn fungi on dead wood. Only record was from Minehead inû1948.
Agathidium seminuluma round fungus beetleUnder bark of decaying oak.
Agathidium variansa round fungus beetleIn leaf litter in woodland.
Agonum albipesa ground beetleIn a range of habitats near water.
Agonum assimilea ground beetleUnder bark in deciduous woodland.
Agonum dorsalea ground beetleOn cultivated ground.
Agonum fuliginosuma ground beetleIn a range of wet habitats.
Agonum gracilea ground beetleIn fens.
Agonum marginatuma ground beetleLocal on open muddy substrates in wetlands.
Agonum moestuma ground beetleGrass tussocks at edge of lake.
Agonum muelleria ground beetleIn a range of open habitats.
Agonum obscuruma ground beetleIn coastal fens.
Agonum piceuma ground beetleIn fens.
Agonum thoreyia ground beetleIn coastal marshes.
Agrilus sinuatusHawthorn Jewel BeetleOn Hawthorn.
Agriotes acuminatusa click beetlewoodland
Agriotes lineatusWireworm (larva)In open habitats on the coast.
Agriotes obscurusa click beetleIn a range of open habitats.
Agriotes pallidulusa click beetleA range of habitats.
Agriotes sordidusa click beetleIn strandline litter. Porlock Weir 1946 and 1998.
Agriotes sputatora click beetleIn a range of open habitats.
Agrypnus murinusa click beetleCoastal grassland.
Alaobia linderi (Brisout)
Alaobia pallidicornis In fungus.
Alaobia sodalisIn fungus.
Aleochara bilineataa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Aleochara bipustulata s.l.a rove beetleIn dung.
Aleochara cuniculoruma rove beetleIn rabbit burrows. Dunster 1919.
Aleochara curtulaa rove beetleIn carrion. Minehead & Dunster 1951.
Aleochara funebrisa rove beetle
Aleochara intricataa rove beetleHopcott Common, 1951. In vegetable detritus.
Aleochara lanuginosaa rove beetleIn dung.
Aleochara lata
Aleochara maculataa rove beetleIn old valley woodland. East Lyn, 1870.
Aleochara ruficornis a rove beetle[N.]
Aleochara sparsaa rove beetleIn old birds nest.
Aloconota cambricaa rove beetleIn flood litter. Last record Porlock 1896.
Aloconota curraxa rove beetleLast record Porlock 1896. In flood litter
Aloconota gregariaa rove beetleIn wetlands.
Aloconota insectaa rove beetleRiver banks.
Aloconota sulcifronsa rove beetleOn river shingle and in flood litter. Last record Porlock 1907.
Alophus triguttatusa weevilGrassland
Alosterna tabacicolora longhorn beetlein woodland.
Altica longicollis [NS] Devon, coastal heath.
Altica lythria leaf beetleCoastal marshes. On willowherb.
Altica oleraceaa leaf beetleOn moorland and heathland.
Amalorrhynchus melanariusa weevilOn water-cress.
Amara aeneaCommon Sun BeetleIn a range of open habitats.
Amara apricariaa ground beetleOn open weedy ground
Amara aulicaa ground beetleOn open weedy ground
Amara communisa ground beetleIn a range of habitats.
Amara consularis [a ground beetle[Nb]
Amara convexior Stephens..Heathland. VC4.
Amara convexiusculaa ground beetleOn sandy soils at the coast.
Amara familiarisa ground beetleIn a range of dry open habitats.
Amara lucidaa ground beetleOn sandy soil at the coast.
Amara lunicollisa ground beetleOn moorland
Amara ovataa ground beetleOn open weedy ground
Amara plebejaa ground beetleIn a range of habitats
Amara similataa ground beetleOn open weedy ground.
Amara tibialisa ground beetleOn dry sandy soils.
Amischa analisa rove beetleIn a range of habitats
Amischa cavifronsa rove beetlein moss. Last record Minehead 1946.
Amischa decipiensa rove beetleIn woodland.
Amischa forcipataa rove beetleIn flood litter.
Ampedus balteatusa click beetleOn birch foliage or sometimes under bark and in rotten woodûof birch or oak. Last record Porlock Weir 1947.
Amphicyllis globus (Fabricius)
Amphimallon solstitialisSummer ChaferFormerly abundant in some years but now rather scarce. On shrubs or trees or comes to light.
Anacaena bipustulataa scavenger water beetleCoastal marshes. Last Exmoor record Minehead 1935.
Anacaena globulusa scavenger water beetleIn a range of freshwater and wetland habitats.
Anacaena limbata s.l.a scavenger water beetleCoastal marshes.
Anacaena lutescensa scavenger water beetleUpland pools.
Anaglyptus mysticusa longhorn beetleWoodland.
Anaspis costaia tumbling flower beetleOn hawthorn flowers in woodlands
Anaspis frontalisa tumbling flower beetleOn hawthorn blossom
Anaspis garneysia tumbling flower beetleOn hawthorn blossom. Horner Woods 1948
Anaspis humeralisa tumbling flower beetleOn hawthorn blossom.
Anaspis luridaa tumbling flower beetlein woodlands.
Anaspis maculataa tumbling flower beetleOn hawthorn blossom
Anaspis pulicariaa tumbling flower beetleOn hawthorn blossom.
Anaspis regimbartia tumbling flower beetleOn hawthorn blossom
Anaspis rufilabrisa tumbling flower beetleOn hawthorn blossom
Anatis ocellataEyed LadybirdOn conifers.
Anisosticta novemdecimpunctataWater LadybirdOn vegetation near fresh water. (19 spot ladybird)
Anisotoma humeralisa round fungus beetleIn decaying wood in woodland and parkland.
Anitys rubens Sturm[Nb]
Anobium punctatumWoodwormIn dead wood and old buildings.
Anommatus duodecimstriatusa cerylonid beetleIn vegetable detritus
Anomognathus cuspidatusa rove beetleUnder bark
Anoplus plantarisa weevilOn birch.
Anoplus roborisa weevilOn alder.
Anotylus complanatusa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Anotylus inustusa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus and dung.
Anotylus nitidulus
Anotylus rugosusa rove beetleGrassy or mossy places.
Anotylus sculpturatusa rove beetleIn a range of habitats.
Anotylus tetracarinatusa rove beetleIn a range of habitats.
Antherophagus nigricornisa silken fungus beetleThought to associate with humble bees.
Antherophagus pallensa silken fungus beetleThought to associate with humble bees.
Anthicus antherinusan antlike beetleIn hedges.
Anthicus floralisan antlike beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Anthicus tobiasan antlike beetleOn rubbish dumps.
Anthobium atrocephaluma rove beetleIn leaf litter
Anthobium unicolora rove beetleWidespread
Anthonomus bituberculatusa weevil
Anthonomus pediculariusa weevilOn hawthorn
Anthonomus rubiStrawberry Blossom WeevilOn rosaceous plants.
Anthonomus ulmia weevilOn elm.
Anthrenus fuscusa museum or larder beetleIn birds nests and on flowers in summer. Larvae eat woollen carpets etc. in buildings.
Anthrenus verbasciCarpet beetlein houses.
Anthribus nebulosusa fungus weevil
Aphidecta obliterataLarch LadybirdOn coniferous trees.
Aphodius atera dung beetle or chaferIn dung in open country.
Aphodius coenosusa dung beetle or chaferIn dung on dry heathland.
Aphodius conspurcatusa dung beetle or chaferIn dung.
Aphodius contaminatusa dung beetle or chaferIn dung.
Aphodius depressusa dung beetle or chaferin dung
Aphodius equestrisa dung beetle or chaferOn dung in woodland.
Aphodius erraticusa dung beetle or chaferIn dung. Minehead 1946.
Aphodius fimetariusa dung beetle or chaferIn dung
Aphodius foetidusa dung beetle or chaferIn dung.
Aphodius fossora dung beetle or chaferIn dung. Also comes to m/v light.
Aphodius granariusa dung beetle or chaferIn dung
Aphodius haemorrhoidalisa dung beetle or chaferIn dung.
Aphodius ictericusa dung beetle or chaferIn vegetable detritus or in dung.
Aphodius luridusa dung beetle or chaferIn dung. Minehead 1946.
Aphodius merdariusa dung beetle or chaferIn dung. Alcombe Common 1947.
Aphodius obliteratusa dung beetle or chaferIn dung. Minehead 1906.
Aphodius plagiatusa dung beetle or chaferIn coastal marshes.
Aphodius prodromusa dung beetle or chaferIn dung and vegetable detritus. Alcombe Common 1947.
Aphodius pusillusa dung beetle or chaferIn dung.
Aphodius rufipesa dung beetle or chaferIn dung and at light.
Aphodius sphacelatusa dung beetle or chaferIn dung.
Aphthona euphorbiaeLarge Flax Flea BeetleFeeds on spurges.
Aphthona nonstriataIris Flea BeetleOn yellow flag iris.
Apion frumentariuma seed weevilOn dock.
Apion haematodesa seed weevilOn sheeps sorrel.
Apion rubensa seed weevilOn Sheep's sorrel.
Aplotarsus incanusa click beetleIn wetlands
Apoderus coryliHazel Leaf-roller WeevilOn hazel
Apteropeda globosaa leaf beetleOn Lamium album.
Apteropeda orbiculataa leaf beetleIn woodlands.
Arhopalus rusticusa longhorn beetleIn pine trees.
Arhopalus tristisa longhorn beetleOn coniferous timber in houses.
Aridius bifasciatusa mould beetleA range of habitats.
Aridius nodifera mould beetleA range of habitats.
Asaphidion curtum Horner Wood.
Asemum striatuma longhorn beetleOn coniferous logs. Minehead 1952. Probable introduction.
Aspidapion (Koestilinia) aeneuma seed weevilSyn. Apion aeneum. On Mallow. Minehead 1949. Perhaps decreasing.
Aspidapion radiolusa seed weevilOn mallow.
Aspidiphorus orbiculatusa slime mould beetleIn fungi.
Astenus lyonessiusa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Astenus pulchellusa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Atheta amiculaa rove beetleIn fungi.
Atheta amplicollisa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus
Atheta aquaticaa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus. Porlock 1896.
Atheta aquatilisa rove beetleIn moss by coastal waterfall. VC4. Notable.
Atheta atramentariaa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus and dung.
Atheta autumnalisa rove beetleUnder beech bark. RDB
Atheta basicornisa rove beetleUnder beech bark. Notable.
Atheta britanniaea rove beetle
Atheta cadaverinaa rove beetleIn fungi.
Atheta celataa rove beetleIn fungus.
Atheta cinnamopteraa rove beetleIn fungus.
Atheta clientulaa rove beetleLocal in damp grass.
Atheta corvinaa rove beetle
Atheta crassicornisa rove beetleIn rotting fungi.
Atheta debilisa rove beetleIn flood litter.
Atheta divisaa rove beetleIn rotting fungi in woodland.
Atheta elongatulaa rove beetleIn litter. 1948 Withypool. 1935 Minehead.
Atheta excellensa rove beetleRare.
Atheta fungia rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Atheta fungicolaa rove beetleIn fungus.
Atheta glabriculaa rove beetle[NS] 2019 Nettlecombe Park
Atheta graminicola a rove beetleWatersmeet, Devon,
Atheta harwoodiia rove beetleOn sappy beech stump
Atheta hepaticaa rove beetleIn woodland.
Atheta hypnoruma rove beetleIn litter in woodland. Withypool 1948.
Atheta incognita VC4
Atheta intermediaa rove beetleIn fungus.
Atheta ischnoceraa rove beetle
Atheta laevanaa rove beetleIn dung.
Atheta laticollisa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Atheta liturataa rove beetleIn fungi in woodland. Nettlecombe 1866 (Blue Anchor 1935)
Atheta longicornisa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus
Atheta luridipennisa rove beetleIn flood litter. Porlock 1907.
Atheta marcidaa rove beetleIn rotten fungus.
Atheta melanariaa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus and dung. Porlock 1896. (? later records)
Atheta melanoceraa rove beetleIn flood litter. Porlock 1907.
Atheta monticolaa rove beetle2019 Nettlecombe Park
Atheta muscoruma rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Atheta nigraa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Atheta nigricornisa rove beetleIn damp bird and animal nests
Atheta occultaa rove beetleIn fungi.
Atheta orbataa rove beetleIn wet litter. Selworthy 1949.
Atheta pallidicornisa rove beetleIn rotting vegetation.
Atheta pertyia rove beetleIn rotting fungi.
Atheta pilicornisa rove beetleIn Polyporus squamosus brackets.
Atheta ravillaa rove beetleIn rotting fungi.
Atheta setigeraa rove beetleIn beech litter.
Atheta sodalisa rove beetleLocal.
Atheta sordidulaa rove beetle
Atheta subsinuataa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus. Withypool 1948.
Atheta trianguluma rove beetleOn sappy beech stump
Atheta trinotataa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus. Minehead 1946.
Atheta vestitaa rove beetleIn strandline litter.
Atheta xanthopusa rove beetleIn moss. Nettlecombe 1866.
Atholus duodecimstriatusa carrion beetleIn dung and vegetable detritus.
Athous bicolora click beetleA range of habitats
Athous haemorrhoidalisRed-brown Skipjack.A range of habitats.
Athous vittatusa click beetleIn old woodland.
Atomaria atricapillaa silken fungus beetleIn vegetable detritus. Records from Minehead and Selworthy inû1949.
Atomaria fuscipesa silken fungus beetleIn fungi.
Atomaria guttaa silken fungus beetleCoastal marshes. Minehead 1935.
Atomaria lewisi Reitter.
Atomaria linearisPygmy BeetleIn haystack refuse.
Atomaria pusillaa silken fungus beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Atomaria rubellaa silken fungus beetleIn haystacks.
Atomaria rubidaa silken fungus beetleIn dung
Atomaria testaceaa silken fungus beetleIn grass litter.
Atrecus affinisa rove beetleUnder bark in woodland.
Attagenus pellioTwo-spotted Carpet BeetleIn houses and outdoors.
Attelabus nitensOak Leaf-rollerIn old woodland
Autalia impressaa rove beetlein decaying fungi.
Autalia longicornisa rove beetleA segregate of the former Autalia impressa aggregate. A. longicornis appears to be much the commoner of the two on Exmoor. (See Exmoor Naturalist No. 27 Spring 2000). In decaying fungi.
Autalia rivularisa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Badister bullatus Schrank (Syn. B. bipustulatusA ground beetleDry open ground
em>Badister bullatus (Schrank)A ground beetleIn a moth trap at Hurlstone Pone 25.1.2021
Barynotus obscurusGround WeevilIn woodland.
Barypeithes araneiformisSpider weevilA range of habitats. Hopcott Common 1949.
Barypeithes duplicatusA spider weevilLow vegetation, Minehead 1946
Barypeithes pellucidusHairy spider weevilA range of habitats.
Batophila aerata (Marsham)
Batophila rubiRaspberry Flea BeetleOn branbles.
Bembidion aeneuma ground beetleLocal on muddy riverbanks and in coastal marshes.
Bembidion articulatuma ground beetleRare on banks of streams and rivers.
Bembidion assimilea ground beetleScarce, generally occurring in reed-beds.
Bembidion atrocoeruleuma ground beetleRare. Damp sandy soils;coast.
Bembidion biguttatuma ground beetleIn coastal marshes
Bembidion decoruma ground beetleScarce on shingle and gravel banks by streams and rivers.
Bembidion dentelluma ground beetleUnder bark.
Bembidion guttulaa ground beetleIn fens.
Bembidion harpaloidesa ground beetleCommon in a range of habitats.
Bembidion lamprosa ground beetleCommon in a range of habitats.
Bembidion lateralea ground beetleRare in salt-marshes. Last recorded Dunster, 1919.
Bembidion lunulatuma ground beetleCoastal marshes.
Bembidion mannerheimia ground beetleLocal in a range of habitats.
Bembidion minimuma ground beetleRare on sparsely vegetated, brackish soils by the coast.
Bembidion nitiduluma ground beetleRare in humid woodland
Bembidion obliquum Sturm a ground beetleIn willow carr
Bembidion obtusuma ground beetleRare on open cultivated land.
Bembidion properansa ground beetleDamp soil and river banks.
Bembidion punctulatuma ground beetleScarce on shingle and gravel banks by streams and rivers.
Bembidion quadrimaculatuma ground beetleRare on damp, sparsely vegetated soils.
Bembidion quinquestriatuma ground beetleIn old walls.
Bembidion tetracoluma ground beetleCommon in a range of habitats.
Bembidion tibialea ground beetleCommon on shingle and gravel banks by streams and rivers.
Bembidion variuma ground beetleScarce on coastal marshes
Bembidon monticola Woodlands. [NS]
Bembidon normannum Bossington. [NS]
Berosus affinisa scavenger water beetleCoastal marshes. Last Exmoor record Minehead 1935
Bessobia exceliensIn dung.
Biphyllus lunatusa biphyllid beetleIn Daldinia (Cramp-ball) fungi on dead wood.
Bisnius sordidus (Gravenhorst)
Bitoma crenataa narrow timber beetleUnder bark of beech.
Blaps mucronataCellar BeetleIn buildings.
Bledius annae Sharp.
Bledius germanicusa rove beetleSyn. B. limicola. In brackish mud.
Bledius unicornisa rove beetleOn the coast.
Bolitobius analisa rove beetleIn grass tussocks
Bolitobius cingulatusa rove beetleIn moss. Last record Porlock 1907
Bolitobius inclinansIn leaf litter
Bolitochara bellaa rove beetleOn fungi in woodland and parkland.
Bolitochara lucidaa rove beetleOn fungi in old parkland. Last recorded Nettlecombe 1866.
Bolitochara mulsantia rove beetleOn bracket fungi in woodland.
Bolitochara obliqua Erichson
Bolitochara pulchraa rove beetleOn fungi.
Bolitochara tecta (Assing) Previously erroneously recorded as B. lucida.
Boreophilia eremita (Rye)
Brachygluta haematicaa short-winged mould beetleIn wet woodlands.
Brachygluta helferia short-winged mould beetlein salt-marshes.
Brachygluta simplexa short-winged mould beetleIn salt marshes.
Brachypterolus pulicariusAntirrhinum BeetleOn toadflax
Brachypterus glabera pollen or sap beetleOn stinging nettle
Brachypterus urticaeNettle Pollen BeetleOn stinging nettle
Bradycellus harpalinusa ground beetleIn a range of dry open habitats.
Bradycellus ruficollisa ground beetleOn heather moorland.
Bradycellus sharpia ground beetleIn moss
Bradycellus verbascia ground beetleOn dry sandy soils. Last recorded Minehead, 1949.
Broscus cephalotesa ground beetleScrce on sandy substrates on the coast.
Bruchus atomarius (Linnaeus) Nb
Bruchus lotia seed beetleOn vetches.
Bruchus rufimanusBean BeetleIn grassland or cultivated Broad Beans. Minehead 1946.
Brundinia meridionalisLitter in upper saltmarsh.
Bryaxis curtisia short-winged mould beetleCoastal marshes.
Bryaxis puncticollisa short-winged mould beetlein woodlands. Withypool 1948; Alcombe 1935.
Brychius elevatusa crawling water beetleRivers and streams. Last record Dunster 1927.
Byrrhus fasciatusBanded Pill-beetleCoastal grassland. Very local and scarce in Somerset. Last record 1949 Selworthy.
Byrrhus pilulaPill BeetleAt plant roots on damp, sandy or stony soils.
Byrrhus pustulatusa pill beetleIn a range of habitats.
Bythinus burrellia short-winged mould beetleIn moss. Withypool 1948.
Byturus tomentosus (B. ochraceus)Raspberry BeetleOn bramble and raspberry flowers.
Cadaverota cadaverinaIn fungus.
Caenopsis fissirostris (Walton) [Nb.]
Caenopsis waltonia weevilIn moss.
Cafius fucicolaa rove beetleIn strandline litter at the coast. Last record Dunster1919. (Blue Anchor 1954)
Cafius xantholomaa rove beetleIn strandline litter at the coast. Last record 1910, Minehead.
Calambus bipustulatusa click beetleIn dead wood, Dunster Deer Park, 1919.
Calathus erratusa ground beetleCoastal sand.
Calathus fuscipesa ground beetleIn a range of open habitats.
Calathus melanocephalus s.l.a ground beetleIn a range of open habitats.
Calathus micropterusa ground beetleA 1906 record from Minehead was probably an error.
Calathus mollisa ground beetleOn sand at the coast.
Calathus piceusa ground beetleIn deciduous woodland.
Callicerus obscurusa rove beetleIn flood litter. Last record Porlock 1907.
Calomicrus circumfususa leaf beetleOn heath and moorland.
Calvia quattuordecimguttataCream-spot ladybirdwoodland
Calyptomerus dubiusan armadillo beetleIn vegetable detritus
Cantharis crypticaCommon SoldierA range of habitats.
Cantharis decipiensa soldier beetleA range of habitats.
Cantharis fuscaDark SailorIn a range of wetland habitats.
Cantharis lateralisa soldier beetleCoastal marshes.
Cantharis lividaa soldier beetleWoodland.
Cantharis nigraa soldier beetleA range of habitats.
Cantharis nigricansGrey SailorWoodlands.
Cantharis pallidaPale SoldierOld woodland.
Cantharis pellucidaWood Sailor.Old woodland.
Cantharis rufaa soldier beetleOn vegetation on heaths and damp meadows. Last recorded Minehead, 1949.
Cantharis rusticaRustic SailorA range of habitats.
Carabus arvensisa ground beetleLocal on moorland. Last recorded 1951 nr Exford.
Carabus granulatusa ground beetleScarce in wet woodlands, fens and bogs.
Carabus monilisa ground beetleWaste and cultivated land.
Carabus nemoralisa ground beetleCultivated and wooded land.
Carabus nemoralis Muller
Carabus problematicusa ground beetleCommon in a range of habitats.
Carabus violaceusViolet Ground BeetleCommon in a range of habitats.
Carpelimus corticinusa rove beetleIn coastal marshes.
Carpelimus elongatulus wet woodland
Carpelimus pusillusa rove beetleLast Exmoor record Minehead 1948. In coastal marshes.
Carpelimus zealandicusa rove beetleLeaf litter at base of hedgerow.
Carpophilus hemipterusDried Fruit BeetleIn food stores.
Carpophilus marginellusa pollen or sap beetlein food stores
Cassida flaveolaPale Tortoise BeetleWetland habitats.
Cassida rubiginosaThistle Tortoise BeetleOn thistles.
Cassida sanguinosaa Tortoise BeetleOn Pineappleweed V.C.4.
Cassida vibex Linnaeus
Cassida viridisGreen Tortoise BeetleOn water mint.
Cassida vittataBorded Tortoise BeetleCoastal grassland.
Catapion pubescensa seed weevilon clover
Catapion seniculusa seed weevilon clover
Catops coracinusa round fungus beetleIn carrion.
Catops fuliginosus Erichson
Catops fuscusa round fungus beetleIn carrion and vegetable detritus.
Catops grandicollisa round fungus beetleIn carrion and vegetable detritus. Last recorded Selworthyû1949.
Catops morioa round fungus beetleIn carrion and vegetable detritus.
Catops nigricansa round fungus beetleIn carrion and vegetable detritus.
Catops nigritaa round fungus beetleIn damp leaf litter.
Catops tristisa round fungus beetleIn carrion and vegetable detritus.
Caulotrupodes aeneopiceusa weevilIn dead wood.
Cephennium gallicuma small antlike beetleWoodland. Recorded Withypool, 1948.
Ceratapion carduoruma seed weevilSyn. Apium carduorum. On thistles.
Ceratapion gibbirostre Grassland (First definite record for this half of the C. carduorum agg.)
Cercyon analisa scavenger water beetleIn vegetable detritus
Cercyon atomariusa scavenger water beetleIn dung and vegetable detritus.
Cercyon haemorrhoidalisa scavenger water beetleIn herbivore dung.
Cercyon lateralisa scavenger water beetleIn dung.
Cercyon melanocephalusa scavenger water beetleIn herbivore dung.
Cercyon pygmaeusa scavenger water beetleIn herbivore dung.
Cercyon quisquiliusa scavenger water beetleIn dung.
Cercyon tristisa scavenger water beetleCoastal marshes. In grass tussocks near water. Last Exmoor record Minehead 1935.
Cercyon unipunctatusa scavenger water beetleIn compost.
Cercyon ustulatusa scavenger water beetleCoastal marshes.
Cerylon fagia cerylonid beetleIn dead wood in old woodland.
Cerylon ferrugineuma cerylonid beetleUnder bark.
Cerylon histeroidesa cerylonid beetleUnder bark
Cetonia aurataRose BeetleOn coastal slopes.
Ceutorhynchus angulosusa weevilSyn. Datonychus ang. On Marsh Woundwort in valley fen.
Ceutorhynchus assimilisCabbage Seed WeevilOn crucifers.
Ceutorhynchus campestrisa weevilSyn. Microplontus c. On Ox-eye daisy. Minehead 1935.
emCeutorhynchus cochleariae (Gyllenhal)a weevilMarshy grassland
Ceutorhynchus constrictusa weevilOn garlic mustard.
Ceutorhynchus contractusCabbage Leaf WeevilOn crucifers.
Ceutorhynchus erysimia weevilOn Shepherd's purse
Ceutorhynchus floralisa weevilOn crucifers.
Ceutorhynchus lituraa weevilSyn. Hadroplontus lit. On thistles.
Ceutorhynchus melanostictusa weevilSyn. Datonychus mel. In coastal marshes.
Ceutorhynchus mixtusa weevilSyn. Sirocalodes m. On fumitory.
Ceutorhynchus pectoralisa weevilOn Cardamine.
Ceutorhynchus picitarsisa weevilOn hedge mustard. Minehead 1946.
Ceutorhynchus pollinariusa weevilSyn. Parethelcus p. On nettle
Ceutorhynchus quadridensCabbage Stem WeavilSyn. C. pallidactylus (Marsham). On crucifers.
Ceutorhynchus rugulosusa weevilSyn. Microplontus rug. On Mayweed.
Ceutorhynchus sulcicollisa weevilOn hedge mustard.
Chaetarthria seminuluma scavenger water beetleCoastal marshes. Last Exmoor record Minehead 1914-16.
Chaetocnema concinnaBeet Flea BeetleA range of habitats.
Chaetocnema confusaa leaf beetleOn vegetation.
Chaetocnema hortensisa leaf beetleIn grassland.
Chaetocnema picipes Stephens
Chaetonema subcoerulea Nationally scarce
Chalcoides aureaa leaf beetleOn poplars. Minehead 1906.
Chalcoides fulvicornisSallow Flea BeetleOn willows.
Chilocorus bipustulatusHeather LadybirdMinehead 1957. Coastal heaths.
Chilocorus renipustulatusa ladybirdOn trees. Minehead 1906.
Chlaenius nigricornis Under stones in still water. Nb.
Choleva agilis (Illiger)
Choleva glauca Britten[N]
Choleva jeanneli Britten
Choleva spadiceaa round fungus beetleIn moss.
Chrysolina banksia leaf beetleA range of habitats.
Chrysolina fastuosaDead-nettle Leaf BeetleRiverside habitats.
Chrysolina haemopteraPlantain Leaf BeetleIn coastal grassland.
Chrysolina herbacea
Chrysolina hypericia leaf beetleOn St.John's Worts (Hypericum
Chrysolina oricalciaa leaf beetleOn umbellifers. Minehead 1950. Probably decreasing in Somerset.
Chrysolina politaKnotgrass Leaf BeetleA range of habitats. (Two-coloured Leaf Beetle).
Chrysolina staphylaeaa leaf beetleOn buttercups. Minehead 1935.
Chrysolina variansa leaf beetleOn Hypericum
Chrysolina violaceaa leaf beetleOn ground ivy (Glechoma) in dry grassland.
Chrysomela populiRed Poplar Leaf BeetleFrom V.C.4 (Devon)
Cicindela campestrisGreen Tiger BeetleLocally common on moorland and coastal heaths.
Cidnorhinus quadrimaculatusSmall Nettle WeevilSyn. Nedyus quadrimaculatus On nettles.
Cilea siphoidesa rove beetlecompost heaps.
Cionus alaudaa weevilOn figwort.
Cionus hortulanusFigwort WeevilOn figwort.
Cionus scrophulariaeFigwort WeevilOn figwort
Cionus tuberculosus Marshy grassland
Cis bidentatusa small fungus beetleIn fungi on dead wood.
Cis bilamellatusa small fungus beetleOn fungi in woodland.
Cis boletia small fungus beetleIn fungi on dead wood.
Cis fagia small fungus beetleIn fungi on dead wood.
Cis festivusa small fungus beetleOn Stereum rugosum fungus. [Nb]
Cis hispidusa small fungus beetleIn fungi on dead wood.
Cis micans (Fabricius)a small fungus beetleIn fungiIn fungus
Cis nitidusa small fungus beetleIn fungi on dead wood.
Cis punctulatusa small fungus beetle2020 Haddon Hill.
Cis pygmaeusa small fungus beetleIn fungi on trees.
Cis vestitusa small fungus beetleIn fungi on dead wood.
Clambus pubescensan armadillo beetleHopcott Common 1949. In vegetable detritus
Claviger testaceusYellow Ants'-nest BeetleIn coastal grassland with ants.
Cleopus pulchellusa weevilOn mullein and figwort.
Clivina fossora ground beetleLocal in a range of habitats.
Clytra quadripunctataa leaf beetleIn woods.
Clytus arietisWasp BeetleWoodland.
Coccidula rufaa ladybirdCoastal marshes.
Coccidula scutellataa ladybirdCostal marshes. Minehead 1946.
Coccinella hieroglyphicaa ladybirdOn heather (Calluna)
Coccinella septempunctataSeven-spot LadybirdA range of habitats.
Coccinella undecimpunctata11-spot LadybirdCoastal habitats
Coelambus confluensa water beetlePonds and pools.
Coelambus impressopunctatusa water beetleScarce. Drainage ditches.
Coeliodes dryadosa weevilIn oak woodland. Recorded Horner and Selworthy, 1949.
Coeliodes rubera weevilIn oak woodland. Recorded Porlock in moss 1911. Devon Exmoor records N.T. 1990s.
Coeliodes rubicundusa weevilOn birch.
Coelostoma orbicularea scavenger water beetleA range of freshwater habitats.
Colymbetes fuscusa water beetleCoastal marshes. Last recorded Minehead 1906.
Conopalpus testaceusa false darkling beetle2019 Nettlecombe Park
Corticaria elongataa mould beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Corticaria ferrugineaa mould beetlein moss.
Corticaria impressaa mould beetleIn flood litter Porlock, 1907.
Corticarina fusculaa mould beetleA range of habitats.
Corticarina similataa mould beetleOn spruce, Minehead 1948. Probably an introduction.
Corticeus linearisa darkling beetleIn bark beetle burrows on conifers. Dunster 1919.
Cortinicara gibbosaa mould beetleA range of habitats.
Coryphium angusticollea rove beetle[pNS] 2019 Nettlecombe Park
Creophilus maxillosusCarrion BeetleIn carrion.
Crepidodera aurata (Marsham) A leaf beetleOn willows.
Crepidodera ferrugineaa leaf beetleOn thistles.
Crepidodera transversaa leaf beetleOn thistles.
Cryptarcha strigataa pollen or sap beetleOn sap runs on Sessile oak.
Cryptocephalus aureolusa leaf beetleVC4.
Cryptocephalus fulvusa leaf beetleOn heath and grassland.
Cryptocephalus moraeia leaf beetle2020 Dulverton area
Cryptocephalus parvulusa leaf beetleOn fungi infested birch leaves.
Cryptocephalus pusillusa leaf beetleIn birch woods.
Cryptophagus dentatusa silken fungus beetleOn flowers or fungi. Minehead 1935.
Cryptophagus distinguendusa silken fungus beetleIn small mammal nests.
Cryptophagus fuscicornisa silken fungus beetle2019 Nettlecombe Park
Cryptophagus lycoperdia silken fungus beetleIn earthball fungi.
Cryptophagus pilosusa silken fungus beetleIn haystack refuse.
Cryptophagus ruficornisa silken fungus beetleIn Daldinia (Cramp-ball) fungi on dead wood. Dunster 1919.
Cryptophagus scanicusa silken fungus beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Cryptopleurum minutum s.l.a scavenger water beetleIn dung and vegetable detritus.
Ctenicera cupreaa click beetleon moorland
Ctenicera pectinicornisa click beetleon moorland
Cteniopus sulphureusSulphur BeetleOn coastal flowers.
Ctesias serraCobweb BeetleIn spider webs on bark of old trees.
Curculio glandiumAcorn WeevilOn oak
Curculio pyrrhocerasa weevilOn oak
Curculio salicivorusWillow Gall WeevilOn willow
Curculio venosusa weevilOn oak
Curculio villosusa weevilOn oak. Minehead 1948.
Cyanostolus aeneusa narrow bark beetleOn tree bark.
Cychramus luteusa pollen or sap beetleWoodland
Cychrus caraboidesSnail HunterLocal in woodland
Cymbiodyta marginellusa scavenger water beetleCoastal marshes.
Cypha laeviusculaa rove beetleIn damp leaf litter.
Cypha longicornisa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus
Cyphon coarctatusa marsh beetleOn vegetation nr freshwater.
Cyphon hilarisa marsh beetleIn valley fens.
Cyphon padi (Linnaeus)By boggy poolsBy boggy pools
Cyphon palustrisa marsh beetleOn vegetation by drainage ditches. Alcombe Common 1950.
Cyphon variabilis s.l.a marsh beetleIn coastal marshes
Cytilus sericeusa pill beetleIn a range of habitats.
Dacne bipustulataa shiny fungus beetleIn fungi on dead wood and amongst lichens.
Dacne rufifronsa shiny fungus beetleIn fungi on dead wood
Dalopius marginatusBordered SkipjackIn woodland.
Dascillus cervinusOrchid beetleOn grassland. Dunster 1906.
Dasytes aeratusa malachite beetlein woodland
Datomicra sordidulaIn dung.
Deinopsis erosa (Stephens)
Deleaster dichrousa rove beetleComes to m/v light.
Demetrias atricapillusa ground beetleIn a range of open habitats.
Dendrophilus pygmaeus In red wood ant nest.
Denticollis linearisa click beetleIn rotten wood.
Deporaus betulaeBirch Leaf RollerOn birch.
Deporaus mannerheimia leafroller weevilon birch.
Dermestes murinusa museum or larder beetleIn carrion.
Derocrepis rufipesa leaf beetleOn vetches
Deronectes latusa water beetleIn clear water.
Dianous coerulescensa rove beetleOn stream banks
Dicheirotrichus gustavia ground beetleIn salt-marshes.
Dienerella elongataa mould beetleIn vegetable detritus. Porlock 1896.
Dienerella ruficollisa mould beetleIn haystack refuse.
Diglotta submarinaa rove beetleCoastal sand. Last record Minehead 1948.
Dimetrota ischnoceraIn dung
Dimetrota laevanaIn woodland.
Dimetrota setigerain dung.
Dinaraea aequataa rove beetleUnder bark.
Dinaraea angustulaa rove beetleIn leaf litter. Hopcott Common 1949.
Dinaraea linearis Under conifer bark
Dinarda maerkelia rove beetleIn nests of red wood ant.
Diplapion confluensa seed weevilOn Mayweed.
Diplapion stoliduma seed weevilOn Leucanthemum vulgare. (Dog Daisy). Minehead 1935.
Diplocoelus fagi [Nb]
Donacia marginataa leaf beetleCoastal marshes.
Donacia simplexPlain Reed BeetleCoastal marshes.
Donacia thalassinaa leaf beetleIn moorland valley fen.
Donacia versicoloreaa leaf beetleUpland pools.
Dorcatoma chrysomelina
Dorcatoma flavicornisa wood boring beetlein dead wood.
Dorcatoma substriataa wood boring beetle[NS] 2019 Nettlecombe Park
Dorcus parallelipipedusLesser Stag BeetleIn rotten wood.
Dorytomus longimanusa weevilOn poplar
Dorytomus melanophthalmusa weevilon willow
Dorytomus rufatusa weevilOn willows.
Dorytomus taeniatusa weevilOn willow and poplar.
Dromius agilisa ground beetleUnder bark. Last recorded Woodcombe, 1949.
Dromius linearisa ground beetleIn a range of open habitats.
Dromius melanocephalusa ground beetleIn dry grassland.
Dromius meridionalisa ground beetleUnder bark.
Dromius notatusa ground beetleDry soils.
Dromius quadrimaculatusa ground beetleOn tree trunks and branches and under bark.
Dromius quadrinotatusa ground beetleOn tree trunks and branches and under bark.
Dropephylla gracilicornis a rove beetleDelete D. devillei,
Dropephylla iopteraa rove beetleIn rotting fungus
Dropephylla koltzei a rove beetle
Dropephylla vilis s.s.a rove beetleUnder beech bark
Drupenatus nasturtiia weevilOn water-cress
Drusilla canaliculataa rove beetleIn coastal grassland.
Dryocoetinus villosusa bark or ambrosia beetleUnder oak bark.
Dryophilus pusillusa wood boring beetleOn conifers, often larch.
Dryops auriculatusa long-toed water beetleIn coastal marshes. Last recorded Porlock 1896.
Dryops ernestia long-toed water beetleCoastal marshes. Last recorded Porlock 1896.
Dryops luridusa long-toed water beetleIn coastal marshes.
Dyschirius luedersia ground beetleRare in coastal marshes. Last recorded Minehead 1933.
Dyschirius salinusa ground beetleRare in coastal marshes.
Dyschirus globosus (Herbst)
Dytiscus dimidiatusa water beetleFreshwater
Dytiscus marginalisGreat Diving BeetleMoorland pools.
Elaphrus cupreusa ground beetleLocal on open, muddy substrates, in wetlands.
Elaphrus ripariusa ground beetleRare on open, muddy substrates in fens.
Eledona agricolaa darkling beetleOn Sulphur polypore fungus (Laetiporus sulphureus)
Elmis aeneaa riffle beetleIn fast flowing streams and rivers.
Elodes marginataa marsh beetleIn a range of habitats
Elodes minuta s.l.a marsh beetleIn a range of habitats.
Encephalus complicansa rove beetleIn moss etc.
Endomychus coccineusa false ladybirdIn fungi on dead wood.
Enicmus histrioa mould beetleAround roots of plants.
Enicmus rugosusa mould beetleOn trees
Enicmus testaceusa mould beetleIn powder fungus on trees.
Enicmus transversusa mould beetleA range of habitats.
Ennearthron cornutuma small fungus beetleIn fungi on dead wood.
Enochrus bicolora scavenger water beetleBrackish coastal marshes.
Enochrus fuscipennis Wet acid flushes.
Enochrus melanocephalusa scavenger water beetleCoastal marshes.
Enochrus testaceusa scavenger water beetleCoastal marshes.
Ephistemus globulusa silken fungus beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Epuraea aestivaa pollen or sap beetleOn trees and shrubs.
Epuraea deletaa pollen or sap beetlein woodland
Epuraea distincta (Grimmer) [Na]
Epuraea floreaa pollen or sap beetleOn hawthorn flowers.
Epuraea fuscicollisa pollen or sap beetleOn sap runs on Sessile oak.
Epuraea longulaa pollen or sap beetleIn parkland and woodland. Porlock 1907
Epuraea melanocephalaa pollen or sap beetleWoodland.
Epuraea melinaa pollen or sap beetlein woodland
Epuraea pusillaa pollen or sap beetlein fungi.
Epuraea unicolora pollen or sap beetlein woodland. Dunster 1919.
Erichsonius signaticornisa rove beetleCoastal marshes.
Ernobius mollisa wood boring beetlein dead wood and in old buildings.
Esolus parallelepipedusa riffle beetleIn fast flowing streams and rivers.
Euaesthetus bipunctatusa rove beetleIn ants nests. Last recorded Porlock 1907.
Euaesthetus ruficapillus
Euophryum confineWood-boring WeevilUnder bark.
Euplectus bonvouloiria rove beetle[NS] 2019 Nettlecombe Park
Euplectus fauvelia short-winged mould beetleIn dead wood. Bossington 1896.
Euplectus karsteniia rove beetle2019 Nettlecombe Park
Euplectus kirbiia rove beetle2000 Nettlecombe Park
Euplectus piceusa rove beetle1995 Horner Wood
Euplectus sanguineusa short-winged mould beetleIn vegetable detritus. Minehead 1953 & 1958.
Euplectus signatusa short-winged mould beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Eusphalerum luteuma rove beetleIn woodland and wetland habitats.
Eusphalerum minutuma rove beetlein woodland
Eusphalerum primulae
Eusphalerum sorbia rove beetlein woodland
Eusphalerum torquatuma rove beetlein woodland
Eutrichapion (Cnemapion) voraxa seed weevilSyn. Apion vorax. On vetch. Minehead 1949.
Eutrichapion (Psilocalymma) punctigeruma seed weevilSyn. Apion punctigerum. On vetch.
Eutrichapion ervia seed weevilSyn. Apion ervi. On vetches.
Eutrichapion viciaea seed weevilSyn. Apion viciae. On Vicia cracca (Tufted Vetch)
Exapion ulicisGorse WeevilSyn. Apion u. On gorse.
Exochomus quadripustulatusPine LadybirdOn trees and shrubs. (4-spot ladybird)
Falagria caesaa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Gabrius nigritulusa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Gabrius pennatusa rove beetleIn wetlands.
Gabrius piliger Mulsant & Rey
Gabrius splendidulusa rove beetleUnder bark in woodland and parkland.
Gabrius subnigritulusa rove beetleWidespread.
Galeruca tanaceti (Linnaeus)
Galerucella grisescensa leaf beetleCoastal marshes.
Galerucella lineolaBrown Willow BeetleFrequents waterside vegetation.
Galerucella sagittariaea leaf beetleFrequents waterside vegetation.
Galerucella tenellaa leaf beetleFrequents tall waterside vegetation.
Gastrophysa polygonia leaf beetleA range of habitats.
Gastrophysa viridulaGreen Dock BeetleOn docks.
Gauropterus fulgidusa rove beetleLast Exmoor Record Minehead 1935. In compost.
Geostiba circellarisa rove beetleWithypool, 1948 & Alcombe Common 1947. In moss
Geotrupes mutatora dumbledorin dung. Dunster 1947. Probably decreasing.
Geotrupes spinigera dumbledorIn dung.
Geotrupes stercorariusDor BeetleIn dung.
Geotrupes stercorosusa dumbledorIn dung.
Geotrupes vernalisSpring DumbledorIn dung on dry heathland.
Glischrochilus quadriguttatusa pollen or sap beetleUnder bark in dead wood.
Gnypeta caeruleaa rove beetleIn flood litter. North Exmoor is only Somerset site to date (2003)
Gnypeta carbonariaa rove beetleIn flood litter.
Gnypeta ripicola (Kiesenwetter)A rove beetleMuddy areas.
Gnypeta rubriora rove beetleOn muddy river banks.
Gonioctena pallida on hazel.
Gonodera luperusa darkling beetleOn the coast.
Grammoptera ruficornisa longhorn beetleIn hawthorn blossom.
Grynobius planusa wood boring beetleIn dead wood.
Gymnetron antirrhinia weevilOn Toadflax.
Gymnetron melanariuma weevilOn Speedwells.
Gymnetron plantaginisa weevilSyn. G. pascuorum.On Plantain
Gymnetron veronicaeBrooklime Gull WeevilOn brooklime.
Gyrinus aeratusa whirligigRivers and ponds.
Gyrinus caspiusa whirligigLocal in still water.
Gyrinus natatora whirligigIn streams, ditches, ponds.
Gyrinus substriatusa whirligigStanding freshwater.
Gyrohypnus angustatusa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Gyrohypnus atratusa rove beetleIn nests of red wood ant. Last recorded Porlock 1896.
Gyrohypnus fracticornisa rove beetleDecaying grass or herbivore dung.
Gyrohypnus punctulatusa rove beetleIn grassland.
Gyrophaena affinisa rove beetleIn bracket fungi in woodland.
Gyrophaena angustataa rove beetleIn bracket fungi in woodland.
Gyrophaena fasciataa rove beetleIn bracket fungi in woodland.
Gyrophaena gentilisa rove beetleIn bracket fungi in woodland.
Gyrophaena joyia rove beetleOn dead ash trees.
Gyrophaena latissimaa rove beetleOn bracket fungi.
Gyrophaena minimaa rove beetleIn fungi.
Gyrophaena strictulaa rove beetleIn fungi.
Gyrophaenabi hamata VC4. In fungus.

Beetles and Weevils H-M

Beetles and Weevils H-M. Updated to end December 2022 to include all reports to Exmoor Naturalist No. 47 Pt.2. Listed alphabetcially with scientific names.
Scientific nameCommon nameNotes
Habrocerus capillaricornisa rove beetleWoodland.
Haliplus flavicollisa crawling water beetleShallow, muddy pools.
Haliplus fluviatilisa crawling water beetleCoastal marshes. Last record Minehead 1935.
Haliplus fulvusa crawling water beetleMoorland pools.
Haliplus lineatocollisa crawling water beetleIn standing and flowing freshwater.
Haliplus ruficollisLocal in still water.
Haliplus ruficollis (De Geer)
Halobrecta flavipesLitter in upper saltmarsh.
Halyzia sedecimguttataOrange LadybirdOn sycamore in woodland.
Hapalaraea pygmaeaIn tits nest in nestbox.
Haploglossa gentilisa rove beetle2019 Nettlecombe Park
Haploglossa villosulaa rove beetle2019 Nettlecombe Park
Harmonia axyridisHarlequin LadybirdAlien first Exmoor record 2006.
Harpalus affinisa ground beetleIn dry open habitats.
Harpalus anxiusa ground beetleOn dry sandy soils at the coast.
Harpalus attenuatusa ground beetleOn dry sandy soils at the coast.
Harpalus latusa ground beetleIn a range of open habitats.
Harpalus rubripesa ground beetleOn dry sandy soils at the coast.
Harpalus rufibarbisa ground beetleIn a range of open habitats.
Harpalus rufipesStrawberry Seed BeetleIn a range of habitats
Harpalus rufitarsisa ground beetleIn dry open habitats
Harpalus tardusa ground beetleOn dry sandy soils at the coast.
Helochares lividusa scavenger water beetleIn a range of wetland habitats.
Helochares punctatusa scavenger water beetleMoorland pools.
Helophorus aequalisa scavenger water beetleCoastal marshes.
Helophorus aquaticus s.l.a scavenger water beetleOld records under this name may refer to H.grandis
Helophorus arvernicus Litter by stream.
Helophorus brevipalpisa scavenger water beetleA range of freshwater habitats.
Helophorus flavipesa scavenger water beetlea range of freshwater habitats.
Helophorus fulgidicollisa scavenger water beetleBrackish coastal ditches.
Helophorus grandisa scavenger water beetleCoastal marshes.
Helophorus granularis [NS]. Watersmeet, Devon,
Helophorus griseusa scavenger water beetleCoastal marshes. Last Exmoor record Dunster, 1906.
Helophorus minutusa scavenger water beetleA range of wetland habitats.
Helophorus nubilusWheat Mud BeetleDry grassland.
Helophorus obscurusa scavenger water beetleUpland pools.
Helops caeruleusa darkling beetleIn dead wood.
Hemicoelus fulvicornisa wood boring beetleIn dead wood.
Hemicrepidius hirtusa click beetleIn woodland
Henoticus serratusa silken fungus beetleCoastal marshes. Dunster 1919.
Hermaeophaga mercurialisDogs-mercury Flea BeetleOn Dogs Mercury.
Heterocerus fenestratusa mud beetlecoastal marshes.
Heterocerus flexuosusa mud beetleIn salt-marshes. Last record Porlock Weir 1948
Heterocerus fossora mud beetleIn coastal marshes.
Heterothops dissimilisa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Heterothops niger Kraatz
Hister striolaa carrion beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Hister unicolora carrion beetlein dung and vegetable detritus.
Holotrichapion (Apiops) pisia seed weevilSyn. Apion pisi. On Medick.
Holotrichapion (Legaricapion) aethiopsa seed weevilOn vetch. Minehead 1946.
Homalota planaa rove beetleUnder bark
Hoplia philanthusWelsh ChaferOn flowering shrubs. Dunster 1906.
Hydraena brittenia small water beetleIn springhead bogs.
Hydraena gracilisa small water beetleIn gravel-bottomed streams and rivers.
Hydraena minutissimaa small water beetleIn gravel-bottomed streams and rivers.
Hydraena nigritaa small water beetleGravelly streams in woodland. Last Exmoor record Roadwaterû1929.
Hydraena pygmaeaa small water beetleGravelly rivers on moss covered stones. Last Exmoor recordûPorlock 1934.
Hydraena testaceaa small water beetleCoastal marshes.
Hydrobius fuscipesa scavenger water beetleCoastal marshes.
Hydrocyphon deflexicollisa marsh beetleOn river banks.
Hydroglyphus pusillusa water beetleFreshwater.
Hydronomus alismatisa weevilOn coastal marshes on Water Plaintain. This plant is now very scarce so weevils may be gone. Alcombe Marshes 1959.
Hydrophilus piceusGreat Silver Water BeetleA Red Data Book species.
Hydroporus angustatusa water beetleShallow, muddy pools.
Hydroporus discretusa water beetleIn spring-fed flushes.
Hydroporus erythrocephalusa water beetleIn spring-fed ditch.
Hydroporus erythrocephalus (L) In blanket bog.
Hydroporus ferrugineusa water beetleIn spring water.
Hydroporus gyllenhalia water beetleMoorland pools.
Hydroporus incognitusa water beetleIn backwater nr R. Barle.
Hydroporus longicornisa water beetleIn moorland flushes.
Hydroporus longulusa water beetleIn peaty pools. May no longer exist here.
Hydroporus melanariusa water beetleIn Sphagnum bogs.
Hydroporus memnonius Nicolai, Moorland stream.
Hydroporus nigritaa water beetleMoorland pools.
Hydroporus obscurusa water beetleMoorland pools.
Hydroporus obsoletusa water beetleSpringheads. Scarce.
Hydroporus palustrisa water beetleCoastal marshes.
Hydroporus planusa water beetleIn pond.
Hydroporus pubescensa water beetleIn standing and flowing freshwater.
Hydroporus striolaa water beetleIn backwater nr R. Barle.
Hydroporus tessellatusa water beetleIn puddles and pools.
Hydroporus tristisa water beetleMoorland pools.
Hydrosmecta eximiaa rove beetleOn river shingle. Last record Porlock 1896 (Blue Anchor 1935)
Hydrosmecta fragilisa rove beetleRiver shingle.
Hydrothassa marginellaa leaf beetleIn wet meadows.
Hylastes aterBlack Pine BeetleUnder conifer bark.
Hylastes attenuatusa bark or ambrosia beetleHopcott Common 1949. Under pine bark.
Hylastes opacusa bark or ambrosia beetleUnder pine bark.
Hylastinus obscurusGorse Bark BeetleUnder gorse bark.
Hylesinus crenatusa bark or ambrosia beetleHorner Wood 1949. Under ash bark.
Hylobius abietisPine WeevilConifer plantations.
Hylurgops palliatusa bark or ambrosia beetleUnder conifer bark.
Hypera aratora weevilOn Legumes.
Hypera melesa weevilOn Clovers and Medicks.
Hypera nigrirostrisa weevilOn restharrow on sand at the coast.
Hypera plantaginisa weevilA range of habitats.
Hypera polluxa weevilSyn. H. adspersa. Coastal marshes.
Hypera posticaClover Leaf WeevilOn leguminous plants
Hypera punctataSandy Clover Weevilon clover.
Hypera rumicisa weevilOn docks. Minehead 1935.
Hypera venustaa weevilOn western gorse.
Hyperaspis pseudopustulataa ladybirdNotable.
Hyphydrus ovatusa water beetleFreshwater.
Hypnoidus ripariusa click beetleBanks of streams or rivers.
Hypocaccus dimidiatus (Illiger) [Nb.]
Hypopycna rufulaAmongst Coprinus micaceus on beech stump. RDBK
Ilybius aenescensIn Sphagnum dominated bog pools
Ilybius fuliginosuaa water beetleLocal in still water.
Ilyobates nigricollisa rove beetleIn leaf litter in woods.
Ischnodes sanguinicollisa click beetleIn dead wood in old woodlands. Last record Porlock 1906.
Ischnoglossa prolixaa rove beetleUnder bark. Porlock 1907. Nettlecombe 1866.
Ischnomera caerulea s.l.a thick-legged flower beetleIn dead wood.
Ischnomera cyaneaa thick-legged flower beetleIn dead wood
Ischnopterapion (Chlorapion) virensa seed weevilSyn. Apion virens. On clover.
Ischnopterapion lotia seed weevilSyn. Apion loti. On Lotus corniculatus.
Ischnopterapion modestuma seed weevil
Ishnopoda atraMoss and litter in woodland flushes.
Isomira murinaa darkling beetleA range of habitats.
Kalcapion semivittatuma seed weevilOn annual mercury.
Kateretes rufilabrisa pollen or sap beetleIn a range of wet habitats.
Kibunea minutaa click beetleA range of habitats.
Kissister minimusa carrion beetleSandy soil at the coast.
Kissophagus hederaea bark or ambrosia beetleUnder ivy bark.
Laccobius atratusa scavenger water beetleMoorland streams.
Laccobius bipunctatusa scavenger water beetleIn a range of freshwater habitats.
Laccobius minutusa scavenger water beetleDitches and ponds.
Laccobius striatulusa scavenger water beetleCoastal marshes. Last Exmoor record Minehead 1906.
Laccophilus minutusa water beetleCoastal marshes. Last recorded Minehead 1935.
Lagria hirtaa darkling beetleA range of habitats.
Lamprosoma concolora leaf beetlein woodland
Lampyris noctilucaGlow-wormA range of habitats.
Larinus planusa weevilOn thistles.
Lathridius minutes s.l.a mould beetleMinehead 1958.
Lathrobium brunnipesa rove beetleIn a range of habitats.
Lathrobium fovuluma rove beetleGrass tussocks at edge of lake.
Lathrobium fulvipennea rove beetlein woodland
Lathrobium geminum Kraatz
Lathrobium longuluma rove beetleGrass tussocks at edge of lake.
Lathrobium multipunctuma rove beetleUnder stones.
Lathrobium pallidum NordmannIn shingle by streams
Lathrobium quadratuma rove beetleLast Exmoor record Minehead, 1935. In wetlands
Lathrobium terminatuma rove beetleIn upland bogs.
Leiodes lituraa round fungus beetleIn woodland.
Leiodes politaa round fungus beetleIn woodland.
Leiodes rugosaa round fungus beetleIn a range of habitats.
Leiopus nebulosusa longhorn beetleWoodland.
Leiosoma deflexuma weevilOn buttercups.
Leistus ferrugineusa ground beetleLocal in woodland
Leistus fulvibarbisa ground beetleLocal in wet woodland
Leistus rufescensa ground beetleRare on moorland
Leistus rufomarginatusa ground beetleAn immigrant recently become resident. Rare.
Leistus spinibarbisa ground beetleLocal in a range of habitats.
Lema cyanella Watersmeet, Devon,
Leperisinus variusAsh Bark BeetleSyn. Hylesinus v. Under ash bark.
Leptacinus batychrusa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Leptacinus pusillusLocal in still water.
Leptacinus pusillus (Stephens)
Leptinus testaceusa nest beetleIn nests of small mammals in woodland & parkland.
Leptura sexguttata6 spotted longhornIn dead wood in old valley woodland.
Leptusa fumidaa rove beetleUnder bark.
Leptusa pulchellaa rove beetleUnder bark. Last recorded Nettlecombe c1866.
Leptusa ruficollisa rove beetleUnder bark. Last recorded Nettlecombe c1866.
Lesteva hanseni LohseN.
Lesteva heeria rove beetleIn various wetland heaths.
Lesteva longoelytrataa rove beetleOn stream banks in woodland.
Lesteva monticolaa rove beetleIn saturated moss.
Lesteva pubescensa rove beetleOn stream banks in woodland.
Lesteva punctataa rove beetleOn stream banks.
Lilioceris lilii (Scolpoli)LILY BEETLE.Alien. On garden lilies.
Limnebius truncatellusa small water beetleIn a range of freshwater and wetland habitats.
Limnius volckmaria riffle beetleIn fast-flowing streams and rivers
Limnobaris pilistriataa weevilOn Sedges.
Limnobaris t-albuma weevilOn sedges.
Liogluta longiusculaa rove beetleIn wet litter. Withypool 1948; Hopcott Common 1949.
Liogluta oblongiusculaa rove beetleSyn. L. microptera Thomson. On banks of streams and rivers in woodland.
Liophloeus tessulatusa weevilOn ivy.
Litargus connexusa hairy fungus beetleIn fungi on dead wood. Dunster 1919.
Lithocharis nigriceps
Lithocharis ochraceaa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus
Lixus vilisa weevilOn common storksbill on sandy soils. Last Somerset RecordûMinehead 1906. Probably now extinct.
Lochmaea capreaWillow Leaf BeetleOn willows.
Lochmaea crataegiHawthorn Leaf BeetleOn hawthorn blossom
Lochmaea suturalisHeather BeetleOn heather moorland. Sometimes very abundant on Ling whichûthen dies.
Lomechusa emarginataa rove beetleIn ants nests on coastal heath.
Longitarsus aeneicollis[NS] VC4.
Longitarsus atricillusa leaf beetleOn Legumes.
Longitarsus ballotae (Marsham) [Nb.] On Ballota nigra
Longitarsus curtusa leaf beetleOn Boraginaceae. Recorded at Minehead 1935.
Longitarsus exoletusa leaf beetleOn Boraginaceae.
Longitarsus flavicornis A FLEA BEETLE.On common ragwort
Longitarsus ganglbaueria leaf beetleOn Senecio spp.
Longitarsus gracilis Kutschera. A FLEA BEETLE.
Longitarsus holsaticusa leaf beetleIn valley fens on Lousewort.
Longitarsus jacobaeaea leaf beetleOn ragwort. Minehead 1949.
Longitarsus luridusa leaf beetleA range of habitats.
Longitarsus melanocephalusa leaf beetleOn Plantains. Alcombe Common 1948.
Longitarsus membranaceusa leaf beetleOn wood sage.
Longitarsus nigrofasciatusa leaf beetleOn Mullein. Minehead 1946.
Longitarsus parvulusFlax Flea BeetleOn flax. Porlock Weir 1949.
Longitarsus pratensisa leaf beetleOn Plantains.
Longitarsus rubiginosus A FLEA BEETLE.
Longitarsus rutilus [NS] Marshy grassland
Longitarsus succineusChrysanthemum Flea BeetleOn Compositae.
Longitarsus tabidusa leaf beetleOn Mullein.
Lordithon exoletusa rove beetleIn rotten fungus.
Lordithon lunulatusa rove beetleIn fungi in woodland.
Lordithon thoracicusa rove beetleIn fungi in woodland.
Lordithon trinotatusa rove beetleIn fungi in woodland.
Loricera pilicornisa ground beetleCommon in a range of habitats
Lucanus cervusStag BeetleIn rotten wood in old woodlands.
Luperus longicornisa leaf beetleIn birch woodland.
Lycoperdina bovistaea false ladybirdIn puff-ball fungi. Minehead 1953.
Lyprocorrhe ancepsa rove beetleIn nests of red wood ant. Porlock 1896.
Magdalis armigeraa weevilOn elm.
Magdalis carbonariaa weevilOn birch. Minehead 1906.
Magadalis cerasia weevil[NB] 2019 Nettlecombe Park
Malachius bipustulatusRed tipped flower beetleIn a range of habitats.
Malachius viridisa malachite beetleOn flowering herbs in woods and meadows.
Malthinus balteatusa soldier beetleShrubs & trees in woods. (Devon)
Malthinus flaveolusYellow-tipped MaltheneWoodland.
Malthinus seriepunctatusa soldier beetleWoodland.
Malthodes flavoguttatusa soldier beetleIn wet woodland.
Malthodes fuscusa soldier beetleWoodland
Malthodes guttifera soldier beetleOn trees in woods. (Devon)
Malthodes marginatusa soldier beetleWoodland
Malthodes maurusa soldier beetleOn trees.
Malthodes minimusa soldier beetlein woodland
Malthodes mysticusa soldier beetleWoodland. Minehead 1906.
Malthodes pumilusa soldier beetleOn low vegetation in hedgerows and fields or on oak.
Malvapion malvaea seed weevilon mallow
Mantura chrysanthemia leaf beetleFeeds on Sheep's Sorrel.
Mantura rusticaa leaf beetleOn docks near the coast.
Margarinotus marginatus Nb.
Margarinotus merdariusa clown beetle2019 Dulverton
Margarinotus neglectusUncommon.
Mecinus pyrastera weevilOn Plantains.
Medon apicalis (Kraatz) N.
Medon brunneusa rove beetleIn woodland and parkland leaf litter. Last Exmoor record Horner 1947.
Medon piceusa rove beetleIn woodland leaf litter. Last recorded Porlock 1907.
Medon ripicolaa rove beetleDamp places.
Megarthrus affinisa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus
Megarthrus depressusa rove beetleIn dung and vegetable detritus.
Megarthrus sinuatocollisa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus
Megasternum obscuruma scavenger water beetleIn dung and vegetable detritus.
Melandrya caraboidesa false darkling beetleIn dead wood
Melanimon tibialisa darkling beetleOn sandy soil at the coast.
Melanotus villosusa click beetleIn dead wood
Meligethes aeneusCommon Pollen BeetleOn flowering plants.
Meligethes atramentarius a pollen or sap beetle[N.]
Meligethes atratusa pollen or sap beetleOn flowering plants. Last recorded Alcombe Common 1949.
Meligethes brunnicornisa pollen or sap beetleOn flowers of hedge woundwort.
Meligethes flavimanusa pollen or sap beetleOn flowering herbs & shrubs.
Meligethes kunzei Erichsona pollen or sap beetle
Meligethes nigrescensa pollen or sap beetle2019 Nettlecombe Park
Meligethes obscurusa pollen or sap beetleOn flowers. Wood sage etc.
Meligethes ovatusa pollen or sap beetleOn flowering plants.
Meligethes planiusculusa pollen or sap beetleOn vipers bugloss flowers.
Meligethes viridescensa pollen or sap beetleOn flowering plants.
Meloe proscarabaeusOil BeetleOn dry grassland and heathland
Meloe violaceusOil BeetleOndry grassland and heathland
Melolontha melolonthaMaybugOn shrubs and trees or comes to light.
Meotica exilisa rove beetleOn banks of streams. Porlock 1896.
Metabletus foveatusa ground beetleIn dry open habitats.
Metabletus obscuroguttatusa ground beetleDamp grassland.
Metabletus truncatellusa ground beetleDry sandy soils.
Metoecus paradoxusa wasp-nest beetleIn or near nests of social wasps. Comes to light.
Metopsia retusaa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Micralymma marinaa rove beetleIn intertidal rock crevices. Recorded Minehead 1935.
Micrambe villosusa silken fungus beetleIn gorse flowers.
Micrambe vinia silken fungus beetleIn gorse flowers.
Micrelus ericaeSmall Heather WeevilCoastal heath and moorland.
Microcara testaceaa marsh beetleIn valley fens.
Microdota benickiellaIn beech litter. Notable.
Microlestes maurusa ground beetleOn dry grassland.
Micropeplus fulvusa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Micropeplus staphylinoidesa rove beetleIn rotting vegetation.
Mniophila muscorumMoss Flea BeetleOn moss in woods.
Mniusain crassata Under conifer bark
Monotoma angusticollisa narrow bark beetleIn nests of red wood ant. Porlock 1896.
Monotoma bicolora narrow bark beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Monotoma conicicollisa narrow bark beetleIn nests of red wood ant. Porlock 1896.
Monotoma longicollisa narrow bark beetleIn vegetable detritus
Monotoma picipesa narrow bark beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Mordellistena pumilaa tumbling flower beetleOn Umbellifers.
Mycetaea hirtaHairy Cellar BeetleIn haystack refuse. Minehead 1958.
Mycetophagus atomariusa hairy fungus beetleIn fungi.
Mycetophagus quadripustulatusa hairy fungus beetleIn fungi on dead wood.
Mycetoporus angularisa rove beetleIn moss and grass tussocks including cereal crops.
Mycetoporus lepidus
Mycetoporus longulus VC4.
Mycetoporus punctus
Mycetoporus splendidusa rove beetleIn litter. Last record Alcombe Common 1949.
Myllaena brevicornisa rove beetleIn a range of wet habitats. Last record Porlock 1896
Myllaena elongataa rove beetleWetlands
Myllaena infuscataa rove beetleUpland bogs
Myllaena intermediaa rove beetleWet litter in valley bog.
Myllaena kraatziSharpa rove beetleIn sphagnum bog
Myllaena minutaa rove beetleValley fen. Last record Withypool 1948
Myrmecopora sulcata Wringcliff Bay, Devon
Myrmecopora uvidaa rove beetleIn strandline litter
Myrrha octodecimguttata18-spot LadybirdOn Scots Pine. Probably an introduction.

Beetles and Weevils N-Z

Beetles and Weevils N-Z. Updated to end December 2022 to include all reports to Emoor Naturalist No. 47 Pt.2
Scientific nameCommon nameNotes
Nacerdes melanuraWharf BorerIn coastal driftwood.
Nalassus laevioctostriatus (Syn. Cylindrinolus laevioctostriatusA darkling beetleIn a range of habitats
Nanophyes marmoratusLoosestrife WeevilOn Purple loosestrife.
Nanophyes marmoratus
Nargus veloxa round fungus beetleIn leaf litter in woodland
Nargus wilkinia round fungus beetleIn woodland moss.
Nebria brevicollisa ground beetleCommon in a range of habitats.
Nebria salinaa ground beetleLocal on moorland and coastal heath.
Nebrioporus elegans (Panzer)
Necrobia rufipesCopra BeetleOn carrion.
Necrobia violaceaa chequered beetlein carrion on the coast.
Necrodes littoralisShore sexton beetleIn carrion.
Nehemitropia sordidaa rove beetleIn vegetable refuse. Last Exmoor record 1896 Porlock. 1935ûat Blue Anchor.
Nephus redtenbacheri
Neuraphes elongatulusa small antlike beetleWoodland. Recorded at Withypool, 1948.
Nicrophorus humatorBlack Sexton BeetleIn carrion.
Nicrophorus investigatora sexton beetleIn carrion or regularly comes to m/v light.
Nicrophorus vespilloCommon Burying Beetlein carrion.
Nicrophorus vespilloidesa sexton beetleIn carrion
Nitidula rufipesa pollen or sap beetleIn carrion.
Notaris acridulusa weevilCoastal marshes.
Notaris scirpia weevilCoastal marshes.
Noterus clavicornisThe Larger NoterusCoastal marshes. Last record 1935 Minehead.
Notiophilus aquaticusa ground beetleScarce on dry habitats
Notiophilus biguttatusa ground beetleCommon in a range of habitats.
Notiophilus germinyia ground beetleMoorland.
Notiophilus palustrisa ground beetleScarce in damp places.
Notiophilus rufipesa ground beetleRare in woodland.ûLast recorded 1935, Minehead
Notiophilus substriatusa ground beetleScarce in dry habitats
Notothecta flavipesa rove beetleIn nests of red wood ant.
Notoxus monocerosMonoceros BeetleOn sandy soils at the coast.
Nudobius lentus Under conifer bark
Ocalea picataa rove beetlein woodland. Last recorded Porlock 1907.
Ocalea rivularisa rove beetleAn indeterminate record from Nettlecome dated 1866.
Ochina ptinoidesIvy Boring BeetleIn dead ivy branches.
Ochrosis ventralisa leaf beetleOn Tripleurospermum.
Ochthebius bicolona small water beetleCoastal marshes.
Ochthebius dilatatusa small water beetleCoastal marshes.
Ochthebius exsculptusa small water beetleIn wet valley woodland.
Ochthebius marinusa small water beetleIn brackish coastal ditches.
Ochthebius minimusa small water beetlecoastal marshes.
Ochthephilus aureusa rove beetleOn banks of streams and rivers. Last record Porlock 1896.
Ochthephilus omalinus
Octotemnus glabriculusa small fungus beetleIn fungi on dead wood.
Ocypus aeneocephalusa rove beetleUnder stones; leaf litter,etc
Ocypus atera rove beetleIn a range of coastal habitats. Last recorded Culbone 1951.ûIncreasing inland?
Ocypus brunnipesa rove beetleIn grassland. Last recorded Porlock 1907
Ocypus compressusa rove beetleNow O. morsitans (Rossi) In a range of habitats.
Ocypus fortunataruma rove beetleCoastal grassland.
Ocypus globulifera rove beetleUnder stones or in grassland.
Ocypus melanariusa rove beetleIn grassland.
Ocypus neroa rove beetleWoodland. Last recorded Alcombe Common 1949.
Ocypus olensDevil's Coach-horseOpen sites in woods and gardens. Syn. Staphylinus olens.
Oedemera luridaa thick-legged flower beetlein grassland
Oedemera nobilisa thick-legged flower beetleIn a range of habitats.
Oedostethus quadripustulatusa click beetleOn stream banks in woodland.
Oiceoptoma thoracicumRed-breasted carrion beetleIn carrion.
Olibrus aeneusa smut beetleOn flowering composites.
Olibrus affinisa smut beetleIn flowers. Mainly coastal.
Olibrus corticalisa smut beetleOn flowering composites.
Olibrus liquidusa smut beetleOn flowering composites.
Olibrus pygmaeusa smut beetleOn flowering composites. Minehead 1935.
Oligota apicataa rove beetlewoodland
Oligota pumilio Kiesenwetter
Olisthopus rotundatusa ground beetleIn a range of dry, open habitats.
Olophrum fuscum
Olophrum piceuma rove beetleIn woodland & moorland
Omalium caesuma rove beetlein vegetable detritus
Omalium excavatuma rove beetleIn vegetable detritus. Last recorded Selworthy 1949.
Omalium laeviusculuma rove beetleUnder strandline litter on the coast. Last Exmoor record Dunster 1919. (But Blue Anchor 1957)
Omalium oxyacanthaea rove beetleIn vegetable detritus
Omalium rivularea rove beetleIn vegetable detritus, carrion, etc.
Omalium septentrionisa rove beetleRotting vegetation.
Omosita colona pollen or sap beetlein carrion.
Omosita depressaa pollen or sap beetlein carrion.
Omosita discoideaa pollen or sap beetlein carrion.
Omphalapion hookeria seed weevilSyn. Apion h. On mayweed.
Omphalapion laevigatuma seed weevilSyn. Apion sorbi. On mayweed.
Oncomera femorataa thick-legged flower beetlein woodland
Ontholestes murinusa rove beetleIn dung and carrion.
Ontholestes tessellatusa rove beetleWidespread.
Onthophagus coenobitaa dung beetle or chaferIn dung.
Onthophagus joannaea dung beetle or chaferIn dung. Minehead 1946.
Onthophagus nuchicornisa dung beetle or chaferIn dung. Minehead and Selworthy 1946. Formerly much confused withûO.similis.
Onthophagus nutansa dung beetle or chaferIn sheep dung. Very rare.
Onthophagus similisa dung beetle or chaferIn dung on dry sandy soils.
Onthophagus vaccaa dung beetle or chaferOn grassland in dung. Dunster 1919.
Onthophilus striatusa carrion beetleIn dung or vegetable detritus.
Oodes helopioidesa ground beetleIn wetlands.
Ootypus globosusa silken fungus beetleIn dung.
Opatrum sabulosuma darkling beetleOn sand at the coast. Dunster 1919.
Opilo mollisa chequered beetleScarce.
Orchesia micansa false darkling beetleOn fungi in old woodlands.
Orchesia minora false darkling beetleOn fungi in old woodland
Orchesia undulataa false darkling beetleUnder bark of trees
Orectochilus villosusHairy WhirligigStreams & rivers.
Oreodytes davisia water beetlein freshwater.
Oreodytes sanmarkia water beetleIn gravelly streams and rivers.
Oreodytes septentrionalisa water beetleIn gravelly streams and rivers.
Orobitis cyaneusViolet WeevilOn violets.
Orsodacne cerasia leaf beetleOn flowers and shrubs.
Orthochaetes insignis (Aube) Notable.
Orthocis alni (Gyllenhal)
Orthotomicus laricisa bark or ambrosia beetleUnder conifer bark.
Othius angustusa rove beetleIn moss or damp litter.
Othius laeviusculusa rove beetleIn a range of habitats.
Othius myrmecophilusa rove beetleIn woodland.
Othius punctulatusa rove beetleIn woodland.
Otiorhynchus desertus Nb.
Otiorhynchus ovatusStrawberry Root WeevilOn sandy soils.
Otiorhynchus rugifronsStrawberry Root WeevilOn dry grassland.
Otiorhynchus rugosostriatusStrawberry Root WeevilOn dry grassland
Otiorhynchus singularisRaspberry WeevilA range of habitats.
Otiorhynchus sulcatusVine WeevilA range of habitats.
Oulema lichenisa leaf beetleA range of habitats.
Oulema melanopaCereal Leaf BeetleA range of habitats.
Oulimnius troglodytesa riffle beetleIn freshwater
Oulimnius tuberculatusa riffle beetlein freshwater
Oxypoda alternansa rove beetleIn rotting fungi. Nettlecombe (no date)
Oxypoda annularisa rove beetlein vegetable detritus. Nettlecombe 1866?
Oxypoda elongatulaa rove beetleIn a range of wetland habitats.
Oxypoda flavicornis KraatzIn fungus
Oxypoda formiceticola M?rkel
Oxypoda haemorrhoaa rove beetleIn nests of the red wood ant. Porlock 1896.
Oxypoda lentula Erichson
Oxypoda lividipennisa rove beetleIn rotting material.
Oxypoda opacaa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Oxypoda procerula
Oxypoda spectabilisa rove beetleIn mole nests. Porlock 1907.
Oxypoda umbrataa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Oxypoda vittataa rove beetleIn or near ants nests.
Oxystoma craccaea seed weevilSyn. Apion craccae. On tufted vetch.
Oxystoma pomonaea seed weevilSyn. Apion pomonae. On Vicia sativa. (Common Vetch)
Oxytelus laqueatusa rove beetleIn herbivore dung.
Oxytelus sculptusa rove beetleCoastal marsh. Last record Minehead 1906.
Pachytodes cerambyciformisa longhorn beetleIn woodland. (Judolia c.)
Paederus fuscipesa rove beetleDamp places.
Paederus littoralisa rove beetleIn a range of open habitats.
Paederus ripariusa rove beetleCoastal marshes.
Panagaeus bipustulatusa ground beetleOn sand at the coast
Paralister carbonariusa carrion beetlein dung and vegetable detritus.
Paromalus flavicornisa carrion beetleUnder bark of decaying wood, in parkland.
Patrobus atrorufusa ground beetleScarce in humid woodland.
Pediacus dermestoidesa flat bark beetleUnder bark in old trees.
Pelenomus waltoni [Nb] marshy grassland.
Peltodytes caesusa crawling water beetleCoastal marshes.
Pentarthrum huttoniWood-boring WeevilUnder bark.
Perapion curtirostrea seed weevilOn dock.
Perapion hydrolapathia seed weevilon dock
Perapion marchicuma seed weevilOn Sheep's sorrel.
Perapion violaceuma seed weevilOn dock.
Phaedon armoraciaeMustard BeetleCoastal marshes.
Phaedon cochleariaeMustard BeetleOn crucifers. (Watercress Beetle)
Phaedon tumidulusCelery Leaf BeetleOn umbellifers often Hogweed.
Phalacrus brunnipesa smut beetleOn smutted sedges. Minehead 1906.
Phalacrus corruscusa smut beetleOn smutted grasses.
Philhygra obtusangula (Joy)
Philhygra palustris
Philonothus atratus Nationally scarce
Philonthus addendusa rove beetleLast recorded Dunster, 1919. In woodland.
Philonthus albipesa rove beetleLast record Minehead 1946. In dung and compost.
Philonthus cephalotesa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Philonthus cognatusa rove beetleIn a range of habitats.
Philonthus cruentatusa rove beetleUnder stones and in moss. Last recorded Minehead 1949.
Philonthus decorusa rove beetleIn a range of habitats.
Philonthus fimetariusa rove beetleIn a range of habitats.
Philonthus intermediusa rove beetleLast record Minehead 1947.
Philonthus laminatusa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus and dung. Last recorded Minehead 1947.
Philonthus longicornisa rove beetlein grassland. Last recorded Porlock 1907
Philonthus marginatusa rove beetlein a range of habitats.
Philonthus micansa rove beetlein coastal marshes. Last record Porlock Weir 1948.
Philonthus nigrita (Gravenhorst)
Philonthus politusa rove beetleIn a range of habitats
Philonthus puellaa rove beetleWoodland
Philonthus quisquiliariusa rove beetleCoastal marshes.
Philonthus rectangulusa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Philonthus rubripennisa rove beetleOn gravelly river banks.
Philonthus sanguinolentusa rove beetleDecaying grass and dung.
Philonthus splendensa rove beetleIn a range of habitats.
Philonthus succicolaa rove beetleIn rotten fungi in woodland.
Philonthus tenuicornisa rove beetleDung and leaf litter.
Philonthus umbratilisa rove beetleDamp leaf litter.
Philonthus variansa rove beetleIn a range of habitats.
Philonthus variusa rove beetleIn a range of habitats.
Philonthus ventralisa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Philopedon plagiatusMarram WeevilOn sand at the coast. Dunster Beach 1949.
Philorhizus vectensisCoastal grass heath. RDB3
Philorinum sordiduma rove beetleOn gorse flowers.
Phloeocharis subtilissimaa rove beetlein old woodland.
Phloeonomus punctipennisa rove beetleUnder bark in woodland.
Phloeophagus lignariusa weevilIn dead wood.
Phloeophthorus rhododactylusa bark or ambrosia beetleUnder gorse bark.
Phloeopora angustiformisa rove beetleUnder tree bark.
Phloeopora testaceaa rove beetlePorlock, 1907. Under bark.
Phloeostiba planaa rove beetleUnder sappy bark. Last Exmoor record, Dunster 1919.
Phloiophilus edwardsia beetleOn fungi in woodland.
Phloiotrya vaudoueria false darkling beetleIn dead wood of beech
Phratora vitellinaeBrassy Willow BeetleSyn.(Phyllodecta v.) On willows.
Phylan gibbusa darkling beetleOn sandy soil near the coast.
Phyllobius argentatusSilver-green Leaf WeevilOn trees.
Phyllobius calcaratusa weevilOn alder.
Phyllobius oblongusBrown Leaf WeevilOn trees. Woodcombe 1952.
Phyllobius pomaceusa weevilOn nettles.
Phyllobius pyriCommon Leaf WeevilOn trees
Phyllobius roboretanusSmall Green Nettle WeevilMinehead 1948. On trees.
Phyllobius viridiaerisGreen Nettle WeevilOn herbs & shrubs.
Phyllobrotica quadrimaculataSkullcap Leaf BeetleLocal. VC4.
Phyllodecta laticollisa leaf beetleOn poplars.
Phyllodrepa floralisa rove beetlein woodland
Phyllopertha horticolaGarden ChaferOn grassland and moorland.
Phyllotreta atraTurnip Flea BeetleOn crucifers. Minehead 1935.
Phyllotreta consobrinaTurnip Flea BeetleOn crucifers. Minehead 1953.
Phyllotreta cruciferaeTurnip Flea BeetleOn crucifers. Alcombe 1935.
Phyllotreta diademataa leaf beetleOn scurvy-grass (Cochlearia) Washford 1935.
Phyllotreta flexuosaa leaf beetleOn crucifers
Phyllotreta nemorumTurnip Flea BeetleOn crucifers
Phyllotreta nigripesTurnip Flea BeetleOn crucifers
Phyllotreta ochripesa leaf beetleOn garlic mustard.
Phyllotreta tetrastigmaa leaf beetleOn crucifers on wetlands. Alcombe Common 1949.
Phyllotreta undulataSmall Turnip Flea BeetleOn crucifers. Selworthy 1949.
Phyllotreta vittulaBarley Flea BeetleOn crucifers. Selworthy 1950
Phymatodes testaceusTanbark BorerIn dead wood.
Phytobius olssonia weevilSyn. Pelenomus olssoni. On Lythrum portula.
Phytobius quadrituberculatusa weevilSyn. Pelenomus q. On Polygonaceae.
Pirapion immune coastal heath. VC4.
Pissodes castaneusBanded Pine WeevilOn pine. Probably an introduction. Found Minehead 1954 in a house.
Pityogenes bidentatusa bark or ambrosia beetleOn conifer twigs. Selworthy 1949.
Pityophthorus pubescensa bark or ambrosia beetleOn conifer twigs.
Placus atachyporoides Nationally Scarce
Placusa pumilio (Gravenhorst)
Platambus maculatusa water beetleIn fast flowing streams.
Plateumaris discolora leaf beetleOn boggy moorland.
Platycis minutaa net-winged beetleIn woodland.
Platydracus fulvipesa rove beetleMoorland.
Platydracus stercorariusa rove beetleIn decaying vegetation.
Platypus cylindrusOak Pin-hole BorerUnder oak bark.
Platyrhinus resinosusCramp-ball Fungus WeevilOn Cramp-ball (Daldinia) fungi in woods.
Platystethus arenariusa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus and dung.
Platystethus cornutusa rove beetleIn wetlands.
Platystethus nitensa rove beetleIn coastal marshes.
Plegaderus dissectus Erichson[Nb]
Phyllotreta exclamationis (Thunberg) a flea beetle
Pocadius ferrugineusa pollen or sap beetleIn decaying fungi.
Podabrus alpinusa soldier beetleOn vegetation in woods. Comes to light.
Pogonocherus hispidulus Woodland
Pogonocherus hispidusa longhorn beetleWoodland
Pogonus chalceusa ground beetleIn salt marshes.
Polydrusus cervinusa weevilIn woodland. Minehead 1948.
Polydrusus confluensa weevilOn gorse.
Polydrusus pterygomalisa weevilon trees.
Polydrusus sericeusa weevilOn birch and alder.
Polydrusus undatusa weevilOn oak in woodland
Polystomota griseaa rove beetleIn strandline litter. Minehead 1935.
Prasocuris junciBrooklime Leaf BeetleIn a range of wetland habitats.
Prasocuris phellandriia leaf beetleCoastal marshes.
Pria dulcamaraea pollen or sap beetleon bittersweet.
Prionocyphon serricornisa marsh beetleIn rotholes in old beeches.
Prionychus atera darkling beetleIn rotting trees.
Propylea quattuordecimpunctata14-spot LadybirdA range of habitats.
Prosternon tessellatumChequered Click BeetleNational Trust record, Devon. Heaths or damp meadows.
Protapion apricansa weevilVery common.
Protapion assimileClover Seed WeevilSyn. Apion assimile. On red clover. Minehead 1935.
Protapion difformea seed weevilSyn. Apion difforme. On clover. Minehead 1935.
Protapion fulvipesWhite Clover Seed WeevilSyn. Apion difchroum. On clover.
Protapion nigritarsea seed weevilSyn. Apion nigritarse. On clover.
Protapion schoenherria seed weevilSyn. Apion schoenherri. On coastal grassland.
Protapion trifoliiClover Seed WeevilSyn. Apion trifolii. On white clover.
Protapion varipesa seed weevilSun. Apion varipes. On clover. Porlock Weir 1935.
Proteinus brachypterusa rove beetleIn woodland
Proteinus ovalisa rove beetleIn grassland
Protopirapion atratuluma seed weevilOn gorse.
Pselactus spadixa weevilIn dead wood at the coast. Minehead 1935; Blue Anchor 1954.
Pselaphus heiseia short-winged mould beetlein wetlands. Withypool 1948.
Pseudapion rufirostrea seed weevilon mallow.
Pseudocistela ceramboidesa darkling beetleIn dead wood.
Pseudopsis sulcataa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Pseudotriphyllus suturalisa hairy fungus beetleIn bracket fungi.
Psylliodes affinisPotato Flea BeetleOn bittersweet. (or a pest of cultivated potato)
Psylliodes attenuataHop Flea BeetleOn hops.
Psylliodes chrysocephalaCabbage Stem Flea BeetleOn crucifers.
Psylliodes cupreaa leaf beetleRecorded in Devon Exmoor otherwise only on the Levels.
Psylliodes napia leaf beetleA range of habitats.
Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata22-spot LadybirdHas a range of habitats.
Ptenidium brenske a featherwing beetleIn shingle by streams [N]
Ptenidium formicetorum a featherwing beetle
Ptenidium longicornea featherwing beetleDamp litter.
Ptenidium nitiduma featherwing beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Ptenidium pusillus a featherwing beetle
Ptenidium turgiduma featherwing beetleRDBK 2019 Nettlecombe Park
Pterostichus adstrictusa ground beetleGrassland and moorland.
Pterostichus aethiopsa ground beetleUpland woodlands and moorland.
Pterostichus angustatusa ground beetleNotable.
Pterostichus cupreusa ground beetleIn a range of habitats.
Pterostichus diligensa ground beetleIn moorland bogs and fens.
Pterostichus longicollisa ground beetleCoastal marshes.
Pterostichus madidusBlack ClockIn a range of habitats.
Pterostichus melanariusa ground beetleIn a range of habitats.
Pterostichus minora ground beetleGrass tussocks at edge of lake.
Pterostichus nigera ground beetleIn woodland.
Pterostichus nigritaa ground beetleIn a range of wet habitats.
Pterostichus oblongopunctatusa ground beetleIn ancient oak woodland.
Pterostichus quadrifoveolatus Coastal heath [NS]
Pterostichus rhaeticusa ground beetleVarious habitats.
Pterostichus strenuusa ground beetleIn a range of habitats.
Pterostichus vernalisa ground beetleIn a range of habitats.
Pterostichus versicolora ground beetleIn a range of open habitats.
Ptilinus pectinicornisFan-bearing Wood-borerIn dead wood
Ptinomorphus imperialisa wood boring beetleIn dead wood.
Ptinus furWhite-marked Spider BeetleIndoors or out.
Ptinus sexpunctatusa spider beetleIn houses. Probable introduction.
Ptinus subpilosusa spider beetleUnder bark
Ptomaphagus medius Plantations,
Ptomaphagus subvillosusa round fungus beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Pycnomerus fuliginosusan alien from AustraliaSpreading in S.West. 2020.
Pyrochroa coccineaBlack-headed Cardinal BeetleIn dead wood on coastal marshes.
Pyrochroa serraticornisCommon Cardinal BeetleIn dead wood.
Quedius aridulusa rove beetleOn dry sandy soils at the coast. Last record Porlock 1948.
Quedius auricomusa rove beetleOn stream banks in woodland.
Quedius boopoides Munster
Quedius boopsa rove beetleOn gravelly river banks. Last record Porlock 1948
Quedius brevicornisa rove beetleIn birds nests Only record 1866 Nettlecombe.
Quedius cinctusa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus
Quedius cruentusa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus
Quedius curtipennisa rove beetleWoodland moss.
Quedius fuliginosusa rove beetleWetlands. Last recorded Porlock 1921.
Quedius fumatusa rove beetleUnder fungus.
Quedius invreaea rove beetleIn mammal nests.
Quedius lateralisa rove beetleRotting items in woods.
Quedius lucidulus Old grass bales
Quedius maurorufusa rove beetlein wetlands. Last recorded Porlock 1896.
Quedius maurusa rove beetleUnder bark
Quedius mesomelinusa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Quedius micropsa rove beetleIn dead wood in old parkland. Last record Nettlecombe 1888
Quedius molochinusa rove beetleMany habitats.
Quedius nemoralisa rove beetleIn dead wood in woodland.
Quedius nigricepsa rove beetleIn litter on dry sandy soils often under conifers. Last record Minehead 1958.
Quedius nitipennisa rove beetleOn stream banks in woodland.
Quedius pallipesa rove beetleIn strandline litter.
Quedius picipesa rove beetleHas a range of habitats.
Quedius plancusa rove beetleIn leaf litter at edge of stream. Na.
Quedius puncticollis [Nb]
Quedius ripariusa rove beetleOn banks of small streams.
Quedius scintillans
Quedius scitus (Gravenhorst)
Quedius semiaeneusa rove beetleCoastal marshes. Last recorded Minehead 1946
Quedius semiobscurusa rove beetleMoss and grassland.
Quedius tristisa rove beetleIn open country.
Quedius umbrinusa rove beetleOn stream banks in woodland.
Quedius ventralisa rove beetleIn trees.
Quedius xanthopusa rove beetleUnder bark in old woodland.
Reichenbachia juncoruma short-winged mould beetleIn wetlands. Withypool 1948.
Rhagium bifasciatumTwo-banded LonghornIn dead wood.
Rhagium mordaxa longhorn beetleIn dead wood.
Rhagonycha fulvaThe BloodsuckerA range of habitats.
Rhagonycha lignosaa soldier beetleA range of habitats.
Rhagonycha limbataa soldier beetleSyn. R. femoralis On flowering herbs and shrubs in damp meadowsûand woods.
Rhagonycha testaceaa soldier beetleOn vegetation in damp meadows and woods.
Rhagonycha translucida [NS], VC4
Rhamphus oxyacanthaea weevilOn hawthorn.
Rhamphus pulicarius s.l.a weevilOn birch.
Rhantus suturellusa water beetleIn boggy moorland pools.
Rhinoncus bruchoides marshy grassland.
Rhinoncus castora weevilOn sheeps sorrel
Rhinoncus inconspectusa weevilOn Polygonum amphibium.
Rhinoncus pericarpiusa weevilOn Polygonaceae
Rhinoncus perpendicularisa weevilOn bistort and persicaria.
Rhinosimus planirostrisa false weevilUnder park
Rhinosimus ruficollisa false weevilUnder bark
Rhizophagus bipustulatusa narrow bark beetleUnder tree bark.
Rhizophagus depressusa narrow bark beetleUnder dead tree bark.
Rhizophagus dispara narrow bark beetleUnder tree bark.
Rhizophagus ferrugineusa narrow bark beetleUnder tree bark
Rhizophagus nitidulus [Nb.] Under tree bark
Rhizophagus perforatusa narrow bark beetleUnder tree bark.
Rhizophagus picipes (Olivier) [Na.] Under tree bark
Rhopalomesites tardii (Syn. Mesites tardiiA weevilIn dead wood
Rhynchaenus alnia weevilOn elm.
Rhynchaenus avellanaea weevilOn hazel and oak.
Rhynchaenus fagiBeech Leaf MinerOn beech.
Rhynchaenus pilosusa weevilOn oak
Rhynchaenus quercusa weevilOn oak.
Rhynchaenus ruscia weevilOn birch
Rhynchites aeneovirensa leafroller weevilIn oak woodland.
Rhynchites aequatusApple Fruit RhynchitesOn hawthorn. Minehead 1906.
Rhynchites caeruleusApple Twig CutterOn trees and shrubs. Bossington on poplar bark 1896.
Rhynchites germanicusStrawberry RhynchitesOn rosaceous plants.
Rhynchites tomentosusa leafroller weevilOn birch.
Rhyncolus atera weevilSyn. R. chloropus. In dead wood.
Rhyzobius lituraa ladybirdA range of habitats. Alcombe Marshes 1951.
Rugilus erichsonia rove beetleIn vegetable detritus. Last Exmoor record Porlock 1896.
Rugilus geniculatusa rove beetleDamp grassland.
Rugilus orbiculatusa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus
Rugilus rufipesa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus. Last Exmoor record Alcombe 1935.
Rutpela maculataSpotted Longhornin woodland.
Salpingus castaneusa false weevilOn Scots Pine
Salpingus reyia false weevilOn burnt gorse.
Saperda populneaSmall Poplar BorerOn Populus sp.
Saprinus aeneusa carrion beetleIn carrion.
Scaphidema metallicuma darkling beetleIn fungi on dead wood.
Scaphidium quadrimaculatuma shining fungus beetleIn woodland.
Scaphisoma agaricinuma shining fungus beetleIn rotten wood. Last Exmoor record 1866 at Nettlecombe.
Scaphisoma boletia shining fungus beetleIn rotten wood.
Sciaphilus asperatusStrawberry Root WeevilOn shrubs.
Sciodrepoides fumatus (Spence)
Sciodrepoides watsonia round fungus beetleIn carrion
Scirtes hemisphaericusa marsh beetleIn coastal marshes.
Scolytus intricatusa bark or ambrosia beetleUnder oak bark.
Scolytus multistriatusSmall Elm Bark BeetleOn elm.
Scolytus scolytusLarge Elm Bark BeetleOn elm. Carrier of Dutch elm disease.
Scraptia testaceaa flower beetle[NS] 2019 Nettlecombe Park
Scydmaenus tarsatusa small antlike beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Scymnus auritusa ladybirdOn vegetation. Minehead 1956.
Scymnus frontalisa ladybirdOn vegetation. Minehead 1954.
Scymnus limbatusa ladybirdCoastal marshes. Minehead 1947.
Scymnus schmidti F?rsch [Nb.]
Selatosomus aeneusa click beetleOn moorland and coastal heath.
Sepedophilus constans (Fowler) a rove beetleN.
Sepedophilus immaculatus a rove beetle
Sepedophilus littoreusa rove beetleIn damp grass litter near freshwater.
Sepedophilus lusitanicusa rove beetleIn dead wood in conifer woodland.
Sepedophilus marshami a rove beetle
Sepedophilus nigripennis a rove beetle
Sepedophilus testaceus a rove beetle[N.]
Serica brunneaBrown ChaferIn moss or rotting stumps, or comes to light.
Sericoderus brevicornis2019 Nettlecombe Park
Sericoderus lateralis2019 Nettlecombe Park
Sermylassa halensisa leaf beetleOn dry grassland.
Siagonium quadricornea rove beetleunder bark.
Sibinia primitusa weevilOn Sweet Alison.
Silpha atrataBlack Snail BeetleIn a range of habitats.
Silpha laevigataa sexton beetleCoastal grassland.
Silpha obscuraa sexton beetleCoastal grassland. Recorded 1946 at Minehead.
Silpha tristisa sexton beetleCoastal grassland.
Simplocaria semistriataa pill beetleIn a range of habitats.
Sinodendron cylindricumRhinoceros BeetleIn rotten wood.
Sitona cambricusa weevilA range of habitats.
Sitona hispidulusClover WeevilOn clover.
Sitona lepidusa weevilOn clover.
Sitona lineatusPea and Bean WeevilOn Legumes.
Sitona puncticollisa weevilOn clover. Minehead 1906.
Sitona regensteinensisa weevilOn gorse.
Sitona striatellusa weevilOn gorse.
Sitona sulcifronsClover WeevilOn clover.
Sitona suturalisa weevilOn vetches.
Sitona waterhouseia weevilOn Lotus corniculatus.
Smicronyx jungermanniaea weevilOn lesser dodder on coastal heath.
Soronia griseaa pollen or sap beetleIn vegetable detritus. Minehead 1935.
Soronia punctatissimaa pollen or sap beetleIn sappy old oak trees.
Sphaeridium bipustulatuma scavenger water beetleEntered as S. marginatum Fabricius.ûIn dung.
Sphaeridium lunatuma scavenger water beetleIn herbivore dung.
Sphaeridium scarabaeoidesa scavenger water beetleIn dung.
Sphaeroderma testaceuma leaf beetleOn thistles.
Sphindus dubius[NB] 2019 Nettlecombe Park
Staphylinus dimidiaticornisa rove beetleOn coastal grassland.
Staphylinus erythropterusa rove beetleon moorland.
Stenagostus rhombeusa click beetleUnder bark.
Stenichnus bicolora small antlike beetleUnder bark of old parkland trees.
Stenichnus collarisa small antlike beetlewoodland
Stenichnus poweria small antlike beetleOn shingle beach.
Stenocarus umbrinusa weevilSyn. S. ruficornis On poppy. Minehead 1947.
Stenocorus meridianusVariable LonghornIn dead wood.
Stenolophus mixtusa ground beetleIn coastal marshes. Last recorded Minehed, 1935.
Stenopterapion (Cobosiotherium) scutellarea seed weevilSyn. Apion scutellare. On Western Gorse.
Stenopterapion tenuea seed weevilOn medick. Syn. Apion tenue.
Stenostola dubiaLime beetleOn Lime trees.
Stenus acerisa rove beetleLast record Hopcott, 1935. Woodland/heathland.
Stenus bifoveolatusa rove beetleGrassy places near water.
Stenus bimaculatusa rove beetleWetlands.
Stenus boopsLocal in still water.
Stenus boops Ljungh
Stenus brevipennis Thomson,
Stenus brunnipesa rove beetleIn a range of dry habitats.
Stenus canescensa rove beetleCoastal marshes.
Stenus cicindeloidesa rove beetleVegetation near water.
Stenus clavicornisa rove beetleIn open country.
Stenus exiguusa rove beetleUnder stones. Last recorded Minehead 1948.
Stenus flavipesa rove beetlein wetlands
Stenus formicetoruma rove beetleIn litter on river banks. VC4.
Stenus fulvicornisa rove beetleDamp places
Stenus fuscipesa rove beetleCoastal marshes. Last recorded Alcombe 1935
Stenus geniculatusa rove beetleon moorland
Stenus guttulaa rove beetleOn stream and river banks.
Stenus guynemeria rove beetleOn stream banks in woodland.
Stenus impressusa rove beetleIn a range of habitats.
Stenus junoa rove beetleIn wetlands. Last Exmoor record Minehead 1935.
Stenus latifronsa rove beetleIn wetlands
Stenus lustratora rove beetleIn valley fen. Last recorded Withypool 1948.
Stenus nanusa rove beetleLast Exmoor record Porlock, 1896. Coastal marsh.
Stenus nigritulusa rove beetleIn wetlands.
Stenus nitens Stephens
Stenus nitidiusculusa rove beetleIn a range of wetland habitats.
Stenus niveusa rove beetleSphagnum and upland wet litter. Nationally scarce.
Stenus ossiuma rove beetleCoastal marshes.
Stenus pallipesa rove beetleIn a range of wetland habitats.
Stenus pallitarsisa rove beetleCoastal marshes.
Stenus picipennisa rove beetleDamp places.
Stenus picipesa rove beetleIn wetlands.
Stenus providusa rove beetleIn valley fen. Last Exmoor record Withypool 1948. Syn. S. rogeri Kraatz.
Stenus pubescensa rove beetleDamp places.
Stenus similisa rove beetleIn wetlands.
Stenus tarsalisa rove beetlein wetlands.
Stethorus pusillus (Herbst) A ladybird beetleDestroys mites
Stictonectes lepidusa water beetleMoorland pools.
Stilbus oblongusa smut beetleCoastal marshes.
Stomis pumicatusa ground beetleCoastal marshes.
Strangalia aurulentaa longhorn beetleIn oak woodland.
Strangalia melanuraa longhorn beetleIn woodland. Minehead 1906. Other Somerset locations in 1990s.
Strangalia quadrifasciataa longhorn beetleWoodland. Dulverton 1913.
Strigocis bicornis[Nb] Devon 2020. VC4.
Strophosoma melanogrammumNut Leaf WeevilIn woodland.
Strophosoma nebulosuma weevilOn moorland and coastal heath.
Subcoccinella vigintiquattuorpunctata24-spot LadybirdA range of habitats
Sunius melanocephalusa rove beetleIn moss. Last Exmoor record Porlock 1896.
Syntomium aeneum
Synuchus nivalisa ground beetleOn dry sandy soil.
Tachinus humeralisa rove beetleIn woodland.
Tachinus laticollisa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus.
Tachinus marginellusa rove beetleIn vegetable detritus
Tachinus proximusIn rotten honey fungus.
Tachinus signatusa rove beetlein vegetable detritus
Tachinus subterraneusa rove beetleIn decaying fungi and carrion.
Tachyerges salicisa weevilSyn. Rhynchaenus sal. On willow.
Tachyerges stigmaa weevilSyn. Rhynchaenus s. On willow. Nettlecombe 1891.
Tachyporus atricepsa rove beetleGrassland and woods.
Tachyporus chrysomelinusa rove beetleA range of habitats.
Tachyporus dispara rove beetleIn moss and leaf litter.
Tachyporus formosusa rove beetlein litter
Tachyporus hypnoruma rove beetlein a range of habitats.
Tachyporus nitidulusa rove beetleA range of habitats
Tachyporus obtususa rove beetleA range of habitats.
Tachyporus pallidusa rove beetleCoastal marshes.
Tachyporus pusillusa rove beetleGrass tussocks on river bank.
Tachyporus solutusa rove beetleA range of habitats.
Tachyporus transversalis
Tachyporus tarsus ErichsonA rove beetleAcid moorland area
Tachys parvulusa ground beetleCoastal.
Taeniapion urticariuma seed weevilOn nettles.
Tanysphyrus lemnaeDuckweed WeevilCoastal marshes.
Telmatophilus caricisa silken fungus beetleCoastal marshes.
Telmatophilus typhaea silken fungus beetleCoastal marshes.
Tenebrio molitorMealworm BeetleIn buildings.
Tetratoma ancora On hazel,
Tetratoma desmarestia shiny fungus beetleIn bracket fungi.
Tetratoma fungorum Fabricius
Tetrops praeustusa longhorn beetle2019 Nettlecombe Park
Thamiaraea cinnamomeaa rove beetleAt sap runs on trees. Minehead 1935.
Thamiaraea hospitaa rove beetleIn compost.
Thanasimus formicariusAnt Beetlein dead wood.
Thanatophilus rugosusa sexton beetleIn carrion.
Thanatophilus sinuatusa sexton beetlein carrion.
Thiasophila angulataIn red wood ant nest.
Thinodromus arcuatusa rove beetleRiver banks.
Thryogenes nereisa weevilcoastal marshes.
Thymalus limbatusa domed fungus beetleOn dead wood in old woodland and parkland.
Timarcha goettingenisLesser Bloody-nosed BeetleOn dry grassland.
Timarcha tenebricosaBloody-nosed BeetleA range of habitats.
Tinotus morion (Gravenhorst)
Tomicus piniperdaLarge Pine Shoot BeetleOn conifers. Minehead 1949.
Trachodes hispidusa weevilOak woodlands. Porlock 1934. Noted in Devon 1990s.
Trachyphloeus angustistelusa weevilOn heaths.
Trachyphloeus asperatusa weevilCoastal. On plant roots.
Trachyphloeus bifoveolatusa weevilOn dry grassland.
Trachyphloeus laticollisa weevilOn dry grassland. Porlock 1896.
Trachys troglodytesDevil's-bit Jewel BeetleOn Devil's-bit Scabious.
Trechus fulvusa ground beetleCoastal.
Trechus obtususa ground beetleCommon on moorland and sometimes in other habitats.
Trechus quadristriatusa ground beetleCommon in a range of habitats
Trichonyx sulcicollisa short-winged mould beetleUnder oak bark. Nettlecome 1866.
Trichosirocalus troglodytesa weevilIn grassland.
Triphyllus bicolora hairy fungus beetleIn bracket fungi.
Triplax aeneaa shiny fungus beetleIn fungi on dead wood.
Trixagus carinifronsa small false click beetleIn leaf litter, etc.
Trixagus dermestoidesa small false click beetleIn woodland.
Trox scabera hide beetleIn birds nests.
Tychius junceusa weevilOn medicks and clovers.
Tychius picirostrisa weevilSyn. Miccotrogus p. On clovers.
Tychius pusillusa weevilOn gorse.
Tychius squamulatusa weevilOn bird's-foot trefoil.
Tychius stephensia weevilOn bird's-foot trefoil.
Tychius tibialisa weevilOn coastal grassland on clovers.
Tychus nigera short-winged mould beetleIn a range of habitats.
Typhaea stercoreaHairy Fungus BeetleIn haystack refuse.
Typhaeus typhoeusMinotaur BeetleOn moorland and coastal heath.
Tytthaspis sedecimpunctata16-spot LadybirdCoastal grassland.
Vincenzellus ruficollisa false weevilUnder bark
Xantholinus glabratusa rove beetleIn grassland
Xantholinus linearisa rove beetleIn open country.
Xantholinus longiventrisa rove beetleIn a range of habitats.
Xestobium rufovillosumDeath Watch BeetleIn dead wood and old buildings.
Xyloterus domesticusa bark or ambrosia beetleSyn. Trypodendron d. Under oak bark. Porlock, 1907. Recorded from Devon Exmoor 1980s.
Xyloterus signatusa bark or ambrosia beetleSyn. Trypodendron s. Under oak bark. Porlock 1907.
Xylotiba bosnicaa rove beetle[pNS] 2019 Nettlecombe Park
Zacladus geranii VC4.
Zorochros minimusa click beetleRivers and streams.
Zyras funestusa rove beetleDunster 1919. In ants nests.
Zyras humeralisa rove beetleIn ants nests.
Zyras limbatusa rove beetleIn ants nests.

Bird List: Updated to November 2022 to include all reports to Exmoor Naturalist No. 48 Pt. 2.

Bird List
Common nameScientific nameNotes
Alpine SwiftApus melbaVagrant. Just 3 records 1954 - 1980
American BitternBotaurus lentiginosusOne record of an immature shot on Earl Fortescue's moorland near Parracombe in Oct 1875.
American WigeonAnas americanaVagrant. Male Wimbleball winters 1987 and 1988.
Arctic SkuaStercorarius parasiticusAutumn passage visitor to coastal waters.
Arctic TernSterna paradisaeaFairly frequent on autumn passage but less so than Common Tern.
Ashy-headed WagtailMontacilla flava cinereocapilla Savi.Rare Passage Migrant (2006). Minehaed Golf Course.
AvocetRecurvirostra avosettaVagrant. Records include 8 Porlock Bay 1987.
Baillon's CrakePorzana pusillaA single record of one at Minehead in Nov. 1912.
Baird's SandpiperCalidris bairdiiVagrant. One Porlock Marsh 1973 and possibly 1979.
Bar-headed GooseAnser indicusOne regularly seen with Canada Geese at Minehead/Dunster Marshes 1989-1992.
Bar-tailed GodwitLimosa lapponicaSpring and autumn passage migrant. Occasional in winter.
Barn OwlTyto albaResident. Now very scarce with only a few breeding pairs.
Barnacle GooseBranta leucopsisWinter visitor. A few most years with Canada flocks.
Barred WarblerSylvia nisoriaVagrant. One record of an immature male at Porlock Marsh 1969. A 1st for Somerset.
Bean GooseAnser fabalisVagrant. Occasional records at Minehead or Porlock marshû1947 on. the most recent being 1 Porlock Marsh Mar-Apr 1973.
Bearded TitPanurus biarmicusVagrant. Winter visitor/passage migrant. First record was of 3 Porlock Marsh 1972, since when there have been a handful of records.
Bee-eaterMerops apiasterOne seen Porlock Hill 1997.
Bewick's SwanCygnus columbianusRare winter visitor to Minehead and Porlock Marshes. Highestû8 at Minehead March Feb. 1976.
BitternBotaurus stellarisRare winter visitor to coastal marshes. One photographed at Chetsford Bridge in 1989.
Black GrouseTetrao tetrixNumbers were decreasing in 18th cent. 4320 shot Holnicote and Winsford estates 1836-1906 and up to 40 shot in a day at Oare Manor estate. Palmer & Ballance (1968) stated "On Exmoor now restricted mainly to N.Trust property in N.E. where up to 13 at lek in 1965. A few may survive on Molland Common but now probably extinct on Winsford Hill & Culbone Hill. A (1964) estimate put the Exmoor stock at c45. Causes of decrease seem to be enclosure, disturbance, overburning and increase in predators after 1914. The last lek on the Moor was in 1972, last breeding record 1975 and last sighting was a female at Lucott Moor at dusk 29.7.1981.
Black GuillemotCepphus grylleVagrant. Only two records to date 1954 and 1991. Both Dunster Beach.
Black KiteMilvus migrans (Boddaert)Rare. Accidental (2006)
Black RedstartPhoenicurus ochrurosMainly autumn passage and winter visitor.
Black SwanCygnus atratusEscape. 1 Porlock Marsh 1998.
Black StorkCiconia nigra (L.)Rare Accidental (2010)
Black TernChlidonias nigerRare passage visitor, mainly coastal but has been recorded at Wimbleball also.
Black-headed BuntingEmberiza melanocephalaExotic. 1 Bird Table Old Cleeve, Oct. 2000.
Black-headed GullLarus ridibundusWinter visitor also present spring and summer.
Black-headed WagtailMontacilla flava feldeggRare Passage Migrant (2006). Minehaed Golf Course.
Black-necked GrebePodiceps nigricollisRare winter visitor. Recorded 2 Porlock Marsh Feb 1985 and Wimbleball Apr 1995. (One Minehead claypits 1959 probably a stray passage bird; site now Butlins boating lake)
Black-tailed GodwitLimosa limosaSpring or Autumn passage migrant. Less frequent than Bar-tailed Godwit.
Black-throated DiverGavia arcticaScarce winter visitor to coastal waters. 2 Wimbleball Feb.û1985.
Black-winged StiltHimantopus himantopusOne record of single bird Porlock Marsh 1960.
BlackbirdTurdus merulaResident, nests.
BlackcapSylvia atricapillaSummer visitor with some over-wintering birds. Nests.
Blue TitParus caeruleusResident, abundant and widespread. Nests, frequently in nest boxes.
Blue-headed WagtailMotacilla flava flavaPassage visitor, Recent records only from Porlock Marsh. Bred at Porlock Marsh 1951 and 1965.
Blue-winged TealAnas discorsVagrant. North American. 1 Porlock Marsh 1981.
BramblingFringilla montifringillaWinter visitor. Exceptional flocks of up to 600 have been seen c.Simonsbath but usually just a few in mixed flocks with chaffinches. Visits gardens. One summer report of a singing male at Culbone Woods 1956.
Brent GooseBranta berniclaScarce winter visitor, usually dark bellied race but pale bellied forms occur very occasionally.
BullfinchPyrrhula pyrrhulaResident
BuzzardButeo buteoResident, widespread and common. Nests. Although commonûagain now, numbers became very low during myxamatosis epidemic in rabbits, their staple diet.
Canada GooseBranta canadensisResident. Breeds Wimbleball and Minehead. Up to 400 in winter. Cackling Goose: single birds, probably escapes, occasionally with main flocks.
Carolina Wood DuckAix sponsaOne on Dunster Hawn 1987 for several months. One on R. Exe Brushford 1988. Possible female + 4 young R. Barle Castle Bridge 1988. Exotics.
Carrion CrowCorvus corone coroneResident. Nests.
Caspian GullLaurus argentatus cachinnansRare.
Cattle EgretBubulcus ibis L.Rare. Accidental (2006)
Cetti's WarblerCettia cettiVery scarce but probably now resident and breeding
ChaffinchFringilla coelebsResident and winter visitor. Nests.
ChiffchaffPhylloscopus collybitaSummer visitor. Occasionally winters. Nests.
ChoughPyrrhocorax pyrrhocoraxBred occasionally on Exmoor cliffs until 1910. Since then just a few sightings, usually single birds offshore but 3 inland 1991.
Cirl BuntingEmberiza cirlusPreviously a rare resident which bred Porlock Vale, Minehead and Combe Martin. May now be extinct on Exmoor.
Coal TitParus aterResident. Nests.
Collared DoveStreptopelia decaoctoWas breeding in Minehead by 1963 (D. Ballance). Now resident and common in towns and villages. Nests. Winter flocks of up to 50 have been seen.
Commic TernSterna hirundo/paradiseaDue to difficulties in identification Common and Arctic Terns are often dealt with together under this name. Frequent on Autumn passage.
Common GullLarus canusPassage and winter visitor to coasts and inland.
Common SandpiperActitis hypoleucosRegular spring/autumn passage visitor. Sometimes winters.
Common ScoterMelanitta nigraPassage and winter visitor to coastal waters. Recorded at Wimbleball 1983. Coastal numbers usually less than 10 although 30+ at Dunster Beach Aug. 1987.
Common TernSterna hirundoRegular spring and autumn passage visitor.
CootFulica atraNests. Resident and winter visitor. Main winter refuge is Wimbleball lake.
CormorantPhalacrocorax carboNests. Resident and winter visiters. On coast and inland on reservoirs. Birds shot at Wimbleball included ringed ones from Solway Firth, the Dyfed Coast and Ulster.
Corn BuntingMiliaria calandraUsed to be recorded on the Brendons and around Minehead, but the only record for many years is of a juvenile on Minehead Golf Links, Sept. 1989. Vagrant.
CorncrakeCrex crexRare passage visitor. One found dead at Porlock Oct 1982.
Cory's ShearwaterCalonectris diomedeaRare vagrant. Off-shore records 1986 4 off Lynmouth, 1987 and 1994.
CraneGrus grusOne shot at Watchet 1897; One Allerford 2002.
Cream-coloured CourserCursorius cursorA single record of one Minehead Golf Links, 1941. This was the first Somerset Record.
CrossbillLoxia curvirostraIrregular visitor to conifer woods, probably now resident. Breeds occasionally.
CuckooCuculus canorusEarliest date 15th March, Porlock 1938 (D.Ballance). Usually arrived mid April. Fairly common summer visitor with Meadow Pipit being the commonest host on the moors, also tree pipit. May have declined in recent years.
CurlewNumenius arquataExmoor Moorland Bird Survey 2002: territories at Goosemoor Common, Exford Common, Wilmersham Common and one in N.D. Resident, passage and winter visitor. Up to 260 on beaches.
Curlew SandpiperCalidris ferrugineaRare passage visitor to coast.
Dark-bellied Brent GooseBranta bernicla berniclaThe commoner of the two races.
Dartford WarblerSylvia undataIn excess of 70 pairs/territories in 2002. A rare visitor to Exmoor to 1995 when it bred for first time.
DipperCinclus cinclusAbout 75 pairs estimated to be on Exmoor (1994). Resident of fast flowing streams and rivers. Nests.
DotterelCharadrius morinellusPassage visitor, usually seen on the moors.
DunlinCalidris alpinaRegular winter and passage visitor to the coast. Rarely more than 200.
DunnockPrunella modularisResident. Nests.
Egyptian GooseAlopochen aegyptiacusFeral breeder at Wimbleball 1982-86. Commuted with Canadas between there and Dunster Marsh.
EiderSomateria mollissimaRare winter visitor to coastal waters.
Emperor GooseAnser canagicusUp to 5 seen with Canada Geese Dunster Marsh/Wimbleball 1987 - Exotics.
Feral PigeonColumba livia (feral)Fairly common. Nests.
Ferruginous DuckAythya nyrocaRare Vagrant (2009), (2012) both Wimbleball.
Two published records, neither wholly satisfactory. One, Pinkworthy Pond 1943 has generally been accepted. Other Quantocks area.
FieldfareTurdus pilarisWinter visitor.
FirecrestRegulus ignicapillusWinter visitor, usually recorded near the coast.
FulmarFulmarus glacialisMainly spring/summer visitor. First bred Devon Exmoor 1958; and Somerset Exmoor 1981 when N.V. Allen recorded 2 pairs at Glenthorne. c400 nesting pairs between Lynmouth and Heddons Mouth in 1994. Also occur off coast out of breeding season following gales.
GadwallAnas streperaScarce winter visitor, Wimbleball/Dunster Beach.
GannetSula bassanaRegularly seen offshore Apr - Sept. Outside this usually storm blown birds. Nearest gannetry S.W.Wales. Commoner some years presumably related to fish stocks, esp. mackerel.
Garden WarblerSylvia borin1987 was a particularly good year for this sp. on Exmoor. Summer visitor, open woodland, thickets.
GarganeyAnas querquedulaVagrant. An unusual Spring passage migrant which has nested in N. Somerset and S. Devon but not Exmoor. Pair Minehead Marsh 1996.
Glaucous GullLarus hyperboreusA small number of records of this vagrant gull.
GoldcrestRegulus regulusResident. Nests. Favours conifer plantations. Hard hit in severe winters.
Golden EagleAquila chrysaetosAlthough not accepted as having ever been recorded on Exmoor, there are one or two early reports c1905 of birds having been seen.
Golden OrioleOriolus oriolusSpring and summer passage visitor.
Golden PheasantChrysolophus pictusOne nr Lynton 1942 (present some years); one adult male in Allerford Plantation Nov. 2001.
Golden PloverPluvialis apricariaWinter, spring and autumn passage visitor. Flocks of 3-4 hundred may occur but much declined from the thousands which occurred at one time (e.g.6000 Minehead 1967). Probably bred on Exmoor in 1910 but not proven.
GoldeneyeBucephala clangulaRegular winter visitor to Wimbleball; occasional elsewhere.
GoldfinchCarduelis carduelisResident. Nests. Winter flocks of c50 occasionally seen.
GoosanderMergus merganserRare resident. First bred Exmoor 1993. Regular winter visitor to Wimbleball, occasionally to Nutscale and the coast.
GoshawkAccipiter gentilisRare resident. A few breeding season records since 1990.
Grasshopper WarblerLocustella naeviaExmoor Moorland Bird Survey 2002 located 52 territories; ENHS records suggest a further ten males may have been present. This was an exceptionally good year. Summer visitor. Nests.
Great Black-backed GullLarus marinusNests. Resident and winter visitor. A few cliff-nesting pairs.
Great Crested GrebePodiceps cristatusA winter visitor but more or less resident at Wimbleball Lake where it has bred since 1982. Otherwise most records are coastal.
Great Grey ShrikeLanius excubitorIrregular autumn and winter visitor, usually to moorland areas.
Great Northern DiverGavia immerOffshore winter visitor
Great ShearwaterPuffinus gravisRare vagrant. 2 off Lynmouth Aug 1986. Only record to date.
Great SkuaStercorarius skuaAutumn passage visitor. A few off-shore most years.
Great SnipeGallinago mediaAn old and unauthenticated record of one shot at Warren ridge in 1903. 4 shot nr Parracombe 1868 during an influx to the SW. A couple of other unauthenticated records.
Great Spotted WoodpeckerDendrocopos majorNests. Resident. Breeds in all suitable woods. Visits garden peanut holders.
Great TitParus majorResident. Nests, occasionally in nest boxes.
Great White EgretEgretta albaOne, Wimbleball Lake 7 - 12 Oct 2002. Record accepted by British Birds Rarities Committee. New Exmoor Record.
Greater FlamingoPhoenicopterus ruberExotic. One flying west off Dunster Beach Sept 1969.
Green SandpiperTringa ochropusRegular, mainly autumn passage visitor to reservoirs and marshes.
Green WoodpeckerPicus viridisResident. Nests. Visits lawns.
Green-winged TealAnas crecca carolinensisPorlock Marsh Dec. 1998. Oct. 1951. Vagrant.
GreenfinchCarduelis chlorisResident. Nests. Scarce on high moor but autum and winter flocks on stubble of c200 may be seen.
Greenland WheatearOenanthe oenanthe leucorrhoaSmall numbers of this larger race of wheatear are seen on passage most years.
Greenland White-fronted GooseAnser albifrons flavirostrisSingle birds, Minehead Marsh Dec. 1952 & Mar 1995.
GreenshankTringa nebulariaScarce but regular spring and autumn passage migrant.
Grey HeronArdea cinereaAbout 25 breeding pairs at 5 heronries. Regularly seen along rivers and on coast at Dunster.
Grey PartridgePerdix perdixResident, scarce. Some records may refer to hand-reared birds. Nests.
Grey PhalaropePhalaropus fulicariusPassage visitor to the coast. Occasionally storm blown.
Grey PloverPluvialis squatarolaWinter visitor. Small numbers Minehead and Dunster Beach.
Grey WagtailMotacilla cinereaExmoor Moorland Bird Survey 2002 est. 65 pairs. + (ENHS) c 30 other pairs at other sites. Resident and fairly common on streams and rivers. Nests.
Greylag GooseAnser anserRare winter visitor. There is always doubt as to whether the birds are genuine wild birds or if from feral population on Chilton Moor. However timing (all in winter) suggests they could be genuine wild.
GuillemotUria aalgeAbout 500 nesting pairs Lynmouth to Heddons Mouth in 1994. Not uncommon passage and winter visitor off-shore.
Gull-billed TernGelochelidon niloticaThe only Somerset record (to 2002) is a first winter bird at Dunster Beach Oct 1997. Vagrant.
GyrfalconFalco rusticolusVagrant. One Foreland Point 1972. Greenland race.
HawfinchCoccothraustes coccothraustesVery rare visitor to Exmoor. Onetime nested at Selworthy.
Hen HarrierCircus cyaneusScarce but regular winter visitor to moorland areas.
Herring GullLarus argentatusNests. Resident. Notable decline in breeding population since early 1980s.
HobbyFalco subbuteoScarce summer visitor, may breed occasionally.
Honey BuzzardPernis apivorusVagrant. Single birds 1990, 1994, 1995. Probably a regular if scarce summer visitor to the older wooded areas in the early part of the last century.
Hooded crowCorvus corone cornixVagrant. Single birds recorded a few times since 1970.
HoopoeUpupa epopsPassage visitor, usually in spring. 14 records between 1956 and 1994.
House MartinDelichon urbicaSummer visitor and passage migrant. Nests.
House SparrowPasser domesticusResident. Nests around human habitations. Flocks in autumn/winter. Numbers may have decreased.
Iceland GullLarus glaucoidesOnly a handful of records mainly in winter. Vagrant.
Icterine WarblerHippolais icterinaVagrant. Two records to 1994 (Heddon Valley 1972 and Withypool 1975).
Isabelline ShrikeLanius isabellinusFirst Somerset record of this Asian species Minehead 1989. Attracted many visitors! Vagrant.
Jack SnipeLymnocryptes minimusWinter visitor to freshwater marshes, lakes and pools.
JackdawCorvus monedulaResident. Nests on coastal cliffs, buildings, quarries and trees. Large flocks may be seen.
JayGarrulus glandariusCommon resident of wooded areas. Nests. Occasional large influxes from the continent such as 1983 when acorn crop failed in Europe due to knopper gall.
Kentish PloverCharadrius alexandrinusPorlock Marsh 1956. Minehead 1968.
KestrelFalco tinnunculusResident and common. Nests.
KingfisherAlcedo atthisResident. Breeds on a few rivers. Frequent sightings by coast and reservoirs in winter.
KittiwakeRissa tridactylaFirst Exmoor breeding record was 6 pairs Woody Bay cliffs in 1972. Increased up to 1984 with c200 pairs. Since then they have declined and no breeding records in 2002 but non breeding birds are still around.
KnotCalidris canutusAutumn passage visitor to beaches.
Kumlien's GullLaurus glaucoides kumlieniRare accidental.
Lapland BuntingCalcarius lapponicusPassage visitor, usually to the coast.
LapwingVanellus vanellusResident, nests, winter and passage visitor. Flocks up to 200 on lowland fields and a few pairs breed.
Laughing GullLarus atricillaVagrant. Recorded Bossington Beach Sep. 1980.
Leach's PetrelOceanodroma leucorhoaRare storm vagrant. 1 Porlock Bay May 1928. Only 2 records in Porlock Bay 1967 - 1994.
Lesser Black-backed GullLarus fuscusPassage and winter visitor. Has bred on Devon cliffs.
Lesser Grey ShrikeLanius minorOne record of one nr Exford on 8.4.1967.
Lesser ScaupAythya affinis (Eyton)Rare (2011), Wimbleball.
Lesser Spotted WoodpeckerDendrocopos minorResident. Nests in the larger deciduous woods.
Lesser WhitethroatSylvia currucaScarce summer visitor. Has bred in Porlock Vale but no recent breeding records. Singing males heard.
LinnetCarduelis cannabinaResident. Usually near the coast. Nests. Winter flocks of up to 50 frequent but sometimes several hundred.
Little AukAlle alleRare storm vagrant.
Little BuntingEmberiza pusillaBossington Beach Nov. 1997 Porlock Marsh 2001. Passage migrant.
Little EgretEgretta garzettaFirst noted by A.E.Coles on 12.5.79 on Porlock Marsh where it remained until 14th when it was observed from 6 - 8pm by Noel Allen. It walked across pool but only once seen to swallow something. It is now regularly seen in the area.
Little GrebeTachybaptus ruficollisWinter visitor to reservoirs, coast and ponds. Has bred in the past and one bred Wimbleball Lake, 1999.
Little GullLarus minutusRare passage visitor, recorded most years. but probably under recorded.
Little OwlAthene noctuaFollowing the introduction of this species into the Midlands, it reached Dunster in 1914 and Dulverton in 1917. Now very scarce. Has nested.
Little Ringed PloverCharadrius dubiusRare passage visitor. Coast and Wimbleball.
Little StintCalidris minutaAutumn passage visitor
Little TernSterna albifronsA few turn up most years on autumn passage.
Long-billed DowitcherLimnodromus scolopaceusVagrant. One record, Porlock Marsh 1973.
Long-eared OwlAsio otusVagrant. Has bred in the past and in 1996.
Long-tailed DuckClangula hyemalisVagrant. One Nutscale March 1995.
Long-tailed SkuaStercorarius longicaudusVagrant. Recorded autumn 1991, 1993, 1994. Minehead 2020.

Long-tailed TitAegithalos caudatusResident. Visits gardens. Nests.
MagpiePica picaResident. Common. Numbers increased in some areas such as Minehead 1950s on but seem to have peaked. Some culling takes place, usually by individuals. There is controversy over the toll they take on small birds.
MallardAnas platyrhynchosResident and winter visitor. Nests. Widespread.
Mallard hybridAnas platyrhynchos xMany between Minehead and Dunster Beach in 1980s and 1990s originating from crosses with ducks at Butlins Holiday Camp. Most have now been eliminated.
MandarinAix galericulataVagrant or feral resident. Origin on Exmoor uncertain.
Manx ShearwaterPuffinus puffinusPassage visitor. Feeding parties in coastal waters, spring to autumn. Breeds in Wales. 1225 counted flying up channel off Porlock Bay 1988. P.yelkouan mauretanicus MEDITERRANEAN SHEARWATER. Vagrant. Race of Manx S. breeding in Mediterranean and recently split from P. puffinus. One off Minehead 1994 and 1996. Later works record this as BALEARIC SHEARWATER P. mauretanicus. V.Rare passage migrant.
Marsh HarrierCircus aeruginosusRare passage migrant usually to coastal areas.
Marsh TitParus palustrisResident. Nests.
Marsh WarblerAcrocephalus palustrisPair Minehead Claypits (now Butlins lake) summer 1929. One or 2 pairs bred there 1947-1961.
Meadow PipitAnthus pratensisExmoor Moorland Survey 2002. Population estimate of 2640 pairs, the most common & widespread species on the moor. Common resident, passage, and winter visitor. Nests. Chief host of cuckoo.
Mediterranean GullLarus melanocephalusPassage and winter visitor now recorded annually. First Somerset record was December 1956 at Dunster Beach.
MerlinFalco columbariusResident but scarce with only a few breeding pairs.
Mistle ThrushTurdus viscivorusResident. nests.
Montagu's HarrierCircus pygargusRare passage migrant. There are 4 breeding records for Exmoor, all before 1920.
MoorhenGallinula chloropusNests. Resident and local around reservoirs and ponds.
Mute SwanCygnus olorResident. Minehead/Dunster Marshes where it breeds and has bred at Porlock Marsh. Cases of cygnets not reaching maturity for various causes. Very rare at Wimbleball.
NightingaleLuscinia megarhynchosPassage visitor. Nests on outskirts of ENP. Bred at Bossington up to c1940.
NightjarCaprimulgus europaeusSurvey by D.K.Ballance 2002 located c52 churring males. Breeds at about five main sites. Summer visitor.
Night HeronNycticorax nicticorax (L.)Rare Accidental (2007), Adult Duster Beach
North Scandinavian race Lesser Black-Backed GullLarus fuscus fuscusVagrant. An old record of c30 off Glenthorne 1950s otherwise very rare.
NutcrackerNucifraga caryocatactesVagrant. One West Luccombe 1985 and about 3 previous records.
NuthatchSitta europaeaResident in deciduous woodland. Nests, occasionally in nest boxes.
OspreyPandion haliaetusIrregular spring and autumn passage visitor.
OystercatcherHaematopus ostralegusNests. Resident and winter visitor. Breeds Devon Exmoor.
Pale-bellied Brent GooseBranta bernicla hrotaLess common than the Dark-bellied race.
Pectoral SandpiperCalidris melanotosVagrant. A handful of records from the coast.
PeregrineFalco peregrinusResident. Nests. Locally frequent on the coast, also hunts inland.
PheasantPhasianus colchicusResident and common. Nests. Thousands bred each year for the shoots.
Pied FlycatcherFicedula hypoleucaSummer visitor, locally common in mature oak woodland. ENHS nest box scheme aimed at Pied Flycatcher is usually successful. Nests. ENHS emblem.
Pied WagtailMotacilla alba yarrelliiResident, nests.
Pink-footed GooseAnser brachyrhyncusVagrant. One Wimbleball Dec. 1991.
PintailAnas acutaRare winter visitor.
PochardAythya ferinaWinter visitor to Wimbleball, rarely the coast.
Pomarine SkuaStercorarius pomarinusAutumn passage visitor. Exceptional: 33 off Dunster Beach 1985.
PuffinFratercula arcticaStorm vagrant along the coast.
Purple SandpiperCalidris maritimaRare Winter visitor, mainly between Lynmouth and Heddons Mouth. One Dunster Beach 1994.
QuailCoturnix coturnixOnce bred widely, may nest occasionally. Now a scarce and irregular summer visitor.
RavenCorvus coraxResident. Nests on coastal cliffs and moorland combes. Flocks of over 100 have been recorded.
RazorbillAlca tordaAbout 450 breeding pairs N.Devon cliffs. Passage and winter visitor off-shore.
Red GrouseLagopus lagopusIntroduced on Exmoor in 1800s and established by 1900s. In 1976 about 40 prs. bred in area from Robin How to Black Barrow but decreased drastically and thought extinct in 2002. However 2 or 3 reports in 2003 were received and they may have been bred again by one of the shoots.
Red KiteMilvus milvusMost frequent as a spring passage visitor. One or two over Exmoor most years. One in Timberscombe area 1989/90 was wing tagged and was a released bird part of a NCC/RSPB project.
Red-backed ShrikeLanius collurioPassage visitor.
Red-breasted MerganserMergus serratorWinter visitor mainly to the coast.
Red-crested PochardNetta rufinaA record of 5 at Nutscale, Nov. 1995 was not confirmed and is considered incorrect.
Red-legged PartridgeAlectoris rufaNests. Resident, locally common, usually reared and released.
Red-necked GrebePodiceps grisegenaVery rare winter visitor. One Porlock Marsh 1956 and one Wimbleball 1993 & 1996.
Red-necked PhalaropePhalaropus lobatusVagrant. One Porlock Marsh 1970. and 3 previous records here. One Holnicote October 2020
Red-rumped SwallowHirundo dauricaVagrant. One record of a single bird at Porlock, Oct 1987 at the time when there was an influx into Britain.
Red-throated DiverGavia stellataWinter and passage visitor to Exmoor coast; occasional Wimbleball Lake.
Red-throated PipitAnthus cervinusA bird in summer plumage at Dunster Beach 1996. This was 3rd Somerset record.
RedpollCarduelis flammeaResident. Nests. Now breeds annually but numbers fluctuate. Winter parties on lower moorland.
RedshankTringa totanusResident and winter visitor. Breeds Porlock Marsh but numbers decreased.
RedstartPhoenicurus phoenicurusExmoor Moorland Bird Survey 2002 est 131 pairs. Regular summer visitor and passage migrant. Nests.
RedwingTurdus iliacusRegular winter visitor.
Reed BuntingEmberiza schoeniclusExmoor Moorland Bird Survey 2002 est. 165 pairs. ENHS recorded about another 10 pairs elsewhere. Resident, nests. ENHS Survey in yr 2000. Nests in coastal marsh and moorland combes.
Reed WarblerAcrocephalus scirpaceusRegular summer visitor to Porlock and Dunster Marshes. Nests.
Richard's PipitAnthus novaeseelandiaeVagrant. 3 records of single birds 1977, 1980, 1991.
Ring OuzelTurdus torquatusSummer visitor to moorland combes, formerly nested but no breeding records found in survey in 2003 and may now only occur on passage.
Ring-billed GullLarus delawarensisVagrant.
Ring-necked DuckAythya collarisVagrant. Wintering males have been seen infrequently at Wimbleball.
Ring-necked ParakeetPsittacula krameriOne presumed this species, Dunkery area 1985 (possible escape). Another Dunster Beach 1989 and 1990 all considered escapes rather than feral birds.
Ringed PloverCharadrius hiaticulaResident. Passage and winter visitor. Bred Dunster Beach 1993.
RobinErithacus rubeculaResident. Nests.
Rock DoveColumba liviaWild form unlikely to have occurred.
Rock PipitAnthus petrosusResident. Nests rocky shores.
RookCorvus frugilegusResident. Most rookeries used to occupy high elms until these trees were lost to dutch elm disease in 1970s, they now occupy any tall trees mostly near habitation. Highest rookery is at Simonsbath at 400m.
Rose-coloured StarlingSturnus roseusVagrant. Only 4 Exmoor sightings 1945 - 1994.
Roseate TernSterna dougalliiAutumn passage visitor. Only records to date were 3 Minehead Beach in Aug 1971.
Rough-legged BuzzardButeo lagopusVagrant. Recorded winters of 1973, 74 and 87.
Ruddy DuckOxyura jamaicensisWinter visitor to Wimbleball. First recorded 1985.
Ruddy ShelduckTadorna ferrugineaVagrant. Two old records from Porlock Marsh - 2 1915 and 1 1928.
RuffPhilomachus pugnaxScarce spring and autumn passage visitor to coast and Wimbleball. 15 Porlock Marsh 1987 was an exception.
Sabine's GullLarus sabiniVagrant. Occasionally recorded on the coast after gales.
Sand MartinRiparia ripariaSummer and passage visitor. Scarce as a breeding bird but nests in one or two places. Earliest ENHS record 2nd March.
SanderlingCalidris albaREgular passage/winter visitor along coast.
Sandwich TernSterna sandvicensisSmall numbers on spring/autumn passage most years on coast.
Scandinavian Rock PipitAnthus petrosus littoralisPossibly one Porlock Marsh, 1996.
ScaupAythya marilaScarce winter visitor to Wimbleball, occasionally on the coast.
Scaup X Tufted Duck HybridAythya marila x fuligulaHybrid ducks at Wimbleball may have included this.
Sedge WarblerAcrocephalus schoenobaenusSummer visitor to the coastal marshes, rare elsewhere. Nests.
ShagPhalacrocorax aristotelisHas bred between Lynmouth and Heddons Mouth. Resident. Much rarer than cormorant.
ShelduckTadorna tadornaResident winter visitor. Breeds but much fewer than in early 1900s. Numbers build up along the coast in winter.
Shore LarkEremophila alpestrisWinter visitor to coastal beaches. Only a handful of records.
Short-eared OwlAsio flammeusWinter visitor occurring annually, usually on moorland.
ShovelerAnas clypeataRegular winter visitor to coast and Wimbleball.
SiskinCarduelis spinusResident and winter visitor. First nested in conifers near Luccombe in 1979.
SkylarkAlauda arvensisExmoor Moorland Bird Survey 2002 recorded a population of 1290 pairs Somerset/Devon. Resident and common passage and winter visitor. Nests. Large flocks of several hundred may be seen in winter on lowland fields.
Slavonian GrebePodiceps auritusVery rare winter visitor. One Minehead Clay Pits Jan 1960 (This site is now Butlins boating lake); one Dunster Hawn Oct 1972.
SmewMergus albellusWinter visitor. Single birds Wimbleball 1984, 86 & 87.
SnipeGallinago gallinagoMoorland Bird Survey estimate 9 territories on Exmoor inc. 3 in N. Devon. Resident, winter visitor. Breeds moorland bogs. In the past up to 250 on Minehead Marsh but not since Butlins.
Snow BuntingPlectrophenax nivalisScarce passage/winter visitor to the coast, occasionally on the moors.
Snow GooseAnser caerulescensOne regularly seen Dunster Marsh and Wimbleball 1989 with Canada Geese - Exotic.
Snowy OwlNyctea scandiacaVagrant. No current records although one 1972 at North Molton was close. Previous record nr Simonsbath 1945 and 3 earlier records.
Song ThrushTurdus philomelosResident, nests. Also autumn and winter visitor.
Sooty ShearwaterPuffinus griseusRare offshore passage migrant. 7 off Minehead 1979.
SparrowhawkAccipiter nisusResident and fairly common. Nests.
SpoonbillPlatalea leucorodiaVagrant. One Porlock Marsh 1994, 1998 and 1999.
Spotted CrakePorzana porzanaVagrant. Only recorded 3 times up to 1994, each time from Porlock Marsh in 1958, 1959 & 1971.
Spotted SandpiperActitis macularia (L.)Rare (2010), Dunster Beach
Spotted FlycatcherMuscicapa striataSummer visitor. Nests usually around buildings. Numbers fluctuate from year to year.
Spotted RedshankTringa erythropusAutumn passage visitor.
StarlingSturnus vulgarisResident. Passage and an abundant winter visitor also. Nests.
Stock DoveColumba oenasResident and fairly common. Nests.
Stone-curlewBurhinus oedicnemusNo records for many years. Single birds at Minehead 1912 and Great Hangman 1944.
StonechatSaxicola torquataExmoor Moorland Bird Survey 2002 est 468 pairs, an increase on previous 1992/3 survey. Resident, nests. Gorse and heather on moorland.
Storm PetrelHydrobates pelagicusVagrant. Coastal waters summer/autumn. Some probably go unrecorded in Porlock Bay.
Surf ScoterMelanitta perspicillataRare accidental.
SwallowHirundo rusticaSummer visitor and passage migrant. Nests. Earliest (exceptional) record 3 19.1.1975, Selworthy.
SwiftApus apusSummer visitor. Nests. Exceptionally late sighting 1 Porlock Marsh 29.11.95. Breeds in old buildings and church towers. Feeding flocks occur over the moor.
Tawny OwlStrix alucoResident. Widespread in woods and farmland. Nests.
Tawny PipitAnthus campestrisThis species joined the Exmoor list on 4.8.1993 with a moulting juvenile at Dunster Beach.
TealAnas creccaRegular winter visitor, coastal marshes and Wimbleball. Has bred in the past (1945) Over 600 at Porlock Marsh very unusual.
Temminck's StintCalidris temminckiiVagrant. One Porlock Marsh 1972.
Terek SandpiperXenus cinereusVagrant. One Porlock Marsh May 1987.
Tree PipitAnthus trivialisExmoor Moorland Bird Survey 2002 est. 129 pairs. Summer visitor in scattered trees along hillsides and woodland fringes. Nests.
Tree SparrowPasser montanusVisitor. Used to breed at Monksilver until 1920s. Now rarely reported.
TreecreeperCerthia familiarisResident, woodland and parkland. Nests. Numbers may fluctuate in hard winters.
Tufted DuckAythya fuligulaWinter visitor and scarce resident. Bred Wimbleball 1989.
TurnstoneArenaria interpresCommon passage and winter visitor, recorded most months.
Turtle DoveStreptopelia turturSummer visitor, recorded most years. Nests.
TwiteCarduelis flavirostrisWinter visitor. Just a few sightings of one or two birds in recent years but small flocks (10-20) recorded 1975 and 1986.
Two-Barred CrossbillLoxia leucopteraRare visitor.
Velvet ScoterMelanitta fuscaVagrant. Male Dunster Beach Dec. 1985; 2 Minehead Nov. 1994 and 2017.
Water PipitAnthus spinolettaVery rare passage and winter visitor. One Porlock Marsh Jan 1988. One Bossington 2020.
Water RailRallus aquaticusRegular but scarce winter visitor to marshy habitats on coast and inland.
WaxwingBombycilla garrulusIrregular winter visitor.
WheatearOenanthe oenantheEarliest date 24 Feb. 1998, Porlock Marsh Average 10th March. (D. Ballance). Exmoor Moorland Bird Survey 2002 found 57 pairs. Summer visitor and passage migrant. Stony outcrops, walls, coast and moors. Nests.
WhimbrelNumenius phaeopusRegular spring and autumn visitor to coast and Wimbleball.
WhinchatSaxicola rubetraExmoor Moorland Bird Survey 2002 est 292 pairs; a decline of nearly a third of the previous RSPB survey in 1992/3. However, a personal survey by DKB located 363 pairs although some variation in areas. Summer visitor common in moorland combes but may have decreased (2003)
White PelicanPelecanus onocrotalus
White StorkCiconia ciconiaRare. Accidental (2004) and 2017.
A single record of one roosting on the church at Withiel Florey in June 1971 may refer to an escaped bird, and not to a genuine vagrant.
White WagtailMotacilla alba albaSpring and autumn passage visitor along the coast.
White-fronted GooseAnser albifronsIrregular winter visitor to Minehead and Porlock Marshes and Wimbleball. Greenland race not recently recorded; one Minehead 1952.
White-rumped SandpiperCalidris fuscicollisRare visitor, one Dunster Beach 1995.
White-tailed EagleHaliaeetus albicillaThere have been no recent records, the only four are from the period between 1811 and 1912. The only certain one being shot in Badgworthy Deer Park "some years before 1874. It was mounted with a Black Grouse which it had killed, for the landowner Nicholas Snow, and was long preserved at Oare Village Hall (Malmsmead Field Centre) but has now disappeared.
White-winged Black TernChlidonias leucopterusVagrant. Only record to date Porlock Marsh 1986.
WhitethroatSylvia communisNests. Summer visitor.
Whooper SwanCygnus cygnusRare winter visitor to the coast.
WigeonAnas penelopeWinter visitor. Common on the coastal marshes and at Wimbleball. As many as 1000 have been seen. The most common wintering duck along the coast.
Willow TitParus montanusResident and local, nests in damp woodlands.
Willow WarblerPhylloscopus trochilusSummer visitor. The commonest warbler. Nests.
Wilson's PhalaropePhalaropus tricolorVagrant. Female Porlock Marsh 1995.
Wood SandpiperTringa glareolaScarce autumn passage visitor.
Wood WarblerPhylloscopus sibilatrixSummer visitor of mature deciduous (mainly oak) woodlands). Nests. ENHS survey in 2003.
Woodchat ShrikeLanius senatorOne record near Bossington May 1926. One Exford 1989.
WoodcockScolopax rusticolaRegular autumn/winter visitor. Nested 1981.
WoodlarkLullula arboreaIrregular visitor. Nested around Porlock to Dunster until 1946. Hard winters in 1946 and 1962 appeared to wipe out local population. Since then only scattered records mainly of winter birds.
WoodpigeonColumba palumbusResident. Also a passage and winter visitor. Large flocks often seen in winter.
WrenTroglodytes troglodytesResident. Nests.
WryneckJynx torquillaAutumn passage migrant. Three reports 1975 to 1994. One 2020.
Yellow WagtailMotacilla flavaSpring/autumn passage visitor mainly on the coast.
Yellow WagtailMotacilla flava flavissimaSpring/autumnh passage visitor mainly on the coast. (See under M. flava for records)
Yellow-browed WarblerPhylloscopus inornatusVagrant. 3 records; spring 1970 and 1990; autumn 1993.
Yellow-legged GullLaurus cachinnansWimbleball 1997. Vagrant.
YellowhammerEmberiza citrinellaExmoor Moorland Bird Survey 2002 est. 73 pairs. ENHS survey in yr 2000. Resident. Nests.
Updated to May, 2020.

Bugs List: Updated to September 2020 to include all reports to Exmoor Naturalist No. 46 Pt 2.

Introduction: Hemiptera covers: Bugs which include Shieldbugs, Water Boatmen, Leafhoppers, Plant Lice, Aphids and several other groups.. These have been arranged in one section, alphabetically by their Scientific Names. Common Names are also given where appropriate.
Scientific NameCommon NameNotes.
Acalypta brunneaa lacebugIn moss
Acanthosoma haemorrhoidaleHawthorn ShieldbugOn hawthorn
Acetropis gimmerthalia plantbug or grassbugOn grasses
Adarrus ocellarisa leafhopperGrasses
Adelges abietisAn aphidGalls on Spruce fir.
Adelphocoris lineolatusa plantbug or grassbugOn grassland herbs.
Aelia acuminataa shield bugOn grasses.
Agallia consobrinaa leafhopperGrasses
Aguriahana stellulataa leafhopperDeciduous trees
Alebra albostriellaa leafhopperOak
Alebra wahlbergia leafhopperOak & elm
Aleyrodes proletellaCabbage WhiteflyLocally common on Brassicas.
Allygus mixtusa leafhopperDeciduous trees
Allygus modestusa leafhopperDeciduous trees
Alnetoidea alnetia leafhopperOn deciduous trees
Alydus calcaratusan ant bugHeathland herbs.
Amblytylus nasutusa plantbug or grassbugOn grassland herbs
Anaptus majora damsel bugPredator in grasslands
Anthocoris confususa flower bug or bloodsucking bugPredator on trees & shrubs
Anthocoris nemoralisa flower bug or bloodsucking bugPredator on trees & shrubs
Anthocoris nemorumCommon Flower BugPredator
Anthocoris simulansa flower bug or bloodsucking bugPredator on ash or elm
Aphis fabaean aphidHighly polyphagous
Aphrodes albifronsa leafhopperOn grasses
Aphrodes bicinctusa leafhopper
Aphrodes makarovia leafhopperGrasses
Aphrophora alnia froghopperDeciduous trees.
Aptus mirmicoidesa damsel bugPredator in grasslands
Aquarius najasa pondskaterPredator on water surface, mainly on river.
Arocephalus punctuma leafhopperGrasses
Arthaldeus pascuellusa leafhopperGrasses
Arthaldeus striifronsa leafhopperGrasses
Asciodema obsoletuma plantbug or grassbugOn gorse
Asiraca clavicornisa planthopperOn grasses
Atractotomus magnicornisa plantbug or grassbugOn spruce
Balclutha punctataa leafhopperGrasses, herbs & shrubs
Berytinus minora stiltbug
Berytinus montivagusa stiltbugOn legumes
Blepharidopterus angulatusBlack-kneed Apple CapsidOn deciduous trees.
Bryocoris pteridisa plantbug or grassbugOn ferns
Calocoris norvegicusa plantbug or grassbugOn grassland herbs.
Calocoris quadripunctatusa plantbug or grassbugOn oaks
Calocoris stysia plantbug or grassbugOn woodland herbs
Campyloneura virgulaa plantbug or grassbugPredator on deciduous trees.
Campylosteira vernaa lacebugIn moss
Capsus atera plantbug or grassbugOn grassland herbs.
Cardiastethus fasciiventrisa flower bug or bloodsucking bugPredator on trees.
Centrotus cornutusTree HopperDeciduous trees.
Cercopis vulnerataa froghopperIn woodland
Chilacis typhaea ground bugOn reedmace.
Chloriona unicolora planthopperIn reeds
Cicadella viridisa leafhopperGrasses & rushes
Cicadula aurantipesa leafhopperGrasses & sedges
Cicadula persimilisa leafhopperGrasses & sedges
Cixius cuniculariusa lacehopperOn grasses & herbs
Cixius nervosusa lacehopperOn grasses and herbs.
Compsidolon salicellusa plantbug or grassbugOn hazel and sallow.
Conomelus ancepsa planthopperIn rushes
Conosanus obsoletusa leafhopperGrasses
Coranus subapterusan assassin bugPredator in heaths.
Coreus marginatusa squashbugOn docks (Rumex)
Coriomeris denticulatusa squashbugGrassland herbs.
Corixa punctataPunctate CorixaOmnivores in ponds, or slow moving water.
Corizus hyoscyamia bugOn restharrow
Criomorphus albomarginatusa planthopperGrasses
Cryptomyzus ribisan aphidGalls on Currants.
Cyllecoris histrionicusa plantbug or grassbugOn oak
Cymus claviculusa stiltbugOn grassland herbs
Cymus melanocephalusa stiltbugIn rushes
Deltocephalus pulicarisa leafhopperGrasses
Deraeocoris lutescensa plantbug or grassbugOn deciduous trees.
Deraeocoris rubera plantbug or grassbugOn grassland herbs.
Dicranotropis hamataa planthopperIn grasses
Dictyonota strichnoceraa lacebugOn gorse
Dicyphus constrictusa plantbug or grassbugPolyphagous on herbs
Dicyphus epilobiia plantbug or grassbugOn Epilobium hirsutum
Dicyphus erransa plantbug or grassbugPolyphagous on herbs.
Dicyphus globulifera plantbug or grassbugOn campions.
Dicyphus pallicornisa plantbug or grassbugOn foxgloves.
Dicyphus stachydisa plantbug or grassbugOn hedge woundwort.
Dikraneura variataa leafhopperGrasses & sedges
Diplocolenus abdominalisa leafhopperGrasses
Ditropis pteridisa planthopperIn ferns
Dolycoris baccaruma shield bugOn deciduous trees.
Drymus brunneusa ground bugGrasslands.
Drymus ryeia ground bugGrasslands
Drymus sylvaticusa ground bugGrasslands
Dryophilocoris flavoquadrimaculatusa plantbug or grassbugOn oak
Dysaphis sorbian aphidGalls on Rowan.
Edwardsiana avellanaea leafhopperOn hazel
Edwardsiana bergmania leafhopperOn birch & alder
Edwardsiana crataegia leafhopperOn deciduous trees
Edwardsiana frustratora leafhopperOn deciduous trees
Edwardsiana geometricaa leafhopperOn alder
Edwardsiana hippocastania leafhopperOn deciduous trees.
Edwardsiana plebejaa leafhopperOn oak
Edwardsiana rosaea leafhopperOn roses
Elasmostethus interstinctusa shield bugOn birch.
Elasmostethus tristriatusJuniper ShieldbugNaturalised on garden cypress.
Elasmucha griseaParent BugOn birch
Elymana sulphurellaa leafhopperGrasses
Emelyanoviana molliculaa leafhopperGrasses & herbs
Empicoris vagabundusan assassin bugPredator on trees & shrubs.
Empoasca vitisa leafhopperHighly polyphagous
Enoplops scaphaa squashbugGrassland herbs.
Eriosoma lanigerumAn aphidGalls on Apple.
Euceraphis punctipennisAn aphidOn birch.
Eupelix cuspidataa leafhopperGrasses
Eupterycyba jucundaa leafhopperOn alder
Eupteryx atropunctataa leafhopperGrassland herbs
Eupteryx aurataa leafhopperGrassland herbs
Eupteryx cyclopsa leafhopperGrassland herbs
Eupteryx filicuma leafhopperOn ferns
Eupteryx floridaa leafhopperGrassland herbs
Eupteryx melissaea leafhopperOn labiates.
Eupteryx notataa leafhopperOn labiates
Eupteryx stachydearuma leafhopperOn labiates
Eupteryx thoulessia leafhopperOn labiates
Eupteryx urticaea leafhopperOn labiates
Eurhadina concinnaa leafhopper
Eurhadina pulchellaa leafhopperOak
Euscelis incisusa leafhopperGrasses
Euscelis lineolatusa leafhopperGrasses
Evacanthus interruptusa leafhopperGrasses
Eysarcoris fabriciia shield bug
Fagocyba carria leafhopperOn oak
Fagocyba cruentaa leafhopperOn oak
Forcipata forcipataa leafhopperGrasses & sedges
Gastrodes grossipesa ground bugOn pines.
Gerris lacustrisCommon PondskaterPredator on water surface.
Harpocera thoracicaa plantbug or grassbugOn oaks
Hauptidia maroccanaa leafhopperOn foxgloves
Hayhurstia atriplicisan aphidGalls on Chenopodiaceae
Heterogaster urticaeNettle GroundbugOn nettles.
Heterotoma meriopteruma plantbug or grassbugGrassland herbs.
Hydrometra stagnoruma water-measurerPredator on water surface
Hyledelphax elegantulusa planthopperIn grasses
Iassus lanioa leafhopperOaks
Idiocerus confususa leafhopperSallows
Idiocerus distinguendusa leafhopperOn white poplar
Idiocerus fulgidusa leafhopperOn black poplar
Idiocerus lituratusa leafhopperSallows
Idiocerus similisa leafhopperSallows
Idiocerus vitreusa leafhopperPoplars
Ilyocoris cimicoidesa saucer bugPredator in ponds, or slow moving water.
Ischnocoris angustulusa ground bugHeaths
Issus coleoptratusa beetle bugOn deciduous trees
Jassargus distinguendusa leafhopperGrasses
Jassargus floria leafhopperGrasses
Javesella discolora planthopperIn grasses
Javesella dubiaa planthopperIn grasses
Javesella forcipataa planthopperIn grasses
Javesella obscurellaa planthopperIn grasses
Javesella pellucidaa planthopperIn grasses
Kelisia ribautia planthopper
Kelisia sabulicolaa planthopperDune grasses
Kleidocerys resedaea ground bugOn birch.
Kleidocerys truncatulusa ground bugOn heaths.
Kybos betulicolaa leafhopperBirch
Kybos populia leafhopperPoplar
Kybos smaragdulusa leafhopperSallow
Lamprotettix nitidulusa leafhopperGrasses
Legnotus limbosusa shield bugOn various herbs.
Leptopterna dolabrataa plantbug or grassbugOn grasses
Leptopterna ferrugataa plantbug or grassbugOn grasses
Limnoporus rufoscutellatusa pondskaterPredator on water surface.
Lindbergina aurovittataa leafhopperOn deciduous trees
Linnavuoriana decempunctataa leafhopperOn birch
Linnavuoriana sexmaculataa leafhopperOn sallow
Liocoris tripustulatusa plantbug or grassbugOn nettles
Lopus decolora plantbug or grassbugOn grassland herbs
Loricula elegantulaa minute bugPredator on trees.
Loricula pselaphiformisa minute bugPredator on trees
Lygocoris contaminatusa plantbug or grassbugOn birch
Lygocoris lucoruma plantbug or grassbugPolyphagous on herbs.
Lygocoris pabulinusCommon Green CapsidDeciduous trees & herbs.
Lygocoris viridisa plantbug or grassbugOn lime trees.
Lygus rugulipennisEuropean Tarnished Plant BugPolyphagous on herbs.
Macrodema micropteruma ground bugOn heaths.
Macropsis scutellataa leafhopperOn nettles
Macrosteles laevisa leafhopperGrasses & herbs
Macrosteles sexnotatusa leafhopperGrasses & herbs
Macrosteles viridigriseusa leafhopperGrasses
Macrotylus paykullia plantbug or grassbugOn restharrow
Malacocoris chlorizansDelicate Apple CapsidOn hazel or apple.
Mecomma ambulansa plantbug or grassbugOn woodland herbs.
Megacoelum infusuma plantbug or grassbugOn oak
Megalocoleus molliculusa plantbug or grassbugOn yarrow
Megalonotus dilatatusa ground bugOn heaths
Megophthalmus scabripennisa leafhopperGrasses
Megophthalmus scanicusa leafhopperGrasses
Metatropis rufescensa stiltbugOn circaea
Micronecta poweriWater Singer
Mocydia croceaa leafhopperGrasses
Mocydiopsis attenuataa leafhopperGrasses
Mocydiopsis parvicaudaa leafhopperGrasses
Monalocoris filicisBracken BugOn ferns
Muellerianella fairmaireia planthopperIn grasses
Myrmus miriformisa bugOn grasses
Myzocallis castanicolaAn aphidOn sweet chestnut
Myzocallis coryliAn aphidOn hazel.
Myzus persicaean aphidHighly polyphagous
Nabicula flavomarginataBroad DamselbugPredator in grasslands
Nabicula limbataMarsh DamselbugPredator in grasslands.
Nabis ericetorumHeath DamselbugPredator in grasslands
Nabis ferusField Damsel BugPredator in grasslands.
Nabis rugosusCommon DamselbugPredator in grasslands
Neodicyphus rhododendria plantbug or grassbugOn rhododendron.
Neophilaenus campestrisa froghopper
Neophilaenus exclamationisa froghopperOn grasses and herbs.
Neophilaenus lineatusa froghopperOn grasses & herbs
Neotrama caudateAn aphidIn gardens. Lettuce roots.
Nepa cinereaWater ScorpionPredator in ponds or slow moving water.
Notonecta glaucaCommon Water-boatmanPredator in ponds, or slow moving water.
Notostira elongataa plantbug or grassbugOn grasses
Notus flavipennisa leafhopperGrasses
Nysius ericaea ground bugGrassland herbs.
Oliarus leporinusa lacehopperOn grasses & herbs
Oncopsis alnia leafhopperAlder
Oncopsis avellanaea leafhopperHazel
Oncopsis flavicollisa leafhopperOn birch
Oncopsis subangulataa leafhopperOn birch
Oncopsis tristisa leafhopperOn birch
Orius majusculusa flower bug or bloodsucking bugPredator on trees, shrubs & herbs.
Orius nigera flower bug or bloodsucking bugPredator on trees, shrubs and herbs.
Orthocephalus saltatora plantbug or grassbugOn composites.
Orthops campestrisa plantbug or grassbugOn umbellifers.
Orthops cervinusa plantbug or grassbugOn lime trees.
Orthops kalmia plantbug or grassbugOn umbellifers.
Orthotylus ericetoruma plantbug or grassbugOn heaths.
Orthotylus marginalisDark Green Apple CapsidOn deciduous trees.
Orthotylus ochrotrichusa plantbug or grassbugOn deciduous trees and herbs.
Orthotylus prasinusa plantbug or grassbugOn deciduous trees.
Orthotylus tenellusa plantbug or grassbugOn deciduous trees.
Orthotylus virescensa plantbug or grassbugOn broom
Palomena prasinaa shield bugOn trees & shrubs.
Pantilius tunicatusa plantbug or grassbugOn alder
Pemphigus bursariusan aphidGalls on poplar
Pemphigus filaginisAn aphidGalls on Black poplar.
Pemphigus lysimachiaeAn aphidGalls on Poplar
Pemphigus spirothecaean aphidGalls on Poplar
Pentatoma rufipesForest BugOn deciduous trees.
Philaenus spumariusCuckoo-spit InsectHighly polyphagous
Phyllaphis fagiAn aphidOn beech.
Phylus corylia plantbug or grassbugOn hazel
Phylus melanocephalusa plantbug or grassbugOn oak
Phylus pallicepsa plantbug or grassbugOn oak
Physatocheila dumetoruma lacebugOn ivy
Phytocoris dimidiatusa plantbug or grassbugOn oak and plum
Phytocoris longipennisa plantbug or grassbugOn deciduous trees.
Phytocoris tiliaea plantbug or grassbugOn oak
Phytocoris varipesa plantbug or grassbugGrassland and dune herbs.
Picromerus bidensa shield bugPredatory in grasslands.
Piezodorus lituratusGorse ShieldbugOn gorse.
Pilophorus perplexusa plantbug or grassbugPredator on deciduous trees.
Pithanus maerkelia plantbug or grassbugPredator in grasslands.
Plagiognathus arbustoruma plantbug or grassbugHighly polyphagous in grasslands.
Plagiognathus chrysanthemia plantbug or grassbugHighly polyphagous in grasslands.
Planococcus citriCitrus Scale insect
Podops inunctaa shield bugOn grasses.
Prociphilus fraxiniAn aphidGalls on ash.
Psallus ambiguusa plantbug or grassbugOn deciduous trees.
Psallus confususa plantbug or grassbugOn oak and poplar.
Psallus fallenia plantbug or grassbugOn birch
Psallus flavellusa plantbug or grassbugOn ash
Psallus haematodesa plantbug or grassbugOn willow
Psallus lepidusa plantbug or grassbugOn ash
Psallus perrisia plantbug or grassbugOn oak
Psallus salicisa plantbug or grassbugOn alder
Psallus variansa plantbug or grassbugOn oak
Psallus wagneria plantbug or grassbugOn oak
Psammotettix confinisa leafhopperGrasses
Psammotettix nodosusa leafhopperGrasses
Psammotettix putonia leafhopperGrasses
Pseudotettix subfusculusa leafhopperOn deciduous trees
Psylla alnia jumping plantlouseOn alder
Psylla brunneipennisa jumping plantlouseOn willow
Psylla buxia jumping plantlouseGalls on box
Psylla malia jumping plantlouseOn apple
Psylla melanoneuraa jumping plantlouseOn hawthorn
Psylla peregrinaa jumping plantlouseOn hawthorn
Psyllopsis fraxinia jumping plantlouseGalls on ash
Rantra linearisWater Stick-insectLocal in still water.
Rhopalus subrufusa bugGrassland herbs.
Rhyparochromus pinia ground bugOn heaths.
Ribautiana cruciataa leafhopperOn deciduous trees.
Ribautiana debilisa leafhopperOn deciduous trees
Ribautiana scalarisa leafhopperOn oak
Ribautiana tenerrimaa leafhopperOn deciduous trees
Ribautiana ulmia leafhopperOn elm
Saldula c-albuma shorebugPredators near water
Saldula saltatoriaCommon ShorebugPredator near water
Saldula scoticaa shorebug
Sardius argusa leafhopperGrasses
Schizoneura ulmian aphidGalls on elm
Scolopostethus affinisa ground bugOn nettles
Scolopostethus decoratusa ground bugOn calluna
Scolopostethus thomsonia ground bugOn nettles
Sehirus bicolorPied ShieldbugOn labiates
Sehirus biguttatusa shield bugOn Cow-wheat.
Stenocranus majora planthopper
Stenocranus minutusa planthopperOn grasses
Stenodema calcaratuma plantbug or grassbugOn grasses
Stenodema holsatuma plantbug or grassbugOn grasses
Stenodema laevigatuma plantbug or grassbugOn grasses
Stenotus binotatusTimothy GrassbugOn grasses.
Sthenarus rotermundia plantbug or grassbugOn white poplar.
Stiroma affinisa planthopperIn grasses
Streptanus aemulansa leafhopperGrasses
Streptanus marginatusa leafhopperGrasses
Stygnocoris fuligineusa ground bugGrasslands
Stygnocoris rusticusa ground bugGrasslands
Stygnocoris sabulosusa ground bugGrasslands
Syromastus rhombeusa squashbugSandy places.
Systellonotus triguttatusan ant mimicking bugRare.
Tachycixius pilosusa lacehopperOn grasses & herbs
Temnostethus gracilisa flower bug or bloodsucking bugPredator on trees
Temnostethus pusillusa flower bug or bloodsucking bugPredator on trees
Tetraneura ulmiFig GallGalls on elm
Tetraphleps bicuspisa flower bug or bloodsucking bugPredator on conifers
Thamnotettix confinisa leafhopperGrasses
Thecabius affinisAn aphidGalls on poplar.
Tingis ampliataCreeping Thistle LacebugOn thistles
Tingis carduiSpear Thistle LacebugOn thistles
Trapezonotus dispara ground bugHeaths and grasslands.
Trialeurodes vaporariorumGreenhouse WhiteflyIn greenhouses.
Trigonotylus ruficornisa plantbug or grassbugOn grasses
Trioza alacrisa jumping plantlouseGall on bay
Trioza centranthia jumping plantlouseGalls on red valerian (centranthus)
Trioza remotaa jumping plantlouseGalls on oak
Trioza urticaea jumping plantlouseOn nettles
Troilus luridusa shield bugPredatory in trees.
Tuberculoides annulatusAn aphid
Typhlocyba quercusa leafhopperOn oak & beech
Ulopa reticulataa leafhopperOn heathers
Velia capraiWater CricketPredator on water surface
Velia sauliia water-cricketPredator on water surface
Xanthodelphax stramineusa planthopperIn grasses
Xylocoridea brevipennisa flower bug or bloodsucking bugPredator on apple and thorn.
Xylocoris cursitansa flower bug or bloodsucking bugPredator on logs & stumps
Zicrona caeruleaa shield bugPredatory in grassland.
Zygina angustaa leafhopperOn deciduous trees
Zygina flammigeraa leafhopperOn deciduous trees
Zyginidia scutellarisa leafhopperOn grasses

Bush-Crickets, Grasshoppers and Allies. Updated to November 2022 to include all reports to Exmoor Naturalist No. 48 Pt 2.

Orthoptera: Bush-Crickets, Grasshoppers and allies.
Common nameScientific nameNotes
Bush Cricket, DarkPholidoptera griseoapteraOccasional. Local.
Bush Cricket, Great GreenTettigonia viridissimaLocally common.
Bush Cricket, OakMeconema thalassinumCommon on deceiduous trees and shrubs.
Bush-Cricket, Roesel’s ptera roeseliiRare
Bush Cricket, SpeckledLeptophyes punctatissimaOccasional. Local.
Camel-Cricket, GreenhouseTachycines asynamorusMay be imported with plants. One, 1985 in a greenhouse.
Conehead, Short-wingedConocephalus dorsalisRare.
Grasshopper, Common FieldChorthippus brunneusCommon of coast and some inland sites, scarce on high ground.
Grasshopper, Common GreenOmocestus viridulusCommon.
Grasshopper, Large MarshStethophyma grossumUnconfirmed record. Rare.
Grasshopper, Lesser MarshChorthippus albomarginatusProbably occurred in reed bed, Porlock Marsh, but reeds no longer there.
Grasshopper, MeadowChorthippus parallelusVery Common in grassland.
Grasshopper, MottledMyrmeleotettix maculatusAbundant In heathland
Grasshopper, WoodlandOmocestus rufipesRare.
Ground Hopper, CommonTetrix undulataLocally abundant.
Ground Hopper, SlenderTetrix subulataUncommon.
Common NameScientific nameNotes
BrimstoneGonepteryx rhamniUsually Present In Early and Late Summer but These Are Generaly Wandering Males. The Foodplant (Buckthorn) Is Virtually Absent From Exmoor.
Brown ArgusAricia agestisRare. Only Recent Records From Minehead Golf Course.
Brown HairstreakThecla betulaeAn Easily Overlooked Species Best Located By Searching For The Eggs On Old Blackthorn In Winter.
Camberwell BeautyNymphalis antiopaOne Unconfirmed Record.
Clouded YellowColias croceusThis Well-Known Migrant Appears In Most Years Usually In Moderate Numbers But Occasionally Abundant.
CommaPolygonia C-AlbumFrequent.
Common BluePolyommatus icarusLocally Common
Dark Green FritillaryArgynnis aglajaFormerly Common But Declined In Recent Years
Dingy SkipperErynnis tagesDeclined.
Duke Of Burgundy FritillaryHamearis lucinaAn Early Record From Timberscombe 1900, Presumably On Primrose Which Is Sometimes Used As A Food Plant. Probably No Longer Occurs.
Essex SkipperThymelicus lineolaRecorded From A Single Site In Vc5, 1992
GatekeeperPyronia tithonus BritanniaeAbundant. Hedgerows Etc.
GraylingHipparchia semeleMoorland Tracks/Quarries, Etc.
Green HairstreakCallophrys rubiIn Areas Of Gorse.
Green-Veined WhitePieris napiCommon
Grizzled SkipperPyrgus malvaeDecreased
Heath FritillaryMellicta athaliaThe Large Number Of Records Reflects The Annual Monitoring Of This Butterfly By Enhs Members Who Have Monitored The 20 Or So Sites Since They Were Discovered In Bin Combe By Roger Butcher/Enhs In 1982 When There Were Tens Of Thousands. There have been some introductions (2010s)
High Brown FritillaryArgynnis adippeRare and local.
Holly BlueCelastrina argiolus BritannaLocally common.
Large SkipperOchlodes venata FaunusLocal
Large TortoiseshellNymphalis polychlorosEarly Records Could Refer To Immigrants. Now Unlikely To Occur.
Large WhitePieris brassicaeLocal Populations Are Reinforced By Immigrants.
Long Tailed BlueLampides boeticus
Marbled WhiteMelanargia galathea SerenaVery Local.
Marsh FritillaryEurodryas auriniaFormerly Present In Small Numbers At Several Sites But Has Declined.
Meadow BrownManiola jurtinaAbundant In Grassy Areas.
Orange TipAnthocharis cardaminesCommon By Hedgerows.
Painted LadyCynthia carduiNumbers Vary Greatly From Year To Year But Occasionally Can Be Abundant.Migrant.
Pale Clouded YellowColias hyaleSingle Record Only
PeacockInachis IoNumbers Fairly Good.
Pearl Bordered FritillaryBoloria euphrosyneSeriously Declined.
Purple HairstreakQuercusia quercusIn Old Oak Woods But Often Unnoticed As They Tend To Remain High Up On The Trees.
Red AdmiralVanessa atalantaThis Species Appears To Have Overwintered In Recent Years. Common
RingletAphantopus hyperantusLocal
Silver-Studded BluePlebejus argusRecorded From Martinhoe Area 1968. An Unconfirmed Record Of Larvae In 1978.
Silver-Washed FritillaryArgynnis paphiaWoodland Rides Where It May Be Seen On Bramble Flowers.
Small CopperLycaena phlaeasRegular In Some Heathland Areas.
Small HeathCoenonympha pamphilusOn Areas Of High Moorland. Frequent
Small Pearl-Bordered FritillaryBoloria seleneLocally Common In Lyn And Barle Valleys. Has declined.
Small SkipperThymelicus sylvestrisLocal.
Small TortoiseshellAglais urticaeOccasionally Abundant But has seriously decreased.
Small WhitePieris rapaeLocal Populations Are Reinforced By Immigrants. Common
Speckled WoodPararge aegeriaGood Numbers. Woodland Borders.
The MilkweedDanaus plexippusA North American Species Which Very Rarely Wanders To Exmoor.
WallLasiommata megeraPossibly Decreasing
White AdmiralLadoga camillaIts Continued Presence Is Very Doubtful on Exmoor
New Butterfly
White Letter HairstreakSatyrium W-AlbumVery Rare.
Wood WhiteLeptidea sinapisThere Are A Number Of Records Up To 1982 But None Since.

Dragonflies, Mayflies, Stonefly and Caddis Flies: Updated to end December 2022 to include all reports to Exmoor Naturalist No. 46 Pt 2.

Common NameScientific NameNotes:
Southern HawkerAeshna cyaneaDragonfly.
Brown HawkerAeshna grandisRare. Dragonfly.
Common HawkerAeshna junceaDragonfly.
Migrant HawkerAeshna mixtaDragonfly.
Emperor DragonflyAnax imperator
Hairy DragonflyBrachytron pratense
Banded DemoiselleCalopteryx splendensDamselfly
Beautiful DemoiselleCalopteryx virgoDamselfly
Azure DamselflyCoenagrion puella
Variable DamselflyCoenagrion pulchellumRecord uncertain
Golden-ringed DragonflyCordulegaster boltonii
Common Blue DamselflyEnallagma cyathigerum
Red-eyed DamselflyErythromma najasFound Dunster hawn 2010
Blue-tailed DamselflyIschnura elegans
Scarce Blue-tailed DamselflyIschnura pumilioRare.
Emerald DamselflyLestes sponsa
Broad-bodied ChaserLibellula depressaDragonfly.
Scarce ChaserLibellula?fulvaFound Dunster hawn 2009. Dragonfly.
Four-spotted ChaserLibellula quadrimaculataDragonfly.
Black-tailed SkimmerOrthetrum cancellatumDragonfly.
Keeled SkimmerOrthetrum coerulescensDragonfly.
Large Red DamselflyPyrrhosoma nymphula
Black DarterSympetrum danaeDragonfly.
Red-veined DarterSympetrum fonscolombiA rare vagrant. Dragonfly.
Common DarterSympetrum striolatumDragonfly.
Iron BlueBaetis muticus
a mayflyBaetis niger
Large Dark OliveBaetis rhodani
Small Dark OliveBaetis scambus
Medium OliveBaetis vernus
Anglers CurseCaenis luctuosa
Anglers CurseCaenis macrura
Anglers CurseCaenis rivulorum
Small Spurwing or Pale WateryCentroptilum luteolum
Pond OliveCloeon dipterum
Autumn Dun or August DunEcdyonurus dispar
Large Brook DunEcdyonurus torrentis
Late March BrownEcdyonurus venosus
Mayfly or Green DrakeEphemera danica
Drake MackerelEphemera vulgata
Blue Winged OliveEphemerella ignita
a mayflyEphemeroptera sp.
Ditch DunHabrophlebia fusca
Dusky Yellowstreak or Dark DunHeptagenia lateralis
Yellow May DunHeptagenia sulphurea
Turkey BrownParaleptophlebia submarginata
Olive UprightRhithrogena semicolorata
a stonefly
a stoneflyUpland streams.
A stoneflyAdults known as Small Yellow Sallies by fishermen.
a stonefly
a stoneflyIn fast running upland waters.
A stoneflyAdults known as Yellow Sallies by fishermen.
a stonefly
a stonefly
a stonefly
a stonefly
a stonefly
a stonefly
a stonefly
a stoneflyIn fast running upland waters.
a stonefly
a stonefly
a stonefly
a stonefly
a stoneflySlow-flowing water.
a caddisflyAgapetus delicatulus
a caddisflyAgapetus fuscipes
a caddisflyAgapetus ochripes
a caddisflyAgapetus sp.
a caddisflyAnabolia nervosa
a caddisflyAthripsodes albifrons
a caddisflyAthripsodes cinereus
a caddisflyAthripsodes commutatus
a caddisflyBeraea maurus
a caddisflyBrachycentrus subnubilus
a caddisflyChaetopteryx villosaIn a light trap at Nettlecombe
a caddisflyCheumatopsyche lepida
a caddisflyCrunoecia irrorata
a caddisflyCyrnus trimaculatus
a caddisflyDrusus annulatus
a caddisflyEcclisopteryx guttulata
a caddisflyEcnomus tenellusTaken in light-trap at Nettlecombe.
a caddisflyGlossosoma boltoni
a caddisflyGlossosoma conformis
a caddisflyGlyphotaelius pellucidusIn a light trap at Nettlecombe
a caddisflyGoera pilosaTo a light trap at Nettlecombe
a caddisflyHalesus digitatusIn a light trap at nettlecombe
a caddisflyHalesus radiatusIn a light trap at Nettlecombe
a caddisflyHydropsyche contubernalis
a caddisflyHydropsyche instabilis
a caddisflyHydropsyche pellucidula
a caddisflyHydropsyche siltalai
a caddisflyHydroptila sp.
a caddisflyIthytrichia clavata
a caddisflyIthytrichia lamellarisProbably this species.
a caddisflyLasiocephala basalis
a caddisflyem>Leptoceus tineiformis
a caddisflyLepidostoma hirtum
a caddisflyLimnephilus affinisIn a light trap at Nettlecombe
a caddisflyLimnephilus auriculaIn a light trap at Nettlecombe
a caddisflyLimnephilus centralisIn a light trap at Nettlecombe.
a caddisflyLimnephilus flavicornis
a caddisflyLimnephilus lanatusTo a light trap at Nettlecombe
a caddisflyLimnephilus lunatus
a caddisflyLimnephilus marmoratusIn a light trap at Nettlecombe.
a caddisflyLimnephilus rhombicusIn a brackish ditch.
a caddisflyLimnephilus sparsusIn a light trap at Nettlecombe.
a caddisflyLimnephilus stigmaIn a brackish ditch.
a caddisflyLimnephilus vittatusIn a brackish ditch.
a caddisflyLimnophila sp.
a caddisflyMicropterna sequax
a caddisflyMolanna angustata
a caddisflyMystacides azurea
a caddisflyMystacides nigraTo a light-trap at Nettlecombe
a caddisflyNotidobia cilianis/em>
a caddisflyOdontocerum albicorne
a caddisflyOrthotricha costalis/em>
a caddisflyOxyethira sp.
a caddisflyPhilopotamus montanus
a caddisflyPhryganea grandisIn light-trap at Nettlecombe
a caddisflyPlectrocnemia conspersa
a caddisflyPlectrocnemia geniculata
a caddisflyPolycentropus flavomaculatus
a caddisflyPolycentropus kingi
a caddisflyPotamophylax cingulatus
a caddisflyPotamophylax latipennisIn a light trap at Nettlecombe
a caddisflyPsychomyia pusilla
a caddisflyRhyacophila dorsalis
a caddisflyRhyacophila munda
a caddisflyRhyacophila obliterata
a caddisflySericostoma personatum
a caddisflySetodes argentipunctellus
a caddisflySilo pallipes
a caddisflyStenophylax permistusIn a light trap at Nettlecombe
a caddisflyStenophylax vibexIn a light trap at Nettlecombe
a caddisflyTinodes waeneri/em>
a caddisflyTrichoptera sp.
a caddisflyWormaldia occipitalis
a caddisflyWormaldia subnigra

Fish (Saltwater and Fresh): Updated to end December 2022 to include all reports to Exmoor Naturalist No. 46 Pt 2.

Exmoor rivers and Bristol Channel off Exmoor Coast
Common nameScientific nameNotes
Allis ShadAlosa alosaA legally protected species with is rare in Bristol Channel off Exmoor.
Angler Fish (Frogfish)Lophius piscatoriusRare.
BassDicentrarchus labraxScarce off Exmoor Coast. Fishermen off Lynmouth had unusually large catches in 2001.
Blenny, Montagu'sCoryphoblennius galeritaScarce.
Blenny, TompotBlennius gattorugineScarce.
Blenny, Yarrell'sChirolophis ascaniiScarce.
BrillScophalmus rhombusScarce.
BullheadCottus gobioFrequent under stones in medium sized streams and rivers on Exmoor.
Coalfish or ColeyPollachius virensScarce.
CodGadus morhuaCommon.
Cod, PoorTrisopterus minutesFrequent.
Common Thresher SharkAlopias vulpinus(Bonnaterre)Very rare. One off Porlock, July 2022.
DabLimanda limandaJuly, 2022.
Dogfish, Gtr. Spotted or Bull HussScyliorhinus stellarisCommon.
Dogfish, Lsr. SpottedScyliorhinus caniculaVery Common.
Dover SoleSolea soleaScarce.
EelAnguilla anguillaWidespread records from North to South Exmoor and Porlock/Minehead Marsh areas. Elvers seen in streams.
Eel, CongerConger congerCommon.
Five-bearded RocklingCiliata mustelaScarce.
FlounderFairly common.
GarfishBelone beloneScarce.
Goby, Common or SandPomatoschistus micropsFairly common in rock pools.
Goby, Two-spotRare, rockpools.
Golden OrfeLeucisus idusReleased domestic fish in Dunster Hawn Pool c1990s.
GraylingThymallus thymallusRecords from the Barle and Exe rivers.
Great PipefishSyngnathus acusScarce.
Gurnard, GreyEutrigla gunrnardusRare.
Gurnard, RedAspitrigla cuculusRare.
Gurnard, TubTrigla lucernaScarce.
HaddockMelanogrammus aeglefinusScarce.
HakeMerluccius merlucciusScarce.
HalibutHippoglossus hippoglossusScarce.
HerringClupea harengusLess common than formerly.
John DoryZeus faberRare.
Koi CarpCyprinus sp.Some Koi Carp were released into Dunster Hawn pond (1990s?) in an ill-advised bid to clear the algae. They increased with detrimental ecological effects and have presented the management with problems.
Lamprey, BrookLampetra planeriOnly recorded from Aller Water. No records since 1995.
Lamprey, RiverLampetra fluviatilisNo records since 1980.
Leopard-spot Goby
LingMolva molvaFairly common in season.
LumpsuckerCyclopterus lumpusUncommon.
MackerelScomber scombrusCommon in season.
MinnowPhoxinus phoxinusIn slow moving water. Shoals frequently seen at edges of some of the larger rivers e.g. Barle.
MonkfishSquatina squatinaRare.
Mullet, RedMullus surmuletusScarce.
Mullet, Thick-lipped GreyChelon labrosusRare.
Mullet, Thin-lipped GreyLiza ramadaScarce.
PlaicePleuronectes platessaCommon.
Pogge or Armed BullheadAgonus cataphractusRare.
PollackPollachius pollachiusCommon.
PorbeagleLamna nasusRare.
PoutingTrisopterus luscusFairly common.
Ray, BlondeRaja brachyuraFairly common.
Ray, Small-eyed/PaintedRaja microcellataFairly common. Record 17 lbs. 2003.
Ray, SpottedRaja montaguiFairly common.
Ray, StingDasyatis pastinacaRare.
Ray, ThornbackRaja clavataCommon.
Ray, UndulateRaja undulataScarce.
RuddScardinius erythropthalmusIn slow-moving water. Minehead, Alcombe and Dunster Marsh.
SalmonSalmo salarRegular runs up the larger rivers.
Sand Eel, LesserAmmodytes tobianusCommon.
Scad or Horse MackerelTrachurus trachurusCommon in season.
Sea or Fifteen-spined SticklebackSpinachia spinachiaRare.
Sea-bream, BlackSpondyliosoma cantharusRare.
Sea-bream, RedPagellus bogaraveoScarce.
Shanny (or Common Blenny) Lipophrys pholis In coastal rock pools.
Shore Clingfish or Cornish SuckerLepadogaster lepadogasterScarce.
Skate, CommonRaja batisOccurs in Bristol Channel.
Smooth-houndMustelus mustelusScarce.
Smooth-hound, StarryMustelus asteriusFrequent.
SpratClupea sprattusOccasional shoals but not common.
Spur DogfishSqualus acanthiasCommon in season.
Stone LoachNoemacheilus barbatulusBelieved to be in Exmoor Waters but no current reports. Rare.
Sun FishMola molaScarce, several seen 1994 & 1995.
TenchTinca tincaScarce.
Ten-spined SticklebackPungitius pungitiusRecorded from Minehead and Dunster Marshes but no doubt have decreased in numbers.
Three-bearded RocklingGaidropsarus vulgarisCommon.
Three-spined SticklebackGasterosteus aculeatusFormerly at Porlock and Minehead Marsh but no doubt much decreased.
TopeGaleorhinus galeusCommon in summer.
Trigger-fish, GreyBalistes carolinensisRare in British waters but in some years several may turn up as in 1995.
Trout, BrownSalmo trutta farioAbundant in most Exmoor waters.
Trout, RainbowSalmo gairdneriOccasionally escapes from fish farms and reservoir stock.
Trout, SeaSalmo truttaRegular runs up the larger rivers.
TurbotScophthalmus maximusCommon in season.
Twaite ShadAlosa fallaxRare.
Weever, LesserTrachinus viperaScarce.
WhitingMerlangius merlangusCommon in season.
Wrasse, BallanLabrus bergyltaScarce.
Wrasse, CuckooLabrus mixtusScarce.

Fleas: Updated to September 2020 to include all reports to Exmoor Naturalist No. 46 Pt 2.

Common nameScientific nameNotes
mammal fleaPalaeopsylla soricis soricisVery common on pygmy and common shrews.
badger fleaParaceras melis melisCommon on badgers, also foxes. Occasionally stray on dogs.
grey squirrel fleaOrchopeas howardi howardiIts main host is the grey squirrel with which it wasûintroduced.
Moorhen fleaDasypsyllus gallinulae gallinulaeA common nest parasite of passerines that build their nests in low positions.
bird fleaCeratophyllus gareiIn nests in damp places or a little above the ground.
hen fleaCeratophyllus gallinae gallinaeThe commonest nest parasite throughout the country. Prefers relatively dry nests.
human fleaPulex irritansMuch less common than formerly.
hedgehog fleaArchaeopsylla erinacei erinaceiCommon on hedgehogs.
dog fleaCtenocephalides canisCommon.
cat fleaCtenocephalides felis felisCommon.
rabbit fleaSpilopsyllus cuniculiThe vector of myxomatosis. Strays found on other mammals.

Flies and Hoverflies: Updated to November 2022 to include all reports to Exmoor Naturalist No. 48 Pt 2.

Diptera are sometimes referred to as the true flies but the following list includes all flies ENHS have recorded to above date. These include Leaf-miners, gall-flies, fungus gnats, craneflies, soldier flies, midges, hoverflies, house-flies, fruit flies, dance flies, mosquitoes, etc., etc. as well as the true Muscid flies. This information is given in the second column for each species.
Scientific nameCommon name if applicableComments
Acidia cognataa gall fly
Acnemia nitidicollisa fungus gnat
Actia pilipennisa flyBred from larva of Lozotaenia forsterama
Aedes rusticusa mosquitoIn woodland
Agromyza abiensa leaf-mining flyOn Comfrey
Agromyza albipennisa leaf-mining flyOn Reed
Agromyza alnibetulaea leaf-mining flyOn Birch spp.
Agromyza alnivoraa leaf-mining flyon Alder
Agromyza anthracinaa leaf-mining flyOn Nettle
Agromyza bicophagaa leaf-mining flyOn Bush Vetch
Agromyza demeijereia leaf-mining flyOn Laburnum
Agromyza felleria leaf-mining flyOn Bush Vetch
Agromyza filipendulaea leaf-mining flyOn Meadowsweet
Agromyza flavicepsa leaf-mining flyOn Hop
Agromyza frontellaa leaf-mining flyOn Medick
Agromyza hendelia leaf-mining fly
Agromyza ignicepsa leaf-mining flyOn Hop
Agromyza lathyria leaf-mining flyOn Lathyrus latifolius
Agromyza nanaa leaf-mining flyOn Trifolium spp.
Agromyza potentillaea leaf-mining flyOn Cinquefoil
Agromyza pseudoreptansa leaf-mining flyOn Nettle
Agromyza reptansa leaf-mining flyOn Nettle
Agromyza rufipesa leaf-mining flyOn Mugwort
Agromyza sulfuricepsa leaf-mining flyOn Raspberry
Agromyza varicornisa leaf-mining flyOn Lathyrus latifolius
Agromyza vicifoliaea leaf-mining flyOn Tufted Vetch
Alliopsis billbergi (Zetterstedt)a root maggot fly
Allodia lugensa fungus gnat
Allodia lundstroemia fungus gnat
Allodia ornaticollisa fungus gnat
Allodia pyxidiformisa fungus gnat
Allodia truncataa fungus gnat
Allodiopsis rusticaa fungus gnat
Amauromyza flavifronsa leaf-mining flyOn Saponaria or Silene sp
Amauromyza labiatoruma leaf-mining flyOn Ajuga or Stachys betonica
Amauromyza morionellaa leaf-mining flyOn Hedge Woundwort
Amauromyza verbascia leaf-mining flyOn Scrophularia and Vebascum
Anatella ciliataa fungus gnat
Anatella longisetosaa fungus gnat
Anepsiomyia flaviventrisa dolichopodid flyIn seepages
Anisostephus betulinuma gall midgeGalls on birch.
Anopheles sp.a mosquito
Anthomyia pluvialisa fly
Anthomyza gracilisa fly
Antlemon servuluma fungus gnat
Antocha vitripennis (Meigen)a cranefly
Aphrosylus ferox Halidaya dolichopodid fly
Apolephthisa subincanaa fungus gnat
Apsectrotanypus trifascipennisa non-biting midgeFlowing water.
Arctophila fulvaa hoverflySyn. A.superabiens.
Argyra argyria (Meigen) (Syn. A. argentella (Zetterstedt))a dolichopodid fly
Argyra leucocephalaa dolichopodid flyIn marshy areas.
Argyra perplexaa dolichopodid fly
Asilus crabroniformisa robber flyOn heaths and unimproved grassland.
Atherix ibisa snipe flyOn river banks and damp vegetation.
Atherix marginataa snipe fly
Austrolimnophila ochraceaa craneflyCommon.
Azelia cilipesa muscid fly
Azelia nebulosa Robineau-Desvoidya muscid fly
Baccha elongataa hoverflyIn ivy flowers. Now includes B. obscuripennis which should be deleted.
Baccha obscuripennisa hoverflyNow included with B. elongata.
Beris chalybataa soldier fly
Beris fuscipesa soldier flyLarvae in decaying vegetable matter.
Beris geniculataa soldier fly
Beris morrisiia soldier fly
Beris vallataa soldier fly
Bibio clavipesa st mark's flyIn some years, such as 2001, swarms of millions over heather seen in the Dunkery/Porlock Hill areas in late summer.
Bibio ferruginatusa st mark's fly
Bibio lanigerusA St. Mark's flyOccasional.
Bibio marciSt Marks FlyCommon.
Bibio pomonaea st mark's flyHeather areas
Bibio varipes Meigena st mark's fly
Bibio venosusa st mark's flyOccasional.
Bicellaria nigraa dance flyDamp sites
Boletina basalisa fungus gnat
Boletina dispectaa fungus gnat
Boletina dubiaa fungus gnat
Boletina flaviventrisa fungus gnat
Boletina griphaa fungus gnat
Boletina planaa fungus gnat
Boletina trivittataa fungus gnat
Bolitophila cinereaa fungus gnat
Bolitophila hybridaa fungus gnatCommon.
Bolitophila occlusaa fungus gnat
Bolitophila saundersia fungus gnatCommon.
Bombylius canescens (Mikan) Western Bee Fly
Bombylius majorBee FlyParasitises solitary bees.
Botanophila depressaa leaf-mining flyMines on Atriplex.
Botanophila fugax (Meigan)a fly
Brachypalpoides lentaa hoverflyOn rotting wood.
Brachypalpus laphriformisa hoverflyDead wood.
Brachypeza armataa fungus gnat
Bradysia placida (Winnertz)a fungus gnat
Braula coecaBee LouseIn bee hives
Brevicornu auriculatuma fungus gnat
Brevicornu crassicornea fungus gnat
Brevicornu foliatuma fungus gnat
Brevicornu griseicollea fungus gnat
Brevicornu serenuma fungus gnat
Brevicornu sericomaa fungus gnat
Brillia longifurcaa non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Brillia modestaa non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Callicera aurataa hoverflySyn. C. aenea (Fabricius)
Calliopum elisaea fly
Calliopum geniculatuma fly
Calliphora vicina Robinson-Desvoidya blow-fly
Calliphora vomitoriaBluebottle
Callomyia amoenaa big-footed fly
Calobata cibariaa stilt fly
Calobata petronellaa stilt fly
Calycomyza artemisiaea leaf-mining flyOn Artemisia & Eupatorium
Camarota curvipennis(Latreille)A fly
Campsicnemus curvipesa dolichopodid flyNr water
Campsicnemus loripesa dolichopodid fly
Campsicnemus scambusa dolichopodid flyNr water
Carcelia puberulaa parasitic flyRecord in Belshaw (R.) 1993 Handbook for Iden. Br. Insectsûl. 10 Pt. 4a (i). Royal Ent. Soc. Spec in BM.
Cardiocladius sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Ceratopogonidae sp.a biting midge
Cerodontha denticornis (Panzer)a leaf-mining fly
Cerodontha flavocingulataa leaf-mining flyOn Cocksfoot grass
Cerodontha incisaa leaf-mining fly
Cerodontha ireosa leaf-mining flyOn Yellow Iris.
Cerodontha iridisA leaf-mining flyOn Stinking Iris.
Cerodontha luzulaea leaf-mining flyOriginally misiden. As C. bimaculata
Cerodontha phalaridisA leaf-mining flyRare.
Cerodontha pygmaeaa leaf-mining fly
Cerotelion lineatusa fungus gnat
Cetema similisa fly
Chaoborus crystallinusa phantom midgeLarvae in ponds.
Cheilosia albipilaa hoverfly
Cheilosia albitarsisa hoverfly
Cheilosia antiquaa hoverfly
Cheilosia bergenstammia hoverfly
Cheilosia fraternaa hoverflyDamp meadows.
Cheilosia grossaa hoverfly
Cheilosia illustrataa hoverfly
Cheilosia impressaa hoverfly
Cheilosia longulaa hoverfly
Cheilosia paganaa hoverfly
Cheilosia proximaa hoverfly
Cheilosia scutellataa hoverflyWoodland
Cheilosia sorora hoverfly
Cheilosia variabilisa hoverfly
Cheilosia vernalisa hoverfly
Cheilosia vulpinaa hoverfly
Cheilotrichia cinerascens (Meigen)a cranefly
Chelifera precabundaa dance fly
Chelifera precatoriaa dance flyNear water.
Chelifera trapezinaa dance fly
Chironomidae sp.a non-biting midge
Chironomus aprilinusa non-biting midge
Chironomus plumosusa non-biting midgeLarvae aquatic; adults crepuscular.
Chirosia betuletia flyGalls on Lady fern.
Chirosia cinerosaa fly
Chirosia histricinaa flyMines on Bracken
Chirosia parvicornisa flySyn. C. grossicauda (Strobl) Galls on bracken
Chloromyia formosaa soldier fly
Chorisops nagatomiia soldier fly
Chorisops tibialisa soldier fly
Chrysogaster chalybeataa hoverflySyn. C. cemiteriorum Lush meadows
Chrysogaster hirtellaa hoverflySyn. Melanogaster hirtella Marshes
Chrysogaster solstitialisa hoverflyDamp sites
Chrysogaster virescensa hoverfly
Chrysopilus asiliformisa snipe fly
Chrysopilus cristatusa snipe flyBy streams.
Chrysopilus erythrophthalmusa snipe flyAquatic larvae
Chrysops caecutiensa horse fly
Chrysotimus flaviventris (von Rosa)a long-legged fly
Chrysotoxum bicinctuma hoverfly
Chrysotoxum cautuma hoverfly
Chrysotus blepharoscelesa dolichopodid fly
Chrysotus gramineusa dolichopodid fly
Chrysotus neglectusa dolichopodid fly
Chrysotus variansa dolichopodid flyRecorded as occasional in 1996 but now included with C. gramineus.
Clinocera (Hydrodromia) fontinalisa dance flyseepages
Clinocera (Hydrodromia) stagnalisa dance fly
Clinocera (Kowarzia) bipunctataa dance flyBare sediment
Clinocera nigraa dance fly
Clusia flavaa flyOn dead wood
Clusiodes albimanaa fly
Coelopa frigidaa wrack flyBreeds on rotting seaweed.
Coelosia flavaa fungus gnat
Coenosia rufipalpis Meigena muscid fly
Coenosia tigrinaa muscid fly
Conops flavipesa fly
Conops quadrifasciataa fly
Conops vesicularisa fly
Contarinia geicolaa gall midge
Contarinia jacobaeaea gall midgeGalls on Senecio flowers.
Contarinia steinia gall midgeGalls on Red Campion flower buds.
Contarinia tiliaruma gall midgeGalls on Tilia. (Lime).
Copromyza equine Fall?na lesser dung fly
Copromyza similisa lesser dung fly
Copromyza stercoraria (Meigen)a lesser dung fly
Cordyla brevicornisa fungus gnat
Cordyla fissaa fungus gnat
Cordyla murinaa fungus gnat
Corynoneura sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Craneiobia cornia gall midgeGalls on dogwood.
Crataerina hirundinisA Louse-fly on birdsStatus not known
Crataerina pallidaa flat flyEctoparasite of swifts
Criorhina berberinaa hoverfly
Crumomyia fimetaria (Meigen)a lesser dung fly
Crypteria limnophiloidesa cranefly
Ctenophora atrataa craneflyRare.
Ctenophora flaveolataa craneflyVery rare. RDB2.
Ctenophora pectinicornisa craneflyRare.
Culex pipiens agg.a mosquitoStanding water.
Culicoides obsoletusa biting midge
Culiseta annulataa mosquitoStanding water.
Cylindrotoma distinctissima (Meigen)a fly
Cystiphora sonchia gall midgeGalls on Corn Sowthistle.
Cyzenis albicansa parasitic fly
Dasineura acrophilaa gall midgeGalls on Ash.
Dasineura capitigenaa gall midge
Dasineura crataegia gall midgeGalls on Hawthorn
Dasineura filicinaa gall midgeGalls on Bracken.
Dasineura fraxineaa gall midgeGalls on Ash.
Dasineura fraxinia gall midge
Dasineura galiicolaa gall midgeGalls on Marsh Bedstraw
Dasineura glechomaea gall midgeGalls on ground-ivy.
Dasineura kiefferianaa gall midgeGalls on willowherb.
Dasineura plicatrixa gall midge
Dasineura pustulansa gall midgeGalls on Meadowsweet.
Dasineura rosaruma gall midgeGalls on rose sp.
Dasineura tympania gall midgeGalls on sycamore.
Dasineura ulmariaa gall midgeGalls on Meadowsweet.
Dasineura urticaea gall midgeGalls on nettle.
Dasineura viciaea gall midgeGalls on Bush Vetch.
Dasysyrphus albostriatusa hoverfly
Dasysyrphus lunulatusa hoverflyWoodland margins
Dasysyrphus tricinctusa hoverfly
Dasysyrphus venustusa hoverfly
Delia brassicaeCabbage Root-fly
Demicryptochironomus vulneratusa non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Dexia rusticaa parasitic fly
Dexiosoma caninumA Parasitic flyStatus not known
Diadocidia ferruginosaa fungus gnat
Diamesa sp.a non-biting midge
Diastata costataMeigenA fly
Diastata fusculaa fly
Dicranomyia modestaA Cranefly
Dicranomyia morio (Fabricius)a cranefly
Dicranota (Paradicranota) pavidaa craneflyDamp sites
Dicranota bimaculataa craneflyDamp sites
Dicranota subtilis Loewa cranefly
Didea fasciataa hoverfly
Dilophus febrilisFever FlyCommon.
Dilophus femoratusa st mark's flyCommon.
Dinera carinifrons (Fall?n)a muscid flysyn. Musca carnifrons
Dioctria atricapillaa robber flyGrassland
Dioctria baumhaueria robber fly
Dioctria linearisa robber fly
Dioctria oelandicaa robber flyIn tree foliage.
Dioctria rufipesa robber fly
Diogma glabrata (Meigen)a fly
Dixa nubilipennis Curtisa fly
Dixa puberulaa meniscus midgeNear water. Common.
Dixa submaculataa meniscus midgeSeepages. Locally common.
Docosia moravicaa fungus gnat
Dolichocephala irrorataa dance fly
Dolichopeza albipesWhite-footed GhostWet rock seepages
Dolichopus atratusa dolichopodid fly
Dolichopus brevipennisa dolichopodid fly
Dolichopus discifera dolichopodid flyUpland areas
Dolichopus festivusa dolichopodid fly
Dolichopus griseipennisa dolichopodid fly
Dolichopus pennatusa dolichopodid fly
Dolichopus plumipesa dolichopodid fly
Dolichopus popularisa dolichopodid fly
Dolichopus simplex Meigena dolichopodid fly
Dolichopus trivialisa dolichopodid fly
Dolichopus ungulatusa dolichopodid fly
Dolichopus urbanusa dolichopodid fly
Dolichopus vitripennisa dolichopodid flyUpland areas.
Dolichopus wahlbergi Zetterstedta dolichopodid fly
Drosiphila cameraria Haliday (Syn. Hirtodrosophila c.)a fruit fly
Drosophila confusaa fruit fly
Drosophila funebrisa fruit flyIn decaying vegetable refuse.
Drosophila histrio Meigena fruit fly
Drosophila littoralis Meigena fruit fly
Dryomyza flaveolaa fly
Dynatosoma fuscicornisa fungus gnat
Ectopsocus petersiA bark fly.
Elachiptera cornuta (Fall?n)a fly
Elgiva cuculariaa snail-killing fly
Empis (Kritempis) lividaa dance fly
Empis (Leptempois) griseaa dance fly
Empis (Pachymeria) tessellataa dance fly
Empis (Xanthempis) aemulaa dance fly
Empis (Xanthempis) luteaa dance fly
Empis (Xanthempis) scutellataa dance fly
Empis (Xanthempis) stercoreaa dance fly
Empis aestivaa dance fly
Empis nuntiaa dance fly
Empis pennipesa dance fly
Epiphragma ocellarisa craneflyIn dead wood.
Epistrophe eligansa hoverfly
Epistrophe grossulariaea hoverfly
Epistrophe nitidicollisa hoverfly
Episyrphus balteatusa hoverfly
Epitriptus cingulatusa robber fly
Epoicocladius flavensa non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Erioptera (Ilisia) maculataa craneflyCommon.
Erioptera (Ilisia) occoecataa craneflyCommon.
Erioptera divisaa craneflyGrassy seepages.
Erioptera fuscipennisa craneflyCommon.
Erioptera lutea f. taenionotaa craneflyCommon.
Erioptera trivialisa craneflyCommon.
Eriothrix rufomaculataa parasitic fly
Eristalinus aeneusA DroneflyCoastal ponds.
Eristalis abusivusa hoverflyUsually coastal.
Eristalis arbustoruma hoverfly
Eristalis horticolaa hoverfly
Eristalis nemoruma hoverflySyn. E. interrupta
Eristalis pertinaxa hoverfly
Eristalis tenaxa hoverfly
Ernestia laevigataa parasitic fly
Eudasyphora cyanellaa muscid fly
Eudorylas zonellusa big-headed flyIn woodland glades
Eukiefferiella sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Euleia cognataA gall flyOn Petasites fragrans.
Euleia heracleiCELERY FLYMines on leaves of Alexanders, etc.
Eumerus strigatusLesser bulb-fly
Eupeodes corollaea hoverfly
Eupeodes lunigera hoverfly
Eurycnemus crassipesa non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Euthyneura gyllenhalia dance fly
Euthyneura myrtillia dance fly
Exechia contaminataa fungus gnat
Exechia dorsalisa fungus gnat
Exechia fuscaa fungus gnat
Exechia parvulaa fungus gnat
Exechiopsis subulataa fungus gnat
Exechiopsis unguiculataa fungus gnat
Exorista larvarumA flyStatus not known
Fannia canicularisa lesser house fly
Fannia fuscula (Fall?n)a lesser house fly
Fannia molissima (Haliday)a lesser house fly
Fannia scalarisa lesser house fly
Ferdinandea cupreaa hoverflySap-runs
Forcipomyia bipunctataa biting midge
Fucella maritimaa maritime fly
Fucellia tergina (Zetterstedt)a seaweed fly
Galeomyza morioa leaf-mining flyMines on Galium saxatile
Gasterophilus intestinalisHorse Bot Fly
Geomyza majuscule (Loew)a fly
Geomyza tripunctataa fly
Gonomyia absconditaa craneflyCommon.
Graphomya maculata (Scopoli) a muscid fly
Gymnocheta viridisa parasitic fly
Gymnopternus celer (Meigen)a dolichopodid fly
Haematopota pluvialisa horse fly
Hartigiola annulipesa gall midgeGalls on Beech.
Helina impunctaa muscid fly
Helius flavus (Walker)a cranefly
Helophilus pendulusa hoverfly
Helophilus trivittatusa hoverfly
Hemerodromia adulatoriaa dance flyNear water.
Hercostomus aerosusa dolichopodid flySeepages
Hercostomus brevicornisa dolichopodid flySeepages.
Hercostomus cupreusa dolichopodid flyIn seepages
Hercostomus metallicusa dolichopodid fly
Hercostomus nanusa dolichopodid flySeepages
Hercostomus nigripennisa dolichopodid fly
Herina longistyla Rivosecchi (Syn. H. lugubris)a picture-winged fly
Heteromyza oculataa fly
Heteromyza rotundicornis (Zetterstedt)a fly
Heterotrissocladius spa non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Hilara anglodanicaa dance fly
Hilara beckeria dance fly
Hilara brevistylaa dance fly
Hilara choricaa dance fly
Hilara clavipes (Harris)a dance fly
Hilara corniculaa dance flyBy streams.
Hilara intermedia (Fall?n)a dance fly
Hilara litoreaa dance fly
Hilara luridaa dance flyBy streams.
Hilara mauraa dance fly
Hilara morataa dance fly
Hilara nigrinaa dance fly
Hilara quadrivittataa dance fly
Hilara rejectaa dance flyBy streams
Hilara thoracicaa dance flyBy streams
[Hirtodrosophila camerarea See Drosophila c.]a fruit fly
Hirtodrosophila trivitata a fruit fly
Homoneura thalhammeria fly
Hybomitra distinguendaa horse fly
Hybos culiciformisa dance fly
Hybos femoratus (Műller)a dance fly
Hydrellia griseola (Fall?n)a shore fly
Hydrellia maura Meigena shore fly
Hydrophoria lancifer (Harris)a fly
Hydrophorus viridisa dolichopodid fly
Hydrotaea cyrtoneurinaa muscid fly
Hydrotaea irritansHeadflySips human persperation
Hydrotaea militarisa muscid fly
Hylemya vagansa fly
Hylemya variataa fly
Hylemyza partito (Meigen)a fly
Hypoderma bovisWarble FlyMay now be eradicated on Exmoor.
Hypophyllus obscurellusa dolichopodid fly
Ischiolepta denticulata (Meigen) a lesser dung fly
Iteomyia capreaea gall midgeGalls on Willows.
Jaapiella veronicaea gall midgeGalls on Germander Speedwell.
Janetiella lemeia gall midgeGalls on elm.
Leia crucigeraa fungus gnat
Lejogaster metallinaa hoverflyWet meadows
Leptarthrus brevirostrisa robber flyIn grassland.
Leptocera fontinalisa lesser dung fly
Leptogaster cylindricaa robber flyGrassland.
Leptogaster guttiventrisa robber flyGrassland.
Leptopa filiformisa dung fly
Leucozona glauciaa hoverflyWoodland margins.
Leucozona laternariaa hoverflyLush vegetation
Leucozona lucoruma hoverfly
Liancalus virensa dolichopodid fly
Limnophila (Eloeophila) maculataa craneflyCommon.
Limnophila (Eloeophila) mundataa craneflyAquatic larvae.
Limnophila (Eloeophila) submarmorataa craneflyAquatic larvae in mud.
Limnophila (Euphylidorea) apertaa craneflyLocal.
Limnophila (Euphylidorea) fulvonervosaa craneflyCommon.
Limnophila (Phylidorea) ferrugineaa craneflyDamp sites.
Limnophila nemoralis agg.a cranefly
Limnophila punctataa craneflyDamp sites.
Limnophila separataa craneflyCommon.
Limnophora ripariaa muscid flyBy streams
Limnophora sp.a muscid fly
Limonia (Dicranomyia) aquosaa craneflyShaded wet rocks
Limonia (Dicranomyia) autumnalisa craneflyCommon.
Limonia (Dicranomyia) choreaa cranefly
Limonia (Dicranomyia) didymaa craneflyBy streams
Limonia (Dicranomyia) fuscaa craneflyBy streams
Limonia (Neolimonia) dumetoruma craneflyCommon.
Limonia (Rhipidia) duplicataa craneflyCommon
Limonia affinisa craneflyBy streams
Limonia dilutiora cranefly
Limonia macrostigmaa craneflyCommon.
Limonia nubeculosaa craneflyCommon.
Limonia tripunctataa craneflySyn. L.phragmitidis. Common.
Lipara lucensa flyGall on Phragmites. (Reed)
Lipoptena cerviDeer KedNewly emerged adults on tree foliage.
Lipsothrix nervosaa craneflySeepages in woods.
Lipsothrix remotaa craneflyCommon.
Liriomyza amoenaa leaf-mining flyOn Elder
Liriomyza artemisicolaa leaf-mining flyOn Mugwort
Liriomyza centaureaea leaf-mining flyOn Knapweed
Liriomyza cicerinaa leaf-mining flyOn Rest-harrow
Liriomyza congestaa leaf-mining flyOn Galega officinalis
Liriomyza demeijereia leaf-mining flyOn Mugwort
Liriomyza erucifoliia leaf-mining fly
Liriomyza eupatorianaA leaf-mining flyOn Hemp Agrimony.
Liriomyza eupatoriia leaf-mining flyon Hemp Agrimony.
Liriomyza flaveolaa leaf-mining flyOn Creeping Soft-grass
Liriomyza hieraciia leaf-mining flyOn Hawkweed.
Liriomyza morioa leaf-mining fly
Liriomyza ptarmicaea leaf-mining flyOn Yarrow
Liriomyza pusillaa leaf-mining flyOn Daisy
Liriomyza sonchia leaf-mining flyOn Sowthistle spp.
Liriomyza strigataa leaf-mining flyOn Hemp Agrimony
Liriomyza valerianaea leaf-mining flyMines on Valeriana officinalis
Lonchaea choreaa fly
Lonchaea laticornisa fly
Lonchoptera luteaa pointed-wing flyIn damp woodland.
Lonchoptera meijerei Collina pointed-wing fly
Lonchoptera tristisa pointed-wing flyIn woodland litter
Lordiphosa andalusiaca Strobla fly
Lotophila atra (Meigen)a lesser dung fly
Lucilia ampullaceaa blue bottle or green bottleWoodland
Lucilia caesarGreenbottle
Lucilia illustrisa blue bottle or green bottle
Lyciella decempunctatusa fly
Lyciella pallidiventrisa fly
Lyciella platycephalaa fly
Lyciella roridaa fly
Lyciella stylataa fly
Lypha dubia (Fall?n)a fly
Machimus atricapillusa robber fly
Macrocera anglicaa fungus gnat
Macrocera angulataa fungus gnatCommon.
Macrocera centralisa fungus gnat
Macrocera fasciataa fungus gnatCommon.
Macrocera luteaa fungus gnat
Macrocera parvaa fungus gnat
Macrocera phalerataa fungus gnat
Macrocera stigmaa fungus gnatCommon.
Macrocera stigmoidesa fungus gnatCommon.
Macrocera tuscaa fungus gnatRare.
Macrocera vittataa fungus gnatCommon.
Macrodiplosis dryobiaa gall midgeGalls on oak.
Macrodiplosis volvensa gall midgeGalls on oak.
Macropelopia sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Macrorrhyncha flavaa fungus gnat
Malacomyia sciomyzina (Haliday)a fly
Masicera pavoniaea parasitic flyShould be deleted from Exmoor list.
Melangyna arcticaa hoverfly
Melangyna compositaruma hoverfly
Melangyna labiataruma hoverfly
Melangyna umbellataruma hoverfly
Melanostoma mellinuma hoverflyWoodland margins.
Melanostoma scalarea hoverflyGrassland.
Melieria omissaa flyOn vegetation by ponds & streams.
Meliscaeva auricollisa hoverfly
Meliscaeva cinctellaa hoverfly
Melophagus ovinusSheep Ked
Merodon equestrisNARCISSUS FLY
Mesembrina meridianaa muscid flyWoods and hedgerows
Metasyrphus latifasciatusa hoverflyOpen or wet areas
Metopia grandiia flesh flyA Record from Dunster 1953 Very rare
Metopomyza violiphagaa leaf-mining flyOn Violet
Metriocnemus sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Microchrysa cyaneiventrisa soldier fly
Microchrysa flavicornisa soldier fly
Microchrysa politaa soldier fly
Microdon mutabilisa hoverflyMarshy glades.
Micropsectra sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Microtendipes sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Miltogramma germari Meigena flesh fly
Miltogramma punctatuma flesh fly
Minettia inustaa fly
Minettia tabidiventris (?)a fly
Molophilus appendiculatusa craneflyCommon.
Molophilus bifidusa craneflyCommon.
Molophilus czizekia craneflyRare. RDB3.
Molophilus mediusa craneflyCommon.
Molophilus occultusa craneflyWet ground. Local.
Molophilus ochraceusa craneflyCommon.
Molophilus pusillusa cranefly
Molophilus serpentigera craneflyCommon.
Morellia aenescens Robineau-Desvoidya muscid fly
Morellia hortoruma muscid flyIn woodland
Mormia caliginosaa moth fly/owl midgeVaried damp sites
Musca autumnalisFace FlySyn. Eumusca autumnalis DeGeer. Hibernates in large swarms in attics.
Musca domesticaHouse FlyIn houses
Myathropa floreaa hoverfly
Mycetophila adumbrataa fungus gnat
Mycetophila aleaa fungus gnat
Mycetophila britannicaa fungus gnat
Mycetophila cinguluma fungus gnat
Mycetophila curvisetaa fungus gnat
Mycetophila edwardsia fungus gnat
Mycetophila finlandicaa fungus gnat
Mycetophila forcipataa fungus gnat
Mycetophila formosaa fungus gnat
Mycetophila fraternaa fungus gnat
Mycetophila fungoruma fungus gnat
Mycetophila ichneumoneaa fungus gnat
Mycetophila lastovkiaa fungus gnat
Mycetophila marginataa fungus gnat
Mycetophila ocellusa fungus gnat
Mycetophila ornataa fungus gnat
Mycetophila pumilaa fungus gnat
Mycetophila signatoidesa fungus gnat
Mycetophila unipunctataa fungus gnat
Mycetophila vittipesa fungus gnat
Mycomya annulataa fungus gnat
Mycomya cinerascensa fungus gnat
Mycomya circumdataa fungus gnat
Mycomya fimbriataa fungus gnat
Mycomya marginataa fungus gnat
Mycomya parva (Dziedzicki)a fungus gnat
Mycomya pectiniferaa fungus gnat
Mycomya trilineataa fungus gnat
Mycomya winnertzia fungus gnat
Mycophaga testacea (Gimmerthal)a fly
Myopa strandia fly
Nemorimyza posticataa leaf-mining flyOn Wild Golden rod
Nemotelus nigrinusa soldier fly
Nemotelus notatus Zetterstedta soldier fly
Nemotelus uliginosusa soldier flyIn marshes.
Neoascia geniculataa hoverfly
Neoascia podagricaa hoverflyLush herbage
Neoleria ruficepsa flyMoorland fringes.
Neomyia viridescens (Robinson-Desvoidy)a muscid fly
Neopachygaster meromelaenaa soldier fly
Neoplatyura biumbrataa fungus gnat
Neoplatyura nigricaudaa fungus gnat
Nephrotoma dorsalis (Fabricius)a cranefly
Nephrotoma flavipalpis (Meigen) a cranefly
Nephrotoma quadrifariaa cranefly
Neuratelia nemoralisa fungus gnat
Neuratelia nigricornisa fungus gnat
Neurigona pallidaa dolichopodid fly
Neuroctena anilis (Fall?n)a fly
Notolopha cristataa fungus gnatSyn. Allodiopsis cristata.
Nupedia infirmaa flySyn. Pegoplata infirma
Nyctia halterataa flesh fly
Ocydromia glabriculaa dance fly
Odinia boletinaa fly
Oedalea holmgrenia dance fly
Oedalea stigmatellaa dance fly
Oestrus ovisSheep Nostril Fly
Oligotrophus betulaea gall midgeGalls on birch
Oligotrophus fagineusa gall midgeGalls on beech.
Opacifrons coxata (Stenhammar)a lesser dung fly
Ophiomyia cunctataa leaf-mining flyOn Sowthistle spp.
Ophiomyia pulicariaa leaf-mining flyOn Sowthistle spp.
Oplodontha viridulaa soldier flyIn marshes.
Opomyza florum (Fabricius)a fly
Opomyza germinationisa fly
Orfelia fasciataa fungus gnat
Orfelia nemoralisa fungus gnatCommon.
Orfelia nigricornisa fungus gnat
Orfelia unicolora fungus gnat
Ormosia bicornisa cranefly
Ormosia nodulosaa craneflyOn dead wood by streams
Ornithomya aviculariaa flat flyMost frequent on owls and pigeons
Ornithomya chloropusA Louse-fly on birds.Status not known
Ornithomya fringillinaA Louse-fly on birdsStatus not known
Oropezella sphenopteraa dance flyAmong Vaccinium.
Orthocladius sp.a non-biting midge
Orthonevra nobilisa hoverfly
Orthonevra splendensa hoverflyWet sites.
Oxycera pardalina Meigena soldier fly
Oxycera raraa soldier fly
Pachygaster atraa soldier flyIn dead wood.
Palaeodocosia janickiia fungus gnat
Palloptera muliebris (Harris)Looped Flutter Fly
Palloptera umbellataruma flyGrazed river meadows.
Pamponerus germanicusa robber flyMainly coastal.
Paraclusia tigrinaa flyOld or diseased trees
Paracraspedothrix montivago Ville.a tachinid fly
Paradelphomyia senilisa craneflyCommon
Paragus haemorrhousa hoverflyDry heath grassland
Parametriocnemus stylatusa non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Paraphytomyza fulvicornisa leaf-mining flyOn Goat Willow.
Paraphytomyza hendelianaa leaf-mining flyOn Honeysuckle & Snowberry
Paraphytomyza hendeliana/loniceraea leaf-mining fly
Paraphytomyza heringia leaf-mining flyOn ash
Paraphytomyza populia leaf-mining flyOn Black Poplar
Paraphytomyza populicolaa leaf-mining flyOn Black Poplar
Paraphytomyza tridentataa leaf-mining flyOn Crack Willow
Parasyrphus annulatusa hoverfly
Parasyrphus mallinellusa hoverfly
Parasyrphus punctulatusa hoverfly
Paratanytarsus sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Parhelophilus versicolora hoverfly
Pedicia (Amalopis) occulataa craneflyOpen seepages.
Pedicia (Crunobia) littoralisa craneflyBy streams
Pedicia (Crunobia) stramineaa craneflySeepages
Pedicia (Ludicia) claripennisa craneflyOpen seepages.
Pedicia (Tricyphona) immaculataa craneflyCommon.
Pedicia rivosaa craneflyIn damp sites.
Pegomya albimargoa flySyn. P. flavifrons (Walker) Mines on Silene dioica
Pegomya hyoscyamia flyMines on Common Orache.
Pegomya nigrisquamaa fly
Pegomya solennisDock leaf minerCommon
Pegomyia pulchripesa fly
Pelidnoptera fuscipennisa snail-killing fly
Pentapedilum sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Peplomyza lituraa fly
Pericoma canescensa moth fly/owl midgeVaried damp sites
Pericoma fallaxa moth fly/owl midgeVaried damp sites
Pericoma fuliginosaa moth fly/owl midgeCame to light trap
Pericoma neglectaa moth fly/owl midgeVaried damp sites
Pericoma nubilaa moth fly/owl midgeVaried damp sites
Phaonia angelicaea muscid fly
Phaonia fuscata (Fall?n)a muscid fly
Phaonia incanaa muscid fly
Phaonia mysticaa muscid fly
Phaonia pallidaa muscid fly
Phaonia rufiventris (Scopoli)a muscid fly
Phaonia subventaa muscid fly
Phaonia tuguriorum (Scopoli)a muscid fly
Phaonia validaA flyScarce
Phasia barbifrons Gieschnera parasitic fly
Phasia hemipteraa parasitic flyParasite of Hemiptera (bugs) Specimen in Reading Museum from Doone Valley 1988.
Phasia obesa (Fabricius)a parasitic fly
Pherbellia albocostataa snail-killing fly
Pherbellia dubiaa snail-killing flyDamp woodland
Pherbellia nanaa snail-killing fly
Pherbellia scutellarisa snail-killing fly
Phormia terraenovaea blue bottle or green bottle
Phronia basalisa fungus gnat
Phronia biarcuataa fungus gnat
Phronia cinerascensa fungus gnat
Phronia conformisa fungus gnat
Phronia contanicaa fungus gnat
Phronia exiguaa fungus gnat
Phronia flavipesa fungus gnat
Phronia forcipataa fungus gnat
Phronia humeralisa fungus gnat
Phronia nigricornisa fungus gnat
Phronia nitidiventrisa fungus gnat
Phronia notataa fungus gnat
Phronia signataa fungus gnat(Phronia stinata)?
Phronia strenuaa fungus gnat
Phronia tarsataa fungus gnat
Phthinia winnertzia fungus gnat
Phyllodromia melanocephalaa dance fly
Physiphora alceaea flyMost numerous in hot summers.
Physocephala rufipes (Fabricius)a fly
Phyto melanocephala (Meigen)a wood-louse fly
Phytoliriomyza hilarellaa leaf-mining flyOn bracken
Phytoliriomyza melampygaa leaf-mining flyOn Indian balsom.
Phytomyza agromyzinaa leaf-mining flyOn Dogwood
Phytomyza angelicaea leaf-mining fly
Phytomyza angelicastria leaf-mining flyOn Wild Angelica
Phytomyza aprilinaa leaf-mining flyOn Honeysuckle & Snowberry
Phytomyza aquilegiaea leaf-mining flyOn Columbine.
Phytomyza artemisivoraa leaf-mining flyOn Mugwort
Phytomyza bipunctataa leaf-mining flyOn Echinops sp.
Phytomyza calthivoraa leaf-mining flyon Caltha palustris
Phytomyza calthophilaA leaf-mining flyOn Caltha palustris
Phytomyza chaerophyllia leaf-mining flyOn Umbellifers
Phytomyza cirsiia leaf-mining flyOn thistles.
Phytomyza conii Heringa leaf-mining flyOn Conium maculatum
Phytomyza conyzaea leaf-mining flyOn Fleabane
Phytomyza crassisetaa leaf-mining flyOn Germander Speedwell
Phytomyza cytisia leaf-mining flyOn Laburnum
Phytomyza fallaciosaa leaf-mining flyOn Ranunculus spp.
Phytomyza glecomaea leaf-mining flyOn Ground ivy
Phytomyza horticolaa leaf-mining flyOn many herbaceous plants
Phytomyza ilicisHolly Leaf Gall FlyOn Holly.
Phytomyza lappaea leaf-mining flyOn Burdock.
Phytomyza leucanthemia leaf-mining flyOn Ox-eye Daisy
Phytomyza loniceraea leaf-mining flyOn Lonicera and Leycesteria
Phytomyza marginellaa leaf-mining flyOn Dandelions and Hawkweeds.
Phytomyza miliia leaf-mining flyOn Wood Millet grass.
Phytomyza minusculaa leaf-mining flyOn Columbine
Phytomyza nigraa leaf-mining flyOn Holcus and Brachypodium grasses.
Phytomyza obscuraA leaf-mining flyOn Calamint
Phytomyza obscurellaa leaf-mining flyOn Ground Elder. Rare.
Phytomyza periclymenia leaf-mining flyON LONICERA & LEYCESTERIA
Phytomyza petoeia leaf-mining flyOn Mint sp.
Phytomyza plantaginisa leaf-mining flyOn Plantain spp.
Phytomyza primulaea leaf-mining flyOn Primrose
Phytomyza pullulaa leaf-mining flyOn Chamomile
Phytomyza ranunculia leaf-mining flyOn Lesser Celandine & Creeping buttercup.
Phytomyza ranunculicolaa leaf-mining flyOn Meadow Buttercup
Phytomyza ranunculivoraa leaf-mining flyOn Creeping Buttercup
Phytomyza scolopendria leaf-mining flyOn Hartstongue fern
Phytomyza solidaginisa leaf-mining flyOn wild Golden rod
Phytomyza spinaciaea leaf-mining flyOn Creeping thistle.
Phytomyza spondyliia leaf-mining flyOn Hogweed
Phytomyza syngenesiaea leaf-mining flyOn Sowthistle spp.
Phytomyza tanacetia leaf-mining flyOn Tansy
Phytomyza tetrastichaa leaf-mining flyOn Mint (Mentha x villosa)
Phytomyza tussilaginisa leaf-mining flyOn Coltsfoot and Winter Heliotrope.
Phytomyza virgaureaea leaf-mining flyOn wild Golden rod
Phytomyza vitalbaea leaf-mining flyOn wild Clematis
Phytosciara flavipesa flyIn deciduous woodlands.
Pilaria batavaa craneflySeepages, usually rather basic.
Pilaria discicollisa craneflyCommon.
Pilaria filataa craneflySyn. Neolimnomyia filata
Pilaria fuscipennisa craneflySeepages.
Pipiza austriacaa hoverflyDamp sites
Pipiza bimaculataa hoverfly
Pipiza noctilucaa hoverfly
Pipizella viduataa hoverfly
Platycephala planifronsa flyWaterside vegetation & reed-beds.
Platycheirus albimanusa hoverflySyn. P. cyaneus (Muller)
Platycheirus angustatusa hoverflyDamp grassland
Platycheirus clypeatus agg.a hoverfly
Platycheirus clypeatus sens. str.a hoverfly
Platycheirus manicatusa hoverfly
Platycheirus occultus Goldlin de Tiefenau et al.a hoverfly
Platycheirus peltatusa hoverfly
Platycheirus scutatusa hoverfly
Platypalpus ciliarisa dance fly
Platypalpus luteusa dance fly
Platypalpus notatusa dance fly
Platypalpus parvicaudaa dance fly
Platypalpus pectoralisa dance fly
Platystoma seminationisa flyRank vegetation; varied habitats.
Platyura marginataa fungus gnat
Poecilobothrus nobilitatusa dolichopodid fly
Polietes lardariaa muscid flyIn light woodland
Pollenia angustigena Wainwrighta fly
Pollenia labialis Robineau-Desvoidya fly
Pollenia rudisa blue bottle or green bottle
Polyporivora pictaA flat-footed fly.
Polylepta guttiventrisa fungus gnat
Portevinia maculataa hoverfly
Potthastia gaediia non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Potthastia longimanaa non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Praomyia leachiia soldier flyFrom beetle burrows especially in oak.
Prodiamesa olivaceaa non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Psectrocladius sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Pseudexechia trisignataa fungus gnat
Pseudobrachypeza helveticaa fungus gnat
Pseudocollinella humida (Haliday) (Syn. Opacifrons humida)a fungus gnat
Pseudolimnophila lucoruma craneflyCommon.
Pseudolimnophila sepiuma craneflyCommon.
Pseudonupedia intersectaa flySyn. Paradelia intersecta
Psila rosaea fly
Psilopa nitidula (Fall?n)a fly
Psychoda alternataa moth fly/owl midgeVaried damp sites
Ptiolina obscuraa snipe fly
Ptychoptera albimanaa flyCommon
Ptychoptera lacustrisa flyBy streams
Pyrophaena granditarsaa hoverflyMeadows
Pyrophaena rosaruma hoverflyMeadows
Rachispoda limosa (Fall?n)a lesser dung fly
Renocera pallidaa snail-killing flySeepages in alder carr
Rhabdophaga marginemtorquensa gall midgeGalls on willow.
Rhabdophaga salicisa gall midgeStem gall on willow.
Rhagio lineolaa snipe fly
Rhagio scolopaceaa snipe fly
Rhagio tringariusa snipe fly
Rhagoletis alternata (Fall?n)a fruit fly
Rhamphomyia (Aclonempis) albohirtaa dance fly
Rhamphomyia (Aclonempis) longipesa dance fly
Rhamphomyia (Holoclera) flavaa dance fly
Rhamphomyia (Holoclera) umbripennisa dance fly
Rhamphomyia (Lundstroemiella) hybotinaa dance fly
Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) anomalipennisa dance fly
Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) crassirostrisa dance fly
Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) dentipesa dance fly
Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) tarsataa dance fly
Rhamphomyia nitidulaa dance fly
Rhaphium appendiculatuma dolichopodid fly
Rhaphium caliginosuma dolichopodid flyNear water
Rhaphium longicorne (Fall?n)a dolichopodid fly
Rhaphium monotrichuma dolichopodid fly
Rheocricotopus chalybeatusa non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Rheotanytarsus sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Rhingia campestrisa hoverfly
Rhinophora lepidaa fly
Rhopalomyia millefoliia gall midge
Rondaniola bursariaa gall midgeGalls on Ground-ivy.
Rymosia bifidaa fungus gnat
Rymosia fasciataa fungus gnat
Rymosia placidaa fungus gnat
Rymosia virensa fungus gnat
Sapromyza sexpunctataa fly
Sapromyza sordidaa fly
Sarophaga carnaria A Flesh-flyScarce
Sarcophaga sinuata Meigena flesh fly
Sargus bipunctatusa soldier fly
Sargus iridatusa soldier fly
Scaeva pyrastria hoverfly
Scaptomyza flavaa fruit flyMines on Tropaeolum majus
Scaptomyza graminuma fruit flyMines on Chenopodium album
Scaptomyza pallidaa leaf-mining flyMines on Allium cepa
Scatella paludum (Meigen)a shore fly
Scathophaga furcataa dung fly
Scathophaga inquinata Meigena dung fly
Scathophaga stercorariaa dung fly
Scathophaga suillaa dung fly
Sceptonia membranaceaa fungus gnat
Sciapus longulusa dolichopodid fly
Sciapus platypterusa dolichopodid fly
Sciara thomaea flyCommon on Hogweed umbels.
Scleroprocta pentagonalisa craneflyOn dead wood by streams
Scleroprocta sororculaa craneflyOn dead wood by streams
Senometopia excisaa parasitic flyA record dated 1895 in Belshaw (R.) 1993 Handbook for the Iden. of Br. Insects Vol. 10 Pt. 4a (i) Royal En. Soc. Specimen in BM. From Lynton.
Sepsis cynipseaa lesser dung fly
Sepsis orthocnemis Freya lesser dung fly
Sericomyia lapponaa hoverflySeepages
Sericomyia silentisa hoverfly
Sicus ferrugineusa fly
Simulium angustitarsea black flyBy flowing water.
Simulium argyreatuma black flyBy flowing water.
Simulium aureuma black flyBy flowing water.
Simulium brevicaulea black flyBy flowing water.
Simulium equinuma black flyBy flowing water.
Simulium ornatuma black flyBy flowing water.
Simulium reptansa black flyBy flowing water.
Simulium rheophiluma black flyRecords of this from R. Exe 1978 by S.W. Water but now synonymous with S. argyreatum.
Simulium vernuma black flyBy flowing water.
Sitodiplosis phalaridisa gall midge
Spelobia cambrica (Richards)a lesser dung fly
Spelobia nana (Rondani)a lesser dung fly
Spelobia palmataa lesser dung fly
Speolepta leptogastera fungus gnat
Sphaerophoria interrupta (Fabricius)a hoverfly
Sphaerophoria philanthaa hoverflyWoodland margins.
Sphaerophoria scriptaa hoverfly
Sphegina clunipesa hoverflyWet dead wood
Sphegina kimakowiczia hoverflyNow included with S. elygans
Sphegina verecundaa hoverflyOn wet dead wood.
Stempellinella sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Stomoxys calcitransStable FlyBites animals and humans
Suillia atricornisa flySyn. Allophyla atricornis
Suillia bicolora flySyn. Hetomyza bicolor
Suillia dumicolaa flyon fungi
Suillia fuscicornisa fly
Suillia pallida (Fall?n)a fly
Suillia variegataa fly
Sylvicola cinctus (Fabricius)a window gnat
Sylvicola fenestralisa window gnatFrequent.
Sylvicola punctatusa window gnatSyn. Anisopus punctatus. Recorded from damp sites.
Symmerus annulatusa fungus gnat
Symplecta stictica (Meigen)a cranefly
Synapha fasciataa fungus gnat
Synapha vitripennisa fungus gnat
Synorthocladius semivirensa non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Synplasta excogitataa fungus gnat
Syntormon monilisa dolichopodid flyNear water
Syntormon pallipesa dolichopodid flyNear water
Syntormon sulcipes (Meigen)a dolichopodid fly
Syritta pipiensa hoverfly
Syrphidae sp.a hoverfly
Syrphus ribesiia hoverfly
Syrphus torvusa hoverfly
Syrphus vitripennisa hoverfly
Tabanus autumnalisa horse fly
Tabanus bromiusa horse fly
Tachina feraa parasitic fly
Tachina grossaa parasitic fly
Tachypeza nubilaa dance fly
Tanypus sp.a non-biting midgeIn damp sites.
Tanytarsus sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Tarnania fenestralisa fungus gnat
Tarnania nemoralisa fungus gnat
Tasiocera fuscescensa craneflyCommon.
Tasiocera murinaa craneflyCommon.
Taxomyia taxia gall midgeGalls on yew
Tephritis bardanae (Schrank)a flyOn Burdock (Arctium minus)
Tephritis neesii (Meigen)a fly
Tephritis vespertinaa flyadded 2016.
Terellia tussilaninisA Fruit-flyScarce
Tetanocera ferrugineaa snail-killing fly
Tetanocera fuscinervisa snail-killing fly
Tetanocera hyalipennisa snail-killing flySeepages in alder carr.
Tetanocera phyllophoraa snail-killing flyDamp sites
Tetanura pallidiventrisa snail-killing flyDamp woodland
Tetragoneura sylvaticaa fungus gnat
Thaumalea testaceaa trickle midgeShaded wet rocks.
Thaumalea verralli Edwardsa trickle midge
Thaumatomyia notataa flyMarshland
Thecophora atraa flyGrassland.
Themira putrisa lesser dung fly
Thereva nobilitataa stiletto fly
Thienemanniella sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Thienemannimyia sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Thoracochaeta zosterae (Haliday)a lesser dung fly
Thricops semicinereaa muscid fly
Tipula (Acutipula) fulvipennisa craneflyMoorland fringes.
Tipula (Acutipula) maximaa craneflyDamp sites in woodland.
Tipula (Beringotipula) uncaa craneflyCommon.
Tipula (Dendrotipula) flavolineataa cranefly
Tipula (Lunatipula) cavaa cranefly
Tipula (Lunatipula) fascipennisa craneflyCommon.
Tipula (Lunatipula) selenea craneflyRare. Breeds in dead wood on wet soil.
Tipula (Vestiplex) hortoruma craneflyFields, meadows, gardens. Common.
Tipula (Vestiplex) scriptaa craneflyCommon.
Tipula (Yamatipula) montiuma craneflyRiver banks, ponds, water meadows.
Tipula (Yamatipula) pruinosaa craneflyIn muddy marshes.
Tipula lateralis Meigena cranefly
Tipula oleraceaa craneflyCommon.
Tipula paludosaa craneflyDamp sites.
Tipula vernalisa cranefly
Tipula vittataa craneflyScarce
Trichina elongataa dance fly
Trichina pallipesa dance fly
Trichocera hiemalisa winter gnatCommon in woodland
Trichocera regelationisa winter gnatFrequent.
Tricholauxania praeustaa fly
Trichomyia urbico Halidaya moth fly
Trichonta melanuraa fungus gnat
Trichonta vittaa fungus gnat
Trichopeza longicornisa dance fly
Trichosia morio (Fabricius)a fly
Trichosia splendensa fly
Tricogena rubricosa (Meigen)a woodlouse-fly
Triphleba gracilisa scuttle flyIn woodland
Trypeta artemisiaea gall flyMines on Artemisia vulgaris.
Trypetoptera punctulataa snail-killing fly
Ula mollissimaa cranefly
Urophora solstitialisa gall fly1918 record from Minehead.
Urophora stylataa gall flyGall on Cirsium
Volucella bombylansa hoverfly
Volucella inanisa hoverfly
Volucella inflata (Fabricius)a Hoverfly
Vollucella zonariaHornet mimic Hoverfly
Volucella pellucensa hoverflyWoods & copses
Wiedemannia sp.a dance flyNear water.
Xanthandrus comtusa hoverflyIn meadows and scrub.
Xanthochlorus ornatusa dolichopodid fly
Xanthogramma citrofasciatuma hoverfly
Xanthogramma pedissequum (Harris)a hoverfly
Xenexechia lepturaa fungus gnat
Xylodiplosis nigritarsisa gall midge
Xylophagus atera fly
Xylota floruma hoverflyRecorded 1915
Xylota segnisa hoverfly
Xylota sylvaruma hoverfly
Xylota xanthocnemaa hoverfly
Xyphosia miliariaa gall flyBy streams
Zavrelimyia sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Zodion notatuma fly
Zygomyia pictipennisa fungus gnat
Zygomyia varaa fungus gnat
Updated to May 2019.

Freshwater-Algae: Updated to September 2020 to include all reports to Exmoor Naturalist No. 46 Pt 2.

Introduction to the Freshwater Algae

The Freshwater Algae fall into five groups which are each recorded by Scientific Names from A-Z in the following list. The groups cover Green Algae and Desmids, Stoneworts, Brown Algae and Diatoms, Blue-green Algae and Red Algae. For Seaweeds please see the Maritime Check-List. The study of Algae requires microscopic research and little has been done in this section by Exmoor Natural History Field Recorders. In the 1950s Dr W. Watson published a list of his findings in the SANHS Proceedings. For sake of completeness, these are included in the following list, with due acknowledgement. Further, up to date work on this subject would be advantageous
Freshwater Algae
Common NameScientific NameNotes
SECTION ONE: Green Algae and Desmids
Green AlgaeAnkistrodesmus falcatusCommon.
Green AlgaeBinuclearia tatranaEx Watson's List
Green AlgaeBotrydina vulgarisEx Watson's List
Green AlgaeBotryococcus sp.In water filled depressions on tracks, etc.
Green AlgaeChaetophora sp.An epiphyte on water plants or on sticks or stones. Globular form.
Green AlgaeCharacium heterorphumEx Watson's List
Green AlgaeChlamydomononas pulvisculusCommon. Round swimming cells.
Green Algae. Blanket Weed.Cladophora fractaVery common in ponds and pools.
Green Algae. A Blanket Weed.Cladophora glomerataRocks in freshwater streams.
Green Algae. A desmid.Closterium lunula s.l.Common in ponds and slow moving water and bogs.
Green AlgaeCoccomyxa subellipsoidesEx Watson's List
Green AlgaeCoelastrum spp.On peaty moorland.
Green Algae. A desmid.Cosmarium sp. In still water.
Green Algae. A desmid.Cylindrocystis sp.Locally common
Green AlgaeDactylococcus brauniiEx Watson's List
Greem Algae.Draparaldia glomerataOn stones in water.
Green Algae. A desmid.Eurastrum sp.Acid pools and bogs.
Green AlgaeGloeocystis gigasEx Watson's List
Green AlgaeGloeocystis vesiculosa Ex Watson's List
Green Algae. A desmid.Hyalotheca sp.Acid pools and bogs.
Green Algae. A desmid.Micrasterias sp.Acid pools and bogs.
Green AlgaeMicrospora spp.Local.
Green Algae.Mougeotia sp.In still water.
Green AlgaeNetrium digitus
Green AlgaeOedogonium itzigsohniiEx Watson's List
Green AlgaeOedogonium obsoletumEx Watson's List
Green AlgaeOedogonium rufescensEx Watson's List
Green AlgaeOedogonium vaucheriiEx Watson's List
Green AlgaeOocystis ellipticaEx Watson's List
Green AlgaeOocystis solitariaEx Watson's List
Green AlgaePalmella mucosaMoorland Combes. Ex Watson's List.
Green AlgaePhycopeltis arundinaceaLocally common on trees and shrubs
Green AlgaePleurococcus vulgarisOn tree trunks. Ex Watson's List.
Green AlgaePrasiola crispaEx Watson's List
Green Algae. Scenedesmus sp.Widespread.
Green AlgaeSpirogyra cataeniformisEx Watson's List
Green AlgaeSpirogyra tenuissimaCommon in standing water.
Green Algae. A desmid.Staurastrum sp.Locally common.
Green AlgaeTetraspora spIn still water.
Green Algae.Trentepohlia aureaLocally common on damp rocks.
Green AlgaeUlothrix aequalisEx Watson's List
Green AlgaeUlothrix moniliformisEx Watson's List
Green AlgaeUlothrix subtilisEx Watson's List
Green AlgaeUlothrix zonataCommon.
Green AlgaeVaucheria hamataEx Watson's List
Green AlgaeVaucheria ornithocephalaEx Watson's List
Green AlgaeVaucheria sessilisEx Watson's List
Green AlgaeVolvox aureusCommon. Colonies in puddles and ponds.
Green AlgaeWestella botyroidesEx Watson's List
Green Algae. Zygnema sp.Common in ponds and puddles.
Yellow-Green AlgaeTribonema bombycinumEx Watson's List
A Green FlagellateEuglena sp.Ponds and most water.
StonewortNitella flexilisOld 1930s records.
StonewortNitella translucensLocal. In ponds.
Brown Algae. DiatomFragilaria spp.Chain forming diatom.
Brown Algae. DiatomMelosira variansEx Watson's List
Brown Algae. DiatomNavicula sp.Locally common on mud.
Brown Algae. DiatomPinnularia spp.Common.
Brown Algae. DiatomSurirella sp. In ponds and rivers.
Brown Algae. DiatomSynedra ulnaNon chain forming. Ex Watson's List
Brown Algae. DiatomTabellaria sp.In acid water.
Blue-green AlgaeAnabaena torulosaEx Watson's List
Blue-green AlgaeAnabaena variabilisEx Watson's List
Blue-green AlgaeAphanothece microscopicaEx Watson's List
Blue-green AlgaeGlaucocystis nostochinearumEx Watson's List
Blue-green AlgaeCalothrix pariatineEx Watson's List
Blue-green AlgaeChamaeosiphon incrustansEx Watson's List
Blue-green AlgaeChroococcus macrococcusEx Watson's List
Blue-green AlgaeGloecapsa coracinaEx Watson's List
Blue-green AlgaeGloeothece confluensEx Watson's List
Blue-green AlgaeGloeothece granosaEx Watson's List
Blue-green AlgaeNostoc coeruleumEx Watson's List
Blue-green Algae. NostocNostoc communeWet ground. Colony forming.
Blue-green AlgaeNostoc sphaericumEx Watson's List
Blue-green AlgaeNostoc verrucosumEx Watson's List
Blue-green AlgaeOscillatoria irriguaEx Watson's List
Blue-green AlgaeOscillatoria rubiginosaEx Watson's List
Blue-green AlgaeOscillatoria tenuisEx Watson's List
Blue-green AlgaePhormidium autumnaleEx Watson's List
Blue-green AlgaeRivularia crustaceaEx Watson's List
Blue-green AlgaeScytonema mirabileEx Watson's List
Blue-green AlgaeStigonema minutumEx Watson's List
Blue-green AlgaeStigonema ocellatumEx Watson's List
Blue-green AlgaeSymploca muscorumEx Watson's List
Red AlgaeBatrachospermum moniliformeEx Watson's List
Red Algae. Frogspawn alga.Batrachospermum vagumOn stones in streams.
Red AlgaeHildenbrandia rivularisRocks in freshwater streams.
Red AlgaeSacheria fluviatilisEx Watson's List
Red AlgaeSacheria mammilosaEx Watson's List

Fungi: Ascomycetes, (Cup Fungi).

Updated to 31st December 2022
Species: Ascomycetes (Cup Fungi)(Host)/Common NamePhyla/Division
Acanthophiobolus helicosporus (Berk. & Broome) J. W.
Acrospermum compressum Todeupon Urtica dioica
Aleuria aurantia (Pers.) FuckelOrange Peel Fungus
Anthracobia macrocystis (Cooke) Boud. Charcoal Goldeneye
Ascobolus denudatus Fr.
Ascobolus furfuraceus Pers.
Ascocoryne sarcoides (Jacq.) J. W. Groves & D. E. WilsonPurple Jellydisc
Ascodichaena rugosa Butin
Belonidium mollissimum (Fuckel) Raitv.
Bisporella citrina (Batsch) Korf & S. E. Carp. Lemon Disco
Biscogniauxia nummularia (Bull.) Kuntze Beech Tarcrust
Botrytis cinerea Pers. Grey Mould
Bulgaria inquinans (Pers.) Fr. Black Bulgar
Byssonectria fusispora (Berk.) Rogerson & Korf
Cheilymenia granulata (Bull.) J. Moravec
Cheilymenia stercorea (Pers.) Boud
Cheilymenia theleboloides (Alb. & Schwein.) Boud.
Chlorociboria aeruginascens (Nyl.) Kanouse ex. CSR et al. Green Elfcup
Claviceps purpurea (Fr.) Tul. Ergot
Cordyceps militaris (L.) Fr. Scarlet Caterpillar Fungus
Cudoniella acicularis (Bull.) J. Schr?t. Oak Pin
Cudoniella clavus (Alb. & Schwein.) Dennis Spring Pin
Cyathicula cyathoidea (Bull.) Th?m. upon Urtica dioica
Daldinia concentrica (Bolton) Ces. & De Not. Cramp Ball
Daldinia fissa Lloyd Gorse Cramp Ball
Dialonectria episphaeria (Tode) Cooke
Diaporthopsis urticae (Fr.) Arx & E. M?ll. Nettle Shield
Diatrype disciformis (Hoffm.) Fr. Beech Barkspot
Diatrype stigma (Hoffm.) Fr. Common Tarcrust
Diatrypella favacea (Fr.) Ces. & De Not. Birch Blackhead
Diatrypelia quercina (Pers.) Cooke Oak Blackhead
Disciotis venosa (Pers.) Arnould Bleach Cup
Echinosphaeria canescens (Pers.) A. N. Mill & Huhndorf
Elaphomyces granulatus (Fr.) False Truffle
Epichloe typhina subsp. typhina (Pers.) Tul. & C. Tul. Choke
Erysiphe alphitoides (Griffon & Maubl) U. Braun & S. Takam.Oakleaf powdery mildew
Erysiphe aquilegiae DC.
Erysiphe aquilegiae var aquilegiae DC. a powdery mildew
Erysiphe circaeae L. Junell
Erysiphe cruciferarum Opiz ex L. Junell upon Lunaria
Erysiphe heraclei (de Candolle) Wallroth powdery mildew upon Anthriscus sylvestris
Erysiphe hyperici (Wallr.) S. Blumer
Erysiphe lycopsidis R. Y. Zheng & G. Q. Chen
Erysiphe mougeotii (L?v.) de Bary
Erysiphe trifoliorum (Wallr.) U. Braun
Eutypa maura (Fr.) Sacc.
Eutypa spinosa (Pers.) Tul. & C. Tul. Spiral Tarcrust
Geoglossum atropurpureum (Batsch) Pers. BAP Dark Purple Earthtongue
Geoglossum cookeanum Nannf. ex Minter & P. F. Cannon
Geoglossum fallax E. J. Durand an Earthtongue
Geoglossum peckianum Cooke Slimy Earthtongue
Geoglossum umbratile Sacc. Plain Earthtongue
Geopora sumneriana (Cooke ex W. Phillips) M. Torre Cedar Cup
Geoscypha ampelina (Gillet) Van Vooren & Dougoud
Glutinoglossum glutinosum (Pers.) Hustad, A. N. Mill et al. Glutinous Earthtongue
Golovinomyces artemisiae(Grev.) V. P. Heluta
Golovinomyces asterum (Schwein.) U.BraunPowdery mildew of Michaelmas Daisy
Golovinomyces cichoracearum (DC.) V. P. Heluta
Golovinomyces cynoglossi (Wallr.) V. P. Heluta Forget-me-not mildew
Golovinomyces macrocarpus (Speer) U. Braun upon Tanacetum vulgare
Golovinomyces orontii (Castagne) V. P. Heluta
Helvella crispa (Scop.) Fr. White Saddle
Helvella elastica Bull. Elastic Saddle
Helvella ephippium L?v.
Helvella lacunosa Afzel. Elfin Saddle
Humaria hemisphaerica (F. H. Wigg) FuckelGlazed Cup
Hymenoscyphus calyculus (Fr.) W. Phillips
Hymenoscyphus epiphyllus (Pers.) Rehm ex Kauffman
Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (T. Kowalski) Barai, Queloz & Hosoya Ash Dieback Disease
Hymenoscyphus fructigenus (Bull.) GrayNut Disco
Hymenoscyphus humuli (Lasch) Dennis
Hymenoscyphus pileatus (P. Karst.) Kuntze
Hymenoscyphus scutula (Pers.) W. Phillips
Hypomyces aurantius (Pers.) FuckelOrange Polypore Mould
Hypomyces chrysospermus Tul. & C. Tul. Bolete Mould
Hypomyces rosellus (Alb. & Schwein.) Tul. & C. Tul. Pink Polypore Mould
Hypoxylon fragiforme (Pers.) J. Kickx f. Beech Woodwart
Hypoxylon fuscum (Pers.) Fr. Hazel Woodwart
Hypoxylon howeanum Peck
Hypoxylon rubiginosum (Pers.) Fr. Rusty Woodwart
Hysterobrevium smilacis (Schwein.) E. Boehm & C. L. Schupon Rubus
Jackrogersella multiformis (Fr.) L. Wendt, Kuhnert & M. St.Birch Woodwart
Kretzschmaria deusta (Hoffm.) P. M. D. Martin Brittle Cinder
Lachnellula occidentalis (G. G. Hahn & Ayers) Dhame Larch Disco
Lachnum brevipilosum Baral.
Lachnum virgineum (Batsch) P. Karst. Snowy Disco
Lasiobolus papillatus (Pers.) Sacc.
Lasiosphaeria ovina (Pers.) Ces. & De Not. Woolly Woodwart
Legaliana badia (Pers.) Van Vooren Bay Cup
Leotia lubrica (Scop.) Pers. Jellybaby
Leptosphaeria acuta (Fuckel) P. Karst. Nettle Rash
Lophiostoma macrostomum (Tode) Ces. & De Not.
Lophodermium pinastri (Schrad.) Chevall. Pine Needle Split
Microglossum viride (Pers.) Gillet Green Earthtongue
Mitrula paludosa Fr. Bog Beacon
Mollisia cinerea (Batsch) P. Karst. Common Grey Disco
Monilinia fructigena (Pers.) Honey Brown Rot
Morchella esculenta (L.) Pers. Morel
Myriosclerotinia sulcatula T. Schumach & L. M. Kohn Sedge Fungus
Nectria cinnabarina (Tode) Fr. Coral Spot
Nemania confluens (Tode) Laess?e & Spooner on Quercus lignum
Nemania effusa (Nitschke) Pouzar
Nemania serpens (Pers.) Gray
Neobulgaria pura (Pers.) Petr. Beech Jellydisc
Neoerysiphe galeopsidis (DC.) U. Braun
Neottiella rutilans (Fr.) Dennis
Onygena corvina Alb. & Schwein. Feather Stalkball
Onygena equina (Willd.) Pers. Horn Stalkball
Ophiocordyceps sphecocephala (Klotzch ex Berk.) et al.
Ophiognomonia leptostyla (Fr.) SogonovWalnut Leaf Blotch
Ophiostoma ulmi (Buisman) Nannf. Dutch Elm Disease
Otidea alutacea (Pers.) Massee Tan Ear
Otidea bufonia (Pers.) Boud.Toad's Ear
Otidea leporina (Batsch) Fuckel Rabbit's Ear
Otidea onotica (Pers.) Fuckel Hare's Ear
Paragalactinia succosa (Berk.) Van Vooren Yellowing Cup
Penicillium digitatum (Pers.) Sacc. Green Mould
Peroneutypa scoparia (Schwein.) Camar?n & A. I. Romeropathogenic dieback disease
Peziza cerea Sowerby Cellar Cup
Peziza echinospora P. Karst. Charcoal Cup
Peziza merdae Donaldini rare
Peziza repanda Wahlenb. ex Fr. Palomino Cup
Peziza vesiculosa Bull. Blistered Cup
Phaeohelotium carneum (Fr.) Hengstm.
Phyllactinia guttata (Wallr.) L?v.
Podosphaera aphanis var aphanis (Wallr.) U. Braun et al. upon Geum urbanum
Podosphaera clandestina var clandestina (Wallr.) L?v. upon Crataegus
Podosphaera erigerontis-canadensis (L?v.) U. Braun & T. Z. Liu upon Taraxacum
Podosphaera epilobii (Wallroth) de Bary powdery mildew of Willowherb
Podosphaera filipendulae (Zhao) Liu & Braun powdery mildew of Meadowsweet
Podosphaera leucotricha (Ellis & Everh.) E. S. Salmon upon Malus
Podosphaera spiraeae (Sawada) U. Braun & S. Takam. upon Spiraea prunifolia
Poronia punctata (L.) Fr. BAP Nail Fungus
Protomyces macrosporus Unger Water-dropwort rust
Rhizina undulata Fr. Pine Firefungus
Rhytisma acerinum (Pers.) P. Karst. Sycamore Tarspot
Rhopographus filicinus (Fr.) Nitschke ex Fuckel Bracken Map
Rodwayella citrinula (P. Karst.) Spooner
Rutstroemia firma (Pers.) P. Karst. Brown Cup
Ruzenia spermoides (Hoffm.) O. Hilber
Sarcoscypha austriaca (Beck ex Sacc.) Boud. Scarlet Elf Cup
Sarcoscypha coccinea (Gray) Boud. Ruby Elf Cup
Scutellinia scutellata (L.) Lambotte Common Eyelash
Scutularia citrina (Chevall.) Sacc.
Seifertia azaleae (Peck) Partr. & Morgan-Jones Rhododendron Bud Blast
Septoria lavandulae Desm. Lavender Leaf Spot
Sowerbyella radiculata (Sowerby) Nannf.
Stictis stellata Wallr.
Taphrina betulina Rostr. Birch Besom
Taphrina deformans (Berk.) Tul. Peach Leaf Curl
Taphrina pruni (Fuckel) Tul. Pocket Plum
Tarzetta catinus (Holmsk.) Korf & J. K. Rogers Greater Toothed Cup
Tarzetta cupularis (L.) Svrček Toothed Cup
Trichoderma pulvinatum (Fuckel) Jakitsch & Voglmayr Ochre Cushion
Trichoglossum hirsutum (Pers.) Boud. Hairy Earthtongue
Trichophaea woolhopeia (Cooke & W. Phillips) Boud.
Trochila craterium (DC.) Fr. Ivy Speckle
Trochila ilacina (Nees ex Fr.) Courtec. Holly Speckle
Xylaria carpophila (Pers.) Fr. Beechmast Candlesnuff
Xylaria filiformis (Alb. & Schwein.) Fr.
Xylaria hypoxylon (L.) Grev. Candlesnuff Fungus
Xylaria longipes Nitschke Dead Moll's Fingers
Xylaria polymorpha (Pers.) Grev. Dead Man's Fingers
As at 26/05/2021: Species: 164 Genera: 94

Fungi: Basidiomycetes.

Updated to 31st December 2022 to include all reports to the Exmoor Naturalist No 48. Pt.2
Species: Basidiomycetes(Host)/Common NamePhyla/Division
Macro Fungi revised May 2021
Abortiporus biennis (Bull.) SingerBlushing Rosette
Agaricus abruptibulbus Peck
Agaricus arvensis SchaeffHorse Mushroom
Agaricus augustusFr.The Prince
Agaricus bernardii Qu?l. Salty Mushroom
Agaricus bisporus (J. E. Lange) Imbach Cultivated Mushroom
Agaricus bitorquis (Qu?l.) Sacc. Pavement Mushroom
Agaricus bresadolanus Bohus
Agaricus campestris L. Field Mushroom
Agaricus comtulus Fr. Ornamented Mushroom
Agaricus cupreobrunneus (Jul. Sch?ff. & Steer) Pil?t Copper Mushroom
Agaricus dulcidulus Schulzer Rosy Wood Mushroom
Agaricus fuscofibrillosus (F. H. M?ller) Pil?t
Agaricus impudicus (Rea) Pil?t Tufted Wood Mushroom
Agaricus lanipes (F. H. Møller & Jul. Schäff.) HlaváčekThe Princess
Agaricus langei (F. H. M?ller) F. H. M?llerScaly Wood Mushroom
Agaricus lutosus F. H. M?ller
Agaricus moelleri Wasser Inky Mushroom
Agaricus phaeolepidotus F. H. M?ller
Agaricus porphyrocephalus F. H. M?ller
Agaricus subperonatus (J. E. Lange) SingerA mushroom
Agaricus sylvaticus Schaeff. Blushing Wood Mushroom
Agaricus sylvicola (Vittad) Peck Wood Mushroom
Agaricus urinascens (Jul.Schaff.& F.H. Moller) SingerMacro Mushroom
Agaricus xanthodermus Genev.Yellow Stainer
Agrocybe molesta (Lasch) Singer Bearded Fieldcap
Agrocybe pediades (Fr.) Fayod Common Fieldcap
Agrocybe rivulosa Nauta Wrinkled Fieldcap
Amanita ceciliae (Berk. & Broome) Bas Snakeskin Grisette
Amanita citrina Pers. False Deathcap
Amanita crocea (Qu?l.) Singer Orange Grisette
Amanita echinocephala (Vittad) Qu?l. Solitary Amanita
Amanita excelsa (Fr.) Bertill.Grey-spotted Amanita
Amanita franchettii (Boud) Fayod
Amanita fulva Fr. Tawny Grisette
Amanita muscaria (L.) Lam. Fly Agaric
Amanita pantherina(DC.) Krombh.Panther Cap
Amanita phalloides (Vaill. ex Fr.) Link Death Cap
Amanita porphyria Alb. & Schwein. Grey-veiled Amanita
Amanita rubescens Pers. The Blusher
Amanita submembranacea (Bon) Gr?ger
Amanita vaginata (Bull.) Lam. Grisette
Amaropostia stiptica (Pers.) BK Cui, LL Shen & YC Dai Bitter Bracket
Ampulloclitocybe clavipes (Pers.) Redhead, Lutzoni et al.Clubfoot
Antrodiaalbida (Fr.) Donk
Antrodia xantha (Fr.) Ryvarden Yellow Crust
Apioperdon pyriforme (Schaeff.) Vizzini Stump Puffball
Armillaria gallica Marxm. & Romagn. Bulbous Honey Fungus
Armillaria mellea (Vahl.) P. Kumm. Honey Fungus
Armillaria ostoyae (Romagn.) Herink.Dark Honey Fungus
Arrhenia acerosa (Fr.) K?hnerMoss Oysterling
Arrhenia griseopallida (Desm.) Watling
Arrhenia retiruga (Bull.) Redhead Small Moss Oysterling
Aspropaxillus giganteus (Sowerby) K?hner & Maire Giant Funnelcap
Asterophora parasitica(Bull.) Singer Silky Piggyback
Atheniella flavoalba (Fr.) Redhead, Moncalvo et al. Ivory Bonnet
Atractosporocybe inornata (Sowerby) P. Alvarado et al.
Aureoboletus gentilis (Qu?l.) Pouzar Gilded Bolete
Auricularia auricularia-judae (Bull.) Qu?l.Jelly Ear
Auricularia mesenterica (Dicks.) Pers. Tripe Fungus
Auriscalpium vulgare GrayEarpick Fungus
Baeospora myosura (Fr.) Singer Pinecone Fungus
Battarrea phalloides (Dicks.) Pers. BAP Sandy Stiltball
Bjerkandera adusta (Willd.) P. Karst. Smoky Bracket
Bogbodia uda (Pers.) Redhead Peat Brownie
Bolbitius reticulatus (Pers.) Ricken Netted Fieldcap
Bolbitius titubans (Bull.) Fr. Yellow Fieldcap
Boletus edulis Bull. Penny Bun/Cep
Boletus reticulatus Schaeff. Summer Bolete
Boletus subtomentosus L. Su?de Bolete
Bonomycessinopicus (Fr.) Vizzini Spring Funnel
Bovista nigrescens Pers. Brown Puffball
Bovista plumbea Pers. Grey Puffball
Bovistella utriformis (Bull.) Demoulin & RebrievMosaic Puffball
Butyriboletus appendiculatus (Schaeff.) Arora & Frank Oak Bolete
Byssomerulius corium (Pers.) Parmasto Netted Crust
Caloboletus calopus (Pers.) Vizzini Bitter Beech Bolete
Caolboletus radicans (Pers.) VizziniRooting Bolete
Calocera cornea(Batsch.) Fr. Small Stagshorn
Calocera furcata (Fr.) Fr. Forked Stagshorn
Calocera glossoides(Pers.) Fr.
Calocera pallidospathulata D. A. Reid Pale Stagshorn
Calocera viscosa (Pers.) Fr. Yellow Stagshorn
Calocybe carnea (Bull.) Donk Pink Domecap
Calocybe gambosa (Fr.) Donk St. George's Mushroom
Calvatia gigantea (Batsch.) Lloyd Giant Puffball
Cantharellus amethysteus (Qu?l.) Sacc. Amethyst Chanterelle
Cantharellus cibarius Fr. Chanterelle/Girolle
Cantharellus cinereus (Pers.) Fr. Ashen Chanterelle
Cantharellus ferruginascens P. D. Orton Pale Chanterelle
Cantharellus friesii Qu?l. BAPOrange Chanterelle
Carcinomyces polyporinus (D. A. Reid) Yurkov
Ceriporia reticulata (Hoffm.) Domański
Cerioporus leptocephalus (Jacq.) Zmitr. Blackfoot Polypore
Cerioporus mollis (Sommerf.) Zmitr. & Kovalenko Common Mazegill
Cerioporus squamosus (Huds.) Qu?l. Dryad's Saddle
Chalciporus piperatus (Bull.) Bataille Peppery Bolete
Chlorophyllum rhacodes(Vittad.) Vellinga Shaggy Parasol
Chondrostereum purpureum (Pers.) Pouzar Silver Leaf Fungus
Chromocyphella galeata (Schumach.) W. B. Cooke
Chromosera citrinopallida (AH Sm. & Hesler) Vizzini & Erc. Arched Waxcap
Chroogomphus rutilus (Schaeff) O. K. Mill. Copper Spike
Clathrus archeri (Berk.) Dring Devil's Fingers
Clathrus ruber P. Micheli ex Pers. Red Cage Fungus
Clavaria argillacea Pers. Moor Club
Clavaria fragilis Holmsk. White Spindles
Clavaria fumosa Pers. Smoky Spindles
Clavaria rosea Fr. Rosy Spindles
Clavaria zollingeri L?v.Violet Coral
Clavulina cinerea (Bull.) J. Schr?t. Grey Coral
Clavulina coralloides (L.) J. Schr?t. Crested Coral
Clavulina rugosa (Bull.) J. Schr?t. Wrinkled Club
Clavulinopsis corniculata (Schaeff.) Corner Meadow Coral
Clavulinopsis fusiformis (Sowerby) Corner Golden Spindles
Clavulinopsis helvola (Pers.) Corner Yellow Club
Clavulinopsis luteoalba (Rea) Corner Apricot Club
Clavulinopsis laeticolor (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) R. H. Petersen Handsome Club
Clavulinopsis umbrinella (Sacc.) Corner Beige Coral
Clitocybe dealbata (Sowerby) P. Kumm. Ivory Funnel
Clitocybe fragrans (With.) P. Kumm. Fragrant Funnel
Clitocybe harmajae Lamoure
Clitocybe metachroa (Fr.) P. Kumm. Twotone Funnel
Clitocybe nebularis (Batsch) P. Kumm. Clouded Funnel
Clitocybe odora (Bull.) P. Kumm. Aniseed Funnel
Clitocybe phaeopthalma (Pers.) Kuyper Chicken Run Funnel
Clitocybe phyllophila (Pers.) P. Kumm. Frosty Funnel
Clitocybe rivulosa (Pers.) P. Kumm. Fool's Funnel
Clitopilus pinsitus (Fr.) Joss.
Clitopilus prunulus (Scop.) P. Kumm. The Miller
Collybia cirrhata (Schumach) Qu?l.
Collybia cookei (Bres.) J. D. Arnold Splitpea Shanklet
Coltricia perennis (L.) MurrillTIGER’S EYE
Collybia tuberosa (Bull.) P. Kumm. Lentil Shanklet
Coniophora puteana (Schumach.) P. Karst. Wet Rot
Conocybe apala (Fr.) Arnolds Milky Conecap
Conocybe aporos Kits van Wav.
Conocybe arrhenii (Fr.) Kits van Wav.Ringed Conecap
Conocybe blattaria(Fr.) K?hner
Conocybe filaris (Fr.) K?hnerFool's Conecap
Conocybe pubescens (Gillet) K?hnerDowny Conecap
Conocybe pulchella (Velen.) Hauskn. & Svrček
Conocybe rickenii (Jul. Sch?ff.) K?hner
Conocybe semiglobata K?hner & Watling
Conocybe subovalis K?hner & Watling
Conocybe tenera (Schaeff.) Fayod
Conocybe velutipes (Velen.) Hauskn. & SvrčekFleecyfoot Conecap
Conocybe vestita (Fr.) K?hner
Connopus acervatus (Fr.) K. W. Hughes, Mather et al.
Coprinellus bisporus (J. E. Lange) Vilgalys, Hopple et al. Two-spored Inkcap
Coprinellus callinus (M. Lange & A. H. Sm.) Vilgalys, Hopple et al.
Coprinellus disseminatus (Pers.) J. E. Lange Fairy Inkcap
Coprinellus impatiens (Fr.) J. E. Lange
Coprinellus micaceus (Bull.) Vilgalys, Hopple & Jacq. Johnson Glistening Inkcap
Coprinellus pelucidus (P. Karst.) Redhead, Vilgalys & Moncalvo
Coprinellus silvaticus (Peck) Gminder Woodland Inkcap
Coprinellus subimpatiens (M. Lange & A. H. Sm.) Redhead et al.
Coprinellus truncorum (Scop.) Redhead, Vilgalys & Moncalvo
Coprinopsis acuminata (Romagn.) Redhead et al. Humpback Inkcap
Coprinopsis atramentaria (Bull.) Redhead, Vilgalys & Moncalvo Common Inkcap
Coprinopsis cinerea (Schaeff.) Redhead, Vilgalys & MoncalvoGrey Inkcap
Coprinopsis echinospora (Buller) Redhead, Vilgalys & Moncalvo Warty Inkcap
Coprinopsis foetidella (P. D. Orton) A. Ruiz & G. Mu?oz
Coprinopsis lagopus (Fr.) Redhead, Vilgalys & MoncalvoHare's Foot Inkcap
Coprinopsis macrocephala (Berk.) Redhead, Vilgalys & Moncalvo Bighead Inkcap
Coprinopsis marcesibilis (Britzelm.) Őrstadius & E. Larss.
Coprinopsis nivea (Pers.) Redhead, Vilgalys & Moncalvo Snowy Inkcap
Coprinopsis patouillardii (Qu?l.) Gminder
Coprinopsis picacea (Bull.) Redhead, Vilgalys & MoncalvoMagpie Inkcap
Coprinopsis pseudoradiata (K?hner & Joss. ex Watling) Redhead et al.
Coprinopsis radiata (Bolton) Redhead, Vilgalys & Moncalvo
Coprinopsis stercorea (Fr.) Redhead, Vilgalys & Moncalvo
Coprinus comatus (O .F. Mull) Pers. Shaggy Inkcap
Cortinarius acutus (Pers.) Fr. Peaked Webcap
Cortinarius alboviolaceus (Pers.) Fr. Pearly WebcapSericeocybe
Cortinarius anomalus (Fr.) Fr. Variable Webcap Sericeocybe
Cortinarius armillatus (Fr.) Fr. Red-banded Webcap Telamonia
Cortinarius balteatocumatilis Rob. Henry ex P. D. Orton Phlegmacium
Cortinarius basililaceus A. Pearson ex P. D. Orton Phlegmacium
Cortinarius bolaris (Pers.) Fr. Dappled Webcap
Cortinarius brunneus (Pers.) Fr. Telamonia
Cortinarius bulbosus (Sowerby) Gray Telamonia
Cortinarius bulliardii (Pers.) Fr. Hotfoot Webcap Telamonia
Cortinarius camphoratus (Fr.) Fr. Goatcheese Webcap Seri./Near Threatened
Cortinarius cinnabarinus Fr.
Cortinarius cinnamomeus (L.) Gray Cinnamon Webcap Dermocybe
Cortinarius croceus (Schaeff.) Gray Saffron Webcap Dermocybe
Cortinarius croceocoeruleus (Pers.) Fr. Myxacium
Cortinarius decipiens (Pers.) Fr. Sepia Webcap Telamonia
Cortinarius delibutus Fr. Yellow Webcap Myxacium
Cortinarius elatior Fr. Wrinkled Webcap Myxacium
Cortinarius epipurrus Chevassut & Rob. Henry
Cortinarius evernius (Fr.) Fr. Silky Webcap Telamonia
Cortinarius flexipes (Pers.) Fr.Pelargonium WebcapTelamonia
Cortinarius fulvosquamulosus P. D. Orton rare
Cortinarius hemitrichus (Pers.) Fr. Frosty Webcap Telamonia
Cortinarius hinnuleus Fr. Earthy Webcap Telamonia
Cortinarius illibatus Fr.
Cortinarius infractus (Pers.) Fr. Bitter Webcap Phlegmacium
Cortinarius inolens (H. Lindstr.) Bidaud Pine Pelargonium Webc.Telamonia
Cortinarius malachius (Fr.) Fr. Sericeocybe
Cortinarius mucifluoides Rob. Henry ex Bidaud, Mo?nne-Locc. & R.Purple Stocking WebcapMyxacium
Cortinarius obtusus (Fr.) Fr. Blunt Webcap Telamonia
Cortinarius ochroleucus Schaeff.Cream Webcap
Cortinarius pholideus (Lilj) Fr. Scaly Webcap Sericeocybe
Cortinarius purpurascens Fr. Bruising Webcap Leprocybe
Cortinarius purpureus (Pers.) FuckelImperial Webcap Dermocybe
Cortinarius rheubarbarinus Rob. HenryTelamonia
Cortinarius rubellus Cooke (syn. C. speciosissimus)Deadly Webcap Cortinarius
Cortinarius sanguineus (Wulfen) Gray Bloodred WebcapDermocybe
Cortinarius saturninus (Fr.) Fr. Telamonia
Cortinarius semisanguineus (Fr.) Gillet Surprise WebcapDermocybe
Cortinarius subbalaustinus Rob. Henry Telamonia
Cortinarius tabularis (Fr.) Fr. Phlegmacium
Cortinarius torvus (Fr.) Fr. Stocking WebcapTelamonia
Cortinarius triumphans Fr. Birch Webcap Leprocybe
Cortinarius umbrinolens P. D. Orton
Cortinarius. variicolor (Pers.) Fr. Contrary WebcapLeprocybe
Cortinarius violaceus (L._ Gray)VIOLET WEBCAP
Craterellus cornucopioides (L.) Pers. Horn of Plenty
Craterellus lutescens (Fr.) Fr. Golden Chanterelle
Craterellus tubaeformis (Fr.) Qu?l. Trumpet Chanterelle
Crepidotus applanatus (Pers.) P. Kumm. Flat Oysterling
Crepidotus autochthonus J. E. Lange Grounded Oysterling
Crepidotus bresadolae Pil?t
Crepidotus calolepis(Fr.) P. Karst.
Crepidotus caspari VelenPale Oysterling
Crepidotus cesatii (Rabenh.) Sacc. Roundspored Oysterling
Crepidotus epibryus (Fr.) Qu?l. Grass Oysterling
Crepidotus mollis (Schaeff.) Staude Peeling Oysterling
Crepidotus variabilis (Pers.) P. Kumm. Variable Oysterling
Crucibulum laeve (Huds.) Kambly.Common Bird's Nest
Cuphophyllus fornicatus (Fr.) Lodge, Padamsee & VizziniEarthy Waxcap
Cuphophyllus lacmus (Schumach.) Bon Grey Waxcap
Cuphophyllus pratensis (Fr.) Bon Meadow Waxcap
Cuphophyllus virgineus (Wulfen) Kovalenko Snowy Waxcap
Cyanoboletus pulverulentus (Opat.) Gelardi, Vizzini & S. Inkstain Bolete
Cyathus olla (Batsch) Pers. Field Bird's Nest
Cyathus striatus (Huds.) Willd.Fluted Bird's Nest
Cyclocybe cylindracea (DC.) Vizzini & Angelini Poplar Fieldcap
Cylindrobasidium evolvens (Fr.) J?lichTear Dropper
Cystodermaamianthinum (Scop.) Fayod Earthy Powdercap
Cystoderma carcharias (Pers.) Fayod Pearly Powdercap
Cystoderma jasonis (Cooke & Massee) HarmajaPine Powdercap
Cystodermella granulosa (Batsch) Harmaja
Cystodermella terryi (Berk. & Broome) Bell?
Cystolepiota bucknallii (Berk. & Broome) Singer & C. Lilac Dapperling
Cystolepiota hetieri (Boud.) Singer
Cystolepiota pulverulenta (Huijsman) Vellinga
Cystolepiota seminuda (Lasch) BonBearded Dapperling
Cystolepiota sistrata (Fr.) Singer
Dacrymyces deliquescens (Bull.) Duby.
Dacrymyces stillatus Nees.Common Jelly Spot
Daedalea quercina (L.) Pers. Oak Mazegill
Daedaleopsis confragosa (Botton) J. Schr?t Blushing Bracket
Deconica coprophila (Bull.) P. Karst.
Deconica montana (Pers.) P. D. Orton Mountain Brownie
Dermoloma cuneifolium (Fr.) Singer ex Bon Crazed Cap
Dermoloma pseudocuneifolium Herink ex Bon Dark Crazed Cap
Deronica crobula (Fr.) Romagn.A mushroom
Desarmillaria tabescens (Scop.) R. A. Koch & Aime Ringless Honey Fungus
Dichomitus campestris (Quél.) Domański & OrliczHazel Porecrust
Ditiola peziziformis (L?v.) D. A. Reid
Echinoderma echinaceum (J.E. Lange) BonA probably toxic toadstool
Echinoderma hystrix (F. H. M?ller & J. E. Lange) Bon
Entoloma cetratum (Fr.) M. M. Moser Honey Pinkgill
Entoloma chalybeum (Pers.) Noordel. Indigo Pinkgill
Entoloma clypeatum (L.) P. Kumm. Shield Pinkgill
Entoloma conferendum (Britzelm.) Noordel. Star Pinkgill
Entoloma corvinum (K?hner) Noordel. Crow Pinkgill
Entoloma euchroum (Pers.) Donk Stump Pinkgill
Entoloma hebes (Romagn.) Trimbach Pimple Pinkgill
Entoloma hirtipes (Schumach.) M. M. Moser
Entoloma incanum (Fr.) Hesler Mousepee Pinkgill
Entoloma longistriatum (Peck) Noordel.
Entoloma lucidum (P. D. Orton) M. M. Moser
Entoloma ortonii Arnolds & Noordel.
Entoloma papillatum (Bres.) Dennis Papillate Pinkgill
Entoloma pleopodium (Bull.) Noordel. Aromatic Pinkgill
Entoloma poliopus var poliopus (Romagn.) Noordel.
Entoloma porphyrophaeum (Fr.) P. Karst. Lilac Dapperling
Entoloma prunuloides (Fr.) Qu?l. Mealy Pinkgill
Entoloma rhodopolium (Fr.) P. Kumm. Wood Pinkgill
Entoloma sericellum (Fr.) P. Kumm. Cream Pinkgill
Entoloma serrulatum (Fr.) Hesler Blue Edge Pinkgill
Entoloma sinuatum (Bull.) P. Kumm. Livid Pinkgill
Entoloma tjallingiorum Noordel.
Entoloma sordidulum (K?hner & Romagn.) P. D. Orton
Exidia glandulosa (Bull.) Fr. Witches Butter
Exidia nigricans (With.) P. Roberts Warlock's Butter
Exidia thuretiana (L?v.) Fr. White Brain
Exidiopsis effusa (Bref. ex Sacc.) M?ller Hair Ice/ Goblin's Beard
Fibroporia vaillantii (DC.) Parmasto
Fistulina hepatica (Schaeff.) With. Beefsteak Fungus
Flammula alnicola (Fr.) P. Kumm. Alder Scalycap
Flammulaster carpophilus (Fr.) Earle ex Vellinga
Flammulaster granulosus (J. E. Lange) Watling
Flammulina velutipes (Curtis) Singer Velvet Shank
Fomes fomentarius (L.) Fr. Hoof Fungus
Fomitopsis betulina (Bull.) B. K. Cui, M. L. Han & Y. C. Dai Birch Polypore
Fuscoporia ferrea (Pers.) G. Cunn. Iron Porecrust
Fuscoporia ferruginosa (Schrad.) Murrill Rusty Porecrust
Galerina cinctula P. D. Orton
Galerina hypnorum (Schrank) K?hner Moss Bell
Galerina marginata (Batsch) K?hner Funeral Bell
Galerina mniophila (Lasch) K?hner
Galerina mycenoides (Fr.) K?hner
Galerina paludosa (Fr.) K?hner Bog Bell
Galerina vittiformis (Fr.) Singer Hairy Leg Bell
Gamundia striatula (K?hner) Raithelh.Lined Meadowcap
Ganoderma adspersum (Schulzer) Donk
Ganoderma applanatum (Pers.) Pat. Artist's Bracket
Ganoderma australe (Fr.) Pat. Southern Bracket
Ganoderma lucidum (Curtis) P. Karst. Lacquered Bracket
Ganoderma pfefferi Bres. Beeswax Bracket
Ganoderma resinaceum Boud.
Geastrum fimbriatum Fr.Sessile Earthstar
Geastrum fornicatum (Huds.) Hook Arched Earthstar
Geastrum nanum Pers. Dwarf Earthstar
Geastrum quadrifidum DC. ex Pers. Rayed Earthstar
Geastrum rufescens Pers. Rufous Earthstar
Geastrum triplex Jungh. Collared Earthstar
Gliophorus irrigatus (Pers.) A. M. Ainsw. & P. M. Kirk Slimy Waxcap
Gliophorus laetus (Pers.) Herink Heath Waxcap
Gliophorus psittacinus (Schaeff.) Herink Parrot Waxcap
Gloeophyllum sepiarum (Wulfen) P. Karst. Conifer Mazegill
Gloioxanthomyces vitellinus (Fr.) Lodge, Vizzini et al.
Granulobasidium vellereum (Ellis & Cragin) J?lich
Grifola frondosa (Dicks) Gray Hen of the Woods
Gymnopilus hybridus (Gillet) Maire
Gymnopilus junonius (Fr.) P. D. Orton Spectacular Rustgill
Gymnopilus penetrans (Fr.) Murrill Common Rustgill
Gymnopus androsaceus (L.) Della Magg & Trassin. Horsehair Fungus
Gymnopus brassicolens (Romagn.) Antonin & Noordel. Cabbage Parachute
Gymnopus dryophilus (Bull.) Murrill Russet Toughshank
Gymnopus erythropus (Pers.) Antonin, Hailing & Noordel. Redleg Toughshank
Gymnopus fusipes (Bull.) Gray Spindle Shank
Gyroporus castaneus (Bull.) Qu?l. Chestnut Bolete
Hapalopilus rutilans (Pers.) Murrill Cinnamon Bracket
Hebeloma crustiliniforme(Bull.) Qu?l. Poisonpie
Hebeloma laterinum (Batsch) Vesterh.
Hebeloma leucosarx P. D. Orton Pale Poisonpie
Hebeloma mesophaeum (Pers.) Qu?l. Veiled Poisonpie
Hebeloma radicosum (Bull.) Ricken Rooting Poisonpie
Hebeloma saccariolens Qu?l. Sweet Poisonpie
Hebeloma sinapizans (Paulet) Gillet Bitter Poisonpie
Hemimycena lactea (Pers.) Singer Milky Bonnet
Hemimycena tortuosa (P. D. Orton) RedheadDewdrop Bonnet
Henningsomyces candidus (Pers.) Kuntze White Tubelet
Hericium cirrhatum (Pers.) Nikol. BAP Tiered Tooth
Heterobasidion annosum (Fr.) Bref. Root Fomes
Hodophilus foetens (W. Phillips) Birkebak & Adamčik Stinking Fanvault
Hohenbuehelia cyphelliformis (Berk.) O. K. Mill
Hohenbuehelia petaloiodes (Bull.) Schulzer
Hohenbuehelia serotina (Pers.) Singer Olive Oysterling
Homophron cernuum (Vahl) Őrstadius & E. Larss.
Homophron spadiceum (P. Kumm.) Őrstadius & E. Larss. Chestnut Brittlestem
Hortiboletus rubellus (Krombh.) Simonini, Vizzini & G.Ruby Bolete
Hydnellum concrescens (Pers.) Banker BAP Zoned Tooth
Hydnellum scabrosum (Fr.) E. Larss., K. H. Larss. & K?ljalg BAP Bitter Tooth
Hydnellum scrobiculatum (Fr.) P. Karst. BAP Ridged Tooth
Hydnellum spongiosipes (Peck) Pouzar BAPVelvet Tooth
Hydnum repandum L. Wood Hedgehog
H. rufescens Pers. Terracotta Hedgehog
Hydropus floccipes (Fr.) Singer
Hygrocybe acutoconica (Clem.) Singer Persistent Waxcap
Hygrocybe cantharellus (Schwein.) Murrill Goblet Waxcap
Hygrocybe ceracea (Sowerby) P. Kumm. Butter Waxcap
Hygrocybe chlorophana (Fr.) W?nsche Golden Waxcap
Hygrocybe citrinovirens (J. E. Lange) Jul. Schaff. Citrine Waxcap
Hygrocybe coccinea (Schaeff.) P. Kumm. Scarlet Waxcap
Hygrocybe conica (Schaeff.) P. Kumm. Blackening Waxcap*
Hygrocybe flavescens (Kauffman) Singer Yellow Waxcap
Hygrocybe glutinipes (J. E. Lange) R. Haller Aar Glutinous Waxcap
Hygrocybe helobia (Arnolds) Bon. Garlic Waxcap
Hygrocybe insipida (J. E. Lange) M. M. Moser Spangle Waxcap
Hygrocybe intermedia (Pass.) Fayod Fibrous Waxcap
Hygrocybe miniata (Fr.) P. Kumm. Vermilion Waxcap
Hygrocybe mucronella (Fr.) P. Karst. Bitter Waxcap
Hygrocybe nigrescens (Qu?l.) K?hner Blackening Waxcap**
Hygrocybe nitrata (Pers.) W?nsche Nitrous Waxcap
Hygrocybe punicea (Fr.) P. Kumm. Crimson Waxcap
Hygrocybe quieta (K?hner) Singer Oily Waxcap
Hygrocybe reidii K?hner Honey Waxcap
Hygrocybe russocoriacea (Berk. & T. K. Mill) P. D. Orton & Watling Cedarwood Waxcap
Hygrocybe spadicea (Scop.) P. Karst. BAP Date Waxcap
Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca (Wulfen) Maire False Chanterelle
Hygrophorus hypothejus (Fr.) Fr. Herald of Winter
Hymenochaete rubiginosa (Dicks.) L?v. Oak Curtain Crust
Hymenopellis radicata (Relhan) R. H. Petersen Rooting Shank
Hyphoderma setigerum (Fr.) Donk.
Hyphodontia barba-jovis (Bull.) J. Erikss.
Hypholoma capnoides (Fr.) P. Kumm. Conifer Tuft
Hypholoma fasciculare (Huds.) P. Kumm. Sulphur Tuft
Hypholoma lateritium (Schaeff.) P. Kumm. Brick Tuft
Hypholoma marginatum J. Schr?t Snakeskin Brownie
Hypholoma subericaeum (Fr.) K?hner
Imleria badia (Fr.) Vizzini Bay Bolete
Infundibulicybe geotropa (Bull.) Harmaja Trooping Funnel
Infundibulicybe gibba (Pers.) Harmaja Common Funnel
Inocybe abjecta P. Karst.
Inocybe acuta Boud.
Inocybe assimilata Britzelm
Inocybe asterospora Qu?l. Star Fibrecap
Inocybe cincinnata (Fr.) Qu?l. Collared Fibrecap
Inocybe curvipes P. Karst.
Inocybe euviolacea E. Ludw Violet Fibrecap
Inocybe fibrosa (Sowerby) Gillet
Inocybe flocculosa Sacc. Fleecy Fibrecap
Inocybe fraudans (Britzelm) Sacc. Pear Fibrecap
Inocybe fuscidula Velen.
Inocybe geophylla (Bull.) P. Kumm. White Fibrecap
Inocybe grammata Qu?l.
Inocybe griseolilacina J. E. Lange Lilac Leg Fibrecap
Inocybe hirtella Bres.
Inocybe lacera (Fr.) P. Kumm. Torn Fibrecap
Inocybe lanuginosa (Bull.) P. Kumm.
Inocybe napipes J. E. Lange Bulbous Fibrecap
Inocybe petiginosa (Fr.) Gillet Scurfy Fibrecap
Inocybe posterula (Britzelm) Sacc.
Inocybe pyriodora (Pers.) P. Kumm.
Inocybe serotina Peck
Inocybe sindonia (Fr.) P. Karst. Beige Fibrecap
Inocybe squarrosa Rea
Inocybe whitei (Berk. & Broome) Sacc. Blushing Fibrecap
Inonotus hispidus (Bull.) P. Karst. Shaggy Bracket
Inosperma adaequatum (Britzelm.) Matheny & Esteve-Rav.
Inosperma calamistratum (Fr.) Matheny & Esteve-Rav.Greenfoot Fibrecap
Inosperma cookei (Bres.) Matheny & Esteve-Rav. Straw Fibrecap
Inosperma erubescens (A. Blytt) Matheny & Esteve-Rav. Deadly Fibrecap
Inosperma maculatum (Boud.) Matheny & Esteve-Rav.Frosty Fibrecap
Ischnoderma benzoinum (Wahleng.) P.KarstBENZOIN BRACKET
Ischnoderma resinosum (Schrad.) P. Karst.
Kuehneromyces mutabilis (Schaeff.) Singer & A. H. Sm. Sheathed Woodtuft
Laccaria amethystina Cooke Amethyst Deceiver
Laccaria bicolor (Maire) P. D. Orton Bicoloured Deceiver
Laccaria laccata (Scop.) Cooke Deceiver
Laccaria proxima (Boud.) Pat. Scurfy Deceiver
Laccaria purpureobadia D. A. Reid
Laccaria pumila Fayod Willow Deceiver
Laccaria tortilis (Botton) Cooke Twisted Deceiver
Lachnella villosa (Pers.) Donk
Lacrymaria lacrymabunda (Bull.) Pat. Weeping Widow
Lactarius aurantiacus (Pers.) Gray Orange Milkcap
Lactarius azonites (Bull.) Fr. White Milkcap
Lactarius blennius (Fr.) Fr. Beech Milkcap
Lactarius camphoratus (Bull.) Fr. Curry Milkcap
Lactarius chrysorrheus Fr. Yellowdrop Milkcap
Lactarius cyathula (Fr.) Fr.
Lactarius deliciosus (L.) Gray Saffron Milkcap
Lactarius deterrimus Gr?ger False Saffron Milkcap
Lactarius flavidus Boud.
Lactarius fulvissimus Romagn.Tawny Milkcap
Lactarius glyciosmus (Fr.) Fr. Coconut Milkcap
Lactarius helvus (Fr.) Fr. Fenugreek Milkcap
Lactarius hepaticus Plowr.Liver Milkcap
Lactarius hysginus (Fr.) Fr.
Lactarius pallidus Pers. Pale Milkcap
Lactarius pubescens (Fr.) Bearded Milkcap
Lactarius pyrogalus (Bull.) Fr. Fiery Milkcap
Lactarius quietus (Fr.) Fr. Oak Milkcap
Lactarius rufus (Scop.) Fr. Rufous Milkcap
Lactarius serifluus (DC.) Fr. Watery Milkcap
Lactarius spinosulus Qu?l. & Le Bret. Lilacscale Milkcap
Lactarius subdulcis (Pers.) Gray Brown Milkcap
Lactarius tabidus Fr. Birch Milkcap
Lactarius torminosus (Schaeff.) Pers. Woolly Milkcap
Lactarius turpis (Weinm.) Fr. Ugly Milkcap
Lactarius uvidus (Fr.) Fr. Shiner
Lactarius vietus (Fr.) Fr. Grey Milkcap
Lactifluus bertillonii (Neuhoff ex Z. Schaef.) Verbeken
Lactifluus piperatus (L.) Roussel Peppery Milkcap
Lactifluus vellereus (Fr.) Kuntze Fleecy Milkcap
Lactifluus volemus (Fr.) Kuntze Fishy Milkcap
Laetiporus sulphureus (Bull.) Murrill Chicken of the Woods
Leccinum cyaneobasileucum Lannoy & Estad?sGreyshank Bolete
Lecinellum pseudoscabrum (Kallenb.) Miksik. Hazel Bolete
Leccinum scabrum (Bull.) Gray Brown Birch Bolete
Leccinum variicolor Watling Mottled Bolete
Leccinum versipelle (Fr. & H?k) Snell Orange Birch Bolete
Lentinellus cochleatus (Pers.) P. Karst. Aniseed Cockleshell
Lentinus brumalis (Pers.) Zmitr.Winter Polypore
Lentinus substrictus (Bolton) Zmitr. & Kovalenko Fringed Polypore
Lenzites betulinus (L.) Fr. Birch Mazegill
Lepiota bickhamensis P. D. Orton
Lepiota boudieri Bres.Girdled Dapperling
Lepiota castanea Qu?l. Chestnut Dapperling
Lepiota clypeolaria (Bull.) P. Kumm. Shield Dapperling
Lepiota cristata (Botton) P. Kumm. Stinking Dapperling
Lepiota echinella Qu?l. & G. E. Bernard
Lepiota ignivolvata Bousset & Joss. ex Joss.
Lepiota pseudolilacea Huijsman
Lepista irina (Fr.) H. E. Bigelow Flowery Blewit
Lepista luscina (Fr.) Singer rare
Lepista nuda (Bull.) Cooke Wood Blewit
Lepista panaeolus (Fr.) P. Karst. Spotted Blewit
Lepista personata (Fr.) Cooke Field Blewit/Blue Leg
Lepista sordida (Schumach.) Singer Sordid Blewit
Leratiomyces ceres (Cooke & Massee) Spooner & Bridge Red-lead Roundhead
Leucoagaricus brunneocingulatus (P. D. Orton) Bon.
Leucoagaricus croceovelutinus (Bon & Boiffard) Bon
Leucoagaricus serenus (Fr.) Bon & Boiffard
Leucoagaricus sericifer (Locq.) Vellinga
eucoagaricus. tener (P. D. Orton) Bon
Leucocoprinus badhamii (Berk. & Broome) Locq.
Leucocoprinus brebissonii (Godey) Locq. Skullcap Dapperling
Leucocybe connata (Schumach.) Vizzini, P. Alvarado et al. White Domecap
Leucocybe houghtonii (W. Phillips) Halama & Pencakowski
Lichenomphalia umbellifera (L.) Redhead, Lutzoni et al. Heath Navel
Loreleia postii (Fr.) Redhead, Moncalvo, Vilgalys & Lutzoni
Lycoperdon echinatum Pers. Spiny Puffball
Lycoperdon excipuliforme (Scop.) Pers. Pestle Puffball
Lycoperdon lividum Pers.Grassland Puffball
Lycoperdon nigrescens Pers. Dusky Puffball
Lycoperdon perlatum Pers. Common Puffball
Lycoperdon pratense Pers. Meadow Puffball
Lycoperdon umbrinum Pers. Soft Puffball
Lyophyllum decastes (Fr.) Singer Clustered Domecap
Macrocystidia cucumis (Pers.) Joss. Cucumber Cap
Macrolepiota excoriata (Schaeff.) Wasser Frayed Parasol
Macrolepiota konradii var konradii (Huijsman ex P. D. Orton) MM Moser
Macrolepiota mastoidea (Fr.) Singer Slender Parasol
Macrolepiota procera (Scop.) Singer Parasol Mushroom
Marasmiellus candidus (Fr.) Singer
Marasmiellus confluens (Pers.) J. S. Oliveira Clustered Toughshank
Marasmiellus peronatus (Bolton) J. S. Oliveira Wood Woollyfoot
Marasmiellus ramealis (Bull.) Singer Twig Parachute
Marasmiellus vaillantii (Pers.) Singer Goblet Parachute
Marasmius epiphylloides (Rea) Sacc. & Trotter Ivy Leaf Parachute
Marasmius epiphyllus (Pers.) Fr. Leaf Parachute
Marasmius hudsonii (Pers.) Fr. Holly Leaf Parachute
Marasmius oreades (Botton) Fr. Fairy Ring Champignon
Marasmius rotula (Scop.) Fr. Collared Parachute
Marasmius wynneae Berk. & Broome Pearly Parachute
Megacollybia platyphylla (Pers.) Kotl. & Pouz. Whitelaced Shank
Melanoleuca arcuata (Bull.) Singer
Melanoleuca cognata (Fr.) Konrad & Maubl. Spring Cavalier
Melanoleuca melaleuca (Pers.) Murrill Bald Knight
Melanoleuca polioleuca (Fr.) K?hner & Maire Common Cavalier
Melanoleuca strictipes (P. Karst.) Jul. Sch?ff.
Melanophyllum haematospermum (Bull.) KreiselRedspored Dapperling
Mensularia radiata (Sowerby) L?zaro Ibiza Alder Bracket
Meripilus giganteus (Pers.) P. Karst. Giant Polypore
Mucidula mucida (Schrad.) Pat. Porcelain Fungus
Mutinus caninus (Huds.) Fr. Dog Stinkhorn
Mycena aetites (Fr.) Qu?l. Drab Bonnet
Mycena amicta (Fr.) Qu?l. Coldfoot Bonnet
Mycena archangeliana Bres. Angel's Bonnet
Mycena atroalba (Bolt.) Gray
Mycena bulbosa (Cejp.) K?hner Rush Bonnet
Mycena capillaripes Peck Pinkedge Bonnet
Mycena epipterygia (Scop.) Gray Yellowleg Bonnet
Mycena erubescens H?hn.
Mycena filopes (Bull.) P. Kumm. Iodine Bonnet
Mycena flavescens Velen.
Mycena galericulata (Scop.) Gray Common Bonnet
Mycena galopus (Pers.) P. Kumm. Milking Bonnet
Mycena haematopus (Pers.) P. Kumm. Burgundydrop Bonnet
Mycena inclinata (Fr.) Qu?l. Clustered Bonnet
Mycena leptocephala (Pers.) Gillet Nitrous Bonnet
Mycena maculata P. Karst. Stained Bonnet
Mycena megaspora Kauffman Rooting Bonnet
Mycena metata (Secr. ex Fr.) P. Kumm.
Mycena mucor (Batsch) Qu?l.
Mycena olivaceomarginata (Massee) Massee Brownedge Bonnet
Mycena pearsoniana Dennis ex Singer
Mycena pelianthina (Fr.) Qu?l. Blackedge Bonnet
Mycena polygramma (Bull.) Gray Grooved Bonnet
Mycena pseudocorticola K?hner
Mycena pura (Pers.) P. Kumm. Lilac Bonnet
Mycena rosea Gramberg Rosy Bonnet
Mycena sanguinolenta (Alb. & Schwein.) P. Kumm. Bleeding Bonnet
Mycena silvae-nigrae Maas Geesteranus & Schw?bel Pine Bonnet
Mycena stipata (Pers.) P. Kumm. Clustered Pine Bonnet
Mycena stylobates (Pers.) P. Kumm. Bulbous Bonnet
Mycena tenerrima (Berk.) Qu?l.
(syn. Mycena adcendens
Frosty Bonnet
Mycena tintinnabulum (Paulet) Qu?l.
Mycena vitilis (Fr.) Qu?l. Snapping Bonnet
Mycoacia uda (Fr.) Donk
Myxarium nucleatum Wallr. Crystal Brain
Naematelia encephala (Pers.) Fr.CONIFER BRAIN
Naucoria bohemica Velen.
Naucoria escharioides (Fr.) P. Kumm. Ochre Aldercap
Naucoria luteolofibrillosa (K?hner) K?hner & Romagn.
Naucoria scolecina (Fr.) Qu?l.
Naucoria striatula P. D. Orton Striate Aldercap
Neoantrodia serialis (Fr.) Audet Serried Crust
Neoboletus luridiformis (Rostk.) Gelardi, Simonini & Vizzini Scarletina Bolete
Omphalina pyxidata (Bull.) Qu?l. Cinnamon Navel
Omphalina setipes (Fr.) Raithelh.
Oxyporus populinus (Schumach) Donk Poplar Bracket
Panaeolina foenisecii (Pers.) Maire Brown Mottlegill
Panaeolus ater (J. E. Lange) K?hner & Romagn. ex Bon Turf Mottlegill *
Panaeolus fimicola (Pers.) Gillet Turf Mottlegill**
Panaeolus papilionaceus (Bull.) Qu?l. Petticoat Mottlegill
Panaeolus rickenii Hora Dewdrop Mottlegill
Panaeolus semiovatus (Sowerby) S. Lundell & Nannf. Egghead Mottlegill
Panellus stipticus (Bull.) P. Karst. Bitter Oysterling
Panus conchatus (Bull.) Fr. Lilac Oysterling
Pappia fissilis (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) Zmitr. Greasy Bracket
Paragymnopus perforans (Hoffm.) J. S. Oliveira Stinking Parachute
Paralepista flaccida (Sowerby) Vizzini Tawny Funnel Cap
Parasola conopilea (Fr.) Őrstadius & E. Larss. Conical Brittlestem
Parasola leiocephala (P. D. Orton) Redhead, Vilgalys & Hopple Bald Inkcap
Parasola plicatilis (Curtis) Redhead, Vilgalys & Hopple Pleated Inkcap