In 1996 ENHS produced The Flora and Fauna of Exmoor National Park listing 8243 species which had been recorded. (Now out of print). Since then there have been a number of additions published annually in Exmoor Naturalist magazine. The following lists show what we have recorded so far and it is hoped there will be future updates.

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Freshwater Algae

Red algaRhodophyceae69 sp of Red Algae recorded in Flora & Fauna plus Batrachospermum moniliforme Roth. Most extracted from Watson. Maritime species seen under Marine Algae.
DiatomsBacillariophytaLittle work done but about seven species have been recorded.
Blue-green algaCyanobacteriaNo work done on Blue-Green alga by ENHS. 23 species included in Flora & Fauna extracted from Watson. Euglena sp. recorded in most water, particularly ponds.
Green Algae and DesmidsChlorophytaOnly a small amount of work has been done on green fresh-water algae. Drawing on various sources however, 45 species have been recorded to year 2004. Maritime species see under Marine Algae.

Amphibians: Updated to May 2020

Warty NewtTriturus cristatusKnown at Selworthy c1950 but no recent records.
Smooth NewtTriturus vulgarisMore terrestrial than other species; easily confused with Palmate Newt which is the common Exmoor newt. No recent records.
Palmate NewtTriturus helveticusBreeds in shallow water, puddles, ponds and garden pools, also in brackish water. Occurs on the moor and on coastal marsh. Adults found in various habitats near breeding sites.
Common ToadBufo bufoWidespread and common in various fairly dry places except in breeding season when it seeks ponds and pools on moorland and gardens.
Common FrogRana temporariaVery common in damp places.


a ground beetleAbax parallelepipedusIn woodland.
a carrion beetleAbraeus globosusIn decaying wood.
a weevilAcalles ptinoidesIn dead wood.
a seed weevilAcanthephodus onopordiOn thistles.
a rove beetleAcidota crenataIn moss and leaf litter.
a rove beetleAcidota cruentataCultivated ground or in moss.
a water beetleAcilius sulcatusIn shallow, muddy pools.
a rove beetleAcrolocha sulculusIn dung
a featherwing beetleAcrotrichis atomariaIn vegetable detritus
a featherwing beetleAcrotrichis rosskotheniIn ancient valley woodland.
a featherwing beetleAcrotrichis sitkaensisIn damp leaf litter.
a rove beetleAcrulia inflatain old parkland
Marsh Click BeetleActenicerus sjaelandicusOn wet moorland.
a featherwing beetleActidium aterrimumShingle by rivers and streams.
a ground beetleAcupalpus dubiusIn coastal marshes
a ground beetleAcupalpus exiguusIn coastal marshes.
a ground beetleAcupalpus meridianusIn a range of habitats.
Two-spot LadybirdAdalia bipunctataUsually very common in a range of habitats.
Ten-spot LadybirdAdalia decempunctataA range of habitats.
a click beetleAdrastus pallensMinehead 1935. In woodland.
a dung beetle or chaferAegialia arenariaOn sandy soils at the coast
a ground beetleAepus marinusRare under stones on sand at around high water mark.
a water beetleAgabus affinisIn spring-head mires.
a water beetleAgabus biguttatusSmall streams and springs. Last Exmoor record Porlock 1896.
a water beetleAgabus bipustulatusIn standing and flowing freshwater.
a water beetleAgabus conspersusIn brackish coastal ditches.
a water beetleAgabus guttatusin streams and springs.
a water beetleAgabus melanariusIn puddles and pools.
a water beetleAgabus montanusIn Sphagnum bogs.
a water beetleAgabus nebulosusIn shallow, muddy pools.
a round fungus beetleAgathidium rotundatumIn fungi on dead wood. Only record was from Minehead inû1948.
a round fungus beetleAgathidium seminulumUnder bark of decaying oak.
a round fungus beetleAgathidium variansIn leaf litter in woodland.
a ground beetleAgonum albipesIn a range of habitats near water.
a ground beetleAgonum assimileUnder bark in deciduous woodland.
a ground beetleAgonum dorsaleOn cultivated ground.
a ground beetleAgonum fuliginosumIn a range of wet habitats.
a ground beetleAgonum gracileIn fens.
a ground beetleAgonum marginatumLocal on open muddy substrates in wetlands.
a ground beetleAgonum muelleriIn a range of open habitats.
a ground beetleAgonum obscurumIn coastal fens.
a ground beetleAgonum piceumIn fens.
a ground beetleAgonum thoreyiIn coastal marshes.
Hawthorn Jewel BeetleAgrilus sinuatusOn Hawthorn.
a click beetleAgriotes acuminatuswoodland
Wireworm (larva)Agriotes lineatusIn open habitats on the coast.
a click beetleAgriotes obscurusIn a range of open habitats.
a click beetleAgriotes pallidulusA range of habitats.
a click beetleAgriotes sordidusIn strandline litter. Porlock Weir 1946 and 1998.
a click beetleAgriotes sputatorIn a range of open habitats.
a click beetleAgrypnus murinusCoastal grassland.
a rove beetleAleochara bilineataIn vegetable detritus.
a rove beetleAleochara bipustulata s.l.In dung.
a rove beetleAleochara cuniculorumIn rabbit burrows. Dunster 1919.
a rove beetleAleochara curtulaIn carrion. Minehead & Dunster 1951.
a rove beetleAleochara funebris
a rove beetleAleochara intricataHopcott Common, 1951. In vegetable detritus.
a rove beetleAleochara lanuginosaIn dung.
a rove beetleAleochara maculataIn old valley woodland. East Lyn, 1870.
a rove beetleAleochara sparsaIn old birds nest.
a rove beetleAloconota cambricaIn flood litter. Last record Porlock 1896.
a rove beetleAloconota curraxLast record Porlock 1896. In flood litter
a rove beetleAloconota gregariaIn wetlands.
a rove beetleAloconota insectaRiver banks.
a rove beetleAloconota sulcifronsOn river shingle and in flood litter. Last record Porlock 1907.
a weevilAlophus triguttatusGrassland
a longhorn beetleAlosterna tabacicolorin woodland.
a leaf beetleAltica lythriCoastal marshes. On willowherb.
a leaf beetleAltica oleraceaOn moorland and heathland.
a weevilAmalorrhynchus melanariusOn water-cress.
Common Sun BeetleAmara aeneaIn a range of open habitats.
a ground beetleAmara apricariaOn open weedy ground
a ground beetleAmara aulicaOn open weedy ground
a ground beetleAmara communisIn a range of habitats.
a ground beetleAmara convexiusculaOn sandy soils at the coast.
a ground beetleAmara familiarisIn a range of dry open habitats.
a ground beetleAmara lucidaOn sandy soil at the coast.
a ground beetleAmara lunicollisOn moorland
a ground beetleAmara ovataOn open weedy ground
a ground beetleAmara plebejaIn a range of habitats
a ground beetleAmara similataOn open weedy ground.
a ground beetleAmara tibialisOn dry sandy soils.
a rove beetleAmischa analisIn a range of habitats
a rove beetleAmischa cavifronsin moss. Last record Minehead 1946.
a rove beetleAmischa decipiensIn woodland.
a rove beetleAmischa forcipataIn flood litter.
a click beetleAmpedus balteatusOn birch foliage or sometimes under bark and in rotten woodûof birch or oak. Last record Porlock Weir 1947.
Summer ChaferAmphimallon solstitialisFormerly abundant in some years but now rather scarce. On shrubs or trees or comes to light.
a scavenger water beetleAnacaena bipustulataCoastal marshes. Last Exmoor record Minehead 1935.
a scavenger water beetleAnacaena globulusIn a range of freshwater and wetland habitats.
a scavenger water beetleAnacaena limbata s.l.Coastal marshes.
a scavenger water beetleAnacaena lutescensUpland pools.
a longhorn beetleAnaglyptus mysticusWoodland.
a tumbling flower beetleAnaspis costaiOn hawthorn flowers in woodlands
a tumbling flower beetleAnaspis frontalisOn hawthorn blossom
a tumbling flower beetleAnaspis garneysiOn hawthorn blossom. Horner Woods 1948
a tumbling flower beetleAnaspis humeralisOn hawthorn blossom.
a tumbling flower beetleAnaspis luridain woodlands.
a tumbling flower beetleAnaspis maculataOn hawthorn blossom
a tumbling flower beetleAnaspis pulicariaOn hawthorn blossom.
a tumbling flower beetleAnaspis regimbartiOn hawthorn blossom
a tumbling flower beetleAnaspis rufilabrisOn hawthorn blossom
Eyed LadybirdAnatis ocellataOn conifers.
Water LadybirdAnisosticta novemdecimpunctataOn vegetation near fresh water. (19 spot ladybird)
a round fungus beetleAnisotoma humeralisIn decaying wood in woodland and parkland.
WoodwormAnobium punctatumIn dead wood and old buildings.
a cerylonid beetleAnommatus duodecimstriatusIn vegetable detritus
a rove beetleAnomognathus cuspidatusUnder bark
a weevilAnoplus plantarisOn birch.
a weevilAnoplus roborisOn alder.
a rove beetleAnotylus complanatusIn vegetable detritus.
a rove beetleAnotylus inustusIn vegetable detritus and dung.
a rove beetleAnotylus rugosusGrassy or mossy places.
a rove beetleAnotylus sculpturatusIn a range of habitats.
a rove beetleAnotylus tetracarinatusIn a range of habitats.
a silken fungus beetleAntherophagus nigricornisThought to associate with humble bees.
a silken fungus beetleAntherophagus pallensThought to associate with humble bees.
an antlike beetleAnthicus antherinusIn hedges.
an antlike beetleAnthicus floralisIn vegetable detritus.
an antlike beetleAnthicus tobiasOn rubbish dumps.
a rove beetleAnthobium atrocephalumIn leaf litter
a rove beetleAnthobium unicolorWidespread
a weevilAnthonomus bituberculatus
a weevilAnthonomus pediculariusOn hawthorn
Strawberry Blossom WeevilAnthonomus rubiOn rosaceous plants.
a weevilAnthonomus ulmiOn elm.
a museum or larder beetleAnthrenus fuscusIn birds nests and on flowers in summer. Larvae eat woollen carpets etc. in buildings.
Carpet beetleAnthrenus verbasciin houses.
a fungus weevilAnthribus nebulosus
Larch LadybirdAphidecta obliterataOn coniferous trees.
a dung beetle or chaferAphodius aterIn dung in open country.
a dung beetle or chaferAphodius coenosusIn dung on dry heathland.
a dung beetle or chaferAphodius conspurcatusIn dung.
a dung beetle or chaferAphodius contaminatusIn dung.
a dung beetle or chaferAphodius depressusin dung
a dung beetle or chaferAphodius equestrisOn dung in woodland.
a dung beetle or chaferAphodius erraticusIn dung. Minehead 1946.
a dung beetle or chaferAphodius fimetariusIn dung
a dung beetle or chaferAphodius foetidusIn dung.
a dung beetle or chaferAphodius fossorIn dung. Also comes to m/v light.
a dung beetle or chaferAphodius granariusIn dung
a dung beetle or chaferAphodius haemorrhoidalisIn dung.
a dung beetle or chaferAphodius ictericusIn vegetable detritus or in dung.
a dung beetle or chaferAphodius luridusIn dung. Minehead 1946.
a dung beetle or chaferAphodius merdariusIn dung. Alcombe Common 1947.
a dung beetle or chaferAphodius obliteratusIn dung. Minehead 1906.
a dung beetle or chaferAphodius plagiatusIn coastal marshes.
a dung beetle or chaferAphodius prodromusIn dung and vegetable detritus. Alcombe Common 1947.
a dung beetle or chaferAphodius pusillusIn dung.
a dung beetle or chaferAphodius rufipesIn dung and at light.
a dung beetle or chaferAphodius sphacelatusIn dung.
Large Flax Flea BeetleAphthona euphorbiaeFeeds on spurges.
Iris Flea BeetleAphthona nonstriataOn yellow flag iris.
a seed weevilApion frumentariumOn dock.
a seed weevilApion haematodesOn sheeps sorrel.
a seed weevilApion rubensOn Sheep's sorrel.
a click beetleAplotarsus incanusIn wetlands
Hazel Leaf-roller WeevilApoderus coryliOn hazel
a leaf beetleApteropeda globosaOn Lamium album.
a leaf beetleApteropeda orbiculataIn woodlands.
a longhorn beetleArhopalus rusticusIn pine trees.
a longhorn beetleArhopalus tristisOn coniferous timber in houses.
a mould beetleAridius bifasciatusA range of habitats.
a mould beetleAridius nodiferA range of habitats.
a longhorn beetleAsemum striatumOn coniferous logs. Minehead 1952. Probable introduction.
a seed weevilAspidapion (Koestilinia) aeneumSyn. Apion aeneum. On Mallow. Minehead 1949. Perhaps decreasing.
a seed weevilAspidapion radiolusOn mallow.
a slime mould beetleAspidiphorus orbiculatusIn fungi.
a rove beetleAstenus lyonessiusIn vegetable detritus.
a rove beetleAstenus pulchellusIn vegetable detritus.
a rove beetleAtheta amiculaIn fungi.
a rove beetleAtheta amplicollisIn vegetable detritus
a rove beetleAtheta aquaticaIn vegetable detritus. Porlock 1896.
a rove beetleAtheta atramentariaIn vegetable detritus and dung.
a rove beetleAtheta britanniae
a rove beetleAtheta cadaverinaIn fungi.
a rove beetleAtheta celataIn fungus.
a rove beetleAtheta cinnamopteraIn fungus.
a rove beetleAtheta clientulaLocal in damp grass.
a rove beetleAtheta corvina
a rove beetleAtheta crassicornisIn rotting fungi.
a rove beetleAtheta debilisIn flood litter.
a rove beetleAtheta divisaIn rotting fungi in woodland.
a rove beetleAtheta elongatulaIn litter. 1948 Withypool. 1935 Minehead.
a rove beetleAtheta excellensRare.
a rove beetleAtheta fungiIn vegetable detritus.
a rove beetleAtheta fungicolaIn fungus.
a rove beetleAtheta hepaticaIn woodland.
a rove beetleAtheta hypnorumIn litter in woodland. Withypool 1948.
a rove beetleAtheta intermediaIn fungus.
a rove beetleAtheta ischnocera
a rove beetleAtheta laevanaIn dung.
a rove beetleAtheta laticollisIn vegetable detritus.
a rove beetleAtheta liturataIn fungi in woodland. Nettlecombe 1866 (Blue Anchor 1935)
a rove beetleAtheta longicornisIn vegetable detritus
a rove beetleAtheta luridipennisIn flood litter. Porlock 1907.
a rove beetleAtheta marcidaIn rotten fungus.
a rove beetleAtheta melanariaIn vegetable detritus and dung. Porlock 1896. (? later records)
a rove beetleAtheta melanoceraIn flood litter. Porlock 1907.
a rove beetleAtheta muscorumIn vegetable detritus.
a rove beetleAtheta nigraIn vegetable detritus.
a rove beetleAtheta nigricornisIn damp bird and animal nests
a rove beetleAtheta occultaIn fungi.
a rove beetleAtheta orbataIn wet litter. Selworthy 1949.
a rove beetleAtheta pallidicornisIn rotting vegetation.
a rove beetleAtheta pertyiIn rotting fungi.
a rove beetleAtheta ravillaIn rotting fungi.
a rove beetleAtheta setigeraIn beech litter.
a rove beetleAtheta sodalisLocal.
a rove beetleAtheta sordidula
a rove beetleAtheta subsinuataIn vegetable detritus. Withypool 1948.
a rove beetleAtheta trinotataIn vegetable detritus. Minehead 1946.
a rove beetleAtheta vestitaIn strandline litter.
a rove beetleAtheta xanthopusIn moss. Nettlecombe 1866.
a carrion beetleAtholus duodecimstriatusIn dung and vegetable detritus.
a click beetleAthous bicolorA range of habitats
Red-brown Skipjack.Athous haemorrhoidalisA range of habitats.
a click beetleAthous vittatusIn old woodland.
a silken fungus beetleAtomaria atricapillaIn vegetable detritus. Records from Minehead and Selworthy inû1949.
a silken fungus beetleAtomaria fuscipesIn fungi.
a silken fungus beetleAtomaria guttaCoastal marshes. Minehead 1935.
Pygmy BeetleAtomaria linearisIn haystack refuse.
a silken fungus beetleAtomaria pusillaIn vegetable detritus.
a silken fungus beetleAtomaria rubellaIn haystacks.
a silken fungus beetleAtomaria rubidaIn dung
a silken fungus beetleAtomaria testaceaIn grass litter.
a rove beetleAtrecus affinisUnder bark in woodland.
Two-spotted Carpet BeetleAttagenus pellioIn houses and outdoors.
Oak Leaf-rollerAttelabus nitensIn old woodland
a rove beetleAutalia impressain decaying fungi.
a rove beetleAutalia longicornisA segregate of the former Autalia impressa aggregate. A. longicornis appears to be much the commoner of the two on Exmoor. (See Exmoor Naturalist No. 27 Spring 2000). In decaying fungi.
a rove beetleAutalia rivularisIn vegetable detritus.
a ground beetleBadister bipustulatusOn dry open ground.
Ground WeevilBarynotus obscurusIn woodland.
Spider weevilBarypeithes araneiformisA range of habitats. Hopcott Common 1949.
A spider weevilBarypeithes duplicatusLow vegetation, Minehead 1946
Hairy spider weevilBarypeithes pellucidusA range of habitats.
Raspberry Flea BeetleBatophila rubiOn branbles.
a ground beetleBembidion aeneumLocal on muddy riverbanks and in coastal marshes.
a ground beetleBembidion articulatumRare on banks of streams and rivers.
a ground beetleBembidion assimileScarce, generally occurring in reed-beds.
a ground beetleBembidion atrocoeruleumRare. Damp sandy soils;coast.
a ground beetleBembidion biguttatumIn coastal marshes
a ground beetleBembidion decorumScarce on shingle and gravel banks by streams and rivers.
a ground beetleBembidion dentellumUnder bark.
a ground beetleBembidion guttulaIn fens.
a ground beetleBembidion harpaloidesCommon in a range of habitats.
a ground beetleBembidion lamprosCommon in a range of habitats.
a ground beetleBembidion lateraleRare in salt-marshes. Last recorded Dunster, 1919.
a ground beetleBembidion lunulatumCoastal marshes.
a ground beetleBembidion mannerheimiLocal in a range of habitats.
a ground beetleBembidion minimumRare on sparsely vegetated, brackish soils by the coast.
a ground beetleBembidion nitidulumRare in humid woodland
a ground beetleBembidion obtusumRare on open cultivated land.
a ground beetleBembidion properansDamp soil and river banks.
a ground beetleBembidion punctulatumScarce on shingle and gravel banks by streams and rivers.
a ground beetleBembidion quadrimaculatumRare on damp, sparsely vegetated soils.
a ground beetleBembidion quinquestriatumIn old walls.
a ground beetleBembidion tetracolumCommon in a range of habitats.
a ground beetleBembidion tibialeCommon on shingle and gravel banks by streams and rivers.
a ground beetleBembidion variumScarce on coastal marshes
a scavenger water beetleBerosus affinisCoastal marshes. Last Exmoor record Minehead 1935
a biphyllid beetleBiphyllus lunatusIn Daldinia (Cramp-ball) fungi on dead wood.
a narrow timber beetleBitoma crenataUnder bark of beech.
Cellar BeetleBlaps mucronataIn buildings.
a rove beetleBledius germanicusSyn. B. limicola. In brackish mud.
a rove beetleBledius unicornisOn the coast.
a rove beetleBolitobius analisIn grass tussocks
a rove beetleBolitobius cingulatusIn moss. Last record Porlock 1907
a rove beetleBolitochara bellaOn fungi in woodland and parkland.
a rove beetleBolitochara lucidaOn fungi in old parkland. Last recorded Nettlecombe 1866.
a rove beetleBolitochara mulsantiOn bracket fungi in woodland.
a rove beetleBolitochara pulchraOn fungi.
a short-winged mould beetleBrachygluta haematicaIn wet woodlands.
a short-winged mould beetleBrachygluta helferiin salt-marshes.
a short-winged mould beetleBrachygluta simplexIn salt marshes.
Antirrhinum BeetleBrachypterolus pulicariusOn toadflax
a pollen or sap beetleBrachypterus glaberOn stinging nettle
Nettle Pollen BeetleBrachypterus urticaeOn stinging nettle
a ground beetleBradycellus harpalinusIn a range of dry open habitats.
a ground beetleBradycellus ruficollisOn heather moorland.
a ground beetleBradycellus sharpiIn moss
a ground beetleBradycellus verbasciOn dry sandy soils. Last recorded Minehead, 1949.
a ground beetleBroscus cephalotesScrce on sandy substrates on the coast.
a seed beetleBruchus lotiOn vetches.
Bean BeetleBruchus rufimanusIn grassland or cultivated Broad Beans. Minehead 1946.
a short-winged mould beetleBryaxis curtisiCoastal marshes.
a short-winged mould beetleBryaxis puncticollisin woodlands. Withypool 1948; Alcombe 1935.
a crawling water beetleBrychius elevatusRivers and streams. Last record Dunster 1927.
Banded Pill-beetleByrrhus fasciatusCoastal grassland. Very local and scarce in Somerset. Last record 1949 Selworthy.
Pill BeetleByrrhus pilulaAt plant roots on damp, sandy or stony soils.
a pill beetleByrrhus pustulatusIn a range of habitats.
a short-winged mould beetleBythinus burrelliIn moss. Withypool 1948.
Raspberry BeetleByturus tomentosusOn bramble and raspberry flowers.
a weevilCaenopsis waltoniIn moss.
a rove beetleCafius fucicolaIn strandline litter at the coast. Last record Dunster1919. (Blue Anchor 1954)
a rove beetleCafius xantholomaIn strandline litter at the coast. Last record 1910, Minehead.
a click beetleCalambus bipustulatusIn dead wood, Dunster Deer Park, 1919.
a ground beetleCalathus erratusCoastal sand.
a ground beetleCalathus fuscipesIn a range of open habitats.
a ground beetleCalathus melanocephalus sens. lat.In a range of open habitats.
a ground beetleCalathus micropterusA 1906 record from Minehead was probably an error.
a ground beetleCalathus mollisOn sand at the coast.
a ground beetleCalathus piceusIn deciduous woodland.
a rove beetleCallicerus obscurusIn flood litter. Last record Porlock 1907.
a leaf beetleCalomicrus circumfususOn heath and moorland.
Cream-spot ladybirdCalvia quattuordecimguttatawoodland
an armadillo beetleCalyptomerus dubiusIn vegetable detritus
Common SoldierCantharis crypticaA range of habitats.
a soldier beetleCantharis decipiensA range of habitats.
Dark SailorCantharis fuscaIn a range of wetland habitats.
a soldier beetleCantharis lateralisCoastal marshes.
a soldier beetleCantharis lividaWoodland.
a soldier beetleCantharis nigraA range of habitats.
Grey SailorCantharis nigricansWoodlands.
Pale SoldierCantharis pallidaOld woodland.
Wood Sailor.Cantharis pellucidaOld woodland.
a soldier beetleCantharis rufaOn vegetation on heaths and damp meadows. Last recorded Minehead, 1949.
Rustic SailorCantharis rusticaA range of habitats.
a ground beetleCarabus arvensisLocal on moorland. Last recorded 1951 nr Exford.
a ground beetleCarabus granulatusScarce in wet woodlands, fens and bogs.
a ground beetleCarabus monilisWaste and cultivated land.
a ground beetleCarabus nemoralisCultivated and wooded land.
a ground beetleCarabus problematicusCommon in a range of habitats.
Violet Ground BeetleCarabus violaceusCommon in a range of habitats.
a rove beetleCarpelimus corticinusIn coastal marshes.
a rove beetleCarpelimus pusillusLast Exmoor record Minehead 1948. In coastal marshes.
Dried Fruit BeetleCarpophilus hemipterusIn food stores.
a pollen or sap beetleCarpophilus marginellusin food stores
Pale Tortoise BeetleCassida flaveolaWetland habitats.
Thistle Tortoise BeetleCassida rubiginosaOn thistles.
Green Tortoise BeetleCassida viridisOn water mint.
Borded Tortoise BeetleCassida vittataCoastal grassland.
a seed weevilCatapion pubescenson clover
a seed weevilCatapion seniculuson clover
a round fungus beetleCatops coracinusIn carrion.
a round fungus beetleCatops fuscusIn carrion and vegetable detritus.
a round fungus beetleCatops grandicollisIn carrion and vegetable detritus. Last recorded Selworthyû1949.
a round fungus beetleCatops morioIn carrion and vegetable detritus.
a round fungus beetleCatops nigricansIn carrion and vegetable detritus.
a round fungus beetleCatops nigritaIn damp leaf litter.
a round fungus beetleCatops tristisIn carrion and vegetable detritus.
a weevilCaulotrupodes aeneopiceusIn dead wood.
a small antlike beetleCephennium gallicumWoodland. Recorded Withypool, 1948.
a seed weevilCeratapion carduorumSyn. Apium carduorum. On thistles.
a scavenger water beetleCercyon analisIn vegetable detritus
a scavenger water beetleCercyon atomariusIn dung and vegetable detritus.
a scavenger water beetleCercyon haemorrhoidalisIn herbivore dung.
a scavenger water beetleCercyon lateralisIn dung.
a scavenger water beetleCercyon melanocephalusIn herbivore dung.
a scavenger water beetleCercyon pygmaeusIn herbivore dung.
a scavenger water beetleCercyon quisquiliusIn dung.
a scavenger water beetleCercyon tristisCoastal marshes. In grass tussocks near water. Last Exmoor record Minehead 1935.
a scavenger water beetleCercyon unipunctatusIn compost.
a scavenger water beetleCercyon ustulatusCoastal marshes.
a cerylonid beetleCerylon fagiIn dead wood in old woodland.
a cerylonid beetleCerylon ferrugineumUnder bark.
a cerylonid beetleCerylon histeroidesUnder bark
Rose BeetleCetonia aurataOn coastal slopes.
a weevilCeutorhynchus angulosusSyn. Datonychus ang. On Marsh Woundwort in valley fen.
Cabbage Seed WeevilCeutorhynchus assimilisOn crucifers.
a weevilCeutorhynchus campestrisSyn. Microplontus c. On Ox-eye daisy. Minehead 1935.
a weevilCeutorhynchus constrictusOn garlic mustard.
Cabbage Leaf WeevilCeutorhynchus contractusOn crucifers.
a weevilCeutorhynchus erysimiOn Shepherd's purse
a weevilCeutorhynchus floralisOn crucifers.
a weevilCeutorhynchus lituraSyn. Hadroplontus lit. On thistles.
a weevilCeutorhynchus melanostictusSyn. Datonychus mel. In coastal marshes.
a weevilCeutorhynchus mixtusSyn. Sirocalodes m. On fumitory.
a weevilCeutorhynchus pectoralisOn Cardamine.
a weevilCeutorhynchus picitarsisOn hedge mustard. Minehead 1946.
a weevilCeutorhynchus pollinariusSyn. Parethelcus p. On nettle
Cabbage Stem WeavilCeutorhynchus quadridensSyn. C. pallidactylus (Marsham). On crucifers.
a weevilCeutorhynchus rugulosusSyn. Microplontus rug. On Mayweed.
a weevilCeutorhynchus sulcicollisOn hedge mustard.
a scavenger water beetleChaetarthria seminulumCoastal marshes. Last Exmoor record Minehead 1914-16.
Beet Flea BeetleChaetocnema concinnaA range of habitats.
a leaf beetleChaetocnema confusaOn vegetation.
a leaf beetleChaetocnema hortensisIn grassland.
a leaf beetleChalcoides aureaOn poplars. Minehead 1906.
Sallow Flea BeetleChalcoides fulvicornisOn willows.
Heather LadybirdChilocorus bipustulatusMinehead 1957. Coastal heaths.
a ladybirdChilocorus renipustulatusOn trees. Minehead 1906.
a round fungus beetleCholeva spadiceaIn moss.
a leaf beetleChrysolina banksiA range of habitats.
Dead-nettle Leaf BeetleChrysolina fastuosaRiverside habitats.
Plantain Leaf BeetleChrysolina haemopteraIn coastal grassland.
a leaf beetleChrysolina hypericiOn St.John's Worts (Hypericum
a leaf beetleChrysolina oricalciaOn umbellifers. Minehead 1950. Probably decreasing in Somerset.
Knotgrass Leaf BeetleChrysolina politaA range of habitats. (Two-coloured Leaf Beetle).
a leaf beetleChrysolina staphylaeaOn buttercups. Minehead 1935.
a leaf beetleChrysolina variansOn Hypericum
a leaf beetleChrysolina violaceaOn ground ivy (Glechoma) in dry grassland.
Red Poplar Leaf BeetleChrysomela populiFrom V.C.4 (Devon)
Green Tiger BeetleCicindela campestrisLocally common on moorland and coastal heaths.
Small Nettle WeevilCidnorhinus quadrimaculatusSyn. Nedyus quadrimaculatus On nettles.
a rove beetleCilea siphoidescompost heaps.
a weevilCionus alaudaOn figwort.
Figwort WeevilCionus hortulanusOn figwort.
Figwort WeevilCionus scrophulariaeOn figwort
a small fungus beetleCis bidentatusIn fungi on dead wood.
a small fungus beetleCis bilamellatusOn fungi in woodland.
a small fungus beetleCis boletiIn fungi on dead wood.
a small fungus beetleCis fagiIn fungi on dead wood.
a small fungus beetleCis hispidusIn fungi on dead wood.
a small fungus beetleCis nitidusIn fungi on dead wood.
a small fungus beetleCis pygmaeusIn fungi on trees.
a small fungus beetleCis vestitusIn fungi on dead wood.
an armadillo beetleClambus pubescensHopcott Common 1949. In vegetable detritus
Yellow Ants'-nest BeetleClaviger testaceusIn coastal grassland with ants.
a weevilCleopus pulchellusOn mullein and figwort.
a ground beetleClivina fossorLocal in a range of habitats.
a leaf beetleClytra quadripunctataIn woods.
Wasp BeetleClytus arietisWoodland.
a ladybirdCoccidula rufaCoastal marshes.
a ladybirdCoccidula scutellataCostal marshes. Minehead 1946.
a ladybirdCoccinella hieroglyphicaOn heather (Calluna)
Seven-spot LadybirdCoccinella septempunctataA range of habitats.
11-spot LadybirdCoccinella undecimpunctataCoastal habitats
a water beetleCoelambus confluensPonds and pools.
a water beetleCoelambus impressopunctatusScarce. Drainage ditches.
a weevilCoeliodes dryadosIn oak woodland. Recorded Horner and Selworthy, 1949.
a weevilCoeliodes ruberIn oak woodland. Recorded Porlock in moss 1911. Devon Exmoor records N.T. 1990s.
a weevilCoeliodes rubicundusOn birch.
a scavenger water beetleCoelostoma orbiculareA range of freshwater habitats.
a water beetleColymbetes fuscusCoastal marshes. Last recorded Minehead 1906.
a mould beetleCorticaria elongataIn vegetable detritus.
a mould beetleCorticaria ferrugineain moss.
a mould beetleCorticaria impressaIn flood litter Porlock, 1907.
a mould beetleCorticarina fusculaA range of habitats.
a mould beetleCorticarina similataOn spruce, Minehead 1948. Probably an introduction.
a darkling beetleCorticeus linearisIn bark beetle burrows on conifers. Dunster 1919.
a mould beetleCortinicara gibbosaA range of habitats.
Carrion BeetleCreophilus maxillosusIn carrion.
a leaf beetleCrepidodera ferrugineaOn thistles.
a leaf beetleCrepidodera transversaOn thistles.
a pollen or sap beetleCryptarcha strigataOn sap runs on Sessile oak.
a leaf beetleCryptocephalus fulvusOn heath and grassland.
a leaf beetleCryptocephalus parvulusOn fungi infested birch leaves.
a leaf beetleCryptocephalus pusillusIn birch woods.
a silken fungus beetleCryptophagus dentatusOn flowers or fungi. Minehead 1935.
a silken fungus beetleCryptophagus distinguendusIn small mammal nests.
a silken fungus beetleCryptophagus lycoperdiIn earthball fungi.
a silken fungus beetleCryptophagus pilosusIn haystack refuse.
a silken fungus beetleCryptophagus ruficornisIn Daldinia (Cramp-ball) fungi on dead wood. Dunster 1919.
a silken fungus beetleCryptophagus scanicusIn vegetable detritus.
a scavenger water beetleCryptopleurum minutum s.l.In dung and vegetable detritus.
a click beetleCtenicera cupreaon moorland
a click beetleCtenicera pectinicornison moorland
Sulphur BeetleCteniopus sulphureusOn coastal flowers.
Cobweb BeetleCtesias serraIn spider webs on bark of old trees.
Acorn WeevilCurculio glandiumOn oak
a weevilCurculio pyrrhocerasOn oak
Willow Gall WeevilCurculio salicivorusOn willow
a weevilCurculio venosusOn oak
a weevilCurculio villosusOn oak. Minehead 1948.
a narrow bark beetleCyanostolus aeneusOn tree bark.
a pollen or sap beetleCychramus luteusWoodland
Snail HunterCychrus caraboidesLocal in woodland
a darkling beetleCylindrinotus laevioctostriatusA range of habitats.
a scavenger water beetleCymbiodyta marginellusCoastal marshes.
a rove beetleCypha laeviusculaIn damp leaf litter.
a rove beetleCypha longicornisIn vegetable detritus
a marsh beetleCyphon coarctatusOn vegetation nr freshwater.
a marsh beetleCyphon hilarisIn valley fens.
a marsh beetleCyphon palustrisOn vegetation by drainage ditches. Alcombe Common 1950.
a marsh beetleCyphon variabilis s.l.In coastal marshes
a pill beetleCytilus sericeusIn a range of habitats.
a shiny fungus beetleDacne bipustulataIn fungi on dead wood and amongst lichens.
a shiny fungus beetleDacne rufifronsIn fungi on dead wood
Bordered SkipjackDalopius marginatusIn woodland.
Orchid beetleDascillus cervinusOn grassland. Dunster 1906.
a malachite beetleDasytes aeratusin woodland
a rove beetleDeleaster dichrousComes to m/v light.
a ground beetleDemetrias atricapillusIn a range of open habitats.
a click beetleDenticollis linearisIn rotten wood.
Birch Leaf RollerDeporaus betulaeOn birch.
a leafroller weevilDeporaus mannerheimion birch.
a museum or larder beetleDermestes murinusIn carrion.
a leaf beetleDerocrepis rufipesOn vetches
a water beetleDeronectes latusIn clear water.
a rove beetleDianous coerulescensOn stream banks
a ground beetleDicheirotrichus gustaviIn salt-marshes.
a mould beetleDienerella elongataIn vegetable detritus. Porlock 1896.
a mould beetleDienerella ruficollisIn haystack refuse.
a rove beetleDiglotta submarinaCoastal sand. Last record Minehead 1948.
a rove beetleDinaraea aequataUnder bark.
a rove beetleDinaraea angustulaIn leaf litter. Hopcott Common 1949.
a rove beetleDinarda maerkeliIn nests of red wood ant.
a seed weevilDiplapion confluensOn Mayweed.
a seed weevilDiplapion stolidumOn Leucanthemum vulgare. (Dog Daisy). Minehead 1935.
a leaf beetleDonacia marginataCoastal marshes.
Plain Reed BeetleDonacia simplexCoastal marshes.
a leaf beetleDonacia thalassinaIn moorland valley fen.
a leaf beetleDonacia versicoloreaUpland pools.
a wood boring beetleDorcatoma flavicornisin dead wood.
Lesser Stag BeetleDorcus parallelipipedusIn rotten wood.
a weevilDorytomus longimanusOn poplar
a weevilDorytomus melanophthalmuson willow
a weevilDorytomus rufatusOn willows.
a weevilDorytomus taeniatusOn willow and poplar.
a ground beetleDromius agilisUnder bark. Last recorded Woodcombe, 1949.
a ground beetleDromius linearisIn a range of open habitats.
a ground beetleDromius melanocephalusIn dry grassland.
a ground beetleDromius meridionalisUnder bark.
a ground beetleDromius notatusDry soils.
a ground beetleDromius quadrimaculatusOn tree trunks and branches and under bark.
a ground beetleDromius quadrinotatusOn tree trunks and branches and under bark.
a rove beetleDropephylla iopteraIn rotting fungus
a rove beetleDropephylla vilisUnder beech bark
a weevilDrupenatus nasturtiiOn water-cress
a rove beetleDrusilla canaliculataIn coastal grassland.
a bark or ambrosia beetleDryocoetinus villosusUnder oak bark.
a wood boring beetleDryophilus pusillusOn conifers, often larch.
a long-toed water beetleDryops auriculatusIn coastal marshes. Last recorded Porlock 1896.
a long-toed water beetleDryops ernestiCoastal marshes. Last recorded Porlock 1896.
a long-toed water beetleDryops luridusIn coastal marshes.
a ground beetleDyschirius luedersiRare in coastal marshes. Last recorded Minehead 1933.
a ground beetleDyschirius salinusRare in coastal marshes.
a water beetleDytiscus dimidiatusFreshwater
Great Diving BeetleDytiscus marginalisMoorland pools.
a ground beetleElaphrus cupreusLocal on open, muddy substrates, in wetlands.
a ground beetleElaphrus ripariusRare on open, muddy substrates in fens.
a darkling beetleEledona agricolaOn Sulphur polypore fungus (Laetiporus sulphureus)
a riffle beetleElmis aeneaIn fast flowing streams and rivers.
a marsh beetleElodes marginataIn a range of habitats
a marsh beetleElodes minuta s.l.In a range of habitats.
a rove beetleEncephalus complicansIn moss etc.
a false ladybirdEndomychus coccineusIn fungi on dead wood.
a mould beetleEnicmus histrioAround roots of plants.
a mould beetleEnicmus rugosusOn trees
a mould beetleEnicmus testaceusIn powder fungus on trees.
a mould beetleEnicmus transversusA range of habitats.
a small fungus beetleEnnearthron cornutumIn fungi on dead wood.
a scavenger water beetleEnochrus bicolorBrackish coastal marshes.
a scavenger water beetleEnochrus melanocephalusCoastal marshes.
a scavenger water beetleEnochrus testaceusCoastal marshes.
a silken fungus beetleEphistemus globulusIn vegetable detritus.
a pollen or sap beetleEpuraea aestivaOn trees and shrubs.
a pollen or sap beetleEpuraea deletain woodland
a pollen or sap beetleEpuraea floreaOn hawthorn flowers.
a pollen or sap beetleEpuraea fuscicollisOn sap runs on Sessile oak.
a pollen or sap beetleEpuraea longulaIn parkland and woodland. Porlock 1907
a pollen or sap beetleEpuraea melanocephalaWoodland.
a pollen or sap beetleEpuraea melinain woodland
a pollen or sap beetleEpuraea pusillain fungi.
a pollen or sap beetleEpuraea unicolorin woodland. Dunster 1919.
a rove beetleErichsonius signaticornisCoastal marshes.
a wood boring beetleErnobius mollisin dead wood and in old buildings.
a riffle beetleEsolus parallelepipedusIn fast flowing streams and rivers.
a rove beetleEuaesthetus bipunctatusIn ants nests. Last recorded Porlock 1907.
Wood-boring WeevilEuophryum confineUnder bark.
a short-winged mould beetleEuplectus fauveliIn dead wood. Bossington 1896.
a short-winged mould beetleEuplectus sanguineusIn vegetable detritus. Minehead 1953 & 1958.
a short-winged mould beetleEuplectus signatusIn vegetable detritus.
a rove beetleEusphalerum luteumIn woodland and wetland habitats.
a rove beetleEusphalerum minutumin woodland
a rove beetleEusphalerum sorbiin woodland
a rove beetleEusphalerum torquatumin woodland
a seed weevilEutrichapion (Cnemapion) voraxSyn. Apion vorax. On vetch. Minehead 1949.
a seed weevilEutrichapion (Psilocalymma) punctigerumSyn. Apion punctigerum. On vetch.
a seed weevilEutrichapion erviSyn. Apion ervi. On vetches.
a seed weevilEutrichapion viciaeSyn. Apion viciae. On Vicia cracca (Tufted Vetch)
Gorse WeevilExapion ulicisSyn. Apion u. On gorse.
Pine LadybirdExochomus quadripustulatusOn trees and shrubs. (4-spot ladybird)
a rove beetleFalagria caesaIn vegetable detritus.
a rove beetleGabrius nigritulusIn vegetable detritus.
a rove beetleGabrius pennatusIn wetlands.
a rove beetleGabrius splendidulusUnder bark in woodland and parkland.
a rove beetleGabrius subnigritulusWidespread.
a leaf beetleGalerucella grisescensCoastal marshes.
Brown Willow BeetleGalerucella lineolaFrequents waterside vegetation.
a leaf beetleGalerucella sagittariaeFrequents waterside vegetation.
a leaf beetleGalerucella tenellaFrequents tall waterside vegetation.
a leaf beetleGastrophysa polygoniA range of habitats.
Green Dock BeetleGastrophysa viridulaOn docks.
a rove beetleGauropterus fulgidusLast Exmoor Record Minehead 1935. In compost.
a rove beetleGeostiba circellarisWithypool, 1948 & Alcombe Common 1947. In moss
a dumbledorGeotrupes mutatorin dung. Dunster 1947. Probably decreasing.
a dumbledorGeotrupes spinigerIn dung.
Dor BeetleGeotrupes stercorariusIn dung.
a dumbledorGeotrupes stercorosusIn dung.
Spring DumbledorGeotrupes vernalisIn dung on dry heathland.
a pollen or sap beetleGlischrochilus quadriguttatusUnder bark in dead wood.
a rove beetleGnypeta caeruleaIn flood litter. North Exmoor is only Somerset site to date (2003)
a rove beetleGnypeta carbonariaIn flood litter.
a rove beetleGnypeta rubriorOn muddy river banks.
a darkling beetleGonodera luperusOn the coast.
a longhorn beetleGrammoptera ruficornisIn hawthorn blossom.
a wood boring beetleGrynobius planusIn dead wood.
a weevilGymnetron antirrhiniOn Toadflax.
a weevilGymnetron melanariumOn Speedwells.
a weevilGymnetron plantaginisSyn. G. pascuorum.On Plantain
Brooklime Gull WeevilGymnetron veronicaeOn brooklime.
a whirligigGyrinus aeratusRivers and ponds.
a whirligigGyrinus natatorIn streams, ditches, ponds.
a whirligigGyrinus substriatusStanding freshwater.
a rove beetleGyrohypnus angustatusIn vegetable detritus.
a rove beetleGyrohypnus atratusIn nests of red wood ant. Last recorded Porlock 1896.
a rove beetleGyrohypnus fracticornisDecaying grass or herbivore dung.
a rove beetleGyrohypnus punctulatusIn grassland.
a rove beetleGyrophaena affinisIn bracket fungi in woodland.
a rove beetleGyrophaena angustataIn bracket fungi in woodland.
a rove beetleGyrophaena fasciataIn bracket fungi in woodland.
a rove beetleGyrophaena gentilisIn bracket fungi in woodland.
a rove beetleGyrophaena joyiOn dead ash trees.
a rove beetleGyrophaena latissimaOn bracket fungi.
a rove beetleGyrophaena minimaIn fungi.
a rove beetleGyrophaena strictulaIn fungi.
a rove beetleHabrocerus capillaricornisWoodland.
a crawling water beetleHaliplus flavicollisShallow, muddy pools.
a crawling water beetleHaliplus fluviatilisCoastal marshes. Last record Minehead 1935.
a crawling water beetleHaliplus fulvusMoorland pools.
a crawling water beetleHaliplus lineatocollisIn standing and flowing freshwater.
Orange LadybirdHalyzia sedecimguttataOn sycamore in woodland.
a ground beetleHarpalus affinisIn dry open habitats.
a ground beetleHarpalus anxiusOn dry sandy soils at the coast.
a ground beetleHarpalus attenuatusOn dry sandy soils at the coast.
a ground beetleHarpalus latusIn a range of open habitats.
a ground beetleHarpalus rubripesOn dry sandy soils at the coast.
a ground beetleHarpalus rufibarbisIn a range of open habitats.
Strawberry Seed BeetleHarpalus rufipesIn a range of habitats
a ground beetleHarpalus rufitarsisIn dry open habitats
a ground beetleHarpalus tardusOn dry sandy soils at the coast.
a scavenger water beetleHelochares lividusIn a range of wetland habitats.
a scavenger water beetleHelochares punctatusMoorland pools.
a scavenger water beetleHelophorus aequalisCoastal marshes.
a scavenger water beetleHelophorus aquaticus s.l.Old records under this name may refer to H.grandis
a scavenger water beetleHelophorus brevipalpisA range of freshwater habitats.
a scavenger water beetleHelophorus flavipesa range of freshwater habitats.
a scavenger water beetleHelophorus fulgidicollisBrackish coastal ditches.
a scavenger water beetleHelophorus grandisCoastal marshes.
a scavenger water beetleHelophorus griseusCoastal marshes. Last Exmoor record Dunster, 1906.
a scavenger water beetleHelophorus minutusA range of wetland habitats.
Wheat Mud BeetleHelophorus nubilusDry grassland.
a scavenger water beetleHelophorus obscurusUpland pools.
a darkling beetleHelops caeruleusIn dead wood.
a wood boring beetleHemicoelus fulvicornisIn dead wood.
a click beetleHemicrepidius hirtusIn woodland
a silken fungus beetleHenoticus serratusCoastal marshes. Dunster 1919.
Dogs-mercury Flea BeetleHermaeophaga mercurialisOn Dogs Mercury.
a mud beetleHeterocerus fenestratuscoastal marshes.
a mud beetleHeterocerus flexuosusIn salt-marshes. Last record Porlock Weir 1948
a mud beetleHeterocerus fossorIn coastal marshes.
a rove beetleHeterothops dissimilisIn vegetable detritus.
a carrion beetleHister striolaIn vegetable detritus.
a carrion beetleHister unicolorin dung and vegetable detritus.
a seed weevilHolotrichapion (Apiops) pisiSyn. Apion pisi. On Medick.
a seed weevilHolotrichapion (Legaricapion) aethiopsOn vetch. Minehead 1946.
a rove beetleHomalota planaUnder bark
Welsh ChaferHoplia philanthusOn flowering shrubs. Dunster 1906.
a small water beetleHydraena britteniIn springhead bogs.
a small water beetleHydraena gracilisIn gravel-bottomed streams and rivers.
a small water beetleHydraena minutissimaIn gravel-bottomed streams and rivers.
a small water beetleHydraena nigritaGravelly streams in woodland. Last Exmoor record Roadwaterû1929.
a small water beetleHydraena pygmaeaGravelly rivers on moss covered stones. Last Exmoor recordûPorlock 1934.
a small water beetleHydraena testaceaCoastal marshes.
a scavenger water beetleHydrobius fuscipesCoastal marshes.
a marsh beetleHydrocyphon deflexicollisOn river banks.
a water beetleHydroglyphus pusillusFreshwater.
a weevilHydronomus alismatisOn coastal marshes on Water Plaintain. This plant is now very scarce so weevils may be gone. Alcombe Marshes 1959.
Great Silver Water BeetleHydrophilus piceusA Red Data Book species.
a water beetleHydroporus angustatusShallow, muddy pools.
a water beetleHydroporus discretusIn spring-fed flushes.
a water beetleHydroporus erythrocephalusIn spring-fed ditch.
a water beetleHydroporus ferrugineusIn spring water.
a water beetleHydroporus gyllenhaliMoorland pools.
a water beetleHydroporus longicornisIn moorland flushes.
a water beetleHydroporus longulusIn peaty pools. May no longer exist here.
a water beetleHydroporus melanariusIn Sphagnum bogs.
a water beetleHydroporus nigritaMoorland pools.
a water beetleHydroporus obscurusMoorland pools.
a water beetleHydroporus obsoletusSpringheads. Scarce.
a water beetleHydroporus palustrisCoastal marshes.
a water beetleHydroporus pubescensIn standing and flowing freshwater.
a water beetleHydroporus tessellatusIn puddles and pools.
a water beetleHydroporus tristisMoorland pools.
a rove beetleHydrosmecta eximiaOn river shingle. Last record Porlock 1896 (Blue Anchor 1935)
a rove beetleHydrosmecta fragilisRiver shingle.
a leaf beetleHydrothassa marginellaIn wet meadows.
Black Pine BeetleHylastes aterUnder conifer bark.
a bark or ambrosia beetleHylastes attenuatusHopcott Common 1949. Under pine bark.
a bark or ambrosia beetleHylastes opacusUnder pine bark.
Gorse Bark BeetleHylastinus obscurusUnder gorse bark.
a bark or ambrosia beetleHylesinus crenatusHorner Wood 1949. Under ash bark.
Pine WeevilHylobius abietisConifer plantations.
a bark or ambrosia beetleHylurgops palliatusUnder conifer bark.
a weevilHypera aratorOn Legumes.
a weevilHypera melesOn Clovers and Medicks.
a weevilHypera nigrirostrisOn restharrow on sand at the coast.
a weevilHypera plantaginisA range of habitats.
a weevilHypera polluxSyn. H. adspersa. Coastal marshes.
Clover Leaf WeevilHypera posticaOn leguminous plants
Sandy Clover WeevilHypera punctataon clover.
a weevilHypera rumicisOn docks. Minehead 1935.
a weevilHypera venustaOn western gorse.
a ladybirdHyperaspis pseudopustulataNotable.
a water beetleHyphydrus ovatusFreshwater.
a click beetleHypnoidus ripariusBanks of streams or rivers.
a rove beetleIlyobates nigricollisIn leaf litter in woods.
a click beetleIschnodes sanguinicollisIn dead wood in old woodlands. Last record Porlock 1906.
a rove beetleIschnoglossa prolixaUnder bark. Porlock 1907. Nettlecombe 1866.
a thick-legged flower beetleIschnomera caerulea s.l.In dead wood.
a thick-legged flower beetleIschnomera cyaneaIn dead wood
a seed weevilIschnopterapion (Chlorapion) virensSyn. Apion virens. On clover.
a seed weevilIschnopterapion lotiSyn. Apion loti. On Lotus corniculatus.
a seed weevilIschnopterapion modestum
a darkling beetleIsomira murinaA range of habitats.
a seed weevilKalcapion semivittatumOn annual mercury.
a pollen or sap beetleKateretes rufilabrisIn a range of wet habitats.
a click beetleKibunea minutaA range of habitats.
a carrion beetleKissister minimusSandy soil at the coast.
a bark or ambrosia beetleKissophagus hederaeUnder ivy bark.
a scavenger water beetleLaccobius atratusMoorland streams.
a scavenger water beetleLaccobius bipunctatusIn a range of freshwater habitats.
a scavenger water beetleLaccobius minutusDitches and ponds.
a scavenger water beetleLaccobius striatulusCoastal marshes. Last Exmoor record Minehead 1906.
a water beetleLaccophilus minutusCoastal marshes. Last recorded Minehead 1935.
a darkling beetleLagria hirtaA range of habitats.
a leaf beetleLamprosoma concolorin woodland
Glow-wormLampyris noctilucaA range of habitats.
a weevilLarinus planusOn thistles.
a mould beetleLathridius minutes s.l.Minehead 1958.
a rove beetleLathrobium brunnipesIn a range of habitats.
a rove beetleLathrobium fulvipennein woodland
a rove beetleLathrobium multipunctumUnder stones.
a rove beetleLathrobium quadratumLast Exmoor record Minehead, 1935. In wetlands
a rove beetleLathrobium terminatumIn upland bogs.
a round fungus beetleLeiodes lituraIn woodland.
a round fungus beetleLeiodes politaIn woodland.
a round fungus beetleLeiodes rugosaIn a range of habitats.
a longhorn beetleLeiopus nebulosusWoodland.
a weevilLeiosoma deflexumOn buttercups.
a ground beetleLeistus ferrugineusLocal in woodland
a ground beetleLeistus fulvibarbisLocal in wet woodland
a ground beetleLeistus rufescensRare on moorland
a ground beetleLeistus rufomarginatusAn immigrant recently become resident. Rare.
a ground beetleLeistus spinibarbisLocal in a range of habitats.
Ash Bark BeetleLeperisinus variusSyn. Hylesinus v. Under ash bark.
a rove beetleLeptacinus batychrusIn vegetable detritus.
a nest beetleLeptinus testaceusIn nests of small mammals in woodland & parkland.
6 spotted longhornLeptura sexguttataIn dead wood in old valley woodland.
a rove beetleLeptusa fumidaUnder bark.
a rove beetleLeptusa pulchellaUnder bark. Last recorded Nettlecombe c1866.
a rove beetleLeptusa ruficollisUnder bark. Last recorded Nettlecombe c1866.
a rove beetleLesteva heeriIn various wetland heaths.
a rove beetleLesteva longoelytrataOn stream banks in woodland.
a rove beetleLesteva pubescensOn stream banks in woodland.
a rove beetleLesteva punctataOn stream banks.
a small water beetleLimnebius truncatellusIn a range of freshwater and wetland habitats.
a riffle beetleLimnius volckmariIn fast-flowing streams and rivers
a weevilLimnobaris pilistriataOn Sedges.
a weevilLimnobaris t-albumOn sedges.
a rove beetleLiogluta longiusculaIn wet litter. Withypool 1948; Hopcott Common 1949.
a rove beetleLiogluta oblongiusculaSyn. L. microptera Thomson. On banks of streams and rivers in woodland.
a weevilLiophloeus tessulatusOn ivy.
a hairy fungus beetleLitargus connexusIn fungi on dead wood. Dunster 1919.
a rove beetleLithocharis ochraceaIn vegetable detritus
a weevilLixus vilisOn common storksbill on sandy soils. Last Somerset RecordûMinehead 1906. Probably now extinct.
Willow Leaf BeetleLochmaea capreaOn willows.
Hawthorn Leaf BeetleLochmaea crataegiOn hawthorn blossom
Heather BeetleLochmaea suturalisOn heather moorland. Sometimes very abundant on Ling whichûthen dies.
a rove beetleLomechusa emarginataIn ants nests on coastal heath.
a leaf beetleLongitarsus atricillusOn Legumes.
a leaf beetleLongitarsus curtusOn Boraginaceae. Recorded at Minehead 1935.
a leaf beetleLongitarsus exoletusOn Boraginaceae.
a leaf beetleLongitarsus ganglbaueriOn Senecio spp.
a leaf beetleLongitarsus holsaticusIn valley fens on Lousewort.
a leaf beetleLongitarsus jacobaeaeOn ragwort. Minehead 1949.
a leaf beetleLongitarsus luridusA range of habitats.
a leaf beetleLongitarsus melanocephalusOn Plantains. Alcombe Common 1948.
a leaf beetleLongitarsus membranaceusOn wood sage.
a leaf beetleLongitarsus nigrofasciatusOn Mullein. Minehead 1946.
Flax Flea BeetleLongitarsus parvulusOn flax. Porlock Weir 1949.
a leaf beetleLongitarsus pratensisOn Plantains.
Chrysanthemum Flea BeetleLongitarsus succineusOn Compositae.
a leaf beetleLongitarsus tabidusOn Mullein.
a rove beetleLordithon exoletusIn rotten fungus.
a rove beetleLordithon lunulatusIn fungi in woodland.
a rove beetleLordithon thoracicusIn fungi in woodland.
a rove beetleLordithon trinotatusIn fungi in woodland.
a ground beetleLoricera pilicornisCommon in a range of habitats
Stag BeetleLucanus cervusIn rotten wood in old woodlands.
a leaf beetleLuperus longicornisIn birch woodland.
a false ladybirdLycoperdina bovistaeIn puff-ball fungi. Minehead 1953.
a rove beetleLyprocorrhe ancepsIn nests of red wood ant. Porlock 1896.
a weevilMagdalis armigeraOn elm.
a weevilMagdalis carbonariaOn birch. Minehead 1906.
Red tipped flower beetleMalachius bipustulatusIn a range of habitats.
a malachite beetleMalachius viridisOn flowering herbs in woods and meadows.
a soldier beetleMalthinus balteatusShrubs & trees in woods. (Devon)
Yellow-tipped MaltheneMalthinus flaveolusWoodland.
a soldier beetleMalthinus seriepunctatusWoodland.
a soldier beetleMalthodes flavoguttatusIn wet woodland.
a soldier beetleMalthodes fuscusWoodland
a soldier beetleMalthodes guttiferOn trees in woods. (Devon)
a soldier beetleMalthodes marginatusWoodland
a soldier beetleMalthodes maurusOn trees.
a soldier beetleMalthodes minimusin woodland
a soldier beetleMalthodes mysticusWoodland. Minehead 1906.
a soldier beetleMalthodes pumilusOn low vegetation in hedgerows and fields or on oak.
a seed weevilMalvapion malvaeon mallow
a leaf beetleMantura chrysanthemiFeeds on Sheep's Sorrel.
a leaf beetleMantura rusticaOn docks near the coast.
a weevilMecinus pyrasterOn Plantains.
a rove beetleMedon brunneusIn woodland and parkland leaf litter. Last Exmoor record Horner 1947.
a rove beetleMedon piceusIn woodland leaf litter. Last recorded Porlock 1907.
a rove beetleMedon ripicolaDamp places.
a rove beetleMegarthrus affinisIn vegetable detritus
a rove beetleMegarthrus depressusIn dung and vegetable detritus.
a rove beetleMegarthrus sinuatocollisIn vegetable detritus
a scavenger water beetleMegasternum obscurumIn dung and vegetable detritus.
a false darkling beetleMelandrya caraboidesIn dead wood
a darkling beetleMelanimon tibialisOn sandy soil at the coast.
a click beetleMelanotus villosusIn dead wood
Common Pollen BeetleMeligethes aeneusOn flowering plants.
a pollen or sap beetleMeligethes atratusOn flowering plants. Last recorded Alcombe Common 1949.
a pollen or sap beetleMeligethes brunnicornisOn flowers of hedge woundwort.
a pollen or sap beetleMeligethes flavimanusOn flowering herbs & shrubs.
a pollen or sap beetleMeligethes obscurusOn flowers. Wood sage etc.
a pollen or sap beetleMeligethes ovatusOn flowering plants.
a pollen or sap beetleMeligethes planiusculusOn vipers bugloss flowers.
a pollen or sap beetleMeligethes viridescensOn flowering plants.
Oil BeetleMeloe proscarabaeusOn dry grassland and heathland
Oil BeetleMeloe violaceusOndry grassland and heathland
MaybugMelolontha melolonthaOn shrubs and trees or comes to light.
a rove beetleMeotica exilisOn banks of streams. Porlock 1896.
a weevilMesites tardiiSyn. Rhopalomesites tardii. In dead wood.
a ground beetleMetabletus foveatusIn dry open habitats.
a ground beetleMetabletus obscuroguttatusDamp grassland.
a ground beetleMetabletus truncatellusDry sandy soils.
a wasp-nest beetleMetoecus paradoxusIn or near nests of social wasps. Comes to light.
a rove beetleMetopsia retusaIn vegetable detritus.
a rove beetleMicralymma marinaIn intertidal rock crevices. Recorded Minehead 1935.
a silken fungus beetleMicrambe villosusIn gorse flowers.
a silken fungus beetleMicrambe viniIn gorse flowers.
Small Heather WeevilMicrelus ericaeCoastal heath and moorland.
a marsh beetleMicrocara testaceaIn valley fens.
a ground beetleMicrolestes maurusOn dry grassland.
a rove beetleMicropeplus fulvusIn vegetable detritus.
a rove beetleMicropeplus staphylinoidesIn rotting vegetation.
Moss Flea BeetleMniophila muscorumOn moss in woods.
a narrow bark beetleMonotoma angusticollisIn nests of red wood ant. Porlock 1896.
a narrow bark beetleMonotoma bicolorIn vegetable detritus.
a narrow bark beetleMonotoma conicicollisIn nests of red wood ant. Porlock 1896.
a narrow bark beetleMonotoma longicollisIn vegetable detritus
a narrow bark beetleMonotoma picipesIn vegetable detritus.
a tumbling flower beetleMordellistena pumilaOn Umbellifers.
Hairy Cellar BeetleMycetaea hirtaIn haystack refuse. Minehead 1958.
a hairy fungus beetleMycetophagus atomariusIn fungi.
a hairy fungus beetleMycetophagus quadripustulatusIn fungi on dead wood.
a rove beetleMycetoporus angularisIn moss and grass tussocks including cereal crops.
a rove beetleMycetoporus splendidusIn litter. Last record Alcombe Common 1949.
a rove beetleMyllaena brevicornisIn a range of wet habitats. Last record Porlock 1896
a rove beetleMyllaena elongataWetlands
a rove beetleMyllaena infuscataUpland bogs
a rove beetleMyllaena minutaValley fen. Last record Withypool 1948
a rove beetleMyrmecopora uvidaIn strandline litter
18-spot LadybirdMyrrha octodecimguttataOn Scots Pine. Probably an introduction.
Wharf BorerNacerdes melanuraIn coastal driftwood.
Loosestrife WeevilNanophyes marmoratusOn Purple loosestrife.
a round fungus beetleNargus veloxIn leaf litter in woodland
a round fungus beetleNargus wilkiniIn woodland moss.
a ground beetleNebria brevicollisCommon in a range of habitats.
a ground beetleNebria salinaLocal on moorland and coastal heath.
Copra BeetleNecrobia rufipesOn carrion.
a chequered beetleNecrobia violaceain carrion on the coast.
Shore sexton beetleNecrodes littoralisIn carrion.
a rove beetleNehemitropia sordidaIn vegetable refuse. Last Exmoor record 1896 Porlock. 1935ûat Blue Anchor.
a small antlike beetleNeuraphes elongatulusWoodland. Recorded at Withypool, 1948.
Black Sexton BeetleNicrophorus humatorIn carrion.
a sexton beetleNicrophorus investigatorIn carrion or regularly comes to m/v light.
Common Burying BeetleNicrophorus vespilloin carrion.
a sexton beetleNicrophorus vespilloidesIn carrion
a pollen or sap beetleNitidula rufipesIn carrion.
a weevilNotaris acridulusCoastal marshes.
a weevilNotaris scirpiCoastal marshes.
The Larger NoterusNoterus clavicornisCoastal marshes. Last record 1935 Minehead.
a ground beetleNotiophilus aquaticusScarce on dry habitats
a ground beetleNotiophilus biguttatusCommon in a range of habitats.
a ground beetleNotiophilus germinyiMoorland.
a ground beetleNotiophilus palustrisScarce in damp places.
a ground beetleNotiophilus rufipesRare in woodland.ûLast recorded 1935, Minehead
a ground beetleNotiophilus substriatusScarce in dry habitats
a rove beetleNotothecta flavipesIn nests of red wood ant.
Monoceros BeetleNotoxus monocerosOn sandy soils at the coast.
a rove beetleOcalea picatain woodland. Last recorded Porlock 1907.
a rove beetleOcalea rivularisAn indeterminate record from Nettlecome dated 1866.
Ivy Boring BeetleOchina ptinoidesIn dead ivy branches.
a leaf beetleOchrosis ventralisOn Tripleurospermum.
a small water beetleOchthebius bicolonCoastal marshes.
a small water beetleOchthebius dilatatusCoastal marshes.
a small water beetleOchthebius exsculptusIn wet valley woodland.
a small water beetleOchthebius marinusIn brackish coastal ditches.
a small water beetleOchthebius minimuscoastal marshes.
a rove beetleOchthephilus aureusOn banks of streams and rivers. Last record Porlock 1896.
a small fungus beetleOctotemnus glabriculusIn fungi on dead wood.
a rove beetleOcypus aeneocephalusUnder stones; leaf litter,etc
a rove beetleOcypus aterIn a range of coastal habitats. Last recorded Culbone 1951.ûIncreasing inland?
a rove beetleOcypus brunnipesIn grassland. Last recorded Porlock 1907
a rove beetleOcypus compressusNow O. morsitans (Rossi) In a range of habitats.
a rove beetleOcypus fortunatarumCoastal grassland.
a rove beetleOcypus globuliferUnder stones or in grassland.
a rove beetleOcypus melanariusIn grassland.
a rove beetleOcypus neroWoodland. Last recorded Alcombe Common 1949.
Devil's Coach-horseOcypus olensOpen sites in woods and gardens. Syn. Staphylinus olens.
a thick-legged flower beetleOedemera luridain grassland
a thick-legged flower beetleOedemera nobilisIn a range of habitats.
a click beetleOedostethus quadripustulatusOn stream banks in woodland.
Red-breasted carrion beetleOiceoptoma thoracicumIn carrion.
a smut beetleOlibrus aeneusOn flowering composites.
a smut beetleOlibrus affinisIn flowers. Mainly coastal.
a smut beetleOlibrus corticalisOn flowering composites.
a smut beetleOlibrus liquidusOn flowering composites.
a smut beetleOlibrus pygmaeusOn flowering composites. Minehead 1935.
a rove beetleOligota apicatawoodland
a ground beetleOlisthopus rotundatusIn a range of dry, open habitats.
a rove beetleOlophrum piceumIn woodland & moorland
a rove beetleOmalium caesumin vegetable detritus
a rove beetleOmalium excavatumIn vegetable detritus. Last recorded Selworthy 1949.
a rove beetleOmalium laeviusculumUnder strandline litter on the coast. Last Exmoor record Dunster 1919. (But Blue Anchor 1957)
a rove beetleOmalium oxyacanthaeIn vegetable detritus
a rove beetleOmalium rivulareIn vegetable detritus, carrion, etc.
a rove beetleOmalium septentrionisRotting vegetation.
a pollen or sap beetleOmosita colonin carrion.
a pollen or sap beetleOmosita depressain carrion.
a pollen or sap beetleOmosita discoideain carrion.
a seed weevilOmphalapion hookeriSyn. Apion h. On mayweed.
a seed weevilOmphalapion laevigatumSyn. Apion sorbi. On mayweed.
a thick-legged flower beetleOncomera femoratain woodland
a rove beetleOntholestes murinusIn dung and carrion.
a rove beetleOntholestes tessellatusWidespread.
a dung beetle or chaferOnthophagus coenobitaIn dung.
a dung beetle or chaferOnthophagus joannaeIn dung. Minehead 1946.
a dung beetle or chaferOnthophagus nuchicornisIn dung. Minehead and Selworthy 1946. Formerly much confused withûO.similis.
a dung beetle or chaferOnthophagus nutansIn sheep dung. Very rare.
a dung beetle or chaferOnthophagus similisIn dung on dry sandy soils.
a dung beetle or chaferOnthophagus vaccaOn grassland in dung. Dunster 1919.
a carrion beetleOnthophilus striatusIn dung or vegetable detritus.
a ground beetleOodes helopioidesIn wetlands.
a silken fungus beetleOotypus globosusIn dung.
a darkling beetleOpatrum sabulosumOn sand at the coast. Dunster 1919.
a chequered beetleOpilo mollisScarce.
a false darkling beetleOrchesia micansOn fungi in old woodlands.
a false darkling beetleOrchesia minorOn fungi in old woodland
a false darkling beetleOrchesia undulataUnder bark of trees
Hairy WhirligigOrectochilus villosusStreams & rivers.
a water beetleOreodytes davisiin freshwater.
a water beetleOreodytes sanmarkiIn gravelly streams and rivers.
a water beetleOreodytes septentrionalisIn gravelly streams and rivers.
Violet WeevilOrobitis cyaneusOn violets.
a leaf beetleOrsodacne cerasiOn flowers and shrubs.
a bark or ambrosia beetleOrthotomicus laricisUnder conifer bark.
a rove beetleOthius angustusIn moss or damp litter.
a rove beetleOthius laeviusculusIn a range of habitats.
a rove beetleOthius myrmecophilusIn woodland.
a rove beetleOthius punctulatusIn woodland.
Strawberry Root WeevilOtiorhynchus ovatusOn sandy soils.
Strawberry Root WeevilOtiorhynchus rugifronsOn dry grassland.
Strawberry Root WeevilOtiorhynchus rugosostriatusOn dry grassland
Raspberry WeevilOtiorhynchus singularisA range of habitats.
Vine WeevilOtiorhynchus sulcatusA range of habitats.
a leaf beetleOulema lichenisA range of habitats.
Cereal Leaf BeetleOulema melanopaA range of habitats.
a riffle beetleOulimnius troglodytesIn freshwater
a riffle beetleOulimnius tuberculatusin freshwater
a rove beetleOxypoda alternansIn rotting fungi. Nettlecombe (no date)
a rove beetleOxypoda annularisin vegetable detritus. Nettlecombe 1866?
a rove beetleOxypoda elongatulaIn a range of wetland habitats.
a rove beetleOxypoda haemorrhoaIn nests of the red wood ant. Porlock 1896.
a rove beetleOxypoda lividipennisIn rotting material.
a rove beetleOxypoda opacaIn vegetable detritus.
a rove beetleOxypoda spectabilisIn mole nests. Porlock 1907.
a rove beetleOxypoda umbrataIn vegetable detritus.
a rove beetleOxypoda vittataIn or near ants nests.
a seed weevilOxystoma craccaeSyn. Apion craccae. On tufted vetch.
a seed weevilOxystoma pomonaeSyn. Apion pomonae. On Vicia sativa. (Common Vetch)
a rove beetleOxytelus laqueatusIn herbivore dung.
a rove beetleOxytelus sculptusCoastal marsh. Last record Minehead 1906.
a longhorn beetlePachytodes cerambyciformisIn woodland. (Judolia c.)
a rove beetlePaederus fuscipesDamp places.
a rove beetlePaederus littoralisIn a range of open habitats.
a rove beetlePaederus ripariusCoastal marshes.
a ground beetlePanagaeus bipustulatusOn sand at the coast
a carrion beetleParalister carbonariusin dung and vegetable detritus.
a carrion beetleParomalus flavicornisUnder bark of decaying wood, in parkland.
a ground beetlePatrobus atrorufusScarce in humid woodland.
a flat bark beetlePediacus dermestoidesUnder bark in old trees.
a crawling water beetlePeltodytes caesusCoastal marshes.
Wood-boring WeevilPentarthrum huttoniUnder bark.
a seed weevilPerapion curtirostreOn dock.
a seed weevilPerapion hydrolapathion dock
a seed weevilPerapion marchicumOn Sheep's sorrel.
a seed weevilPerapion violaceumOn dock.
Mustard BeetlePhaedon armoraciaeCoastal marshes.
Mustard BeetlePhaedon cochleariaeOn crucifers. (Watercress Beetle)
Celery Leaf BeetlePhaedon tumidulusOn umbellifers often Hogweed.
a smut beetlePhalacrus brunnipesOn smutted sedges. Minehead 1906.
a smut beetlePhalacrus corruscusOn smutted grasses.
a rove beetlePhilonthus addendusLast recorded Dunster, 1919. In woodland.
a rove beetlePhilonthus albipesLast record Minehead 1946. In dung and compost.
a rove beetlePhilonthus cephalotesIn vegetable detritus.
a rove beetlePhilonthus cognatusIn a range of habitats.
a rove beetlePhilonthus cruentatusUnder stones and in moss. Last recorded Minehead 1949.
a rove beetlePhilonthus decorusIn a range of habitats.
a rove beetlePhilonthus fimetariusIn a range of habitats.
a rove beetlePhilonthus intermediusLast record Minehead 1947.
a rove beetlePhilonthus laminatusIn vegetable detritus and dung. Last recorded Minehead 1947.
a rove beetlePhilonthus longicornisin grassland. Last recorded Porlock 1907
a rove beetlePhilonthus marginatusin a range of habitats.
a rove beetlePhilonthus micansin coastal marshes. Last record Porlock Weir 1948.
a rove beetlePhilonthus politusIn a range of habitats
a rove beetlePhilonthus puellaWoodland
a rove beetlePhilonthus quisquiliariusCoastal marshes.
a rove beetlePhilonthus rectangulusIn vegetable detritus.
a rove beetlePhilonthus rubripennisOn gravelly river banks.
a rove beetlePhilonthus sanguinolentusDecaying grass and dung.
a rove beetlePhilonthus splendensIn a range of habitats.
a rove beetlePhilonthus succicolaIn rotten fungi in woodland.
a rove beetlePhilonthus tenuicornisDung and leaf litter.
a rove beetlePhilonthus umbratilisDamp leaf litter.
a rove beetlePhilonthus variansIn a range of habitats.
a rove beetlePhilonthus variusIn a range of habitats.
a rove beetlePhilonthus ventralisIn vegetable detritus.
Marram WeevilPhilopedon plagiatusOn sand at the coast. Dunster Beach 1949.
a rove beetlePhilorinum sordidumOn gorse flowers.
a rove beetlePhloeocharis subtilissimain old woodland.
a rove beetlePhloeonomus punctipennisUnder bark in woodland.
a weevilPhloeophagus lignariusIn dead wood.
a bark or ambrosia beetlePhloeophthorus rhododactylusUnder gorse bark.
a rove beetlePhloeopora angustiformisUnder tree bark.
a rove beetlePhloeopora testaceaPorlock, 1907. Under bark.
a rove beetlePhloeostiba planaUnder sappy bark. Last Exmoor record, Dunster 1919.
a beetlePhloiophilus edwardsiOn fungi in woodland.
a false darkling beetlePhloiotrya vaudoueriIn dead wood of beech
Brassy Willow BeetlePhratora vitellinaeSyn.(Phyllodecta v.) On willows.
a darkling beetlePhylan gibbusOn sandy soil near the coast.
Silver-green Leaf WeevilPhyllobius argentatusOn trees.
a weevilPhyllobius calcaratusOn alder.
Brown Leaf WeevilPhyllobius oblongusOn trees. Woodcombe 1952.
a weevilPhyllobius pomaceusOn nettles.
Common Leaf WeevilPhyllobius pyriOn trees
Small Green Nettle WeevilPhyllobius roboretanusMinehead 1948. On trees.
Green Nettle WeevilPhyllobius viridiaerisOn herbs & shrubs.
a leaf beetlePhyllodecta laticollisOn poplars.
a rove beetlePhyllodrepa floralisin woodland
Garden ChaferPhyllopertha horticolaOn grassland and moorland.
Turnip Flea BeetlePhyllotreta atraOn crucifers. Minehead 1935.
Turnip Flea BeetlePhyllotreta consobrinaOn crucifers. Minehead 1953.
Turnip Flea BeetlePhyllotreta cruciferaeOn crucifers. Alcombe 1935.
a leaf beetlePhyllotreta diademataOn scurvy-grass (Cochlearia) Washford 1935.
a leaf beetlePhyllotreta flexuosaOn crucifers
Turnip Flea BeetlePhyllotreta nemorumOn crucifers
Turnip Flea BeetlePhyllotreta nigripesOn crucifers
a leaf beetlePhyllotreta ochripesOn garlic mustard.
a leaf beetlePhyllotreta tetrastigmaOn crucifers on wetlands. Alcombe Common 1949.
Small Turnip Flea BeetlePhyllotreta undulataOn crucifers. Selworthy 1949.
Barley Flea BeetlePhyllotreta vittulaOn crucifers. Selworthy 1950
Tanbark BorerPhymatodes testaceusIn dead wood.
a weevilPhytobius olssoniSyn. Pelenomus olssoni. On Lythrum portula.
a weevilPhytobius quadrituberculatusSyn. Pelenomus q. On Polygonaceae.
Banded Pine WeevilPissodes castaneusOn pine. Probably an introduction. Found Minehead 1954 in a house.
a bark or ambrosia beetlePityogenes bidentatusOn conifer twigs. Selworthy 1949.
a bark or ambrosia beetlePityophthorus pubescensOn conifer twigs.
a water beetlePlatambus maculatusIn fast flowing streams.
a leaf beetlePlateumaris discolorOn boggy moorland.
a net-winged beetlePlatycis minutaIn woodland.
a rove beetlePlatydracus fulvipesMoorland.
a rove beetlePlatydracus stercorariusIn decaying vegetation.
Oak Pin-hole BorerPlatypus cylindrusUnder oak bark.
Cramp-ball Fungus WeevilPlatyrhinus resinosusOn Cramp-ball (Daldinia) fungi in woods.
a rove beetlePlatystethus arenariusIn vegetable detritus and dung.
a rove beetlePlatystethus cornutusIn wetlands.
a rove beetlePlatystethus nitensIn coastal marshes.
a pollen or sap beetlePocadius ferrugineusIn decaying fungi.
a soldier beetlePodabrus alpinusOn vegetation in woods. Comes to light.
a longhorn beetlePogonocherus hispidusWoodland
a ground beetlePogonus chalceusIn salt marshes.
a weevilPolydrusus cervinusIn woodland. Minehead 1948.
a weevilPolydrusus confluensOn gorse.
a weevilPolydrusus pterygomalison trees.
a weevilPolydrusus sericeusOn birch and alder.
a weevilPolydrusus undatusOn oak in woodland
a rove beetlePolystomota griseaIn strandline litter. Minehead 1935.
Brooklime Leaf BeetlePrasocuris junciIn a range of wetland habitats.
a leaf beetlePrasocuris phellandriiCoastal marshes.
a pollen or sap beetlePria dulcamaraeon bittersweet.
a marsh beetlePrionocyphon serricornisIn rotholes in old beeches.
a darkling beetlePrionychus aterIn rotting trees.
14-spot LadybirdPropylea quattuordecimpunctataA range of habitats.
Chequered Click BeetleProsternon tessellatumNational Trust record, Devon. Heaths or damp meadows.
Clover Seed WeevilProtapion assimileSyn. Apion assimile. On red clover. Minehead 1935.
a seed weevilProtapion difformeSyn. Apion difforme. On clover. Minehead 1935.
White Clover Seed WeevilProtapion fulvipesSyn. Apion difchroum. On clover.
a seed weevilProtapion nigritarseSyn. Apion nigritarse. On clover.
a seed weevilProtapion schoenherriSyn. Apion schoenherri. On coastal grassland.
Clover Seed WeevilProtapion trifoliiSyn. Apion trifolii. On white clover.
a seed weevilProtapion varipesSun. Apion varipes. On clover. Porlock Weir 1935.
a rove beetleProteinus brachypterusIn woodland
a rove beetleProteinus ovalisIn grassland
a seed weevilProtopirapion atratulumOn gorse.
a weevilPselactus spadixIn dead wood at the coast. Minehead 1935; Blue Anchor 1954.
a short-winged mould beetlePselaphus heiseiin wetlands. Withypool 1948.
a seed weevilPseudapion rufirostreon mallow.
a darkling beetlePseudocistela ceramboidesIn dead wood.
a rove beetlePseudopsis sulcataIn vegetable detritus.
a hairy fungus beetlePseudotriphyllus suturalisIn bracket fungi.
Potato Flea BeetlePsylliodes affinisOn bittersweet. (or a pest of cultivated potato)
Hop Flea BeetlePsylliodes attenuataOn hops.
Cabbage Stem Flea BeetlePsylliodes chrysocephalaOn crucifers.
a leaf beetlePsylliodes cupreaRecorded in Devon Exmoor otherwise only on the Levels.
a leaf beetlePsylliodes napiA range of habitats.
22-spot LadybirdPsyllobora vigintiduopunctataHas a range of habitats.
a featherwing beetlePtenidium longicorneDamp litter.
a featherwing beetlePtenidium nitidumIn vegetable detritus.
a ground beetlePterostichus adstrictusGrassland and moorland.
a ground beetlePterostichus aethiopsUpland woodlands and moorland.
a ground beetlePterostichus angustatusNotable.
a ground beetlePterostichus cupreusIn a range of habitats.
a ground beetlePterostichus diligensIn moorland bogs and fens.
a ground beetlePterostichus longicollisCoastal marshes.
Black ClockPterostichus madidusIn a range of habitats.
a ground beetlePterostichus melanariusIn a range of habitats.
a ground beetlePterostichus nigerIn woodland.
a ground beetlePterostichus nigritaIn a range of wet habitats.
a ground beetlePterostichus oblongopunctatusIn ancient oak woodland.
a ground beetlePterostichus rhaeticusVarious habitats.
a ground beetlePterostichus strenuusIn a range of habitats.
a ground beetlePterostichus vernalisIn a range of habitats.
a ground beetlePterostichus versicolorIn a range of open habitats.
Fan-bearing Wood-borerPtilinus pectinicornisIn dead wood
a wood boring beetlePtinomorphus imperialisIn dead wood.
White-marked Spider BeetlePtinus furIndoors or out.
a spider beetlePtinus sexpunctatusIn houses. Probable introduction.
a spider beetlePtinus subpilosusUnder bark
a round fungus beetlePtomaphagus subvillosusIn vegetable detritus.
Black-headed Cardinal BeetlePyrochroa coccineaIn dead wood on coastal marshes.
Common Cardinal BeetlePyrochroa serraticornisIn dead wood.
a rove beetleQuedius aridulusOn dry sandy soils at the coast. Last record Porlock 1948.
a rove beetleQuedius auricomusOn stream banks in woodland.
a rove beetleQuedius boopsOn gravelly river banks. Last record Porlock 1948
a rove beetleQuedius brevicornisIn birds nests Only record 1866 Nettlecombe.
a rove beetleQuedius cinctusIn vegetable detritus
a rove beetleQuedius cruentusIn vegetable detritus
a rove beetleQuedius curtipennisWoodland moss.
a rove beetleQuedius fuliginosusWetlands. Last recorded Porlock 1921.
a rove beetleQuedius fumatusUnder fungus.
a rove beetleQuedius invreaeIn mammal nests.
a rove beetleQuedius lateralisRotting items in woods.
a rove beetleQuedius maurorufusin wetlands. Last recorded Porlock 1896.
a rove beetleQuedius maurusUnder bark
a rove beetleQuedius mesomelinusIn vegetable detritus.
a rove beetleQuedius micropsIn dead wood in old parkland. Last record Nettlecombe 1888
a rove beetleQuedius molochinusMany habitats.
a rove beetleQuedius nemoralisIn dead wood in woodland.
a rove beetleQuedius nigricepsIn litter on dry sandy soils often under conifers. Last record Minehead 1958.
a rove beetleQuedius nitipennisOn stream banks in woodland.
a rove beetleQuedius pallipesIn strandline litter.
a rove beetleQuedius picipesHas a range of habitats.
a rove beetleQuedius ripariusOn banks of small streams.
a rove beetleQuedius semiaeneusCoastal marshes. Last recorded Minehead 1946
a rove beetleQuedius semiobscurusMoss and grassland.
a rove beetleQuedius tristisIn open country.
a rove beetleQuedius umbrinusOn stream banks in woodland.
a rove beetleQuedius ventralisIn trees.
a rove beetleQuedius xanthopusUnder bark in old woodland.
a short-winged mould beetleReichenbachia juncorumIn wetlands. Withypool 1948.
Two-banded LonghornRhagium bifasciatumIn dead wood.
a longhorn beetleRhagium mordaxIn dead wood.
The BloodsuckerRhagonycha fulvaA range of habitats.
a soldier beetleRhagonycha lignosaA range of habitats.
a soldier beetleRhagonycha limbataSyn. R. femoralis On flowering herbs and shrubs in damp meadowsûand woods.
a soldier beetleRhagonycha testaceaOn vegetation in damp meadows and woods.
a weevilRhamphus oxyacanthaeOn hawthorn.
a weevilRhamphus pulicarius s.l.On birch.
a water beetleRhantus suturellusIn boggy moorland pools.
a weevilRhinoncus castorOn sheeps sorrel
a weevilRhinoncus inconspectusOn Polygonum amphibium.
a weevilRhinoncus pericarpiusOn Polygonaceae
a weevilRhinoncus perpendicularisOn bistort and persicaria.
a false weevilRhinosimus planirostrisUnder park
a false weevilRhinosimus ruficollisUnder bark
a narrow bark beetleRhizophagus bipustulatusUnder tree bark.
a narrow bark beetleRhizophagus depressusUnder dead tree bark.
a narrow bark beetleRhizophagus disparUnder tree bark.
a narrow bark beetleRhizophagus ferrugineusUnder tree bark
a narrow bark beetleRhizophagus perforatusUnder tree bark.
a weevilRhynchaenus alniOn elm.
a weevilRhynchaenus avellanaeOn hazel and oak.
Beech Leaf MinerRhynchaenus fagiOn beech.
a weevilRhynchaenus pilosusOn oak
a weevilRhynchaenus quercusOn oak.
a weevilRhynchaenus rusciOn birch
a leafroller weevilRhynchites aeneovirensIn oak woodland.
Apple Fruit RhynchitesRhynchites aequatusOn hawthorn. Minehead 1906.
Apple Twig CutterRhynchites caeruleusOn trees and shrubs. Bossington on poplar bark 1896.
Strawberry RhynchitesRhynchites germanicusOn rosaceous plants.
a leafroller weevilRhynchites tomentosusOn birch.
a weevilRhyncolus aterSyn. R. chloropus. In dead wood.
a ladybirdRhyzobius lituraA range of habitats. Alcombe Marshes 1951.
a rove beetleRugilus erichsoniIn vegetable detritus. Last Exmoor record Porlock 1896.
a rove beetleRugilus geniculatusDamp grassland.
a rove beetleRugilus orbiculatusIn vegetable detritus
a rove beetleRugilus rufipesIn vegetable detritus. Last Exmoor record Alcombe 1935.
Spotted LonghornRutpela maculatain woodland.
a false weevilSalpingus castaneusOn Scots Pine
a false weevilSalpingus reyiOn burnt gorse.
Small Poplar BorerSaperda populneaOn Populus sp.
a carrion beetleSaprinus aeneusIn carrion.
a darkling beetleScaphidema metallicumIn fungi on dead wood.
a shining fungus beetleScaphidium quadrimaculatumIn woodland.
a shining fungus beetleScaphisoma agaricinumIn rotten wood. Last Exmoor record 1866 at Nettlecombe.
a shining fungus beetleScaphisoma boletiIn rotten wood.
Strawberry Root WeevilSciaphilus asperatusOn shrubs.
a round fungus beetleSciodrepoides watsoniIn carrion
a marsh beetleScirtes hemisphaericusIn coastal marshes.
a bark or ambrosia beetleScolytus intricatusUnder oak bark.
Small Elm Bark BeetleScolytus multistriatusOn elm.
Large Elm Bark BeetleScolytus scolytusOn elm. Carrier of Dutch elm disease.
a small antlike beetleScydmaenus tarsatusIn vegetable detritus.
a ladybirdScymnus auritusOn vegetation. Minehead 1956.
a ladybirdScymnus frontalisOn vegetation. Minehead 1954.
a ladybirdScymnus limbatusCoastal marshes. Minehead 1947.
a click beetleSelatosomus aeneusOn moorland and coastal heath.
a rove beetleSepedophilus littoreusIn damp grass litter near freshwater.
a rove beetleSepedophilus lusitanicusIn dead wood in conifer woodland.
Brown ChaferSerica brunneaIn moss or rotting stumps, or comes to light.
a leaf beetleSermylassa halensisOn dry grassland.
a rove beetleSiagonium quadricorneunder bark.
a weevilSibinia primitusOn Sweet Alison.
Black Snail BeetleSilpha atrataIn a range of habitats.
a sexton beetleSilpha laevigataCoastal grassland.
a sexton beetleSilpha obscuraCoastal grassland. Recorded 1946 at Minehead.
a sexton beetleSilpha tristisCoastal grassland.
a pill beetleSimplocaria semistriataIn a range of habitats.
Rhinoceros BeetleSinodendron cylindricumIn rotten wood.
a weevilSitona cambricusA range of habitats.
Clover WeevilSitona hispidulusOn clover.
a weevilSitona lepidusOn clover.
Pea and Bean WeevilSitona lineatusOn Legumes.
a weevilSitona puncticollisOn clover. Minehead 1906.
a weevilSitona regensteinensisOn gorse.
a weevilSitona striatellusOn gorse.
Clover WeevilSitona sulcifronsOn clover.
a weevilSitona suturalisOn vetches.
a weevilSitona waterhouseiOn Lotus corniculatus.
a weevilSmicronyx jungermanniaeOn lesser dodder on coastal heath.
a pollen or sap beetleSoronia griseaIn vegetable detritus. Minehead 1935.
a pollen or sap beetleSoronia punctatissimaIn sappy old oak trees.
a scavenger water beetleSphaeridium bipustulatumEntered as S. marginatum Fabricius.ûIn dung.
a scavenger water beetleSphaeridium lunatumIn herbivore dung.
a scavenger water beetleSphaeridium scarabaeoidesIn dung.
a leaf beetleSphaeroderma testaceumOn thistles.
a rove beetleStaphylinus dimidiaticornisOn coastal grassland.
a rove beetleStaphylinus erythropteruson moorland.
a click beetleStenagostus rhombeusUnder bark.
a small antlike beetleStenichnus bicolorUnder bark of old parkland trees.
a small antlike beetleStenichnus collariswoodland
a small antlike beetleStenichnus poweriOn shingle beach.
a weevilStenocarus umbrinusSyn. S. ruficornis On poppy. Minehead 1947.
Variable LonghornStenocorus meridianusIn dead wood.
a ground beetleStenolophus mixtusIn coastal marshes. Last recorded Minehed, 1935.
a seed weevilStenopterapion (Cobosiotherium) scutellareSyn. Apion scutellare. On Western Gorse.
a seed weevilStenopterapion tenueOn medick. Syn. Apion tenue.
Lime beetleStenostola dubiaOn Lime trees.
a rove beetleStenus acerisLast record Hopcott, 1935. Woodland/heathland.
a rove beetleStenus bifoveolatusGrassy places near water.
a rove beetleStenus bimaculatusWetlands.
a rove beetleStenus brunnipesIn a range of dry habitats.
a rove beetleStenus canescensCoastal marshes.
a rove beetleStenus cicindeloidesVegetation near water.
a rove beetleStenus clavicornisIn open country.
a rove beetleStenus exiguusUnder stones. Last recorded Minehead 1948.
a rove beetleStenus flavipesin wetlands
a rove beetleStenus fulvicornisDamp places
a rove beetleStenus fuscipesCoastal marshes. Last recorded Alcombe 1935
a rove beetleStenus geniculatuson moorland
a rove beetleStenus guttulaOn stream and river banks.
a rove beetleStenus guynemeriOn stream banks in woodland.
a rove beetleStenus impressusIn a range of habitats.
a rove beetleStenus junoIn wetlands. Last Exmoor record Minehead 1935.
a rove beetleStenus latifronsIn wetlands
a rove beetleStenus lustratorIn valley fen. Last recorded Withypool 1948.
a rove beetleStenus nanusLast Exmoor record Porlock, 1896. Coastal marsh.
a rove beetleStenus nigritulusIn wetlands.
a rove beetleStenus nitidiusculusIn a range of wetland habitats.
a rove beetleStenus ossiumCoastal marshes.
a rove beetleStenus pallipesIn a range of wetland habitats.
a rove beetleStenus pallitarsisCoastal marshes.
a rove beetleStenus picipennisDamp places.
a rove beetleStenus picipesIn wetlands.
a rove beetleStenus providusIn valley fen. Last Exmoor record Withypool 1948. Syn. S. rogeri Kraatz.
a rove beetleStenus pubescensDamp places.
a rove beetleStenus similisIn wetlands.
a rove beetleStenus tarsalisin wetlands.
a water beetleStictonectes lepidusMoorland pools.
a smut beetleStilbus oblongusCoastal marshes.
a ground beetleStomis pumicatusCoastal marshes.
a longhorn beetleStrangalia aurulentaIn oak woodland.
a longhorn beetleStrangalia melanuraIn woodland. Minehead 1906. Other Somerset locations in 1990s.
a longhorn beetleStrangalia quadrifasciataWoodland. Dulverton 1913.
Nut Leaf WeevilStrophosoma melanogrammumIn woodland.
a weevilStrophosoma nebulosumOn moorland and coastal heath.
24-spot LadybirdSubcoccinella vigintiquattuorpunctataA range of habitats
a rove beetleSunius melanocephalusIn moss. Last Exmoor record Porlock 1896.
a ground beetleSynuchus nivalisOn dry sandy soil.
a rove beetleTachinus humeralisIn woodland.
a rove beetleTachinus laticollisIn vegetable detritus.
a rove beetleTachinus marginellusIn vegetable detritus
a rove beetleTachinus signatusin vegetable detritus
a rove beetleTachinus subterraneusIn decaying fungi and carrion.
a weevilTachyerges salicisSyn. Rhynchaenus sal. On willow.
a weevilTachyerges stigmaSyn. Rhynchaenus s. On willow. Nettlecombe 1891.
a rove beetleTachyporus atricepsGrassland and woods.
a rove beetleTachyporus chrysomelinusA range of habitats.
a rove beetleTachyporus disparIn moss and leaf litter.
a rove beetleTachyporus formosusin litter
a rove beetleTachyporus hypnorumin a range of habitats.
a rove beetleTachyporus nitidulusA range of habitats
a rove beetleTachyporus obtususA range of habitats.
a rove beetleTachyporus pallidusCoastal marshes.
a rove beetleTachyporus solutusA range of habitats.
a ground beetleTachys parvulusCoastal.
a seed weevilTaeniapion urticariumOn nettles.
Duckweed WeevilTanysphyrus lemnaeCoastal marshes.
a silken fungus beetleTelmatophilus caricisCoastal marshes.
a silken fungus beetleTelmatophilus typhaeCoastal marshes.
Mealworm BeetleTenebrio molitorIn buildings.
a shiny fungus beetleTetratoma desmarestiIn bracket fungi.
a rove beetleThamiaraea cinnamomeaAt sap runs on trees. Minehead 1935.
a rove beetleThamiaraea hospitaIn compost.
Ant BeetleThanasimus formicariusin dead wood.
a sexton beetleThanatophilus rugosusIn carrion.
a sexton beetleThanatophilus sinuatusin carrion.
a rove beetleThinodromus arcuatusRiver banks.
a weevilThryogenes nereiscoastal marshes.
a domed fungus beetleThymalus limbatusOn dead wood in old woodland and parkland.
Lesser Bloody-nosed BeetleTimarcha goettingenisOn dry grassland.
Bloody-nosed BeetleTimarcha tenebricosaA range of habitats.
Large Pine Shoot BeetleTomicus piniperdaOn conifers. Minehead 1949.
a weevilTrachodes hispidusOak woodlands. Porlock 1934. Noted in Devon 1990s.
a weevilTrachyphloeus angustistelusOn heaths.
a weevilTrachyphloeus asperatusCoastal. On plant roots.
a weevilTrachyphloeus bifoveolatusOn dry grassland.
a weevilTrachyphloeus laticollisOn dry grassland. Porlock 1896.
Devil's-bit Jewel BeetleTrachys troglodytesOn Devil's-bit Scabious.
a ground beetleTrechus fulvusCoastal.
a ground beetleTrechus obtususCommon on moorland and sometimes in other habitats.
a ground beetleTrechus quadristriatusCommon in a range of habitats
a short-winged mould beetleTrichonyx sulcicollisUnder oak bark. Nettlecome 1866.
a weevilTrichosirocalus troglodytesIn grassland.
a hairy fungus beetleTriphyllus bicolorIn bracket fungi.
a shiny fungus beetleTriplax aeneaIn fungi on dead wood.
a small false click beetleTrixagus carinifronsIn leaf litter, etc.
a small false click beetleTrixagus dermestoidesIn woodland.
a hide beetleTrox scaberIn birds nests.
a weevilTychius junceusOn medicks and clovers.
a weevilTychius picirostrisSyn. Miccotrogus p. On clovers.
a weevilTychius pusillusOn gorse.
a weevilTychius squamulatusOn bird's-foot trefoil.
a weevilTychius stephensiOn bird's-foot trefoil.
a weevilTychius tibialisOn coastal grassland on clovers.
a short-winged mould beetleTychus nigerIn a range of habitats.
Hairy Fungus BeetleTyphaea stercoreaIn haystack refuse.
Minotaur BeetleTyphaeus typhoeusOn moorland and coastal heath.
16-spot LadybirdTytthaspis sedecimpunctataCoastal grassland.
a false weevilVincenzellus ruficollisUnder bark
a rove beetleXantholinus glabratusIn grassland
a rove beetleXantholinus linearisIn open country.
a rove beetleXantholinus longiventrisIn a range of habitats.
Death Watch BeetleXestobium rufovillosumIn dead wood and old buildings.
a bark or ambrosia beetleXyloterus domesticusSyn. Trypodendron d. Under oak bark. Porlock, 1907. Recorded from Devon Exmoor 1980s.
a bark or ambrosia beetleXyloterus signatusSyn. Trypodendron s. Under oak bark. Porlock 1907.
a click beetleZorochros minimusRivers and streams.
a rove beetleZyras funestusDunster 1919. In ants nests.
a rove beetleZyras humeralisIn ants nests.
a rove beetleZyras limbatusIn ants nests.

Birds: Updated to June 2020

Alpine SwiftApus melbaVagrant. Just 3 records 1954 - 1980
American BitternBotaurus lentiginosusOne record of an immature shot on Earl Fortescue's moorland near Parracombe in Oct 1875.
American WigeonAnas americanaVagrant. Male Wimbleball winters 1987 and 1988.
Arctic SkuaStercorarius parasiticusAutumn passage visitor to coastal waters.
Arctic TernSterna paradisaeaFairly frequent on autumn passage but less so than Common Tern.
Ashy-headed WagtailMontacilla flava cinereocapilla Savi.Rare Passage Migrant (2006). Minehaed Golf Course.
AvocetRecurvirostra avosettaVagrant. Records include 8 Porlock Bay 1987.
Baillon's CrakePorzana pusillaA single record of one at Minehead in Nov. 1912.
Baird's SandpiperCalidris bairdiiVagrant. One Porlock Marsh 1973 and possibly 1979.
Bar-headed GooseAnser indicusOne regularly seen with Canada Geese at Minehead/Dunster Marshes 1989-1992.
Bar-tailed GodwitLimosa lapponicaSpring and autumn passage migrant. Occasional in winter.
Barn OwlTyto albaResident. Now very scarce with only a few breeding pairs.
Barnacle GooseBranta leucopsisWinter visitor. A few most years with Canada flocks.
Barred WarblerSylvia nisoriaVagrant. One record of an immature male at Porlock Marsh 1969. A 1st for Somerset.
Bean GooseAnser fabalisVagrant. Occasional records at Minehead or Porlock marshû1947 on. the most recent being 1 Porlock Marsh Mar-Apr 1973.
Bearded TitPanurus biarmicusVagrant. Winter visitor/passage migrant. First record was of 3 Porlock Marsh 1972, since when there have been a handful of records.
Bee-eaterMerops apiasterOne seen Porlock Hill 1997.
Bewick's SwanCygnus columbianusRare winter visitor to Minehead and Porlock Marshes. Highestû8 at Minehead March Feb. 1976.
BitternBotaurus stellarisRare winter visitor to coastal marshes. One photographed at Chetsford Bridge in 1989.
Black GrouseTetrao tetrixNumbers were decreasing in 18th cent. 4320 shot Holnicote and Winsford estates 1836-1906 and up to 40 shot in a day at Oare Manor estate. Palmer & Ballance (1968) stated "On Exmoor now restricted mainly to N.Trust property in N.E. where up to 13 at lek in 1965. A few may survive on Molland Common but now probably extinct on Winsford Hill & Culbone Hill. A (1964) estimate put the Exmoor stock at c45. Causes of decrease seem to be enclosure, disturbance, overburning and increase in predators after 1914. The last lek on the Moor was in 1972, last breeding record 1975 and last sighting was a female at Lucott Moor at dusk 29.7.1981.
Black GuillemotCepphus grylleVagrant. Only two records to date 1954 and 1991. Both Dunster Beach.
Black KiteMilvus migrans (Boddaert)Rare. Accidental (2006)
Black RedstartPhoenicurus ochrurosMainly autumn passage and winter visitor.
Black SwanCygnus atratusEscape. 1 Porlock Marsh 1998.
Black StorkCiconia nigra (L.)Rare Accidental (2010)
Black TernChlidonias nigerRare passage visitor, mainly coastal but has been recorded at Wimbleball also.
Black-headed BuntingEmberiza melanocephalaExotic. 1 Bird Table Old Cleeve, Oct. 2000.
Black-headed GullLarus ridibundusWinter visitor also present spring and summer.
Black-headed WagtailMontacilla flava feldeggRare Passage Migrant (2006). Minehaed Golf Course.
Black-necked GrebePodiceps nigricollisRare winter visitor. Recorded 2 Porlock Marsh Feb 1985 and Wimbleball Apr 1995. (One Minehead claypits 1959 probably a stray passage bird; site now Butlins boating lake)
Black-tailed GodwitLimosa limosaSpring or Autumn passage migrant. Less frequent than Bar-tailed Godwit.
Black-throated DiverGavia arcticaScarce winter visitor to coastal waters. 2 Wimbleball Feb.û1985.
Black-winged StiltHimantopus himantopusOne record of single bird Porlock Marsh 1960.
BlackbirdTurdus merulaResident, nests.
BlackcapSylvia atricapillaSummer visitor with some over-wintering birds. Nests.
Blue TitParus caeruleusResident, abundant and widespread. Nests, frequently in nest boxes.
Blue-headed WagtailMotacilla flava flavaPassage visitor, Recent records only from Porlock Marsh. Bred at Porlock Marsh 1951 and 1965.
Blue-winged TealAnas discorsVagrant. North American. 1 Porlock Marsh 1981.
BramblingFringilla montifringillaWinter visitor. Exceptional flocks of up to 600 have been seen c.Simonsbath but usually just a few in mixed flocks with chaffinches. Visits gardens. One summer report of a singing male at Culbone Woods 1956.
Brent GooseBranta berniclaScarce winter visitor, usually dark bellied race but pale bellied forms occur very occasionally.
BullfinchPyrrhula pyrrhulaResident
BuzzardButeo buteoResident, widespread and common. Nests. Although commonûagain now, numbers became very low during myxamatosis epidemic in rabbits, their staple diet.
Canada GooseBranta canadensisResident. Breeds Wimbleball and Minehead. Up to 400 in winter. Cackling Goose: single birds, probably escapes, occasionally with main flocks.
Carolina Wood DuckAix sponsaOne on Dunster Hawn 1987 for several months. One on R. Exe Brushford 1988. Possible female + 4 young R. Barle Castle Bridge 1988. Exotics.
Carrion CrowCorvus corone coroneResident. Nests.
Caspian GullLaurus argentatus cachinnansRare.
Cattle EgretBubulcus ibis L.Rare. Accidental (2006)
Cetti's WarblerCettia cettiVery scarce but probably now resident and breeding
ChaffinchFringilla coelebsResident and winter visitor. Nests.
ChiffchaffPhylloscopus collybitaSummer visitor. Occasionally winters. Nests.
ChoughPyrrhocorax pyrrhocoraxBred occasionally on Exmoor cliffs until 1910. Since then just a few sightings, usually single birds offshore but 3 inland 1991.
Cirl BuntingEmberiza cirlusPreviously a rare resident which bred Porlock Vale, Minehead and Combe Martin. May now be extinct on Exmoor.
Coal TitParus aterResident. Nests.
Collared DoveStreptopelia decaoctoWas breeding in Minehead by 1963 (D. Ballance). Now resident and common in towns and villages. Nests. Winter flocks of up to 50 have been seen.
Commic TernSterna hirundo/paradiseaDue to difficulties in identification Common and Arctic Terns are often dealt with together under this name. Frequent on Autumn passage.
Common GullLarus canusPassage and winter visitor to coasts and inland.
Common SandpiperActitis hypoleucosRegular spring/autumn passage visitor. Sometimes winters.
Common ScoterMelanitta nigraPassage and winter visitor to coastal waters. Recorded at Wimbleball 1983. Coastal numbers usually less than 10 although 30+ at Dunster Beach Aug. 1987.
Common TernSterna hirundoRegular spring and autumn passage visitor.
CootFulica atraNests. Resident and winter visitor. Main winter refuge is Wimbleball lake.
CormorantPhalacrocorax carboNests. Resident and winter visiters. On coast and inland on reservoirs. Birds shot at Wimbleball included ringed ones from Solway Firth, the Dyfed Coast and Ulster.
Corn BuntingMiliaria calandraUsed to be recorded on the Brendons and around Minehead, but the only record for many years is of a juvenile on Minehead Golf Links, Sept. 1989. Vagrant.
CorncrakeCrex crexRare passage visitor. One found dead at Porlock Oct 1982.
Cory's ShearwaterCalonectris diomedeaRare vagrant. Off-shore records 1986 4 off Lynmouth, 1987 and 1994.
CraneGrus grusOne shot at Watchet 1897; One Allerford 2002.
Cream-coloured CourserCursorius cursorA single record of one Minehead Golf Links, 1941. This was the first Somerset Record.
CrossbillLoxia curvirostraIrregular visitor to conifer woods, probably now resident. Breeds occasionally.
CuckooCuculus canorusEarliest date 15th March, Porlock 1938 (D.Ballance). Usually arrived mid April. Fairly common summer visitor with Meadow Pipit being the commonest host on the moors, also tree pipit. May have declined in recent years.
CurlewNumenius arquataExmoor Moorland Bird Survey 2002: territories at Goosemoor Common, Exford Common, Wilmersham Common and one in N.D. Resident, passage and winter visitor. Up to 260 on beaches.
Curlew SandpiperCalidris ferrugineaRare passage visitor to coast.
Dark-bellied Brent GooseBranta bernicla berniclaThe commoner of the two races.
Dartford WarblerSylvia undataIn excess of 70 pairs/territories in 2002. A rare visitor to Exmoor to 1995 when it bred for first time.
DipperCinclus cinclusAbout 75 pairs estimated to be on Exmoor (1994). Resident of fast flowing streams and rivers. Nests.
DotterelCharadrius morinellusPassage visitor, usually seen on the moors.
DunlinCalidris alpinaRegular winter and passage visitor to the coast. Rarely more than 200.
DunnockPrunella modularisResident. Nests.
Egyptian GooseAlopochen aegyptiacusFeral breeder at Wimbleball 1982-86. Commuted with Canadas between there and Dunster Marsh.
EiderSomateria mollissimaRare winter visitor to coastal waters.
Emperor GooseAnser canagicusUp to 5 seen with Canada Geese Dunster Marsh/Wimbleball 1987 - Exotics.
Feral PigeonColumba livia (feral)Fairly common. Nests.
Ferruginous DuckAythya nyrocaRare Vagrant (2009), (2012) both Wimbleball.
Two published records, neither wholly satisfactory. One, Pinkworthy Pond 1943 has generally been accepted. Other Quantocks area.
FieldfareTurdus pilarisWinter visitor.
FirecrestRegulus ignicapillusWinter visitor, usually recorded near the coast.
FulmarFulmarus glacialisMainly spring/summer visitor. First bred Devon Exmoor 1958; and Somerset Exmoor 1981 when N.V. Allen recorded 2 pairs at Glenthorne. c400 nesting pairs between Lynmouth and Heddons Mouth in 1994. Also occur off coast out of breeding season following gales.
GadwallAnas streperaScarce winter visitor, Wimbleball/Dunster Beach.
GannetSula bassanaRegularly seen offshore Apr - Sept. Outside this usually storm blown birds. Nearest gannetry S.W.Wales. Commoner some years presumably related to fish stocks, esp. mackerel.
Garden WarblerSylvia borin1987 was a particularly good year for this sp. on Exmoor. Summer visitor, open woodland, thickets.
GarganeyAnas querquedulaVagrant. An unusual Spring passage migrant which has nested in N. Somerset and S. Devon but not Exmoor. Pair Minehead Marsh 1996.
Glaucous GullLarus hyperboreusA small number of records of this vagrant gull.
GoldcrestRegulus regulusResident. Nests. Favours conifer plantations. Hard hit in severe winters.
Golden EagleAquila chrysaetosAlthough not accepted as having ever been recorded on Exmoor, there are one or two early reports c1905 of birds having been seen.
Golden OrioleOriolus oriolusSpring and summer passage visitor.
Golden PheasantChrysolophus pictusOne nr Lynton 1942 (present some years); one adult male in Allerford Plantation Nov. 2001.
Golden PloverPluvialis apricariaWinter, spring and autumn passage visitor. Flocks of 3-4 hundred may occur but much declined from the thousands which occurred at one time (e.g.6000 Minehead 1967). Probably bred on Exmoor in 1910 but not proven.
GoldeneyeBucephala clangulaRegular winter visitor to Wimbleball; occasional elsewhere.
GoldfinchCarduelis carduelisResident. Nests. Winter flocks of c50 occasionally seen.
GoosanderMergus merganserRare resident. First bred Exmoor 1993. Regular winter visitor to Wimbleball, occasionally to Nutscale and the coast.
GoshawkAccipiter gentilisRare resident. A few breeding season records since 1990.
Grasshopper WarblerLocustella naeviaExmoor Moorland Bird Survey 2002 located 52 territories; ENHS records suggest a further ten males may have been present. This was an exceptionally good year. Summer visitor. Nests.
Great Black-backed GullLarus marinusNests. Resident and winter visitor. A few cliff-nesting pairs.
Great Crested GrebePodiceps cristatusA winter visitor but more or less resident at Wimbleball Lake where it has bred since 1982. Otherwise most records are coastal.
Great Grey ShrikeLanius excubitorIrregular autumn and winter visitor, usually to moorland areas.
Great Northern DiverGavia immerOffshore winter visitor
Great ShearwaterPuffinus gravisRare vagrant. 2 off Lynmouth Aug 1986. Only record to date.
Great SkuaStercorarius skuaAutumn passage visitor. A few off-shore most years.
Great SnipeGallinago mediaAn old and unauthenticated record of one shot at Warren ridge in 1903. 4 shot nr Parracombe 1868 during an influx to the SW. A couple of other unauthenticated records.
Great Spotted WoodpeckerDendrocopos majorNests. Resident. Breeds in all suitable woods. Visits garden peanut holders.
Great TitParus majorResident. Nests, occasionally in nest boxes.
Great White EgretEgretta albaOne, Wimbleball Lake 7 - 12 Oct 2002. Record accepted by British Birds Rarities Committee. New Exmoor Record.
Greater FlamingoPhoenicopterus ruberExotic. One flying west off Dunster Beach Sept 1969.
Green SandpiperTringa ochropusRegular, mainly autumn passage visitor to reservoirs and marshes.
Green WoodpeckerPicus viridisResident. Nests. Visits lawns.
Green-winged TealAnas crecca carolinensisPorlock Marsh Dec. 1998. Oct. 1951. Vagrant.
GreenfinchCarduelis chlorisResident. Nests. Scarce on high moor but autum and winter flocks on stubble of c200 may be seen.
Greenland WheatearOenanthe oenanthe leucorrhoaSmall numbers of this larger race of wheatear are seen on passage most years.
Greenland White-fronted GooseAnser albifrons flavirostrisSingle birds, Minehead Marsh Dec. 1952 & Mar 1995.
GreenshankTringa nebulariaScarce but regular spring and autumn passage migrant.
Grey HeronArdea cinereaAbout 25 breeding pairs at 5 heronries. Regularly seen along rivers and on coast at Dunster.
Grey PartridgePerdix perdixResident, scarce. Some records may refer to hand-reared birds. Nests.
Grey PhalaropePhalaropus fulicariusPassage visitor to the coast. Occasionally storm blown.
Grey PloverPluvialis squatarolaWinter visitor. Small numbers Minehead and Dunster Beach.
Grey WagtailMotacilla cinereaExmoor Moorland Bird Survey 2002 est. 65 pairs. + (ENHS) c 30 other pairs at other sites. Resident and fairly common on streams and rivers. Nests.
Greylag GooseAnser anserRare winter visitor. There is always doubt as to whether the birds are genuine wild birds or if from feral population on Chilton Moor. However timing (all in winter) suggests they could be genuine wild.
GuillemotUria aalgeAbout 500 nesting pairs Lynmouth to Heddons Mouth in 1994. Not uncommon passage and winter visitor off-shore.
Gull-billed TernGelochelidon niloticaThe only Somerset record (to 2002) is a first winter bird at Dunster Beach Oct 1997. Vagrant.
GyrfalconFalco rusticolusVagrant. One Foreland Point 1972. Greenland race.
HawfinchCoccothraustes coccothraustesVery rare visitor to Exmoor. Onetime nested at Selworthy.
Hen HarrierCircus cyaneusScarce but regular winter visitor to moorland areas.
Herring GullLarus argentatusNests. Resident. Notable decline in breeding population since early 1980s.
HobbyFalco subbuteoScarce summer visitor, may breed occasionally.
Honey BuzzardPernis apivorusVagrant. Single birds 1990, 1994, 1995. Probably a regular if scarce summer visitor to the older wooded areas in the early part of the last century.
Hooded crowCorvus corone cornixVagrant. Single birds recorded a few times since 1970.
HoopoeUpupa epopsPassage visitor, usually in spring. 14 records between 1956 and 1994.
House MartinDelichon urbicaSummer visitor and passage migrant. Nests.
House SparrowPasser domesticusResident. Nests around human habitations. Flocks in autumn/winter. Numbers may have decreased.
Iceland GullLarus glaucoidesOnly a handful of records mainly in winter. Vagrant.
Icterine WarblerHippolais icterinaVagrant. Two records to 1994 (Heddon Valley 1972 and Withypool 1975).
Isabelline ShrikeLanius isabellinusFirst Somerset record of this Asian species Minehead 1989. Attracted many visitors! Vagrant.
Jack SnipeLymnocryptes minimusWinter visitor to freshwater marshes, lakes and pools.
JackdawCorvus monedulaResident. Nests on coastal cliffs, buildings, quarries and trees. Large flocks may be seen.
JayGarrulus glandariusCommon resident of wooded areas. Nests. Occasional large influxes from the continent such as 1983 when acorn crop failed in Europe due to knopper gall.
Kentish PloverCharadrius alexandrinusPorlock Marsh 1956. Minehead 1968.
KestrelFalco tinnunculusResident and common. Nests.
KingfisherAlcedo atthisResident. Breeds on a few rivers. Frequent sightings by coast and reservoirs in winter.
KittiwakeRissa tridactylaFirst Exmoor breeding record was 6 pairs Woody Bay cliffs in 1972. Increased up to 1984 with c200 pairs. Since then they have declined and no breeding records in 2002 but non breeding birds are still around.
KnotCalidris canutusAutumn passage visitor to beaches.
Kumlien's GullLaurus glaucoides kumlieniRare accidental.
Lapland BuntingCalcarius lapponicusPassage visitor, usually to the coast.
LapwingVanellus vanellusResident, nests, winter and passage visitor. Flocks up to 200 on lowland fields and a few pairs breed.
Laughing GullLarus atricillaVagrant. Recorded Bossington Beach Sep. 1980.
Leach's PetrelOceanodroma leucorhoaRare storm vagrant. 1 Porlock Bay May 1928. Only 2 records in Porlock Bay 1967 - 1994.
Lesser Black-backed GullLarus fuscusPassage and winter visitor. Has bred on Devon cliffs.
Lesser Grey ShrikeLanius minorOne record of one nr Exford on 8.4.1967.
Lesser ScaupAythya affinis (Eyton)Rare (2011), Wimbleball.
Lesser Spotted WoodpeckerDendrocopos minorResident. Nests in the larger deciduous woods.
Lesser WhitethroatSylvia currucaScarce summer visitor. Has bred in Porlock Vale but no recent breeding records. Singing males heard.
LinnetCarduelis cannabinaResident. Usually near the coast. Nests. Winter flocks of up to 50 frequent but sometimes several hundred.
Little AukAlle alleRare storm vagrant.
Little BuntingEmberiza pusillaBossington Beach Nov. 1997 Porlock Marsh 2001. Passage migrant.
Little EgretEgretta garzettaFirst noted by A.E.Coles on 12.5.79 on Porlock Marsh where it remained until 14th when it was observed from 6 - 8pm by Noel Allen. It walked across pool but only once seen to swallow something. It is now regularly seen in the area.
Little GrebeTachybaptus ruficollisWinter visitor to reservoirs, coast and ponds. Has bred in the past and one bred Wimbleball Lake, 1999.
Little GullLarus minutusRare passage visitor, recorded most years. but probably under recorded.
Little OwlAthene noctuaFollowing the introduction of this species into the Midlands, it reached Dunster in 1914 and Dulverton in 1917. Now very scarce. Has nested.
Little Ringed PloverCharadrius dubiusRare passage visitor. Coast and Wimbleball.
Little StintCalidris minutaAutumn passage visitor
Little TernSterna albifronsA few turn up most years on autumn passage.
Long-billed DowitcherLimnodromus scolopaceusVagrant. One record, Porlock Marsh 1973.
Long-eared OwlAsio otusVagrant. Has bred in the past and in 1996.
Long-tailed DuckClangula hyemalisVagrant. One Nutscale March 1995.
Long-tailed SkuaStercorarius longicaudusVagrant. Recorded autumn 1991, 1993, 1994.
Long-tailed TitAegithalos caudatusResident. Visits gardens. Nests.
MagpiePica picaResident. Common. Numbers increased in some areas such as Minehead 1950s on but seem to have peaked. Some culling takes place, usually by individuals. There is controversy over the toll they take on small birds.
MallardAnas platyrhynchosResident and winter visitor. Nests. Widespread.
Mallard hybridAnas platyrhynchos xMany between Minehead and Dunster Beach in 1980s and 1990s originating from crosses with ducks at Butlins Holiday Camp. Most have now been eliminated.
MandarinAix galericulataVagrant or feral resident. Origin on Exmoor uncertain.
Manx ShearwaterPuffinus puffinusPassage visitor. Feeding parties in coastal waters, spring to autumn. Breeds in Wales. 1225 counted flying up channel off Porlock Bay 1988. P.yelkouan mauretanicus MEDITERRANEAN SHEARWATER. Vagrant. Race of Manx S. breeding in Mediterranean and recently split from P. puffinus. One off Minehead 1994 and 1996. Later works record this as BALEARIC SHEARWATER P. mauretanicus. V.Rare passage migrant.
Marsh HarrierCircus aeruginosusRare passage migrant usually to coastal areas.
Marsh TitParus palustrisResident. Nests.
Marsh WarblerAcrocephalus palustrisPair Minehead Claypits (now Butlins lake) summer 1929. One or 2 pairs bred there 1947-1961.
Meadow PipitAnthus pratensisExmoor Moorland Survey 2002. Population estimate of 2640 pairs, the most common & widespread species on the moor. Common resident, passage, and winter visitor. Nests. Chief host of cuckoo.
Mediterranean GullLarus melanocephalusPassage and winter visitor now recorded annually. First Somerset record was December 1956 at Dunster Beach.
MerlinFalco columbariusResident but scarce with only a few breeding pairs.
Mistle ThrushTurdus viscivorusResident. nests.
Montagu's HarrierCircus pygargusRare passage migrant. There are 4 breeding records for Exmoor, all before 1920.
MoorhenGallinula chloropusNests. Resident and local around reservoirs and ponds.
Mute SwanCygnus olorResident. Minehead/Dunster Marshes where it breeds and has bred at Porlock Marsh. Cases of cygnets not reaching maturity for various causes. Very rare at Wimbleball.
NightingaleLuscinia megarhynchosPassage visitor. Nests on outskirts of ENP. Bred at Bossington up to c1940.
NightjarCaprimulgus europaeusSurvey by D.K.Ballance 2002 located c52 churring males. Breeds at about five main sites. Summer visitor.
Night HeronNycticorax nicticorax (L.)Rare Accidental (2007), Adult Duster Beach
North Scandinavian race Lesser Black-Backed GullLarus fuscus fuscusVagrant. An old record of c30 off Glenthorne 1950s otherwise very rare.
NutcrackerNucifraga caryocatactesVagrant. One West Luccombe 1985 and about 3 previous records.
NuthatchSitta europaeaResident in deciduous woodland. Nests, occasionally in nest boxes.
OspreyPandion haliaetusIrregular spring and autumn passage visitor.
OystercatcherHaematopus ostralegusNests. Resident and winter visitor. Breeds Devon Exmoor.
Pale-bellied Brent GooseBranta bernicla hrotaLess common than the Dark-bellied race.
Pectoral SandpiperCalidris melanotosVagrant. A handful of records from the coast.
PeregrineFalco peregrinusResident. Nests. Locally frequent on the coast, also hunts inland.
PheasantPhasianus colchicusResident and common. Nests. Thousands bred each year for the shoots.
Pied FlycatcherFicedula hypoleucaSummer visitor, locally common in mature oak woodland. ENHS nest box scheme aimed at Pied Flycatcher is usually successful. Nests. ENHS emblem.
Pied WagtailMotacilla alba yarrelliiResident, nests.
Pink-footed GooseAnser brachyrhyncusVagrant. One Wimbleball Dec. 1991.
PintailAnas acutaRare winter visitor.
PochardAythya ferinaWinter visitor to Wimbleball, rarely the coast.
Pomarine SkuaStercorarius pomarinusAutumn passage visitor. Exceptional: 33 off Dunster Beach 1985.
PuffinFratercula arcticaStorm vagrant along the coast.
Purple SandpiperCalidris maritimaRare Winter visitor, mainly between Lynmouth and Heddons Mouth. One Dunster Beach 1994.
QuailCoturnix coturnixOnce bred widely, may nest occasionally. Now a scarce and irregular summer visitor.
RavenCorvus coraxResident. Nests on coastal cliffs and moorland combes. Flocks of over 100 have been recorded.
RazorbillAlca tordaAbout 450 breeding pairs N.Devon cliffs. Passage and winter visitor off-shore.
Red GrouseLagopus lagopusIntroduced on Exmoor in 1800s and established by 1900s. In 1976 about 40 prs. bred in area from Robin How to Black Barrow but decreased drastically and thought extinct in 2002. However 2 or 3 reports in 2003 were received and they may have been bred again by one of the shoots.
Red KiteMilvus milvusMost frequent as a spring passage visitor. One or two over Exmoor most years. One in Timberscombe area 1989/90 was wing tagged and was a released bird part of a NCC/RSPB project.
Red-backed ShrikeLanius collurioPassage visitor.
Red-breasted MerganserMergus serratorWinter visitor mainly to the coast.
Red-crested PochardNetta rufinaA record of 5 at Nutscale, Nov. 1995 was not confirmed and is considered incorrect.
Red-legged PartridgeAlectoris rufaNests. Resident, locally common, usually reared and released.
Red-necked GrebePodiceps grisegenaVery rare winter visitor. One Porlock Marsh 1956 and one Wimbleball 1993 & 1996.
Red-necked PhalaropePhalaropus lobatusVagrant. One Porlock Marsh 1970. and 3 previous records here
Red-rumped SwallowHirundo dauricaVagrant. One record of a single bird at Porlock, Oct 1987 at the time when there was an influx into Britain.
Red-throated DiverGavia stellataWinter and passage visitor to Exmoor coast; occasional Wimbleball Lake.
Red-throated PipitAnthus cervinusA bird in summer plumage at Dunster Beach 1996. This was 3rd Somerset record.
RedpollCarduelis flammeaResident. Nests. Now breeds annually but numbers fluctuate. Winter parties on lower moorland.
RedshankTringa totanusResident and winter visitor. Breeds Porlock Marsh but numbers decreased.
RedstartPhoenicurus phoenicurusExmoor Moorland Bird Survey 2002 est 131 pairs. Regular summer visitor and passage migrant. Nests.
RedwingTurdus iliacusRegular winter visitor.
Reed BuntingEmberiza schoeniclusExmoor Moorland Bird Survey 2002 est. 165 pairs. ENHS recorded about another 10 pairs elsewhere. Resident, nests. ENHS Survey in yr 2000. Nests in coastal marsh and moorland combes.
Reed WarblerAcrocephalus scirpaceusRegular summer visitor to Porlock and Dunster Marshes. Nests.
Richard's PipitAnthus novaeseelandiaeVagrant. 3 records of single birds 1977, 1980, 1991.
Ring OuzelTurdus torquatusSummer visitor to moorland combes, formerly nested but no breeding records found in survey in 2003 and may now only occur on passage.
Ring-billed GullLarus delawarensisVagrant.
Ring-necked DuckAythya collarisVagrant. Wintering males have been seen infrequently at Wimbleball.
Ring-necked ParakeetPsittacula krameriOne presumed this species, Dunkery area 1985 (possible escape). Another Dunster Beach 1989 and 1990 all considered escapes rather than feral birds.
Ringed PloverCharadrius hiaticulaResident. Passage and winter visitor. Bred Dunster Beach 1993.
RobinErithacus rubeculaResident. Nests.
Rock DoveColumba liviaWild form unlikely to have occurred.
Rock PipitAnthus petrosusResident. Nests rocky shores.
RookCorvus frugilegusResident. Most rookeries used to occupy high elms until these trees were lost to dutch elm disease in 1970s, they now occupy any tall trees mostly near habitation. Highest rookery is at Simonsbath at 400m.
Rose-coloured StarlingSturnus roseusVagrant. Only 4 Exmoor sightings 1945 - 1994.
Roseate TernSterna dougalliiAutumn passage visitor. Only records to date were 3 Minehead Beach in Aug 1971.
Rough-legged BuzzardButeo lagopusVagrant. Recorded winters of 1973, 74 and 87.
Ruddy DuckOxyura jamaicensisWinter visitor to Wimbleball. First recorded 1985.
Ruddy ShelduckTadorna ferrugineaVagrant. Two old records from Porlock Marsh - 2 1915 and 1 1928.
RuffPhilomachus pugnaxScarce spring and autumn passage visitor to coast and Wimbleball. 15 Porlock Marsh 1987 was an exception.
Sabine's GullLarus sabiniVagrant. Occasionally recorded on the coast after gales.
Sand MartinRiparia ripariaSummer and passage visitor. Scarce as a breeding bird but nests in one or two places. Earliest ENHS record 2nd March.
SanderlingCalidris albaREgular passage/winter visitor along coast.
Sandwich TernSterna sandvicensisSmall numbers on spring/autumn passage most years on coast.
Scandinavian Rock PipitAnthus petrosus littoralisPossibly one Porlock Marsh, 1996.
ScaupAythya marilaScarce winter visitor to Wimbleball, occasionally on the coast.
Scaup X Tufted Duck HybridAythya marila x fuligulaHybrid ducks at Wimbleball may have included this.
Sedge WarblerAcrocephalus schoenobaenusSummer visitor to the coastal marshes, rare elsewhere. Nests.
ShagPhalacrocorax aristotelisHas bred between Lynmouth and Heddons Mouth. Resident. Much rarer than cormorant.
ShelduckTadorna tadornaResident winter visitor. Breeds but much fewer than in early 1900s. Numbers build up along the coast in winter.
Shore LarkEremophila alpestrisWinter visitor to coastal beaches. Only a handful of records.
Short-eared OwlAsio flammeusWinter visitor occurring annually, usually on moorland.
ShovelerAnas clypeataRegular winter visitor to coast and Wimbleball.
SiskinCarduelis spinusResident and winter visitor. First nested in conifers near Luccombe in 1979.
SkylarkAlauda arvensisExmoor Moorland Bird Survey 2002 recorded a population of 1290 pairs Somerset/Devon. Resident and common passage and winter visitor. Nests. Large flocks of several hundred may be seen in winter on lowland fields.
Slavonian GrebePodiceps auritusVery rare winter visitor. One Minehead Clay Pits Jan 1960 (This site is now Butlins boating lake); one Dunster Hawn Oct 1972.
SmewMergus albellusWinter visitor. Single birds Wimbleball 1984, 86 & 87.
SnipeGallinago gallinagoMoorland Bird Survey estimate 9 territories on Exmoor inc. 3 in N. Devon. Resident, winter visitor. Breeds moorland bogs. In the past up to 250 on Minehead Marsh but not since Butlins.
Snow BuntingPlectrophenax nivalisScarce passage/winter visitor to the coast, occasionally on the moors.
Snow GooseAnser caerulescensOne regularly seen Dunster Marsh and Wimbleball 1989 with Canada Geese - Exotic.
Snowy OwlNyctea scandiacaVagrant. No current records although one 1972 at North Molton was close. Previous record nr Simonsbath 1945 and 3 earlier records.
Song ThrushTurdus philomelosResident, nests. Also autumn and winter visitor.
Sooty ShearwaterPuffinus griseusRare offshore passage migrant. 7 off Minehead 1979.
SparrowhawkAccipiter nisusResident and fairly common. Nests.
SpoonbillPlatalea leucorodiaVagrant. One Porlock Marsh 1994, 1998 and 1999.
Spotted CrakePorzana porzanaVagrant. Only recorded 3 times up to 1994, each time from Porlock Marsh in 1958, 1959 & 1971.
Spotted SandpiperActitis macularia (L.)Rare (2010), Dunster Beach
Spotted FlycatcherMuscicapa striataSummer visitor. Nests usually around buildings. Numbers fluctuate from year to year.
Spotted RedshankTringa erythropusAutumn passage visitor.
StarlingSturnus vulgarisResident. Passage and an abundant winter visitor also. Nests.
Stock DoveColumba oenasResident and fairly common. Nests.
Stone-curlewBurhinus oedicnemusNo records for many years. Single birds at Minehead 1912 and Great Hangman 1944.
StonechatSaxicola torquataExmoor Moorland Bird Survey 2002 est 468 pairs, an increase on previous 1992/3 survey. Resident, nests. Gorse and heather on moorland.
Storm PetrelHydrobates pelagicusVagrant. Coastal waters summer/autumn. Some probably go unrecorded in Porlock Bay.
Surf ScoterMelanitta perspicillataRare accidental.
SwallowHirundo rusticaSummer visitor and passage migrant. Nests. Earliest (exceptional) record 3 19.1.1975, Selworthy.
SwiftApus apusSummer visitor. Nests. Exceptionally late sighting 1 Porlock Marsh 29.11.95. Breeds in old buildings and church towers. Feeding flocks occur over the moor.
Tawny OwlStrix alucoResident. Widespread in woods and farmland. Nests.
Tawny PipitAnthus campestrisThis species joined the Exmoor list on 4.8.1993 with a moulting juvenile at Dunster Beach.
TealAnas creccaRegular winter visitor, coastal marshes and Wimbleball. Has bred in the past (1945) Over 600 at Porlock Marsh very unusual.
Temminck's StintCalidris temminckiiVagrant. One Porlock Marsh 1972.
Terek SandpiperXenus cinereusVagrant. One Porlock Marsh May 1987.
Tree PipitAnthus trivialisExmoor Moorland Bird Survey 2002 est. 129 pairs. Summer visitor in scattered trees along hillsides and woodland fringes. Nests.
Tree SparrowPasser montanusVisitor. Used to breed at Monksilver until 1920s. Now rarely reported.
TreecreeperCerthia familiarisResident, woodland and parkland. Nests. Numbers may fluctuate in hard winters.
Tufted DuckAythya fuligulaWinter visitor and scarce resident. Bred Wimbleball 1989.
TurnstoneArenaria interpresCommon passage and winter visitor, recorded most months.
Turtle DoveStreptopelia turturSummer visitor, recorded most years. Nests.
TwiteCarduelis flavirostrisWinter visitor. Just a few sightings of one or two birds in recent years but small flocks (10-20) recorded 1975 and 1986.
Two-Barred CrossbillLoxia leucopteraRare visitor.
Velvet ScoterMelanitta fuscaVagrant. Male Dunster Beach Dec. 1985; 2 Minehead Nov. 1994.
Water PipitAnthus spinolettaVery rare passage and winter visitor. One Porlock Marsh Jan 1988.
Water RailRallus aquaticusRegular but scarce winter visitor to marshy habitats on coast and inland.
WaxwingBombycilla garrulusIrregular winter visitor.
WheatearOenanthe oenantheEarliest date 24 Feb. 1998, Porlock Marsh Average 10th March. (D. Ballance). Exmoor Moorland Bird Survey 2002 found 57 pairs. Summer visitor and passage migrant. Stony outcrops, walls, coast and moors. Nests.
WhimbrelNumenius phaeopusRegular spring and autumn visitor to coast and Wimbleball.
WhinchatSaxicola rubetraExmoor Moorland Bird Survey 2002 est 292 pairs; a decline of nearly a third of the previous RSPB survey in 1992/3. However, a personal survey by DKB located 363 pairs although some variation in areas. Summer visitor common in moorland combes but may have decreased (2003)
White PelicanPelecanus onocrotalus
White StorkCiconia ciconiaRare. Accidental (2004).
A single record of one roosting on the church at Withiel Florey in June 1971 may refer to an escaped bird, and not to a genuine vagrant.
White WagtailMotacilla alba albaSpring and autumn passage visitor along the coast.
White-fronted GooseAnser albifronsIrregular winter visitor to Minehead and Porlock Marshes and Wimbleball. Greenland race not recently recorded; one Minehead 1952.
White-rumped SandpiperCalidris fuscicollisRare visitor, one Dunster Beach 1995.
White-tailed EagleHaliaeetus albicillaThere have been no recent records, the only four are from the period between 1811 and 1912. The only certain one being shot in Badgworthy Deer Park "some years before 1874. It was mounted with a Black Grouse which it had killed, for the landowner Nicholas Snow, and was long preserved at Oare Village Hall (Malmsmead Field Centre) but has now disappeared.
White-winged Black TernChlidonias leucopterusVagrant. Only record to date Porlock Marsh 1986.
WhitethroatSylvia communisNests. Summer visitor.
Whooper SwanCygnus cygnusRare winter visitor to the coast.
WigeonAnas penelopeWinter visitor. Common on the coastal marshes and at Wimbleball. As many as 1000 have been seen. The most common wintering duck along the coast.
Willow TitParus montanusResident and local, nests in damp woodlands.
Willow WarblerPhylloscopus trochilusSummer visitor. The commonest warbler. Nests.
Wilson's PhalaropePhalaropus tricolorVagrant. Female Porlock Marsh 1995.
Wood SandpiperTringa glareolaScarce autumn passage visitor.
Wood WarblerPhylloscopus sibilatrixSummer visitor of mature deciduous (mainly oak) woodlands). Nests. ENHS survey in 2003.
Woodchat ShrikeLanius senatorOne record near Bossington May 1926. One Exford 1989.
WoodcockScolopax rusticolaRegular autumn/winter visitor. Nested 1981.
WoodlarkLullula arboreaIrregular visitor. Nested around Porlock to Dunster until 1946. Hard winters in 1946 and 1962 appeared to wipe out local population. Since then only scattered records mainly of winter birds.
WoodpigeonColumba palumbusResident. Also a passage and winter visitor. Large flocks often seen in winter.
WrenTroglodytes troglodytesResident. Nests.
WryneckJynx torquillaAutumn passage migrant. Three reports 1975 to 1994.
Yellow WagtailMotacilla flavaSpring/autumn passage visitor mainly on the coast.
Yellow WagtailMotacilla flava flavissimaSpring/autumnh passage visitor mainly on the coast. (See under M. flava for records)
Yellow-browed WarblerPhylloscopus inornatusVagrant. 3 records; spring 1970 and 1990; autumn 1993.
Yellow-legged GullLaurus cachinnansWimbleball 1997. Vagrant.
YellowhammerEmberiza citrinellaExmoor Moorland Bird Survey 2002 est. 73 pairs. ENHS survey in yr 2000. Resident. Nests.
Updated to May, 2020.
(Liverworts, Hornworts and Mosses)
Further information is contained in the Bryophyte Atlas of Exmoor National Park 
(see publications list)
Hairy ThreadwortBlepharostoma trichophyllumThis was included in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but we are unable to trace source of record so it must be considered unconfirmed.
Handsome WoollywortTrichocolea tomentellaIn damp deciduous woodland and shady banks by streams. Capsules very rare.
Bristly FingerwortKurzia paucifloraWet moorland peat. Capsules occasional
Heath FingerwortKurzia trichocladosOnly record from peaty bank on moorland (Badgworthy) 1975
Creeping FingerwortLepidozia reptansOn soil, peat, rotting wood and woodland banks. Capsules occasional.
Rock FingerwortLepidozia cupressinaRare in S.W. England. Exmoor is probably the main stronghold where it is abundant on a scree slope. Probably best site in SW.
Greater WhipwortBazzania trilobataOn rocks and boulders on open moorland also on soil in woods. Capsules rare.
Common PouchwortCalypogeia fissaOn damp banks by streams on heaths and moors. Capsules occasional.
Mueller's PouchwortCalypogeia muellerianaOn peaty banks and boggy wet areas.
Bog PouchwortCalypogeia sphagnicolaOnly records from Barle Valley c1980 among Sphagnum.
Notched PouchwortCalypogeia argutaIn sheltered combes and ditches, woods and loamy banks in Western side of Exmoor. Capsules rare.
Two-Horned PincerwortCephalozia bicuspidataIn a wide range of habitats. Capsules common.
Moon-Leaved PincerwortCephalozia lunulifoliaWoods & moorland. Capsules occasional.
Forcipated PincerwortCephalozia connivensWet heathland and woodland. Capsules frequent.
Wood-RustNowellia curvifoliaLocally abundant on decayed logs in damp woodland. Capsules occasional.
Bog-Moss FlapwortOdontoschisma sphagniAmongst Sphagnum in moorland bogs. Capsules rare.
Matchstick FlapwortOdontoschisma denudatumOne report from nr Simonsbath (SERC)
Brown FlapwortOdontoschisma elongatumOnly one report from nr Simonsbath (SERC). Boggy moorland.Possibly overlooked.
Red ThreadwortCephaloziella rubellaIncluded in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source of record not known.
Hampe's ThreadwortCephaloziella hampeanaRecorded in Flora & Fauna of Exmoor N.P. 1996 but source of record not known.
Common ThreadwortCephaloziella divaricataOn heaths, moorland combes and bogs. Capsules occasional.
Lesser CopperwortCephaloziella massalongiIncluded in Flora & Fauna of Exmoor N.P. (1996) but source of record not known.
Common PawwortBarbilophozia floerkeiOn damp soil & rocks. Mainly moorland situations.
Trunk PawwortBarbilophozia attenuataOn shaded rocks in woods. Culbone Woods & Barle Valley.
Tumid NotchwortLophozia ventricosaOn banks, heaths, peaty & boggy areas and soil in walls in N.W. Exmoor. Capsules rare.
Capitate NotchwortLophozia excisaNo current records. Open upland acidic situations. Recorded by Watson 1915 from Brendon Hills.
Jagged NotchwortLophozia incisaMoist places on soil or peat on heaths & moors. Also rock crevices and rotten logs. Recorded by Watson Treborough 1915 and Horner 1920.
Lesser NotchwortLophozia bicrenataOn acidic soil on heaths and amongst stones or quarries. Recorded by Watson at Dunkery 1915 & Gupworthy 1920.
Top NotchwortLeiocolea turbinataOn wall of old lime kiln.
Inflated NotchwortGymnocolea inflataOn wet heaths and bogs. An 1850 record from Lynmouth area. Capsules rare.
Larger Cut NotchwortTritomaria exsectiformis1920s records from N. Hill & Croydon Hill. Only one current from peaty banks in damp woodland nr Cloutsham.
Lyon's NotchwortTritomaria quinquedentataIn turf. Only current record Bossington Hill 1997. Treborough 1915.
Autumn FlapwortJamesoniella autumnalisOn tree boles or rock in Barle Valley Woodland. Only one record, 1990. There is one site in Devon, Som. & Cornwall. Capsules rare.
Anomalous FlapwortMylia anomalaOnly current record from damp peaty moorland near Brendon Two Gates.
Dark-Green FlapwortJungermannia atrovirensOn soil covered rocks by streams. Capsules ocasional.
Dwarf FlapwortJungermannia pumilaOn woodland soil. Fruits.
Crenulated FlapwortJungermannia gracillimaOn heaths, woodland paths and stream banks. Capsules occasional.
Transparent FlapwortJungermannia hyalinaDamp soil by streams or in woods. Only record found by Watson, Withypool 1917.
Two-Lipped FlapwortJungermannia subellipticaOnly record from clay cliff near Porlock, 1971.
Egg FlapwortJungermannia obovataOnly record from clay cliffs near Porlock 1971.
Compressed FlapwortNardia compressaOnly one record from submerged rocks at a farm in Devon.
Ladder FlapwortNardia scalarisOn damp soil and rocks in woodland and moorland. Capsules occasional.
Earth-Cup FlapwortNardia geoscyphusSandy soil on stream banks, paths, scree or woodland. Only record Exe Valley, 1918, Watson.
Notched RustwortMarsupella emarginata var. emarginataBy moorland streams on rocks and soil on wet moors. Capsules occasional. A small form noted by Watson 'in quantity' at Treborough etc.
White EarwortDiplophyllum albicansAbundant on soil on woodland banks. Capsules occasional. Inû1920 Watson considered it the most abundant hepatic in Somerset, extremely common in oak woods.
Blunt-Leaved EarwortDiplophyllum obtusifoliumOccurs on Exmoor but no details available.
Thick-Set EarwortScapania compactaOn rocks and soil on heaths, banks and cliffs. Mainly coastal. Capsules occur.
Least EarwortScapania curtaSoil in woodlands or turf at low altitudes. Only record was in Watson's herbarium at Taunton Castle from Haddeo Bridge, 1915. Probably present and under recorded.
Norwegian EarwortScapania scandicaOnly one record from gritty ground near Simonsbath. (1974) Capsules unknown.
Heath EarwortScapania irriguaDamp moorland by streams. Capsules rare.
Water EarwortScapania undulataOn rocks in and by streams, sometimes submerged. Capsules occasional in winter & spring.
Northern EarwortScapania subalpinaOnly one record from rocks by East Lyn, 1971.
Grove EarwortScapania nemoreaOn tree stumps and rotting logs. Capsules occasional.
Shady EarwortScapania umbrosaOn rotting timber in shaded woods. Barle Valley; Horner. Capsules rare.
Western EarwortScapania gracilisOn tree trunks, logs and rocks in woods and shaded walls. Capsules occasional.
Bifid CrestwortLophocolea bidentataOn woodland banks, rocks and exposed soil. Capsules common.
Rosette CrestwortLophocolea bidentata var. bidentataIncluded with L. bidentata
A LiverwortLophocolea bidentata var. rivularisIncluded with Lophocolea bidentata
Variable-Leaved CrestwortLophocolea heterophyllaOn rotting wood or rocks in woods and moorland combes. Capsules common.
Fragrant CrestwortLophocolea fragransOn rocks and trees near the coast. Capsules occasional.
St. Winifrid's MossChiloscyphus polyanthos var. polyanthosOn stones in streams and wet soil in woods. Capsules uncommon.
St. Winifrid's Other MossChiloscyphus polyanthus var.pallescensOn rotting logs and damp woodland banks.
Straggling PouchwortSaccogyna viticulosaOn soil in woodlands and rocks in combes. Capsules rare.
Killarney FeatherwortPlagiochila killarniensisOn boulders and fallen trees in woods. Capsules not known in Britain.
Greater FeatherwortPlagiochila asplenioidesOn rocks or soil in shady woods or banks. Capsules rare.
Lesser FeatherwortPlagiochila porelloidesBy streams and on banks on soil or rock. Capsules rare.
Prickly FeatherwortPlagiochila spinulosaOn rocks and banks in woods and on tree trunks.
Spotty FeatherwortPlagiochila punctataOn rocks and tree trunks in woods. Capsules not known in Britain.
Even ScalewortRadula complanataOn deciduous trees. Capsules common.
Carrington's ScalewortRadula carringtoniiMoist shaded vertical rocks. Recorded by Watson in Exe Valley and Culbone Wood 1923 but unlikely and needs checking.
Ciliated FringewortPtilidium ciliareAmongst heather and grass on heaths and moors. Records dated 1850 Taunton Castle Herbarium. A large colony on North Hill.
Tree FringewortPtilidium pulcherrimumDeciduous trees or shrubs, rotten logs or possibly rocks. Recorded by Watson at Selworthy (1912) and in Barle Valley 1971. Increasing in UK generally.
Pinnate ScalewortPorella pinnataOn rocks and tree roots by rivers, sometimes submerged. (Barle Valley).
Bitter ScalewortPorella arboris-vitaeOn rocks and tree boles and roots subject to flooding. Capsules unknown in UK.
Broad ScalewortPorella obtusataOn coastal rocks and sheldered river valleys. A 1914 record from Horner Wood. Capsules unknown in UK.
Cliff ScalewortPorella cordaeanaOnly recorded from Barle Valley woodlands 1990. Capsules unknown.
Wall ScalewortPorella platyphyllaOn walls, rocks and tree boles. Capsules rare.
Sea ScalewortFrullania teneriffaeOn tree bark and rocks East Lyn Valley. Capsules occasional.
Tamarisk ScalewortFrullania tamarisciOn tree bark and rocks. Less frequent than F. dilatata. Capsules occasional.
Lesser ScalewortFrullania microphyllaShaded rocks on coast.
Spotty ScalewortFrullania fragilifoliaOn tree trunks and rocks. Capsules rare. East Lyn.
Dilated ScalewortFrullania dilatataVery common except on the high moorland. On bark of ash, hazel, elder and some rocks. Capsules frequent. Watson noted that specimens on coastal rocks were blackish (1915)
Hutchins' HollywortJubula hutchinsiaeOn wet shaded rocks in and by streams. Capsules occasional.
Micheli's Least PouncewortLejeunea cavifoliaOn wet shaded rocks also tree trunks. Often with Metzgeria conjugata. Capsules occasional.
Western PouncewortLejeunea lamacerinaOn damp shaded rocks, stream banks, tree trunks and roots. Capsules occasional.
Pearl PouncewortLejeunea patensOne record only on moist shaded rocks by Horner Water 1998. Capsules rare.
Fairy BeadsLejeunea ulicinaOn bark of deciduous trees often with Metzgeria temperata. Also on gorse. Capsules unknown. Rarely on sheltered rock or beat at lower altitudes.
Rossetti's PouncewortCololejeunea rossettianaA doubtful record from Leigh Wood (Watson 1923). Limestone rock faces, epiphytic on other bryophytes (site seems possible).
Mackay's PouncewortMarchesinia mackaiiOn vertical rock in woods and sea cliffs. Capsules rare.
Common FrillwortFossombronia pusillaBy woodland paths, ditches and streams. Horner Woods.
Acid FrillwortFossombronia wondraczekiiOne record from Devon 1996. Ditches and fallow fields.
Overleaf PelliaPellia epiphyllaWet peaty moorland, ditches and stream banks. Capsules common.
Nees' PelliaPellia neesianaOn wet banks of streams, peat or wet grassy areas. Capsules occasional.
Endive PelliaPellia endiviifoliaIn more calcareous areas, ditches, wet rocks or damp soil. Capsules rare.
Common KettlewortBlasia pusillaThere are early records from Pond Wood and Ley Hill c1915. Prefers moist clayey soil.
GreasewortAneura pinguisOn stream banks, ditches and wet heathland. Capsules frequent.
Delicate GermanderwortRiccardia multifidaOn damp soil or peat.
Jagged GermanderwortRiccardia chamedryfoliaOn rotting logs and wet rocks. Capsules occasional.
Bog GermanderwortRiccardia latifronsOnly record from the Punchbowl, 1971.
Forked VeilwortMetzgeria furcataOn trees, rocks & walls. Capsules occasional.
Blueish VeilwortMetzgeria fruticulosaOn bark often with Frullania dilatata, Amblystegium serpensûand Ulota spp. Capsules v. rare.
Whiskered VeilwortMetzgeria temperataOn acid bark, often with Microlejeunea ulicina. Capsules very rare.
Rock VeilwortMetzgeria conjugataOn rocks in sheltered combes and on tree trunks. Capsules rare.
Crescent-Cup LiverwortLunularia cruciataStream banks, gardens, tracks and damp soil. Not on highest ground.
Dumortier's LiverwortDumortiera hirsutaOnly one record. By streams.
Great Scented LiverwortConocephalum conicumOn shady rocks and banks by streams and marshy ground. Capsules occasional.
Hemisphaeric LiverwortReboulia hemisphaericaRecorded in The Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source unknown.
A LiverwortMarchantia polymorpha sens. lat.River banks, churchyards, between stones in urban and rural situations.
Common LiverwortMarchantia polymorpha ssp. ruderalisOne confirmed record of subsp. Farmyard nr Challacombe.
Common CrystalwortRiccia sorocarpaFields, banks, paths, quarries, etc. Only record 1916 Pond Wood.
Glaucous CrystalwortRiccia glaucaRoadsides or woodland paths. Capsules common.
Least CrystalwortRiccia subbifurcaOnly record from Monksilver 1916 Watson.
Dotted HornwortAnthoceros punctatusOnly current record Withycombe 1998. Recorded by Watson Dunster, Luccombe, Porlock areas 1913-20.
Smooth HornwortPhaeoceros laevisRecorded by Watson from various localities mainly in Eastern Exmoor.
Papillose Bog-MossSphagnum papillosumHummock forming on wet moorland. Fruit occasional.
Blunt-Leaved Bog-MossSphagnum palustreWet moorlands, streamsides and wet sloping ground. Fruit occasional.
Spiky Bog-MossSphagnum squarrosumOnly current record from stream bank on moorland. Exehead. Probably under recorded.
Rigid Bog-MossSphagnum teresAmong rushes and sedges. Only a 1915 record by Watson from Pennycombe Water.
Fringed Bog-MossSphagnum fimbriatumOnly record from nr Simonsbath (SERC). Moorland or beneath birch.
Russow's Bog-MossSphagnum russowiiOnly record from marshy ground at head of Hoaroak Water 1978.
Five-Ranked Bog-MossSphagnum quinquefariumON steep shaded banks in woodlands avoiding very wet areas.
Acute-Leaved Bog-MossSphagnum capillifoliumBy moorland streams and boggy areas. Fruit occasional.
Red Bog-MossSphagnum rubellumAcid woodland banks and moorland. Fruit occasional.
Lustrous Bog-MossSphagnum subnitensOn sloping flushed ground avoiding the more acid areas. Often with Aulacomnium palustre. Fruit common.
Blushing Bog-MossSphagnum molleOn wet moorland by streams. Fruits.
Compact Bog-MossSphagnum compactumRecorded by Watson at Pinkery Pond. 1915.
Cow-Horn Bog-MossSphagnum auriculatumOn moorland, woodland and in combes. Fruit occasional.
Slender Cow-Horn Bog-MossSphagnum subsecundumRecorded by Watson on Winsford Hill 1915.
Feathery Bog-MossSphagnum cuspidatumSubmerged in boggy pools on moorland.
Soft Bog-MossSphagnum tenellumRecorded Nr Simonsbath (SERC) Wet heaths and boggy areas.
Flexuous Bog-MossSphagnum recurvum var. amblyphyllumNow S. flexuosum. By upland streams and damp woodlands.
Flat-Topped Bog-MossSphagnum recurvum var. mucronatumNow S. fallax. On wet moorland.
Fine Bog-MossSphagnum recurvum var. tenueDamp moorland areas. Now S. angustifolium.
A Rock MossAndreaea rupestris var. rupestrisColonizes hard rock surfaces. Only one record from Long Holcombe 1996.
Dusky Rock-MossAndreaea rothiiRecorded in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source unknown.
Pellucid Four-Tooth MossTetraphis pellucidaOn rotting wood, peat and humus. Often with Lepidozia reptans. Fruit uncommon.
Alpine Hair-CapPolytrichum alpinumAn undated specimen from Luxborough in Taunton Castle Herbarium. A rather unlikely Exmoor species although known from Dartmoor.
Slender HaircapPolytrichum longisetumOnly record from Treborough Wood 1981.
Bank HaircapPolytrichum formosumIn woodlands, heaths and moorland. Fruits frequent.
Common HairmossPolytrichum communeOn wet moorland and in woods. Fruits common. Watson states once used for stuffing mattresses and making little brooms.
Bristly HaircapPolytrichum piliferumOn bare patches on heaths and moors. Often with P.formosum. Fruits common.
Juniper HaircapPolytrichum juniperinumOn walls, heaths and dry moorland. Fruits frequent. Often with P. urnigerum.
Strict HaircapPolytrichum alpestreNow P. strictum. In bogs often amongst Sphagnum. Fruit occasional.
Dwarf HaircapPogonatum nanumOn soil on banks.
Aloe HaircapPogonatum aloidesOn bare soil on banks often with Diplophyllum albicans. Fruit common.
Urn HaircapPogonatum urnigerumOn soil capped walls on the higher moors also quarries. Fruits common.
Hercynian HaircapOligotrichum hercynicumRecorded in Flora & Fauna of ENP but source not known.
Fountain SmoothcapAtrichum crispumOnly one record from E. Lyn Valley 1971. River bank. Avoids the peaty soil of Exmoor. Female plants unknown in Britain.
Common SmoothcapAtrichum undulatumWoodlands, hedgebanks, heathland, waste ground. Fruits frequent.
Nut-MossDiphyscium foliosumOn peaty banks in shady woods, also on rocks. Fruits frequent. Unknown in SW England apart from Exmoor.
Clay Earth-MossArchidium alternifoliumScarce on muddy banks.
Taper-Leaved Earth-MossPleuridium acuminatumOn banks in woods and moorland. Fruit common.
Awl-Leaved Earth-MossPleuridium subulatumOnly current record East Lyn area. Recorded from Porlock inû1846.
Delicate Earth-MossPseudephemerum nitidumOn damp farmland also on Molland Common. Fruit common.
Cylindric DitrichumDitrichum cylindricumOn roadsides, woodland clearings, fields etc. Fruits rare.
Bendy DitrichumDitrichum flexicauleHabitat basic soil in grassland or on cliffs or sanddunes. An 1846 record from Porlock area.
Curve-Leaved DitrichumDitrichum heteromallumOn stony paths and in woods. Often with Diplophyllum albicans on roadsides. Fruit common.
Sharp-Leaved BlindiaBlindia acutaOnly one record from damp rocks at Sandyway 2000. GP.
RedshankCeratodon purpureus
Dwarf Streak-MossRhabdoweisia fugaxOnly recorded from E. Lyn and Barle Valleys. Rock crevices and woods.
Brunton's Dog-ToothCynodontium bruntoniiIn crevices of sheltered non-basic rocks. Current records only from Barle Valley.
Yellowish Fork-MossDichodontium flavescensOn wet soil and rocks by streams. Fruit occasional.
Transparent Fork-MossDichodontium pellucidumOn damp soil and rocks by moorland streams. Fruit occasional.
Marsh Forklet-MossDicranella palustrisBoggy moorland areas, springs and streams. Fruit rare.
Schreber's Forklet-MossDicranella schreberanaOn basic clay soil, fields or ditch banks. Fruits.
Rufous Forklet-MossDicranella rufescensBy streams and wet flushes. Fruit occasional.
Variable Forklet-MossDicranella variaOn damp heavy basic soil, roadside banks and ditches. Fruit common.
Field Forklet-MossDicranella staphylinaBy paths and roadsides on disturbed soil.
Silky Forklet-MossDicranella heteromallaOn acid moorland soil and woodland banks. Fruits common.
Common PincushionDicranoweisia cirrataOn rotting wood or open soil on hedgebanks. Fruits common.
Crisped Fork-MossDicranum bonjeaniiRecorded in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source unknown.
Broom Fork-MossDicranum scopariumIn a wide range of habitats, woods, moorland, river valleys, coastal cliffs, etc. Fruits frequent.
Greater Fork-MossDicranum majusOn woodland banks and fallen trees. Fruits occasional. Not on the high moors.
Dusky Fork-MossDicranum fuscescensOnly record Culbone Woods 1992. Fruits occasional?
Scott's Fork-MossDicranum scottianumOne record East Lyn 1995 and one from Barle Valley (SERC)
Beaked Bow-MossDicranodontium denudatumIn woodlands on ground or rotten wood. First Somerset recordû1986.
Awl-Leaved Swan-Neck MossCampylopus subulatusOnly one record from Watersmeet area.
Brittle Swan-Neck MossCampylopus fragilisOn peaty cliff ledges, heaths and moors. Fruit occasional.
Dwarf Swan-Neck MossCampylopus pyriformisOn open patches of peaty soil. Reproduces vegetatively. Fruit occasional.
Rusty Swan-Neck MossCampylopus paradoxusNow C. flexuosus. Moorland, shaded boulders, wall tops, hill farms. Fruit occasional.
Bristly Swan-Neck MossCampylopus atrovirensvar. atrovirens. Only record from Farley Water 1995. Wet moorland. Fruit not found in Britain.
Heath Star MossCampylopus introflexusOn bare peat, burnt moorland, in extensive patches. Prolific in garden pots.
Compact Swan-Neck MossCampylopus brevipilusHeaths & moors. Fruit rare.
Large White-MossLeucobryum glaucumOn soil in old oak woods, occasionally on heaths and bogs. Stony slope at Foreland Point. Fruit rare.
Smaller White-MossLeucobryum juniperoideumOn base poor soil in woodland and open heathland at a variety of altitudes. Probably under recorded.
Green Pocket-MossFissidens viridulusOnly one record from Snowdrop Valley, Timberscombe 1995. Shady banks on base rich soil.
Narrow-Leaved Pocket-MossFissidens pusillus var. tenuifoliusOn shady banks or basic rocks.
Short-Leaved Pocket-MossFissidens incurvusOnly one record near Carhampton. Soil beneath conifers.
Lesser Pocket-MossFissidens bryoidesOn bare soil of roadside banks, woodland banks and around farm buildings. Fruit common.
Curnow's Pocket-MossFissidens curnoviiBy streams on soil and rocks on high ground
River Pocket-MossFissidens rivularisOn wet shaded rocks, sometimes submerged. Fruit occasional.
Fatfoot Pocket-MossFissidens crassipesOnly one record on rock in river.
Welsh Pocket-MossFissidens celticusOn shady banks by streams and in woods. Horner Woods and Barle Valley.
Purple-Stalked Pocket-MossFissidens osmundoidesOnly record 1974 from a dripping rock cleft near Simonsbath SANHS.
Fern MossFissidens taxifoliusOn woodland soil, roadside banks and ditches. Fruit frequent.
Rock Pocket-MossFissidens cristatusOn shaded rocks and soil by streams. Fruit occasional.
Maidenhair Pocket-MossFissidens adianthoidesWet rock ledges and stream banks. Dense tufts on incline on the Brendon Hills.
Spiral Extinguisher-MossEncalypta streptocarpaOn mortar on old walls, limestone rock or basic soil. On old Mineral Line incline.
Great Hairy Screw-MossTortula ruralisNow Syntrichia r. On wall tops, old roofs and in limestone areas. Fruit occasional.
A MossTortula ruralis ssp. ruraliformisNow Syntrichia r. SAND-HILL SCREW-MOSS. On the coast at Dunster Beach, Minehead Golf Links and Combe Martin. Fruit uncommon.
Intermediate Screw-MossTortula intermediaOn walls and rocks. Fruit occasional.
Wall Screw-MossTortula muralis var. muralisOn stone walls and concrete. A good amount on Wimbleball dam. Often with Barbula rigidula.
Summer Screw-MossTortula muralis var. aestivaOnly one record from a wall on a derelict building on Brendon Hill (SANHS) 1971.
Awl-Leaved Screw-MossTortula subulataOnly one record from a hedgebank at Winsford 1998.
Water Screw-MossTortula latifoliaNow Syntrichia latifolia. Only one record from Exton areaûc1980 (SERC)
Wedge-Leaved Screw-MossTortula cuneifoliaMentioned by Watson in his List 1912 as recorded by E.M. Holmes from banks near the sea but this was unconfirmed and should be deleted (Was included in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996)
Tall Aloe-MossAloina aloides var. ambiguaRecorded from 'Exmoor' by Miss E. Armitage in 1912 but no current records. On soil over calcareous matter eg mortar.
A MossPottia intermediaIncluded in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source unknown.
Common PottiaPottia truncataIn fields and waste ground on acid soil. Sometimes with Amblystegium serpens. Fruit common all year.
A MossPottia heimiiNow Hennediella heimii. Only one record from Heddons Mouth 2000. Earth covered rocks near the sea.
A MossPhascum cuspidatumIncluded in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source unknown.
Lesser Bird's-Claw Beard-MossBarbula convolutaOn wall tops and on bare soil on waste ground. Sometimes with Didymodon vinealis. Fruit occasional. Inc. var commutata.
Bird's-Claw Beard-MossBarbula unguiculataOn walls, soil, garden paths. Fruits frequent.
Hornchurch's Beard-MossBarbula hornschuchianaOnly one record from Rockford 1995. Fruit rare.
Revolute Beard-MossBarbula revolutaNow Pseudocrossidium r. Only one current record from WoodyûBay. On mortar or rocks. Fruit occasional. Recorded by Watson at Horner (no date)
False Beard-MossBarbula fallaxNow Didymodon fallax. On moist basic soil in fields, waste ground and on walls and old buildings. Fruit occasional.
Brown Beard-MossBarbula spadiceaNow Didymodon spadiceus. Only one record from rocks by E. Lyn. Fruit occasional (?)
Rigid Beard-MossBarbula rigidulaNow Didymodon r. On walls, sheltered mortar on old buildings, on rocks and concrete. Fruit occasional.
Nicholson's Beard-MossBarbula nicholsoniiNow Didymodon n. On rocks liable to flooding. Has been found between paving stones and tarmac. Fruit unknown.
Dusky Beard-MossBarbula trifariaNow Didymodon luridus. On rocks, walls and old buildings, tarmac and concrete also on sand at Dunster Beach. Fruit occasional.
Olive Beard-MossBarbula tophaceaNow Didymodon t. In wet calcareous areas e.g. base of cliffs. Fruits.
Soft-Tufted Beard-MossBarbula vinealisNow Didymodon v. On stone, old buildings, walls. Fruit occasional.
Cylindric Beard-MossBarbula cylindricaNow Didymodon insulanus. On soil, walls, waste ground, fields and tree boles in moist places, mainly in western Exmoor. Capsules rare.
Red Beard-MossBarbula recurvirostraOn soil capped rocks, walls and old buildings also tree bases. Fruit common. Now Bryoerythrophyllum r.
Hook-Beak Tufa-MossGymnostomum recurvirostrumOnly one record from basic rocks E. Lyn Valley 1996.
Whorled Tufa-MossEucladium verticillatumDamp mortar of walls and old buildings. Fruit rare.
Green-Tufted Stubble-MossWeissia controversaOn soil on roadside banks and on walls. Fruit common.
Small-Mouthed Beardless-MossWeissia microstoma var. brachycarpaRecorded by Watson from damp arable field near Hurlstone Point. 1936.
Wavy Beard-MossOxystegus sinuosusNow Didymodon s. On shaded damp rocks.
Narrow-Fruited Crisp-MossOxystegus tenuirostrisNow Trichostomum tenuirostre. On wet rocks by streams and soil in rock crevices. Fruit rare.
Irish Crisp-MossOxystegus hibernicusOn damp rocks East Lyn valley. Fruit rare.
Curly Crisp-MossTrichostomum crispulumOn mortar on old walls, coastal areas, also on soil. Fruit rare.
Variable Crisp-MossTrichostomum brachydontiumOn wall tops and crevices between rocks. Frequent on coast. Fruits rare.
Frizzled Crisp-MossTortella tortuosaOn slate spoil heap 1993 and Wingate Combe 1995.
Yellow Crisp-MossTortella flavovirensCoastal. Fruits rare.
Neat Crisp-MossTortella nitidaOn rocks and walls. Current records from Devon Exmoor only but recorded from Minehead in 1929.
Bent-Leaved Beard-MossLeptodontium flexifoliumOn burnt heathland and woodland rides on peat. Fruit occasional.
Thatch MossLeptodontium gemmascensFound by N.T. on old thatched cottages on Holnicote Estate, 1999. These were the first finds in S.W. Britain since 1950 other than one record in 1994 from Hardy's cottage in Dorset.
Smaller Lattice-MossCinclidotus fontinaloidesOn rocks and tree bases in and by streams and rivers. Recorded from Porlock Parish 1846.
Pointed Lattice-MossCinclidotus mucronatusNow Dialytrichia m. Shady damp woodland. Fruit occasional. First Somerset record 1998 IGP W. Porlock.
Seaside GrimmiaSchistidium maritimumRocky crevices on the coast. Recorded Porlock Parish 1846.
River GrimmiaSchistidium alpicola var. rivulareOn rocks at and below flood level on the larger streams and rivers.
Sessile GrimmiaSchistidium apocarpum sens. lat.On walls, bridges, rocks and concrete. Fruit common. True apocarpum has so far only been confirmed in one instance and is likely to prove local. Past records may be S.crassipilum.
Thickpoint GrimmiaSchistidium apocarpum sens. strict.Now S. crassipilum. On rocks, walls and bridges. Probably under recorded due to past confusion with S. apocarpum. It is likely to prove to be the commoner species.
Hoary GrimmiaGrimmia laevigataOnly one record from E. Lyn Valley on exposed acidic rock. EN
Donn's GrimmiaGrimmia donnianaOnly one record from hard acidic rock on Five Barrows Hillû1996. IGP.
A MossGrimmia affinisNow G. longirostris. Rediscovered 1994 nr Watersmeet after an absence of over 50 years MP. On rock.
Grey-Cushioned GrimmiaGrimmia pulvinataOn wall tops, bridges and mortar. Fruit common.
Hair-Pointed GrimmiaGrimmia trichophyllaOn rocks and walls, Fruit rare. Incl. var trichophylla and var subsquarrosa.
Yellow Fringe-MossRacomitrium aciculareIn or near water growing on acidic rocks, often submerged. Fruit frequent.
Narrow-Leaved Fringe-MossRacomitrium aquaticumOn wet rocks on high ground. Fruit occasional.
Green Mountain Fringe-MossRacomitrium fasciculareOn acidic rocks in upland areas. Fruit frequent.
Slender Fringe-MossRacomitrium sudeticumDunkery Hill 1895 and Haddeo Bridge 1918. (Unlikely.)
Bristly Fringe-MossRacomitrium heterostichumOn boulders, often with R. fasciculare. Fruit occasional.
Woolly Fringe-MossRacomitrium lanuginosumOn rocks and peat. Fruit occasional.
Hoary Fringe-MossRacomitrium canescens sens. strict.Horner and Dunkery c1912 Watson.
Dense Fringe-MossRacomitrium ericoidesSilty, sandy, gravelly soil on tracks and roadsides. Cutcombe 1912 and Brendon Hill 1916.
Long Fringe-MossRacomitrium elongatumOnly one record from Winsford Hill 1997 NVA.
Long-Shanked PincushionPtychomitrium polyphyllumOn acidic rock and wall tops. Fruit common.
Common Cord-MossFunaria hygrometricaOn recently burnt ground, bare soil, moorland, in flower pots and disturbed garden soil. Fruit common throughout year.
Thin Cord-MossFunaria attenuataOnly record is dated 1850 from Lynmouth Parish.
Blunt Cord-MossFunaria obtusaNow Entosthodon obt. Only record from a farm near Challacombe on damp peaty soil in a ditch. 1999. IGP
Common Bladder-MossPhyscomitrium pyriformeOnly record from a damp meadow near a stream at Dunster Marsh 1999 CJG. Pear-shaped fruits.
Spreading Earth-MossPhyscomitrella patensOur first Exmoor record: shoreline Wimbleball Lake 2001.
Luminous MossSchistostega pennataIn rabbit burrows, caves and old mining adits. Fruit occasional.
Cape Thread-MossOrthodontium lineareOn peaty banks or rotting tree stumps and acidic rocks. Fruit common.
Golden Thread-MossLeptobryum pyriformeOnly one record from a peaty bank at Woodcock Gardens 1995 KM.
A MossPohlia elongataSee ssp elongata var elongata.
Long-Fruited Thread-MossPohlia elongata ssp. elongata var. elongataOnly record on soil, East Lyn Valley 1996. Record is under P.elongata
Nodding Thread-MossPohlia nutansOn heaths, woods and banks. An unusual form found on a bank at Upton Cleeve 1999. IGP
Drummond's Thread-MossPohlia drummondiiOnly record from a wet, muddy track at Shoulsbarrow 1996 IGP.
Bent-Bud Thread-MossPohlia annotinaOn damp stony surfaces by streams and woodland paths.
Crookneck Nodding-MossPohlia camptotrachelaRecorded in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source lost.
Yellow Thread-MossPohlia lutescensOn damp soil on walls, paths, ditches, by streams and banks. Often with Dicranella heteromalla.
Pink-Fruited Thread-MossPohlia carneaOn damp clayey soil on banks and in ditches. Fruit occasional.
Pale Glaucous Thread-MossPohlia wahlenbergiiOn waste ground by streams and ditches. Fruit rare.
Tozer's Thread-MossEpipterygium tozeriOnly record was from Lynmouth Parish 1850.
Pale Thread-MossBryum pallensOn damp turf, roadsides, old quarries and by streams. Fruit rare.
Don's Thread-MossBryum donianumRecorded in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source unknown.
Capillary Thread-MossBryum capillareIn a wide variety of habitats, walls, tree trunks, soil, etc. Fruit frequent.
Flabby Thread-MossBryum flaccidumNow B. subelegans. On tree trunks and rotten logs. Fruit not known in Britain.
Twisting Thread-MossBryum torquescensRecorded by Watson at Leighland 1919.
Tall-Clustered Thread-MossBryum pallescensOnly record from Barle Valley EN survey 1990.
Bimous Marsh BryumBryum pseudotriquetrum var. bimumOnly record from marshy ground at Maddacombe 1969. Possibly under recorded.
Marsh BryumBryum pseudotriquetrum var. pseudotriquetrumIn boggy places on moorland and marshes. Fruit occasional.
Tufted Thread-MossBryum caespiticiumOnly record from near Selworthy Watson 1912.
Alpine Thread-MossBryum alpinumOn wet rocks and quarries. Fruit rare.
Welsh Thread-MossBryum gemmiparumRock crevices, East Lyn Valley.
Bicoloured BryumBryum bicolor sens. lat.By roads, quarries, on banks etc. Often with B. argenteum on tarmac. Fruit occasional.
Dune Thread-MossBryum dunenseOnly recorded from sandy soil near sea at Dunster Beach 1995. Fruit occasional.
Silver-MossBryum argenteumOn tarmac and between paving stones, etc. Listed as common by Watson 1912 on cinder paths and walls.
Wall Thread-MossBryum radiculosumOnly record is from Lynmouth 1995. Mortar or limestone rocks.
Pea BryumBryum ruderaleOn earth banks, roadsides, gardens and gateways. Fruit unknown in Britain.
Pill BryumBryum violaceumRecorded in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source not known. Arable fields.
Sauter's Thread-MossBryum sauteriRecorded in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source not known.
Lesser Potato BryumBryum microerythrocarpumOn peaty or disturbed soil. Fruit occasional.
Potato BryumBryum bornholmenseDryer heathland. Fruit occasional.
Crimson-Tuber Thread-MossBryum rubensOn disturbed soil. Fruit frequent.
Rose-MossRhodobryum roseumRoadside bank Brendon 1995. Also recorded by Watson 1913ûB.Regis. Fruit rare.
Swan's-Neck Thyme-MossMnium hornumWoods, hedgebanks, rotten wood etc. Fruit common.
Starry Thyme-MossMnium stellareBasic habitats. Fruit rare.
Dotted Thyme-MossRhizomnium punctatumOn Soil by streams, marshy areas, wet woodland, wet rocks bogs. Fruit frequent.
Woodsy Thyme-MossPlagiomnium cuspidatumRecorded by Watson c1912 from Minehead.
Many-Fruited Thyme-MossPlagiomnium affineOn damp soil in woods. Fruit rare (despite name).
Hart's-Tongue Thyme-MossPlagiomnium undulatumIn damp woodland and on banks. Fruit rare.
Long-Beaked Thyme-MossPlagiomnium rostratumOn stream banks, rocks and in woodlands. Fruit frequent.
Bog Groove-MossAulacomnium palustreIn bogs and wet heathland often with Sphagnum. Fruit occasional.
Bud-Headed Groove-MossAulacomnium androgynumOn banks on humus rich soil, peat and decaying wood. Capsule rare.
Common Apple-MossBartramia pomiformisHedgebanks, woodland banks and on soil between rocks. Fruit frequent.
Tufted Apple-MossPhilonotis caespitosaRecorded by Watson at Selworthy 1912 and Simonsbath 1916.
Fountain Apple-MossPhilonotis fontanaIn wet areas near springs and streams. Fruit occasional.
Wooly Apple-MossPhilonotis tomentellaIncluded in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but sources lost.
Thick-Nerved Apple-MossPhilonotis calcareaAn undated record in Taunton Castle Herbarium from 'Exmoor'
Golden-Head MossBreutelia chrysocomaOn damp heaths and boggy areas.
Lapland Yoke-MossAmphidium lapponicumOnly recorded by Watson 1918 at Exton.
Mougeot's Yoke-MossAmphidium mougeotiiRecorded by Watson 1911 Brendon Hills; Barle Valley and Cutcombe c1980 SERC.
Stirton's Yoke-MossZygodon viridissimus var. stirtoniiOn walls and rocks.
Green Yoke-MossZygodon viridissimus var. viridissimusOn trees, rocks and walls. Fruit rare.
Park Yoke-MossZygodon baumgartneriOn tree bark. Mostly near water.
Lesser Yoke-MossZygodon conoideusOn tree bark.
Shaw's Bristle-MossOrthotrichum striatumOn tree bark. Porlock Parish 1846.
Lyell's Bristle-MossOrthotrichum lyelliiOn woodland trees and wooden fences. Fruit common.
Wood Bristle-MossOrthotrichum affineOn tree bark and occasionally on concrete posts. Fruit common.
River Bristle-MossOrthotrichum rivulareOnly one record from Barle Valley Survey 1990 EN.
Anomalous Bristle-MossOrthotrichum anomalumOn masonry or basic rocks. Fruit common.
Hooded Bristle-MossOrthotrichum cupulatumOnly one current record at Glenthorne 1994. Recorded by Watson at Selworthy 1936.
Slender Bristle-MossOrthotrichum tenellumOn tree bark.
White-Tipped Bristle-MossOrthotrichum diaphanumOn trees and fences, also rocks and stones. Fruit common.
Elegant Bristle-MossOrthotrichum pulchellumOn tree bark, also rocks and walls. Fruit common.
Crisped PincushionUlota crispa var. crispaOn trees in open woodland, often with U. bruchii. Fruit common.
Bruch's PincushionUlota crispa var. norvegicaOn tree branches and shrubs in woodland. Fruits common.
Frizzled PincushionUlota phyllanthaOn trees especially ash and elder, also on rocks particularly near the coast.
Fringed Hoar-MossHedwigia ciliataOn siliceous rocks and walls. Frequent in Valley of Rocks.
Greater Water-MossFontinalis antipyretica var. antipyreticaAttached to rocks submerged in streams which are mainly slow flowing and shallow. Fruit rare.
Lesser Water-MossFontinalis antipyretica var. gracilisOnly recorded from Exe Plain 1978 SANHS.
Alpine Water-MossFontinalis squamosaOn stones and rocks in streams and rivers which are fast flowing. Recorded from R.Barle in 1881. Fruit rare.
Tree-MossClimacium dendroidesOn damp grassland. By rivers and edge of reservoirs. Fruit rare.
Lateral CryphaeaCryphaea heteromallaOn old tree bark, particularly elders. Often with Zygodon conoideus. Fruit common.
Squirrel-Tail MossLeucodon sciuroidesFound in Badgworthy Valley 1932. Probably present on trees and overlooked.
Bird's-Foot Wing-MossPterogonium gracileAcid rocks on N.Devon coast. Fruit rare.
Prince-Of-Wales Feather-MossLeptodon smithiiOnly one current record from Selworthy 1995. Recorded by Watson 1912 at Watersmeet. Fruit occasional. Also found inû2001 Bratton.
Crisped NeckeraNeckera crispaUncommon and local on basic rocks. Fruit rare.
Dwarf NeckeraNeckera pumilaOn tree bark, mainly beech and ash. Fruit occasional.
Flat NeckeraNeckera complanataOn tree trunks, also walls, bridges, shady hedgerows and woodlands, etc. Fruit occasional.
Blunt Feather-MossHomalia trichomanoidesOn tree trunks, also on damp rocks in woodland and hedgerows and on stones below flood level of streams. Fruit occasional.
Fox-Tail Feather-MossThamnobryum alopecurumOn rocks in and by rivers and waterfalls. Also on tree roots in woodland. Fruit occasional.
Shining HookeriaHookeria lucensOn river banks, ditches and damp shady banks. Fruit occasional.
Wry-Leaved Tamarisk-MossHeterocladium heteropterum var. heteropterumOn rocks by streams and rivers. Fruit rare.
Slender Tamarisk-MossHeterocladium heteropterum var. flaccidumOn rocks in shady areas, by streams, in woods. Fruit unknown.
Rambling Tail-MossAnomodon viticulosusIn the few limestone areas of Exmoor e.g. Timberscombe, Selworthy, Monksilver and on shady walls and bridges. Fruit rare.
Common Tamarisk-MossThuidium tamariscinumWoodland and hedge banks and rotting logs. Fruit occasional.
Delicate Tamarisk-MossThuidium delicatulumRecorded in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source lost.
Fern-Leaved Hook-MossCratoneuron filicinumSurprisingly frequent as it normally favours basic wet areas. Fruit rare.
Curled Hook-MossCratoneuron commutatumOnly record from Glenthorne Beach 1993 by waterfall on sandstone rock. Fruit rare.
Claw-Leaved Hook-MossCratoneuron commutatum var. falcatumRecorded by Watson 1936 Aldermans Barrow.
Yellow Starry Feather-MossCampylium stellatumRecord may refer to var protensum?
Dull Starry Feather-MossCampylium stellatum var. protensum(Brid.) BryhnRecorded from Alcombe and Exmoor 1912.
Chalk Feather-MossCampylium calcareumOnly recorded from an old limekiln nr Timberscombe 1970
Creeping Feather-MossAmblystegium serpensOn soil, rocks and tree boles, in shady damp woods or hedgebanks. Also at the base of walls. Often with Barbula spp. when on masonry.
Brook-Side Feather-MossAmblystegium fluviatileOn rocks and tree roots which are often submerged. Fruit rare.
Fountain Feather-MossAmblystegium tenaxOn rocks and tree bases by streams, often submerged. Fruit rare.
Kneiff's Feather-MossAmblystegium ripariumOn fallen logs in damp woodlands, by streams. In a clear farm pond on Brendons.
Floating Hook-MossDrepanocladus fluitans(Hedw.) Warnst.Now Warnstorfia f. In wet acid moorland bogs with Sphagnum.
Ringless Hook-MossDrepanocladus exannulatusNow Warnstorfia e. In upland bogs and streams. Fruit rare.
Rusty Hook-MossDrepanocladus revolvensIn marshes, wet flushes and peat bogs. Fruits rare.
Varnished Hook-MossDrepanocladus vernicosusNow Hamatocaulis v. Record from acid soil by Hoaroak Water 1995. Fruit rare.
Sickle-Leaved Hook-MossDrepanocladus uncinatusOn wet ground by moorland streams. Fruits.
Claw Brook-MossHygrohypnum ochraceumOn rocks in moorland streams. Fruit rare.
Drab Brook-MossHygrohypnum luridumOnly record from rocks in East Lyn River 1995
Straw Spear-MossCalliergon stramineumIn moorland bogs and flushes amongst Sphagnum. Fruit rare.
Heart-Leaved Spear-MossCalliergon cordifoliumIn marshes, boggy areas and by streams. Fruit rare
Pointed Spear-MossCalliergon cuspidatumIn a wide range of damp habitats, by woodland paths, streams, boggy areas and shaded garden lawns. Fruit occasional.
Larger Mouse-Tail MossIsothecium myurumOn logs, tree boles, rocks in woods and by rivers. Fruit occasional.
Slender Mouse-Tail MossIsothecium myosuroidesExtensive patches on tree bark, walls and shaded rocks. Fruit frequent.
Holt's Mouse-Tail MossIsothecium holtiiOn shaded rocks by R. Barle. Fruit rare.
Lesser Striated Feather-MossIsothecium striatulumOnly one record from Barle Valley Woodlands survey 1990 EN. On shaded rocks.
Silky Wall Feather-MossHomalothecium sericeumOn walls, bridges, tree trunks. Fruit occasional.
Yellow Feather-MossHomalothecium lutescensRecorded in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source lost.
Whitish Feather-MossBrachythecium albicansOn sandy coastal soil, sandy heaths, old quarries, turf. Fruit rare.
Rough-Stalked Feather-MossBrachythecium rutabulumOn soil, rocks, garden lawns, tree boles and decaying wood. Not on the highest moorland. Fruit common.
River Feather-MossBrachythecium rivulareBy waterfalls and streams on wet rocks. On the ground in wet woodland and marshy places. Fruit occasional.
Velvet Feather-MossBrachythecium velutinumOn tree stumps, rocks, garden paths and hedgebanks. Often on hazel. Fruit frequent.
Matted Feather-MossBrachythecium populeumOn shaded rocks, tree boles, wall tops. Fruit frequent.
Rusty Feather-MossBrachythecium plumosumOn rocks and tree roots, submerged by fast flowing streams and wet moorland. Fruit frequent.
Neat Feather-MossPseudoscleropodium purumNow Scleropodium p. In acid grassland, often with Pleurozium schreberi. Also on roadside banks. Fruit rare.
Tufted Feather-MossScleropodium cespitansOne current record 2000 and a 1965 record from Watersmeet. Tree bases and stones by water in woods. Fruit rare.
Hair-Pointed Feather-MossCirriphyllum piliferumOn soil and amongst wet turf in woodlands and grassy places. Fruit rare.
Beech Feather-MossCirriphyllum crassinerviumNow Eurhynchium cras. On shaded rocks and tree boles. Mainly in combes leading to the sea. Fruit occasional.
Long-Beaked Water Feather-MossRhynchostegium riparioidesOn rocks or tree roots in or submerged by water. Fruit frequent.
Portuguese Feather-MossRhynchostegium lusitanicumNow R. alopecuroides. On submerged rocks in fast flowing streams and rivers.
Wall Feather-MossRhynchostegium muraleOn found in Brendon Common area. On rocks, stony ground or walls.
Clustered Feather-MossRhynchostegium confertumOn walls, rocks, stones, woodland combes, etc. and onûhedgerow elders. etc. Fruit common.
Common Striated Feather-MossEurhynchium striatumIn woodland, hedgebanks, on rocks, by streams and in damp grassland. Fruit occasional.
Dwarf Feather-MossEurhynchium pumilumOn soil in shady woods and on hedgebanks. Fruit rare. Mainly near the coast.
Common Feather-MossEurhynchium praelongumTree bases, logs, shady woodland banks and ditches. Often with Isothecium myosuroides. Fruits frequent. Much used by blue tits for nesting material.
Swartz's Feather-MossEurhynchium swartziiNow E. hians. Hedgerows, river banks, woodland, roadsides. In open damp places. Also Dunster Beach. Fruit rare.
Showy Feather-MossEurhynchium speciosumIn wet grassy places, tree bases by water, wet muddy rocks.
Tender Feather-MossRhynchostegiella tenellaOn basic rocks and walls. Fruit common.
A MossRhynchostegiella teesdaleiRecorded in Flora & Fauna of ENP 1996 but source unknown.
Dented Silk-MossPlagiothecium denticulatum var. denticulatumOn banks in woods, on rotten logs and rocks in shade. Fruit common.
Curved Silk-MossPlagiothecium curvifoliumOnly record 1971 Hartford Bottom on a rotten stump.
Juicy Silk-MossPlagiothecium succulentumOn shady woodland banks, hedgerows, by streams and tree bases. Fruit occasional.
Woodsy Silk-MossPlagiothecium nemoraleHedgebanks, woods and stream banks. Fruit occasional. Not on higher moorland.
Waved Silk-MossPlagiothecium undulatumOn shaded hedgebanks, amongst moorland heather and on rock and soil in woodlands. Fruit uncommon on Exmoor.
Elegant Silk-MossIsopterygium elegansOn woodland banks, tree boles and rocks. Often with Dicranella heteromalla. Fruit rare.
Depressed Feather-MossTaxiphyllum wissgrilliiOnly record from E. Lyn 1996. Tree-roots, stones or shaded rocks.
Cypress-Leaved Plait-MossHypnum cupressiforme var. cupressiformeExtensive patches on logs, trees, rocks, walls and soil. Fruit frequent.
Great Plait-MossHypnum cupressiforme var. lacunosumOn wall tops, roofs and rocks. Fruit rare. All records from west Exmoor.
Supine Plait-MossHypnum cupressiforme var. resupinatumOn rocks walls, trees and logs; not on central moorland. Fruit frequent.
Combed Plait-MossHypnum mammillatumOn bark, fallen wood, rocks and wall tops. Fruit occasional.
Heath Plait-MossHypnum jutlandicumOn moors and heaths, often amongst heather. Fruit rare.
Lindberg's Plait-MossHypnum lindbergiiOnly one record from East Lyn area 1995 MP. Fruit not known in Britain.
Chalk Comb-MossCtenidium molluscumOn basic grassland and banks. Fruit rare.
Flagellate Feather-MossHyocomium armoricumOn wet rocky banks of streams and fast flowing rivers.
Big Shaggy-MossRhytidiadelphus triquetrusOn grassy banks, woodland clearings. Fruit rare.
Springy Turf-MossRhytidiadelphus squarrosusIn farm pastures, lawns, roadside banks. Fruit rare.
Little Shaggy-MossRhytidiadelphus loreusOn woodland banks, soil or boulders also on marshy ground.
Red-Stemmed Feather-MossPleurozium schreberiOn heaths and moors on drier slopes, calcifuge. Often with Scleropodium purum. Fruit occasional.
Short-Beaked Wood-MossHylocomium brevirostreOn shaded walls, rocks or soil. Current records from Horner Woods and Watersmeet. Also Barle Valley.
Glittering Wood-MossHylocomium splendensOn moorland, heaths and woodland banks.

Diptera Updated to May 2019

Diptera are sometimes referred to as the true flies but the following list includes all flies ENHS have recorded to above date. These include Leaf-miners, gall-flies, fungus gnats, craneflies, soldier flies, midges, hoverflies, house-flies, fruit flies, dance flies, mosquitoes, etc., etc. as well as the true Muscid flies. This information is given in the second column for each species.
Scientific nameCommon name if applicableComments
Acidia cognataa gall fly
Acnemia nitidicollisa fungus gnat
Actia pilipennisa flyBred from larva of Lozotaenia forsterama
Aedes rusticusa mosquitoIn woodland
Agromyza abiensa leaf-mining flyOn Comfrey
Agromyza albipennisa leaf-mining flyOn Reed
Agromyza alnibetulaea leaf-mining flyOn Birch spp.
Agromyza alnivoraa leaf-mining flyon Alder
Agromyza anthracinaa leaf-mining flyOn Nettle
Agromyza bicophagaa leaf-mining flyOn Bush Vetch
Agromyza demeijereia leaf-mining flyOn Laburnum
Agromyza felleria leaf-mining flyOn Bush Vetch
Agromyza filipendulaea leaf-mining flyOn Meadowsweet
Agromyza flavicepsa leaf-mining flyOn Hop
Agromyza frontellaa leaf-mining flyOn Medick
Agromyza hendelia leaf-mining fly
Agromyza ignicepsa leaf-mining flyOn Hop
Agromyza lathyria leaf-mining flyOn Lathyrus latifolius
Agromyza nanaa leaf-mining flyOn Trifolium spp.
Agromyza potentillaea leaf-mining flyOn Cinquefoil
Agromyza pseudoreptansa leaf-mining flyOn Nettle
Agromyza reptansa leaf-mining flyOn Nettle
Agromyza rufipesa leaf-mining flyOn Mugwort
Agromyza sulfuricepsa leaf-mining flyOn Raspberry
Agromyza varicornisa leaf-mining flyOn Lathyrus latifolius
Agromyza vicifoliaea leaf-mining flyOn Tufted Vetch
Alliopsis billbergi (Zetterstedt)a root maggot fly
Allodia lugensa fungus gnat
Allodia lundstroemia fungus gnat
Allodia ornaticollisa fungus gnat
Allodia pyxidiformisa fungus gnat
Allodia truncataa fungus gnat
Allodiopsis rusticaa fungus gnat
Amauromyza flavifronsa leaf-mining flyOn Saponaria or Silene sp
Amauromyza labiatoruma leaf-mining flyOn Ajuga or Stachys betonica
Amauromyza morionellaa leaf-mining flyOn Hedge Woundwort
Amauromyza verbascia leaf-mining flyOn Scrophularia and Vebascum
Anatella ciliataa fungus gnat
Anatella longisetosaa fungus gnat
Anepsiomyia flaviventrisa dolichopodid flyIn seepages
Anisostephus betulinuma gall midgeGalls on birch.
Anopheles sp.a mosquito
Anthomyia pluvialisa fly
Anthomyza gracilisa fly
Antlemon servuluma fungus gnat
Antocha vitripennis (Meigen)a cranefly
Aphrosylus ferox Halidaya dolichopodid fly
Apolephthisa subincanaa fungus gnat
Apsectrotanypus trifascipennisa non-biting midgeFlowing water.
Arctophila fulvaa hoverflySyn. A.superabiens.
Argyra argyria (Meigen) (Syn. A. argentella (Zetterstedt))a dolichopodid fly
Argyra leucocephalaa dolichopodid flyIn marshy areas.
Argyra perplexaa dolichopodid fly
Asilus crabroniformisa robber flyOn heaths and unimproved grassland.
Atherix ibisa snipe flyOn river banks and damp vegetation.
Atherix marginataa snipe fly
Austrolimnophila ochraceaa craneflyCommon.
Azelia cilipesa muscid fly
Azelia nebulosa Robineau-Desvoidya muscid fly
Baccha elongataa hoverflyIn ivy flowers. Now includes B. obscuripennis which should be deleted.
Baccha obscuripennisa hoverflyNow included with B. elongata.
Beris chalybataa soldier fly
Beris fuscipesa soldier flyLarvae in decaying vegetable matter.
Beris geniculataa soldier fly
Beris morrisiia soldier fly
Beris vallataa soldier fly
Bibio clavipesa st mark's flyIn some years, such as 2001, swarms of millions over heather seen in the Dunkery/Porlock Hill areas in late summer.
Bibio ferruginatusa st mark's fly
Bibio lanigerusA St. Mark's flyOccasional.
Bibio marciSt Marks FlyCommon.
Bibio pomonaea st mark's flyHeather areas
Bibio varipes Meigena st mark's fly
Bibio venosusa st mark's flyOccasional.
Bicellaria nigraa dance flyDamp sites
Boletina basalisa fungus gnat
Boletina dispectaa fungus gnat
Boletina dubiaa fungus gnat
Boletina flaviventrisa fungus gnat
Boletina griphaa fungus gnat
Boletina planaa fungus gnat
Boletina trivittataa fungus gnat
Bolitophila cinereaa fungus gnat
Bolitophila hybridaa fungus gnatCommon.
Bolitophila occlusaa fungus gnat
Bolitophila saundersia fungus gnatCommon.
Bombylius majorBee FlyParasitises solitary bees.
Botanophila depressaa leaf-mining flyMines on Atriplex.
Botanophila fugax (Meigan)a fly
Brachypalpoides lentaa hoverflyOn rotting wood.
Brachypalpus laphriformisa hoverflyDead wood.
Brachypeza armataa fungus gnat
Bradysia placida (Winnertz)a fungus gnat
Braula coecaBee LouseIn bee hives
Brevicornu auriculatuma fungus gnat
Brevicornu crassicornea fungus gnat
Brevicornu foliatuma fungus gnat
Brevicornu griseicollea fungus gnat
Brevicornu serenuma fungus gnat
Brevicornu sericomaa fungus gnat
Brillia longifurcaa non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Brillia modestaa non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Callicera aurataa hoverflySyn. C. aenea (Fabricius)
Calliopum elisaea fly
Calliopum geniculatuma fly
Calliphora vicina Robinson-Desvoidya blow-fly
Calliphora vomitoriaBluebottle
Callomyia amoenaa big-footed fly
Calobata cibariaa stilt fly
Calobata petronellaa stilt fly
Calycomyza artemisiaea leaf-mining flyOn Artemisia & Eupatorium
Campsicnemus curvipesa dolichopodid flyNr water
Campsicnemus loripesa dolichopodid fly
Campsicnemus scambusa dolichopodid flyNr water
Carcelia puberulaa parasitic flyRecord in Belshaw (R.) 1993 Handbook for Iden. Br. Insectsûl. 10 Pt. 4a (i). Royal Ent. Soc. Spec in BM.
Cardiocladius sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Ceratopogonidae sp.a biting midge
Cerodontha denticornis (Panzer)a leaf-mining fly
Cerodontha flavocingulataa leaf-mining flyOn Cocksfoot grass
Cerodontha incisaa leaf-mining fly
Cerodontha ireosa leaf-mining flyOn Yellow Iris.
Cerodontha iridisA leaf-mining flyOn Stinking Iris.
Cerodontha luzulaea leaf-mining flyOriginally misiden. As C. bimaculata
Cerodontha phalaridisA leaf-mining flyRare.
Cerodontha pygmaeaa leaf-mining fly
Cerotelion lineatusa fungus gnat
Cetema similisa fly
Chaoborus crystallinusa phantom midgeLarvae in ponds.
Cheilosia albipilaa hoverfly
Cheilosia albitarsisa hoverfly
Cheilosia antiquaa hoverfly
Cheilosia bergenstammia hoverfly
Cheilosia fraternaa hoverflyDamp meadows.
Cheilosia grossaa hoverfly
Cheilosia illustrataa hoverfly
Cheilosia impressaa hoverfly
Cheilosia longulaa hoverfly
Cheilosia paganaa hoverfly
Cheilosia proximaa hoverfly
Cheilosia scutellataa hoverflyWoodland
Cheilosia sorora hoverfly
Cheilosia variabilisa hoverfly
Cheilosia vernalisa hoverfly
Cheilosia vulpinaa hoverfly
Cheilotrichia cinerascens (Meigen)a cranefly
Chelifera precabundaa dance fly
Chelifera precatoriaa dance flyNear water.
Chelifera trapezinaa dance fly
Chironomidae sp.a non-biting midge
Chironomus aprilinusa non-biting midge
Chironomus plumosusa non-biting midgeLarvae aquatic; adults crepuscular.
Chirosia betuletia flyGalls on Lady fern.
Chirosia cinerosaa fly
Chirosia histricinaa flyMines on Bracken
Chirosia parvicornisa flySyn. C. grossicauda (Strobl) Galls on bracken
Chloromyia formosaa soldier fly
Chorisops nagatomiia soldier fly
Chorisops tibialisa soldier fly
Chrysogaster chalybeataa hoverflySyn. C. cemiteriorum Lush meadows
Chrysogaster hirtellaa hoverflySyn. Melanogaster hirtella Marshes
Chrysogaster solstitialisa hoverflyDamp sites
Chrysogaster virescensa hoverfly
Chrysopilus asiliformisa snipe fly
Chrysopilus cristatusa snipe flyBy streams.
Chrysopilus erythrophthalmusa snipe flyAquatic larvae
Chrysops caecutiensa horse fly
Chrysotimus flaviventris (von Rosa)a long-legged fly
Chrysotoxum bicinctuma hoverfly
Chrysotoxum cautuma hoverfly
Chrysotus blepharoscelesa dolichopodid fly
Chrysotus gramineusa dolichopodid fly
Chrysotus neglectusa dolichopodid fly
Chrysotus variansa dolichopodid flyRecorded as occasional in 1996 but now included with C. gramineus.
Clinocera (Hydrodromia) fontinalisa dance flyseepages
Clinocera (Hydrodromia) stagnalisa dance fly
Clinocera (Kowarzia) bipunctataa dance flyBare sediment
Clinocera nigraa dance fly
Clusia flavaa flyOn dead wood
Clusiodes albimanaa fly
Coelopa frigidaa wrack flyBreeds on rotting seaweed.
Coelosia flavaa fungus gnat
Coenosia rufipalpis Meigena muscid fly
Coenosia tigrinaa muscid fly
Conops flavipesa fly
Conops quadrifasciataa fly
Conops vesicularisa fly
Contarinia geicolaa gall midge
Contarinia jacobaeaea gall midgeGalls on Senecio flowers.
Contarinia steinia gall midgeGalls on Red Campion flower buds.
Contarinia tiliaruma gall midgeGalls on Tilia. (Lime).
Copromyza equine Falléna lesser dung fly
Copromyza similisa lesser dung fly
Copromyza stercoraria (Meigen)a lesser dung fly
Cordyla brevicornisa fungus gnat
Cordyla fissaa fungus gnat
Cordyla murinaa fungus gnat
Corynoneura sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Craneiobia cornia gall midgeGalls on dogwood.
Crataerina pallidaa flat flyEctoparasite of swifts
Criorhina berberinaa hoverfly
Crumomyia fimetaria (Meigen)a lesser dung fly
Crypteria limnophiloidesa cranefly
Ctenophora atrataa craneflyRare.
Ctenophora flaveolataa craneflyVery rare. RDB2.
Ctenophora pectinicornisa craneflyRare.
Culex pipiens agg.a mosquitoStanding water.
Culicoides obsoletusa biting midge
Culiseta annulataa mosquitoStanding water.
Cylindrotoma distinctissima (Meigen)a fly
Cystiphora sonchia gall midgeGalls on Corn Sowthistle.
Cyzenis albicansa parasitic fly
Dasineura acrophilaa gall midgeGalls on Ash.
Dasineura capitigenaa gall midge
Dasineura crataegia gall midgeGalls on Hawthorn
Dasineura filicinaa gall midgeGalls on Bracken.
Dasineura fraxineaa gall midgeGalls on Ash.
Dasineura fraxinia gall midge
Dasineura galiicolaa gall midgeGalls on Marsh Bedstraw
Dasineura glechomaea gall midgeGalls on ground-ivy.
Dasineura kiefferianaa gall midgeGalls on willowherb.
Dasineura plicatrixa gall midge
Dasineura pustulansa gall midgeGalls on Meadowsweet.
Dasineura rosaruma gall midgeGalls on rose sp.
Dasineura tympania gall midgeGalls on sycamore.
Dasineura ulmariaa gall midgeGalls on Meadowsweet.
Dasineura urticaea gall midgeGalls on nettle.
Dasineura viciaea gall midgeGalls on Bush Vetch.
Dasysyrphus albostriatusa hoverfly
Dasysyrphus lunulatusa hoverflyWoodland margins
Dasysyrphus tricinctusa hoverfly
Dasysyrphus venustusa hoverfly
Delia brassicaeCabbage Root-fly
Demicryptochironomus vulneratusa non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Dexia rusticaa parasitic fly
Diadocidia ferruginosaa fungus gnat
Diamesa sp.a non-biting midge
Diastata fusculaa fly
Dicranomyia morio (Fabricius)a cranefly
Dicranota (Paradicranota) pavidaa craneflyDamp sites
Dicranota bimaculataa craneflyDamp sites
Dicranota subtilis Loewa cranefly
Didea fasciataa hoverfly
Dilophus febrilisFever FlyCommon.
Dilophus femoratusa st mark's flyCommon.
Dinera carinifrons (Fallén)a muscid flysyn. Musca carnifrons
Dioctria atricapillaa robber flyGrassland
Dioctria baumhaueria robber fly
Dioctria linearisa robber fly
Dioctria oelandicaa robber flyIn tree foliage.
Dioctria rufipesa robber fly
Diogma glabrata (Meigen)a fly
Dixa nubilipennis Curtisa fly
Dixa puberulaa meniscus midgeNear water. Common.
Dixa submaculataa meniscus midgeSeepages. Locally common.
Docosia moravicaa fungus gnat
Dolichocephala irrorataa dance fly
Dolichopeza albipesWhite-footed GhostWet rock seepages
Dolichopus atratusa dolichopodid fly
Dolichopus brevipennisa dolichopodid fly
Dolichopus discifera dolichopodid flyUpland areas
Dolichopus festivusa dolichopodid fly
Dolichopus griseipennisa dolichopodid fly
Dolichopus pennatusa dolichopodid fly
Dolichopus plumipesa dolichopodid fly
Dolichopus popularisa dolichopodid fly
Dolichopus simplex Meigena dolichopodid fly
Dolichopus trivialisa dolichopodid fly
Dolichopus ungulatusa dolichopodid fly
Dolichopus urbanusa dolichopodid fly
Dolichopus vitripennisa dolichopodid flyUpland areas.
Dolichopus wahlbergi Zetterstedta dolichopodid fly
Drosiphila cameraria Haliday (Syn. Hirtodrosophila c.)a fruit fly
Drosophila confusaa fruit fly
Drosophila funebrisa fruit flyIn decaying vegetable refuse.
Drosophila histrio Meigena fruit fly
Drosophila littoralis Meigena fruit fly
Dryomyza flaveolaa fly
Dynatosoma fuscicornisa fungus gnat
Elachiptera cornuta (Fallén)a fly
Elgiva cuculariaa snail-killing fly
Empis (Kritempis) lividaa dance fly
Empis (Leptempois) griseaa dance fly
Empis (Pachymeria) tessellataa dance fly
Empis (Xanthempis) aemulaa dance fly
Empis (Xanthempis) luteaa dance fly
Empis (Xanthempis) scutellataa dance fly
Empis (Xanthempis) stercoreaa dance fly
Empis aestivaa dance fly
Empis nuntiaa dance fly
Empis pennipesa dance fly
Epiphragma ocellarisa craneflyIn dead wood.
Epistrophe eligansa hoverfly
Epistrophe grossulariaea hoverfly
Epistrophe nitidicollisa hoverfly
Episyrphus balteatusa hoverfly
Epitriptus cingulatusa robber fly
Epoicocladius flavensa non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Erioptera (Ilisia) maculataa craneflyCommon.
Erioptera (Ilisia) occoecataa craneflyCommon.
Erioptera divisaa craneflyGrassy seepages.
Erioptera fuscipennisa craneflyCommon.
Erioptera lutea f. taenionotaa craneflyCommon.
Erioptera trivialisa craneflyCommon.
Eriothrix rufomaculataa parasitic fly
Eristalis abusivusa hoverflyUsually coastal.
Eristalis arbustoruma hoverfly
Eristalis horticolaa hoverfly
Eristalis nemoruma hoverflySyn. E. interrupta
Eristalis pertinaxa hoverfly
Eristalis tenaxa hoverfly
Ernestia laevigataa parasitic fly
Eudasyphora cyanellaa muscid fly
Eudorylas zonellusa big-headed flyIn woodland glades
Eukiefferiella sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Euleia cognataA gall flyOn Petasites fragrans.
Euleia heracleiCELERY FLYMines on leaves of Alexanders, etc.
Eumerus strigatusLesser bulb-fly
Eupeodes corollaea hoverfly
Eupeodes lunigera hoverfly
Eurycnemus crassipesa non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Euthyneura gyllenhalia dance fly
Euthyneura myrtillia dance fly
Exechia contaminataa fungus gnat
Exechia dorsalisa fungus gnat
Exechia fuscaa fungus gnat
Exechia parvulaa fungus gnat
Exechiopsis subulataa fungus gnat
Exechiopsis unguiculataa fungus gnat
Fannia canicularisa lesser house fly
Fannia fuscula (Fallén)a lesser house fly
Fannia molissima (Haliday)a lesser house fly
Fannia scalarisa lesser house fly
Ferdinandea cupreaa hoverflySap-runs
Forcipomyia bipunctataa biting midge
Fucellia tergina (Zetterstedt)a seaweed fly
Galeomyza morioa leaf-mining flyMines on Galium saxatile
Gasterophilus intestinalisHorse Bot Fly
Geomyza majuscule (Loew)a fly
Geomyza tripunctataa fly
Gonomyia absconditaa craneflyCommon.
Graphomya maculata (Scopoli)a muscid fly
Gymnocheta viridisa parasitic fly
Gymnopternus celer (Meigen)a dolichopodid fly
Haematopota pluvialisa horse fly
Hartigiola annulipesa gall midgeGalls on Beech.
Helina impunctaa muscid fly
Helius flavus (Walker)a cranefly
Helophilus pendulusa hoverfly
Helophilus trivittatusa hoverfly
Hemerodromia adulatoriaa dance flyNear water.
Hercostomus aerosusa dolichopodid flySeepages
Hercostomus brevicornisa dolichopodid flySeepages.
Hercostomus cupreusa dolichopodid flyIn seepages
Hercostomus metallicusa dolichopodid fly
Hercostomus nanusa dolichopodid flySeepages
Hercostomus nigripennisa dolichopodid fly
Herina longistyla Rivosecchi (Syn. H. lugubris)a picture-winged fly
Heteromyza oculataa fly
Heteromyza rotundicornis (Zetterstedt)a fly
Heterotrissocladius spa non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Hilara anglodanicaa dance fly
Hilara beckeria dance fly
Hilara brevistylaa dance fly
Hilara choricaa dance fly
Hilara clavipes (Harris)a dance fly
Hilara corniculaa dance flyBy streams.
Hilara intermedia (Fallén)a dance fly
Hilara litoreaa dance fly
Hilara luridaa dance flyBy streams.
Hilara mauraa dance fly
Hilara morataa dance fly
Hilara nigrinaa dance fly
Hilara quadrivittataa dance fly
Hilara rejectaa dance flyBy streams
Hilara thoracicaa dance flyBy streams
[Hirtodrosophila camerarea See Drosophila c.]a fruit fly
Hirtodrosophila trivitataa fruit fly
Homoneura thalhammeria fly
Hybomitra distinguendaa horse fly
Hybos culiciformisa dance fly
Hybos femoratus (Műller)a dance fly
Hydrellia griseola (Fallén)a shore fly
Hydrellia maura Meigena shore fly
Hydrophoria lancifer (Harris)a fly
Hydrophorus viridisa dolichopodid fly
Hydrotaea cyrtoneurinaa muscid fly
Hydrotaea irritansHeadflySips human persperation
Hydrotaea militarisa muscid fly
Hylemya vagansa fly
Hylemya variataa fly
Hylemyza partito (Meigen)a fly
Hypoderma bovisWarble FlyMay now be eradicated on Exmoor.
Hypophyllus obscurellusa dolichopodid fly
Ischiolepta denticulata (Meigen)a lesser dung fly
Iteomyia capreaea gall midgeGalls on Willows.
Jaapiella veronicaea gall midgeGalls on Germander Speedwell.
Janetiella lemeia gall midgeGalls on elm.
Leia crucigeraa fungus gnat
Lejogaster metallinaa hoverflyWet meadows
Leptarthrus brevirostrisa robber flyIn grassland.
Leptocera fontinalisa lesser dung fly
Leptogaster cylindricaa robber flyGrassland.
Leptogaster guttiventrisa robber flyGrassland.
Leptopa filiformisa dung fly
Leucozona glauciaa hoverflyWoodland margins.
Leucozona laternariaa hoverflyLush vegetation
Leucozona lucoruma hoverfly
Liancalus virensa dolichopodid fly
Limnophila (Eloeophila) maculataa craneflyCommon.
Limnophila (Eloeophila) mundataa craneflyAquatic larvae.
Limnophila (Eloeophila) submarmorataa craneflyAquatic larvae in mud.
Limnophila (Euphylidorea) apertaa craneflyLocal.
Limnophila (Euphylidorea) fulvonervosaa craneflyCommon.
Limnophila (Phylidorea) ferrugineaa craneflyDamp sites.
Limnophila nemoralis agg.a cranefly
Limnophila punctataa craneflyDamp sites.
Limnophila separataa craneflyCommon.
Limnophora ripariaa muscid flyBy streams
Limnophora sp.a muscid fly
Limonia (Dicranomyia) aquosaa craneflyShaded wet rocks
Limonia (Dicranomyia) autumnalisa craneflyCommon.
Limonia (Dicranomyia) choreaa cranefly
Limonia (Dicranomyia) didymaa craneflyBy streams
Limonia (Dicranomyia) fuscaa craneflyBy streams
Limonia (Neolimonia) dumetoruma craneflyCommon.
Limonia (Rhipidia) duplicataa craneflyCommon
Limonia affinisa craneflyBy streams
Limonia dilutiora cranefly
Limonia macrostigmaa craneflyCommon.
Limonia nubeculosaa craneflyCommon.
Limonia tripunctataa craneflySyn. L.phragmitidis. Common.
Lipara lucensa flyGall on Phragmites. (Reed)
Lipoptena cerviDeer KedNewly emerged adults on tree foliage.
Lipsothrix nervosaa craneflySeepages in woods.
Lipsothrix remotaa craneflyCommon.
Liriomyza amoenaa leaf-mining flyOn Elder
Liriomyza artemisicolaa leaf-mining flyOn Mugwort
Liriomyza centaureaea leaf-mining flyOn Knapweed
Liriomyza cicerinaa leaf-mining flyOn Rest-harrow
Liriomyza congestaa leaf-mining flyOn Galega officinalis
Liriomyza demeijereia leaf-mining flyOn Mugwort
Liriomyza erucifoliia leaf-mining fly
Liriomyza eupatorianaA leaf-mining flyOn Hemp Agrimony.
Liriomyza eupatoriia leaf-mining flyon Hemp Agrimony.
Liriomyza flaveolaa leaf-mining flyOn Creeping Soft-grass
Liriomyza hieraciia leaf-mining flyOn Hawkweed.
Liriomyza morioa leaf-mining fly
Liriomyza ptarmicaea leaf-mining flyOn Yarrow
Liriomyza pusillaa leaf-mining flyOn Daisy
Liriomyza sonchia leaf-mining flyOn Sowthistle spp.
Liriomyza strigataa leaf-mining flyOn Hemp Agrimony
Liriomyza valerianaea leaf-mining flyMines on Valeriana officinalis
Lonchaea choreaa fly
Lonchaea laticornisa fly
Lonchoptera luteaa pointed-wing flyIn damp woodland.
Lonchoptera meijerei Collina pointed-wing fly
Lonchoptera tristisa pointed-wing flyIn woodland litter
Lordiphosa andalusiaca Strobla fly
Lotophila atra (Meigen)a lesser dung fly
Lucilia ampullaceaa blue bottle or green bottleWoodland
Lucilia caesarGreenbottle
Lucilia illustrisa blue bottle or green bottle
Lyciella decempunctatusa fly
Lyciella pallidiventrisa fly
Lyciella platycephalaa fly
Lyciella roridaa fly
Lyciella stylataa fly
Lypha dubia (Fallén)a fly
Machimus atricapillusa robber fly
Macrocera anglicaa fungus gnat
Macrocera angulataa fungus gnatCommon.
Macrocera centralisa fungus gnat
Macrocera fasciataa fungus gnatCommon.
Macrocera luteaa fungus gnat
Macrocera parvaa fungus gnat
Macrocera phalerataa fungus gnat
Macrocera stigmaa fungus gnatCommon.
Macrocera stigmoidesa fungus gnatCommon.
Macrocera tuscaa fungus gnatRare.
Macrocera vittataa fungus gnatCommon.
Macrodiplosis dryobiaa gall midgeGalls on oak.
Macrodiplosis volvensa gall midgeGalls on oak.
Macropelopia sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Macrorrhyncha flavaa fungus gnat
Malacomyia sciomyzina (Haliday)a fly
Masicera pavoniaea parasitic flyShould be deleted from Exmoor list.
Melangyna arcticaa hoverfly
Melangyna compositaruma hoverfly
Melangyna labiataruma hoverfly
Melangyna umbellataruma hoverfly
Melanostoma mellinuma hoverflyWoodland margins.
Melanostoma scalarea hoverflyGrassland.
Melieria omissaa flyOn vegetation by ponds & streams.
Meliscaeva auricollisa hoverfly
Meliscaeva cinctellaa hoverfly
Melophagus ovinusSheep Ked
Merodon equestrisNARCISSUS FLY
Mesembrina meridianaa muscid flyWoods and hedgerows
Metasyrphus latifasciatusa hoverflyOpen or wet areas
Metopia grandiia flesh flyA Record from Dunster 1953 Very rare
Metopomyza violiphagaa leaf-mining flyOn Violet
Metriocnemus sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Microchrysa cyaneiventrisa soldier fly
Microchrysa flavicornisa soldier fly
Microchrysa politaa soldier fly
Microdon mutabilisa hoverflyMarshy glades.
Micropsectra sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Microtendipes sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Miltogramma germari Meigena flesh fly
Miltogramma punctatuma flesh fly
Minettia inustaa fly
Minettia tabidiventris (?)a fly
Molophilus appendiculatusa craneflyCommon.
Molophilus bifidusa craneflyCommon.
Molophilus czizekia craneflyRare. RDB3.
Molophilus mediusa craneflyCommon.
Molophilus occultusa craneflyWet ground. Local.
Molophilus ochraceusa craneflyCommon.
Molophilus pusillusa cranefly
Molophilus serpentigera craneflyCommon.
Morellia aenescens Robineau-Desvoidya muscid fly
Morellia hortoruma muscid flyIn woodland
Mormia caliginosaa moth fly/owl midgeVaried damp sites
Musca autumnalisFace FlySyn. Eumusca autumnalis DeGeer. Hibernates in large swarms in attics.
Musca domesticaHouse FlyIn houses
Myathropa floreaa hoverfly
Mycetophila adumbrataa fungus gnat
Mycetophila aleaa fungus gnat
Mycetophila britannicaa fungus gnat
Mycetophila cinguluma fungus gnat
Mycetophila curvisetaa fungus gnat
Mycetophila edwardsia fungus gnat
Mycetophila finlandicaa fungus gnat
Mycetophila forcipataa fungus gnat
Mycetophila formosaa fungus gnat
Mycetophila fraternaa fungus gnat
Mycetophila fungoruma fungus gnat
Mycetophila ichneumoneaa fungus gnat
Mycetophila lastovkiaa fungus gnat
Mycetophila marginataa fungus gnat
Mycetophila ocellusa fungus gnat
Mycetophila ornataa fungus gnat
Mycetophila pumilaa fungus gnat
Mycetophila signatoidesa fungus gnat
Mycetophila unipunctataa fungus gnat
Mycetophila vittipesa fungus gnat
Mycomya annulataa fungus gnat
Mycomya cinerascensa fungus gnat
Mycomya circumdataa fungus gnat
Mycomya fimbriataa fungus gnat
Mycomya marginataa fungus gnat
Mycomya parva (Dziedzicki)a fungus gnat
Mycomya pectiniferaa fungus gnat
Mycomya trilineataa fungus gnat
Mycomya winnertzia fungus gnat
Mycophaga testacea (Gimmerthal)a fly
Myopa strandia fly
Nemorimyza posticataa leaf-mining flyOn Wild Golden rod
Nemotelus nigrinusa soldier fly
Nemotelus notatus Zetterstedta soldier fly
Nemotelus uliginosusa soldier flyIn marshes.
Neoascia geniculataa hoverfly
Neoascia podagricaa hoverflyLush herbage
Neoleria ruficepsa flyMoorland fringes.
Neomyia viridescens (Robinson-Desvoidy)a muscid fly
Neopachygaster meromelaenaa soldier fly
Neoplatyura biumbrataa fungus gnat
Neoplatyura nigricaudaa fungus gnat
Nephrotoma dorsalis (Fabricius)a cranefly
Nephrotoma flavipalpis (Meigen)a cranefly
Nephrotoma quadrifariaa cranefly
Neuratelia nemoralisa fungus gnat
Neuratelia nigricornisa fungus gnat
Neurigona pallidaa dolichopodid fly
Neuroctena anilis (Fallén)a fly
Notolopha cristataa fungus gnatSyn. Allodiopsis cristata.
Nupedia infirmaa flySyn. Pegoplata infirma
Nyctia halterataa flesh fly
Ocydromia glabriculaa dance fly
Odinia boletinaa fly
Oedalea holmgrenia dance fly
Oedalea stigmatellaa dance fly
Oestrus ovisSheep Nostril Fly
Oligotrophus betulaea gall midgeGalls on birch
Oligotrophus fagineusa gall midgeGalls on beech.
Opacifrons coxata (Stenhammar)a lesser dung fly
Ophiomyia cunctataa leaf-mining flyOn Sowthistle spp.
Ophiomyia pulicariaa leaf-mining flyOn Sowthistle spp.
Oplodontha viridulaa soldier flyIn marshes.
Opomyza florum (Fabricius)a fly
Opomyza germinationisa fly
Orfelia fasciataa fungus gnat
Orfelia nemoralisa fungus gnatCommon.
Orfelia nigricornisa fungus gnat
Orfelia unicolora fungus gnat
Ormosia bicornisa cranefly
Ormosia nodulosaa craneflyOn dead wood by streams
Ornithomya aviculariaa flat flyMost frequent on owls and pigeons
Oropezella sphenopteraa dance flyAmong Vaccinium.
Orthocladius sp.a non-biting midge
Orthonevra nobilisa hoverfly
Orthonevra splendensa hoverflyWet sites.
Oxycera pardalina Meigena soldier fly
Oxycera raraa soldier fly
Pachygaster atraa soldier flyIn dead wood.
Palaeodocosia janickiia fungus gnat
Palloptera umbellataruma flyGrazed river meadows.
Pamponerus germanicusa robber flyMainly coastal.
Paraclusia tigrinaa flyOld or diseased trees
Paracraspedothrix montivago Ville.a tachinid fly
Paradelphomyia senilisa craneflyCommon
Paragus haemorrhousa hoverflyDry heath grassland
Parametriocnemus stylatusa non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Paraphytomyza fulvicornisa leaf-mining flyOn Goat Willow.
Paraphytomyza hendelianaa leaf-mining flyOn Honeysuckle & Snowberry
Paraphytomyza hendeliana/loniceraea leaf-mining fly
Paraphytomyza heringia leaf-mining flyOn ash
Paraphytomyza populia leaf-mining flyOn Black Poplar
Paraphytomyza populicolaa leaf-mining flyOn Black Poplar
Paraphytomyza tridentataa leaf-mining flyOn Crack Willow
Parasyrphus annulatusa hoverfly
Parasyrphus mallinellusa hoverfly
Parasyrphus punctulatusa hoverfly
Paratanytarsus sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Parhelophilus versicolora hoverfly
Pedicia (Amalopis) occulataa craneflyOpen seepages.
Pedicia (Crunobia) littoralisa craneflyBy streams
Pedicia (Crunobia) stramineaa craneflySeepages
Pedicia (Ludicia) claripennisa craneflyOpen seepages.
Pedicia (Tricyphona) immaculataa craneflyCommon.
Pedicia rivosaa craneflyIn damp sites.
Pegomya albimargoa flySyn. P. flavifrons (Walker) Mines on Silene dioica
Pegomya hyoscyamia flyMines on Common Orache.
Pegomya nigrisquamaa fly
Pegomyia pulchripesa fly
Pelidnoptera fuscipennisa snail-killing fly
Pentapedilum sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Peplomyza lituraa fly
Pericoma canescensa moth fly/owl midgeVaried damp sites
Pericoma fallaxa moth fly/owl midgeVaried damp sites
Pericoma fuliginosaa moth fly/owl midgeCame to light trap
Pericoma neglectaa moth fly/owl midgeVaried damp sites
Pericoma nubilaa moth fly/owl midgeVaried damp sites
Phaonia angelicaea muscid fly
Phaonia fuscata (Fallén)a muscid fly
Phaonia incanaa muscid fly
Phaonia mysticaa muscid fly
Phaonia pallidaa muscid fly
Phaonia rufiventris (Scopoli)a muscid fly
Phaonia subventaa muscid fly
Phaonia tuguriorum (Scopoli)a muscid fly
Phasia barbifrons Gieschnera parasitic fly
Phasia hemipteraa parasitic flyParasite of Hemiptera (bugs) Specimen in Reading Museum from Doone Valley 1988.
Phasia obesa (Fabricius)a parasitic fly
Pherbellia albocostataa snail-killing fly
Pherbellia dubiaa snail-killing flyDamp woodland
Pherbellia nanaa snail-killing fly
Pherbellia scutellarisa snail-killing fly
Phormia terraenovaea blue bottle or green bottle
Phronia basalisa fungus gnat
Phronia biarcuataa fungus gnat
Phronia cinerascensa fungus gnat
Phronia conformisa fungus gnat
Phronia contanicaa fungus gnat
Phronia exiguaa fungus gnat
Phronia flavipesa fungus gnat
Phronia forcipataa fungus gnat
Phronia humeralisa fungus gnat
Phronia nigricornisa fungus gnat
Phronia nitidiventrisa fungus gnat
Phronia notataa fungus gnat
Phronia signataa fungus gnat(Phronia stinata)?
Phronia strenuaa fungus gnat
Phronia tarsataa fungus gnat
Phthinia winnertzia fungus gnat
Phyllodromia melanocephalaa dance fly
Physiphora alceaea flyMost numerous in hot summers.
Physocephala rufipes (Fabricius)a fly
Phyto melanocephala (Meigen)a wood-louse fly
Phytoliriomyza hilarellaa leaf-mining flyOn bracken
Phytoliriomyza melampygaa leaf-mining flyOn Indian balsom.
Phytomyza agromyzinaa leaf-mining flyOn Dogwood
Phytomyza angelicaea leaf-mining fly
Phytomyza angelicastria leaf-mining flyOn Wild Angelica
Phytomyza aprilinaa leaf-mining flyOn Honeysuckle & Snowberry
Phytomyza aquilegiaea leaf-mining flyOn Columbine.
Phytomyza artemisivoraa leaf-mining flyOn Mugwort
Phytomyza bipunctataa leaf-mining flyOn Echinops sp.
Phytomyza calthivoraa leaf-mining flyon Caltha palustris
Phytomyza calthophilaA leaf-mining flyOn Caltha palustris
Phytomyza chaerophyllia leaf-mining flyOn Umbellifers
Phytomyza cirsiia leaf-mining flyOn thistles.
Phytomyza conii Heringa leaf-mining flyOn Conium maculatum
Phytomyza conyzaea leaf-mining flyOn Fleabane
Phytomyza crassisetaa leaf-mining flyOn Germander Speedwell
Phytomyza cytisia leaf-mining flyOn Laburnum
Phytomyza fallaciosaa leaf-mining flyOn Ranunculus spp.
Phytomyza glecomaea leaf-mining flyOn Ground ivy
Phytomyza horticolaa leaf-mining flyOn many herbaceous plants
Phytomyza ilicisHolly Leaf Gall FlyOn Holly.
Phytomyza lappaea leaf-mining flyOn Burdock.
Phytomyza leucanthemia leaf-mining flyOn Ox-eye Daisy
Phytomyza loniceraea leaf-mining flyOn Lonicera and Leycesteria
Phytomyza marginellaa leaf-mining flyOn Dandelions and Hawkweeds.
Phytomyza miliia leaf-mining flyOn Wood Millet grass.
Phytomyza minusculaa leaf-mining flyOn Columbine
Phytomyza nigraa leaf-mining flyOn Holcus and Brachypodium grasses.
Phytomyza obscuraA leaf-mining flyOn Calamint
Phytomyza obscurellaa leaf-mining flyOn Ground Elder. Rare.
Phytomyza periclymenia leaf-mining flyON LONICERA & LEYCESTERIA
Phytomyza petoeia leaf-mining flyOn Mint sp.
Phytomyza plantaginisa leaf-mining flyOn Plantain spp.
Phytomyza primulaea leaf-mining flyOn Primrose
Phytomyza pullulaa leaf-mining flyOn Chamomile
Phytomyza ranunculia leaf-mining flyOn Lesser Celandine & Creeping buttercup.
Phytomyza ranunculicolaa leaf-mining flyOn Meadow Buttercup
Phytomyza ranunculivoraa leaf-mining flyOn Creeping Buttercup
Phytomyza scolopendria leaf-mining flyOn Hartstongue fern
Phytomyza solidaginisa leaf-mining flyOn wild Golden rod
Phytomyza spinaciaea leaf-mining flyOn Creeping thistle.
Phytomyza spondyliia leaf-mining flyOn Hogweed
Phytomyza syngenesiaea leaf-mining flyOn Sowthistle spp.
Phytomyza tanacetia leaf-mining flyOn Tansy
Phytomyza tetrastichaa leaf-mining flyOn Mint (Mentha x villosa)
Phytomyza tussilaginisa leaf-mining flyOn Coltsfoot and Winter Heliotrope.
Phytomyza virgaureaea leaf-mining flyOn wild Golden rod
Phytomyza vitalbaea leaf-mining flyOn wild Clematis
Phytosciara flavipesa flyIn deciduous woodlands.
Pilaria batavaa craneflySeepages, usually rather basic.
Pilaria discicollisa craneflyCommon.
Pilaria filataa craneflySyn. Neolimnomyia filata
Pilaria fuscipennisa craneflySeepages.
Pipiza austriacaa hoverflyDamp sites
Pipiza bimaculataa hoverfly
Pipiza noctilucaa hoverfly
Platycephala planifronsa flyWaterside vegetation & reed-beds.
Platycheirus albimanusa hoverflySyn. P. cyaneus (Muller)
Platycheirus angustatusa hoverflyDamp grassland
Platycheirus clypeatus agg.a hoverfly
Platycheirus clypeatus sens. str.a hoverfly
Platycheirus manicatusa hoverfly
Platycheirus occultus Goldlin de Tiefenau et al.a hoverfly
Platycheirus peltatusa hoverfly
Platycheirus scutatusa hoverfly
Platypalpus ciliarisa dance fly
Platypalpus luteusa dance fly
Platypalpus notatusa dance fly
Platypalpus parvicaudaa dance fly
Platypalpus pectoralisa dance fly
Platystoma seminationisa flyRank vegetation; varied habitats.
Platyura marginataa fungus gnat
Poecilobothrus nobilitatusa dolichopodid fly
Polietes lardariaa muscid flyIn light woodland
Pollenia angustigena Wainwrighta fly
Pollenia labialis Robineau-Desvoidya fly
Pollenia rudisa blue bottle or green bottle
Polylepta guttiventrisa fungus gnat
Portevinia maculataa hoverfly
Potthastia gaediia non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Potthastia longimanaa non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Praomyia leachiia soldier flyFrom beetle burrows especially in oak.
Prodiamesa olivaceaa non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Psectrocladius sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Pseudexechia trisignataa fungus gnat
Pseudobrachypeza helveticaa fungus gnat
Pseudocollinella humida (Haliday) (Syn. Opacifrons humida)a fungus gnat
Pseudolimnophila lucoruma craneflyCommon.
Pseudolimnophila sepiuma craneflyCommon.
Pseudonupedia intersectaa flySyn. Paradelia intersecta
Psila rosaea fly
Psilopa nitidula (Fallén)a fly
Psychoda alternataa moth fly/owl midgeVaried damp sites
Ptiolina obscuraa snipe fly
Ptychoptera albimanaa flyCommon
Ptychoptera lacustrisa flyBy streams
Pyrophaena granditarsaa hoverflyMeadows
Pyrophaena rosaruma hoverflyMeadows
Rachispoda limosa (Fallén)a lesser dung fly
Renocera pallidaa snail-killing flySeepages in alder carr
Rhabdophaga marginemtorquensa gall midgeGalls on willow.
Rhabdophaga salicisa gall midgeStem gall on willow.
Rhagio lineolaa snipe fly
Rhagio scolopaceaa snipe fly
Rhagio tringariusa snipe fly
Rhagoletis alternata (Fallén)a fruit fly
Rhamphomyia (Aclonempis) albohirtaa dance fly
Rhamphomyia (Aclonempis) longipesa dance fly
Rhamphomyia (Holoclera) flavaa dance fly
Rhamphomyia (Holoclera) umbripennisa dance fly
Rhamphomyia (Lundstroemiella) hybotinaa dance fly
Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) anomalipennisa dance fly
Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) crassirostrisa dance fly
Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) dentipesa dance fly
Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) tarsataa dance fly
Rhamphomyia nitidulaa dance fly
Rhaphium appendiculatuma dolichopodid fly
Rhaphium caliginosuma dolichopodid flyNear water
Rhaphium longicorne (Fallén)a dolichopodid fly
Rhaphium monotrichuma dolichopodid fly
Rheocricotopus chalybeatusa non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Rheotanytarsus sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Rhingia campestrisa hoverfly
Rhinophora lepidaa fly
Rhopalomyia millefoliia gall midge
Rondaniola bursariaa gall midgeGalls on Ground-ivy.
Rymosia bifidaa fungus gnat
Rymosia fasciataa fungus gnat
Rymosia placidaa fungus gnat
Rymosia virensa fungus gnat
Sapromyza sexpunctataa fly
Sapromyza sordidaa fly
Sarcophaga sinuata Meigena flesh fly
Sargus bipunctatusa soldier fly
Sargus iridatusa soldier fly
Scaeva pyrastria hoverfly
Scaptomyza flavaa fruit flyMines on Tropaeolum majus
Scaptomyza graminuma fruit flyMines on Chenopodium album
Scaptomyza pallidaa leaf-mining flyMines on Allium cepa
Scatella paludum (Meigen)a shore fly
Scathophaga furcataa dung fly
Scathophaga inquinata Meigena dung fly
Scathophaga stercorariaa dung fly
Scathophaga suillaa dung fly
Sceptonia membranaceaa fungus gnat
Sciapus longulusa dolichopodid fly
Sciapus platypterusa dolichopodid fly
Sciara thomaea flyCommon on Hogweed umbels.
Scleroprocta pentagonalisa craneflyOn dead wood by streams
Scleroprocta sororculaa craneflyOn dead wood by streams
Senometopia excisaa parasitic flyA record dated 1895 in Belshaw (R.) 1993 Handbook for the Iden. of Br. Insects Vol. 10 Pt. 4a (i) Royal En. Soc. Specimen in BM. From Lynton.
Sepsis cynipseaa lesser dung fly
Sepsis orthocnemis Freya lesser dung fly
Sericomyia lapponaa hoverflySeepages
Sericomyia silentisa hoverfly
Sicus ferrugineusa fly
Simulium angustitarsea black flyBy flowing water.
Simulium argyreatuma black flyBy flowing water.
Simulium aureuma black flyBy flowing water.
Simulium brevicaulea black flyBy flowing water.
Simulium equinuma black flyBy flowing water.
Simulium ornatuma black flyBy flowing water.
Simulium reptansa black flyBy flowing water.
Simulium rheophiluma black flyRecords of this from R. Exe 1978 by S.W. Water but now synonymous with S. argyreatum.
Simulium vernuma black flyBy flowing water.
Sitodiplosis phalaridisa gall midge
Spelobia cambrica (Richards)a lesser dung fly
Spelobia nana (Rondani)a lesser dung fly
Spelobia palmataa lesser dung fly
Speolepta leptogastera fungus gnat
Sphaerophoria interrupta (Fabricius)a hoverfly
Sphaerophoria philanthaa hoverflyWoodland margins.
Sphaerophoria scriptaa hoverfly
Sphegina clunipesa hoverflyWet dead wood
Sphegina kimakowiczia hoverflyNow included with S. elygans
Sphegina verecundaa hoverflyOn wet dead wood.
Stempellinella sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Stomoxys calcitransStable FlyBites animals and humans
Suillia atricornisa flySyn. Allophyla atricornis
Suillia bicolora flySyn. Hetomyza bicolor
Suillia dumicolaa flyon fungi
Suillia fuscicornisa fly
Suillia pallida (Fallén)a fly
Suillia variegataa fly
Sylvicola cinctus (Fabricius)a window gnat
Sylvicola fenestralisa window gnatFrequent.
Sylvicola punctatusa window gnatSyn. Anisopus punctatus. Recorded from damp sites.
Symmerus annulatusa fungus gnat
Symplecta stictica (Meigen)a cranefly
Synapha fasciataa fungus gnat
Synapha vitripennisa fungus gnat
Synorthocladius semivirensa non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Synplasta excogitataa fungus gnat
Syntormon monilisa dolichopodid flyNear water
Syntormon pallipesa dolichopodid flyNear water
Syntormon sulcipes (Meigen)a dolichopodid fly
Syritta pipiensa hoverfly
Syrphidae sp.a hoverfly
Syrphus ribesiia hoverfly
Syrphus torvusa hoverfly
Syrphus vitripennisa hoverfly
Tabanus autumnalisa horse fly
Tabanus bromiusa horse fly
Tachina feraa parasitic fly
Tachina grossaa parasitic fly
Tachypeza nubilaa dance fly
Tanypus sp.a non-biting midgeIn damp sites.
Tanytarsus sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Tarnania fenestralisa fungus gnat
Tarnania nemoralisa fungus gnat
Tasiocera fuscescensa craneflyCommon.
Tasiocera murinaa craneflyCommon.
Taxomyia taxia gall midgeGalls on yew
Tephritis bardanae (Schrank)a flyOn Burdock (Arctium minus)
Tephritis neesii (Meigen)a fly
Tephritis vespertinaa flyadded 2016.
Tetanocera ferrugineaa snail-killing fly
Tetanocera fuscinervisa snail-killing fly
Tetanocera hyalipennisa snail-killing flySeepages in alder carr.
Tetanocera phyllophoraa snail-killing flyDamp sites
Tetanura pallidiventrisa snail-killing flyDamp woodland
Tetragoneura sylvaticaa fungus gnat
Thaumalea testaceaa trickle midgeShaded wet rocks.
Thaumalea verralli Edwardsa trickle midge
Thaumatomyia notataa flyMarshland
Thecophora atraa flyGrassland.
Themira putrisa lesser dung fly
Thereva nobilitataa stiletto fly
Thienemanniella sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Thienemannimyia sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Thoracochaeta zosterae (Haliday)a lesser dung fly
Thricops semicinereaa muscid fly
Tipula (Acutipula) fulvipennisa craneflyMoorland fringes.
Tipula (Acutipula) maximaa craneflyDamp sites in woodland.
Tipula (Beringotipula) uncaa craneflyCommon.
Tipula (Dendrotipula) flavolineataa cranefly
Tipula (Lunatipula) cavaa cranefly
Tipula (Lunatipula) fascipennisa craneflyCommon.
Tipula (Lunatipula) selenea craneflyRare. Breeds in dead wood on wet soil.
Tipula (Vestiplex) hortoruma craneflyFields, meadows, gardens. Common.
Tipula (Vestiplex) scriptaa craneflyCommon.
Tipula (Yamatipula) montiuma craneflyRiver banks, ponds, water meadows.
Tipula (Yamatipula) pruinosaa craneflyIn muddy marshes.
Tipula lateralis Meigena cranefly
Tipula oleraceaa craneflyCommon.
Tipula paludosaa craneflyDamp sites.
Tipula vittataa craneflyScarce
Trichina elongataa dance fly
Trichina pallipesa dance fly
Trichocera hiemalisa winter gnatCommon in woodland
Trichocera regelationisa winter gnatFrequent.
Tricholauxania praeustaa fly
Trichomyia urbico Halidaya moth fly
Trichonta melanuraa fungus gnat
Trichonta vittaa fungus gnat
Trichopeza longicornisa dance fly
Trichosia morio (Fabricius)a fly
Trichosia splendensa fly
Tricogena rubricosa (Meigen)a woodlouse-fly
Triphleba gracilisa scuttle flyIn woodland
Trypeta artemisiaea gall flyMines on Artemisia vulgaris.
Trypetoptera punctulataa snail-killing fly
Ula mollissimaa cranefly
Urophora solstitialisa gall fly1918 record from Minehead.
Urophora stylataa gall flyGall on Cirsium
Volucella bombylansa hoverfly
Volucella inanisa hoverfly
Volucella pellucensa hoverflyWoods & copses
Wiedemannia sp.a dance flyNear water.
Xanthandrus comtusa hoverflyIn meadows and scrub.
Xanthochlorus ornatusa dolichopodid fly
Xanthogramma citrofasciatuma hoverfly
Xanthogramma pedissequum (Harris)a hoverfly
Xenexechia lepturaa fungus gnat
Xylodiplosis nigritarsisa gall midge
Xylophagus atera fly
Xylota floruma hoverflyRecorded 1915
Xylota segnisa hoverfly
Xylota sylvaruma hoverfly
Xylota xanthocnemaa hoverfly
Xyphosia miliariaa gall flyBy streams
Zavrelimyia sp.a non-biting midgeBy flowing water.
Zodion notatuma fly
Zygomyia pictipennisa fungus gnat
Zygomyia varaa fungus gnat
Updated to May 2019.

Fish: Updated to June 2020

Exmoor rivers and Bristol Channel off Exmoor Coast
Allis ShadAlosa alosaA legally protected species with is rare in Bristol Channel off Exmoor.
Angler Fish (Frogfish)Lophius piscatoriusRare.
BassDicentrarchus labraxScarce off Exmoor Coast. Fishermen off Lynmouth had unusually large catches in 2001.
Blenny, Montagu'sCoryphoblennius galeritaScarce.
Blenny, TompotBlennius gattorugineScarce.
Blenny, Yarrell'sChirolophis ascaniiScarce.
BrillScophthalmus rhombusScarce.
BullheadCottus gobioFrequent under stones in medium sized streams and rivers on Exmoor.
Coalfish or ColeyPollachius virensScarce.
CodGadus morhuaCommon.
Cod, PoorTrisopterus minutesFrequent.
DabLimanda limandaCommon.
Dogfish, Gtr. Spotted or Bull HussScyliorhinus stellarisCommon.
Dogfish, Lsr. SpottedScyliorhinus caniculaVery Common.
Dover SoleSolea soleaScarce.
EelAnguilla anguillaWidespread records from North to South Exmoor and Porlock/Minehead Marsh areas. Elvers seen in streams.
Eel, CongerConger congerCommon.
Five-bearded RocklingCiliata mustelaScarce.
FlounderPlatichthys flesusFairly common.
GarfishBelone beloneScarce.
Goby, Common or SandPomatoschistus micropsFairly common in rock pools.
Goby, Two-spotChapparudo flavescensRare, rockpools.
Golden OrfeLeuciscus idusReleased domestic fish in Dunster Hawn Pool c1990s.
GraylingThymallus thymallusRecords from the Barle and Exe rivers.
Great PipefishSyngnathus acusScarce.
Gurnard, GreyEutrigla gurnardusRare.
Gurnard, RedAspitrigla cuculusRare.
Gurnard, TubTrigla lucernaScarce.
HaddockMelanogrammus aeglefinusScarce.
HakeMerluccius merlucciusScarce.
HalibutHippoglossus hippoglossusScarce.
HerringClupea harengusLess common than formerly.
John DoryZeus faberRare.
Koi CarpCyprinus sp.Some Koi Carp were released into Dunster Hawn pond (1990s?) in an ill-advised bid to clear the algae. They increased with detrimental ecological effects and have presented the management with problems.
Lamprey, BrookLampetra planeriOnly recorded from Aller Water. No records since 1995.
Lamprey, RiverLampetra fluviatilisNo records since 1980.
Leopard-spot Goby
Thorogobius ephippiatus (Lowe) Uncommon
LingMolva molvaFairly common in season.
LumpsuckerCyclopterus lumpusUncommon.
MackerelScomber scombrusCommon in season.
MinnowPhoxinus phoxinusIn slow moving water. Shoals frequently seen at edges of some of the larger rivers e.g. Barle.
MonkfishSquatina squatinaRare.
Mullet, RedMullus surmuletusScarce.
Mullet, Thick-lipped GreyChelon labrosusRare.
Mullet, Thin-lipped GreyLiza ramadaScarce.
PlaicePleuronectes platessaCommon.
Pogge or Armed BullheadAgonus cataphractusRare.
PollackPollachius pollachiusCommon.
PorbeagleLamna nasusRare.
PoutingTrisopterus luscusFairly common.
Ray, BlondeRaja brachyuraFairly common.
Ray, Small-eyed/PaintedRaja microcellataFairly common. Record 17 lbs. 2003.
Ray, SpottedRaja montaguiFairly common.
Ray, StingDasyatis pastinacaRare.
Ray, ThornbackRaja clavataCommon.
Ray, UndulateRaja undulataScarce.
RuddScardinius erythropthalmusIn slow-moving water. Minehead, Alcombe and Dunster Marsh.
SalmonSalmo salarRegular runs up the larger rivers.
Sand Eel, LesserAmmodytes tobianusCommon.
Scad or Horse MackerelTrachurus trachurusCommon in season.
Sea or Fifteen-spined SticklebackSpinachia spinachiaRare.
Sea-bream, BlackSpondyliosoma cantharusRare.
Sea-bream, RedPagellus bogaraveoScarce.
Shore Clingfish or Cornish SuckerLepadogaster lepadogasterScarce.
Skate, CommonRaja batisOccurs in Bristol Channel.
Smooth-houndMustelus mustelusScarce.
Smooth-hound, StarryMustelus asteriusFrequent.
SpratClupea sprattusOccasional shoals but not common.
Spur DogfishSqualus acanthiasCommon in season.
Stone LoachNoemacheilus barbatulusBelieved to be in Exmoor Waters but no current reports. Rare.
Sun FishMola molaScarce, several seen 1994 & 1995.
TenchTinca tincaScarce.
Ten-spined SticklebackPungitius pungitiusRecorded from Minehead and Dunster Marshes but no doubt have decreased in numbers.
Three-bearded RocklingGaidropsarus vulgarisCommon.
Three-spined SticklebackGasterosteus aculeatusFormerly at Porlock and Minehead Marsh but no doubt much decreased.
TopeGaleorhinus galeusCommon in summer.
Trigger-fish, GreyBalistes carolinensisRare in British waters but in some years several may turn up as in 1995.
Trout, BrownSalmo trutta farioAbundant in most Exmoor waters.
Trout, RainbowSalmo gairdneriOccasionally escapes from fish farms and reservoir stock.
Trout, SeaSalmo truttaRegular runs up the larger rivers.
TurbotScophthalmus maximusCommon in season.
Twaite ShadAlosa fallaxRare.
Weever, LesserTrachinus viperaScarce.
WhitingMerlangius merlangusCommon in season.
Wrasse, BallanLabrus bergyltaScarce.
Wrasse, CuckooLabrus mixtusScarce.

Fleas: Updated to May 2020

mammal fleaPalaeopsylla soricis soricisVery common on pygmy and common shrews.
badger fleaParaceras melis melisCommon on badgers, also foxes. Occasionally stray on dogs.
grey squirrel fleaOrchopeas howardi howardiIts main host is the grey squirrel with which it wasûintroduced.
Moorhen fleaDasypsyllus gallinulae gallinulaeA common nest parasite of passerines that build their nests in low positions.
bird fleaCeratophyllus gareiIn nests in damp places or a little above the ground.
hen fleaCeratophyllus gallinae gallinaeThe commonest nest parasite throughout the country. Prefers relatively dry nests.
human fleaPulex irritansMuch less common than formerly.
hedgehog fleaArchaeopsylla erinacei erinaceiCommon on hedgehogs.
dog fleaCtenocephalides canisCommon.
cat fleaCtenocephalides felis felisCommon.
rabbit fleaSpilopsyllus cuniculiThe vector of myxomatosis. Strays found on other mammals.
Includes: Slime Moulds, Rusts & Smuts, Ascomycetes & Basidiomycetes

Updated to April 2020

Amaurochaete atra (Alb. & Schwein.) Rostaf.Slime Moulds
Arcyria cinerea (Bull.) Pers.Slime Moulds
Arcyria denudata (L.) Wettst.Slime Moulds
Arcyria ferruginea Saut.Slime Moulds
Arcyria incarnata (Pers.) Pers.Slime Moulds
Arcyria nutans (Bull.) Grev.Slime Moulds
Arcyria oerstedtii Rostaf.Slime Moulds
Arcyria pomiformis (Leers) Rostaf.Slime Moulds
Arcyodes incarnata (Alb. & Schwein.) O. F. CookSlime Moulds
Badhamia affinis Rostaf.Slime Moulds
Badhamia nitens Berk. & BroomeSlime Moulds
Badhamia panicea (Fr.) Rostaf.Slime Moulds
Botrytis cinerea Pers.Grey MouldSlime Moulds
Calomyxa metallica (Berk.) Nieuwl.Slime Moulds
Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa (O. F. Müll.) T. Macbr.Coral Slime MouldSlime Moulds
Clastoderma debaryanum A. BlyttSlime Moulds
Collaria arcyrionema (Rostaf.) Nann.-Bremek.Slime Moulds
Collaria elegans (Racib.) Dhillon & Nann.-Bremek. ex IngSlime Moulds
Collaria lurida (G. Lister) Nann.-Bremek.Slime Moulds
Collaria rubens (Lister) Nann.-Brermek.Slime Moulds
Colloderma oculatum (C. Lippert) G. ListerSlime Moulds
Comatricha laxa Rostaf.Slime Moulds
Comatricha nigra (Pers.) J. Schröt.Slime Moulds
Comatricha pulchella (C. Bab.) Rostaf.Slime Moulds
Comatricha tenerrima (M. A. Curtis) G. ListerSlime Moulds
Craterium aureum (Schumach.) Rostaf.Slime Moulds
Craterium leucocephalum (Pers.) DitmarSlime Moulds
Crateriumaterium minutum (Leers) Fr.Slime Moulds
Craterium muscorum IngSlime Moulds
Cribraria argillacea (Pers.) Pers.Slime Moulds
Cribraria aurantiaca Schrad.Slime Moulds
Cribraria cancellata (Batsch) Nann.-Bremek.Slime Moulds
Cribraria piriformis Schrad.Slime Moulds
Cribraria rufa (Roth) Rostaf.Slime Moulds
Diachea leucopodia (Bull.) Rostaf.Slime Moulds
Dianema corticatum ListerSlime Moulds
Dianema depressum (Lister) ListerSlime Moulds
Dianema harveyi Rex.Slime Moulds
Dianema repens G. Lister & CranSlime Moulds
Dictydiaethalium plumbeum (Schumach.) Rostaf. ex ListerSlime Moulds
Diderma asteroides (Lister & G. Lister) G. ListerSlime Moulds
Diderma effusum (Schwein.) MorganSlime Moulds
Diderma floriforme (Bull.) Pers.Slime Moulds
Diderma haemisphaericum (Bull.) Hornem.Slime Moulds
Diderma niveum (Rostaf.) T. Macbr.Slime Moulds
Diderma ochraceum Hoffm.Slime Moulds
Diderma radiatum (Rostaf.) MorganSlime Moulds
Diderma spumarioides (Fr.) Fr.Slime Moulds
Didymium clavus (Alb. & Schwein.) Rabenh.Slime Moulds
Didymium difforme (Pers.) GraySlime Moulds
Didymium dubium Rostaf.Slime Moulds
Didymium melanospermum (Pers.) T. Macbr.Slime Moulds
Didymium nigripes (Link) Fr.Slime Moulds
Didymium squamulosum (Alb. & Schwein.) Fr.Slime Moulds
Elaeomyxa cerifera G. ListerSlime Moulds
Enerthenema papillatum (Pers.) Rostaf.Slime Moulds
Fuligo cinerea (Schwein.) MorganSlime Moulds
Fuligo muscorum Alb. & Schwein.Slime Moulds
Fuligo septica (L.) F. H. WiggDog Vomit Slime MouldSlime Moulds
Hemitrichia clavata (Pers.) Rostaf.Slime Moulds
Hemitrichia minor G. ListerSlime Moulds
Lamproderma arcyrioides (Sommerf.) Rostaf.Slime Moulds
Lamproderma columbinum (Pers.) Rostaf.Slime Moulds
Lamproderma scintillans (Berk. & Broome) MorganSlime Moulds
Leocarpus fragilis (Dicks) Rostaf.Slime Moulds
Lepidoderma tigrinum (Dicks) Rostaf.Slime Moulds
Leptoderma iridescens G. ListerSlime Moulds
Licea operculata (Wingate) G. W. MartinSlime Moulds
Licea variabilis Schrad.Slime Moulds
Lycogala epidendrum (J. C. Buxb. ex L.) Fr.Wolf’s Milk Slime MouldSlime Moulds
Lycogala terrestre Fr.Slime Moulds
Metatrichia floriformis (Schwein.) Nann.-Bremek.Slime Moulds
Metatrichia vesparium (Batsch) Nann.-Bremek. ex G. W. Martin & Alexop.Multigoblet Slime MouldSlime Moulds
Mucilago crustacea P. Micheli ex F. H. WiggDog Sick Slime MouldSlime Moulds
Perichaena corticalis (Batsch) Rostaf.Slime Moulds
Perichaena depressa Lib.Slime Moulds
Perichaena vermicularis (Schwein.) Rostaf.Slime Moulds
Physarum bitectum G. ListerSlime Moulds
Physarum bivalve Pers.Slime Moulds
Physarum compressum Alb. & Schwein.Slime Moulds
Physarum conglomeratum (Fr.) Rostaf.Slime Moulds
Physarum contextum (Pers.) Pers.Slime Moulds
Physarum leucopus LinkSlime Moulds
Physarum luteoalbum Lister & G. ListerSlime Moulds
Physarum nucleatum RexSlime Moulds
Physarum nutans Pers.Slime Moulds
Physarum ovisporum G. ListerSlime Moulds
Physarum psittacinum DitmarSlime Moulds
Physarum pusillum (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) G. ListerSlime Moulds
Physarum straminipes ListerSlime Moulds
Physarum utriculare (Bull.) Chevall.Slime Moulds
Physarum vernum Sommerf.Slime Moulds
Physarum virescens DitmarSlime Moulds
Physarum viride (Bull.) Pers.Slime Moulds
Prototrichia metallica (Berk.) MasseeSlime Moulds
Reticularia liceoides (Lister) Nann.-Bremek.Slime Moulds
Reticularia lycoperdon Bull.False PuffballSlime Moulds
Stemonitis ferruginea Ehrenb.Slime Moulds
Stemonitis flavogenita E. JahnSlime Moulds
Stemonitis fusca RothSlime Moulds
Stemonitis herbatica PeckSlime Moulds
Stemonitis splendens Rostaf.Slime Moulds
Stemonitopsis hyperopta (Meyl.) Nann.-Bremek.Slime Moulds
Stemonitopsis typhina (F. H. Wigg) Nann.-Bremek.Slime Moulds
Symphytocarpus confluens (Cooke & Ellis) Ing & Nann.-Bremek.Slime Moulds
Trichia affinis de BarySlime Moulds
Trichia botrytis (Pers.) Pers.Slime Moulds
Trichia contorta G. H. OtthSlime Moulds
Trichia contorta var karstenii (Rostaf.) IngSlime Moulds
Trichia decipiens (Pers.) T. Macbr.Slime Moulds
Trichia favoginea (Batsch) Pers.Slime Moulds
Trichia persimilis P. Karst.Slime Moulds
Trichia scabra Rostaf.Slime Moulds
Trichia varia (Pers.) Pers.Slime Moulds
Tubifera ferruginosa (Batsch) J. F. Gmel.Red Raspberry Slime MouldSlime Moulds
Pilaira anomala (Ces.) J. Schröt.Zygomycetes
Pilobolus crystallinus (F. H. Wigg) TodeDung CannonZygomycetes
Pilobolus kleinii TieghZygomycetes
Rhizopus stolonifera (Ehrenb.) Vuill.Common Pin MouldZygomycetes
Entomophthora muscae (Cohn) FresenZombie Fly FungusZygomycetes
Coleosporium euphrasiae (Schumach.) G. WinterPinus/Orobanchaceae (Broomrapes)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Coleosporium melampyri (Rebent.) Kleb.Melampyrum (Cow wheat) /PinusPucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Coleosporium senecionis (Schumach.) Rabenh.Senecio vulgaris (Common Groundsel)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Coleosporium sonchi-arvensis (Pers.) Lév.Pinus / Compositae (Asters, daisies)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Coleosporium tussilaginis (Pers.) Lév.Tussilago farfara & Petasites hybridusPucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Cronartium quercuum (Berk.) Miyabe ex ShiraiQuercus ilex (Holm Oak)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Kuehneola uredinis (Link) ArthurRubus (Pale Bramble Rust)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Melampsora caprearum Thüm.SalixPucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Melampsora epitea Thüm.Euonymus (Spindle)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Melampsora euphorbiae (Ficinus & C. Schub.) CastagneEuphorbia (Spurges)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Melampsora hypericorum (DC.) J. Schröt.Hypericum androsaemum (Tutsan Rust)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Melampsora lini (Ehrenb.) Thüm.Linum catharticum (Fairy Flax)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Melampsora populnea (Pers.) P. Karst.Mercurialis perennis (Dog’s Mercury Rust)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Melampsoridium betulinum (Pers.) Kleb.Betula (Birch Rust)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Melampsorella caryophyllacearum (DC.) J. Schröt.Teleutospores: Cirsium vul. & Stellaria hol.Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Milesina blechni (Syd. & P. Syd.) Arthur ex FaullBlechnum spicant (Hard-fern)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Milesina dieteliana (Syd. & P. Syd.) MagnusPolypody (Polypody fern)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Milesina kriegeriana (Magnus) MagnusVarious plantsPucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Milesina scolopendrii (Fuckel) JaapPhyllitis vulgare (Hartstongue fern)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Miyagia pseudosphaeria (Mont.) Jørst.Sonchus (Sowthistle)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Naohidemyces vacinii (Jørst.) S. Sato, Katsuya & Y. Hirats. Ex Vanderweyen & FraitureVaccinium myrtilis (Whortleberry)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Phragmidium bulbosum (Fr.) Schltdl.Rubus (Bramble)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Phragmidium fragariae (Rabenh.) RossmanPotentilla sterilis (Barren Strawberry)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Phragmidium mucronatum (Pers.) Schltdl.Rosa (Roses)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Phragmidium rubi-idaei (DC.) P. Karst.Rubus idaeus (Raspberry)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Phragmidium sanguisorbae (DC.) J. Schröt.Sanguisorba minor (Salad Burnet)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Phragmidium violaceum (Schultz) Brockm.Rubus fruticosus (Violet Bramble Rust)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia acetosae (Schumach.) Körn.Rumex acetosa (Sorrel)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia adoxae R. Hedw.Adoxa moschatellina (Moschatel)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia albescens (Grev.) Plowr.Adoxa moschatellina (Moschatel)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia annularis (F. Strauss) G. WinterStellaria (Stitchwort) and other CaryophyllaceaePucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia brachypodii Otth.Brachypodium (Wood false-brome)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia calcitrapae DC.Cirsium, Arctium (Thistles, Burdock)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia caricina var ribesii-pendulae (Hasler) D. Hend.Sedge RustPucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia circaeae Pers.Circaea lutetiana (Enchanter’s Nightshade)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia cnici-oleracei Pers.Achillea, Chrysanthemum & other CompositaePucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia conii (F. Strauss) FuckelConium maculatum (Hemlock)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia coronata CordaUredospores upon various grassesPucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia crepidicola Syd. & P. Syd.Crepis sp. (Hawksbeard)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia difformis KunzeGalium aparine (Cleavers)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia dioicae MagnusAecidia on Taraxacum (Dandelion)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia epilobii DC.Epilobium palustre (Bog Willowherb)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia fergussonii Berk. & BroomeViola palustris (Marsh Violet)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia festucae Plowr.Teleutospores on Sheep’s FescuePucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia glechomatis DC.Glechoma hederacea (Ground Ivy Rust)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia glomerata Grev.Senecio spp. (Ragworts)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia graminis Pers.Dactylis glomerata (Cocksfoot grass)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia hieracii (Röhl.) H. Mart.Composites: Taraxacum, Hieracium, Centaurea etc.Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia iridis Wallr.Iris spp. (Stinking & Garden)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia lagenophorae CookeSenecio spp. (Groundsel, Ragwort: Daisy Rust)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia lapsanae FuckelLapsana communis (Nipplewort)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia luzulae Lib.Luzula pilosa (Hairy Woodrush)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia maculosa Schwein.Mycelis muralis (Wall Lettuce)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia malvacearum Bertero ex Mont.Malva sylvestris (Common Mallow: Mallow Rust)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia menthae Pers.Mentha spp. (Mints)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia moliniae Tul.Molinia caerulea (Purple Moor-grass Rust)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia nitida (F. Strauss) Röhl.Aethusa cyapium (Fool’s Parsley) also Garden ParsleyPucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia obscura J. Schröt.Aecidia on Bellis perennis; teleutospores on LuzulaPucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia oxalidis Dietel & EllisOxalis corniculata (Pink Oxalis)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia phragmitis (Schumach.) Tul.Aecidia on Rumex; teleutospores on Phragmites (Reed Rust)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia pimpinellae (F. Strauss) LinkPimpinella saxifraga (Burnet Saxifrage)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia poarum NielsenAecidia on Tussilago; teleutospores on Poa (Meadow-grass)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia polygoni-amphibii Pers.Persicaria (Red-leg)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia primulae (DC.) DubyPrimula vulgaris (Primrose)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia pulverulenta Grev.Epilobium spp. (Willowherbs)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia punctata Link.Galium spp. (mainly Bedstraws)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia punctiformis (F. Strauss) Röhl.Cirsium arvense (Creeping Thistle: Thistle Rust)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia recondita Roberge ex Desm.Agropyrum (Couch Grass)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia saniculae Grev.Sanicula europaea (Sanicle)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia behenis G. H. Otth.Silene spp. (Campions)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia smyrnii Biv.Smyrnium olusatrum (Alexanders Rust)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia tanaceti DC.Artemisia absinthium (Wormwood)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia tumida Grev.Aegopodium podograria (Ground Elder)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia umbilici GuépinUmbilicus rupestris (Wall Pennywort)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia veronicae (Schumach.) G. WinterMilesina kriegeriana (Magnus) MagnusPucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia vincae (DC.) Berk.Vinca major (Greater Periwinkle: Periwinkle Rust)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia violae DC.Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Puccinia virgae-aureae (DC.) Lib.UromyPucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Pucciniastrum agrimoniae (Dietel) TranzschelAgrimonia procera (Agrimony)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Pucciniastrum circaeae (Schumach.) Speg.Circaea lutetiana (Enchanter’s Nightshade)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Pucciniastrum epilobii G. H. Otth.On/with Epilobium palustre leaves (living) (Marsh Willowherb)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Pucciniastrum guttatum (J. Schröt.) Hyl., Jørst. & Nannf.Sherardia arvensis (Field Madder)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Pucciniastrum symphyti (DC.) McKenzie & PadamseeSymphytum (Comfrey)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Trachyspora alchemillae (Pers.) FuckelAlchemilla spp. (Lady’s Mantle)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Tranzschelia discolor (Fuckel) Tranzschel & M. A. Litv.Prunus spinosa (Blackthorn) & Anemone fulgensPucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Triphragmium ulmariae (DC.) LinkFilipendula ulmaria (Meadowsweet Rust)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Uromyces acetosae J. Schröt.Rumex acetosa (Sorrel)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Uromyces anthyllidis (Grev.) J. Schröt.Anthyllis vulneraria (Kidney Vetch)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Uromyces armeriae (Schltdl.) Lév.Armeria maritima (Thrift)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Uromyces beticola (Bellynck) Boerema, Loer.& HamersBeta (Beet)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Uromyces dactylidis Otth.Aecidia on Ranunculus spp; teleutospores on grasses: Celandine Clustercup RustPucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Uromyces dianthi (Pers.) Niessl.Garden carnations (Dianthus)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Uromyces ervi Westend.Vicia hirsuta (Hairy Tare)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Uromyces ficariae (Schumach.) Lév.Ranunculus ficaria (Lesser Celandine): Bitter Chocolate RustPucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Uromyces geranii (DC.) Fr.Geranium lucidumPucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Uromyces muscari Lév.Hyacinthoides: Muscari (Bluebell, Grape Hyacinth): Bluebell RustPucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Uromyces nerviphilus (Grognot) HotsonVarious plantsPucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Uromyces pisi-sativi (Pers.) LiroTrifolium spp. (Clovers)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Uromyces polygoni-avicularis (Pers.) G. H. Otth.Various arable weedsPucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Uromyces rumicis (Schumach.) G. WinterRumex spp. (Docks)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Uromyces salicorniae de BarySalicornia spp. (Glasswort)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Uromyces sparsus (Kuntze & J. C. Schmidt) CookeSpergularia marinaPucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Uromyces transversalis (Thum,) G. WinterGladiolus rustPucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Uromyces trifolii (R. Hedw. ex DC.) Lév.Trifolium repens (White Clover)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Uromyces valerianae FuckelValeriana officinalis (Valerian)Pucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Uromyces viciae-fabae var viciae-fabae P. Karst.Various legumesPucciniales (Rust Fungi)
Farysia theumenii (A.A. Fisch. Waldh.) Nannf.Dsedge flower smut fungusUstilaginales (Smut Fungi)
Microbotryum lychnidis-dioicae (DC) G. Deml & Oberw.Campion anther smutUstilaginales (Smut Fungi)
Microbotryum violaceum (Pers.) G. Deml & Oberw.Common on Silene alba (White Campion): Purple Anther SmutUstilaginales (Smut Fungi)
Acanthophiobolus helicosporus (Berk. & Broome) J. WalkerAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Aleuria aurantia (Pers.) FuckelOrange Peel FungusAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Anthracobia macrocystis (Cooke) Boud.Charcoal GoldeneyeAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Ascobolus denudatus Fr.Ascomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Ascobolus furfuraceus Pers.Ascomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Ascocoryne sarcoides (Jacq.) J. W. Groves & D. E. WilsonPurple JellydiscAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Ascodichaena rugosa ButinAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Bisporella citrina (Batsch) Korf & S. E. Carp.Lemon DiscoAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Biscogniauxia nummularia (Bull.) KuntzeBeech TarcrustAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Bulgaria inquinans (Pers.) Fr.Black BulgarAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Byssonectria fusispora (Berk.) Rogerson & Korf.Ascomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Cheilymenia granulata (Bull.) J. MoravecAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Cheilymenia stercorea (Pers.) BoudAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Chlorociboria aeruginascens (Nyl.) Kanouse ex C. S. Ramamurthi, Korf & L. R. BatraGreen ElfcupAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Claviceps purpurea (Fr.) Tul.Ergot/Purple Moor-grass ErgotAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Cordyceps militaris (L.) Fr.Scarlet Caterpillar FungusAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Cudoniella acicularis (Bull.) J. SchötOak PinAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Cudoniella clavus (Alb. & Schwein.) DennisSpring PinAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Daldinia concentrica (Bolton) Ces. & De Not.Cramp Ball/King Alfred’s CakesAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Daldinia fissa LloydGorse Cramp BallAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Dialonectria episphaeria (Tode) CookeAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Diatrype disciformis (Hoffm.) Fr.Beech BarkspotAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Diatrype stigma (Hoffm.) Fr.Common TarcrustAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Diatrypella favacea (Fr.) Ces. & De Not.Birch BlackheadAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Diatrypella quercina (Pers.) CookeOak BlackheadAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Disciotis venosa (Pers.) ArnouldBleach CupAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Echinosphaeria canescens (Pers.) A. N. Mill & HuhndorfAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Elaphomyces granulatus Fr.False TruffleAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Epichloë typhina (Pers.) Tul. & C. Tul.ChokeAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Erysiphe alphitoides (Griffon & Maubi) U.Braun & S.TakamOakleaf Powdery MildewAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Erysiphe aquilegiae DC.A Powdery MildewAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Erysirphe circaeae L.JunellA Powdery MildewAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Erysiphe hyperici (Wallr.) S. BlumerA Powdery MildewAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Erysiphe lycopsidis R.Y. Zheng & G.Q.ChenA Powdery MildewAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Erysiphe mougeotii (Lev.) de BaryA Powdery MildewAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Erysiphe trifoliorum (Wallr.) U. BraunA Powdery MildewAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Eutypa maura (Fr.) Sacc.Ascomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Eutypa spinosa (Pers.) Tul. & C. Tul.Spiral TarcrustAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Geoglossum atropurpureum (Batsch) Pers. (BAP)Dark Purple EarthtongueAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Geoglossum fallax E. J. Durandan EarthtongueAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Geoglossum peckianum CookeSlimy EarthtongueAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Geopora sumneriana (Cooke) M. TorreCedar CupAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Glutinoglossum glutinosum (Pers.) Hustad, A. N. Mill, Dentinger & P. F. CannonGlutinous EarthtongueAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Golovinomyces artemisiae (Grev.) V.P. HelutaA Powdery MildewAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Golovinomyces cichoracearum (DC) V.P. HelutaA Powdery MildewAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Golovinomyces cynoglossi (Wallr.) V.P. HelutaForget-me-not Powdery MildewAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Golovinomyces orontii (Castagne) V.P. HelutaA Powdery MildewAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Helvella crispa (Scop.) Fr.White SaddleAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Helvella elastica Bull.Elastic SaddleAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Helvella ephippium Lév.Ascomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Helvella lacunosa Afzel.Elfin SaddleAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Humaria hemisphaerica (F. H. Wigg) FuckelGlazed CupAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Hymenoscyphus calyculus (Fr.) W. PhillipsAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Hymenoscyphus epiphyllus (Pers.) Rehm ex KauffmanAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (T. Kowalski) Baral, Queloz & HosoyaAsh Dieback DiseaseAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Hymenoscyphus fructigenus (Bull.) GrayNut DiscoAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Hymenoscyphus humuli (Lasch) DennisAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Hymenoscyphus pileatus (P. Karst.) KuntzeAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Hymenoscyphus scutula (Pers.) W. PhillipsAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Hypomyces aurantius (Pers.) FuckelOrange Polypore MouldAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Hypomyces chrysospermus Tul. & C. Tul.Bolete MouldAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Hypomyces rosellus (Alb. & Schwein.) Tul. & C. Tul.Pink Polypore MouldAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Hypoxylon fragiforme (Pers.) J. Kickx f.Beech WoodwartAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Hypoxylon fuscum (Pers.) Fr.Hazel WoodwartAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Hypoxylon howeanum PeckAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Hypoxylon rubiginosum (Pers.) Fr.Rusty WoodwartAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Jackrogersella multiformis (Fr.) L. Wendt, Kuhnert & M. StadlerBirch WoodwartAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Kretzschmaria deusta (Hoffm.) P. M. D. MartinBrittle CinderAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Lachnellula occidentalis (G. G. Hahn & Ayers) DhameLarch DiscoAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Lachnum brevipilosum Baral.Ascomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Lachnum virgineum (Batsch) P. Karst.Snowy DiscoAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Lasiobolus papillatus (Pers.) Sacc.Ascomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Lasiosphaeria ovina (Pers.) Ces. & De Not.Woolly WoodwartAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Leotia lubrica (Scop.) Pers.JellybabyAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Lophodermium pinastri (Schrad.) Chevall.Pine Needle SplitAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Microglossum viride (Pers.) GilletGreen EarthtongueAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Mitrula paludosa Fr.Bog BeaconAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Mollisia cinerea (Batsch) P. Karst.Common Grey DiscoAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Monilinia fructigena (Aderhold & Ruhland) HoneyBrown RotAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Morchella esculenta (L.) Pers.Yellow MorelAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Myriosclerotinia sulcatula T. Schumach & L. M. KohnSedge FungusAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Nectria cinnabarina (Tode) Fr.Ascomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Nemania confluens (Tode) Laessøe & Spooneron Quercus lignumAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Nemania effusa (Nitschke) PouzarAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Nemania serpens (Pers.) GrayAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Neobulgaria pura (Pers.) Petr.Beech JellydiscAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Neoerysiphe galeopsidis (DC) U.BraunMint MildewAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Neotiella rutilans (Fr.) DennisAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Onygena corvina Alb. & Schwein.Feather StalkballAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Onygena equina (Willd.) Pers.Horn StalkballAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Ophiocordyceps sphecocephala (Klotzch ex Berk) G. H. Sung, J. M. Sung, Hywel-Jones & SpataforaAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Ophiognomonia leptostyla (Fr.) SogonovWalnut Leaf BlotchAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Ophiostoma ulmi (Buisman) Nannf.Dutch Elm DiseaseAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Otidea alutacea (Pers.) MasseeTan EarAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Otidea bufonia (Pers.) Boud.Toad’s EarAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Otidea leporina (Batsch) FuckelRabbit’s EarAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Otidea onotica (Pers.) FuckelHare’s EarAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Penicillium digitatum Sacc.Green MouldAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Peroneutypa scoparia (Schwein.) Camarán & A. I. Romeropathogenic dieback diseaseAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Peziza badia Pers.Bay CupAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Peziza echinospora P. Karst.Charcoal CupAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Peroneutypa cerea SowerbyCellar CupAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Peroneutypa merdae DonadinirareAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Peroneutypa repanda Wahlenb.Palomino CupAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Peroneutypa succosa Berk.Yellowing CupAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Peroneutypa vesiculosa Bull.Blistered CupAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Peroneutypa queletii Medardi, Lantieri & CacialliAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Phaeohelotium carneum (Fr.) Hengstm.Ascomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Phyllactinia guttata (Wallr.) Lev.Hazel Powdery MildewAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Poronia punctata (L.) Fr. (BAP)Nail FungusAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Rhizina undulata Fr.Pine FirefungusAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Rhytisma acerinum (Pers.) P. Karst.Sycamore TarspotAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Rhopographus filicinus (Fr.) Nitschke ex FuckelBracken MapAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Rodwayella cintrinula (P. Karst.) SpoonerAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Rutstroemia firma (Pers.) P. Karst.Brown CupAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Ruzenia spermoides (Hoffm.) O. HilberAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Sarcoscypha austriaca (Beck ex Sacc.) Boud.Scarlet Elf CupAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Sarcoscypha coccinea (Gray) Boud.Ruby Elf CupAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Scutellinia scutellata (L.) LambotteCommon EyelashAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Scutularia citrina (Chevall.) Sacc.Ascomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Seifertia azaleae (Peck) Partr. & Morgan-JonesRhododendron Bud BlastAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Sowerbyella radiculata (Sowerby) Nannf.Ascomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Taphrina betulina Rostr.Birch BesomAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Taphrina deformans (Berk.) Tul.Peach Leaf CurlAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Taphrina pruni (Fuckel) Tul.Pocket PlumAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Tarzetta catinus (Holmsk.) Korf & J. K. RogersGreater Toothed CupAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Tarzetta cupularis (L.) SvrčekToothed CupAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Trichoderma pulvinatum (Fuckel) Jakitsch & VoglmayrOchre CushionAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Trichoglossum hirsutum (Pers.) Boud.Hairy EarthtongueAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Trichophaea woolhopeia (Cooke & W. Phillips) Boud.Ascomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Trochila ilacina (Nees ex Fr.) Courtec.Holly SpeckleAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Xylaria carpophila (Pers.) Fr.Beechmast CandlesnuffAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Xylaria filiformis (Alb. & Schwein.) Fr.Ascomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Xylaria hypoxylon (L.) Grev.Candlesnuff FungusAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Xylaria longipes NitschkeDead Moll’s FingersAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Xylaria polymorpha (Pers.) Grev.Dead Man’s FingersAscomycota (Ascomycetes) – Cup Fungi
Agaricus abruptibulbus PeckBasidiomycetes
Agaricus arvensis Schaeff.Horse MushroomBasidiomycetes
Agaricus augustus Fr.The PrinceBasidiomycetes
Agaricus bernardii Quél.Salty MushroomBasidiomycetes
Agaricus bisporus (J. E. Lange) ImbachCultivated MushroomBasidiomycetes
Agaricus bitorquis (Quél.) Sacc.Pavement MushroomBasidiomycetes
Agaricus bresadolanus BohusBasidiomycetes
Agaricus campestris L.Field MushroomBasidiomycetes
Agaricus comtulus Fr.Ornamented MushroomBasidiomycetes
Agaricus cupreobrunneus (Jul. Schäff. & Steer) PilátCopper MushroomBasidiomycetes
Agaricus dulcidulus SchulzerRosy Wood MushroomBasidiomycetes
Agaricus fuscofibrillosus (F. H. Møller) PilátBasidiomycetes
Agaricus impudicus (Rea) PilátTufted Wood MushroomBasidiomycetes
Agaricus lanipes (F. H. Møller & Jul. Schäff.) HlaváčekThe PrincessBasidiomycetes
Agaricus langei (F. H. Møller) F. H. MøllerScaly Wood MushroomBasidiomycetes
Agaricus lutosus F. H. MøllerBasidiomycetes
Agaricus moelleri WasserInky MushroomBasidiomycetes
Agaricus phaeolepidotus F. H. MøllerBasidiomycetes
Agaricus porphyrocephalus F. H. MøllerBasidiomycetes
Agaricus sylvaticus Schaeff.Blushing Wood MushroomBasidiomycetes
Agaricus sylvicola (Vittad) PeckWood MushroomBasidiomycetes
Agaricus urinascens (Jul. Schäff. & F. H. Møller) SingerMacro MushroomBasidiomycetes
Agaricus xanthodermus Genev.Yellow StainerBasidiomycetes
Agrocybe molesta (Lasch) SingerBearded FieldcapBasidiomycetes
Agrocybe pediades (Fr.) FayodCommon FieldcapBasidiomycetes
Agrocybe semiorbicularis (Bull.) FayodCommon FieldcapBasidiomycetes
Amanita ceciliae (Berk. & Broome) BasSnakeskin GrisetteBasidiomycetes
Amanita citrina Pers.False DeathcapBasidiomycetes
Amanita crocea (Quél.) SingerOrange GrisetteBasidiomycetes
Amanita echinocephala (Vittad) Quél.Solitary AmanitaBasidiomycetes
Amanita excelsa (Fr.) Bertill.Grey-spotted AmanitaBasidiomycetes
Amanita franchettii (Boud) FayodBasidiomycetes
Amanita fulva Fr.Tawny GrisetteBasidiomycetes
Amanita muscaria (L.) Lam.Fly AgaricBasidiomycetes
Amanita pantherina (DC.) Krombh.Panther CapBasidiomycetes
Amanita phalloides (Vaill. ex Fr.) LinkDeath CapBasidiomycetes
Amanita porphyria Alb. & Schwein.Grey-Veiled AmanitaBasidiomycetes
Amanita rubescens Pers.The BlusherBasidiomycetes
Amanita submembranacea (Bon) GrögerBasidiomycetes
Amanita vaginata (Bull.) Lam.GrisetteBasidiomycetes
Ampulloclitocybe clavipes (Pers.) Redhead, Lutzoni, Moncalvo & VilgalysClubfootBasidiomycetes
Antrodia albida (Fr.) DonkBasidiomycetes
Antrodia xantha (Fr.) RyvardenYellow CrustBasidiomycetes
Armillaria gallica Marxm. & Romagn.Bulbous Honey FungusBasidiomycetes
Armillaria mellea (Vahl.) P. Kumm.Honey FungusBasidiomycetes
Armillaria ostoyae (Romagn.) Herink.Dark Honey FungusBasidiomycetes
Arrhenia acerosa (Fr.) KühnerMoss OysterlingBasidiomycetes
Arrhenia griseopallida (Desm.) WatlingBasidiomycetes
Arrhenia retiruga (Bull.) RedheadSmall Moss OysterlingBasidiomycetes
Asterophora parasitica (Bull.) SingerSilky PiggybackBasidiomycetes
Atheniella flavoalba (Fr.) Redhead, Moncalvo, Vilgalys, Desjardin & B. A. PerryIvory BonnetBasidiomycetes
Atractosporocybe inornata (Sowerby) P. Alvarado, G. Moreno & VizziniBasidiomycetes
Aurantiporus fissilis (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) H. Jahn ex RyvardenGreasy BracketBasidiomycetes
Aureoboletus gentilis (Quél.) PouzarGilded BoleteBasidiomycetes
Auricularia auricula-judae (Bull.) Quél.Jelly EarBasidiomycetes
Auricularia mesenterica (Dicks.) Pers.Tripe FungusBasidiomycetes
Auriscalpium vulgare GrayEarpick FungusBasidiomycetes
Baeospora myosura (Fr.) SingerPinecone FungusBasidiomycetes
Battarrea phalloides (Dicks.) Pers. (BAP)Sandy StiltballBasidiomycetes
Bjerkandera adusta (Willd.) P. Karst.Smoky BracketBasidiomycetes
Bogbodia uda (Pers.) RedheadPeat BrownieBasidiomycetes
Bolbitius reticulatus (Pers.) RickenNetted FieldcapBasidiomycetes
Bolbitius titubans (Bull.) Fr.Yellow FieldcapBasidiomycetes
Boletus edulis Bull.Penny Bun or CepBasidiomycetes
Boletus reticulatus Schaeff.Summer BoleteBasidiomycetes
Boletus subtomentosus L.Suede BoleteBasidiomycetes
Bonomyces sinopicus (Fr.) VizziniSpring FunnelBasidiomycetes
Bovista nigrescens Pers.Brown PuffballBasidiomycetes
Bovista plumbea Pers.Grey PuffballBasidiomycetes
Bovistella utriformis (Bull.) Demoulin & RebrievMosaic PuffballBasidiomycetes
Butyriboletus appendiculatus (Schaeff.) D. Arora & J. L. FrankOak BoleteBasidiomycetes
Byssomerulius corium (Pers.) ParmastoNetted CrustBasidiomycetes
Caloboletus calopus (Pers.) VizziniBitter Beech BoleteBasidiomycetes
Caloboletus radicans (Pers.) VizziniRooting BoleteBasidiomycetes
Calocera cornea (Batsch.) Fr.Small StagshornBasidiomycetes
Calocera furcata (Fr.) Fr.Forked StagshornBasidiomycetes
Calocera glossoides (Pers.) Fr.Basidiomycetes
Calocera pallidospathulata D. A. ReidPale StagshornBasidiomycetes
Calocera viscosa (Pers.) Fr.Yellow StagshornBasidiomycetes
Calocybe carnea (Bull.) DonkPink DomecapBasidiomycetes
Calocybe gambosa (Fr.) DonkSt. George’s MushroomBasidiomycetes
Calvatia gigantea (Batsch.) LloydGiant PuffballBasidiomycetes
Cantharellus amethysteus (Quél.) Sacc.Amethyst ChanterelleBasidiomycetes
Cantharellus cibarius Fr.ChanterelleBasidiomycetes
Cantharellus cinereus (Pers.) Fr.Ashen ChanterelleBasidiomycetes
Cantharellus ferruginascens P. D. OrtonPale ChanterelleBasidiomycetes
Cantharellus friesii Quél. (BAP)Orange ChanterelleBasidiomycetes
Carcinomyces polyporinus (D. A. Reid) YurkovBasidiomycetes
Ceriporia reticulata (Hoffm.) DomańskiBasidiomycetes
Cerioporus leptocephalus (Jacq.) Zmitr.Blackfoot PolyporeBasidiomycetes
Cerioporus mollis (Sommerf.) Zmitr. & KovalenkoCommon MazegillBasidiomycetes
Chalciporus piperatus (Bull.) BataillePeppery BoleteBasidiomycetes
Chlorophyllum rhacodes (Vittad.) VellingaShaggy ParasolBasidiomycetes
Chondrostereum purpureum (Pers.) PouzarSilver Leaf FungusBasidiomycetes
Chromocyphella galeata (Schumach.) W. B. CookeBasidiomycetes
Chromosera citrinopallida (A. H. Sm. & Hesler) Vizzini & ErcoleArched WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Chroogomphus rutilus (Schaeff) O. K. Mill.Copper SpikeBasidiomycetes
Clathrus archerii (Berk.) DringDevil’s FingersBasidiomycetes
Clathrus ruber P. Micheli ex Pers.Red Cage FungusBasidiomycetes
Clavaria argillacea Pers.Moor ClubBasidiomycetes
Clavaria fragilis Holmsk.White SpindlesBasidiomycetes
Clavaria fumosa Pers.Smoky SpindlesBasidiomycetes
Clavaria rosea Fr.Rosy SpindlesBasidiomycetes
Clavaria zollingeri Lév.Violet CoralBasidiomycetes
Clavulina cinerea (Bull.) J. Schröt.Grey CoralBasidiomycetes
Clavulina coralloides (L.) J. Schröt.Crested CoralBasidiomycetes
Clavulina rugosa (Bull.) J. Schröt.Wrinkled ClubBasidiomycetes
Clavulinopsis umbrinella (Sacc.) CornerBeige CoralBasidiomycetes
Clavulinopsis corniculata (Schaeff.) CornerMeadow CoralBasidiomycetes
Clavulinopsis fusiformis (Sowerby) CornerGolden SpindlesBasidiomycetes
Clavulinopsis helvola (Pers.) CornerYellow ClubBasidiomycetes
Clavulinopsis luteoalba (Rea) CornerApricot ClubBasidiomycetes
Clavulinopsis laeticolor (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) R. H. PetersenHandsome ClubBasidiomycetes
Clitocybe dealbata (Sowerby) P. Kumm.Ivory FunnelBasidiomycetes
Clitocybe fragrans (With.) P. Kumm.Fragrant FunnelBasidiomycetes
Clitocybe gibba (Pers.) P. Kumm.Common FunnelBasidiomycetes
Clitocybe harmajae LamoureBasidiomycetes
Clitocybe metachroa (Fr.) P. Kumm.Twotone FunnelBasidiomycetes
Clitocybe nebularis (Batsch) P. Kumm.Clouded FunnelBasidiomycetes
Clitocybe odora (Bull.) P. Kumm.Aniseed FunnelBasidiomycetes
Clitocybe phaeopthalma (Pers.) KuyperChicken Run FunnelBasidiomycetes
Clitocybe phyllophila (Pers.) P. Kumm.Frosty FunnelBasidiomycetes
Clitocybe rivulosa (Pers.) P. Kumm.Fool’s FunnelBasidiomycetes
Clitopilus pinsitus (Fr.) Joss.Basidiomycetes
Clitopilus prunulus (Scop.) P. Kumm.The MillerBasidiomycetes
Collybia cirrhata (Schumach) Quél.Basidiomycetes
Collybia cookei (Bres.) J. D. ArnoldSplitpea ShankletBasidiomycetes
Collybia tuberosa (Bull.) P. Kumm.Lentil ShankletBasidiomycetes
Coniophora puteana (Schumach.) P. Karst.Wet RotBasidiomycetes
Conocybe apala (Fr.) ArnoldMilky ConecapBasidiomycetes
Conocybe aporos Kits van Wav.Basidiomycetes
Conocybe arrhenii (Fr.) Kits van Wav.Ringed ConecapBasidiomycetes
Conocybe blattaria (Fr.) KühnerBasidiomycetes
Conocybe filaris (Fr.) KühnerFool’s ConecapBasidiomycetes
Conocybe pubescens (Gillet) KühnerDowny ConecapBasidiomycetes
Conocybe pulchella (Velen.) Hauskn. & SvrčekBasidiomycetes
Conocybe rickenii (Jul. Schäff.) KühnerBasidiomycetes
Conocybe semiglobata Kühner & WatlingBasidiomycetes
Conocybe subovalis Kühner & WatlingBasidiomycetes
Conocybe tenera (Schaeff.) FayodBasidiomycetes
Conocybe velutipes (Velen.) Hauskn. & SvrčekFleecyfoot ConecapBasidiomycetes
Conocybe vestita (Fr.) KühnerBasidiomycetes
Connopus acervatus (Fr.) K. W. Hughes, Mather & R. H. PetersenBasidiomycetes
Coprinellus bisporus (J. E. Lange) Vilgalys, Hopple & Jacq. JohnsonTwo-spored InkcapBasidiomycetes
Coprinellus callinus (M. Lange & A. H. Sm.) Vilgalys, Hopple & Jacq. JohnsonBasidiomycetes
Coprinellus disseminatus (Pers.) J. E. LangeFairy InkcapBasidiomycetes
Coprinellus impatiens (Fr.) J. E. LangeBasidiomycetes
Coprinellus micaceus (Bull.) Vilgalys, Hopple & Jacq. JohnsonGlistening InkcapBasidiomycetes
Coprinellus patouillardii (Quél.) GminderBasidiomycetes
Coprinellus pelucidus (P. Karst.) Redhead, Vilgalys & MoncalvoBasidiomycetes
Coprinellus silvaticus (Peck) GminderWoodland InkcapBasidiomycetes
Coprinellus subimpatiens (M. Lange & A. H. Sm.) Redhead, Vilgalys & MoncalvoBasidiomycetes
Coprinellus truncorum (Scop.) Redhead, Vilgalys & MoncalvoBasidiomycetes
Coprinopsis acuminata (Romagn.) Redhead, Vilgalys & MoncalvoHumpback InkcapBasidiomycetes
Coprinopsis atramentaria (Bull.) Redhead, Vilgalys & MoncalvoCommon InkcapBasidiomycetes
Coprinopsis cinerea (Schaeff.) Redhead, Vilgalys & MoncalvoGrey InkcapBasidiomycetes
Coprinopsis echinospora (Buller) Redhead, Vilgalys & MoncalvoWarty InkcapBasidiomycetes
Coprinopsis foetidella (P. D. Orton) A. Ruiz & G. MuñozBasidiomycetes
Coprinopsis lagopus (Fr.) Redhead, Vilgalys & MoncalvoHare’s Foot InkcapBasidiomycetes
Coprinopsis macrocephala (Berk.) Redhead, Vilgalys & MoncalvoBighead InkcapBasidiomycetes
Coprinopsis marcesibilis (Britzelm.) Őrstadius & E. Larss.Basidiomycetes
Coprinopsis nivea (Pers.) Redhead, Vilgalys & MoncalvoSnowy InkcapBasidiomycetes
Coprinopsis picacea (Bull.) Redhead, Vilgalys & MoncalvoMagpie InkcapBasidiomycetes
Coprinopsis pseudoradiata (Kühner & Joss. ex Watling) Redhead, Vilgalys & MoncalvoBasidiomycetes
Coprinopsis radiata (Bolton) Redhead, Vilgalys & MoncalvoBasidiomycetes
Coprinopsis stercorea (Fr.) Redhead, Vilgalys & MoncalvoBasidiomycetes
Coprinus comatus (O. F. Mull.) Pers.Lawyer’s Wig/Shaggy InkcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius acutus (Pers.: Fr.) Fr.Peaked WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius alboviolaceus (Pers.) Fr.Pearly WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius anomalus (Fr.) Fr.Variable WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius armillatus (Fr.) Fr.Red-Banded WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius balteatocumatilis Rob. Henry ex P. D. OrtonBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius basililaceus A. Pearson ex P. D. OrtonBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius bulbosus (Sowerby) GrayBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius bulliardii (Pers.) Fr.Hotfoot WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius brunneus (Pers.) Fr.Basidiomycetes
Cortinarius camphoratus (Fr.) Fr. (Seri./Near Threatened)Goatcheese WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius croceus (Schaeff.) GraySaffron WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius cinnamomeus (L.) GrayCinnamon WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius croceocoeruleus (Pers.) Fr.Basidiomycetes
Cortinarius decipiens (Pers.) Fr.Sepia WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius delibutus Fr.Yellow WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius elatior Fr.Wrinkled WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius evernius (Fr.) Fr.Silky WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius flexipes (Pers.) Fr.Pelargonium WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius fulvosquamulosus P. D. Orton (Rare)Basidiomycetes
Cortinarius hemitrichus (Pers.) Fr.Frosty WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius hinnuleus Fr.Earthy WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius illibatus Fr.Basidiomycetes
Cortinarius infractus (Pers.) Fr.Bitter WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius inolens (H. Lindstr.) BidaudPine Pelargonium WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius malachius (Fr.) Fr.Basidiomycetes
Cortinarius mucifluoides Rob. Henry ex Bidaud, Moënne-Locc. & ReumauxPurple Stocking WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius obtusus (Fr.) Fr.Blunt WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius pholideus (Fr.) Fr.Scaly WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius puniceus P. D. OrtonBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius purpurascens (Fr.) Fr.Bruising WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius purpureus (Pers.) FuckelImperial WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius rheubarbarinus Rob. HenryBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius rubellus Cooke (syn. C. speciosissimus)Deadly WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius sanguineus (Wulfen) GrayBloodred WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius saturninus (Fr.) Fr.Basidiomycetes
Cortinarius semisanguineus (Fr.) GilletSurprise WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius subbalaustinus Rob. HenryBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius tabularis (Fr.) Fr.Basidiomycetes
Cortinarius torvus (Fr.) Fr.Stocking WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius triumphans Fr.Birch WebcapBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius umbrinolens P.D. OrtonBasidiomycetes
Cortinarius variicolor (Pers.) Fr.Contrary WebcapBasidiomycetes
Craterellus cornucopioides (L.) Pers.Horn of PlentyBasidiomycetes
Craterellus lutescens (Fr.) Fr.Golden ChanterelleBasidiomycetes
Craterellus tubaeformis (Fr.) Quél.Trumpet ChanterelleBasidiomycetes
Crepidotus applanatus (Pers.) P. Kumm.Flat OysterlingBasidiomycetes
Crepidotus autochthonus J. E. LangeGrounded OysterlingBasidiomycetes
Crepidotus bresadolae PilátBasidiomycetes
Crepidotus calolepis (Fr.) P. Karst.Basidiomycetes
Crepidotus caspari VelenPale OysterlingBasidiomycetes
Crepidotus cesatii (Rabenh.) Sacc.Roundspored OysterlingBasidiomycetes
Crepidotus epibryus (Fr.) Quél.Grass OysterlingBasidiomycetes
Crepidotus mollis (Schaeff.) StaudePeeling OysterlingBasidiomycetes
Crepidotus variabilis (Pers.) P. Kumm.Variable OysterlingBasidiomycetes
Crucibulum laeve (Huds.) Kambly.Common Bird’s NestBasidiomycetes
Cuphophyllus fornicatus (Fr.) Lodge, Padamsee & VizziniEarthy WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Cuphophyllus lacmus (Schumach.) BonGrey WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Cuphophyllus pratensis (Fr.) BonMeadow WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Cuphophyllus virgineus (Wulfen) KovalenkoSnowy WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Cyanoboletus pulverulentus (Opat.) Gelardi, Vizzini & SimoniniInkstain BoleteBasidiomycetes
Cyathus olla (Batsch) Pers.Field Bird’s NestBasidiomycetes
Cyathus striatus (Huds.) Willd.Fluted Bird’s NestBasidiomycetes
Cyclocybe cylindracea (DC.) Vizzini & AngeliniPoplar FieldcapBasidiomycetes
Cylindrobasidium evolvens (Fr.) JülichTear DropperBasidiomycetes
Cystoderma amianthinum (Scop.) FayodEarthy PowdercapBasidiomycetes
Cystoderma carcharias (Pers.) FayodPearly PowdercapBasidiomycetes
Cystoderma jasonis (Cooke & Massee) HarmajaPine PowdercapBasidiomycetes
Cystodermella granulosa (Batsch) Harmaja (syn. Lepiota granulosa)Basidiomycetes
Cystodermella terryi (Berk. & Broome) BellùBasidiomycetes
Cystolepiota bucknallii (Berk. & Broome) Singer & ClémençonLilac DapperlingBasidiomycetes
Cystolepiota hetieri (Boud.) SingerBasidiomycetes
Cystolepiota pulverulenta (Huijsman) VellingaBasidiomycetes
Cystolepiota seminuda (Lasch) BonBearded DapperlingBasidiomycetes
Cystolepiota sistrata (Fr.) SingerBasidiomycetes
Dacrymyces deliquescens (Bull.) Duby.Basidiomycetes
Dacrymyces stillatus Nees.Common Jelly SpotBasidiomycetes
Daedalea quercina (L.) Pers.Oak MazegillBasidiomycetes
Daedaleopsis confragosa (Botton) J. SchrötBlushing BracketBasidiomycetes
Deconica coprophila (Bull.) P. KarstBasidiomycetes
Deconica montana (Pers.) P. D. OrtonMountain BrownieBasidiomycetes
Dermoloma cuneifolium (Fr.) Singer ex BonCrazed CapBasidiomycetes
Desarmillaria tabescens (Scop.) R. A. Koch & AimeRingless Honey FungusBasidiomycetes
Dichomitis campestris (Quél.) Domański & OrliczHazel PorecrustBasidiomycetes
Ditiola peziziformis (Lév.) D. A. ReidBasidiomycetes
Echinoderma hystrix (F. H. Møller & J. E. Lange) BonBasidiomycetes
Entoloma cetratum (Fr.) M. M. MoserHoney PinkgillBasidiomycetes
Entoloma chalybeum (Pers.) Noordel.Indigo PinkgillBasidiomycetes
Entoloma clypeatum (L.) P. Kumm.Shield PinkgillBasidiomycetes
Entoloma conferendum (Britzelm.) Noordel.Star PinkgillBasidiomycetes
Entoloma corvinum (Kühner) Noordel.Crow PinkgillBasidiomycetes
Entoloma euchroum (Pers.) DonkStump PinkgillBasidiomycetes
Entoloma hebes (Romagn.) TrimbachPimple PinkgillBasidiomycetes
Entoloma hirtipes (Schumach.) M. M. MoserBasidiomycetes
Entoloma incanum (Fr.) HeslerMousepee PinkgillBasidiomycetes
Entoloma lampropus (Fr.) HeslerA pinkgillBasidiomycetes
Entoloma longistriatum (Peck) Noordel.Basidiomycetes
Entoloma lucidum (P. D. Orton) M. M. MoserBasidiomycetes
Entoloma ortonii Arnolds & Noordel.Basidiomycetes
Entoloma papillatum (Bres.) DennisPapillate PinkgillBasidiomycetes
Entoloma pleopodium (Bull.) Noordel.Aromatic PinkgillBasidiomycetes
Entoloma porphyrophaeum (Fr.) P. Karst.Lilac PinkgillBasidiomycetes
Entoloma prunuloides (Fr.) Quél.Mealy PinkgillBasidiomycetes
Entoloma rhodopolium (Fr.) P. Kumm.Wood PinkgillBasidiomycetes
Entoloma sericellum (Fr.) P. Kumm.Cream PinkgillBasidiomycetes
Entoloma serrulatum (Fr.) HeslerBlue Edge PinkgillBasidiomycetes
Entoloma sinuatum (Bull.) P. Kumm.Livid PinkgillBasidiomycetes
Entoloma sordidulum (Kühner & Romagn.) P. D. OrtonBasidiomycetes
Exidia glandulosa (Bull.) Fr.Witches ButterBasidiomycetes
Exidia nigricans (With.) P. RobertsWarlock’s ButterBasidiomycetes
Exidia thuretiana (Lév.) Fr.White BrainBasidiomycetes
Fibroporia vaillantii (DC.) ParmastoBasidiomycetes
Fistulina hepatica (Schaeff.) With.Beef Steak FungusBasidiomycetes
Flammulaster carpophilus (Fr.) Earle ex VellingaBasidiomycetes
Flammulaster ferrugineus (Maire) WatlingBasidiomycetes
Flammulaster granulosus (J. E. Lange) WatlingBasidiomycetes
Flammulina velutipes (Curtis) SingerVelvet ShankBasidiomycetes
Fomes fomentarius (L.) Fr.Hoof Fungus/Tinder BracketBasidiomycetes
Fomitopsis betulina (Bull.) B. K. Cui, M. L. Han & Y. C. DaiRazorstrop/Birch PolyporeBasidiomycetes
Fuscoporia ferrea (Pers.) G. Cunn.Iron PorecrustBasidiomycetes
Fuscoporia ferruginosa (Schrad.) MurrillRusty PorecrustBasidiomycetes
Galerina cinctula P. D. OrtonBasidiomycetes
Galerina hypnorum (Schrank) KühnerMoss BellBasidiomycetes
Galerina marginata (Batsch) KühnerFuneral BellBasidiomycetes
Galerina mniophila (Lasch) KühnerBasidiomycetes
Galerina mycenoides (Fr.) KühnerBasidiomycetes
Galerina paludosa (Fr.) KühnerBog BellBasidiomycetes
Galerina vittiformis (Fr.) SingerHairy Leg BellBasidiomycetes
Gamundia striatula (Kühner) Raithelh.Lined MeadowcapBasidiomycetes
Ganoderma adspersum (Schulzer) DonkBasidiomycetes
Ganoderma applanatum (Pers.) Pat.Artist’s BracketBasidiomycetes
Ganoderma australe (Fr.) Pat.Southern BracketBasidiomycetes
Ganoderma lucidum (Curtis) P. Karst.Lacquered BracketBasidiomycetes
Ganoderma pfeifferi Bres.Beeswax BracketBasidiomycetes
Ganoderma resinaceum Boud.Basidiomycetes
Geastrum fimbriatum Fr.Sessile EarthstarBasidiomycetes
Geastrum fornicatum (Huds.) HookArched EarthstarBasidiomycetes
Geastrum quadrifidum DC. ex Pers.Rayed EarthstarBasidiomycetes
Geastrum rufescens Pers.Rufous EarthstarBasidiomycetes
Geastrum schmidelii VittadDwarf EarthstarBasidiomycetes
Geastrum triplex Jungh.Collared EarthstarBasidiomycetes
Gliophorus irrigatus (Pers.) A. M. Ainsw. & P. M. KirkSlimy WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Gliophorus laetus (Pers.) HerinkHeath WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Gliophorus psittacinus (Schaeff.) HerinkParrot WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Gloeophyllum sepiarium (Wulfen) P. Karst.Conifer MazegillBasidiomycetes
Gloioxanthomyces vitellinus (Fr.) Lodge, Vizzini, Ercole & Boertm.Basidiomycetes
Granulobasidium vellereum (Ellis & Cragin) JülichBasidiomycetes
Grifola frondosa (Dicks) GrayHen of the WoodsBasidiomycetes
Gymnopilus hybridus (Gillet) MaireBasidiomycetes
Gymnopilus junonius (Fr.) P. D. OrtonSpectacular RustgillBasidiomycetes
Gymnopilus penetrans (Fr.) MurrillCommon RustgillBasidiomycetes
Gymnopus androsaceus (L.) Della Magg. & Trassin.Horsehair FungusBasidiomycetes
Gymnopus brassicolens (Romagn.) Antonin & Noordel.Cabbage ParachuteBasidiomycetes
Gymnopus confluens (Pers.) Antonin, Halling & Noordel.Clustered ToughshankBasidiomycetes
Gymnopus dryophilus (Bull.) MurrillRusset ToughshankBasidiomycetes
Gymnopus erythropus (Pers.) Antonin, Halling & Noordel.Redleg ToughshankBasidiomycetes
Gymnopus fusipes (Bull.) GraySpindle-shankBasidiomycetes
Gymnopus perforans (Hoffm.) Antonin & Noordel.Stinking ParachuteBasidiomycetes
Gymnopus peronatus (Bolton) GrayWood WoollyfootBasidiomycetes
Gyroporus castaneus (Bull.) Quél.Chestnut BoleteBasidiomycetes
Hapalopilus rutilans (Pers.) MurrillCinnamon BracketBasidiomycetes
Hebeloma crustiliniforme (Bull.) Quél.PoisonpieBasidiomycetes
Hebeloma leucosarx P. D. OrtonPale PoisonpieBasidiomycetes
Hebeloma mesophaeum (Pers.) Quél.Veiled PoisonpieBasidiomycetes
Hebeloma radicosum (Bull.) RickenRooting PoisonpieBasidiomycetes
Hebeloma saccariolens Quél.Sweet PoisonpieBasidiomycetes
Hebeloma sinapizans (Paulet) GilletBitter PoisonpieBasidiomycetes
Hebeloma laterinum (Batsch) Vesterh.Basidiomycetes
Hemimycena lactea (Pers.) SingerMilky BonnetBasidiomycetes
Hemimycena tortuosa (P. D. Orton) RedheadDewdrop BonnetBasidiomycetes
Henningsomyces candidus (Pers.) KuntzeWhite TubeletBasidiomycetes
Hericium cirrhatum (Pers.) Nikol. (BAP)Tiered ToothBasidiomycetes
Heterobasidion annosum (Fr.) Bref.Root FomesBasidiomycetes
Hohenbuehelia cyphelliformis (Berk.) O. K. MillBasidiomycetes
Homophron cernuum (Vahl) Őrstadius & E. Larss.Basidiomycetes
Homophron spadiceum (P. Kumm.) Őrstadius & E. Larss.Chestnut BrittlestemBasidiomycetes
Hortiboletus rubellus (Krombh.) Simonini, Vizzini & GelardiRuby BoleteBasidiomycetes
Hydnellum concrescens (Pers.) BankerZoned ToothBasidiomycetes
Hydnellum scrobiculatum (Fr.) P. Karst. (BAP)Ridged ToothBasidiomycetes
Hydnellum spongiosipes (Peck) Pouzar (BAP)Velvet ToothBasidiomycetes
Hydnum repandum L.Wood HedgehogBasidiomycetes
Hydnum rufescens Pers.Terracotta HedgehogBasidiomycetes
Hydropus floccipes (Fr.) SingerBasidiomycetes
Hygrocybe acutoconica (Clem.) SingerPersistent WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Hygrocybe cantharellus (Fr.) MurrillGoblet WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Hygrocybe ceracea (Sowerby) P. Kumm.Butter WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Hygrocybe chlorophana (Fr.) WünscheGolden WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Hygrocybe citrinovirens (J. E. Lange) Jul. Schaff.Citrine WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Hygrocybe coccinea (Schaeff.) P. Kumm.Scarlet WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Hygrocybe conica (Schaeff.) P. Kumm.Blackening WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Hygrocybe flavescens (Kauffman) SingerYellow WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Hygrocybe glutinipes (J. E. Lange) R. Haller AarGlutinous WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Hygrocybe helobia (Arnolds) Bon.Garlic WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Hygrocybe insipida (J. E. Lange) M. M. MoserSpangle WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Hygrocybe intermedia (Pass.) FayodFibrous WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Hygrocybe miniata (Fr.) P. Kumm.Vermilion WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Hygrocybe mucronella (Fr.) P. Karst.Bitter WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Hygrocybe nigrescens (Quél.) KühnerBlackening WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Hygrocybe nitrata (Pers.) WünscheNitrous WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Hygrocybe punicea (Fr.) P. Kumm.Crimson WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Hygrocybe quieta (Kühner) SingerOily WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Hygrocybe reidii KühnerHoney WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Hygrocybe spadicea (Scop.) P. Karst. (BAP)Date WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca (Wulfen) MaireFalse ChanterelleBasidiomycetes
Hygrophorus hypothejus (Fr.) Fr.Herald of WinterBasidiomycetes
Hymenochaete rubiginosa (Dicks.) Lév.Oak Curtain CrustBasidiomycetes
Hymenopellis radicata (Relhan) R. H. PetersenRooting ShankBasidiomycetes
Hyphoderma setigerum (Fr.) Donk.Basidiomycetes
Hyphodontia barba-jovis (Bull.) J. Erikss.Basidiomycetes
Hypholoma capnoides (Fr.) P. Kumm.Conifer TuftBasidiomycetes
Hypholoma fasciculare (Huds.) P. Kumm.Sulphur TuftBasidiomycetes
Hypholoma lateritium (Schaeff.) P. Kumm.Brick TuftBasidiomycetes
Hypholoma marginatum J. SchrötSnakeskin BrownieBasidiomycetes
Hypholoma subericaeum (Fr.) KühnerBasidiomycetes
Imleria badia (Fr.) VizziniBay BoleteBasidiomycetes
Infundibulicybe geotropa (Bull.) HarmajaTrooping FunnelBasidiomycetes
Inocybe abjecta P. Karst.Basidiomycetes
Inocybe acuta Boud.Basidiomycetes
Inocybe adaequata (Britzelm) Sacc.Basidiomycetes
Inocybe asterospora Quél.Star FibrecapBasidiomycetes
Inocybeassimilata BritzelmBasidiomycetes
Inocybe calamistrata (Fr.) GilletGreenfoot FibrecapBasidiomycetes
Inocybe cincinnata (Fr.) Quél.Collared FibrecapBasidiomycetes
Inocybe cookei Bres.Straw FibrecapBasidiomycetes
Inocybe curvipes P. Karst.Basidiomycetes
Inocybe erubescens A. BlyttRed-staining or Deadly FibrecapBasidiomycetes
Inocybe euviolacea E. LudwViolet FibrecapBasidiomycetes
Inocybe fibrosa (Sowerby) GilletBasidiomycetes
Inocybe flocculosa Sacc.Fleecy FibrecapBasidiomycetes
Inocybe fraudans (Britzelm) Sacc.Pear FibrecapBasidiomycetes
Inocybe geophylla (Bull.) P. Kumm.White FibrecapBasidiomycetes
Inocybe grammata Quél.Basidiomycetes
Inocybe griseolilacina J. E. LangeLilac Leg FibrecapBasidiomycetes
Inocybe hirtella Bres.Basidiomycetes
Inocybe lacera (Fr.) P. Kumm.Torn FibrecapBasidiomycetes
Inocybe lanuginosa (Bull.) P. Kumm.Basidiomycetes
Inocybe maculata Boud.Frosty FibrecapBasidiomycetes
Inocybe napipes J. E. LangeBulbous FibrecapBasidiomycetes
Inocybe petiginosa (Fr.) GilletScurfy FibrecapBasidiomycetes
Inocybe posterula (Britzelm) Sacc.Basidiomycetes
Inocybe pyriodora (Pers.) P. Kumm.Basidiomycetes
Inocybe rimosa (Bull.) P. Kumm.Split FibrecapBasidiomycetes
Inocybe serotina PeckBasidiomycetes
Inocybe sindonia (Fr.) P. Karst.Beige FibrecapBasidiomycetes
Inocybe squarrosa ReaBasidiomycetes
Inonotus hispidus (Bull.) P. Karst.Shaggy BracketBasidiomycetes
Ischnoderma resinosum (Schrad.) P. Karst.Basidiomycetes
Laccaria laccata (Scop.) CookeThe DeceiverBasidiomycetes
Laccaria amethystina CookeAmethyst DeceiverBasidiomycetes
Laccaria bicolor (Maire) P. D. OrtonBicoloured DeceiverBasidiomycetes
Laccaria proxima (Boud.) Pat.Scurfy DeceiverBasidiomycetes
Laccaria purpureobadia D. A. ReidBasidiomycetes
Laccaria pumila FayodWillow DeceiverBasidiomycetes
Laccaria tortilis (Botton) CookeTwisted DeceiverBasidiomycetes
Lachnella villosa (Pers.) DonkBasidiomycetes
Lacrymaria lacrymabunda (Bull.) Pat.Weeping WidowBasidiomycetes
Lactarius aurantiacus (Pers.) GrayOrange MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius azonites (Bull.) Fr.White MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius blennius (Fr.) Fr.Beech MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius camphoratus (Bull.) Fr.Curry MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius chrysorrheus Fr.Yellowdrop MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius cyathula (Fr.) Fr.Basidiomycetes
Lactarius deliciosus (L.) GraySaffron MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius deterrimus GrögerFalse Saffon MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius flavidus Boud.Basidiomycetes
Lactarius fulvissimus Romagn.Tawny MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius glyciosmus (Fr.) Fr.Coconut MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius helvus (Fr.) Fr.Fenugreek MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius hepaticus Plowr.Liver MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius hysginus (Fr.) Fr.A MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius pallidus Pers.Pale MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius piperatus (L.) Pers.Peppery MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius pubescens (Fr.)Bearded MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius pyrogalus (Bull.) Fr.Fiery MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius quietus (Fr.) Fr.Oak MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius rufus (Scop.) Fr.Rufous MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius serifluus (DC.) Fr.Watery MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius spinosulus Quél.Lilacscale MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius subdulcis (Pers.) GrayBrown MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius tabidus Fr.Birch MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius torminosus (Schaeff.) Pers.Woolly MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius turpis (Weinm.) Fr.Ugly MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius uvidus (Fr.) Fr.ShinerBasidiomycetes
Lactarius vellereus (Fr.) Fr.Fleecy MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius vietus (Fr.) Fr.Grey MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactarius volemus (Fr.) Fr.Fishy MilkcapBasidiomycetes
Lactifluus bertillonii (Neuhoff ex Z. Schaef.) VerbekenBasidiomycetes
Laetiporus sulphureus (Bull.) MurrillChicken of the WoodsBasidiomycetes
Leccinum cyaneobasileucum Lannoy & EstadèsGreyshank BoleteBasidiomycetes
Leccinum scabrum (Bull.) GrayBrown Birch BoleteBasidiomycetes
Leccinum variicolor WatlingMottled BoleteBasidiomycetes
Leccinum versipelle (Fr. & Hök) SnellOrange Birch BoleteBasidiomycetes
Lentinellus cochleatus (Pers.) P. Karst.Aniseed CockleshellBasidiomycetes
Lentinus brumalis (Pers.) Zmitr.Winter PolyporeBasidiomycetes
Lentinus substrictus (Bolton) Zmitr. & KovalenkoFringed PolyporeBasidiomycetes
Lenzites betulinus (L.) Fr.Birch MazegillBasidiomycetes
Lepiota bickhamensis P. D. OrtonBasidiomycetes
Lepiota boudieri Bres.Girdled DapperlingBasidiomycetes
Lepiota castanea Quél.Chestnut DapperlingBasidiomycetes
Lepiota clypeolaria (Bull.) P. Kumm.Shield DapperlingBasidiomycetes
Lepiota cristata (Botton) P. Kumm.Stinking DapperlingBasidiomycetes
Lepiota echinella Quél. & G. E. BernardBasidiomycetes
Lepiota ignivolvata Bousset & Joss. ex Joss.Basidiomycetes
Lepiota pseudolilacea HuijsmanBasidiomycetes
Lepista irina (Fr.) H. E. BigelowFlowery BlewitBasidiomycetes
Lepista luscina (Fr.) SingerrareBasidiomycetes
Lepista nuda (Bull.) CookeWood BlewitBasidiomycetes
Lepista panaeolus (Fr.) P. Karst.Spotted BlewitBasidiomycetes
Lepista personata (Fr.) CookeField Blewit/Blue LegBasidiomycetes
Lepista sordida (Schumach.) SingerSordid BlewitBasidiomycetes
Leratiomyces ceres (Cooke & Massee) Spooner & BridgeRed-lead RoundheadBasidiomycetes
Leucoagaricus brunneocingulatus (P. D. Orton) Bon.Basidiomycetes
Leucoagaricus serenus (Fr.) Bon & BoiffordBasidiomycetes
Leucoagaricus sericifer (Locq.) VellingaBasidiomycetes
Leucoagaricus tener (P. D. Orton) BonBasidiomycetes
Leucocoprinus badhamii (Berk. & Broome) Locq.Basidiomycetes
Leucocoprinus brebissonii (Godey) Locq.Skullcap DapperlingBasidiomycetes
Leucocybe connata (Schumach.) Vizzini, P. Alvarado, G. Moreno & ConsiglioWhite DomecapBasidiomycetes
Leucocybe houghtonii (W. Phillips) Halama & PencakowskiBasidiomycetes
Leucopaxillus giganteus (Sowerby) SingerGiant Funnel CapBasidiomycetes
Lichenomphalia umbellifera (L.) Redhead, Lutzoni, Moncalvo & VilgalysHeath NavelBasidiomycetes
Loreleia postii (Fr.) Redhead, Moncalvo, Vilgalys & LutzoniBasidiomycetes
Lycoperdon echinatum Pers.Spiny PuffballBasidiomycetes
Lycoperdon excipuliformis (Scop.) Pers.Pestle PuffballBasidiomycetes
Lycoperdon lividum Pers.Grassland PuffballBasidiomycetes
Lycoperdon nigrescens Pers.Dusky PuffballBasidiomycetes
Lycoperdon perlatum Pers.Common PuffballBasidiomycetes
Lycoperdon pratense Pers.Meadow PuffballBasidiomycetes
Lycoperdon pyriforme Schaeff.Stump PuffballBasidiomycetes
Lycoperdon umbrinum Pers.Soft PuffballBasidiomycetes
Lyophyllum decastes (Fr.) SingerClustered DomecapBasidiomycetes
Macrocystidia cucumis (Pers.) Joss.Cucumber CapBasidiomycetes
Macrolepiota excoriata (Schaeff.) WasserFrayed ParasolBasidiomycetes
Macrolepiota konradii var konradii (Huijsman ex P. D. Orton) M. M. MoserBasidiomycetes
Macrolepiota mastoidea (Fr.) SingerSlender ParasolBasidiomycetes
Macrolepiota procera (Scop.) SingerParasol MushroomBasidiomycetes
Marasmiellus candidus (Fr.) SingerBasidiomycetes
Marasmiellus vaillantii (Pers.) SingerGoblet ParachuteBasidiomycetes
Marasmius epiphylloides (Rea) Sacc. & TrotterIvy Leaf ParachuteBasidiomycetes
Marasmius epiphyllus (Pers.) Fr.Leaf ParachuteBasidiomycetes
Marasmius hudsonii (Pers.) Fr.Holly Leaf ParachuteBasidiomycetes
Marasmius oreades (Botton) Fr.Fairy Ring ChampignonBasidiomycetes
Marasmius ramealis (Bull.) SingerTwig ParachuteBasidiomycetes
Marasmius rotula (Scop.) Fr.Collared ParachuteBasidiomycetes
Marasmius wynneae Berk. & BroomePearly ParachuteBasidiomycetes
Megacollybia platyphylla (Pers.) Kotl. & Pouz.Whitelaced ShankBasidiomycetes
Melanoleuca arcuata (Bull.) SingerBasidiomycetes
Melanoleuca cognata (Fr.) Konrad & Maubl.Spring CavalierBasidiomycetes
Melanoleuca melaleuca (Pers.) MurrillBald KnightBasidiomycetes
Melanoleuca polioleuca (Fr.) Kühner & MaireCommon CavalierBasidiomycetes
Melanoleuca strictipes (P. Karst.) Jul. Schäff.Basidiomycetes
Melanophyllum haematospermum (Bull.) KreiselRedspored DapperlingBasidiomycetes
Meripilus giganteus (Pers.) P. Karst.Giant PolyporeBasidiomycetes
Mucidula mucida (Schrad.) Pat.Porcelain FungusBasidiomycetes
Mutinus caninus (Huds.) Fr.Dog StinkhornBasidiomycetes
Mycena aetites (Fr.) Quél.Drab BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena amicta (Fr.) Quél.Coldfoot BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena archangeliana Bres.Angel’s BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena atroalba (Bolt.) GrayBasidiomycetes
Mycena bulbosa (Cejp.) KühnerRush BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena capillaripes PeckPinkedge BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena epipterygia (Scop.) GrayYellowleg BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena erubescens Höhn.Basidiomycetes
Mycena filopes (Bull.) P. Kumm.Iodine BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena flavescens Velen.Basidiomycetes
Mycena galericulata (Scop.) GrayCommon BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena galopus (Pers.) P. Kumm.Milking BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena haematopus (Pers.) P. Kumm.Burgundydrop BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena inclinata (Fr.) Quél.Clustered BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena leptocephala (Pers.) GilletNitrous BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena maculata P. Karst.Stained BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena megaspora KauffmanRooting BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena metata (Secr. ex Fr.) P. Kumm.Basidiomycetes
Mycena mucor (Batsch) Quél.Basidiomycetes
Mycena olivaceomarginata (Massee) MasseeBrownedge BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena pearsoniana Dennis ex SingerBasidiomycetes
Mycena pelianthina (Fr.) Quél.Blackedge BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena polygramma (Bull.) GrayGrooved BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena pseudocorticola KühnerBasidiomycetes
Mycena pura (Pers.) P. Kumm.Lilac BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena rosea GrambergRosy BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena sanguinolenta (Alb. & Schwein.) P. Kumm.Bleeding BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena silvae-nigrae Maas Geesteranus & SchwöbelPine BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena stipata Maas. G. & SchwöbelClustered Pine BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena stylobates (Pers.) P. Kumm.Bulbous BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena tenerrima (Berk.) Quél.Frosty BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycena tintinnabulum (Paulet) Quél.Basidiomycetes
Mycena vitilis (Fr.) Quél.Snapping BonnetBasidiomycetes
Mycoacia uda (Fr.) DonkBasidiomycetes
Myxacium nucleatum Wallr.Crystal BrainBasidiomycetes
Naucoria bohemica Velen.Basidiomycetes
Naucoria escharioides (Fr.) P. Kumm.Ochre AldercapBasidiomycetes
Naucoria luteofibrillosa (Kühner) Kühner & Romagn.Basidiomycetes
Naucoria scolecina (Fr.) Quél.Basidiomycetes
Naucoria striatula P. D. OrtonStriate AldercapBasidiomycetes
Neoantrodia serialis (Fr.) AudetSerried CrustBasidiomycetes
Omphalina pyxidata (Bull.) Quél.Cinnamon NavelBasidiomycetes
Omphalina setipes (Fr.) Raithelh.Basidiomycetes
Oxyporus populinus (Schumach) DonkPoplar BracketBasidiomycetes
Panaeolus ater (J. E. Lange) Kühner & Romagn. ex BonTurf Mottlegill (1)Basidiomycetes
Panaeolus fimicola (Pers.) GilletTurf Mottlegill (2)Basidiomycetes
Panaeolus foenisecii (Pers.) MaireBrown MottlegillBasidiomycetes
Panaeolus papilionaceus (Bull.) Quél.Petticoat MottlegillBasidiomycetes
Panaeolus rickenii HoraDewdrop MottlegillBasidiomycetes
Panaeolus semiovatus (Sowerby) S. Lundell & Nannf.Egghead MottlegillBasidiomycetes
Panellus serotinus (Pers.) KühnerOlive OysterlingBasidiomycetes
Panellus stipticus (Bull.) P. Karst.Bitter OysterlingBasidiomycetes
Panus conchatus (Bull.) Fr.Lilac OysterlingBasidiomycetes
Paralepista flaccida (Sowerby) VizziniTawny Funnel CapBasidiomycetes
Parasola conopilea (Fr.) Őrstadius & E. Larss.Conical BrittlestemBasidiomycetes
Parasola leiocephala (P. D. Orton) Redhead, Vilgalys & HoppleBald InkcapBasidiomycetes
Parasola plicatilis (Curtis) Redhead, Vilgalys & HopplePleated InkcapBasidiomycetes
Paxillus involutus (Batsch) Fr.Brown RollrimBasidiomycetes
Paxillus rubicundulus P. D. OrtonAlder RollrimBasidiomycetes
Peniophora incarnata (Pers.) P. Karst.Rosy CrustBasidiomycetes
Peniophora limitata (Chaillet ex Fr.) CookeBasidiomycetes
Peniophora lycii (Pers.) Hohn. & Litsch.Basidiomycetes
Peniophora quercina (Pers.) CookeOak CrustBasidiomycetes
Phaeolus schweinitzii (Fr.) Patt.Dyer’s MazegillBasidiomycetes
Phallus impudicus L.StinkhornBasidiomycetes
Phaeoclavulina flaccida (Fr.) GiachiniA coralloid fungusBasidiomycetes
Phaeotremella foliacea (Pers.) Wedin, J. C. Zamora & MillanesLeafy BrainBasidiomycetes
Phellinus igniarius (L.) Quél.Willow BracketBasidiomycetes
Phellinus pomaceus (Pers.) MaireCushion BracketBasidiomycetes
Phellodon melaleucus (Sw. ex Fr.) P. Karst. (BAP)Grey ToothBasidiomycetes
Phellodon niger (Fr.) P. Karst. (BAP)Black ToothBasidiomycetes
Phlebia radiata (Fr.)Wrinkled CrustBasidiomycetes
Phlebia rufa (Fr.) M. P. ChristBasidiomycetes
Phlebiopsis gigantea (Fr.) JülichBasidiomycetes
P. tremellosa (Schrad.) Nakasone & Burds.Jelly RotBasidiomycetes
Phloeomana hiemalis (Osbeck) RedheadRancid BonnetBasidiomycetes
Phlebiopsis minutula (Sacc.) RedheadBasidiomycetes
Phlebiopsis speirea (Fr.) RedheadBark BonnetBasidiomycetes
Pholiota adiposa (Batsch) P. Kumm.Basidiomycetes
Pholiota alnicola (Fr.) SingerAlder ScalycapBasidiomycetes
Pholiota aurivella (Batsch) P. Kumm.Golden ScalycapBasidiomycetes
Pholiota conissans (Fr.) M. M. MoserBasidiomycetes
Pholiota gummosa (Lasch) SingerSticky ScalycapBasidiomycetes
Pholiota highlandensis (Peck) Quadr. & LunghiniBonfire ScalycapBasidiomycetes
Pholiota mutabilis (Schaeff.) P. Kumm.Sheathed WoodtuftBasidiomycetes
Pholiota squarrosa (Vahl) P. Kumm.Shaggy ScalycapBasidiomycetes
Pholiota tuberculosa (Schaeff.) P. Kumm.Basidiomycetes
Phylloporus pelletieri (Lév.) Quél. (BAP)Golden Gilled BoleteBasidiomycetes
Pleurotus columbinus Quél.Blue OysterBasidiomycetes
Pleurotus cornucopiae (Paulet) RollandBranching OysterBasidiomycetes
Pleurotus dryinus (Pers.) P. Kumm.Veiled OysterBasidiomycetes
Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq.) P. Kumm.Oyster MushroomBasidiomycetes
Pleurotus pulmonarius (Fr.) Quél.Pale OysterBasidiomycetes
Pluteus aurantiorugosus (Trog.) Sacc.Fire ShieldBasidiomycetes
Pluteus cervinus (Schaeff.) P. Kumm.Deer ShieldBasidiomycetes
Pluteus chrysophaeus (Schaeff.) Quél.Yellow ShieldBasidiomycetes
Pluteus diettrichii Bres.Basidiomycetes
Pluteus hispidulus (Fr.) GilletFleecy ShieldBasidiomycetes
Pluteus petasatus (Fr.) GilletScaly ShieldBasidiomycetes
Pluteus phlebophorus (Ditmar) P. Kumm.Wrinkled ShieldBasidiomycetes
Pluteus podospileus Sacc. & Cub.Basidiomycetes
Pluteus pseudorobertii M. M. Moser & StanglBasidiomycetes
Pluteus romellii (Britzelm) Sacc.Goldleaf ShieldBasidiomycetes
Pluteus salicinus (Pers.) P. Kumm.Willow ShieldBasidiomycetes
Pluteus thomsonii (Berk. & Broome) DennisVeined ShieldBasidiomycetes
Pluteus umbrosus (Pers.) P. Kumm.Velvet ShieldBasidiomycetes
Polyporus picipes Fr.Bay PolyporeBasidiomycetes
Polyporus squamosus Huds.:Fr.Dryad’s SaddleBasidiomycetes
Porphyrellus porphyrosporus (Fr. & Hök.) E.-J. Gilbert (BAP)Dusky BoleteBasidiomycetes
Porpolomopsis calyptriformis (Berk.) Bresinsky (BAP)Ballerina/Pink WaxcapBasidiomycetes
Postia caesia (Schrad.) P. Karst.Conifer Blueing BracketBasidiomycetes
Postia ceriflua (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) JülichBasidiomycetes
Postia ptychogaster (F. Ludw.) Vesterh.Powderpuff BracketBasidiomycetes
Postia stiptica (Pers.) JülichBitter BracketBasidiomycetes
Postia tephroleuca (Fr.) JülichGreyling BracketBasidiomycetes
Protostropharia semiglobata (Batsch) Redhead, Moncalvo & VilgalysDung RoundheadBasidiomycetes
Psathyrella artemisiae (Pass.) Konrad & MaublPetticoat BrittlestemBasidiomycetes
Psathyrella candolleana (Fr.) MairePale BrittlestemBasidiomycetes
Psathyrella corrugis (Pers.) Konrad & Maubl.Red Edge BrittlestemBasidiomycetes
Psathyrella microrhiza (Lasch) Konrad & Maubl.Rootlet BrittlestemBasidiomycetes
Psathyrella multipedata (Peck) A. H. Sm.Clustered BrittlestemBasidiomycetes
Psathyrella obtusata (Pers.) A. H. Sm.Basidiomycetes
Psathyrella pennata (Fr.) A. Pearson & DennisBasidiomycetes
Psathyrella piluliformis (Bull.) P. D. OrtonCommon Stump BrittlestemBasidiomycetes
Psathyrella spintrigera (Fr.) Konrad & Maubl.Basidiomycetes
Psathyrella spintrigeroides P. D. OrtonBasidiomycetes
Psathyrella squamosa (P. Karst.) A. H. Sm.Basidiomycetes
Pseudoboletus parasiticus (Bull.) ŠutaraParasitic BoleteBasidiomycetes
Pseudoclitocybe cyathiformis (Bull.) SingerThe GobletBasidiomycetes
Pseudocraterellus undulatus (Pers.) RauschertSinuous ChanterelleBasidiomycetes
Pseudohydnum gelatinosum (Scop.) P. Karst.Jelly ToothBasidiomycetes
Pseudoinonotus dryadeus (Pers.) T. Wagner & M. FischOak BracketBasidiomycetes
Psilocybe subviscida (Peck) KauffmanBasidiomycetes
Psilocybe semilanceata (Fr.) P. Kumm.Liberty CapBasidiomycetes
Psilocybe coronilla (Bull.) Noordel.Garland RoundheadBasidiomycetes
Radulomyces confluens (Fr.) M. P. Christ.Basidiomycetes
Ramaria stricta (Pers.) Quél.Upright CoralBasidiomycetes
Ramariopsis kunzei (Fr.) CornerIvory CoralBasidiomycetes
Resinomycena saccharifera (Berk. & Broome) RedheadBasidiomycetes
Resupinatus applicatus (Batsch) GraySmoked OysterlingBasidiomycetes
Resupinatus trichotis (Pers.) SingerHairy OysterlingBasidiomycetes
Rhizomarasmius setosus (Sowerby) Antonin & A. Urb.Beechleaf ParachuteBasidiomycetes
Rhodocollybia butyracea (Bull.) LennoxButter CapBasidiomycetes
Rhodocollybia maculata (Alb. & Schwein.) SingerSpotted ToughshankBasidiomycetes
Rhodotus palmatus (Bull.) MaireWrinkled PeachBasidiomycetes
Rickenella fibula (Bull.) Raithelh.Orange MosscapBasidiomycetes
Rickenella swartzii (Fr.) KuyperCollared MosscapBasidiomycetes
Rigidoporus sanguinolentus (Alb. & Schwein.) DonkBleeding PorecrustBasidiomycetes
Rigidoporus ulmarius (Sowerby) ImazeckiGiant Elm BracketBasidiomycetes
Rubroboletus legaliae (Pilát & Dermek) Della Magg. & TrassinBilious BoleteBasidiomycetes
Russula aeruginea Lindblad ex Fr.Green BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula albonigra (Krombh.) Fr.Menthol BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula anatina Romagn.Basidiomycetes
Russula atropurpurea (Krombh.) Britzelm.Purple BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula aurantiaca (Jul. Shäff.) Romagn.Orange BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula aurora Krombh.Dawn BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula badia Quél.Burning BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula betularum HoraBirch BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula caerulea Fr.Humpback BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula claroflava GroveYellow Swamp BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula cyanoxantha (Schaeff.) Fr.Charcoal BurnerBasidiomycetes
Russula delica Fr.Milk-White BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula densifolia Secr. ex GilletCrowded BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula emetica (Schaeff.) Pers.The SickenerBasidiomycetes
Russula farinipes Romell.Basidiomycetes
Russula fellea (Fr.) Fr.Geranium BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula foetens Pers.Stinking BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula fragilis Fr.Fragile BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula gracillima Jul. Schäeff.Slender BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula grata Britzelm.Bitter Almond BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula grisea Fr.False Charcoal BurnerBasidiomycetes
Russula heterophylla (Fr.) Fr.Greasy Green BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula ionochlora Romagn.Oilslick BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula nigricans Fr.Blackening BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula nitida (Pers.) Fr.Purple Swamp BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula nobilis Velen.Beechwood SickenerBasidiomycetes
Russula ochroleuca Fr.Ochre BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula olivacea (Schaeff.) Fr.Olive BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula parazurea Jul. Schäff.Powdery BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula puellaris Fr.Yellowing BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula rosea Pers.Rosy BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula risigallina (Batsch) Sacc.Golden BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula sanguinaria (Schumach.) RauschertBloody BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula sardonia Fr.Primrose BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula sororia (Fr.) RomellSepia BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula versicolor Jul. Schäff.Variable BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula vesca Fr.The FlirtBasidiomycetes
Russula veternosa Fr.Basidiomycetes
Russula virescens (Schaeff.) Fr.Greencracked BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Russula xerampelina (Schaeff.) Fr.Crab BrittlegillBasidiomycetes
Sarcodon scabrosus (Fr.) P. Karst. (BAP)Bitter ToothBasidiomycetes
Schizophyllum commune Fr.Split GillBasidiomycetes
Schizopora paradoxa (Schrad.) DonkSplit PorecrustBasidiomycetes
Scleroderma areolatum Ehrenb.Leopard EarthballBasidiomycetes
Scleroderma citrinum Pers.Common EarthballBasidiomycetes
Scleroderma verrucosum (Bull.) Pers.Scaly Earthball/Devil’s SnuffboxBasidiomycetes
Serpula lacrymans (Fr.) Schroet.Dry RotBasidiomycetes
Simocybe centunculus (Fr.) P. Karst.Dingy TwigletBasidiomycetes
Simocybe sumptuosa (P. D. Orton) SingerVelvet TwigletBasidiomycetes
Sistotrema brinkmanii (Bres.) J. Erikss.Basidiomycetes
Skeletocutis nivea (Jungh.) Jean KellerHazel BracketBasidiomycetes
Sparassis crispa (Wulfen) Fr.Wood Cauliflower (coniferous)Basidiomycetes
Sparassis spathulata (Schwein.) Fr.Wood Cauliflower (deciduous)Basidiomycetes
Sphagnurus paluster (Peck) Redhead & V. Hofst.Sphagnum GreylingBasidiomycetes
Steccherinum ochraceum (Pers.) GrayOchre Spreading ToothBasidiomycetes
Stereum gausapatum (Fr.) Fr.Bleeding Oak CrustBasidiomycetes
Stereum hirsutum (Willd.) Pers.Hairy Curtain CrustBasidiomycetes
Stereum rugosum (Pers.)Bleeding Broadleaf CrustBasidiomycetes
Stereum sanguinolentum (Alb. & Schwein.) Fr.Bleeding Conifer CrustBasidiomycetes
Strobilurus tenacellus (Pers.) SingerPine ConecapBasidiomycetes
Stropharia aeruginosa (Curtis) Quél.Verdigris RoundheadBasidiomycetes
Stropharia caerulea KreiselBlue RoundheadBasidiomycetes
Stropharia cyanea Tuom.Basidiomycetes
Stropharia pseudocyanea (Desm.) MorganPeppery RoundheadBasidiomycetes
Suillellus luridus (Schaeff.) MurrillLurid BoleteBasidiomycetes
Suillus bovinus (L.) RousselBovine BoleteBasidiomycetes
Suillus cavipes (Opat.) A. H. Sm. & ThiersHollow BoleteBasidiomycetes
Suillus collinitis (Fr.) KuntzeBasidiomycetes
Suillus flavidus (Fr.) J. Presl.Jellied BoleteBasidiomycetes
Suillus grevillei (Klotzsch) SingerLarch BoleteBasidiomycetes
Suillus luteus (L.) RousselSlippery JackBasidiomycetes
Suillus variegatus (Sw.) Richon & RozeVelvet BoleteBasidiomycetes
Sutorius luridiformis (Rostk.) G. Wu & Zhu L. YangScarletina BoleteBasidiomycetes
Tapinella atromentosa (Batsch) ŠutaraVelvet RollrimBasidiomycetes
Tapinella panuoides (Fr.) E.-J. GilbertOyster RollrimBasidiomycetes
Tephrocybe atrata (Fr.) DonkBasidiomycetes
Tephrocybe rancida (Fr.) DonkRancid GreylingBasidiomycetes
Terana coerulea (Lam.) KuntzeCobalt CrustBasidiomycetes
Thelephora penicillata (Pers.) Fr.Urchin EarthfanBasidiomycetes
Thelephora terrestris Ehrh.EarthfanBasidiomycetes
Trametes gibbosa (Pers.) Fr.Lumpy BracketBasidiomycetes
Trametes hirsuta (Wulfen) LloydHairy BracketBasidiomycetes
Trametes ochracea (Pers.) Gilb. & RyvardenOchre BracketBasidiomycetes
Trametes versicolor (L.) PilátTurkeytailBasidiomycetes
Tremella aurantia Schwein.Golden EarBasidiomycetes
Tremella mesenterica Retz.Yellow BrainBasidiomycetes
Trichaptum abietinum (Pers.) RyvardenPurplepore BracketBasidiomycetes
Tricholoma album (Schaeff.) P. Kumm.White KnightBasidiomycetes
Tricholoma argyraceum (Bull) GilletBasidiomycetes
Tricholoma atrosquamosum Sacc.Dark Scaled KnightBasidiomycetes
Tricholoma cingulatum (Almfelt ex Fr.) JacobashchGirdled KnightBasidiomycetes
Tricholoma columbetta (Fr.) P. Kumm.Blue Spot KnightBasidiomycetes
Tricholoma equestre (L.) P. Kumm.Yellow KnightBasidiomycetes
Tricholoma fulvum (Bull.) Bigeard & H. Guill.Birch KnightBasidiomycetes
Tricholoma imbricatum (Fr.) P. Kumm.Matt KnightBasidiomycetes
Tricholoma lascivum (Fr.) GilletAromatic KnightBasidiomycetes
Tricholoma portentosum (Fr.) Quél.CoalmanBasidiomycetes
Tricholoma saponaceum (Fr.) P. Kumm.Soapy KnightBasidiomycetes
Tricholoma sciodes (Pers.) C. MartinBeech KnightBasidiomycetes
Tricholoma stiparophyllum (N. Lund) P. Karst.Chemical KnightBasidiomycetes
Tricholoma sulphurescens Bres. (Rare/V/D2)Yellow Staining KnightBasidiomycetes
Tricholoma sulphureum (Bull.) P. Kumm.Sulphur KnightBasidiomycetes
Tricholoma terreum (Schaeff.) P. Kumm.Grey KnightBasidiomycetes
Tricholoma ustale (Fr.) P. Kumm.Burnt KnightBasidiomycetes
Tricholoma ustaloides Romagn.Charred KnightBasidiomycetes
Tricholoma vaccinum (Schaeff.) P. Kumm.Scaly KnightBasidiomycetes
Tricholoma virgatum (Fr.) P. Kumm.Ashen KnightBasidiomycetes
Tricholomella constricta (Fr.) Zerova ex KalameesMealy DomecapBasidiomycetes
Tricholomopsis rutilans (Schaeff.) SingerPlums & CustardBasidiomycetes
Tubaria conspersa (Pers.) FayodFelted TwigletBasidiomycetes
Tubaria furfuracea (Pers.) GilletScurfy TwigletBasidiomycetes
Tylopilus felleus (Bull.) P. Karst.Bitter BoleteBasidiomycetes
Typhrasa gossypina (Bull.) Őrstadius & E. Larss.Basidiomycetes
Typhula contorta (Holmsk.) OlariagaContorted Pipe ClubBasidiomycetes
Typhula erythropus (Pers.) Fr.Redleg ClubBasidiomycetes
Typhula fistulosa (Holmsk.) OlariagaPipe ClubBasidiomycetes
Typhula juncea (Alb. & Schwein.) P. Karst.Slender ClubBasidiomycetes
Typhula phacorrhiza (Reichard) Fr.Tuberous ClubBasidiomycetes
Typhula quisquiliaris (Fr.) Henn.Bracken ClubBasidiomycetes
Tyromyces chioneus (Fr.) P. Karst.White Cheese PolyporeBasidiomycetes
Tyromyces lacteus (Fr.) MurrillBasidiomycetes
Volvariella bombycina (Schaeff.) SingerSilky RosegillBasidiomycetes
Volvariella caesiotincta P. D. OrtonBasidiomycetes
Volvariella reidii Heinem.Angel RosegillBasidiomycetes
Volvopluteus gloiocephalus (DC.) Vizzini, Contu & JustoStubble RosegillBasidiomycetes
Vuilleminia comedens (Nees) MaireWaxy CrustBasidiomycetes
Xanthoporia radiata (Sowerby) Tura, Zmitr., Wasser, Raats & NevoAlder BracketBasidiomycetes
Xerocomellus chrysenteron (Bull.) ŠutaraRed Cracking BoleteBasidiomycetes
Xerocomellus cisalpinus (Simonini, H. Ladurner & Peintner) KlofacBluefoot BoleteBasidiomycetes
Xerocomellus porosporus (Imler ex Watling) ŠutaraSepia BoleteBasidiomycetes
Xylodon sambuci (Pers.) Tura, Zmitr., Wasser & SpirinElder WhitewashBasidiomycetes
Xylodon radula (Fr.) Tura, Zmitr.,Wasser & SpirinToothed CrustBasidiomycetes
Sawflies, Ants, Bees and Wasps
The Hymenoptera are very under recorded, we would appreciate confirmed records of any additional species.
a club-horned sawflyAbia candens
a sawflyAllantus cinctusVisits various flowers.
a sawflyArge clavicornis
a sawflyArge ochropus
a sawflyArge pagana
A sawflyArge ustulata
A sawflyAthali lugens
Leaf-rolling SawflyBlennocampa pusillaOn roses
a sawflyCaliroa cerasiLarvae on Blackthorn.
a sawflyCephus cultratusBores into grass stems.
A sawflyCimbex conatus
Birch SawflyCimbex femoratusLarvae feed on birch.
A sawflyCroesus latipesLarvae on birch.
Birch SawflyCroesus septentrionalisOn birch.
a sawflyDolerus liogaster
a sawflyDolerus madidus
a sawflyEuura venustaGalls on leaf stalks of willow.
a sawflyFenella nigritaMines on Agrimony.
a sawflyFenusa dohrniiMines on alder
A sawflyFenusa pusilla
a sawflyFenusa ulmiMines on elm
Jerking Disc SawflyHeterarthrus acerisMines on sycamore.
A sawflyHeterarthrus healyiMines on field maple.
a sawflyHeterarthrus microcephalusMines on willow.
a sawflyHeterarthrus nemoratusMines on birch.
a sawflyHeterarthrus vagansMines on alder.
a sawflyMessa nanaMines on birch.
a sawflyMetallus geiMines on Wood Avens.
a sawflyMetallus pumilusMines on Raspberry
Alder SawflyMonosoma pulverataLarvae on alder.
a sawflyMonostegia abdominalisLarvae on Pimpernel and loose-strife.
Gooseberry SawflyNematus ribesiiOn gooseberry.
a sawflyPachyprotasis rapae
Solomon's Seal SawflyPhytomatocera aterrimaLarvae on Solomon's Seal.
a sawflyPontania pedunculiGalls on Grey willow.
a sawflyPontania proximaGalls on willow
a sawflyPontania vesicatorGalls on willow
Goat Willow SawflyPontania viminalisGalls on Goat willow.
a sawflyPristiphora mollisLarvae on Whortleberry.
a sawflyProfenusa pygmaeaMines on oak.
a sawflyProfenusa thomsoniMines on birch.
a sawflyRhogogaster viridis
a sawflyScolioneura betuletiMines on birch
a sawflyStrombocerus delicatulusCommon on bracken.
a sawflyStrongylogaster lineata
a sawflyTenthredo balteataLarvae on Hypericum.
a sawflyTenthredo celtica
a sawflyTenthredo mesomelasCommon.
a sawflyTenthredopsis nassata
Poplar SawflyTrichiocampus viminalis
Hawthorn SawflyTrichiosoma tibialeLarvae feed on hawthorn.
Greater Horntail WaspUrocerus gigasLocal.
an ichneumon waspAmblyteles armatoriusIn grazed water meadows
Oyster GallAndricus anthracinaon oak
a gall waspAndricus curvatorGalls on oak
Artichoke GallAndricus fecundatoron oak
a gall waspAndricus glandulae
Marble GallAndricus kollarion oak
Cola-nut GallAndricus lignicolaon oak
a gall waspAndricus quadrilineatusgalls on oak
Knopper GallAndricus quercuscalicisAbundant on oak in some years. Whole acorn crops failûcausing food shortage for jays, etc.
a gall waspAndricus quercusradicisGalls on oak
Cottonwool GallAndricus quercusramuliGalls on oak catkins. Rare.
a gall waspAndricus solitariusGalls on oak
A parasitic waspApanteles glomeratusParasite of White butterflies
Oak AppleBiorhiza pallidaGall on oak
A parasitic waspChrysocharis polyzoParasite of Cerodontha ireos
a small parasitic waspCodrus nigerParasite of Carabid beetles
Red Currant GallCynips divisaGalls on oak
a gall waspCynips longiventris
Cherry GallCynips quercusfoliiGalls on oak
Bramble Stem GallDiastrophus rubiGalls on brambles.
an ichneumon waspDiplazon laetatorius
a gall waspDiplolepis eglanteriaeGalls on wild roses.
a gall waspDiplolepis nervosaGalls on wild rose
Robin's Pin-cushion GallDiplolepis rosaeBedeguar Gall. Galls on wild rose.
an ichneumon waspEnicospilus ramidulusParasite of Hawkmoths and Noctuid moths.
Hunger WaspGasteruption assectatorParasite of various bees.
an ichneumon waspIchneumon stramentarius
an ichneumon waspIchneumon suspiciosusOn Hemlock water-dropwort.
a gall waspLiposthenus latreilleiGalls on Ground-ivy (Glechoma)
An ichneumon waspLissonota setosaParasite on Goat Moth
a chalcid waspMegastigmus dorsalisParasite in oak marble galls
a chalcid waspMeraporus graminicola
An ichneumon waspMesochorus politus
Fairy fliesMymaridae spp.Parasites in eggs of bugs and dragonflies.
an ichneumon waspNetelia opaculusOccasional in light traps.
Smooth Spangle GallNeuroterus albipesOn oak
Silk-button Spangle GallNeuroterus numismalison oak
Common Spangle GallNeuroterus quercusbaccarumon oak
a gall waspNeuroterus tricolor
an ichneumon waspOphion costatusParasite of Noctuid moths
an ichneumon waspOphion longigena
an ichneumon waspOphion luteusCommon.
an ichneumon waspOphion obscuratus
An ichneumon waspPerispuda bignellii
An ichneumon waspPerispuda facialis
an ichneumon waspPerithous divinatorParasite on larvae in stems.
a gall waspPhanacis hypochoeridisGalls on cats-ear (Hypochoeris)
an ichneumon waspPimpla hypochondriacaOn ivy flowers.
A parasitic waspPlatygastridae spp.Parasites of gall midges.
an aphid parasitic waspPraon spp.Parasite of aphids.
A parasitic waspPrestwichia aquaticaParasite in eggs of aquatic bugs and beetles.
a chalcid waspPteromalus puparumParasite of Lepidoptera
Sabre WaspRhyssa persuasoriaParasite on wood wasps, in conifers.
a gall waspSynergus apicalisInquiline in oak galls
a gall waspSynergus rotundiventrisInquiline in oak galls
an ichneumon waspSyspasis lineatorParasite of Heterarthrus vagans
a chalcid waspTorymus nitensParasitoid in oak marble galls
an ichneumon waspTromatobia variabilis
Red Banded Sand WaspAmmophila sabulosaNests in sandy soil; parasite of Lepidoptera.
a potter wasp or mason waspAncistrocerus gazella
a potter wasp or mason waspAncistrocerus nigricornisNests in cavities. Parasite of Tortricid larvae.
a potter wasp or mason waspAncistrocerus oviventris
a potter wasp or mason waspAncistrocerus parietinusParasite of Lepidopterous larvae.
Wall Mason WaspAncistrocerus parietumParasite of Lepidopterous larvae
a spider-hunting waspAnoplius concinnusParasite of Lycosid spiders
a spider-hunting waspAnoplius nigerrimusParasite of Lycosid spiders
Black Banded Spider WaspAnoplius viaticusParasite of various spiders
Field Digger WaspArgogorytes mystaceusNests in light soil; parasite of Homoptera.
a solitary waspCerceris ruficornisCommon.
a rubytail waspChrysis angustula
a rubytail waspChrysis ignitaParasite of other Hymenoptera
a rubytail waspChrysis rutiliventrisMainly coastal.
a rubytail waspChrysis schenkeiNotable.
Slender Bodied Digger WaspCrabro cribrariusOn sandy heathland; parasite of Diptera.
a solitary waspCrossocerus capitosusParasite of Diptera and Hymenoptera
a solitary waspCrossocerus cetratusNests in hollow stems and dead wood; parasite of Diptera and Hymenoptera.
Blunt Tailed Digger WaspCrossocerus dimidiatusNests in rotten wood; parasite of Diptera.
Slender Digger WaspCrossocerus elongatulusCommon.
a solitary waspCrossocerus megacephalusNests in rotten wood; parasite of Diptera
a solitary waspCrossocerus pusillusNests in soil; parasite of small Diptera
4-spotted Digger WaspCrossocerus quadrimaculatusNests in soil; parasite of Diptera
Melancholy Black WaspDiodontus tristisNests in sand or mortar; parasite of aphids.
a social waspDolichovespula mediaNests in bushes; very rare. A recent arrival in Britain, first Exmoor record early 1990s.
Norwegian WaspDolichovespula norwegica
Tree WaspDolichovespula sylvestrisNests in trees.
a dryinid waspDryinidae sp.Parasites of leaf-hopper bugs.
a solitary waspEctemnius cephalotesNests in dead wood; parasite of Muscids and Syrphids.
a solitary waspEctemnius continuusNests in dead wood; parasite of Muscids and Syrphids.
a solitary waspEctemnius lituratusNests in dead wood, parasite of Muscids.
a bethylid waspEpyris niger
an antFormica cuniculariaNests under stones and in dry turf banks.
Negro AntFormica fuscaNests under stones and tree stumps
an antFormica lemaniIn upland areas.
Red Wood AntFormica rufaFrequent in suitable woodlands.
a solitary waspGorytes bicinctusNests in light soils; parasite of Diptera
an antLasius alienusOn heather moorland
Yellow Meadow AntLasius flavusCommon in fields and gardens.
Jet AntLasius fuliginosusNests in varying sites.
Small Black AntLasius nigerAbundant in gardens.
an antLasius umbratusNests at base of old trees.
Slender AntLeptothorax acervorumNests in tree stumps under bark
Field Digger WaspMellinus arvensisNests in light soils; parasite of Diptera
a solitary waspMiscophus concolorNests on heaths; parasite of small spiders.
Large Velvet AntMutilla europaeaParasite of Bumble bees.
an antMyrmica lobicornisNests in open woodland or moorland
Red AntMyrmica ruginodisNests under stones in woods & moorland
an antMyrmica scabrinodisNests in varying sites.
an antMyrmica sulcinodisNests under flat stones on heather moorland
Large Spurred Digger WaspNysson spinosusKleptoparasite of Argogorytes spp.
Spiny Mason WaspOdynerus spinipesParasite on Coleoptera larvae
Common Spiny Digger WaspOxybelus uniglumisNests in sandy soils; parasite of Diptera
a solitary waspPassaloecus gracilisNests in beetle burrows; parasite of same.
a spider-hunting waspPriocnemis parvulaCommon.
Two Coloured Mimic WaspPsen bicolorNests in sandy soils; parasite of Homoptera
a solitary waspRhopalum coarctatum
An antStenamma sp.Species uncertain, possibly debile.
a potter wasp or mason waspSymmorphus connexusNests in plant stems
a potter wasp or mason waspSymmorphus gracilisVisits flowers of Scrophularia
Erratic AntTapinoma erraticumNests on heathland
Turf AntTetramorium caespitumNests under stones on heaths and cliffs
a solitary waspTiphia femorataParasite of dung beetles
a rubytail waspTrichrysis cyaneaA kleptoparasite of wood boring aculeates
Slender Wood Borer WaspTrypoxylon attenuatumParasite of various spiders
The HornetVespa crabroNests in tree holes; locally common. Nests sometimes found in ENHS bird nest boxes in woodlands.
Red WaspVespula rufaUsually nests in the ground.
Common WaspVespula vulgarisNests in various sites.
Gwynne's Mining BeeAndrena bicolor
a solitary beeAndrena coitanaVisits bramble and apple flowers.
a solitary beeAndrena fucataVisits various flowers.
a solitary beeAndrena fuscipesLocal.
Early Mining BeeAndrena haemorrhoaNests in ground; visits flowers of Crataegus and Salix.
a solitary beeAndrena lapponicaVisits Vaccinium flowers.
a solitary beeAndrena nigroaeneaVisits various flowers.
a solitary beeAndrena nitidiusculusVery rare. RDB3.
a solitary beeAndrena ovatulaVisits various flowers.
a solitary beeAndrena saundersellaVisits Umbelliferous flowers.
a solitary beeAndrena scotica
a solitary beeAndrena subopacaVisits various flowers.
Trimmer's Mining BeeAndrena trimmeranaVisits flowers of various shrubs.
Wool-carder BeeAnthidium manicatumNests in woodland; visits flowers of Labiates
Hairy Footed Flower BeeAnthophora plumipesNests in walls and in ground; visits Labiates.
Honey BeeApis melliferaCommercially maintained; wild colonies sometimes found; very common on flowers.
Small Garden Bumble BeeBombus hortorumNests among tree roots and in banks.
Heath Bumble BeeBombus jonellusNests subterranean; heathland.
Large Red Tailed Bumble BeeBombus lapidariusNests subterranean; visits flowers.
White-tailed Bumble BeeBombus lucorumNests subterranean; visits various flowers
Mountain Bumble BeeBombus monticolaScarce.
Common Carder BeeBombus pascuorumNests on surface; widespread.
Early Bumble BeeBombus pratorumNests early in season in various sites; visits blossoms of fruit trees.
Buff-tailed Bumble BeeBombus terrestrisNests subterranean; visits various flowers.
The Margined ColletesColletes marginatusNests in loose sand; a coastal species.
a solitary beeColletes succinctusNests in ground; visits flowers of Calluna and Erica
Hairy Legged Mining BeeDasypoda altercatorIn sandy localities.
a nomad or mason beeEucera longicornisNests in ground, sometimes in large colonies.
a solitary beeHalictus eurygnathus
a solitary beeHalictus rubicundusNests in ground; often in large colonies.
a solitary beeHalictus tumulorumOften stylopised.
a solitary beeHylaeus confususUncommon.
a solitary beeHylaeus hyalinatus
a solitary beeLasioglossum albipesVisits Senecio etc.
Slender Mining BeeLasioglossum calceatumVisits Senecio and Umbelliferous flowers.
a solitary beeLasioglossum cupromicansVisits flowers of yellow Composites
a solitary beeLasioglossum fratellumA moorland species. Visits flowers of Senecio.
a solitary beeLasioglossum laevigatumVisits flowers of Scrophularia
a solitary beeLasioglossum leucopumNests in sandy ground. Visits flowers.
a solitary beeLasioglossum malachurusVisits Trifolium flowers.
Brassy Mining BeeLasioglossum morioNests in wall mortar; common in gardens.
a solitary beeLasioglossum punctatissimumVisits gorse flowers on heath and near coast.
a solitary beeLasioglossum smeathmanellumCommon.
Shaggy Mining BeeLasioglossum villosulumVisits flowers of yellow Composites
Yellow Footed Mining BeeLasioglossum xanthopumVisits various flowrs.
Patchwork Leaf-cutter BeeMegachile centuncularisNests in wood or soil; visits flowers of Rubus.
Willughby's Leaf-cutter BeeMegachile willughbiellaNests in pre-existing holes in wood, walls or soil.
Fabricius' Nomad BeeNomada fabricianaKleptoparasite of Andrena spp. Visits flowers.
a nomad or mason beeNomada flavaKleptoparasite of Andrena spp. Visits flowers.
a nomad or mason beeNomada flavoguttataKleptoparasite of Andrena spp. Visits flowers.
a nomad or mason beeNomada fucataVery local.
Gooden's Nomad BeeNomada goodenianaKleptoparasite of Andrena spp. Visits flowers.
Marsham's Nomad BeeNomada marshamellaKleptoparasite of Andrena spp. Visits flowers.
Golden-rod Nomad BeeNomada rufipesKleptoparasite of Andrena spp. Visits flowers.
a solitary beeOsmia fulviventrisProbably incorrect record. Recorded by visiting naturalists.
a solitary beePanurgus banksianusNests in sandy ground. Visits dandelion flowers.
Four Coloured Cuckoo BeePsithyrus sylvestrisParasite of Bombus pratorumCommon.
Vestal Cuckoo BeePsithyrus vestalisSocial parasite of B.lucorum and B.terrestris
a solitary beeSphecodes crassusVisits various flowers.
Small TortoiseshellAglais UrticaeOccasionally Abundant But Seems To Have Decreased
Orange TipAnthocharis CardaminesCommon By Hedgerows.
RingletAphantopus HyperantusLocal
High Brown FritillaryArgynnis AdippeRare
Dark Green FritillaryArgynnis AglajaFormerly Common But Declined In Recent Years
Silver-Washed FritillaryArgynnis PaphiaWoodland Rides Where It May Be Seen On Bramble Flowers.
Brown ArgusAricia AgestisRare. Only Recent Records From Minehead Golf Course.
Pearl Bordered FritillaryBoloria EuphrosyneSeriously Declined.
Small Pearl-Bordered FritillaryBoloria SeleneLocally Common In Lyn And Barle Valleys
Green HairstreakCallophrys RubiIn Areas Of Gorse.
Holly BlueCelastrina Argiolus BritannaLocal.
Small HeathCoenonympha PamphilusOn Areas Of High Moorland
Clouded YellowColias CroceusThis Well-Known Migrant Appears In Most Years Usually In Moderate Numbers But Occasionally Abundant.
Pale Clouded YellowColias HyaleSingle Record Only
Painted LadyCynthia CarduiNumbers Vary Greatly From Year To Year But Occasionally Can Be Abundant.
The MilkweedDanaus PlexippusA North American Species Which Very Rarely Wanders To Exmoor.
Dingy SkipperErynnis TagesDeclined.
Marsh FritillaryEurodryas AuriniaFormerly Present In Small Numbers At Several Sites But Has Declined.
BrimstoneGonepteryx RhamniUsually Present In Early And Late Summer But These Are Generaly Wandering Males. The Foodplant Is Virtually Absent From Exmoor.
Duke Of Burgundy FritillaryHamearis LucinaAn Early Record From Timberscombe 1900, Presumably On Primrose Which Is Sometimes Used As A Food Plant. Probably No Longer Occurs.
GraylingHipparchia SemeleMoorland Tracks/Quarries, Etc.
PeacockInachis IoNumbers Fairly Good.
White AdmiralLadoga CamillaIts Continued Presence Is Very Doubtful
WallLasiommata MegeraPossibly Decreasing
Wood WhiteLeptidea SinapisThere Are A Number Of Records Up To 1982 But None Since.
Small CopperLycaena PhlaeasRegular In Some Heathland Areas.
Meadow BrownManiola JurtinaAbundant In Grassy Areas.
Marbled WhiteMelanargia Galathea SerenaVery Local.
Heath FritillaryMellicta AthaliaThe Large Number Of Records Reflects The Annual Monitoring Of This Butterfly By Enhs Members Who Have Monitored The 20 Or So Sites Since They Were Discovered In Bin Combe By Roger Butcher/Enhs In 1982 When There Were Tens Of Thousands.
Camberwell BeautyNymphalis AntiopaOne Unconfirmed Record.
Large TortoiseshellNymphalis PolychlorosEarly Records Could Refer To Immigrants. Now Unlikely To Occur.
Large SkipperOchlodes Venata FaunusLocal
Speckled WoodPararge AegeriaGood Numbers. Woodland Borders.
Large WhitePieris BrassicaeLocal Populations Are Reinforced By Immigrants.
Green-Veined WhitePieris NapiCommon
Small WhitePieris RapaeLocal Populations Are Reinforced By Immigrants.
Silver-Studded BluePlebejus ArgusRecorded From Martinhoe Area 1968. An Unconfirmed Record Of Larvae In 1978.
CommaPolygonia C-AlbumIncreased In Number
Common BluePolyommatus IcarusLocally Common
Grizzled SkipperPyrgus MalvaeDecreased
GatekeeperPyronia Tithonus BritanniaeAbundant. Hedgerows Etc.
Purple HairstreakQuercusia QuercusIn Old Oak Woods But Often Unnoticed As They Tend To Remain High Up On The Trees.
White Letter HairstreakSatyrium W-AlbumVery Rare.
Brown HairstreakThecla BetulaeAn Easily Overlooked Species Best Located By Searching For The Eggs On Old Blackthorn In Winter.
Essex SkipperThymelicus LineolaRecorded From A Single Site In Vc5, 1992
Small SkipperThymelicus SylvestrisLocal.
Red AdmiralVanessa AtalantaThis Species Appears To Have Overwintered In Recent Years
Magpie MothAbraxas GrossulariataCommon.
Clouded MagpieAbraxas SylvataRare.
Dark SpectacleAbrostola TrigeminaRare.
SpectacleAbrostola TriplasiaVery Common.
Yellow-Barred BrindleAcasis ViretataOccasional.
Death's Head Hawk-MothAcherontia AtroposRare Immigrant.
Yellow HornedAchlya FlavicornisCommon.
SycamoreAcronicta AcerisLocal.
Alder MothAcronicta AlniFairly Common.
MillerAcronicta LeporinaUncommon.
Poplar GreyAcronicta MegacephalaUncommon.
Grey DaggerAcronicta PsiCommon.
KnotgrassAcronicta RumicisVery Common.
Dark DaggerAcronicta TridensRare.
Portland MothActebia PraecoxMinehead 1963.
Grey BirchAethalura PunctulataMinehead, 1959.
Scarce UmberAgriopis AurantiariaUncommon
Spring UsherAgriopis LeucophaeariaFairly Common
Dotted BorderAgriopis MarginariaCommon.
Convolvulus Hawk-MothAgrius ConvolvuliA Rare Immigrant. Several Reported In 2003.
BrickAgrochola CircellarisFairly Common.
Flounced ChestnutAgrochola HelvolaFairly Common.
Brown-Spot PinionAgrochola LituraOccasional.
Red-Line QuakerAgrochola LotaCommon.
Beaded ChestnutAgrochola LychnidisVery Common.
Yellow-Line QuakerAgrochola MacilentaVery Common.
Light Feathered RusticAgrotis CinereaRare.
Heart And ClubAgrotis ClavisUncommon.
Heart And DartAgrotis ExclamationisAbundant.
Dark Sword-GrassAgrotis IpsilonCommon Immigrant.
Shuttle Shaped DartAgrotis PutaCommon.
Turnip MothAgrotis SegetumCommon.
Crescent DartAgrotis Trux LunigeraFairly Common.
Archer's DartAgrotis VestigialisVery Rare.
Dotted CarpetAlcis JubataVery Local
Mottled BeautyAlcis RepandataAbundant.
Mottled BeautyAlcis Repandata Repandata
Green-Brindled CrescentAllophyes OxyacanthaeCommon.
March MothAlsophila AesculariaVery Common.
Saltern EarAmphipoea Fucosa PaludisFairly Common.
Large EarAmphipoea LucensA Moorland Species Of Western & Northern Britain. Uncommon.
Ear MothAmphipoea OculeaFairly Common.
Svensson's Copper UnderwingAmphipyra Berbera SvenssonOccasional.
Copper UnderwingAmphipyra PyramideaFairly Common.
Mouse MothAmphipyra TragopoginisOccasional.
Green ArchesAnaplectoides PrasinaCommon.
Beautiful Yellow UnderwingAnarta MyrtilliFrequently Encountered Flying Rapidly Over Heather Moorland. Common.
Orange MothAngerona PrunariaVery Rare.
Shoulder StripeAnticlea BadiataAbundant.
StreamerAnticlea DerivataCommon.
Large NutmegApamea AncepsVery Local.
Clouded-Bordered BrindleApamea CrenataCommon.
Clouded BrindleApamea EpomidionFairly Common.
ConfusedApamea Furva BritannicaUncommon.
Light ArchesApamea LithoxyleaFairly Common.
Dark ArchesApamea MonoglyphaAbundant.
Crescent StripedApamea OblongaPorlock 1949
Double LobedApamea OphiogrammaRare.
Dusky BrocadeApamea RemissaOccasional.
Slender BrindleApamea ScolopacinaFairly Common.
Rustic Shoulder-KnotApamea SordensRare.
Reddish Light ArchesApamea SublustrisRare.
Small Clouded BrindleApamea UnanimisSingle Record Only.
Lilac BeautyApeira SyringariaUncommon.
Treble BarAplocera PlagiataOccasional.
Small Brindled BeautyApocheima HispidariaSelworthy, 1973
Pale Brindled BeautyApocheima PilosariaFairly Common.
Black RusticAporophyla NigraCommon.
Twin-Spotted WainscotArchanara GeminipunctaVery Local.
Webb's WainscotArchanara Sparganii
Orange UnderwingArchiearis PartheniasFlies In Sunshine, Mostly High Up, At The Edges Of Birch Woods And Can Easily Be Missed. Rare.
Garden TigerArctia CajaCommon.
Cream-Spot TigerArctia Villica BritannicaFairly Common.
Jersey TigerEuplagia QuadripunctariaIncreasing Visitor.
Scarlet TigerCallimorpha DominulaRecent Record From Porlock.
Fen WainscotArenostola PhragmitidisVery Rare.
Yellow BelleAspitates OchreariaRare.
Small White WaveAsthena AlbulataOccasional.
Centre-Barred SallowAtethmia CentragoFairly Common.
Red-Necked FootmanAtolmis RubricollisRare.
Gold SpangleAutographa BracteaOnly Record Traced Was From Mortehoe (Not Exmoor).
Silver YAutographa GammaFlies By Day And Night. Abundant Immigrant.
Plain Golden YAutographa JotaFairly Common.
Beautiful Golden YAutographa PulchrinaCommon.
FlameAxylia PutrisCommon.
Scarce Silver-LinesBena PrasinanaRare.
Peppered MothBiston BetulariaFamous For The Melanic Forms Produced In Industrial Areas. The Very Black Form (Carbonaria Jordan) Occasionally Turns Up, As Well As The Partially Melanic Form Insularia. Common.
Oak BeautyBiston StratariaCommon.
SprawlerBrachionycha SphinxVery Local.
Minor Shoulder-KnotBrachylomia ViminalisUncommon.
Bordered WhiteBupalus PiniariaFairly Common.
Common WaveCabera ExanthemataVery Common.
Common White WaveCabera PusariaVery Common.
Mother ShiptonCallistege MiRare.
Pale TussockCalliteara PudibundaCommon.
Light EmeraldCampaea MargaritataVery Common.
Yellow ShellCamptogramma Bilineata BilineataCommon.
Pale Mottled WillowCaradrina ClavipalpisCommon.
Mottled RusticCaradrina MorpheusCommon.
Royal MantleCatarhoe CuculataRare.
Ruddy CarpetCatarhoe RubidataVery Rare.
Red UnderwingCatocala NuptaRare.
Haworth's MinorCelaena HaworthiiSingle Record. Not Recent.
CrescentCelaena LeucostigmaRare.
Little ThornCepphis AdvenariaNettlecombe, 1973.
Broom MothCeramica PisiVery Common.
AntlerCerapteryx GraminisNumbers Vary Considerably From Year To Year. Can Be A Pest Of Upland Pasture.
White-MarkedCerastis LeucographaSelworthy 1964
Red ChestnutCerastis RubricosaCommon.
Puss MothCerura VinulaFairly Common.
Treble LinesCharanyca TrigrammicaCommon.
StreakChesias LegatellaVery Rare.
Broom-TipChesias RufataRecorded From Minehead, 1963.
Silky WainscotChilodes MaritimusA Species Of Reed Beds Once Recorded From Porlock Marsh, Probably Now Gone.
Dark Marbled CarpetChloroclysta CitrataFairly Common.
Autumn Green CarpetChloroclysta MiataRare.
Red-Green CarpetChloroclysta SiterataCommon.
Common Marbled CarpetChloroclysta TruncataAbundant.
Bilberry PugChloroclystis DebiliataScarce.
Green PugChloroclystis RectangulataFairly Common.
V-PugChloroclystis V-AtaFairly Common.
Golden Twin-SpotChrysodeixis ChalcitesSelworthy, 1967. Very Rare Immigrant.
Barred YellowCidaria FulvataCommon.
Chinese CharacterCilix Glaucata
Brussels LaceCleorodes LichenariaLocal.
Chocolate-TipClostera CurtulaRare.
Small RufousCoenobia RufaVery Rare.
Nut-Tree TussockColocasia CoryliFairly Common.
Mottled GreyColostigia MultistrigariaFairly Common.
Beech-Green CarpetColostygia OlivataRare
Green CarpetColostygia PectinatariaVery Common
Feathered ThornColotois PennariaVery Common.
Blotched EmeraldComibaena BajulariaFairly Common.
Dark ChestnutConistra LigulaUncommon.
Dotted ChestnutConistra RubigineaNot Recorded In Somerset Until Recent Years. The First Exmoor Records Were Of Two Post-Hibernation Examples At Porlock In 1993.
ChestnutConistra VacciniiVery Common.
Lesser-Spotted PinionCosmia AffinisOccasional
White-Spotted PinionCosmia DiffinisMinehead 1962
Lunar-Spotted PinionCosmia PyralinaRare.
Dun-BarCosmia TrapezinaVery Common.
Purple BarCosmorhoe OcellataCommon.
CoronetCraniophora LigustriFairly Common.
Scalloped OakCrocallis ElinguariaCommon.
Marbled BeautyCryphia DomesticaCommon.
Marbled GreenCryphia MuralisRare.
WormwoodCucullia AbsinthiiVery Rare.
Chamomile SharkCucullia ChamomillaeRare.
SharkCucullia UmbraticaCommon.
MulleinCucullia VerbasciUncommon.
Four-Dotted FootmanCybosia MesomellaFairly Common.
MochaCyclophora AnnulataA Beautiful Moth, Recorded On Only Two Occasions In 1963 And 1994. Very Rare.
Clay Triple-LinesCyclophora LineariaUncommon.
False MochaCyclophora PorataLast Recorded 1971
Maiden's BlushCyclophora PunctariaFairly Common.
Oak LutestringCymatophorima Diluta HartwiegiCommon
Brindled OchreDasypolia TempliBossington Hill 1947; Porlock Weir 1973. Very Rare.
Elephant Hawk-MothDeilephila ElpenorVery Common.
Small Elephant Hawk-MothDeilephila PorcellusFairly Common.
Satin BeautyDeileptenia RibeataRare
Silver HookDeltote UnculaWithypool, 1962
Burnished BrassDiachrysia ChrysitisCommon.
Clouded BuffDiacrisia SannioMales May Be Disturbed During The Day From Heather Moorland, Females Are Less Often Seen. Fairly Common.
Muslin MothDiaphora MendicaThe White Females Fly By Day And Look Very Different From The Brown Males. Common.
Purple ClayDiarsia BrunneaCommon.
Barred ChestnutDiarsia DahliiRare.
Ingrailed ClayDiarsia Mendica MendicaVery Common.
Small Square-SpotDiarsia RubiVery Common.
Merveille Du JourDichonia AprilinaUncommon.
Figure Of EightDiloba CaeruleocephalaVery Local.
NutmegDiscestra TrifoliiUncommon.
Blomer's RivuletDiscoloxia BlomeriVery Rare
Oak Hook-TipDrepana BinariaCommon
Barred Hook-TipDrepana CultrariaUncommon
Pebble Hook-TipDrepana FalcatariaCommon
Marbled BrownDrymonia DodonaeaCommon.
Lunar Marbled BrownDrymonia RuficornisCommon.
Brindled GreenDryobotodes EremitaFairly Common.
Grey Scalloped BarDyscia FagariaSingle Record Selworthy Beacon, 1972
Small PhoenixEcliptopera SilaceataCommon.
EngrailedEctropis BistortataUncommon.
Small EngrailedEctropis CrepusculariaUncommon.
Silver CloudEgira ConspicillarisSingle Record.
Hoary FootmanEilema CaniolaFairly Common.
Scarce FootmanEilema ComplanaFairly Common.
Buff FootmanEilema DeplanaFairly Common.
Dingy FootmanEilema GriseolaFairly Common.
Common FootmanEilema LurideolaAundant.
Orange FootmanEilema SororculaRare.
Broken-Barred CarpetElectrophaes CorylataFairly Common.
Pebble ProminentEligmodonta ZiczacCommon.
Common HeathEmaturga AtomariaCommon.
Angle-Striped SallowEnargia PaleaceaPorlock Weir 1980very Rare Immigrant.
Canary-Shouldered ThornEnnomos AlniariaVery Common.
September ThornEnnomos ErosariaFairly Common.
Dusky ThornEnnomos FuscantariaFairly Common.
August ThornEnnomos QuercinariaFairly Common.
Grey Mountain MothEntephria CaesiataA North Western Species In Britain, Occurring As Far South As S. Wales, With Occasional Stragglers Found On The Coastal Regions Of Exmoor.
Bordered BeautyEpione RepandariaRare.
Common CarpetEpirrhoe AlternataVery Common.
Galium CarpetEpirrhoe GaliataUncommon.
Wood CarpetEpirrhoe RivataRare.
Small Argent & SableEpirrhoe TristataVery Rare.
Autumnal MothEpirrita AutumnataVery Common.
Pale November MothEpirrita ChristyiRare.
November MothEpirrita DilutataVery Common.
Mottled UmberErannis DefoliariaVery Common.
Dusky SallowEremobia OchroleucaRare.
Small EggarEriogaster LanestrisThere Are Two Exmoor Records Given On The Distribution Map In Mbgbi (Heath & Emmet, 1991) Vol.7 P2, But It Has Not Been Possible To Trace Their Source. The Species Has Undergone A Serious Decline In Recent Years But Is Still Present In Somerset.
Purple MarbledEublemma OstrinaVery Rare Immigrant.
Small MarbledEublemma ParvaSelworthy, 1968.
Dingy ShellEuchoeca NebulataUncommon.
Plain ClayEugnorisma DepunctaSelworthy 1973. Rare.
SpinachEulithis MellinataVery Common.
Northern SpinachEulithis PopulataVery Common.
PhoenixEulithis PrunataFairly Common.
Barred StrawEulithis PyraliataCommon.
ChevronEulithis TestataFairly Common.
Feathered RanunculusEumichtis Lichenea LicheneaFairly Common.
Feathered RanunculusEumichtis Lichenea Scillonea
Cloaked CarpetEuphyia BiangulataCommon In The Porlock Area.
Sharp-Angled CarpetEuphyia UnangulataVery Rare.
Brindled PugEupithecia AbbreviataCommon.
Wormwood PugEupithecia AbsinthiataCommon.
Currant PugEupithecia AssimilataLuckbarrow 1990
Lime-Speck PugEupithecia CentaureataOccasional.
Jasione PugEupithecia Denotata JasioneataLynmouth 1924.
Thyme PugEupithecia Distinctaria ConstrictaRecorded In 1924, 1947 & 1960 From Exmoor.
Oak-Tree PugEupithecia DodoneataFairly Common.
Mottled PugEupithecia ExiguataUncommon.
Bleached PugEupithecia ExpallidataRare.
Ling PugEupithecia GoossensiataWithycombe 1912 Only.
Haworth's PugEupithecia HaworthiataUncommon.
Tawny-Speckled PugEupithecia IcterataCommon.
Ochreous PugEupithecia IndigataUncommon.
Freyer's PugEupithecia IntricataSingle Record, Luckbarrow, 1998.
Maple PugEupithecia InturbataVery Rare.
Larch PugEupithecia LariciataLocal.
Toadflax PugEupithecia LinariataFairly Common.
Narrow-Winged PugEupithecia Nanata AngustaCommon.
Cypress PugEupithecia PhoeniceataThe First British Specimen Was Recorded In Cornwall In 1959. Has Since Spread Along The Coast And To Some Inland Areas. Now Fairly Common.
Lead-Coloured PugEupithecia PlumbeolataUncommon.
Foxglove PugEupithecia PulchellataCommon.
Marsh PugEupithecia PygmaeataWithycombe, 1912.
Satyr PugEupithecia SatyrataWithycombe, 1912.
Plain PugEupithecia SimpliciataRare.
Grey PugEupithecia SubfuscataCommon.
Bordered PugEupithecia SuccenturiataUncommon.
Dwarf PugEupithecia TantillariaOccasional.
Slender PugEupithecia TenuiataUncommon.
White-Spotted PugEupithecia TripunctariaFairly Common.
Valerian PugEupithecia ValerianataScarce.
Netted PugEupithecia VenosataRare.
Golden-Rod PugEupithecia VirgaureataRare.
Common PugEupithecia VulgataVery Common.
Small Angle ShadesEuplexia LuciparaCommon.
Brown-TailEuproctis ChrysorrhoeaLocally Common.
Yellow-TailEuproctis SimilisFairly Common.
SatelliteEupsilia TransversaCommon.
DrinkerEuthrix PotatoriaLarvae Can Be Very Common In Damp, Low-Lying Areas Of The Moor.
Garden DartEuxoa NigricansUncommon.
Square-Spot DartEuxoa Obelisca GriseaRare.
White-Line DartEuxoa TriticiUncommon.
Scalloped Hook-TipFalcaria LacertinariaCommon.
Alder KittenFurcula BicuspisVery Rare.
Poplar KittenFurcula BifidaVery Rare.
Sallow KittenFurcula FurculaUncommon.
LappetGastropacha QuercifoliaRare
Large EmeraldGeometra PapilionariaCommon.
AnnuletGnophos ObscurataOccasional.
Frosted OrangeGortyna FlavagoCommon.
Double DartGraphiphora AugurVery Rare.
Double-Striped PugGymnoscelis RufifasciataAbundant.
Buff ArchesHabrosyne PyritoidesVery Common
ShearsHada NanaCommon.
LychnisHadena BicrurisCommon.
Marbled CoronetHadena ConfusaRare.
Barrett's Marbled CoronetHadena Luteago BarrettiiSelworthy 1964
Tawny ShearsHadena PerplexaUncommon.
CampionHadena RivularisFairly Common.
Broad-Barred WhiteHecatera BicolorataUncommon.
Scarce Bordered StrawHelicoverpa ArmigeraRare Immigrant.
Eastern Bordered StrawHeliothis Nubigera
Bordered StrawHeliothis PeltigeraUncommon Immigrant
Marbled CloverHeliothis ViriplacaWithycombe 1912
Narrow-Bordered Bee HawkHemaris TityusVery Rare.
Small EmeraldHemistola ChrysoprasariaUncommon.
Common EmeraldHemithea AestivariaVery Common.
Fan-FootHerminea TarsipennalisCommon.
Small Fan-FootHerminia GrisealisVery Common.
UncertainHoplodrina AlsinesCommon.
Vine's RusticHoplodrina AmbiguaCommon.
RusticHoplodrina BlandaCommon.
The FernHorisme TersataUncommon.
Small Waved UmberHorisme VitalbataRare.
Rosy RusticHydraecia MicaceaCommon.
Small Yellow WaveHydrelia FlammeolariaCommon.
Waved CarpetHydrelia SylvataVery Rare.
July HighflyerHydriomena FurcataA Very Variable Species. Common.
May HighflyerHydriomena ImpluviataRare.
Ruddy HighflyerHydriomena RuberataRare.
Barred RedHylaea FasciariaCommon.
Striped Hawk-MothHyles Lineata LivornicaMinehead, 1965.
Pine Hawk-MothHyloicus PinastriMinehead, 1960
Beautiful SnoutHypena CrassalisAlthough Rather Local In Britain As A Whole, It Is Fairly Common On Exmoor Moorland Since The Larvae Feed On Whortleberry.
SnoutHypena ProboscidalisBeing Double Brooded, This Very Common Moth May Be Seen Throughout The Summer Until October.
Buttoned SnoutHypena RostralisRare.
Pale Oak BeautyHypomecis PunctinalisScarce.
Riband WaveIdaea AversataAbundant.
Small Fan-Footed WaveIdaea BiselataVery Common.
Single-Dotted WaveIdaea DimidiataCommon.
Small ScallopIdaea EmarginataVery Rare.
Dwarf Cream WaveIdaea FuscovenosaCommon.
Small Dusty WaveIdaea SeriataFairly Common.
Plain WaveIdaea StraminataCommon.
Satin WaveIdaea SubsericeataFairly Common.
Dotted-Border WaveIdaea SylvestrariaRare.
Treble Brown SpotIdaea TrigeminataVery Common.
Double KidneyIpimorpha RetusaRare.
OliveIpimorpha SubtusaUncommon.
Orange UpperwingJodia CroceagoVery Rare.
Little EmeraldJodis LacteariaUncommon.
Beautiful BrocadeLacanobia ContiguaUncommon.
Bright-Line Brown-EyeLacanobia OleraceaCommon.
Dog's ToothLacanobia SuasaFairly Common.
Pale-Shouldered BrocadeLacanobia ThalassinaCommon.
Light BrocadeLacanobia W-LatinumFairly Common.
Devon CarpetLampropteryx OtregiataVery Local.
Water CarpetLampropteryx SuffumataCommon.
Poplar Hawk-MothLaothoe PopuliVery Common.
MallowLarentia ClavariaRare.
Oak EggarLasiocampa QuercusFairly Common
Northern EggarLasiocampa Quercus CallunaeCommon.
Grass EggarLasiocampa TrifoliiA Single (Unconfirmed) Record From N. Devon, 1984.
Beautiful Hook-TipLaspeyria FlexulaVery Local.
Scorched CarpetLigdia AdustataVery Common.
Marbled White SpotLithacodia PygargaVery Local. (Syn. Protodeltote Pygarga)
Pale PinionLithophane HepaticaOccasional.
Blair's Shoulder-KnotLithophane Leautieri HespericaFirst Recorded 1951 On The Isle Of Wight, This Moth Has Gradually Increased Its Range. Fairly Common.
Grey Shoulder-KnotLithophane Ornitopus LactipennisOccasional.
Tawny PinionLithophane SemibrunneaRare.
Four-Spotted FootmanLithosia QuadraOccasional.
SeraphimLobophora HalterataUncommon.
Clouded BorderLomaspilis MarginataVery Common.
White-Pinion SpottedLomographa BimaculataUncommon.
Clouded SilverLomographa TemerataFairly Common.
Flounced RusticLuperina TestaceaVery Common.
Brindled BeautyLycia HirtariaUncommon.
True Lover's KnotLycophotia PorphyreaVery Common.
Scarce BlackneckLygephila CraccaeVery Local As Is The Foodplant (Wood Vetch)
BlackneckLygephila PastinumPorlock Weir 1976.
Black ArchesLymantria MonachaCommon.
Humming-Bird Hawk-MothMacroglossum StellatarumOccurs In Most Years And Is Sometimes Fairly Common. It Is Fond Of Feeding On The Flowers Of Red Valerian.
Fox MothMacrothylacia RubiLarvae Are Often Encountered On Exmoor Tracks In Spring, En Route To A Suitable Pupation Site.
LackeyMalacosoma NeustriaRare
Cabbage MothMamestra BrassicaeCommon.
Dot MothMelanchra PersicariaeVery Common.
Pretty Chalk CarpetMelanthia ProcellataUncommon.
Waved UmberMenophra AbruptariaFairly Common.
Lesser Common RusticMesapamea DidymaCommon. (?)
Common RusticMesapamea SecalisVery Common.
Beautiful CarpetMesoleuca AlbicillataUncommon.
Cloaked MinorMesoligia FurunculaCommon.
Rosy MinorMesoligia LiterosaFairly Common.
Rosy FootmanMiltochrista MiniataVery Common.
Lime Hawk-MothMimas TiliaeUncommon.
Dark BrocadeMniotype AdustaPorlock Weir 1973.
Old LadyMormo MauraSince This Striking Moth Seldom Comes To Light, It Is Likely To Be Under-Recorded.
White PointMythimna AlbipunctaRare Immigrant.
Shoulder-Striped WainscotMythimna CommaFairly Common.
Brown-Line Bright EyeMythimna ConigeraRare.
ClayMythimna FerragoCommon.
Smoky WainscotMythimna ImpuraVery Common.
Shore WainscotMythimna LitoralisMinehead 1958
Common WainscotMythimna PallensVery Common.
Striped WainscotMythimna PudorinaRare.
Devonshire WainscotMythimna PutrescensRare.
Southern WainscotMythimna StramineaUncommon.
Double LineMythimna TurcaRare.
White-SpeckMythimna UnipunctaRare Immigrant.
DelicateMythimna VitellinaUncommon Immigrant.
GothicNaenia TypicaRare.
Striped Twin-Spot CarpetNebula Salicata LatentariaVery Rare.
Lesser Yellow UnderwingNoctua ComesVery Common.
Broad-Bordered Yellow UnderwingNoctua FimbriataCommon.
Least Yellow UnderwingNoctua Interjecta CaliginosaFairly Common.
Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow UnderwingNoctua JantheVery Common.
Large Yellow UnderwingNoctua PronubaAbundant.
Least Black ArchesNola ConfusalisCommon.
Short-Cloaked MothNola CucullatellaRare.
Bulrush WainscotNonagria TyphaeRare.
Iron ProminentNotodonta DromedariusCommon.
Muslin FootmanNudaria MundanaFairly Common.
Oak NycteolineNycteola RevayanaRare.
Common LutestringOchropacha DuplarisCommon.
Flame ShoulderOchropleura PlectaVery Common.
Chimney SweeperOdezia AtrataLocal.
Scalloped HazelOdontopera BidentataCommon.
Middle-Barred MinorOligia FasciunculaCommon.
Tawny Marbled MinorOligia LatrunculaCommon.
Marbled MinorOligia StrigilisFairly Common.
Rufous MinorOligia VersicolorCommon.
Lunar UnderwingOmphaloscelis LunosaVery Common.
Winter MothOperophtera BrumataVisits Lighted Windows During Mild Weather Throughout The Winter, Often In Large Numbers.
Northern Winter MothOperophtera FagataRare.
Brimstone MothOpisthograptis LuteolataAbundant.
VapourerOrgyia AntiquaMales Fly In Sunshine But The Females Are Wingless. Scarce.
GemOrthonama ObstipataRare Immigrant.
Oblique CarpetOrthonama VittataVery Rare.
Common QuakerOrthosia CerasiVery Common.
Small QuakerOrthosia CrudaAbundant.
Hebrew CharacterOrthosia GothicaVery Common.
Powdered QuakerOrthosia GracilisCommon.
Clouded DrabOrthosia IncertaCommon.
Blossom UnderwingOrthosia MiniosaVery Rare.
Twin-Spotted QuakerOrthosia MundaCommon.
Northern DrabOrthosia OpimaMinehead 1958
Swallow-Tailed MothOurapteryx SambucariaCommon.
Horse ChestnutPachycnemia HippocastanariaCommon.
Small Yellow UnderwingPanemeria TenebrataPorlock Weir 1988.
Pine BeautyPanolis FlammeaRare.
Glaucous ShearsPapestra BirenVery Rare.
Square SpotParadarisa ConsonariaRare.
Brindled White-SpotParadarisa ExtersariaRare.
Autumnal RusticParadiarsia Glareosa GlareosaFairly Common.
Wood TigerParasemia PlantaginisVery Local.
SuspectedParastichtis SuspectaSingle Record Only.
Dingy ShearsParastichtis YpsillonVery Rare.
EmperorPavonia PavoniaMales May Be Seen Dashing Over The Heather Moors In Sunshine. The Females Fly At Night, Sometimes Coming To Light. Fairly Common.
Grass WavePerconia StrigillariaUncommon.
Willow BeautyPeribatodes RhomboidariaVery Common.
Great ProminentPeridea AncepsCommon.
Pearly UnderwingPeridroma SauciaFairly Common Immigrant.
RivuletPerizoma AffinitataFairly Common.
Grass RivuletPerizoma AlbulataRare.
Small RivuletPerizoma AlchemillataFairly Common.
Barred RivuletPerizoma BifaciataVery Local.
Twin-Spot CarpetPerizoma DidymataFairly Common On Moorland.
Sandy CarpetPerizoma FlavofasciataCommon.
Barred CarpetPerizoma TaeniataRare. Probably On Mosses.
Brown Silver-LinePetrophora ChlorosataAbundant In Areas Of Dense Bracken.
Buff-TipPhalera BucephalaVery Common.
Lesser Swallow ProminentPheosia GnomaVery Common.
Swallow ProminentPheosia TremulaCommon.
Brown ScallopPhilereme VetulataRare.
Angle ShadesPhlogophora MeticulosaVery Common.
Small Dotted BuffPhotedes MinimaUncommon.
Small WainscotPhotedes PygminaFairly Common.
Ruby TigerPhragmatobia FuliginosaFairly Common.
Small LappetPhyllodesma IlicifoliaThe Occurrence Of This Rare, Possibly Extinct, Species Rests On Two (Unconfirmed) Records Of Larvae, One From Lynton In 1864 And The Other From Porlock In 1938. It Was Last Taken In Britain In 1965 At Weston Super Mare.
Small Purple-BarredPhytometra ViridariaOccasional. A Heath And Moorland Species Which Feeds On Milkwort.
Scorched WingPlagodis DolabrariaCommon.
Barred UmberPlagodis PulverariaCommon.
Blue-Bordered CarpetPlemyria RubiginataMinehead 1958 & Luckbarrow 1996.
Gold SpotPlusia FestucaeUncommon.
December MothPoecilocampa PopuliCommon
Grey ArchesPolia NebulosaCommon.
Golden PlusiaPolychrysia MonetaMinehead 1965
Large RanunculusPolymixis FlavicinctaUncommon.
Frosted GreenPolyploca RidensFairly Common.
Green Silver-LinesPseudoips Fagana BritannicaFairly Common.
Speckled YellowPseudopanthera MaculariaThis Common Species Flies In Sunshine And Is Not Seen At Light.
Grass EmeraldPseudoterpna Pruinata AtropunctariaCommon.
Small SeraphimPterapherapteryx SexalataUncommon.
Pale ProminentPterostoma PalpinaCommon.
Coxcomb ProminentPtilodon CapucinaFairly Common
Maple ProminentPtilodontella CucullinaRare.
Bordered SallowPyrrhia UmbraRare.
Argent And SableRheumaptera HastataSingle Record, Barle Valley, 1985.
Scallop ShellRheumaptera UndulataPerhaps The Most Strikingly Marked Of The Carpets. Scarce
Large WainscotRhizedra LutosaRare.
VestalRhodometra SacrariaRare Immigrant.
Straw DotRivula SericealisFairly Common.
Brown RusticRusina FerrugineaCommon.
Pinion-Streaked SnoutSchrankia CostaestrigalisOccasioal
White Lined SnoutSchrankia TaenialisSelworthy 1971
HeraldScoliopteryx LibatrixAdults May Be Found Hibernating, Sometimes In Numbers, In Old Sheds, Barns & Outhouses. Fairly Common.
Cream WaveScopula FloslactataVery Common.
Small Blood-VeinScopula ImitariaFairly Common.
Lesser Cream WaveScopula ImmutataSingle Record 1983, Treborough Wood Only.
Mullein WaveScopula MarginepunctataLocal
Smoky WaveScopula TernataA Northern Species, Generally Rare In The South-West And Only Common On Exmoor.
Shaded Broad-BarScotopteryx ChenopodiataFairly Common.
July BelleScotopteryx Luridata PlumbariaVery Common.
Lead BelleScotopteryx MucronataCommon.
Early ThornSelenia DentariaVery Common.
Lunar ThornSelenia LunulariaFairly Common.
Purple ThornSelenia TetralunariaFairly Common.
Sharp-Angled PeacockSemiothisa AlternariaFairly Common.
Latticed HeathSemiothisa ClathrataVery Rare
Tawny-Barred AngleSemiothisa LiturataCommon.
Peacock MothSemiothisa NotataUncommon.
V-MothSemiothisa WauariaRecorded From Minehead, 1957.
Pale Oak BeautySerraca Punctinalis
White ColonSideridis AlbicolonMinehead 1963
Eyed Hawk-MothSmerinthus OcellataFairly Common.
Stout DartSpaelotis RavidaSelworthy 1968.
Privet Hawk-MothSphinx LigustriFairly Common.
White ErmineSpilosoma LubricipedaVery Common.
Buff ErmineSpilosoma LuteumVery Common.
Water ErmineSpilosoma UrticaeSingle Record Only.
Small Mottled WillowSpodoptera ExiguaRare Immigrant.
Northern RusticStandfussiana LucerneaA Northern Species Which Just Reached The Exmoor Coast At Countisbury In 1971.
Lobster MothStauropus FagiFairly Common.
AnomalousStilbia AnomalaFairly Common.
Figure Of EightyTethea Ocularis OctogesimeaUncommon.
Satin LutestringTetheella FluctuosaAssumed To Be A Wanderer, As The Nearest Known Colony Is In S. Wales. Taken At Light In 1994 At Porlock.
Straw UnderwingThalpophila MaturaMinehead 1958
Spruce CarpetThera BritannicaAbundant.
Pine CarpetThera FirmataCommon.
Grey Pine CarpetThera ObeliscataCommon.
Early MothTheria PrimariaOccasional.
Hedge RusticTholera CespitisUncommon.
Feathered GothicTholera DecimalisOccasional.
Peach BlossomThyatira BatisCommon.
Blood-VeinTimandra GriseataCommon.
Pale EggarTrichiura CrataegiVery Rare
The Ni MothTrichoplusia NiVery Rare Immigrant.
Early Tooth-StripedTrichopteryx CarpinataCommon.
TissueTriphosa DubitataHibernates In Caves Or Outbuildings, Often In Large Numbers. A Wanderer On Exmoor Owing To The Absence Of The Food Plants (Rhamnus And Frangula) Rare.
CinnabarTyria JacobaeaeCommon.
Crimson SpeckledUtetheisa PulchellaMinehead 1961. Very Rare Immigrant.
Welsh WaveVenusia CambricaA Northern Moorland Species Whose Range Extends To S.W. England. Rare.
Barred SallowXanthia AuragoUncommon.
Orange SallowXanthia CitragoVery Rare.
Dusky-Lemon SallowXanthia GilvagoVery Rare.
SallowXanthia IcteritiaUncommon.
Pink-Barred SallowXanthia TogataRare.
Flame CarpetXanthorhoe DesignataCommon.
Dark-Barred Twin-Spot CarpetXanthorhoe FerrugataCommon.
Garden CarpetXanthorhoe FluctuataVery Common.
Silver-Ground CarpetXanthorhoe MontanataVery Common.
Red Twin-Spot CarpetXanthorhoe SpadiceariaAbundant
Heath RusticXestia AgathinaUncommon.
Dotted ClayXestia BajaCommon.
Neglected RusticXestia CastaneaUncommon.
Setaceous Hebrew CharacterXestia C-NigrumVery Common.
Triple-Spotted ClayXestia DitrapeziumCommon.
Square-Spotted ClayXestia RhomboideaRare. Only One Record.
Six-Striped RusticXestia SexstrigataCommon.
Double Square-SpotXestia TriangulumVery Common.
Square-Spot RusticXestia XanthographaVery Common.
Sword-GrassXylena ExsoletaUncommon.
Red Sword-GrassXylena VetustaRare.
Early GreyXylocampa AreolaCommon.
Lichenized Fungi and Non-lichenized Fungi
Lichenicolous fungiAbrothallus bertianusOn Parmelia glabratula on Ash and oak
Lichenicolous fungiAbrothallus microspermusOn Parmelia caperata lichen.
Lichenicolous fungiAbrothallus parmotrematisOn Parmelia perlata lichen, on Alder.
a lichen or fungusAcanthophiobolus helicosporusUnder Acanthophiobolus chaetophorus in Flora & Fauna. Rarely recorded.
a lichenAcarospora fuscataLocally common on acid rocks
a lichenAcarospora impressulaMaritime rocks.
a lichenAcarospora macrosporaMaritime rocks.
a lichenAcarospora smaragdulaLocally common on maritime rocks.
a lichenAcrocordia gemmataCommon on trees.
a lichenAcrocordia salweyiLocal on mortar.
a lichenAgonimia allobataRare on trees.
a lichenAgonimia tristiculaFrequent. Calcicole.
a lichen or fungusAmarenomyces ammophilae
a lichenAnaptychia ciliarisWell-lit trees. Rare.
a lichenAnaptychia runcinataMaritime rocks.
a lichenAnisomeridium biformeCommon on trees.
a lichenAnisomeridium nyssaegenumCommon on trees.
a lichen or fungusArthonia anombrophilaOn oaks. Rare
a lichen or fungusArthonia arthonioidesOn old oaks. Very rare.
a lichen or fungusArthonia astroidestra
a lichen or fungusArthonia atlanticaOn acid rock in woodlands.
a lichen or fungusArthonia cinnabarinaOn trees, especially hazel.
a lichen or fungusArthonia didymaOn trees.
a lichen or fungusArthonia elegansOn Hazels and Oaks.
a lichen or fungusArthonia endlicheriOn maritime rocks
a lichen or fungusArthonia impolitaOn trees.
Lichenicolous fungiArthonia invadensOn Schismatomma quercicola
a lichen or fungusArthonia mediellaOn mossy oaks or ashes.
Lichenicolous fungiArthonia molendoiOn Caloplaca arnoldii on rocks.
a lichenArthonia muscigenaFrequent on trees.
a lichen or fungusArthonia punctiformistree twigs
a lichen or fungusArthonia radiataOn smooth-barked trees.
a lichen or fungusArthonia spadiceaOn shaded trees
a lichen or fungusArthonia stellarisOn smooth-barked trees.
a lichen or fungusArthonia vinosaOn old trees
a lichen or fungusArthopyrenia antecellansOn smooth bark, especially Ilex
a lichen or fungusArthopyrenia atractosporaIn crevices of oak bark.
a lichen or fungusArthopyrenia cerasiOn smooth bark
a lichen or fungusArthopyrenia cinereopruinosaOn ash trees
a lichen or fungusArthopyrenia fraxiniOn oak or hazel.
a lichen or fungusArthopyrenia lapponinaOn smooth barked trees
a lichen or fungusArthopyrenia microspilaOn Graphis scripta on trees
a lichen or fungusArthopyrenia punctiformisOn tree twigs.
a lichen or fungusArthopyrenia ranunculosporaOn old trees.
a lichen or fungusArthopyrenia salicisOn hazel
a lichen or fungusArthopyrenia viridescensOn trees
a lichen or fungusArthothelium ruanumRare on hazel.
Lichenicolous fungiArthrorhapis aeruginosaOn Cladonia squamules. Local.
an ascomycete fungusArthrorhaphis citrinellaOn acid rocks.
a lichenAspicilia caesiocinereaOn acid rocks
a lichenAspicilia calcareaLocally frequent on limestone walls.
a lichenAspicilia cinereaOn acid rocks
a lichenAspicilia contortaOn limestone walls
a lichenAspicilia griseaOn acid rocks
a lichenAspicilia laevataOn rocks. Rare.
a lichenAspicilia leprosescensOn maritime rocks
a lichenBacidia arceutinaOn elder
a lichenBacidia biatorinaOn trees in old woods
a lichenBacidia caligansOn elder.
a lichenBacidia carneoglaucaOn rocks. Rare.
a lichenBacidia circumspectaOn trees in old woods
a lichenBacidia coralloidea in edLocal on willows.
a lichenBacidia delicataOn Salix.
a lichenBacidia inundataOn rocks in streams.
a lichenBacidia laurocerasiOn trees
a lichenBacidia naegeliiOn trees.
a lichenBacidia phacodesLocal on trees.
a lichenBacidia rubellaOn trees.
a lichenBacidia sabuletorumFrequent. Calcicolous.
a lichenBacidia scopulicolaMaritime
a lichenBacidia trachomaRiverside rocks.
a lichenBacidia vezdaeOn trees.
a lichenBacidia viridifarinosaOn trees, rarely rocks.
a lichenBactrospora corticolaOn Oaks
a lichenBaeomyces roseusLocal on acid soil.
a lichenBaeomyces rufusOn rocks on damp moorland.
a lichenBiatora epixanthoidesOn trees in old woodland.
a lichenBiatora epixanthoidiza
a lichenBiatora sphaeroidesOn damp old trees or rocks
a lichenBiatoridium delitescensVery rare on hazel.
a lichenBryophagus gloeocapsaOn decaying Bryophytes
a lichenBryoria fuscescensOn conifers
a lichenBryoria subcanaOn trees.
a lichenBuellia aethaleaOn acid rocks & stonework.
a lichenBuellia disciformisOn trees
a lichenBuellia griseovirensOn trees, rocks & walls
a lichenBuellia ocellataOn acid rocks & walls
a lichenBuellia punctataOn trees & rocks
a lichenBuellia schaereriOn old trees
a lichenBuellia stellulataOn rocks
a lichenBuellia subdisciformisOn maritime rocks
a lichenByssoloma marginatumOn oaks
a lichenCalicium glaucellumOn dry bark of trees.
a lichenCalicium lenticulareOn oak wood
a lichenCalicium salicinumOn trees
a lichenCalicium virideOn trees
a lichenCaloplaca arenariaLocal on rocks.
a lichenCaloplaca arnoldiiRare on maritime rocks
a lichenCaloplaca aurantiaRare, churchyards etc.
a lichenCaoplaca ceraceaLocal on maritime rocks
a lichenCaloplaca citrinaCommon on mortar, walls, etc.
a lichenCaloplaca crenulariaLocal; acid & maritime rocks
a lichenCaloplaca dalmaticaRare; limestone walls
a lichenCaloplaca flavescensLimestone walls & gravestones
a lichenCaloplaca flavovirescensRare; old walls.
a lichenCaloplaca holocarpaLocal; calcareous rocks
a lichenCaloplaca littoreaCoastal shingle.
a lichenCaloplace lucifugaOn oaks.
a lichenCaloplaca marinaMaritime rocks
a lichenCaloplaca microthallinaMaritime rocks
a lichenCaloplace obscurellaOn ash.
a lichenCaloplaca saxicolaLocal on walls
a lichenCaloplaca teicholytaLocal; gravestones
a lichenCaloplaca thallinocolaLocal; maritime rocks
a lichenCaloplaca ulcerosaVery rare on trees
a lichenCaloplaca verruculiferaLocal; maritime rocks.
a lichenCandelaria concolorOn trees
a lichenCandelariella aurellaOn basic rocks
a lichenCandelariella corallizaOn acid rocks
a lichenCandelariella reflexaOn trees
a lichenCandelariella vitellinaOn rocks
a lichenCandelariella xanthostigmaOn old trees
a lichenCatpyrenium squamulosumRare on old walls.
a lichenCatillaria atomarioidesOn rocks.
a lichenCatillaria atropurpureaOn old trees
a lichenCatillaria chalybeiaOn basic walls & rocks
a lichenCatillaria lenticularisOn rocks.
a lichenCatillaria pulvereaOn damp mossy trees
a lichenCatinaria papillosa in edRare; on oaks.
Lichenicolous fungiCecidonia xenophanaOn Porpidia cinereoatra on rocks
a lichenCelothelium ischnobelumRare, on hazel.
a lichenCetraria chlorophyllaOn trees & fences.
a lichenCetrelia olivetorumOn old trees in high rainfall areas
a lichen or fungusChaenotheca brunneolaOn old oaks
a lichen or fungusChaenotheca chrysocephalaOn oak
a lichen or fungusChaenotheca ferrugineaOn dry bark
a lichen or fungusChaenotheca furfuraceaOn rocks
a lichen or fungusChaenotheca hispidulaOn oak
a lichen or fungusChaenotheca stemoneaOn oaks
a lichen or fungusChaenotheca trichialisOn old oaks
a lichen or fungusChaenothecopsis nigraOn oaks
a lichen or fungusChaenothecopsis pusillaOn oak wood
a lichenChaenothecopsis savonicaOn oak.
a lichenChiodecton myrticolaOn dry bark of oak, or rocks RDB3
a lichenChromatochlamys muscorumRare on old walls
a lichen or fungusChrysothrix candelarisOn dry acid bark
a lichen or fungusChrysothrix chrysophthalmaOn oak. Syn. C. chrysophthalma s.l. Rare
a lichenCladonia arbusculaMoorland
a lichenCladonia azoricaCoastal heath
a lichenCladonia caespiticiaOn rocks & tree trunks
a lichenCladonia cervicornis subsp. verticillataOn dry moorland
a lichenCladonia chlorophaeaOn rotting wood, damp rocks and the ground
a lichenCladonia ciliata var. ciliataOn rocks & moorland
a lichenCladonia ciliata var. tenuisOn moorland
Syn. C.diversaCladonia cocciferaOn moorland Syn. C.diversa
a lichenCladonia coniocraeaOn rotting wood & trees
a lichenCladonia crispataAmong rocks
a lichenCladonia digitataOn rotting wood & trees
a lichenCladonia fimbriataOn rocks & soil
a lichenCladonia floerkeanaPeaty moorland
a lichenCladonia foliaceaCoastal heath
a lichenCladonia furcataOn acid soil in moorland & woods
a lichenCladonia glaucaCoastal heath
a lichenCladonia gracilisOn moorland & rocks
a lichenCladonia humilisOn soil by tracks
a lichenCladonia incrassataOn soil banks
a lichenCladonia macilentaOn trees & moorland
a lichenCladonia ochrochloraOn bark or tree stumps
a lichenCladonia parasiticaOn rotting wood
a lichenCladonia pocillumOn decaying moss on calcareous rocks & walls
also var umbricolaCladonia polydactylaOn peaty moorland & tree bases. var umbricola very rare on rotting tree stumps
a lichenCladonia portentosamoorland
a lichenCladonia pyxidataOn tree bases, rocks & walls
a lichenCladonia ramulosaOn the ground
a lichenCladonia rangiformisCoastal heaths
a lichenCladonia scabriusculaOn the ground in woods
a lichenCladonia squamosaOn tree bases & rocks
a lichenCladonia squamosa var. subsquamosaOn rocks
a lichenCladonia subcervicornisDamp rocky moorland
a lichenCladonia subulataHeaths
a lichenCladonia sulphurinaMoorland
a lichenCladonia uncialis subsp. biuncialisMoorland
a lichenClauzadeana maculaOn rocks.
a lichenClauzadea monticolaCalcareous walls
a lichenCliostomum griffithiiOn trees
a lichenCoelocaulon aculeatumRocky coastal moorland
a lichenCoelocaulon muricatumRocky coastal moorland
a lichenCollema auriformeOld calcareous walls
a lichenCollema crispumChurchyard walls
River Jelly LichenCollema dichotomumSurvey done by ENPA 2002/3 found this in several rivers, notably R. Barle where it was present in 46 sites
a lichenCollema flaccidumOn rocks. Rare.
a lichenCollema furfuraceumOn old trees
a lichenCollema subflaccidumOn trees
a lichenCollema tenaxOn maritime rocks & walls
a lichenCollema tenax var. ceranoidesMaritime soils
Lichenicolous fungiCyphelium sessileOn Pertusaria spp. Rare.
a lichenCystocoleus ebeneusDamp shady rocks.
Lichenicolous fungiDactylospora parasiticaOn Pertusaria hymenea
a lichenDermatocarpon luridumOn rocks in streams.
a lichenDibaeis baeomyces(See Baeomyces roseus Pers.)
a lichen or fungusDimerella luteaOn mossy trees & rocks
a lichen or fungusDimerella pinetiOn trees
a lichenDiploicia canescensRocks, walls & occasionally trees
a lichenDiploschistes scruposusAcid rocks
a lichenDiplotomma alboatrumRocks & walls
a lichenDiplotomma chlorophaeumMaritime rocks
a lichenDirina stenhammariShaded rocks & walls. Recorded as Dirina massiliensis f.sorediata (Mull.Arg.) Tehler.
Lichenicolous fungiEndococcus alpestrisOn Usnea spp. Local.
Lichenicolous fungiEndococcus stigmaN Rhizocaron geographicum on rocks. Local.
a lichenEnterographa crassaShaded trees, rarely rocks
a lichenEnterographa hutchinsiaeRock overhangs by rivers
a lichenEnterographa sorediataOn oak. Very rare.
a lichenEnterographa venosaOn oak.
a lichenEnterographa zonataShaded acid rocks
a lichenEopyrenula avellanaeOn hazel
a lichenEopyrenula grandiculaOn ash and Box. Local.
an ascomycete fungusEphebe lanataRecorded as a lichen (per Coppins) in Flora & Fauna. On damp shady rocks
a lichenEvernia prunastriOn trees, fences & occasionally rocks
Lichenicolous fungiEverniicola flexisporaOn Platismatia glauca
a lichenFellhanera bouteilleiOn box leaves (Buxus)
a lichenForaminella ambiguaOn birch
a lichenFuscidia cyathoidesLocally common
a lichenFuscidia kochianaRare on acid rocks
a lichenFuscidia lightfootiiFrequent on trees
a lichenFuscidia lygaeaLocal on acid rocks
a lichenFuscidia praeruptorumOn acid rocks.
a lichenFuscidia recensaLocal on acid rocks
a lichenFuscidia viridisRare on Beech and Oak
a lichenGraphina anguinaOn trees
a lichenGraphina ruizianaon trees
a lichenGraphis eleganson trees
LETTER LICHENGraphis scriptaOn trees
a lichen or fungusGyalecta derivataOn ash
a lichen or fungusGyalecta jenensison calcareous rocks
a lichen or fungusGyalecta truncigenaOn ash
a lichenGyalideopsis anastomosansOn tree branches
a lichenGyalideopsis muscicolaOn beech
a lichenHaematomma elatinumOn oaks
a lichenHaematomma ochroleucumOn acid rocks
a lichenHaematomma ochroleucum var. porphyriumOn acid rocks & walls
a lichenHalecania ralfsiiMaritime rocks
a lichenHalecania viridescensOn ash
a lichenHerteliana tayloriiMaritime rocks
a lichenHeterodermia obscurataOn trees & the ground on cliffs
a lichen or fungusHomostegia piggotiiOn Parmelia saxatilis on trees. Frequent.
a lichenHymenelia lacustrisOn rocks in streams
a lichenHyperphyscia adglutinataShaded trees especially elder.
a lichenHypocenomyce caradocensisDecorticate oak.
a lichenHypocenomyce scalarisOn acid bark & wood
a lichenHypogymnia physodesTrees, rocks & walls
a lichenHypogymnia tubulosaOn twigs & rocks
a lichenHypotrachyna laevigataOn trees & rocks in high rainfall area
Lichenicolous fungiKalaallia reactivaOn Hymenelia lacustris. This was new to Br. Isles.
Lichenicolous fungiLaeviomyces opegraphaeOn Opegrapha herbarum on Oak.Local.
a lichenLauderlindsaya acroglyptaVery rare on Elder.
a lichen or fungusLauderlindsaya borreriOn Normandina pulchella.
a lichenLecanactis abietinaon trees
a lichenLecanactis amylaceaOn old oaks
a lichenLecanactis grumulosamaritime rocks
a lichenLecanactis latebrarumOn maritime rocks also on oaks
a lichenLecanactis lynceaon old oaks
a lichenLecanactis premneavar. saxicola. On old oaks
a lichenLecanactis subabietinaOn old dry bark of oaks
a lichenLecania aipospilaMaritime rocks
a lichenLecania atrynoidesMaritime rocks
a lichenLecania baeommaMaritime rocks
a lichenLecania chlorotizaOn oak.
a lichenLecania cyrtellaOn trees
a lichenLecania cyrtellinaon rough bark
a lichenLecania erysibeOn calcareous rocks
a lichenLecania hutchinsiaeOn rocks & walls
a lichenLecanora actophilaOn maritime rocks
a lichenLecanora albescensOn stone walls
a lichenLecanora caesiosoraOn acid rocks
a lichenLecanora campestrisOn rocks & walls
a lichenLecanora carpineaOn walnut
a lichenLecanora chlaroteraTrees & fences
a lichenLecanora confusaTrees, fences & coastal heaths
a lichenLecanora conizaeoidesTrees & rocks
a lichenLecanora crenulataChurchyards
a lichenLecanora dispersaRocks & walls
a lichenLecanora expallensTrees & fences
a lichenLecanora fugiensMaritime rocks
a lichenLecanora gangaleoidesMaritime rocks
a lichenLecanora helicopisMaritime rocks
a lichenLecanora intricataAcid rocks
a lichenLecanora jamesiiTrees in damp woodland
a lichenLecanora muralisRocks & walls
a lichenLecanora orostheaAcid rocks
a lichenLecanora pallidaSmooth bark
a lichenLecanora polytropaon acid rocks
a lichenLecanora praeposteraMaritime rocks
a lichenLecanora pulicarison trees
a lichenLecanora rupicolaon acid rocks
a lichenLecanora salinaon beach pebbles
a lichenLecanora subcarneaon maritime rocks
a lichenLecanora sulphureaOn rocks & walls
a lichenLecanora symmictaOn heather (Calluna) & ash
a lichenLecanora teneraOn maritime rocks
a lichenLecidea ahlesiiWoodland on rocks.
a lichenLecidea carrolliiOn willows
a lichenLecidea doliiformisOn old oaks
a lichenLecidea erraticaOn Juniper
a lichenLecidea erythrophaeaOn ash trees
a lichenLecidea fuliginosaOn acid rocks
a lichenLecidea fuscoatraOn rocks & walls
a lichenLecidea gyrizansOn acid rocks
a lichenLecidea hypnorumOn mossy trees
a lichenLecidea hypoptaon wood
a lichenLecidea lacteaOn acid rocks & pebbles
a lichenLecidea lithophilaOn acid rocks
a lichenLecidea meiocarpaOn maritime rocks
a lichenLecidea sanguineoatraOn oak
a lichenLecidella anomaloideson rocks by rivers
a lichenLecidella asemaon maritime rocks
a lichenLecidella elaeochromaOn trees
a lichenLecidella elaeochroma forma soraliferaOn trees
a lichenLecidella meiococcaRare on maritime rocks.
a lichenLecidella scabraon shaded rocks & walls
a lichenLecidella stigmateaOn walls
a lichenLepraria caesioalbaRare on acid rocks.
a lichenLepraria incanaDamp rocks, soil, & trees
a lichenLepraria jackiiOn oaks
a lichenLepraria lobificansOn trees
a lichenLepraria rigidulaLocal on ash.
a lichenLepraria umbricolaOn birch stumps. Local.
a lichenLeprocaulon microscopicumAcid rocks
a lichenLeproloma cacuminumon acid rocks
a lichenLeproloma membranaceumDamp rocks & trees
a lichenLeproloma vouauxiiOld walls
a lichenLeproplaca xantholytaRare. Dry calcareous rock crevices.
a lichenLeptogium cyanescensOn trees & rocks
a lichenLeptogium gelatinosumVery rare.
a lichenLeptogium lichenoidesMossy trees, rocks & walls
a lichenLeptogium schraderiOn old wall
a lichenLeptogium teretiusculumOn trees
a lichenLeptogium turgidumCalcareous stone walls
a lichen or fungusLeptorhaphis epidermidisOn birch
an ascomycete fungusLichina confinisMaritime rocks. entered as a lichen (per B.Coppins) in Flora & Fauna of ENP.
Lichenicolous fungiLichenoconium erodensOn Parmelia caperata
Lichenicolous fungiLichenodiplis lecanoraeOn Lepraria and Lecanora sp. on trees. Local.
a lichenLobaria amplissimaOn old oaks and ashes
LungwortLobaria pulmonariaTrees in old woodland
a lichenLobaria scrobiculataOn old trees
a lichenLobaria virensOld trees & rocks
a lichenMacentina stigonemoidesRare on Elder.
Lichenicolous fungiMarchandiomyces corallinusOn Pertusaria spp. on Oak. Frequent.
a lichenMassalongia carnosaRare. On Bryophytes on rocks.
a lichenMegalospora tuberculosaOld trees in ancient woods
a lichenMelanelia elegantulaOn trees
a lichenMelanelia exasperataHorizontal tree branches
a lichenMelanelia laciniatulaOn smooth bark & twigs.
a lichenMelaspilea amotaOn oak.
a lichenMelaspilea ochrothalamiaOn trees
a lichenMenegazzia terebrataOn alders
a lichenMicarea adnataFallen tree trunk
a lichenMicarea alabastriteson trees
a lichenMicarea bauschianaShaded rocks
a lichenMicarea botryoidesShaded rocks & soil
a lichenMicarea cinereaOn trees
a lichenMicarea denigrataOn wood
a lichenMicarea erraticaVery rare on Juniper.
a lichenMicarea leprosulaAcid rocks
a lichenMicarea ligniariaAcid rocks & debris
a lichenMicarea lithinellaAcid rocks & stones
a lichenMicarea lutulataAcid rocks
a lichenMicarea melaenaDead oak wood
a lichenMicarea myriocarpaRocks & exposed roots
a lichenMicarea peliocarpaOn trees
a lichenMicarea prasinaTrees, especially willow
a lichenMicarea pycnidiophoraOn old trees
a lichenMicarea subnigrataAcid rocks
a lichenMicarea sylvicolaOn acid rocks
a lichenMicaria viridileprosaOn oak stumps.
a lichenMicaria xanthonicaOn old oak. Very rare.
a lichen or fungusMicrocalicium ahlneriOn oaks
Lichenicolous fungiMilospium graphideorumOn ?Opegrapha sp. on oak.
Lichenicolous fungiMuellerella lichenicolaOn Toninia lobulata. Rare.
Lichenicolous fungiMuellerella pygmaeaOn Lecanora polytropa.
a lichenMycoblastus caesiusLocal on acid rocks and trees
a lichenMoelleropsis nebulosaOn ground in woods. Local.
a lichenMycobilimbia lobulataOn old wall; calcicolous
a lichenMycobilimbia sabuletorumCalcicolous
a lichenMycoblastus sanguinariuson damp tree bark
a lichenMycoblastus sterilison trees
a lichen or fungusMycoporum quercusOn oak twigs
a lichenNeofuscelia verruculiferaMaritime rocks & churchyard stones
a lichenNephroma laevigatumOld mossy trees & rocks
a lichenNephroma parileOld mossy trees & rocks
a lichenNormandina pulchellaFrequent on trees.
a lichenOchrolechia androgynaUpland rocks & trees
a lichenOchrolechia inversaOn oaks
a lichenOchrolechia parellaWalls, rocks and trees near the sea
a lichenOchrolechia subviridisOn trees
a lichenOchrolechia turneriOn trees. Usually sterile.
a lichenOmphalina hudsonianaLocal on peaty soil.
a lichenOpegrapha arenisedaOn rocks
a lichenOpegrapha atraOn smooth bark of trees
a lichenOpegrapha cesareensisOn maritime rocks
a lichenOpegrapha corticolaon old trees
a lichenOpegrapha fumosaOn oaks
a lichenOpegrapha gyrocarpaOn shaded rocks
a lichenOpegrapha herbarumOn trees
a lichenOpegrapha lithyrgaRocks by rivers
a lichenOpegrapha multipunctaOn shaded rocks
a lichenOpegrapha niveoatraOn trees
a lichenOpegrapha ochrocheilaon old trees
a lichenOpegrapha pertusariicolaOn Pertusaria leioplaca
a lichenOpegrapha prosodeaOn oaks & Yew
a lichenOpegrapha rufescensOn upland trees
a lichenOpegrapha saxatilisOn calcareous walls
a lichenOpegrapha saxigenaOn shaded maritime rocks
a lichenOpegrapha sorediiferaOn trees in old woodland
a lichenOpegrapha variaOn trees
a lichenOpegrapha vermicelliferaIn dry bark crevices
a lichenOpegrapha vulgataOn trees
a lichenOpegrapha xericaOn Ivy & oak
a lichen or fungusPachyphiale carneolaOn old trees
a lichenPannaria conopleaTrees in old woods
a lichenPannaria mediterraneaIn old woodland
a lichenPannaria pezizoidesOn willows by streams
a lichenParmelia borreriOn trees
a lichenParmelia britannicaMaritime
a lichenParmelia caperataOn trees & occasionally rocks
a lichenParmelia conspersaOn rocks & walls
a lichenParmelia endochloraCliff-top heathland
a lichenParmelia exasperatulaon trees
a lichenParmelia glabratula ssp. glabratulaOn trees
a lichenParmelia glabratula subsp. fuliginosaOn rocks & walls
a lichenParmelia mougeotiiOn scree & beach pebbles
a lichenParmelia omphalodesOn acid rocks
a lichenParmelia pastilliferaOn trees & rocks
a lichenParmelia pullaOn maritime rocks
a lichenParmelia quercinaVery rare on tree branches.
a lichenParmelia reddendaOn old trees
a lichenParmelia reticulataOn maritime rocks
a lichenParmelia revolutaOn trees & rocks
a lichenParmelia saxatilisTrees, exposed rocks & walls
a lichenParmelia subauriferaSmaller branches of trees
a lichenParmelia subrudectaOn trees
a lichenParmelia sulcataOn trees, rocks & walls
a lichenParmelia taylorensisOn trees & rocks
a lichenParmeliella jamesiiOn trees in old woods
a lichenParmeliella testaceaOn trees in old woods
a lichenParmeliella triptophyllaOn trees in old woods
a lichenParmotrema chinenseOn trees & rocks
a lichenParmotrema crinitumOn old mossy trees
a lichenPeltigera caninaOn ground in woods. Uncommon.
a lichenPeltigera collinaOn old mossy tree trunks
a lichenPeltigera didactylaOn well-drained soils
a lichenPeltigera horizontalisOn mossy rocks and trees.
a lichenPeltigera lactucifoliaOn mossy rocks
DOG LICHENPeltigera membranaceaBare ground on moors and in woods
a lichenPeltigera praetextataOn mossy rocks & trees
a lichenPeltigera rufescensOn calcareous ground
a lichenPertusaria albescensOn old trees, rarely rocks
a lichenPertusaria albescens var. corallinaOn old trees
a lichenPertusaria amaraOn old trees, rarely mosses.
a lichenPertusaria aspergillaFrequent on acid rocks.
a lichenPertusaria coccodesOn old trees at lower altitudes
a lichenPertusaria corallinaOn acid rocks & stones
a lichenPertusaria coronataOn old trees
a lichenPertusaria excludensOn maritime rocks
a lichenPertusaria flavicansOn old trees
a lichenPertusaria hemisphaericaOn old trees
a lichenPertusaria hymeneaOn trees; rarely rocks
a lichenPertusaria lacteaOn acid rocks
a lichenPertusaria leioplacaOn smooth barked trees
a lichenPertusaria multipunctaOn trees
a lichenPertusaria pertusaOn trees, rarely on rocks
a lichenPertusaria pseudocorallinaOn maritime rocks
a lichenPertusaria pupillarisOn trees
a lichenPhaeographis dendriticaOn trees
a lichenPhaeographis inustaOn birch trees
a lichenPhaeographis lyelliiOn oak
a lichenPhaeographis smithiiOn smooth bark in old woods
a lichenPhaeophyscia orbicularisOn trees, fences, rocks & walls
Lichenicolous fungiPhaeopyxis variaOn Trapeliopsis gelatinosa on ground
Lichenicolous fungiPhoma lecanorinaOn Parmelia caperata (New to England)
a lichenPhyllopsora roseiOn old oaks and ashes.
a lichenPhyscia adscendensOn trees rocks & walls
a lichenPhyscia aipoliaOn upland trees
a lichenPhyscia caesiaOn nitrogenous rocks, walls & roofs.
a lichenPhyscia stellarisOn ash & willow twigs
a lichenPhyscia tenellaOn trees & rocks near the sea
a lichenPhyscia tribaciaOn tree bark & calcareous rocks
a lichenPhysconia distortaOn trees & occasionally rocks & walls
a lichenPhysconia enteroxanthaOn trees rocks & walls
a lichenPhysconia griseaOn trees and occasionally rocks & walls
a lichenPhysconia perisidiosaOn trees
a lichenPlacopsis lambiiOn rocks with a high heavy metal content
a lichenPlacynthiella icmaleaOn old trees, wood & acid soil
a lichenPlacynthiella uliginosaOn peaty soil
a lichenPlacynthium nigrumOn stone walls, Calcicolous
a lichenPlatismatia glaucaOn rocks & trees
a lichenPolyblastia dermatodesRare on limestone rocks.
a lichenPolyblastia gelatinosaOn coastal heath
Lichenicolous fungiPolycoccum spp.On Rhinodina gennarii on rocks
a lichenPolysporina lapponicaVery rare on slate.
a lichenPolysporina simplexOn acid rocks
a lichenPorina aeneaSmooth barked trees. Local
a lichenPorina ahlesinaVery rare on rocks by river
a lichenPorina chloroticaShaded acid rocks.
a lichenPorina lectissimaShaded acid rocks.
a lichenPorina letaleaRare on trees.
a lichenPorpidia cinereoatraOn acid rocks
a lichenPorpidia crustulataOn acid rocks, pebbles & walls
a lichenPorpidia glaucophaeaOn acid rocks
a lichenPorpidia macrocarpaOn moorland rocks
a lichenPorpidia platycarpoidesOn acid rocks, especially near the sea
a lichenPorpidia soredizodesOn acid rocks & stones
a lichenPorpidia tuberculosaOn acid rocks & pebbles
a lichenProtoblastenia rupestrisOn stone walls; calcicolous
a lichenProtoparmelia montagneiOn maritime rocks
a lichenProtoparmelia oleaginaOn fence rails. Rare.
a lichenPseudevernia furfuraceaOn acid bark, branches & walls
a lichenPseudocyphellaria crocataOn ash trees
a lichenPsilolechia clavuliferaOn rocks & ash trees
a lichenPsilolechia lucidaOn walls rocks & soil
a lichenPtychographa xylographoidesOn dead oak wood
a lichenPyrenocollema halodytesFrequent on barnacles and limpets.
a lichenPyrenocollema strontianenseRare on rocks in streams.
a lichenPyrenula chlorospilaOn smooth bark in old woods
a lichenPyrenula macrosporaOn smooth bark in old woods
a lichenPyrenula occidentalisRare on oak.
a lichenPyrrhospora querneaOn trees
a lichenRacodium rupestreOn shaded rocks, especially sandstone. Local.
a lichenRamalina calicarisOn trees
a lichenRamalina canariensisOn trees
a lichenRamalina cuspidataOn maritime rocks
a lichenRamalina farinaceaOn trees
a lichenRamalina fastigiataOn trees; maritime
a lichenRamalina fraxineaOn trees
a lichenRamalina pollinariaOn rock underhangs
SEA IVORYRamalina siliquosaOn maritime rocks
a lichenRamalina subfarinaceaOn maritime rocks
a lichen or fungusRamonia chrysophaeaOn oaks
a lichenRhaphidicyrtis trichosporellaOn ash and holly.
a lichenRhizocarpon concentricumOn basic rocks
a lichenRhizocarpon geographicumUpland rocks and walls
a lichenRhizocarpon hochstetteriOn rocks
a lichenRhizocarpon lavatumOn rocks.
a lichenRhizocarpon obscuratumOn smooth rocks
a lichenRhizocarpon oederiOn rocks with heavy metal content
a lichenRhizocarpon reductumOn rocks
a lichenRhizocarpon richardiiOn maritime rocks
a lichenRhizocarpon simillimumOn acid rocks
a lichenRhizocarpon viridiatrumOn acid rocks
a lichen or fungusRhopographus filicinus
a lichenRimularia furvellaOn acid rocks
a lichenRimularia intercedensVery rare on beach pebbles.
a lichenRinodina aspersaOn beach pebbles. RDB3
a lichenRinodina efflorescensOn alder
a lichenRinodina flavosoraliferaOn moss on Oak. Rare.
a lichenRinodina gennariiOn rocks & walls near the sea
a lichenRinodina griseosoraliferaOn oaks
a lichenRinodina isidioidesOn old oaks
a lichenRinodina lecideinaOn maritime rocks & pebbles
a lichenRinodina oxydataOn shaded rocks by rivers
a lichenRinodina roborisOn old oaks
a lichenRinodina sophodesOn smooth twigs
a lichenRinodina subglaucescensOn maritime rocks
a lichenRoccella fuciformisOn maritime rocks
a lichenRoccella phycopsisOn maritime rocks
Lichenicolous fungiRoselliniella cladoniaeOn Cladonia coniocraea. Rare.
Lichenicolous fungiRoselliniopsis tartaricolaOn Pertusaria albescens on Ash. Rare.
a lichenSaccomorpha oligotrophaOn peaty soil
a lichenSarcogyne regularisOn limestone walls
a lichenSchismatomma cretaceumLocal. On old trees.
a lichenSchismatomma decoloransDry tree bark
a lichenSchismatomma graphidioidesOn ash trees. RDB3
a lichenSchismatomma niveumIn dry tree crevices
a lichenSchismatomma quercicolaOn old oak and alder
a lichenSchismatomma umbrinumOn rocks. Rare.
a lichen or fungusSclerophora peronellaOn lignum of Ash pollard.
a lichenSclerophyton circumscriptumOn maritime rocks
a lichenScoliciosporium chlorococcumOn ash twigs
a lichenScoliciosporium pruinosumIn crevices of tree bark
a lichenScoliciosporium umbrinumOn rocks, walls & ash twigs
Lichenicolous fungiSkyttea cruciataOn Diploicia canescens on rocks
Lichenicolous fungiSkyttea nitschkeiOn Thelotroma lepadinum on oaks
a lichenSolenospora candicansOn gravestones
a lichenSolenospora holophaeaOn maritime rocks
a lichenSolenospora vulturiensisOn maritime rocks
a lichen or fungusSphaerophorus globosusOn trees & mossy rocks
a lichenSphaerophorus melanocarpusAmong mosses on rocks. Rare.
Lichenicolous fungiSphinctrina turbinataOn Petusaria pertusa
a lichen or fungusStenocybe pullulataOn alder twigs
a lichen or fungusStenocybe septataOn holly
a lichenStereocaulon dactylophyllumOn acid rocks
a lichenStereocaulon leucophaeopsisOn rocks with heavy mineral content. Very rare.
a lichenStereocaulon nanodesOn rocks with heavy metal content
a lichenStereocaulon pileatumon rocks with heavy metal content
a lichenStereocaulon vesuvianumOn moorland
a lichenSticta canariensisOn rocks.(Syn.S.canianiensis)
a lichenSticta fuliginosaIn old woodland
a lichenSticta limbataIn old woodland
a lichenSticta sylvaticaIn old woodland
Lichenicolous fungiStigmidium aggregatumOn Pertusaria lactea on rocks
Lichenicolous fungiStigmidium peltideaeOn Peltigera membranacea on trees
Lichenicolous fungiStigmidium rivulorumOn Verrucaria spp on rocks in streams.
a lichenStrangospora ochrophoraTrees in old woodland
a lichenStrigula tayloriiOn sycamore. RDB2. Local.
Lichenicolous fungiSyzygospora physciacearumOn Physcia aipolia.
a lichenTeloschistes flavicansOn coastal heaths.Rare. RDB2
a lichenTephromela atraOn basic rocks & trees
a lichenThelidium decipiensOn walls in churchyards. Rare
a lichenThelidium minutulumOn rocks.
a lichen or fungusThelopsis rubellaOn old oaks
a lichenThelotrema lepadinumon trees
a lichen oor fungusThrombium epigaeumRare. Terricolous.
a lichen or fungusTomasellia gelatinosaOn hazel
a lichenToninia aromaticaOn basic rocks
a lichenToninia mesoideaon maritime rocks
a lichenTrapelia coarctataon stones, rocks & walls
a lichenTrapelia corticolaOn oak and ash
a lichenTrapelia involutaon acid rocks & debris
a lichenTrapelia obtegenson acid stones in scree area
a lichenTrapelia placodioidesOn acid rocks & stones
a lichenTrapeliopsis flexuosaAcid bark & wood
a lichenTrapeliopsis gelatinosaOn the ground.
a lichenTrapeliopsis granulosaDamp peat & rotten stumps
a lichenTrapeliopsis percrenataOn dead wood
a lichenTrapeliopsis pseudogranulosaOn oaks & on the ground
a lichenTrapeliopsis wallrothiiOn maritime turf
Lichenicolous fungiTremella coppinsiiOn Platismatia glauca on trees. Very rare.
Lichenicolous fungiTremella pertusariaeOn Pertusaria hymenea on trees. Rare.
a lichenTremolecia atrataOn rocks. Fairly common.
a lichenTylothallia biformigeraOn acid rocks in woodland
a lichenUsnea articulataon trees
a lichenUsnea ceratinaon trees
a lichenUsnea cornutaon trees & rocks
a lichenUsnea filipendulaon trees
a lichenUsnea flammeaon rocks
a lichenUsnea floridaon trees
a lichenUsnea fulvoreagensOn trees.
a lichenUsnea hirtaon conifers
a lichenUsnea rubicundaon trees
a lichenUsnea subfloridanaon trees
a lichenUsnea wasmuthiiOn oaks
a lichenVerrucaria aethiobolaOn rocks in streams. Local.
a lichenVerrucaria aquatilisLocal on rocks in streams.
a lichenVerrucaria baldensisRare. Churchyard.
a lichenVerrucaria dolosaRare. On rocks in woodland.
a lichenVerrucaria fusconigrescensFrequent on maritime rocks.
a lichenVerrucaria glaucina auct.brit. non Ach.Local on old walls, especially churchyards.
a lichenVerrucaria hochstetteriCommon on old walls, especially churchyards.
a lichenVerrucaria hydrelaLocal on rocks in streams.
a lichenVerrucaria latericolaOn Caloplaca on rocks.
a lichenVerrucaria macrostomaLocal on old walls.
a lichenVerrucaria margaceaLocal on rocks in streams.
a lichenVerrucaria mauraCommon on rocks by the sea.
a lichenVerrucaria mucosaCommon on maritime rocks below HWM.
a lichenVerrucaria muralisCommon on old walls.
a lichenVerrucaria nigrescensCommon on old walls.
a lichenVerrucaria praetermissaLocal on rocks in streams.
a lichenVerrucaria prominulaRare on maritime rocks.
a lichenVerrucaria rheitrophilaRare on rocks in streams.
a lichenVerrucaria striatulaLocal on maritime rocks below HWM.
a lichenVerrucaria viridulaCommon in churchyards.
a lichenVezdaea aestivalison old walls
Lichenicolous fungiVouauxiella lichenicolaOn Lecanora chlarotera on Crataegus. Frequent.
a lichenWadeana dendrographaon old Ashes and Oaks
a lichenWadeana minutaOn mature oak.
a lichenXanthoria candelariaFrequent on trees, fences, walls and rocks.
a lichenXanthoria elegansRare on walls.
a lichenXanthoria parietinaVery common on rocks, walls and roofs near farms.
a lichenXanthoria polycarpaFrequent on branches, twigs and fences.
a lichenXylographa vitiligoon dead oak wood
a lichenZamenhofia coralloideaOn old Oaks. Rare.
HedgehogErinaceus europaeusFairly common. Visits gardens. Frequent road casualty.
MoleTalpa europaeaA survey by ENHS members in 1995 revealed molehills at altitudes from near sea level (Dunster Beach) to around 1300 ft. (Top Porlock Hill) Common but a lack of records from central and SW Exmoor.
Common ShrewSorex araneusWidespread but few records from SW Exmoor.
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutusRecorded much less often than Common Shrew. All our records are from eastern half of Exmoor.
Water ShrewNeomys fodiensWidespread, but few records.
Greater Horseshoe BatRhinolophus ferrumequinumRare, just a few known colonies
Lesser Horseshoe BatRhinolophus hipposiderosA few colonies recorded
Whiskered BatMyotis mystacinusRare
Natterer's BatMyotis nattereriScarce
Bechstein's BatMyotis bechsteiniRare
Daubenton's BatMyotis daubentoniAlso known as Water Bat. May be seen flying by day overûrivers.
SerotineEptesicus serotinusScarce
NoctuleNyctalus noctulaFairly common
PipistrellePipistrellus pipistrellusThe commonest bat species, frequently seen at dusk.
45 kHz PipistrellePipistrellus pipistrellus 45kHzStatus not known.
Nathusius' PipistrellePipistrellus nathusiiRare
BarbastelleBarbastella barbastellusScarce and local.
Brown Long-eared BatPlecotus auritusFrequent
Grey Long-eared BatPlecotus austriacusVery rare.
RabbitOryctolagus cuniculusFair numbers again since being severely hit by myxamatosis in 1960s but this and other diseases are still around and numbers fluctuate.
Brown HareLepus capensisHas declined. Some have apparently been introduced by Hunts (?)
Red SquirrelSciurus vulgarisOnce common in Exmoor woodlands particularly conifer plantations but none seen since the hard winter of 1947. (This was before the Grey Squirrel arrived here.)
Grey SquirrelSciurus carolinensisBecame common on Exmoor after the Red Squirrel had succumbed to the hard winter of 1947. Few if any seen before that date.
Bank VoleClethrionomys glareolusCommon
Field VoleMicrotus agrestisCommon
Water VoleArvicola terrestrisNumbers declining.
Wood MouseApodemus sylvaticusIn gardens, woods and hedgerows. Common.
Yellow-necked MouseApodemus flavicollisBelieved to exist on Exmoor but we would appreciate any records.
Harvest MouseMicromys minutusNumbers have declined due to modern farming methods.
Brown RatRattus norvegicusNumbers have increased.
House MouseMus musculusIn and around buildings.
Common DormouseMuscardinus avellanariusProbably under recorded but thought to have declined with hazel coppicing no longer being carried out near every village. However, results of surveys with dormouse boxes are encouraging.
Bottle-nosed DolphinTursiops truncatusOccasional sightings offshore.
Common DolphinDelphinus delphisOccasionally occurs offshore and dead specimens sometimes washed up on beaches.
Common PorpoisePhocoena phocoenaOccasional sightings offshore.
Pilot WhaleGlobicephala melaenaOne off Lynmouth, 1984.
FoxVulpes vulpesBoth urban and rural foxes occur.
StoatMustela ermineaWidespread.
WeaselMustela nivalisWidespread but reported less often than stoat.
American MinkMustela visonNumbers seem to have been reduced. Otterhounds changed to hunting mink.
Polecat-ferretMustela furo x putoriusEscapes have occurred.
BadgerMeles melesCommon. Visits gardens sometimes causing havoc by digging up lawns. Possible carrier of bovine TB and Government Controlled culls have taken place on Exmoor.
OtterLutra lutraBecame very rare but has made a comeback, however many fall victim to road accidents.